World Update: Daily Commute

World Update: Daily Commute


A daily digest of news and features presented by Dan Damon.


Polish President Vetoes Controversial Judicial Reforms  

President Andrzej Duda sent the legislation back to parliament after mass protests across Poland. Also: The Taliban says they were responsible for a suicide attack in Kabul which killed more than 30 and Turkish journalists from opposition newspaper appear in court charged with aiding terrorist organisations. (Picture: Polish demonstrations. Credit: Reuters)

The Sunday Feature: The Museum of Transology  

Jerry Sullivan goes to Brighton's Royal Pavilion for a new exhibition exploring the complex lives of those who identify as trans, non-binary and intersex, all told through their possessions. (Image: 'My First Lipstick' courtesy of The Museum of Transology Music taken from The Museum of Transology soundtrack featuring: Casey - trans proud, L.Phoneix - Weird Genetics, Chemtrails - Aeons)

Weekend Extra  

Migration across Europe; Acid attacks; Women's cricket; Island of the colour bind

Brexit Watch: Trade Wars  

In this week's negotiations between the UK and EU, the issue of trade came up earlier than expected. That's because agricultural import quotas are so important, as Professor. Fiona Smith, a trade law expert from Warwick University told Dan this week. Also Rob Watson on the Northern Ireland question, all on Brexit Watch.

Donald Trump's Son and Aides to Testify in Senate  

Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort are expected to be questioned about their links to Russian officials. Also: Actions to prevent dementia; The women who fought IS (Picture: Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner (centre) and Paul Manafort (right) Credit: Reuters)

French Military Head Quits  

Gen Pierre de Villiers said he could no longer "guarantee the durability of the army model". Also: Clean shipping; Right to die for mentally ill; South Korea's outline for peace treaty with North Korea (Picture: General Pierre de Villers and President Macron (left) travelling in an open-topped vehicle Credit: AFP )

Republican Attempt to Replace Obamacare Fails  

US President Trump made Obamacare repeal a key campaign pledge. Also: Cabinet vows for British PM; Hollywood's China adventure (Picture of a nurse caring for patient Credit: Getty Images)

Millions Vote in Disputed Venezuela Poll  

Voters oppose government plans for a new constituent assembly. Also: Caring for the orphans of Syria; The allure of the sea (Image: Opposition protesters in Venezuela Credit: Reuters)

The Sunday Feature  

The lack of church organists across the UK is leading to the rise in services being accompanied by guitars and rock bands. Dan Damon looks back at how once upon a time organs were seen as the new wave in ecclesiastical music - yet not everyone was thrilled by the idea. (Photo: Louis Moss, 12, youngest Oxford University organist / Credit: PA)

Weekend Extra  

Anniversary of Turkey's coup; China in Dijbouti; The child's view of Grenfell Fire

US Joining France's Bastille Day Is 'A Good Signal'  

Mixed reaction in Paris to President Trump's visit. Also: Hugh Sykes in Erbil; What do the Chinese people think of Liu Xiaobo's death? (Photo: Members of the 5e Regiment de Dragons during France's Bastille Day parade on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris on July 14, 2017. Credit: ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images)

Brexit Watch: Repeal bill published  

The British government have introduced a bill to Parliament that if approved will convert thousands of European Union laws into British law when Britain leaves, in theory on 29th March 2019. But there are plenty of reasons why that might not go as smoothly as Theresa May's government hopes. To help us understand what should happen, for this week's Brexit Watch we spoke to Dr. Jo Hunt from the School of Law and Politics at Cardiff University. ( Britain & EU Flags: Getty Images)

Donald Trump in Paris for Bastille Day  

He will hold talks on Syria and IS with President Macron. Also: China's new silk road; Dippy the dinosaur departs (Picture: Donald and Melania Trump descending plane staircase Credit:EPA)

President Trump 'Didn't Know about Son's Russia Meeting'  

Donald Trump Jr told Fox News the meeting was "just a nothing" but he should have handled it differently. Also: Serbia's first female and gay PM; Grenfell fire four weeks on; Net neutrality (Picture: Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr hug each other Credit: Getty Images)

Millions of Dollars Expected For Contraception in Poor Countries  

It is thought 214 million women who want access to family planning do not have it. Also: Mexico's tragic realism; Why coffee drinkers live longer (Picture: Condoms and contraceptive pill packets Credit: Getty Images)

Trump Jr Met Russian Lawyer Who Promised Clinton Information  

He said that Natalia Veselnitskaya had given no "meaningful" material on the presidential candidate. Also: Austria bans Turkish minister; US "Global Gag" and HIV in South Africa (Picture: Donald Trump Jr Credit: Getty Images)

The Sunday Feature: How Virtual Reality May Change Your Life  

Virtual Reality is being touted as a big growth area for film-makers, engaging audiences in ways traditional film cannot. But VR is also being explored everywhere from rock music to psychiatric treatments. Could VR really change the way we see the world about us? We sent Vincent Dowd to find out. (Picture: Audience at Miro Shot gig wearing VR headsets. Credit: Alex Ford)

Weekend Extra  

North Korea missile; Trump in Poland; Stephen Hawking at 75

Trump and Putin to Meet at G20 Summit  

The meeting was expected to last thirty minutes. Also: India's cheating woes; A new sub-atomic particle (Picture: Putin (l) and Trump Credit: Reuters)

Brexit Watch: Leaving the City  

European finance experts are leaving the City of London to return home and the impact of decision to withdraw from the London Fisheries Convention. (Photo: Trading floor in London. Credit: Reuters.)

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