You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

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UFC Superstar Chael Sonnen speaks his mind and interviews MMA studs and legends. As Chael says "I do the thinking so you don't have to. Listen, learn, and then follow me blindly as I show you the world as it ought to be."


Chael Sonnen - When a Timeout Turns Into a TKO - Ep 162  

Chael shares his thoughts on the bizarre finish between Jake Ellenberger & Jorge Masvidal, that ended with Masvidal being awarded a TKO over Ellenberger after he got his foot stuck in the cage. Chael & Joel also discuss the idea of UFC Flyweight title holder Demetrious Johnson moving up a weight class, an update on Chael's training for his match with Tito Ortiz, and they give early predictions for the upcoming fight between Rousey & Nunes at UFC 207.

Chael Sonnen - The Value of Heat - Ep 161  

Chael shares a story about going on 'Jeff from Seattle's' podcast and having a heated exchange with Jeff, which subsequently lead to the podcast never hitting the internet. It's also Joel's 50th birthday & he decides to talk about the UFC's fighters, attempting to create an "association" and Chael points out the complications and intricacies with this process.

Chael Sonnen - "Big Van Vader" is M.I.A. - Ep 160  

Chael is HOT because Leon "Big Van Vader" White flaked, and Chael has some choice words for him! We also hear, Chael & Joel weigh in on the Oregon Ducks firing Mark Helfrich and Joel shares a real life "George Costanza" story.

Chael Sonnen - The Complexities of Flag Burning - Ep 159  

Chael & Joel discuss Donald Trump's "flag-burning" tweet, they share predictions on the upcoming UFC 207 match between Dominick Cruz & Cody Garbrandt, and Joel takes on a water drinking challenge that doesn't end so well.

Chael Sonnen - Interim Championship Belts Are Like Promise Rings - Ep 158  

Chael & Joel discuss the validity of Interim championship belts in the UFC, Chael gives an update on "Submission Underground" & the Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson match set for December 11th, and they call Jeff Monson to ask if Joel beat him in a past match.

Chael Sonnen - Buff Bagwell - Ep 157  

Buff Bagwell highlights working with Scott Steiner, his exit from WWE, and he describes his brief time spent working as a gigolo.

Chael Sonnen - Chael's Competitive Eating Contest Has An Official Date - Ep 156  

Chael & Joel share some classic Matt Lindland stories, Joel clarifies his "81 to 92" statement, and Chael shares the official details of his competitive eating contest at Bear's Smokehouse BBQ in Hartford, Connecticut.

Chael Sonnen - Squash Matches Do Have A Place In History - Ep 155  

Chael & Joel discuss the pro wrestling "squash match," that was Goldberg defeating Lesnar at 'Survivor Series 2016.' They also highlight Chael & Georges St-Pierre having a training session in San Jose and point out that legendary Russian champion Fedor Emelianenko, signed with Bellator.

Chael Sonnen - "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair  - Ep 154  

Legendary Professional Wrestler "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, discusses how his daughter Charlotte Flair got into pro wrestling, who he considered to be the original "The Four Horsemen," and Ric predicts how Goldberg vs. Lesnar is going to draw.

Chael Sonnen - Eddie Alvarez & Sidney "Sid Vicious" Eudy - Ep 153  

UFC Lightweight Eddie Alvarez talks about his post fight depression after losing to Conor McGregor at UFC 205, the amount of fun he had during fight week, what his game plan was going into his title defense against McGregor, and Alvarez explains why he thinks McGregor's next fight should be at 170 pounds. We also hear Joel give legendary professional wrestler Sidney "Sid Vicious" Eudy a call during the podcast, to apologize for messing up his original invitation to be a guest on the show. Tune in, to find out if Joel's second attempt has a different outcome!

Chael Sonnen - Jamie Huey & A Recap of UFC 205 - Ep 152  

Professional Boxing Coach Jamie Huey, discusses Miesha Tate claiming she is going to retire after her UFC 205 loss, Kelvin Gastelum missing weight & subsequently pulling out of his UFC 205 bout, Randy Couture still running practices from time to time, and how Dennis Davis is the best kept secret as far as MMA coaches go. You'll also hear Chael & Joel recap the UFC 205 fight card, highlighting the fact that Conor McGregor dominated Eddie Alvarez, Yoel Romero defeated Chris Weidman, and they point out that Frankie Edgar beat Jeremy Stephens because of experience.

Chael Sonnen - Closet Trump Supporters & Chael's New Training Regiment - Ep 151  

Chael weighs in on the notion of "closet" Trump supporters being the reason why he won the election, the fact that Obama brought integrity back to the White House, the Jeremy Stephens vs. Frankie Edgar UFC 205 match-up going under the radar, and Cheal talks about his new training regiment in preparation for his upcoming Bellator fight.

Chael Sonnen - The Montreal Screwjob  - Ep 150  

Cheal revisits the legendary "Montreal Screwjob," professional wrestling story. We also hear Chael discuss Chris Jericho getting into another backstage altercation and Chael shares his thoughts on the Presidential Election.

Chael Sonnen - Jon Jones & The USADA Arbitration Hearing - Ep 149  

Chael breaks down Jon Jones' arbitration hearing and the subsequent one year ban he received. Chael also explains how Tito Ortiz embarrassed himself at the Bellator 170 press conference and Chael shares his prediction for the Alvarez vs. McGregor UFC 205 match.

Chael Sonnen - Al "Raging" Iaquinta  - Ep 148  

UFC Lightweight Al "Raging" Iaquinta, highlights why he's not competing in UFC 205, the reason he thinks Weidman will beat Romero at UFC 205, and he explains how he got into real estate.

Chael Sonnen - Tim Kennedy - Ep 147  

UFC Middleweight Tim Kennedy, discusses why the winner of his UFC 205 match with Rashad Evans should be next in line for a title shot, the fact that it's not ideal that ISIS is trying to kill him, how he went from serving in the military over seas to fighting in MMA tournaments, why he predicts that Eddie Alvarez will defeat Conor McGregor at UFC 205, and Kennedy addresses pulling a gun on a USADA representative.

Chael Sonnen - Chael SAVES the World Series - Ep 146  

Joel recaps his entire World Series trip to Chicago. From fake tickets to Chael saving the day, Joel's rollercoaster of an excursion is not to be glanced over! Chael & Joel also discuss Jon Jones' 10-hour arbitration session with USADA and Chael points out why Tim Kennedy vs. Rashad Evans is a very under the radar match, at UFC 205.

Chael Sonnen - Chris "The Crippler" Leben - Ep 145  

UFC Middleweight Chris "The Crippler" Leben, talks about how his life has changed being 100% clean from drugs & alcohol, coaching 'CoreFit' and how it improves conditioning & cardio, and Leben explains how Nate Quarry has impacted his career.

Chael Sonnen - Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez - Ep 144  

UFC Lightweight Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez, discusses training for his upcoming fight against Marcin Held, what his mentality is right before a fight, Sanchez gives an update on Carlos Condit, and Diego talks about the high altitude in Mexico City having an impact on weight cutting.

Chael Sonnen - The Chicago Cubs are Finally in The World Series - Ep 143  

Chael & Joel discuss the historically terrible Chicago Cubs, finally making it into the World Series. They check in with one of Joel's former coaches, Chael tries to get Joel a date, they talk about why Dan Henderson isn't going to retire, and Joel shares a story about Chael's 'tweaker' neighbors.

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