You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

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UFC Superstar Chael Sonnen speaks his mind and interviews MMA studs and legends. As Chael says "I do the thinking so you don't have to. Listen, learn, and then follow me blindly as I show you the world as it ought to be."


Candy for a Billionaire  

It's the night before weigh in at Bellator 170 and Chael & Joel are podcasting from California. They discuss the "Celebrity Apprentice" See's candy challenge that Warren Buffet judged, Robbie Lawler leaving 'American Top Team' gym, and they preview Anderson Silva vs. Derek Brunson set for UFC 208.

Chael Sonnen - Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You - Ep 179  

It's fight week and Chael & Joel are in California podcasting, as Chael's fight with Tito Ortiz is just days away at Bellator 170. Chael & Joel talk about Tim Kennedy retiring from MMA, Stipe Miocic being unhappy after learning he made less than Alistair Overeem at UFC 203, what it was like filming "The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil," and Mark Hunt suing the UFC.

Chael Sonnen - Dan Russell & Matt Sprague - Ep 178  

Dan Russell & Matt Sprague join Chael & Joel to discuss the biggest rivalry in amateur wrestling that spans 48 years, between USA Oregon and Peninsula Wrestling Club. Spearheaded by Peninsula's Roy Pittman & USA Oregon's Marc Sprague, the impact each clubs respective coach had is detailed. Dan, Matt, Chael & Joel also have a 'virtual dual meet' between some of the very best to have ever come out of USA Oregon & Peninsula, highlighting Anthony Amado, Travis West, Joe Russell, Tyrel Fourtune, Les Gutches, Tivon Abel, Marc Sprague Jr. and many more.

Chael Sonnen - TJ Dillashaw - Ep 177  

UFC Bantamweight TJ Dillashaw, talks about the inevitable match between him & Cody Garbrandt, his dominating victory over John Lineker at UFC 207, and he sheds some light on his departure from Team Alpha Male.

Chael Sonnen - Ice Running Through His Veins  - Ep 176  

Chael and Joel breakdown B.J. Penn making his return to take on rising star Yair Rodriguez at UFC Fight Night 103, Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson 2 set for UFC 209, and Chael talks about some of the highlights from this weeks episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." We also hear Jake Ellenberger cut a promo on Joel while accepting this weeks 'Celebrity NickBone' award.

Chael Sonnen - When Open Workouts Go South - Ep 175  

Chael & Joel share stories that involve fans overstepping their boundaries with fighters at Open Workouts, they assess the rumor of Brock Lesnar making a 2017 appearance in the UFC, and the California State Athletic Commission gives Chael a call informing him of a surprise drug test.

Chael Sonnen - Violence is a Two-Way Street - Ep 174  

Chael & Joel give a complete break down of The Battle at Bear's, discuss UFC 207 being the final broadcast for longtime commentator Mike Goldberg, and they point out that Ronda Rousey understands aggression but not violence.

Chael Sonnen - Michael Rapaport & Jake Ellenberger - Ep 173  

Actor, Host of "I Am Rapaport: Stereo Podcast," & Comedian Michael Rapaport, shares his views on the Nunes vs. Rousey UFC 207 fight, he explains why he got expelled from high school, and Rapaport talks about landing his roll in "Men of Honor." We also hear from UFC Welterweight Jake Ellenberger, as he collects his 'Celebrity NickBone' award from Joel and Chael recaps the UFC 207 fight card.

Chael Sonnen - The Battle At Bear's - Ep 172  

Chael & Joel are live from Bear's Smokehouse BBQ in Hartford, Connecticut and Joel has a guest co-host for the eating competition, Gilbert Melendez. Joel & Gilbert share predictions for the UFC 207 fight card and Gilbert drops some huge personal news. We also get to hear from the competitors themselves - Jamie "The Bear" McDonald, Chael & his teammate Brian Nichols. Tune in for a finish nobody could have predicted!

Chael Sonnen - The "Big Van Vader" Saga Is Not Dead - Ep 171  

Chael & Joel discuss Leon "Big Van Vader" White taking shots at Chael in a recent interview and Joshua Dickens the first ever fan call in, has some choice words for "Big Van Vader." We also hear Chael & Joel debate the 'scumminess' of Duke basketball star Grayson Allen, tripping a player for the third time in recent action.

