Who Killed Elsie Frost?

Who Killed Elsie Frost?

United Kingdom

Elsie Frost was murdered on 9 October 1965 in Wakefield in the UK. She was 14. The murderer hasn't been caught. iPM investigates this unsolved case.


Episode 10: Theories and the Crime Scene  

The final episode of iPM's investigation into the murder of Elsie Frost.

Episode 9: The Spencer Family  

The story of the man accused and found not guilty of the murder of Elsie Frost.

Episode 8: The Inquest File  

What was Elsie doing in the hour before her murder? Our reporter, Jon Manel, goes through the Elsie frost inquest file with Eddie Mair.

Episode 7: Access to the Secret Files  

Elsie’s brother, Colin, has waited half a century to see the Elsie Frost files. Finally, the waiting is over.

Episode 6: The Police Typist  

Elsie’s brother and sister want access to the police files about the murder investigation. Jon Manel meets the woman who typed some of the documents they want to see.

Episode 5: The Cold Case Investigation  

Why haven’t the police caught Elsie’s murderer and where is the evidence? Elsie’s brother and sister meet the Detective Chief Inspector in charge of the cold case investigation.

Episode 4: The Elsie Frost Files  

Elsie's family cannot work out why they are not allowed to see official files about her murder. "Our access is denied".

Episode 3: The Newspaper Archives  

Eddie Mair and Jon Manel delve into the newspaper archives and tell the story of the murder of Elsie Frost.

Episode 2: 'I had to produce a knife'  

Former Wakefield Member of Parliament, David Hinchliffe, reveals to Eddie Mair how he and his friends were visited by the police.

Episode 1: Who Killed Elsie Frost?  

14 year old Elsie Frost was murdered on 9th October 1965. iPM investigates.

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