What Say You?

What Say You?

United States

Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn are just a couple of dudes sitting around asking each other questions about life. Join them, won't you?


Episode 67: Lucky Pierre’s Pied-A-Terre  

Sal and Quinn start and end the episode talking about death. In between they talk french.

Episode 66: Trapped In Vegas  

Winter winds trap Sal and Quinn in Vegas.

Episode 65: Grateful Communists  

Sal and Quinn debate the true meaning of gratitude.  A WSY contest is announced thanks for Quinn’s generosity.

Episode 64: Sal’s Cleaning Service  

Rigid rules apply to Sal’s new business venture.  Q notices the rise of the Los Angeles topless maid industry.

Episode 63: Apocalypse Episode  

Microphone has been stolen. You will not survive.

Episode 62: JV Squad: Private Parts & Food  

Casey and Joe swoop in once again to talk about all things FOOD. As always, genitalia works its way into the conversation too.

Episode 61: The Triple Return: WSY, Owen Benjamin & Roy Wood Jr.  

WSY favorite's Owen Benjamin (OwenBenjamin.com, Why Didn't They Laugh Podcast) & Roy Wood Jr. (The Daily Show) return to the return of WhatSayYou!"

Episode 60: The JV Squad Rises  

The triumphant return of the JV team.

Episode 59: Q’s Cube  

Sal and Quinn discuss the magic that is Michael Ian Black. Quinn contemplates a new business venture.

Episode 58: Super Roach  

Sal runs down his hotel room woes. Quinn is a bad ass motorcycle club leader.

Episode 57: Cousin Mike and The Bomb  

Cousin Mike swings by to shoot the shit with the guys. Quinn bombs on stage in Boston and is roundly mocked for it.

Episode 56: Back In The Saddle  

Rested, ready and pondering the important questions in life.  Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn return to the award winning podcast that won your hearts.

Episode 55: Furious 7  

The first ever live WSY in the United States! Recorded March 31st at the Gotham Comedy Club immediately after the Furious 7 screening that Sal and Quinn hosted.

Episode 54: Fast 6  

Our two lucky boys continue pumping Diesel.  Tyrese smells baby oil.

Episode 53: Fast Five  

Pumped full of Diesel, Sal and Quinn continue their buildup to Fast 7.  Stick around for the end credits!

Episode 52: Fast And Furious 4  

Deciding to go in Chronological order, Sal and Quinn are very pleased to find Dominic Toretto back in the driver’s seat. Quips and explosions abound.

Episode 51: 2 Fast 2 Furious  

Sal and Quinn examine the second Fast and Furious movie. Dominic Toretto is missed.

Episode 50: Billy And The Boingers  

Sal and Quinn announce the F&F 7 screening details, then wax about the past.

Episode 49: Trapper Keepers and Cans  

Quinn looks back and sees one set of footprints. Sal demands to know what is up with Lyss.

Episode 48: The Fast and The Furious  

Sal and Quinn begin their movie by movie exploration of the Fast and Furious series with the original classic.

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