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Zero To Travel Podcast : National Geographic Type


Do you want to learn how to travel the world for as long as you desire, on your terms while spending less money? Whether you're a travel newbie dying to figure out how to explore the world, an occasional traveler longing to make your holiday everyday, or an experienced globetrotter seeking unique ways to keep traveling full time, you're in the right place. Travel expert Jason Moore from chats with adventurous people living life on the road so you can discover new ways to travel endlessly. Jason and his guests share insanely actionable advice and key resources, getting down and dirty on topics like; starting and running an online business from anywhere, travel and work opportunities, gutsy budget travel strategies, surprising ways to earn free travel, the digital nomad life, unconventional travel based lifestyles, fun travel jobs, how to plan epic adventures, backpacking, 4 hour work week inspired topics, and everything in between. Jason has wandered the planet for 15+ years working as a tour manager in events/music, an adventure travel tour guide, a trash sweeper, and now as a location independent entrepreneur running businesses on the fly. He is obsessed with doing whatever he can to help you explore our crazy planet, no matter what your current situation or experience. Let's do this! Subscribe now and welcome.


Resettling Abroad and Overseas Education  


Have you ever experienced an overseas education?

Whether it is from unschooling, homeschooling, a classroom, an experience, or an encounter with a local, you never know what you can learn.

Today you'll hear 3 things I love about living in another you'll hear about long term life abroad, reverse culture shock, and a visa you’ve probably never heard about.

My guest today has been living abroad for 20 years and has been slow traveling with his family for the last 4 years. Check out his Epic Education Radio Podcast where you’ll hear experienced family travelers tell you in their own words how they approach parenting, money, education, accommodation, travel gear and more.

Please welcome Jason Jenkins to the show!

  Listen Now To Learn: How to learn about yourself in a whole new way The advantages of learning a new language Challenges of living abroad with children How to deal with reverse culture shock The benefits of asking for (and getting) remote work Biggest piece of advice for homeschooling or unschooling Some of the best online resources (to educate your kids on the road) How to take the pressure off kids when living abroad How to deal with health issues when overseas The realities of the long term travel lifestyle And so much more! Resources: Location Indie An Epic Education Non-Lucrative Residence Visa for Spain Khan Academy Duolingo CrashCourse - YouTube Time4learning Jennifer Miller Travel Articles News-O-Matic World Nomads Travel Insurance Epic Education Radio- itunes Epic Education Radio- Stitcher An Epic Edu- instagram

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Travel Health: Everything You Need To Know Before You Go  

Do you take your travel health seriously?

You might spend a lot of time pre-trip planning, but it’s easy to forget about the most important thing – your health.

Today you'll hear from a true expert on travel health- she’s a medical doctor and a representative of the CDC, Phyllis Kozarsky, M.D.

Dr. Phyllis Kozarsky, M.D.

With threats like malaria and other mosquito borne disease, viruses, and everything that’s out there – as a traveler you need to be informed and prepared....

You can't let those health concerns scare you from traveling, but I strongly recommend you listen to what Dr. Kozarsky has to say. Set yourself up for a healthy trip, health on the road, and also coming home better than you ever felt before.

Today’s podcast could literally save your life!

Tune In To Learn: Why thinking you are invincible can be dangerous Ways to prepare before travel How far in advance to get vaccinations How to prevent malaria Why you need to look at geography and season when planning travel General costs to visit a travel clinic How to handle antibiotics when traveling The #1 cause of death for travelers (it's not what you think) Why it's a good idea to see a travel health specialist Tips for traveling with young children What you need to know about the Zika virus (symptoms or not) And much more Resources: CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) CDC- Find a Travel Clinic ISTM (The International Society of Travel Medicine) Travel Insurance 101 (An Audio Guide) CDC Travelers' Health- Facebook CDC Travelers' Health- Twitter Location Indie Staying Healthy While Traveling: A Quick Guide with Dr. Phyllis Kozarsky, M.D.

