World Update: Daily Commute

World Update: Daily Commute


A daily digest of news and features presented by Dan Damon.


Will Defeated IS Set Sights on Europe?  

The challenges of integration in a working-class German town; Nelson Mandela's granddaughter on abuse and survival; the anatomy of a Labrador's nose (Photo: Julian Dorio of the US rock group Eagles of Death Metal pays tribute to the victims of the November 2015 attacks on Paris' Bataclan concert hall, by Muslim extremists. Credit: MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

BrexitWatch: The Funding Gap in Wales  

Wales could lose about £245/$309 million in funds from the European Union after Brexit. Dan Damon asked Ed Gareth Poole of the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University about plans to find replacement sources of funding. (Photo: The Wye Valley, Wales Credit: BBC)

Ukraine Missile Tests Anger Russia  

UK football sex abuse scandal; Dutch alcoholic's euthanasia; Sir Elton John's treasure trove of photos (Picture: President Putin Credit: Getty)

CIA Chief Warns Trump: Scrapping Iran Deal 'Height of Folly'  

Voices from Erbil; A newer, 'safer' cigarette; Why is populism rising? (Picture: John Brennan speaking at podium Credit: Getty Images)

Brazil Football Team in Deadly Colombia Plane Crash  

South Korean president "willing to resign"; Making fake news in Macedonia; EU "more popular" post-Brexit (Picture: Wreckage of crashed plane Credit: TeleAntioquia via Twitter)

Fillon Wins French Primary, Promises Reforms  

Cuba after Fidel; UN to investigate Turkey torture claims; Cyber-interference in elections (Picture: Fillon Credit: AFP)

The Sunday Feature: London's New Design Museum  

Dan Damon speaks to director Dejan Sudjic as the Design Museum moves to a new location (Image: Design Museum interior Credit: Gareth Gardner)

Weekend Extra  

Integration in Germany; the bacterium that eats deadly superbugs; Mexico's "corruption-proof" female police

Malta PM: EU not bluffing on Brexit  

Bill Gates says India's growth depends on public health; George W Bush's former ethics advisor on Donald Trump; Iceland (the country) v Iceland (the company) (Photo: The flags of the European Union and the United Kingdom on a bunting design. Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Will Turkey's EU Talks be Suspended?  

Austria's far-right presidential candidate; US Thanksgiving and American identity; the Chinese woman barred from running for office (Photo: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan standing against Turkey/EU flag backdrop, June 2013. Credit: STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)

BrexitWatch: Autumn Statement  

Chancellor Philip Hammond makes the first major economic statement since the Brexit vote. What will it mean for the country and beyond? Dan Damon has been speaking to Lord Digby Jones, former head of the Confederation of British Industry and a former trade minister. (Image: Philip Hammond leaves Downing Street ahead of his statement Credit: Getty Images)

Colombia and FARC Sign New Peace Deal  

Lessons on nationalism from the Balkans; Iraqi Christians ask for protection; the woman Anne Frank wrote a poem for (Image: Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos (left) and Farc leader known as Timochenko (right) signed the original deal Credit: Getty Image)

Trump: US to Quit Pacific Trade Deal  

Turkey withdraws rape bill; Where does IS get its weapons?; Woman with locked in syndrome speaks (Image: Protesters say the trade deal kills American jobs Credit: Getty Images)

Political Upset in France as Sarkozy Loses Primary  

The sounds of New York; Syrian children in Turkey; What does Trump presidency mean for Israeli settlements? (Photo of French ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy by AFP)

The Sunday Feature: New York's Poets House  

Dan Damon visits the literary centre bringing world-class poetry to new audiences. Image: Lee Briccetti, the executive director of Poets House in New York by Dan Damon.

Weekend Extra  

European worries about Trump presidency; Bernie Sanders on why the Democrats lost; BBC World Service expansion

British Teen Can be Cryogenically Frozen  

What next for the Democrats?; Securing Mexico's southern border; English football China deal. (Artist impression of cryogenically preserved bodies courtesy of the SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY)

Trump to Meet Japan PM  

The North Korean underground;; the beguiling beauty of cooling towers; France's "bling-bling" Sarkozy returns to politics (Photo: Japanese newspapers in Tokyo reporting the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election on 9 November 2016. Credit: TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

BrexitWatch: How Will Brexit Affect Venture Capitalists in the UK?  

How will Britain's vote in favour of leaving the European Union affect venture capitalists across Europe, especially in the UK? The European Investment Fund put more than $700 million into startups in Britain last year alone. Dan Damon spoke to one of the venture capitalists who benefits from European Investment Fund seed money, Nenad Merovac of DN Capital. (Photo: One Euro coin can be seen next to a British one pound coin. Credit: Getty Images)

America's New Generation of Addicts  

China's divorce loophole; Oregon's LGBT governor; Oxford's Word of the Year (Picture: Heroin and syringe Credit: BBC)

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