S2-05 Senior Citizen Crimes  

Adults over 65 are proving that you're never too old to rob a bank, run a prostitution ring or get in a high-speed chase with the police! We examine the rising senior crime rate that is spreading across the globe.

S2 - 04 Bank Robberies  

What does the bank robbery look like in 2016? How common are the? Do banks intentionally keep them quiet? Why do they not make the news unless the details are bizarre?

S2-03 Nominative Determinism  

Edward Cocaine arrested for drug possession, Conor P. Fudge, ice cream theft, Beezow Doo-Doo Zoopittybop-Bop-Bop, don’t even try to guess. What’s in a name, especially when it’s criminal?

S2-02 Conjugal Visits  

We take a look at love on the inside – who really gets physical while serving time?

S2-01 Viva Las Vegas  

We explore the adult playground known as Sin City and learn why what happens in Vegas can't always stay in Vegas. 

Season 2 Trailer  

Get a preview of what you can look forward to in the second season of WHAT THE CRIME?!, including nominative determinism, conjugal visits, senior citizen outlaws and much more! The new season premieres on Thursday, July 7. 

When Suspects Turn Themselves In On Facebook  

We wrap our heads around the trend of people confessing to criminal activity on social media.

Hidden In Vaginas  

Many female suspects have been caught stashing drugs, guns and more in their vaginas. What’s up down there?


When hunger turns deadly.

Really, Florida?  

Have you ever wondered why Florida is the motherland for weird crime? Find out in the premiere episode of What The Crime!?

Extended Trailer   

What The Crime?! hosts, Ami Angelowicz and Will Johnson, unleash a first listen to the crazy crime phenomena you can expect to learn more about in season one. The first episode of the weekly series premieres Thursday, November 19.

Sneak Peek: Really, Florida?  

Starting November 19, Investigation Discovery brings you the full story behind the most bizarre crime phenomena. WHAT THE CRIME?! explores the weirder, wilder, more obscure side of crime. Our first stop is Florida, the motherland for weird crime.

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