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The Nordic Theory Of Everything With Anu Partanen  

Have you heard of "The Nordic Theory of Everything" by Anu Partanen?

What do you love about your home country?

And do you think it could be better?

Today you'll hear some interesting perspectives and ideas from a Finnish Journalist who, after moving to America in 2008, began to notice how much more complicated and stressful things seemed to be in the states compared to her home country of Finland.

Please welcome Anu Partanen to the show!

She wrote "The Nordic Theory of Everything – In Search Of A Better Life" and you should definitely pick it up! It shows how the Nordic way of doing things can generate more freedom for you to fulfill your desires, enjoy more travel, have better health, better education, and more opportunities.

Listen Now To Learn: Why the USA is a great country How health care works in Nordic countries (like Norway) What you get for your taxes in Nordic countries Ways to see your home country in a different light What is the "Nordic Theory of Love" Why big government could be holding the USA back Ways to take stress out of everyday life How to create a massive psychological shift in the states How to create more freedom and sanity for all And so much more! Resources: Anu Partanen The Nordic Theory of Everything: In Search of a Better Life American Amnesia: How the War on Government Led Us to Forget What Made America Prosper Trekking in Patagonia Trekking Nepal: Your Adventure Guide - A Zero To Travel Podcast Series Location Indie Location Indie Podcast

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*Featured image taken by Trevor Corson

Debt To Travel + The RV Lifestyle  

Have you ever thought about living the RV lifestyle?

How do you go from debt to travel?

Today you'll get the goods on the RV lifestyle and how to sustain it!

My buddy Heath Padgett stops by to share his story how he and his wife quit their office jobs, bought an RV, and planned a trip to all 50 states. Along the way, they discovered they didn’t want their full-time travel lifestyle to end and wanted to find a way to keep traveling indefinitely. Now they are doing it and also teach others how to live the full-time travel life in an RV.

Plus, you'll get some strategies and advice on how to get out of debt and go from debt to travel.

Listen Now To Learn: Why choose the RV lifestyle How to work a job in all 50 states How to connect with the places you are visiting (in a totally different way) One of the biggest benefits of travel Ways to get immersed in the RV lifestyle How to make a living while exploring and traveling the country The Pros and Cons of RV livin' How to feel close to home wherever you are The real costs associated with the RV lifestyle Ways to save a ton of money while living in an RV How you can make money on the road in an RV A fun debt elimination strategy And so much more! Resources: Location Indie Location Indie Podcast Heath and Alyssa RV Entrepreneur Podcast The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau Hourly America Facebook Group Make Money and RV #rvlife #rving Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang RV Mobile Internet Resource Center

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Travel Jobs Series: How To Become A Whitewater Rafting Guide + The Game of Life  

What is one way to add more travel into your life?

Tune in to find out!

Today you are going to get the goods on travel jobs.  And you'll get to learn about those super cool seasonal jobs like a whitewater rafting guide!

Plus, how do you deal with a difficult decision to leave a career for travel?

My guest today shares her story and experience in doing just that. She's an experienced river raft guide, freelance journalist, and an outdoor adventure seeker. She'll tell you how to become a river rafting guide, plus how to get the best whitewater rafting jobs in the world.

Please welcome Juniper Rose to the show.  You can learn about her and her adventures here.

Listen Now To Learn: The hardest part of actually leaving a job What gives you the ability to leave a job How to transition to life on the road Great tips for making money while traveling The changes that have to take place to get out and travel more How to become a rock star of the river What it really takes to be a whitewater rafting guide How to stand out (in the competitive whitewater rafting guide industry) The best part of the mysterious river raft guide world What it means to win in travel and in life Plus so much more! Resources: Wanderwork Newsletter- Travel Jobs Juniper Rose #vanlife What the F@*# is event marketing Breaking Into Event Marketing Fiverr Upwork Freelance Morning Coffee eNewsletter Rescue 3 International Cool Works How To Find Life Changing Seasonal Jobs Backroads Job Listings International Rafting Federation (IRF) Location Indie

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Experimental Travel and Music  

What does experimental travel mean to you?

