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Wall Street Update  

Richard Rubin of the Wall Street Journal assesses Steven Mnuchin's Senate confirmation hearing for Treasury Secretary. Cary Leahy of Decision Economics gives a market reaction, as well as other financial news from the day. Mike Johnson presents.

Soldiers mass on The Gambia's borders  

Soldiers mass on The Gambia's borders. The Gambia's political crisis deepens. Soldiers from neighbouring west African states are massing along its borders. New President Adama Barrow is sworn into office in Sengal, thousands flee the nation as the deadlock over disputed elections intensifies. Meanwhile, Britain's prime minister tells the global elites gathered at Davos they need to be a bit less elite. But will they listen? We talk to Tom Keene, editor-at-large at Bloomberg News, and Katie Martin, deputy head of FastFT, an online news service from the Financial Times.

Wall Street Update  

Mike Johnson gets an update on the US financial markets, where the Dow Jones ended the day down a tenth of a per cent at 19,804. His guest is Doug McIntyre of the financial news website 24/7 Wall Street.

Europe Reacts to Britain's Brexit Plans  

Following prime minister Theresa May's Brexit speech, we gauge reaction in Europe. Pieter Omtzigt is a Dutch member of parliament and offers us his thoughts. Also in the programme, the BBC's Joe Miller reports from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where the twin shocks of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump are making life a little less comfortable for the global elites gathered there. Our regular economic commentator Roger Bootle from Capital Economics ponders the future of trade between the US and China, as a war of words about protectionism escalates. Tourists are fleeing the west African nation of The Gambia, amid political chaos there, as the BBC's Thomas Fessy reports. Plus we hear how the legacy of Elvis Presley is helping to throw an economic lifeline to struggling outback towns in Australia.

Wall Street Update  

Susannah Streeter gets the latest news from US markets, where the Dow Jones closed down 0.3 per cent at 19,826. Her guest is Joe Saluzzi of Themis Trading, New Jersey.

Xi Jinping: 'No Winners' in Any Trade War  

China's president has been discussing trade at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Daisy Guo is a Chinese entrepreneur who tells us she welcomes Mr Xi's stance. Meanwhile, Anthony Scaramucci, a senior adviser to Donald Trump, explains the president-elect's approach to trade. Also in the programme, businesses in the UK have been responding to prime minister Theresa May's vision for a "clean" Brexit, confirming that Britain will leave the European single market. We get the perspective of Christopher Nieper from clothing manufacturers David Nieper, who voted to leave the EU, and Hayden Wood, co-founder of the energy sector start-up Bulb, who voted to remain. Plus the BBC's Joe Miller meets a group of arctic and antarctic scientists hoping to raise the profile of climate change at the World Economic Forum. (Picture: Xi Jinping. Picture credit: Getty Images.)

Wall Street Update 16/1/17  

Legal expert Alan Bowen on Rolls Royce's $700million corruption settlement.

Facebook to Roll Out Fake News Tools in Germany  

The social network plans to work with fact checkers to mark 'disputed' stories. Political journalist Torsten Riecke from Germany's business daily Handelsblatt describes concerns in Germany over fake news, and Johnny Haeusler from in Berlin tells us it might be difficult for fact checkers to separate facts, lies and opinions. Also in the programme, an ambitious project has been launched to build one of the longest power lines in the world, across India. Claudio Facchin of the Swiss engineering giant ABB tells us about the plan. A survey suggests nearly half of all working dads want less stressful careers so they can care for their children. Sam Smethers from gender equality charity the Fawcett Society argues that improving the situation for men would help parents of both sexes. Plus the BBC's Regan Morris reports from Los Angeles on women and their support for president-elect Trump. (Picture: Facebook logos. Picture credit: Getty Images.)

Wall Street Update 13/1/17  

Takata $1billion fine, Nintendo Switch launch and the day's markets.

Dutch Urge Reform of EU Freedom of Movement  

The Netherlands believes negotiations between the UK and European Union, ahead of the British exit from the bloc, are an opportunity to reform immigration and freedom of movement.

Wall Street Update  

Cary Leahy of Decision Economics discusses the main stories from Wall Street

Trump Takes Aim at Big Pharma  

Drugs Shares Down After Donald Trump Attacks Prices

Wall Street Update  

We reflect on an at times explosive news conference from incoming President Trump, with Lawrence Korb,senior fellow at the Centre for American Progress and former assistant secretary of defence under President Reagan, as well as market reaction from Doug McIntyre of 24/7 Wall Street.

Trump Hands Business Empire To His Sons  

Donald Trump is to hand over management of his business empire to his sons when he assumes office. In his first press conference, he also suggested US intelligence agencies may have leaked a dossier containing compromising information about him. Also in the podcast, the former boss of the oil giant Exxon Mobil - Mr Trump's pick as secretary of state - has been facing tough questions in Congress, Norway becomes the first country in the world to start switching off its FM radio network, and we hear why cyber attacks are increasingly big business:

Wall Street Update  

There isn't enough investment in emerging economies - and it's becoming a problem. The World Bank has sounded the alarm in its latest report on the health of the global economy. We hear from the report's lead author, Franzika Ohnsorge. And, has the Trump bounce on the New York Stock Exchange begun to slow? Joe Saluzzi from Themis Trading gives his take on the day's trading on Wall Street.

Fifa to Expand World Cup  

Fifa plans World Cup expansion

Wall Street Update  

Peter Jankovskis,of Oakbrook Investments in Chicago, looks at the day's trading.

Trump and the Motor Industry  

The auto industry responds to criticism by Donald Trump

Wall Street Update  

Chris Low from FTN Financial discusses the latest employment figures.

China: Renewables to Create 13m Jobs in 5 years  

China says its push for renewable energy will create millions of new jobs. But as air pollution levels in China rise again, is Beijing moving fast enough to clean up its act? We talk to Paolo Frankl at the Paris-based International Energy Agency, which advises governments around the world. Also in the programme, we look at whether Britain's choice to leave the European Union is a threat, or an opportunity, for UK farming. Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images.

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