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Zero To Travel Podcast : National Geographic Type


Do you want to learn how to travel the world for as long as you desire, on your terms while spending less money? Whether you're a travel newbie dying to figure out how to explore the world, an occasional traveler longing to make your holiday everyday, or an experienced globetrotter seeking unique ways to keep traveling full time, you're in the right place. Travel expert Jason Moore from chats with adventurous people living life on the road so you can discover new ways to travel endlessly. Jason and his guests share insanely actionable advice and key resources, getting down and dirty on topics like; starting and running an online business from anywhere, travel and work opportunities, gutsy budget travel strategies, surprising ways to earn free travel, the digital nomad life, unconventional travel based lifestyles, fun travel jobs, how to plan epic adventures, backpacking, 4 hour work week inspired topics, and everything in between. Jason has wandered the planet for 15+ years working as a tour manager in events/music, an adventure travel tour guide, a trash sweeper, and now as a location independent entrepreneur running businesses on the fly. He is obsessed with doing whatever he can to help you explore our crazy planet, no matter what your current situation or experience. Let's do this! Subscribe now and welcome.


Up and Coming Destinations: Myanmar with Dustin Main  

Today you'll get a glimpse inside Myanmar with Dustin Main.

Dustin is a talented photographer, location independent entrepreneur, and he helps travelers with technology. Plus he has become a go to expert on travel in Myanmar and today he shares why Myanmar should be on your travel radar.

Dustin Main has traveled to Myanmar more than a dozen times, spending more than a year in the country to document the rapid changes taking place, and how those changes have been affecting the stories told by the citizens of the country. He presents the changing stories of the subjects’ lives through This Myanmar Life.

Listen Now To Learn: What is the draw to Myanmar How to go deeper and deeper (to uncover the true story) The change between old traditions and new modern life (in Myanmar) How to capture more than just a snapshot Which comes first (the story or the photo) Expectations of capturing stories through photos What the world can gain from This Myanmar Life And Much more! Resources: Republic of Georgia Top 5 World’s Cheapest Destinations Travel in the Middle East The Ultimate Guide To Budget Travel In Japan Trekking in Patagonia Location Indie This Myanmar Life Dustin Main Un-Tours to Myanmar Too Many Adapters

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Photos courtesy of Dustin Main

Alternative Education and Travel With Blake Boles  

Why is it so important to consider alternatives in travel and life?

Today my friend Blake Boles stops by share his insights into alternative education and adventures. Blake has a mission to help people discover self-directed learning and helps them blaze their own trails through life, including the option to build a life around travel if you so desire.

One of the ways he accomplishes this is as the director of Unschool Adventures- Trips and Programs for Self-Directed Young Adults.

Listen today to gain a better understanding not only about organized self-directed learning, but also what approaches you can take in your travels so you can learn more than you ever thought was possible (about yourself and the world!).

You'll hear all about: Reshaping the world of education Alternative education Travel as a tool for self-growth The transient lifestyle (being nomadic) Using thought experiments to redesign your life around travel Taking the traditional path to get to the non-traditional path The argument around why not to go to college (and what you could do instead with that money) And so much more! Resources: The Art of Self-Directed Learning Better Than College College Without High School How to Live Nowhere Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives Deer Crossing Summer Camp Jim Wiltens Not Back to School Camp Unschool Adventures Off Trail Learning Sudbury school 5 Ways Total Strangers Can Make Your Trip Better John Taylor Gatto Couchsurfing Blake Boles

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Up and Coming Destinations: The Republic of Georgia  

Why should you go to The Republic of Georgia?

What makes Georgia a worthwhile destination to consider?

Well you're in for a real treat today as my great friend and business partner, Travis Sherry (from Extra Pack of Peanuts) stops by to share his stories of a recent visit to The Republic of Georgia. Find out why it is a magical place!

Tune in Now To Learn: How to become a novelty when you travel How the Republic of Georgia lives up to tales of amazing hospitality One of the top reasons you should travel Why drinking homemade wine is awesome (and why it happens often in Georgia) The best thing to do in Georgia How to get around Georgia Where you can get the most fresh and amazing food in the world Why Georgia is one of the safest countries The best places to stay in the Republic of Georgia How to easily stay connected in Georgia (if you really need it) And much more! Resources: Location Indie Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast Location Indie Podcast Tbilisi Kakheti Tusheti Kazbegi Gergeti Monastery Mount Kazbegi Svaneti Vardzia Rooms Kazbegi Khachipuri Khinkali Badridzhani Abajuri Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastiuri Durani Khareba John Kapanadze- Toba Travel Destination Diary- Georgia (The Country)- EPOP The Reason We Travel- EPOP

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A Solo Travel Lovefest  

What do you think about Solo Travel?
Why should you do it?
Why should you consider it?

