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Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) 'whos'. Hosted by Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber.


Who's There: Violetta Komyshan & Brooke Candy?  

Your calls will not go unanswered! This week on Who's There: James Marsden (Who or Them?), the Cooking Channel (Who or Them?), Violetta Komyshan (Who is she?) and Brooke Candy (Ditto.) Plus: Haylie Duff's America is an actual TV show. We swear.

Ken Bone?  

Is our national nightmare over? Can we finally put undecided-voter-turned-meme Ken Bone to rest? Hopefully this week's Who? Weekly will be the last we ever speak of this red sweater'd, indecisive man. Don't worry, we've also got a Billy Bush update, Meghan Trainor's new Whofriend, a Glee-Mumford marriage, Joe Jonas' rude-ass AMA, Colton Haynes' candle line(?) and Lo Bosworth's vagina...products. Yes: her vagina products.

Who's There: Tiffany Trump & Alaska Thunderfuck 5000?  

While Billy Bush's #thiccthighs crumble beneath him, it's Thursday and we're ready to take your calls. What did you call about? True crime, drag queens and Tiffany Trump's music career.

Billy Bush?  

Anyone remember #BillyBushThiccThighs? Do they haunt your dreams like they haunt ours? Turns out Billy Bush wasn't done embarrassing himself and our nation. That means his thighs are back in the news! Plus: Who is Leila George? Who are Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan again? Zendaya's got a new app? And what's Rita up to?

Who's There: Peyton List & Peyton List?  

First off: THE STICKERS ARE OUT! Whether you've been waiting for the Who? Weekly-themed iOS 10 sticker set (or perhaps you've never heard of it before), it's ready for your consumption. Use it to harass friends, family and enemies alike. On this week's Who's There? we unpack Jonathan Cheban for Australians, chat about Evan Rachel Wood and Ben Foster, and decipher which Peyton List is which (there are literally TWO of them). Plus: Scientologists and 9/11 Truthers.

Colleen Ballinger?  

This week were living for Daily Mail, who mixed up two Whos (we feel you!) and spotted a Them in...an unexpected place. Colleen Ballinger AKA Miranda Sings is getting a divorce (or is she?) and Halsey is getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Or something. Plus: Joe Simpson is a photographer now and no one remembers Stacy Keibler except for Us Weekly. EXCLUSIVE: We bring back "Good Form, Bella Thorne" and find out what Rita's up to.

Who's There: Bigi Jackson & Barbara Corcoran?  

*plays Jock Jams music* Are...You...Ready!!!!!!! for another episode of Who's There – the one where YOU dictate what we talk about. This week we get the Real Deal from across the pond on The Great British Bakeoff from our Whom? Correspondent, Jonno. We also talk Rob & Chyna (again), Blanket "Bigi" Jackson, Shark Tank and tell you whether or not Marion Cotillard is a Who or Them. Plus: Lindsey's amazing game where Bobby (and you! at home!) guess which #Brangelina tabloid headline belongs to which tabloid.

Piper Perabo?  

What's in her bag? The bag of Piper Perabo, that is. Who is she? We'll figure that out for you. We'll also figure out why people are freeeeeaking out about The Great British Bakeoff and why England only has two TV channels (unverified, but feels true). Plus, a live Who birth streamed on Facebook Live and our favorite Country Who got hitched!

Who's There: Evan Lowenstein & #KnotOnMyPlanet?  

R.I.P. #Brangelina, Long Live Who? Weekly!!!!!!! Let's talk the only good thing that happened at the Emmys and Rob & Chyna's extremely depressing reality show. Plus, a listener calls in and explains something sports-related (nice!) and we update you, our listeners, on the Who/Them status of the former members of One Direction. Also, what's the Who'iest charity? #CanUKnot

Naya Rivera?  

Another week, another amazing publicist. This time it's Naya Rivera's – who managed to get the tea she spills in her new book all OVER the goddamn place. With a name like Savvy Shield, what else would you do other than win Miss America? Plus, a Vine star feud for the ages and the agony of a DJ due called The Chainsmokers. "Soul Sister", someone named Law Slagsvol and Rita's debut in the "50 Shades of Grey" trailer – if you blink, you'll miss it.

