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Your Property Podcast, is brought to you by Your Property Network Magazine, the UK’s leading magazine for active property investors, found at Whether you are an experienced property investor or just starting out, our 20-30 minute podcasts will build into an invaluable audio library available to you anytime, on the go. Your host Nina Hirons will be talking to some of the UK’s most knowledgeable property investors and discussing hot topics each week giving you the knowledge and inspiration to become a successful property investor and entrepreneur. So join us every week to make sure you stay up to date with all the latest strategies and news from leading property experts as Nina asks all those questions you want and need to know the answers to!


So you want to start investing in property? - Episode 15  

Learn from others mistakes and pick the brains of those who have utilised strategies to build a successful property business! There are things you should be doing and things you definitely need to avoid when starting out in property and this week we have bought Ant Lyons, Founder and Director of Your Property Network Magazine out of retirement to talk about the mistakes you don't want to make and offer some advice on what you should be doing. We welcome your feedback and if you have a topic or question you would like us to feature email

Build-to-Rent - Episode 14  

This week we are joined by duo behind White Box Property Solutions as we talk Build-To-Rent! This is an area they now specialise in and has made them a jaw dropping £1m profit in just 18 months! Listen as we pick their brains and they share some invaluable insights, tips and the model you can follow to replicate their success. You can contact them at or email or search lloyd Girardi and send him a Facebook message

Invest for a fast, safe & regular return - Episode 13  

Property, as one of the top four most common types of investment, is an opportunity open to all regardless of age, gender, cash rich or cash poor and this week we are joined by Ken Sunter, investing expert as we talk property investing with a fast, safe and regular return on your capital...a 12% fixed return on client capital over their 12 month term to be exact! You can contact Ken through the website or you can contact him direct at either or 07748 763236

The Property Mentor - Episode 12  

This week we had the pleasure of talking with Susan Alexander from The Property Mentor who shared with us not only her personal journey but gave us an insight into mentoring and the steps and processes you should go through to achieve your dreams both on a professional and personal level. You can contact Susan and the team 3 ways, either through their website or you can email or by telephone 01224 760213

An introduction to planning - Episode 11  

This week we are talking about the mysterious world of planning and are joined by Linda Wright, Chartered town planner and owner of PLANiTWright - an independent planning consultancy and development service. With an impressive career that spans over 30 years in both the public and private sectors this lady really does know her stuff and LOVES all things planning! Linda offers common sense advice within the confines of the complex planning system and this week she is sharing her knowledge and offering advice on the planning process, how it works and how to maximise value from your property deals whether they’re flips, new builds, HMOs or change of use, so there really is something in this weeks podcast for everyone! You can contact Linda by calling 07765 250150 (NO TEXTS PLEASE) or email or the website is

Crowd Funding - Episode 10  

This week we are joined by the Team Captain (and founder) of The House Crowd Frazer Fearnhead who just 4 years ago introduced us to a revolutionary idea in the world of 'property finance'! I am talking about cutting out the banks and letting people join forces to put the money together and share in profits proportionately... Yes I am talking about crowd funding!

Freedom - Episode 9  

Doing what you like is freedom! Liking what you do is happiness! Is that your goal? Your dream? This week my guest Jacquie Edwards came to the UK from America and for as long as she can remember her dream was to do what ever she wanted, when ever she wanted to do it. So working in the corporate wheel and being expected to work set hours and follow a set plan didn’t really see Jacquie realising her dream…so she found something that did, PROPERTY! Listen to this weeks podcast and see what Jacquie did to realise her dreams and how you could realise yours.

The birth of Goliath - Episode 8  

I read somewhere once that you need to venture into the unknown to build the life you simply desire. It can be scary, sometimes hard, and oh so uncomfortable…but worth it. This week I am joined by Mark Dunsmore who had a passion for property from a young age but like so many of us, he was distracted from this for a time by the pull of the corporate world working telesales, door-to-door selling, and eventually recruitment before returning to his real love of property in 2005! This week we talk to Mark about his property journey as he worked his way through various roles and then the birth of Goliath Property Solutions. Mark ventured into the unknown and we find out what it’s like to make that step and if life really is all he had hoped for.

New Beginnings - Episode 7  

We all start, re-start or re-direct somewhere as we all experience our ‘New Beginning’ and our guest this week Richard Brown from ‘The Property Voice’ and monthly contributor to the magazine blends his own property investing knowledge with his love of sharing this knowledge with others having experienced his own ‘new beginning’ when he turned his life around. Richard offers a content based platform for the property investor community, along with advice, insight and review, based on his own personal experience and this week he gives us an insight into how things changed for him and how he can help do the same for you. Contact Richard at

Fire in the belly! - Episode 6  

Kyle Witham has gone from car sales person to property entrepreneur and in the 6 months following his transition has completed 12 deals and again it just highlights that with some fire in your belly and plenty of drive and determination there is masses of opportunity out there to make property work for you. So what has made him so successful in such a short period of time? Find out in this weeks ‘Your Property Podcast’ as we delve into the secrets of ‘People in Property’.

Is property education worth the investment? (Part 2) - Episode 5  

Now there is no denying that anyone who chooses to partake in a 12-month property education programme is brave (it isn’t a walk in the park where you can sit back and you will automatically achieve success) but doing it twice – I really do think I would need to question that person's sanity. So why did Glenn Delve decide to take on Simon Zutchis Mastermind and Progressives VIP 12-month programme for a second time only to achieve 'top of the class’ this time around? In part two of 'Is property education worth the investment?' Glenn Delve shares his experience!

Is property education worth the investment? - Episode 4  

So let’s imagine, holding down a corporate job, managing a portfolio of properties and then deciding to take on Simon Zutchi’s 12-month mastermind programme all from 6,000km away in Dubai! Is this beyond your comfort zone? For my guest this week Billy Turriff, this is exactly what he did and to top it off at the end of the course was voted top performer by his peers. So I’m curious as to what Billy had to do to warrant top performer status and why he did what he did and where he is with things today as we talk property education and is it worth the investment of time and money?

Raising the bar with his 'Grand Designs' - Episode 3  

In this weeks episode we are talking about how good design can add real value and perhaps more to the point, increase YOUR cash flow! But then the question is - how? Well we are all too familiar with the play safe, boring even, magnolia walls and plain brown carpets but should we be doing more to make our properties stand out and encourage better tenants? Well my guest today, Julian Maurice of Icon Living believes he has the answer. Julian is an investor and landlord himself so knows oh to well the importance of great design and enjoys nothing better than pushing the boundaries and creating well-designed properties that stand out from the crowd. Working with investors and developers alike, he is raising the standard of rooms, challenging perceptions of our industry and working hard to give landlords a better reputation.

People in Property - Episode 2  

This week we are joined by Plymouth based Angelos Sanders who last year made a courageous decision to become a full time property investor. This week he talks how, why, where and we discover why he is also affectionately known as the man behind PIG!

Anyone can do it!  Episode 1  

Anyone can do it! Episode 1 by Your Property Network Magazine

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