I'll give you 3 reasons why I absolutely adore it!

Today you'll hear all about solo travel from my friend Henry. We met at a hostel in Istanbul, Turkey and decided to share our solo travel stories with you!

Plus, when arriving in a country for the first time, how do you get from the airport to your accommodations? Tune in to hear how to do it affordably, without hassle, and without a smart phone!

Hanging with local Kurds with the best damn mustaches I've ever seen Listen Now to Learn: One thing that can make you fall in love with travel How to feed your travel soul Why you are never alone when you solo travel One of the best ways to travel How to realize that something is actually possible How to gain confidence and trust in yourself One of the best parts of traveling Ways to save the most money while solo traveling The magic of solo travel And much more! Mural of Turkey

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"In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself."
-Laurence Sterne

The Magic Of Relocating With Matt Giovanisci  

What is something you can do to open up more travel and more adventure in your life?

You'll hear all about this today as well as the 3 biggest tips to succeed at creating a location independent business.

And who better to learn from than my friend Matt Giovanisci! He is a relentlessly creative Location Independent Entrepreneur, runs many online businesses, and he'll show you real-time experiments in making money online. Head over to Money Lab to check out his experiments and learn how you can start or grow your own LI business. It's a no hype, totally transparent, one of a kind experience that you are going to love!

Tune in to Learn: The definition of a true friend How to go after your Vision Quest How to take your first step to relocate A great way to learn about a new place The difference between livers (not your organ) and growers One way to help you change as a person Why listening to Gloria Estefan will help you How many years it will take for your online business to be successful The reason most businesses fail Why getting too much education can hurt you How to create a new source of energy to keep your business going And much more! Resources: Location Indie Money Lab Location Indie Podcast Airbnb Swim University Lynda How to Start a Travel Blog: An Honest Guide

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Photo courtesy of @MattGiovanisci

Extending Your Travels + The Location Indie Scene  

"Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource"
-Tony Robbins

What is the ultimate resource for extending your travels?

Today you'll hear all about about: Utilizing your resources Long term travel The Best places in the World to work The Location Independence scene And much more!

And you get the privilege to learn from Stu Jones- a bloke from down under who has been traveling and living the location independent lifestyle for the last 18 years! He is the founder of Coworkation- running co-working trips to inspiring places around the world for current and budding location independent entrepreneurs.

Listen Now to Learn: One of the most beautiful things about travel How to make Location Independence sustainable How to set up your Location Independent Lifestyle What gives you an excuse to travel to a place you love Why it's way less risky to bet on yourself How to supercharge your business and work to the next level The main benefits of the Location Independent Lifestyle How to find out if the digital nomad lifestyle is for you Resources: Location Indie Location Indie Podcast Coworkation HUBUD KOHUB

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Transition To Travel: Melinda's Story  

What is the hardest part of long term travel?

You'll hear my thoughts on this and you'll hear what it's like to transition from a steady job to a life of travel.

Melinda DiOrio stops by to give us her insights on how she left her Corporate job to travel, learn yoga, and see the world. She is a travel photographer and certified yoga teacher committed to a life of exploration!

Check out her travel photography and yoga journey at Melinda DiOrio.

Listen Now To Learn: How to go on a liberating journey Ways to re-frame your lifestyle How long it can really take to make the leap to travel One thing that can help force change Tips to get comfortable on facing the unknown A strategy to overcome your fears How to take advantage of abundance How to design your own situation (your life!) What truly makes you better at any craft How to overcome challenges of a new phase of life And much more! Resources: Melinda DiOrio The Biology of Belief Location Indie Location Indie Podcast

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Photos courtesy of Melinda DiOrio

The Best Job on The Planet With The Beaver  

How do you fulfill your personal legend (your dreams) doing the things you were meant to do?

What do you do if you don’t know what you’re meant to do?

Tune in today to hear insights on these questions plus you'll hear from a man who seems to be living his own legend to the fullest- Stephen "Beaver" Harris. The Beaver has traveled to 90 countries over the last 10+ years! And last year he had the Best Job on The Planet- being sent to 51 European cities to stay in hostels, party, and write about it.

Plus, the Beaver will give you a feel for what it is like to travel solo through the heart of Africa for 6 months!

Check out his stories of adventure and misadventure over at Big Beaver Diaries!