Whether it is where you can go, or how you can travel, the experiments are up to you! And it can open up many new ideas around travel- awesome.

And how does music impact your travel experience?

It's something that can immediately change your state and connect you with anyone in the world.

Today you'll hear from Fil Corbitt, musician and experimental travel extraordinaire. He's the creator, producer, and host of a podcast called Van Sounds (listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts). It's a show that combines travel, music, and storytelling! Does it get any better than that?

Listen Now To Learn: How rolling the dice can take you in any direction Ways to create your own adventure How to balance living a travel experience vs capturing it The best way to be present One of the main reasons to travel Easy ways to incorporate characters into your story What changes pieces of your travel experience How to immediately change your state (wherever you are) Ways to become a well rounded person How to break the layers of separation And so much more!

Resources: Van Sounds People With Bodies- A Mirror, A Storm Fil Corbitt

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Terrifying Travel Toilet Tales  

Do you have a terrifying travel toilet tale?

Ok, it may be a little gross to some, but when nature calls, you have to do what you have to do. And usually a humorous, memorable travel story will result.

Today we are bring you a fun and interesting poop stories.

You'll hear from a couple community members, myself, and my wife (a honeymoon poop story).

Plus you'll get 3 travel toilet tips, some bonuses, and so much more!

Tune in to get some laughs and maybe you can relate.

Resources: Go Go Guano Live Lingua

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Resolutions, Remote Work, and the Reality of Language Learning  

What are your travel New Year's resolutions?

Want to hear my favorite New Year's resolution for travelers?

It’s the ONLY 7 words you need to travel this year. Tune in to hear how you can go anywhere you want to go (this year)!

Plus, you'll hear a unique take on location independence, language learning, travel, and so much more.

My friend and co-founder of Live Lingua, Ray Blakney, stops by to share his journey, experiences, and insights to helping others.

If you want to learn a language or are in the process of learning, you've got to check out the world's first total immersion school online- Live Lingua.

Listen Now To Learn: How to really love what you are doing Ways to find serendipity on multiple levels How to get involved in the Peace Corps What to do to get a happiness advantage Ways that Live Lingua gives back The key to learning every language How to decrease your workload (from 8 hours a day to 1 hour a day!) Ways to pick your business idea Where to find the rainbow mountains One of the best places to go right now And much more!

Resources: Location Indie Live Lingua Peace Corps The Happiness Advantage Shawn Achor Ted Talk- The Happy Secret to Better Work The 5 Minute Journal The 4 Hour Work Week Elance and Odesk- Upwork Airbnb

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How To Plan Your Best Damn Year Ever: The Rosebud Method  

Want a simple way to make sure you do everything you want to in business, travel and life in 2017. Listen to this show!

3rd Annual Norwegian Christmas Spectacular  

Welcome to a very special holiday podcast, our 3rd annual Norwegian Christmas Spectacular!!!!

Grab a warm beverage (or a cold one if you prefer!), relax and cozy up by the fire with us as we share nine delightful Norwegian holiday traditions that "Jul" be sure to love.

Drinking the famous Julebrus

Along the way you'll discover our favorite Nordic holiday happenings from quaint Christmas markets to traditional food, drink, music, and so much more.

Oslo at Christmas

Don't miss this once a year podcast event that's sure to leave you filled up with joy and holiday cheer.


Want more holiday fun? Listen to our last two Norwegian Christmas Spectacular Episodes:

1st Norwegian Christmas Spectacular

In this podcast special you'll join us for a one horse open sleigh ride (seriously) and much more. Listen now.

2nd Norwegian Christmas Spectacular

In this show we count down the 12 days of Christmas, Norwegian style! Listen now.

