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Rossana Orlandi 2015: A look at lighting  

During the Milan design week Rossana Orlandi's gallery always provides a haven for young fresh design, a place where you can see a lot of exploration in crafts, stories and materials. With the courtyard as a center point of discussion and relaxation this hotspot always remains a must see during the week. This video focusses on the massive amount of lighting products seen in this years' exhibition.

Mindcraft15 Milan design week  

One of the most impressive installations of this years Milan design week was at Chiostro Minore di San Simpliciano in the heart of the city. The exhibition Minecraft15 presented some of the best contemporary artists and designers in an amazing setting created by Danish/Italian design studio GamFratesi who was also in charge of the curating. The floors of the cloister were covered with a reflective surface creating an ‘in between’ space which was this years’ theme.
‘We chose the theme “In Between” because it reflects the fact that Danish craftspeople and designers work in a field of tension in between mind and craft. This exhibition covers the full range of that span, including fully developed ideas, conceptual qualities and sublime artistic and technical accomplishments, coupled with a unique understanding of the materials,’

Milan 2014, looking back on Tortona  

This used to be everyone's favourite area of the Milan Design Week, Zona Tortona. But unfortunately due to the increased commercialism and the decline of the economy this place lost its critical eye for great design. Yet there are always a few highlights if you look hard enough. For instance this years' presentations by Moooi and Lasvit were some of the exceptions.

Cohesion of Dutch Invertuals at DDW2014  

This collection at the Dutch Design Week 2014 is all about Cohesion, in the broadest terms of course. Finding that correlation between objects, surfaces, materials and dimensions. The idea of a 'product' was abandoned and instead they focussed one element, a layer. Think of it as an experiment to be used in a future product or project. The projects are spread across the room with a strong grid on the floor separating them, following the grid in a way as they divide the space. Some works play with the 3d space such as studio Mieke Meijers carefully suspended Frames & Volumes in an exploded view, a play of reflection and light absorption. The work of Daphna Laurens plays with optical depth perception, moire and light with their 'Flat Light' lamp shades while Thomas Vailly & Laura Lynn Jansen take a more subtle approach with optical layers showing tension in their object only when touching it. In any case as always there were plenty of interesting experiments to see in a beautifully crafted exhibition amidst the craziness of the Dutch Design Week, usually one of the highlights for seasoned visitors.

Dutch Invertuals is a yearly changing collection of designers curated by Wendy Plomp. They present in their collections in their home town Eindhoven or during the Milan design week amongst places. In these specific curated and carefully crafted environments the designers to express their future experiments and explorations in material and shape within a very open theme.


Modebelofte, Seductive Precursors  

Modebelofte is a presentation of new fashion talents recently graduated from Dutch and international fashion institutions. Their experiments try to seduce us into their personal visions of the future of fashion. Most notable is the way it has been presented here, in its own little universe of suspended mannequins and dramatic lighting emphasising the silhouettes. This is the direct result of the partnership between visual designer Niek Pulles and experience designer Harm Rensink who were asked to design this exhibition.

Collecting trash, the new resource  

Sandra Suubi was known on campus as the girl who collected trash for her art with an aim to create beauty from waste. During the workshop (held in English) as part of Age of Wonderland, an event which focuses on sustainable social change, Sandra will guide participants in making instruments from recycled materials. Participants of all ages are welcome to join, just remember to bring your own trash. Suggestions include hard plastic buckets, pipes and bottle caps, metal pots and cans, flexible panels, glass bottles, beads, buttons or whatever the would-be performer desires. Concluding the week will be a jam session where participants can showcase their instruments and performance skills in their own way in a public concert. The workshop highlights not only making and music, but resourcefulness, possibilities and co-creation.


Reusing plastic bags in the Anudando project  

Discarded plastic bags are spun into fine yarns and then woven into textiles, a technique Michelle Baggerman developed during her graduation period at the Design Academy Eindhoven. By collaborating with Mexican social design organisation Anudando, textile items are made from plastic bag yarn together with craftspeople from regional parts of Mexico who specialise in weaving, crochet and basket making.

“The craftsmen we work with are extremely skilled and inventive,” tells Michelle. “By offering them a new material to work with, which can basically be collected from the streets, and taking a new perspective on the different products they make."

more info on

Protective underwear  

Julia van Zanten decided to challenge the issue of the stigma related to incontinence, her inspiration, a family member who suddenly decided they didn't feel comfortable going on long walks with her.
“Practical solutions exist in the form of adult diapers, but these do nothing to address the emotional side of this common problem”
Julia created a washable textile underwear accompanied by washing elements and a campaign to bring awareness to the subject. The aim: to restore some dignity and a sense of security when leaving the home. Take a look and decide for yourself, is this something you'd rather wear then an adult diaper? Julia explains: “In the end it is not about the end product but the experience and conversation around its cycle of use leading to a change in perspective. Through this project I aim to provoke others to consider moments on the margins that could do with the same attention as our emphasis on designing chairs and lamps.”

Imperfect Design  

Imperfect Design pairs Dutch designers with craftspeople in emerging countries to produce handcrafted lifestyle products. Since Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe’s first collaboration with Imperfect Design in 2011, it’s been nothing short of a commercial success for Cantel, their collection of striking recycled glass vases made by glass blowers in Guatemala. The range of colors being limited only by what is available, as the production uses only recycled glass.

available for purchase on www.imperfectdesign.eu

Milan 2014 shorts: Brera and inner city of Milan  

In this series of short looks at the Milan design week 2014 we take a look at the key events happening in the inner city of Milan and the Brera District.
Ecal took a different approach to the home automation trend. By taking on the subject with a bit of humor it's easy to realise how many solutions simply don't make much sense yet. The impressive thing is though that all the projects presented were fully functional such as the floating hand awaiting to open up the curtains for you, a willing spoon to follow your cup of coffee around and humming fruits combining taste and sound.
The new collection of Hay was also a favourite amongst visitors and journalists, bringing good design and making it accessible to a wider audience. And 2014 also marked the return of Maarten Baas to the Milan design week as well with his 'Baas is in town' show.

