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Every week Jack, Chris and Phil press the 'Random Article' button on Wikipedia and talk nonsense about whatever it throws up. Encyclopædia Moronica, if you will.


099 - Interspecies Love & High Jinks  

The British monarchy pushes Chris's buttons, a coquettish woodpigeon pushes Jack's buttons and Philip is too busy pushing listener's buttons to have time for any of his own. It's the last ever double-digit episode of Wikishuffle, and we're spending the whole episode talking about young girls.

098 - Scrutinising Woo-woos  

We recorded this episode bloody ages ago, so our cutting edge references to the deaths of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand and Jean 'Hilda Ogden' Alexander have probably already been forgotten. Especially since this is 2016, or the Year of 1,000 Corpses as I prefer to call it. In this week's episode Chris offers up some expert sex education guidance for parents, Jack watches the football (because he is Alpha af), we play the penultimate round of our special run-up-to-episode-100 quiz, and we talk toys.

097 - Worry Bubbles  

We're fast becoming the Wikishuffle Mental Health Hour. Please bear in mind that we're not psychologists and our prognosis of everything being fine and normal and generally attributable to the mugging ennui of twenty-first century existence is not backed up by any medical qualification. Elsewhere, Philip confesses to a new hobby while Jack confesses to the (only slightly worse) crime of infanticide. Happy shuffling!

096 - Big Tushy Girls  

You'd be forgiven for thinking that we're a bit bum-obsessed at Wikishuffle HQ, but that simply isn't true. We just go wherever the random article button takes us. And it just so happens to pique our interest whenever anything derriere-ery comes our way. Or maybe it's just fate. Apparently fate also really likes having us talk about large scale disasters and the consequential loss of life - as is befitting for a comedy podcast.

095 - Chicken Breakfast  

Most podcasts don't transition from whimsy to cheese to chess to frank discussions about mental health. But then Wikishuffle isn't most podcasts. In fact, statistics will tell you that Wikishuffle is actually less than 10% of podcasts. Look it up if you don't believe me. And, what's more, you can hear the story of how Chris got his legs waxed (he claims for charity, but I suspect a fair amount of sexual gratification amongst his motives).

094 - Calpol is a Medicine  

Remember Chrisville from Episode 66? Sure you do - it's the island Chris is planning to build and govern. Since undoubtedly all Wikishuffle listeners will absolutely definitely be emigrating there as soon as humanly possible, you'd better listen to this week's episode to bone up on a few more of the rules of the land. And then there's a bona fide actual warning that if you're a sensitive sort, you might want to give this week's second article a miss.

093 - Fish & Chips  

Things aren't nearly as jovial as this week's cover photo might suggest, as we take a look at the political abyss that the western world appears to be getting sucked into in 2016. If only Thomas the Tank Engine were here to make everything feel better.

092 - Meeting the Babadook  

"It's a hypothetical situation about spider being on your penis. Just go with it." Can you believe we've made it all the way to episode 92 before bringing up the hypothetical situation about a spider being on your penis and just going with it? Me neither. In the intro to this week's episode we out another British celebrity for being a creepy old sex pest man, and in the outro - despite our intervention two weeks ago - Jack is back to doing a load of gross foot stuff.

091 - A Disappointment for Yarmouth  

It's an episode where we read out lists of what things are called in different countries. That sounds like fun, right? Specifically, a beloved character and a niche sport. Want to know what beloved character and which niche sport? Well then you'll have to listen. Or look at the show notes at if the suspense is too much for you. We're also plugging our new spin-off podcast Goodnight Sweetcast, that you should definitely listen to, irrespective of your interest in 1990's time-travel-and-bigamy sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart. On top of that, we make another appeal for you to send us a postcard from your shitty town: Wikishuffle HQ, 1B Headlands, Kettering NN15 7ER.

090 - Muck-Men and The Werecat  

We've had just about all we can stand from Jack, so we're holding an intervention. It's for his own benefit, you understand. So that we're not forced to murder him during a recording session when things get out of hand. Prior to that it's an educational episode: Film studies, Home Economics and PE are the lessons of the day. Oh, and we lather up a hypothetical Tina from S Club 7, but not in a creepy way. Okay, in a bit of a creepy way.