We wish you and yours, a God Jul (Norwegian for Merry Christmas) and a Happy New Year!

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14 Ninja Packing Moves  

Do you want to make next year your best travel year ever?

Ever wonder the best way to pack for a trip?

Well, today you'll hear a simple strategy to make your travel dreams become a reality. Plus, you'll get all kinds of practical, core, awesome travel advice centered around packing.

My buddy and packing expert Fred Perrotta (from Tortuga backpacks) is in the house today! Get ready to hear some expert packing tips in our Top 14 Ninja Packing Moves.

Be sure to check out the Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack and get a special discount for listening. It's a perfect gift for you or your travel friend.  Use the promo code TRAVEL at checkout for 10% off! 

Tune In To Learn: Why not to worry about "just in case" stuff How to pull off an inspector gadget trick when carrying-on The true amount of time to pack for (no matter how long your trip) The benefit of "leave behinds" What to wear on the flight (instead of putting it in your bag) Where to pack your shoes The best fabrics to wear How to maximize a day pack when getting on a plane How a stuff sack can save your stuff And much more! Resources: Trekking Nepal Series Zero To Travel Trekking Tortuga Outbreaker backpack Vivo Barefoot Platypus Water Bottle Location Indie Uniqlo

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How To Retire Early and Travel the World  

Can YOU retire early and travel the world?

What does it really take to retire early?

Today you’re going to hear a totally different approach that might forever change the way you think about your work, your finances, and how travel ties in with that....

And today's show is kind of a big deal- you'll hear from Anita Dhake who retired in her 30's (yes, her 30's!) and enjoys traveling the world! Anita is known online as ‘Thrifty Girl’ and she is here to share some advice on early retirement, the lifestyle around that, and how you can start taking steps today to make it happen.

Quick thank you to Tortuga backpacks for supporting today's show! Be sure to check out the Tortuga Outbreaker backpack for you or your travel friend.  Use the promo code TRAVEL at checkout for 10% off! 


Tune In To Learn: How to create motivation to retire early Ways to 'UP' your gratitude level How to overcome the biggest obstacle (that people don't realize) Why you need to "spend thoughtfully" to create happiness How much you really need to sacrifice (to retire early) Actionable steps towards early retirement How to get excited about tracking your expenses and budgeting Ways to put relationships first How to go out and do stuff in the world every day One essential item for your health (as a nomad) Travel recommendations (from someone who has been to 52 countries and counting!) And much more! Resources: The Power of Thrift Your Money or Your Life Vanguard Funds List The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing A Random Walk Down Wall Street Location Indie

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5 Ways To Spice Up Your Next Trip + An Authentic Food Quest  

How are you spicing up your next trip?

Are you ready for an authentic food quest?

Tune in today to hear 5 ways to add another exciting layer to your next travel experience....something a little extra.

Plus, you'll hear about one of my favorite parts of travel – Food! My guests today traded in their corporate jobs in 2015 to eat their way around the world. They recently published their first book, Authentic Food Quest Argentina: A Guide To Eat Your Way Authentically Through Argentina.

Rosemary and Claire are on a mission to transform traveler’s experiences through the discovery and knowledge of authentic food. They took a 6 month food journey starting in South America and then headed to Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Peru!

Get ready for a special treat and some mouth watering fun!

Special thanks to Tortuga backpacks for sponsoring today's show.  Looking for an awesome travel backpack or a great gift for your travel friend?  Listeners of this show will get 10% off the Tortuga Backpack using the promo code TRAVEL at checkout!

