Zen and the Art of Triathlon

Zen and the Art of Triathlon


A triathlete's view on training, racing, and living the multisport life. Listen in for insider tips, methods, dealing with family, injury, traveling, and racing. Tune in, turn on, and work out.


ZenTri 622 - Jocelyn McCauley After IMTX  

Pro Triathlete Jocelyn McCauley talks with us about her Ironman Texas finish, nutrition, sodium, and racing strategies. Also, lots of training tips and questions answered in The Training Log portion of the show.

ZenTri 621 - Matt Fitzgerald  

Author Matt Fitzgerald joins us to talk about his book, "How Bad Do You Want It" and "Diet Cults" and much more! There's also news, the training log, and a nice chat with Emily at a kid's triathlon!

ZenTri 620 - Andrew Starykowicz  

America's fastest Ironman record holder Andrew Starykowicz tells us how he races, trains, and what motivates him to overcome injuries to stay at the top. I also detail how I won a local 100 mile Gran Fondo race. And more!

ZenTri 618 - Brad Williams And Galveston 70.3 Part 1  

Interview with pro Brad Williams, your moment of Zen, audio from Galveston 70.3, music, and barefoot running audio.

ZenTri 617 - Antoine Desroches  

Pro Triathlete Antoine Desroches talks about how to train on a fat bike and indoors for massive improvements. Also, using a swimming drag chute and much more.

ZenTri 616 - Jessi Stensland And Strong Feet  

Former pro triathlete Jessi Stensland drops by to talk about foot strength and her next big project, Feet Freex!

ZenTri 615 - Rob Gray  

Interview with Ultraman Florida 2016 Champion Rob Gray about racing and fat metabolism tricks.

ZenTri 614 - Jocelyn McCauley  

Pro Triathlete Jocelyn McCauley, how to make the most out of high torque in the swim and bike workouts, and news!

ZenTri 613 - Luke Tibursky Part 2  

Luke Tibursky comes back to talk about how he finished his 12 day triathlon; "The Ultimate Triathlon." Also, knucklelights, habit building, Guru bikes, Cannonade and Potts news, and much more.

ZenTri 612 - Saqer Al - Khalifa On Bahrain Triathlon  

Saqer Al-Khalifa oversees Ironman Bahrain 70.3 and Dubai 70.3 is the president of Bahrain Triathlon National Federation. He joins us to talk about Bahrain, health, moving races from Challenge to Ironman, travel, food, and much more. After that, I take you along with me while training at the Ironman elite level, working with Zwift, a broken arm, broken toes, and much more.

ZenTri 611 - The Triumph Project  

Interview with Jeff Fairbanks of The Triumph Project, News, and how I broke my arm running at night.

ZenTri 610 - Culprit Bikes  

Interview with Culprit Bikes about their new super bike, reviews of books about fear and Zen.

ZenTri 609 - Malte Bruns And UltraBaby Part 2  

Interview with overall Kona AG winner Malte Bruns, audio from the UltraBaby, review of UltraBaby methods.

ZenTri 608 - UltraBaby Part 1  

Pro Triathlete John Hirsch takes over the show to interview me about how I did a self-supported Ultraman, the "UltraBaby!"

ZenTri 607 - Bruckner Chase And Zen To Win  

Interview with open water badass Bruckner Chase, using Zen to set up your day to win, triathlon news, and epic training volume for self-supported Ultraman.

ZenTri 606 - Ultraswimming With Morgan Christian  

Ultraswimming tips from Morgan Christian, training tips, and triathlon news!

ZenTri 605 - Level Up Your Zen  

After finding yourself, then what? Also, my trip to North Carolina, Zendurance, and much more.

ZenTri 604 - Beach Training  

How to get in training at the beach, finding your own next level in Zen, and much more.

ZenTri 603 - Lesley Smith And Sanity In Triathlon  

Pro triathlete Lesley Smith joins us to talk about eating and training with balance in our crazy sport, Kai (10 years old) beats me in a sprint triathlon, and I continue my training towards a self-supported Ultraman.

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