089 - Hot Blood  

Given that episode 19, way back in July 2015 was called Got Blood, it seems inevitable that episode 159 will be called iot blood. And taken to its natural conclusion, you can expect to be listening to our final installment - Zot Blood - some time in the summer of 2036*. This week we have plagues, nuclear war, Skrillex and Paw Patrol. I like it when I get to type sentences that have, with near-absolute certainty, never been typed before. *I worked this out with a spreadsheet. My figures are sound.

088 - Golden Delicious  

Sticking closely to our remit, there's barely any Wikipedia and absolutely zero shuffling in this week's episode. Most of our time instead is spent admiring Jack's newly acquired status of Fruit Ninja. There's a Papa John's update to, so do feel free to tweet @papajohnsuk, and be sure to use #dustpizza. Ah, the power of Social Media. It's like our very own little Tahrir Square moment, seizing back the power from our doughy overlords. Thanks to listener Gabriella from Jerusalem for suggesting this week's article.

087 - The Island of Doctor Wallace  

Evolution gets a helping hand from the deranged mind of Christopher Wallace this week - a man whose idea of self-improvement skews somewhat unconventional. When not accusing a deceased Guinness World Record holder of being a liar, or critiquing the physiological nuances of rodents, Phil finds time to offer a damning review of a piss-poor pizza papa. #pizzagate #dustpizza

086 - Malcolm The Fish Man  

Wikipedia barely gets a look in this week, as we dedicate episode 86 to Corby hero Malcolm 'the Fish Man' Viales, try to decide whether Jack is smarter than a pig and stick it hard to the fascists of Kettering Borough Council. Why not tell us about the local celebrities from your shitty town? You can email, get in touch via Twitter @wikishufflepod, or look us up on Facebook.

085 - The Shameless Pokemongo Crossover Episode  

Our founding father and resident Snorlax has returned after a six week hiatus trekking wild Pokemon in the depths of Northamptonshire. To celebrate Jack's renewal of hosting duties and hopefully cash in on the maelstrom of Pokemongo that's ravaging the known universe, we let him chat about his new-found hobby. Other than that, we very nearly make it to the end of an article in New Zealand without making a Peter Jackson reference, Phil recounts toiletry abuse and we correct an assertion from last week's podcast, trashing the good name of a BBC broadcaster in the process.

084 - Buff Leatherman  

In her sixth and final outing on Wikishuffle (for now, at least), Ruth Bradley spends most of the episode making crude hand signals, willfully unaware of the limitations of audio podcasting. Phil regails us with some actual first hand (and not very flattering) experience of our first random article subject, before we all set about hitting you with our laser beams, much to the chagrin of 80's BBC Radio One presenter Mike Read. Jack will return next week. Do try and contain your excitement.

083 - (Bonus) Nannas in the Attic with Amy Walker  

Second outing for Amy Walker to pick some more Wikipedia articles for us to take a look at. Two articles of European history this week. We examine some evidence that suggests 93% of all Russian men are called Yuri, and ponder the question of what to do when you've got more Parisian nannas than you have loft space. Ruth sits in for Jack once again, and devises the new crime-fighting duo Ballyhoo & Cockwobbler™.

082 - The Bumisode  

There's about three minutes in the middle of this week's episode where we're not speaking about bums, but even then we make the phrase 'visa bungle' sound vaguely bummish. So we're talking cod science, Olympians and IOOPP (incidental out-of-place poops). A special big thank you to Chris (and his thigh gap) for posing for this week's cover photo. I see a bright future ahead for him.

081 - (Bonus) Rowbotham with Amy Walker  

Thanks to Amy Walker for being our special guest article selector this week. You can find her writing at The first article she brings along is intended specifically as an insult to Phil (so kind), but backfires on poor Ruth and Chris. And then, as we've come to expect with guest selections, we aim for the soft target of conspiracy theory crackpots.


In which we attempt to dupe the gold diggers and hamburgers of the internet into a yachting adventure with Paul Hollywood, explain how you can buy a camel and let Chris record the outro. No Jack again this week, so Ruth Bradley's sitting in again, helping us to give the hacking victims of Ashley Madison precisely the level of sympathy that they deserve.

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