Listen To Learn: How to build your best trip How to live the life you truly want Why passion is key to starting a business Why being open to change (and evolving) can make all the difference The real process of transition to travel The best ways to create sustainable living How to make a business work for the long term (don't think about plan B) Daily life of the Authentic Food Quest The 4 steps to find “Authentic” food experiences How to unite around food The best way to shape your entire travel experience The "dream meals" of Rosemary and Claire And much more! Resources: Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack Wedding Proposal In Space - Out Of This World Travel Love Story Creating Adventures and Pushing Limits Riding 16,000 Miles Blind Walking Across America No Pants. No Money. No Bike. No Problem! Epic Bike Rides With George Mahood Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain You’re Coming Hitchhiking Around Scotland With Me Trekking Nepal Series Authentic Food Quest Argentina: A Guide to Eat Your Way Authentically Through Argentina Location Indie Authentic Food Quest International House Sitting : How To Travel The World and Stay Anywhere For FREE Airbnb TBEX – Travel Blog Exchange Women in Travel Summit The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life

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20 Travel Gift Ideas: Part Two  

"Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift.  That is why it is called the present."  -Bil Keane 

Looking for great travel gift ideas?

Tune in today for Part Two of 20 Travel Gift Ideas!

In this episode, I sit down my wife Anne Dorthe to share 3 cost saving tips around actual travel experience gifts (hear the most valuable gift you can give someone).  

Plus, Fred from Tortuga Backpacks pays us another visit to share his top 5 travel gift ideas for long term travel.

Want to give a special shout out to Tortuga Backpacks for sponsoring today's show! Check out the new Outbreaker Backpack and get a special offer just for listening.

Travel Gift Ideas: Backpack - Tortuga OutBreaker Backpack($249)
Shorts - Kuhl Renegade Shorts ($70)

Pants - prAna Stretch Zion Pants ($85)

Book- Vagabonding by Rolf Potts ($11.60)   Accessories- Kindle Paperwhite ($119.99)

Book Recommendations:
I Am Pilgrim ($10.11)
Into Thin Air ($9.29)
The Sex Lives of Cannibals ($11.66)
River Town ($9.27)
TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking ($19.04)


Rock Star Status- How to Apply for Global Entry ($100)

Pants- Outlier Slim Dungarees ($198)

Gear- Parker Jotter Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen ($8.49)

Gear- Moleskine Classic Notebook ($17.96)   Travel Towel - Pack Towel ($10-$40)

Leggings- Girlfriend Collective (First pair free)

Water Bottle  - Platypus SoftBottle Water Bottle ($8.95)

Resources: Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack The Suitcase Entrepreneur Extra Pack of Peanuts

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Note: This article contains affiliate links. As an affiliate partner, if you chose to purchase any items through my links, I will get a small commission at ZERO extra cost to you and you’ll be supporting my work – thank you for that!

20 Travel Gift Ideas: Part One  

What was the best travel gift you have ever received?

How do you come up with travel gift ideas?

Well, be sure to tune into this two part series to get a list of 20 travel gift ideas!

Plus, you'll hear 3 travel gift tips around the spirit of travel and 3 more cost saving tips. This is gonna be fun and warm the hearts of all your travel friends.

Want to give a special shout out to Tortuga Backpacks for sponsoring today's show! Check out the new Outbreaker Backpack and get a special offer just for listening.

In Part One, my wife Anne Dorthe stops by to discuss actual travel experience gift ideas and 3 tips for knocking it out of the park if you want those gifts to mean something. Plus, Fred from Tortuga Backpacks returns to share his top 5 travel gift ideas for the digital nomad.

Travel Gift Ideas: Liner - Cocoon CoolMax Mummy ($45.95)

Socks - REI Lightweight Merino Wool Hiking Socks ($10.79)

Laptop - Apple MacBook Pro MF839LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop with Retina Display (2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB Hard Drive, OS X Yosemite) ($1,199.99)

Smartphone - iPhone 6se ($549.95)

Laptop Case - Thule Gauntlet 13 inch Macbook Sleeve ($49.95)

Case for Phone - OtterBox DEFENDER iPhone 6/6s Case ($25.37)

External Hard Drive - Seagate Expansion 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 ($54.99)

Laptop Stand - Roost Laptop Stand - Portable & Adjustable (For Apple MacBook and PC) ($74.95)

