A Gem from the Archive: Happy Birthday, POTUS!  

The President meets with the summer interns of 2009 at the White House, and they surprise him with a birthday serenade and card. His parting words to them are, "The American people are waiting for you, they are ready for your leadership."

West Wing Week: 7/22/16 or,  “Do-Gooders”  

This week, as the President addressed recent tragedies, he also celebrated the heroic efforts of our veterans, our progress in global development, and World Series champions. The First Lady met inspiring college kids - and crewmembers of the USS Enterprise. That's June 15th to June 21st or, "Do-Gooders."

West Wing Week: 07/08/16 or, “This is an American Issue”  

This week, the First Family invited military families to celebrate Independence Day in the East Room, and the President made an important decision to strengthen our national security. He then traveled to Poland for the NATO Summit. That's July 1st to July 7th or, "This is an American Issue."

Mr. President Goes to Yosemite  

“Here at Yosemite we connect not just with our own spirit, but with something greater.” —President Obama celebrating 100 years of our National Parks this weekend.

"We Have a Narrow Window of Opportunity" Tom Frieden & Anthony Fauci on Zika  

“We have a narrow window of opportunity to scale up programs, to figure out how the virus is spreading, to stop it, and to develop a vaccine.” Watch @DrFriedenCDC & @AnthonyFauci after their meeting with @POTUS

West Wing Week: 05/13/16 or, "Stylin', Huh?"  

This week, the President celebrated the 2016 graduating class of Howard University, hosted the 1983 National Champion North Carolina State Wolfpack, and the 2016 National Champion UConn Huskies. And the First Lady traveled to the Invictus Games in Orlando. That's May 6th to May 12th or, "Stylin', Huh?"

West Wing Week: 05/06/2016 or, “But Is It?”  

This week, the Vice President rounded out his trip overseas with a visit to both the Holy See and the Eternal City -- and the First Lady headed to Los Angeles and Missouri. The President bid farewell to the current class of White House interns, hosted some of the biggest names in jazz, honored the teacher of the year & Cinco de Mayo, traveled to Flint, Michigan, and gave his final toast and roast at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner. That's April 29th to May 5th or..."But Is It?"

President Obama Explores America's Newest National Monument  

"I want young girls and boys to come here, 10, 20, 100 years from now, to know that women fought for equality, it was not just given to them.” —President Obama designating the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument on #EqualPayDay go.wh.gov/Belmont-Paul

“It’s a prototype!” Tune in for President Obama’s Last Science Fair, April 13th  

In 2010, the President hosted the first-ever White House Science Fair. On April 13th, tune in as he hosts his last. And in the meantime, here are some highlights from fairs past.

TBT Gem! “There are things that are important. And you’ll need to fight for them in your lives.”  

Throwback Thursday Gem from the Archive: POTUS Intern Q&A two years later, to the day (from April 14, 2014) “Somebody once described parenthood as having your heart outside your body walking around. And that’s how it feels, I have friends whose kids are older, I mean in their thirties and forties, and I just don’t think that stops. You just have this free floating anxiety that ‘are my kids ok? And are they going to be ok? And sometimes when you start thinking about public policy, you think in those terms. So when I think about climate change, I’m projecting, Malia and Sasha will have their kids, are they able to go to a park and do the same things that I used to do with them when they were kids, even if I’m not around, those are the kinds of things that get me anxious, and keep me up at night. You’ve grown up in a culture that’s very sophisticated, you’re more sophisticated than I was at your age, you have more information at your fingertips, but...don't be cynical. You should be skeptical, and ask questions, and don’t accept conventional wisdom. But things matter. The work you do and the choices you make and the character with which you live your lives matters. There are things that are important. And you’ll need to fight for them in your lives.”

David Cameron & François Hollande Reflect on the Nuclear Security Summit (March 31, 2016)  

David Cameron & François Hollande Reflect on the Nuclear Security Summit (March 31, 2016)

Dr. Seuss Was Right  

Three times a year, the President gets to chat with interns and answer their questions. Here's a moment from one of those Q&A sessions, just in time to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday: Pretty much all the stuff you need to know is in Dr. Seuss. It’s like the Star-Belly Sneetches, you know? We’re all the same, so why would we treat somebody differently just because they don’t have a star on their belly? If I think about responsibility I think about Horton sitting on the egg up in the tree, while Lazy Mayzie’s flying off, doing whatever she wants. You know what I mean? All I’m saying is that as you get older what you will find is that the homespun basic virtues that your Mom, your Dad, or folks you care about or admire, taught you -- about hard work, being responsible, being kind, giving something back, being useful, working as a team…turns out that’s all true.

West Wing Week: 01/28/2016 or, “Snowzilla”  

This week, Washington was blanketed by blizzard Jonas, effectively shutting down the city for days. After the thaw, President Obama reminded folks it's the last week to sign up for healthcare at Healthcare.Gov. The President spoke at the Embassy of Israel alongside Steven Spielberg, and he traveled to Baltimore, Maryland. That's January 22nd to January 28th or, "Snowzilla."

Backstage with Esperanza Spalding at the White House  

The President and First Lady host an all-star music tribute celebrating the 50th anniversary of the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Act that was signed into law by President Johnson in 1965. Before taking the stage with the likes of Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Smokey Robinson, Trombone Shorty, James Taylor and more, Esperanza Spalding gave a special backstage interview and preview of her performance. Check out the full "In Performance at the White House: A Celebration of American Creativity" on PBS.

West Wing Week: 11/27/2015 or, "This Turkey is Hereby Pardoned"  

This week, the President wrapped up his trip to Asia -- a cross-continental journey that took him to Antalya, Manila, and concluded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He honored Medal of Freedom recipients back at the White House, and pardoned a couple of lucky turkeys before Thanksgiving. That's November 20 to November 26 or, "This Turkey is Hereby Pardoned."

West Wing Week: 10/09/2015 or, "#StartTheConvo"  

This week, the White House hosted forward-thinking union and business leaders for a Worker's Voice Summit, and local school kids to harvest vegetables in the White House Garden. And, the United States and 11 other Asia-Pacific countries announced they had reached a trade agreement more than five years in the making. That's October 2nd to October 8th or, "#StartTheConvo."

Prepare Your Family for the Local Impacts of Climate Change  

Climate change is a global challenge, but its effects are felt locally. Alice Hill, Senior Director for Resilience Policy under President Obama, explains how you can prepare your family for the natural disasters that we'll see as climate change continues to impact our communities and our nation.

West Wing Week: 9/25/2015 or, “Our Common Home”  

This week, the White House was abuzz with preparation for the Pope’s arrival and the China State Visit, back-to-back ceremonies that kept the President and his staff very busy. That’s September 18th to September 24th or, “Our Common Home.”

West Wing Week: 09/18/2015 or, "FAFSA! (fafsa, fafsa, fafsa, fafsa)"  

This week, the President marked the 14th anniversary of 9/11, met with troops around the world at a multimedia town hall at Fort Meade, crashed a back-to-school bus tour in Iowa, sat down with esteemed author Marilynne Robinson, and hosted Connecticut Huskies, Spanish royalty, and genuine American heroes at the White House. That's September 11th to September 17th, or "FAFSA! (fafsa, fafsa, fafsa, fafsa)."

West Wing Week: 09/11/2015 or, “Heads Up America”  

This week, the President welcomed to the White House the Saudi Arabian king, champions in athletic excellence, and awardees in artistic prowess. He also traveled to Massachusetts and Michigan. That's September 4th to September 10th or, "Heads Up America."

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