Who's There: Hari Nef and The Great British Bake Off?  

We're taking your calls and that means we're talking The Great British Bake Off, Hari Nef, Kate Upton and the TODAY Show. Plus, more about Billy Bush's thick thighs (!), Bobby's run-in with his arch nemesis (!!) and how to use Siri to determine a Who (!!!).

Marilu Henner?  

Did you miss us? Love lost (Taylor and Tom Hiddleston!), love found (Elizabeth Gilbert and Rayya Elias?) and love...truly we don't know ("Minka Kelly, Wilmer Valderrama ‘Stopped Dating’ After Brief Romance Rekindling"). Meanwhile, we totally missed the Who-y line-up of this season's Dancing With the Stars, the time Molly Sims barfed on the highway and...Burning Man. Kinda.

A Very Short Vacation Episode  

We love you, we'll miss you, but this week we're taking a small vacation from the Whos. Don't worry: we'll recommend some good podcasts for you to listen to while we're away. Wait, but how will you know what Rita's up to? Hm, well, guess you won't. See you next Monday!

Who's There: The VMAs?  

A few days late, sure, but people are still wondering: WHO WERE ALL THOSE PEOPLE AT THE VMAS? Seriously, that red carpet was elbow-to-elbow with Whos, and we're here to pick through 'em all (and answer YOUR questions) on who was....Who.

Emily Ratajkowski?  

We'll have you your Very Special MTV VMAs episode this Thursday (call in with questions, if you got 'em!), but for now we're tackling WHAT is happening on the cover of last week's Us Weekly (Hint: "Bachelor in Hades" is what we're calling it), Mark Steines and his new wife, Julie Freyermuth (and her dog, Norbert), Chrisley Knows Best(???) and Emily Ratajkowski. Plus: more ranting about the Hollywood Medium and RITA.

Who's There: Bronte Blampied & Jinger Duggar?  

The Who? Weekly hotline is heating up!!!!!!! We're hearing all your calls and this week we're tackling some of the FAQ of the week: firstly, that huge Bella Thorne news. Come on, you know it. Also, who the HECK is Bronte Blampied and is that a real name? Plus: Jinger Duggar, "OG" Maci Bookout and whooooo is the "Alicia" on the cover of September Vogue?

Brittany Farrar?  

What happens when a Bachelorette "winner" has an ex-girlfriend...who he cheated on...who has the receipts? Quite a few now-deleted Instagrams later, we have the scoop. Also: A Very Special Ryan Lochte Update, Does Britney Spears know who Colton Haynes is? (Spoiler: No!!!!!!!) and #BillyBushThighsThicc.

#31: Brittany Farrar  

What happens when a Bachelorette "winner" has an ex-girlfriend...who he cheated on...who has the receipts? Quite a few now-deleted Instagrams later, we have the scoop. Also: A Very Special Ryan Lochte Update, Does Britney Spears know who Colton Haynes is? (Spoiler: No!!!!!!!) and #BillyBushThighsThicc.

Who's There: Awkwafina & Gigi Gorgeous?  

Welcome back! We're taking YOUR calls today, on everyone from Ocean 8's Awkwafina to YouTube's Gigi Gorgeous. Plus, the guy who keeps Justin Bieber alive and the girl who may or may not be dating him. Plus: Is Australia a Who? Can countries be Whos? Can someone tell Ryan Lochte to cut it out? (That last question isn't in the episode; it's just some good advice.)

Ryan Lochte?  

It's a Very Special Olympics episode! Prematurely grey-haired national treasure Ryan Lochte may swim like a Them, but he does literally everything else like a Who. Plus: is your favorite Olympic sport a Who or a Them? Who is Rachel Platten doing ads for now? Do you know what "slalom" means? And can you guess who was caught in sexy lederhosen? Of course you can.

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