Adapter - Travel Smart by Conair All-In-One Adapter and Converter Combo ($21.80)

Travel App- TripIt Pro Travel App ($49/year)
  Music- Spotify Premium ($9.99/month)
  Headphones - Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones ($349)
Tripod - Gorilla Pod ($14.99)

Lightning Connector cable - Segawoot Apple MFi Certified Lightning Connector and Micro USB Nylon Braided Charging/SYNC Cable($13.99)

Backpack - Tortuga OutBreaker Backpack($249)
Resources: Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack Zero To Travel Podcast : Travel Tactics Part 1

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Note: This article contains affiliate links. As an affiliate partner, if you chose to purchase any items through my links, I will get a small commission at ZERO extra cost to you and you’ll be supporting my work – thank you for that!

How To Get A Second Passport + Taxes and Banking For Nomads: An Interview With Andrew Henderson “The Nomad Capitalist”  

What is a Nomad Capitalist?

Well, who better to learn from than “The Nomad Capitalist” himself, Andrew Henderson.

Andrew has become an expert at operating businesses around the world, managing overseas bank accounts, real estate, and even securing 2nd passports and citizenship's for himself and his clients.

He helps you keep more of your money by finding the best countries in the world to LEGALLY move your businesses for tax reductions, immigration, and investments.

Special thanks to Tortuga Backpacks for sponsoring today's show! Want the perfect travel backpack or looking for a great gift for your travel friend?  Listeners of this show will get a special offer on the Tortuga Backpack!

Listen Now To Learn: Why geography is no longer a limiting factor How you can exponentially improve your living situation Can you legally live, bank and work in countries around the world The best countries to go to if you’re considering escaping yours Ways to become a citizen of the world Four ways to get a passport How to avoid paying heavy taxes in a country you no longer live Is it possible to travel the world with bank accounts all in different countries (think Jason Bourne) The best advice for average digital nomad Legal ways to put money offshore and avoid taxes (in an ethical way) And much more! Resources: Trekking Nepal: Your Adventure Guide- A Zero To Travel Podcast Series Up and Coming Destinations: The Republic of Georgia Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack Nomadic Capitalist

Be sure to head over to the archives to see all Zero To Travel Podcast Episodes!

Trekking Nepal Series: Audio Guidary Sneak Peek  

Have you ever thought about Trekking Nepal?

Today you'll get a little something different with an audio adventure unlike anything you've ever heard! Tune in now to get a sneak peek of Episode 1.

My wife Anne Dorthe and I are taking you to the beautiful country of Nepal through a unique 16-part travel podcast series – the world’s first “audio guidary” (part audio guide and part diary): Trekking Nepal: Your Adventure Guide | A Zero To Travel Podcast Series

What you'll get: We’ll be your travel companions as you soak up the entire Himalayan mountain trekking experience, going from the bustling capital city of Kathmandu to remote Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and beyond. Along the way, you’ll discover Nepalese Culture, learn about her history, and meet her famous friendly people. Enjoy the sounds of the villages, the music, the spinning prayer wheels, and the gentle wisdom of our Nepalese guide, Samir, as he shares insightful and practical information for trekking in the Himalayan Mountains.

Listen now to experience this one-of-a-kind audio adventure, and learn how to plan your own trek in Nepal. Don’t wait! Subscribe now to get access to the entire series.


Transition To Travel: Paula and Perry's Story  

What is the most unusual place you’ve slept while traveling?

And what is one style of accommodations that you'll have to add to your bucket list?

Tune in now to find out!

Plus, you'll learn what it's like to transition to a life on the road. Zero To Travel community members Paula and Perry recently quit their successful corporate jobs for long term travel with a longer term goal of creating a new location independent lifestyle!

You'll hear their journey before the journey, get valuable tips and advice, and maybe some of their stories will inspire you to make it happen for yourself.

