Your Creative Start

Your Creative Start


A podcast helping creatives get started and become known for their something with Jaharn Giles. I'll be sharing weekly podcasts and tackling the topics creatives want to hear about the most, including getting started, dealing with self doubt, becoming your own boss, what to do in a creativity rut, learning from mistakes, and lots more. I'll also be interviewing creatives about how they got started, the lessons they’ve learned along the way, and ask them to share wisdom bombs, actionable advice and practical tips so you feel inspired and motivated in business and life.


#4: Single Tasking  

We're growing up in the age of multitasking where you can’t call yourself productive or successful if you're not a good multi-tasker. And to be honest, for a while, being a multi-tasker used to make me feel really good. But it doesn’t anymore. In this weeks episode I talk about single tasking, the ability to do one thing at a time and how you can master single tasking in six simple steps.

#3: Why individuality is your best asset with Jasmine Dowling  

On today’s episode I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with illustrator, designer and content creator, Jasmine Dowling. Known for her freehand typography, love of flowers and crisp photography, we get down and talk about how creatives can find and showcase their individuality, dealing with the comparison trap, using Instagram Stories to show who you are and what you do, how to handle nasty comments online, and how to better collaborate with brands who might not totally understand you as a creative or your audience.

#2: Getting Started  

Have you been mulling over an idea for weeks or months, possibly years? Regardless if you're ready and financially prepared, there never is an ideal time to start. The secret to getting ahead is getting started and in this episode I challenge you to get started in 6 easy steps.

#1: Introduction  

In this very first episode of the Your Creative Start Podcast, I share a little bit about myself and what you can expect to hear every week, including lots of wisdom bombs, actionable advice and practical tips from my own personal experiences, as well as the creatives I interview.

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