Listen Now to Learn: What can be the hardest choice you have in life How to get exposed to things you've never imagined How to live through 'groundhog' day partying at hostels How to make the best of the worst possible situation Ways to have a truly authentic experience in Europe (or wherever you travel) How to get a true cultural exchange in Africa What hospitality is really like in Africa How much money you need for 6 months in Africa The craziest and strangest thing you can do in Columbia And Much more! Resources: Operation Moto Dog- Mallory Paige Solo Road Tripping On Being with Krista Tippett The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Location Indie Location Indie Podcast Mongol Rally- The Adventurists Europe Famous Hostels: Best hostels in Europe Wawel Dragon Tinku Fighting Festival in Macha

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Photo courtesy of @BigBeaverDiaries



Solo Road Tripping  

What do you think about solo road tripping?

Yes, you'll hear about road trippin' again, but it's that time of year! So get ready and strap in....

My guest today is going to give you the goods on solo road tripping. She just finished a 2+ month long solo road trip across the USA and back to California! Congratulations Katie Doherty.

Today you'll hear all about: Road tripping by yourself How to use new media and dating apps to help fund your travels Photography Unexpectedly great things to see in the USA How to earn money while traveling And just a hodgepodge of various topics around road trips

Find out about Katie's work and check out her photography at LA ROUSSE PHOTO.

Listen Now To Learn: How to make a solo road trip happen Ways to live on your own schedule and your own terms A great way to connect with locals How to easily record money spent on gas, hours driven, and miles driven How to make money while you sleep Tools used to run a successful eCommerce business Why solo road tripping is safe And tons more! Resources: How To Become A Car Camping Superstar 32 Reasons Why Road Trips Rule: Part One 32 Reasons Why Road Trips Rule: Part Two Top 32 USA Cities For Travelers Location Indie Podcast Location Indie LA ROUSSE PHOTO What's Your Secret? Conversations with Real Photographers, Designers, & Entrepreneurs Tinder Spotify Vagabonding Road Trippers The Money Pillow Podcast LA ROUSSE SHOPPE Ali Baba Shopify @laroussephoto

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Photos courtesy of LA ROUSSE PHOTO

The World Walk with Tom Turcich  

Is travel something worth fighting for?

Maybe you should ask Tom Turcich! He spent many years saving, planning, and preparing; always keeping his
dream alive.

Tom Turcich has been walking from NJ to Ecuador the past 15 months and over the next 4 years plans on walking on every continent. You can follow his adventure at The World Walk.

Tune in today to hear his story and learn why he’s doing it, how he affords it, and what it’s like to slow travel by foot, plus so much more!

And You'll Learn: Why travel is truly important Why you need to seize the day How to forget the rules How to simplify long term travel How to deal with gradual shifts of climate and culture Ways to deal with strangers and strange encounters How much it costs to per day to walk around the world The best source of motivation Resources: The World Walk Karl Bushby L&M Bakery The Factory- Tom Marchetty Philadelphia Sign Company The Only Woman To Walk Around The World: Inspiring Female Adventurers Series with Polly Letofsky Walking Across America with Nate Damm

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Photo's courtesy of Tom Turcich:
World Walk Photos

32 Reasons Why Road Trips Rule: Part Two  

Ready for some more road trippin'?

Buckle up for Part Two of 32 Reasons Why Road Trips Rule!

What are your reasons why road trips rule?

Let's hit the open road and have some fun!

My biz partner, good buddy, and host of Extra Pack of Peanuts, Travis Sherry stops by again to discuss our top 8 reasons why road trips rule.

Can you guess the number one reason?

Tune in now to learn the reasons road trips rule: Where you get to sleep Getting happy Goofiness with other road trippers New potentials Connecting with others What sparks imagination and wanderlust Getting into a Zen-like state How to feel alive Fun and games Flexibility for authenticity And many more reasons! Resources: 32 Reasons Road Trips Rule- Part One Extra Pack of Peanuts Location Indie

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32 Reasons Why Road Trips Rule: Part One  

Is there anything better than a good old fashioned road trip?

We don't think so.

Hitting the open road with nowhere to go, nowhere to be, totally free.

Maybe you have some reasons why road trips rule!

In this episode my biz partner, good buddy, and host of Extra Pack of Peanuts, Travis Sherry stops by to riff on the 32 reasons why road trips rule! Today we break down each of our rankings 16 to 9. Be sure to tune in next week as we break down our rankings 8 to 1!

What you'll learn about why road trips rule: The build up before a road trip happens The road side accommodations Having no real agenda Continuing family traditions Pulling out the cooler at a random picnic table Finding your own bathroom wherever you are Trivia! Breweries Blaring music with the windows down And many more reasons! Resources: Location Indie Location Indie Podcast Extra Pack of Peanuts

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Listener Questions Part 4  

Ready for more travel tips and advice?

It's time to get your most pressing travel questions answered in Part 4 of the Zero To Travel Podcast Listener Questions!

Have a travel question for the next episode? Want some travel strategies that could help you on your next travel adventure?