NYCxDesign openings tour  

A short compilation of what we saw during the NYCxDesign opening night. Most locations were conveniently located around the Soho area and this video gives a glimpse of what is currently going on in the American design scene.

Unfortunately the idea that 'high end' design should be made with materials such as copper, bronze, glass and shaped geometrically still is in the minds of the designers on this side of the pond. Is this because the 'market' demands it or a result of schooling? One thing can't be denied, the annual design week has definitely grown and matured in the last few years.

This video features works and exhibits by Decode, Knauf and Brown, IntroNY, ByAMT, RWB, TokyoBike, Lindsey Adelman, Monumental Moonmilk, Jenny Nordberg, Future Perfect, designjunction, sight unseen, l'arcobaleno, fab, Rosi, Li, Huy Bui, Moving Mountains, Amma studio, vitsoe, GT2P, Max Lamb.

Music: Midori by Beat Culture

Panta Rei by Nacho Carbonell  

This is the third video in our special Nacho Carbonell series featuring his latest projects.
Inspired by Italo Calvino ’s masterpiece ” The Invisible Cities ”, Nacho constructed a stylised village that hides within it a mechanism that is archaic and mysterious.
At the opposite end of the 'village' there is a glass block composed of several layers of geological sections which represent the months of the year in turn facing the village. At regular intervals the village suddenly shoots against the glass block destroying it slowly, layer by layer, bullet for bullet, creating a cycle of continuous transformation showing the influence of human nature in our landscape.
More information on nachocarbonell.com

Collective 2, Design Fair NY  

Steven Learner walks us through Collective 2, Design Fair in New York. Collective is a unique fair in that it focusses solely on collecting design, something strangely missing in the long list of New York City fairs. The combined exhibitions of the Design Academy Eindhoven and Hella Jongerius were welcome as they bring a broader perspective to the whole. But also the variety of galleries enabled visitors to see both current, past and future trends in furniture design.
More information on collectivedesignfair.com
Music: CHLLNGR "Datter" (creative commons sharealike3.0)
Video: Designguide.tv

Hypnopompic - Kustaa Saksi  

This video takes a look at the process behind producing one of Kustaa Saksi's Hypnopompic rugs at the Textiel Museum in Tilburg. Saksi realised ‘Hypnopompic’; a series of eight vivid large-scale tapestries. Hypnopompic means the dreamlike state of consciousness filled with illusions that can occur between waking and sleeping. The brightly coloured pieces combine recognisable creatures and organic designs with surreal visualisations. A wide range of natural and synthetic materials, from viscose, lurex and metallic yarns, to alpaca wool and mohair, add extra depth. The wall hangings on display have all been developed and produced in the TextielLab.

IMM D3 Talents 2014  

Every year the IMM cologne fair picks their best up and coming designers for the D3 Contest. We take a look at our personal favourite designers selected as well as some of the winners of the 2014 contest.

Design Miami 2013  

A tour of our favourite galleries and artists from the Design Miami 2013 show. Featuring Formlessfinder, Humans since 1982, Jon Stam, Julien Carretero, Guilherme Torres, Simon Heijdens, Nao Tamura, Wonderglass, Tahar Chemirik, Nacho Carbonell, Djim Berger, BSL, BCXSY, Wonmin Park, Nika Zupanc, Rossana Orlandi, Gijs Bakker, Reinier Bosch, Dominic Harris, Stuart Haygarth, Carpenters Workshop, Campana brothers, Studio Job, Maarten Baas, rAndom international.

Object Rotterdam 2014  

OBJECT is an art fair in Rotterdam presenting limited edition pieces in design, art and fashion. The location of this years' event was the "Rotterdam", a new building by architectural firm OMA (Rem Koolhaas). Visitors could wander through the vacant apartments on the 30th floor and see the design labels combined with the spectacular views of the city.
Featuring the works of: Kranen / Gille, rENs, Prooff, Makkink & Bey, Functionals, Beeldenstorm, EKWC, House of Ababa, Lex Pott.

Das Haus of Louise Campell  

Das Haus – interiors on stage is the simulation of a home at the IMM 2014. Every year a designer is invited to create a their vision of a home according to their personality. Louise Campbell created a structure of two overlapping barns with a footprint of 240 m2 and made of wooden beams, larch shingles and many different fabrics.
She designed “Das Haus” as a home “for him and her, for slow and fast, soft and hard, light and dark, colour and material, British and Scandinavian – with a tranquil space in the middle where everything fits together with some quirks, but no conflicts. And in this case, “him and her” doesn’t just mean male and female, but the masculine and feminine side within each and every one of us.

The High Line  

The High Line is a public park built on a 1.45-mile-long elevated rail structure running from Gansevoort Street to West 34th Street on Manhattan's West Side. The High Line used to be a freight rail line, in operation from 1934 to 1980. It carried meat to the meatpacking district, agricultural goods to the factories and warehouses of the industrial West Side, and mail to the Post Office.

The High Line design is a collaboration between James Corner Field Operations (Project Lead), Diller Scofidio + Renfro, and planting designer Piet Oudolf.

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