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Episode 26  

In this episode we get the whole crew back together and talk about everything from the Kids Choice Awards to Black Lives Matter

NOT Episode 25  

In this episode we talk about where we have been and what is in store for the future of this podcast. Rocky Horror reaction episode in the next 2 weeks.

Episode 23 (Part 2)  

In this episode, we continue with our discussion from episode 23 part 1, where we talked about our newest project. Link to the teaser trailer:

Episode 24  

In this episode we discuss some recent YouTube news, and play Google Feud. Also, a special guest joins us for some games.

Epsiode 23 (Part 1)  

In this episode, we reveal a secret project that has been in the works for years...

Episode 22  

In this episode we talk bout our worst teacher. Plus, Jack-Ass star Wee-Man drops by the studio.

Episode 21  

In this episode we talk about the Gorilla killing controversy and our favorite conspiracy theories

Episode 20  

In this episode we talk about furry feminism and iCarly

Episode 19  

Episode 19 by You Talking YouTube To Me

Ep 18  

In this episode we read some of our favorite internet tall tales and read through some old conversations

Episode 17- Dead Memes and Disapearing YouTubers  

In this episode we talk about dead memes and YouTubers who are nowhere to be found.

Episode 16- Infant Warefare and Rocky Horror Part II  

In this episode we talk about the controversial new Call Of Duty game and recap our most recent Rocky Horror adventure.

Episode 15- The Legend of Ye Olde Pyramid  

In this episode, Ben tells us The Legend of Ye Olde Pyramid and we play would you rather.

Episode 14- YouTube Violence (Discussion of Domestic Violence)  

In this episode, we discuss the rarely talked about truth about the unhealthy and abusive YouTube relationships. If you or someone you know may have been abused, please seek any help that is safe and necessary. Do not let anyone invalidate you or your experience, and take care of yourself. If you can, call an abuse hotline for your area or visit to anonymously find support. Please know that all of us at You Talking YouTube To Me believe you and have your back.

Epside 13- 2016 Republican Debate  

In this episode Senator Ted Cruz and Republican Front Runner Donald Trump square up and strip down!

Episode 12- Facebook Memories  

In this episode, we take a trip down memory lane and look at embarrassing old Facebook statuses

Episode 11- The Waxing Special ft. Adam Sandler  

In this episode, we wax our hair for your entertainment. Also, funny man Adam Sandler stops by for a tell-all interview

Episode 10- Vaping  

In this episode, we discuss the wonders of vaping

Episode 9- Rocky Horror Picture Show  

In this episode, we describe our Rocky Horror experience. Jack Black stops by for an interview

Episode 8- Markiplier vs Pewdiepie  

In this episode Markiplier and Pewdiepie fight to the death to winn the throne of number one gaming YouTuber

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