You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

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UFC Superstar Chael Sonnen speaks his mind and interviews MMA studs and legends. As Chael says "I do the thinking so you don't have to. Listen, learn, and then follow me blindly as I show you the world as it ought to be."


"Felony" Charles Bennett  

MMA Lightweight "Felony" Charles Bennett, joins Chael to talk about what really happened the night he knocked-out Wanderlei Silva in a locker room of a 'Pride FC' event, he explains why he went to prison for three years, and Bennett talks about the MMA scene in Japan.

The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing The World He Didn't Exist  

Chael talks about Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor wearing eight-ounce gloves for their fight on August 26th, despite the opposition from the ARP (Association of Ringside Physicians) and Chael shares a vintage Paulo Filho story that ties into present day.

Bobby Lashley  

Bellator Heavyweight & Professional Wrestler Bobby Lashley, joins Chael to share his thoughts on the video that leaked of Conor McGregor knocking Paulie Malignaggi down, he explains why 'spectacle fights' draw such a large crowd in the MMA circuit, and Bobby talks about the current state of the Bellator Heavyweight Division.

Saturday Special  

On this very special Saturday edition of "You're Welcome," Chael explains how the studio caught on fire & prevented him from recording his usual Friday podcast, he highlights the recently announced Anderson Silva vs. Kelvin Gastelum matchup, and Chael reports on what he took away from Conor McGregor's open workout.

Ryan Parsons  

Longtime MMA Coach Ryan Parsons joins Chael to talk about Michael Bisping getting robbed twice & nearly drowning during a recent family vacation to Hawaii and he points out the fact that Paulie Malignaggi quitting as Conor McGregor's sparring partner is bringing even more promotion to the Mayweather vs. McGregor Mega-Fight. We also hear Ryan & Chael discuss their upcoming co-written book "The Four-Pack Revolution: How You Can Aim Lower, Cheat on Your Diet, and Still Lose Weight & Keep It Off," is now available for pre-order & hits the shelfs officially 12/26/17 and Chael explains why he would like to fight Chuck Liddell at this stage in his career if given the opportunity.

Kevin Lee & Ryan Parsons  

UFC Lightweight Kevin "The Motown Phenom" Lee & Ryan Parsons join Chael live in-studio. The trio discuss Kevin Lee defeating Michael Chiesa at UFC Fight Night in Oklahoma City, Lee & Tony Ferguson getting into a heated war of words during the post-fight interview, and Kevin Lee argues for a 165-pound division, in the UFC.

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone  

UFC Welterweight Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone, joins Chael to talk about his loss to Robbie Lawler at UFC 214, he discusses his acting roles in the upcoming film "Puppy Love" & the Netflix original series "Godless," and Cerrone admits that the only time he has ever been star-struck was when he met Carrie Underwood.

Ryan Walker  

Ryan Walker joins Chael to talk about his upcoming fight with Scotty Hao at King Of The Cage "Fractured," he breaks down Jones defeating Cormier for the Light Heavyweight Title at UFC 214, and Ryan & Chael discuss the possibility of a Jon Jones vs. Brock Lesnar matchup.

"Mike In Indy"  

Runner-up in the 2017 Jim Rome "Smack-Off" Mike In Indy, joins Chael to discuss all the action that went down in the 23rd edition of the competition. Mike & Chael evaluate 'Leff In Laguna's' victory and talk strategy for next years Jim Rome "Smack-Off" extravaganza. Chael also recaps the UFC 214 fight card, highlighting Tyron Woodley defeating Demian Maia to retain the Welterweight Title, Robbie Lawler winning by decision over Donald Cerrone, and Cris Cyborg winning the women's Featherweight Title with a TKO victory over Tonya Evinger.

Can't See The Forest For The Trees  

Chael dives into Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier's history on the eve of their UFC 214 Light Heavyweight Title Bout, he weighs in on the Michael Bisping & Chris Weidman beef, and the Two-Time Jim Rome 'Smack-Off' Champion has some choice words for his fellow 'Smack-Off 23' competitors!

Under The Radar  

Chael breaks down the highly anticipated UFC 214 Light Heavyweight Title fight between Daniel Cormier & Jon Jones that has gone under the radar due to the media attention that Mayweather vs. McGregor is commanding and Chael discusses the very intriguing Welterweight Title Bout between Tyron Woodley & Demian Maia also slated for the upcoming UFC 214 fight card.

Eddie Fyvie  

Eddie Fyvie joins Chael to talk about the upcoming inaugural 'Rickson Gracie Cup' taking place September 9th & 10th in Albany, New York. Eddie discusses the unique experience designed to redeem the origins & roots of Martial Arts and he highlights one of the innovative Jiu Jitsu tournaments taking place at the Rickson Gracie Cup that showcases a Self Defense Championship. We also hear Chael talk about Chris Weidman defeating Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Fight Night and he shares a story from the news, where reality is stranger than fiction!

There's More Than Meets The Eye  

Chael shares his prediction for the upcoming UFC Fight Night matchup between Kelvin Gastelum & Chris Weidman and he recalls what it was like coaching Gastelum on "The Ultimate Fighter."

You Have Questions and Chael Has The Answers  

Chael answers listener questions, hitting on topics that include what he would do differently in a third matchup with Anderson Silva, why the MMA tournament format went out, who Conor McGregor could potentially fight next in the UFC, and Chael gives an update on Joel.

The Odds Are Changing  

Chael discusses the rapid change of the betting odds for the mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor, he talks a little bit of strategy for his upcoming appearance on the Jim Rome 'Smack Off' competition, and Chael explains how he got his wallet back!

Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste  

Chael recaps the second stop of the Mayweather-McGregor press tour in Toronto, he discusses the media labeling some of McGregor's statements as 'racial remarks' noting that even Mayweather cleared Conor of any wrong doing, and Chael weighs in on the Donald Trump Jr. headlines.

The Cat That Ate The Canary  

Chael reviews the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, Los Angeles Press Conference. From the attire, to the war of words, Chael has you covered if you blinked an eye and missed anything!

The Show Must Go On  

Chael weighs in on Amanda Nunes pulling out of her UFC 213 title fight against Valentina Shevchenko, he makes a case for an MMA 'Forfeit Clause,' and Chael highlights Gegard Mousasi signing a multi-fight deal with Bellator.

Cyrus Fees  

International Commentator for EFC Worldwide, ACB Fighting League, & Brave MMA Cyrus Fees, joins Chael to discuss Jeff Jarrett's decision to re-brand 'Impact Wrestling' as 'Global Force Wrestling.' We also hear Chael talk about Brent Primus winning the Bellator Lightweight Title with an injury TKO over Michael Chandler and he shares his prediction for the UFC 213 Women's Bantamweight Championship match between Amanda Nunes & Valentina Shevchenko.

A Risky Game To Play  

Chael previews the upcoming UFC 213 fight card, highlighting Yoel Romero vs. Robert Whittaker and Fabricio Werdum vs. Alistair Overeem, and Chael discusses the Ronda Rousey headlines that saw her fall victim to a home invasion.

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