Many thanks to Fred at Tortuga Backpacks for supporting today's show. Need a great gift for yourself or another travel lover? Listeners of this show will get a special offer on the Tortuga Outbreaker backpack!

Listen Now To Learn: How to create a "lifestyle overhaul" How learning to live with less can transform your life Why transitioning to long term travel can be a challenge What you have to sacrifice for long term travel How long you many need to learn how to live life on the road How to plan for long term travel What things can set you up for success on the road Practical ways to downsize (detachment is key) Why you may need less money than you first thought How to build your relationship (while preparing and traveling) What to pack for a long term trip And much more! Resources: Tortuga Outbreaker backpack Fire Lookout Station Rentals Forest Fire Lookout Association Paula Labine Extra Pack of Peanuts How to Travel the World on $50 a Day International House Sitting: How To Travel the World and Stay Anywhere, For Free Perry J Argiropoulos

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How To Get The Lowest Airfare + The Definitive Guide To Airline Carry On Baggage Rules  

Do you get confused by the ever-shifting carry on baggage rules?

Do you love flying? Do you hate flying? You are going to have to do it when you travel, so it doesn’t really matter.....

Do you know how to get the lowest airfare for your next trip?

Tune in today to get the definitive guide to know exactly what you can carry on these days.  Plus, you'll get 5 tips to help you get the lowest airfare for your next trip.

Carry on baggage rules can be very specific, so who better to learn from than the co-founder of Tortuga Backpacks Fred Perrotta. Welcome back to the show Fred!

And as a special deal, Tortuga Backpacks is giving a 10% discount to all Zero To Travel listeners. Need an awesome new pack for your next trip, or thinking of a great gift for your travel friend?  Just enter the discount code 'travel' at check out.

Listen Now To Learn: How to save money by not checking a bag How to increase your chances of finding the lowest fare The best ways to travel carry on only How to maximize the carry on option What exactly is the mysterious personal item A good rule of thumb for carry on baggage rules Which airlines are more strict when it comes to carry on What type of carry on offers more flexibility (and less chance of checking it!) How to follow the 3-1-1 rule How to use teamwork to distribute weight And much more! Resources: Tortuga Backpacks BootsnAll Consumer Reports- How To Get The Lowest Airfares Ryanair IATA Packsmith- Packing Tips from Tortuga Backpacks- Blog

Don't forget to enter discount code 'travel' at Tortuga Backpacks for 10% off!

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Photo courtesy of Tortuga Backpacks

Up and Coming Destinations: Myanmar with Dustin Main  

Today you'll get a glimpse inside Myanmar with Dustin Main.

Dustin is a talented photographer, location independent entrepreneur, and helps travelers with technology through his website Too Many Adapters. Plus he has become a go to expert on travel in Myanmar and today he shares why Myanmar should be on your travel radar.

Dustin Main has traveled to Myanmar more than a dozen times, spending more than a year in the country and has documented the changing stories of the Myanmar people through This Myanmar Life.

Listen Now To Learn: What is the draw to Myanmar What creates a sense of urgency to visit Myanmar Ways to have beautiful experiences with locals A simple tip to be a rockstar in Myanmar Where the magic really happens in Myanmar (and how to let it come to you) How to use reverse engineering to travel hack Myanmar Why to follow the lunar calendar when traveling to Myanmar Where to find one of the most favorite places to photograph (in the world!) The best things and places to eat in Myanmar And Much more! Resources: Republic of Georgia Top 5 World’s Cheapest Destinations Travel in the Middle East The Ultimate Guide To Budget Travel In Japan Trekking in Patagonia The Skinny On Travel Tech Location Indie Too Many Adapters This Myanmar Life Dustin Main Un-Tours to Myanmar Yangon Mohinga Shwedagon Pagoda Inle Lake Mandalay U Bein Bridge Hpa-An Mawlamyine Sittwe Bagan Lahpet

Be sure to head over to the archives for more Zero To Travel Podcasts!

Photos courtesy of Dustin Main

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