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Ep. 68 Andy Kindler & Josh Have a Ball  

Welcome back, humans. Do you need a break from the storm? Something personal and fun? Well, we did. So enjoy this conversation between legendary comic Andy Kindler and Josh. @WTP_LIVE @JOSHZEPPS

Ep. 67 CARRIE & SAMHITA: A Republican Feminist & a Democratic Feminist Walk Into a Bar  

Josh is joined by white Republican female human Carrie Sheffield and non-white Democratic female human Samhita Mukopadhyay. But we don't see labels, coz we're, like, so totes beyond identity. Does Trump herald the end of identity politics, or its resurgence? Oh, and what about his Cabinet picks? And his tweets? Dive in. @JoshZepps @WTP_LIVE


Welcome back humans! Fusion's financial megawhizz breaks down the breakdown of the American working class. Globalization? NAFTA? China? What to do? And what will Trumponomics look like? @WTP_LIVE @JOSHZEPPS #MakeDebateHealthy

Ep. 65 Where To Now, Señor Trump?  

Welcome back humans! Now that the election dust has settled Josh delivers a 21 minute speech like you've never heard on this show before. Then our favorite socialist, Harvey Kaye, and our favorite libertarian, Kmele Foster, wrestle with the future of the Democratic and Republican parties, and the Trump Administration. What happened? What will happen? And where does this all leave the rest of us? #MakeDebateHealthy @JOSHZEPPS @WTP_LIVE


Josh is joined by Slate's Political Gabfest host David Plotz. They take turns trying to calm eachother. #MakeDebatehealthy @WTP_LIVE @JOSHZEPPS

Ep. 63 LIVE With Swingers  

Welcome back humans! This week Josh broke out of his elitist high tower and went deep into the heartland of a swing state! Well, he went to Philly and talked to a bunch of smug comics, but it's a great show that made debate lighthearted and healthy! @JoshZepps @WTP_LIVE

Ep. 62 Election Clock Ticks  

Welcome back humans! The countdown is on and Josh was able to wax and worry with our friends at the Majority Report. As always, Sam Seder and Michael Brooks help keep things healthy. Enjoy! @WTP_LIVE @JOSHZEPPS #MakeDebateHealthy

Ep. 61 Trumped-Up!  

We are back with a live and HEATED debate humans! Josh was joined by three fan favorites, Akilah Hughes, Chris Hamilton and James Myers and debate got extra healthy. Strap yourself in for an intense hour. #MakeDebateHealthyAgain @JOSHZEPPS @WTP_LIVE

Ep. 60 Bonus- Social Media Hangover!  

Welcome back humans! This is a bonus complain-fest with our crew from Ep. 57, Roger Sachar, Giluia Rozzi and Michael Moynihan. They stuck around for a bit to talk about the hellhole we all love...twitter. Will be back with a topical episode about this weeks mayhem in a minute. Follow and communicate with us on the hellhole, @JOSHZEPPS @WTP_LIVE #MakeDebateHealthyAgain


The day after one of the most fiery presidential debates in a generation -- after a week of Trumpian cataclysms and defections -- Josh dials in from an undisclosed location in Bangkok to riff with the one and only Mike Pesca, host of The Gist, about the debate, state of the race, Trump's 'locker room' sexism tape and the future of these United States. @WTP_LIVE @JOSHZEPPS #MakeDebateHealthyAgain

Ep. 58 Zombie Spider  

Trump! Islam! Syria! Multiculturalism! Transgender words! Danish hot dogs! Devour it all as Josh pulls no punches with Gad Saad, the firebrand behavioral scientist who makes regressive leftists quake in their sustainably-farmed hemp booties. Saad is a professor of marketing at Concordia University who writes the Homo Consumericus blog and hosts The Saad Truth on YouTube. He & Josh spar, they debate, they solve the problems of planet earth. Enjoy @WTP_LIVE @JoshZepps #MakeDebateHealthyAgain

Ep. 57 Debate Hangover  

Welcome back humans! Josh took the stage at Over the Eight with the lovely Roger Sachar, Michael Moynihan and Giulia Rozzi to get past the "oh snap he went there" and dig a little deeper. And when they dug in, it got dark, it got funny, blow up penises were mentioned and debate was made healthy. @JOSHZEPPS @WTP_LIVE #MakeDebateHealthyAgain *Last week we said Artie Lange would be on this episode but unfortunately Artie got sick and wasn't able to join us but he will be on the show very soon!

Ep. 56 What You Wont Hear at the Debate  

Welcome back humans. Josh jumped on the Skype to talk to the wise Nick Gillespie about voices and topics that need to be a part of our debate...but won't be. #MakeDebateHealthyAgain @JOSHZEPPS @WTP_LIVE

Ep. 55 HILLARY’S OBITUARY: What's Up With Clinton?  

Donald and Hillary are now neck-and-neck in key battleground states. Is this a temporary blip, or is Clinton floundering? What is it about Hillary that makes her such a hard sell? HuffPost political guru Jason Linkins dissects the Foibles of the Clinton Phenomenon... and how Trump might just pull this off. @JOSHZEPPS @WTP_LIVE #MakeDebateHealthyAgain

Ep. 54 Getting to "Wrecked"  

Welcome back humans! Josh sat down with "Wrecked" star Zach Cregger before the show became a hit. The two talk about the creative drive and the risks they take. Enjoy! @WTP_LIVE @JOSHZEPPS

Ep. 53 More of Sam Harris! Joe Rogan! Hannibal Buress! A Conversation About Conversations, Part II  

Welcome to Part Deux of a difficult conversation about having difficult conversations. Three of Josh's favorites minds joined him for a powerful discussion. Listen to Part One first. Let's #makedebatehealthyagain, humans. @wtp_live @joshzepps

Ep. 52 Sam Harris! Joe Rogan! Hannibal Buress! A Conversation About Conversations, Part I  

Welcome, humans, to a difficult conversation about having difficult conversations. Three of Josh's favorites minds join him for a powerful discussion that gets... interesting. Hey. We're here to #makedebatehealthyagain, folks. @wtp_live @joshzepps

Ep. 51 Getting Personal  

Welcome back humans! On this bonus episode we continue our conversation with Myq Kaplan, Corinne Fisher and James Myers, but this half hour takes a personal turn. It's about sex scandals, it's about relationships, it's about blood play. It's everything we do best. It's #MakingDebateHealthyAgain @JOSHZEPPS @WTP_LIVE

Ep. 50 What The Hell Is A Safe Space?  

Welcome back humans! This week Josh is joined by Myq Kaplan, Corinne Fisher, and James Myers live at Over the Eight Bar in Brooklyn. But, this episode isn't about hipster bars, it's about the about the border, sports stadiums, college campuses, the internet, and outer-space! And, our lovely panelists and live audience dare to ask... what is a safe space? #MakeDebateHealthyAgain @WTP_LIVE @JOSHZEPPS

Ep. 49 Is It Really About Race?  

Welcome back humans! This week Josh has an in-depth conversation with Negin Farsad and Kmele Foster about racial profiling and personal identity. They laugh, they provoke one another, they sweat, they #MakeDebateHealthyAgain. @JoshZepps @WTP_LIVE

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