What Say You?

What Say You?

United States

Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn are just a couple of dudes sitting around asking each other questions about life. Join them, won't you?


Episode 72: Hasselhoff Balls  

Sal and Quinn discuss the limits of a relationship

Episode 71: The JV Squad Phone It In  

Casey and Joe swoop in to save the day yet again. Hear them contemplate whether life is real, debate the admissions requirements of the mutant academy, and offer lyrical advice to Miley Cyrus.

Episode 70: Wellness Check  

Sal and Quinn are doing fine mentally, thank you.

Episode 69: Shark Tank  

In a very sensual episode, Sal judges Quinn’s line of gag gifts.

Episode 68: JV Squad LIVE!  

Casey and Joe Joe are back! This special JV podcast comes to you LIVE from Marie's Gourmet in Staten Island and features special guests: John Szeluga (Impractical Jokers producer/Super Live Adventure Podcast) and Danny DelVecchio (Where's Larry Podcast). Relax, take a shit in the ocean, and listen to the second string What Say You hosts

Episode 67: Lucky Pierre’s Pied-A-Terre  

Sal and Quinn start and end the episode talking about death. In between they talk french.

Episode 66: Trapped In Vegas  

Winter winds trap Sal and Quinn in Vegas.

Episode 65: Grateful Communists  

Sal and Quinn debate the true meaning of gratitude.  A WSY contest is announced thanks for Quinn’s generosity.

Episode 64: Sal’s Cleaning Service  

Rigid rules apply to Sal’s new business venture.  Q notices the rise of the Los Angeles topless maid industry.

Episode 63: Apocalypse Episode  

Microphone has been stolen. You will not survive.

Episode 62: JV Squad: Private Parts & Food  

Casey and Joe swoop in once again to talk about all things FOOD. As always, genitalia works its way into the conversation too.

Episode 61: The Triple Return: WSY, Owen Benjamin & Roy Wood Jr.  

WSY favorite's Owen Benjamin (OwenBenjamin.com, Why Didn't They Laugh Podcast) & Roy Wood Jr. (The Daily Show) return to the return of WhatSayYou!"

Episode 60: The JV Squad Rises  

The triumphant return of the JV team.

Episode 59: Q’s Cube  

Sal and Quinn discuss the magic that is Michael Ian Black. Quinn contemplates a new business venture.

Episode 58: Super Roach  

Sal runs down his hotel room woes. Quinn is a bad ass motorcycle club leader.

Episode 57: Cousin Mike and The Bomb  

Cousin Mike swings by to shoot the shit with the guys. Quinn bombs on stage in Boston and is roundly mocked for it.

Episode 56: Back In The Saddle  

Rested, ready and pondering the important questions in life.  Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn return to the award winning podcast that won your hearts.

Episode 55: Furious 7  

The first ever live WSY in the United States! Recorded March 31st at the Gotham Comedy Club immediately after the Furious 7 screening that Sal and Quinn hosted.

Episode 54: Fast 6  

Our two lucky boys continue pumping Diesel.  Tyrese smells baby oil.

Episode 53: Fast Five  

Pumped full of Diesel, Sal and Quinn continue their buildup to Fast 7.  Stick around for the end credits!

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