Chael Sonnen - Tyler "Melee" Minton - Ep 170  

It's less than 24 hours until 'The Battle At Bear's' goes down in Hartford, Connecticut at Bear's Smokehouse BBQ and Chael's done a bit of training for his eating challenge against Jamie "The Bear" McDonald. We also hear Nutrition & Performance Coach Tyler "Melee" Minton, break down what diuretics are and Cris "Cyborg" testing positive for a banned version of them, the benefits of toning down a training camp, and why MMA athletes need to focus on game plans & technique just as much as the workouts.

Chael Sonnen - Phil Davis - Ep 169  

Bellator Light Heavyweight title holder Phil Davis, weighs in on the current trend of fighters not taking a match on short notice, he predicts who will win Fedor vs. Mitrione at Bellator 172, and Davis speculates who his next title defense will be against.

Chael Sonnen - Closet Champion - Ep 168  

Chael points out that he would like the UFC to create specific guidelines to determine when interim championship belts come in. We also hear, Chael & Joel discuss the Nevada Athletic Commission suspending Brock Lesnar for a year, Bernard Hopkins getting knocked out of the ring in his last fight, and Joel hands out this weeks 'NickBone' awards.

Chael Sonnen - Jamie "The Bear" McDonald - Ep 167  

Competitive eater & owner of Bear's Smokehouse BBQ Jamie "The Bear" McDonald, discusses the official rules of the December 29th competitive eating contest. Chael & Joel also breakdown Waterson upsetting VanZant and Gall defeating Northcutt.

Chael Sonnen - Randy "The Natural" Couture & Leon "Big Van Vader" White - Ep 166  

Randy Couture discusses trying to get the "Ali Act" extended to covering MMA athletes, the legal proceedings needed to pass the "Ali Act" and Couture shares the one fight that he wishes he could have a do-over. We also hear Leon "Big Van Vader" White talk about his health & recent car accident he got in, his perspective on why the WCW went under, and "Big Van Vader" explains why his run with "Sting" had some of the best chemistry.

Chael Sonnen - State-Sponsored Doping - Ep 165  

Chael highlights the Russia 'state-sponsored doping' that affected more than 1,000 of its Olympic athletes, Joel gains a new piece of furniture, and Chael talks about his recent workouts in the cage.

Chael Sonnen - Frank Shamrock - Ep 164  

Frank Shamrock joins Chael & Joel to discuss his new entertainment/media company that focuses on cannabis & cannabis education, what his current relationship is like with Ken Shamrock, and Frank answers the question - will he ever compete in MMA again. We also hear Chael & Joel give a breakdown of UFC 206 and Chael recounts the events that took place during "Submission Underground 2."

Chael Sonnen - "Big Van Vader" is ALLEGEDLY Going to Call In - Ep 163  

Joel is rooting for "Big Van Vader" not to call in as the Vader saga continues. Chael previews the "Submission Underground 2" headline match between Jon Jones & Dan Henderson, predictions are given for Pettis vs. Holloway at UFC 206, and Joel shares a prison story.

Chael Sonnen - When a Timeout Turns Into a TKO - Ep 162  

Chael shares his thoughts on the bizarre finish between Jake Ellenberger & Jorge Masvidal, that ended with Masvidal being awarded a TKO over Ellenberger after he got his foot stuck in the cage. Chael & Joel also discuss the idea of UFC Flyweight title holder Demetrious Johnson moving up a weight class, an update on Chael's training for his match with Tito Ortiz, and they give early predictions for the upcoming fight between Rousey & Nunes at UFC 207.

Chael Sonnen - The Value of Heat - Ep 161  

Chael shares a story about going on 'Jeff from Seattle's' podcast and having a heated exchange with Jeff, which subsequently lead to the podcast never hitting the internet. It's also Joel's 50th birthday & he decides to talk about the UFC's fighters, attempting to create an "association" and Chael points out the complications and intricacies with this process.

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