Please email me at or ask it on twitter @zerototravel

Tune in today to get insights on the following: How to convince a partner to travel when they are afraid to go What to pack for a round the world (RTW) trip with multiple climates Should you travel with debt And much more! Resources: Location Indie Location Indie Podcast Global Peace Index Where should I travel- Zero To Travel Podcast Why Shoulder Season Is The Best Time To Travel - Zero To Travel The Zen of Packing for Any Length Trip - Zero To Travel Podcast Travel Insurance - Zero To Travel Listener Questions Part Three

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Should I Go Location Independent?  

How can you make your location dependent career (or job) location independent?

Plus, what is your favorite city activity?

In today's episode you'll get the answers to these questions plus get some insight on the following:

Are entrepreneurs born or bred? Can anyone work for themselves? How do you structure and pitch remote work agreements? What is the value of not working while you travel?

And who better to give you these insights than my friend and Business Coach Emily Utter. She helps adventurous entrepreneurs get clarity around what type of business to run from the road. And then gives them an actionable plan to fuse that with the flexibility and freedom we need as travelers.  Check out Emily's work here.

Listen Now To Learn: How to design your business to support your lifestyle The very powerful first question to always ask (mindset advice) How to find creative approaches to every business Recommendations for aligning with your priorities How to straddle travel and business in a healthy way How to overcome the biggest struggle for entrepreneurs How to get over the 'fraud syndrome' when becoming a coach The first steps to take to become a coach General rates for Business coaches And much more! Resources Mentioned: Vasa Museum B.A.R Location Indie Location Indie Podcast Emily Utter Zoom Skype Emilie Wapnick: Why some of us don't have one true calling

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The Great Debate:  Slow vs Fast Travel  

What is your latest travel related debate?

What is your favorite way to travel- slow or fast?

In today's episode, my buddy and biz partner Travis from The Extra Pack of Peanuts stops by for the Great Debate- slow travel vs fast travel.

In one corner, we have Jason with slow travel. In the other corner, we have Travis with fast travel. Ding Ding. The verbal beat-down is on!

Who will come out on top? Who will present the best argument?

You decide!

Listen Now To Learn: Why the speed of travel is all relative The top reason slow travel is the best How to make fast travel less stressful What forces you to get out and make the most of every day The best ways to uncover hidden gems The best way to get a sample of a city (to see if you want to come back!) How to increase your buffer zone for things to happen How to get that young vibrant travel attitude (back) How to save money with either method The key to making fast travel much more effective How to be a winner either way The beauty of the Location Independent lifestyle Resources: Extra Pack of Peanuts Location Indie Location Indie Podcast Eurail Air Asia

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The Call Of Adventure with Brendan Leonard  

What do you do when you first get home after a long trip?

Plus, is travel really just an excuse to run away from your problems?

Brendan Leonard stops by to give his insights on these questions plus adventure travel for all levels, sobriety while traveling, and so much more!

Brendan shares humor, essays and stories of adventure on his website Semi-Rad and he is the author of several books including his new memoir about how he turned his life around and found redemption through climbing and world travel- Sixty Meters to Anywhere.

Listen Now To Learn: The Big Bang Theory of Extreme Joy How to re-invent yourself How climbing can give you an identity How to confront your true feelings (to figure out who you really are) A great way of looking at the world Advice to handle pressures of drinking How years and years of hard work will pay off How to go from semi-rad to totally rad How to travel the western US on the cheap And much more! Resources: Location Indie Location Indie Podcast Semi-Rad Sixty Meters to Anywhere The Dirtbag Diaries Outdoor Research Vasque REI Van Life The New American Road Trip Mixtape

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Photo credit: Semi-Rad

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?  

Is travel insurance worth it?

Anything can happen anywhere at anytime....

Tune in today to hear how the unsexy topic of travel insurance can be fun, exciting, and even entertaining.

You'll hear from former reporter and current travel junkie Phil Sylvester. He's head of content at World Nomads- an online travel company that provides specialized travel insurance and travel safety services for independent, volunteer, and student travelers in more than 150 countries!

Get a FREE Travel Insurance quote from my favorite Travel Insurance company- World Nomads.

Welcome to Travel Insurance 101!!

Listen Now to Learn: Why you should be a 'fan' of travel insurance Who needs travel insurance and why What things aren't covered What's covered in regards to trip cancellation, trip interruption, and missed connections What is covered in regards to property Best practices for documenting what you have (to make claims easier) What is covered for medical What obscure adventure activities aren’t covered (World Nomads insurance covers over 200!) Why it's a good idea to keep your insurance in your home country The real reason you get travel insurance How long before a trip you should buy insurance And much more! Resources: World Nomads FREE Insurance quote from World Nomads (Zero to travel link) Ultimate Resource On Travel Insurance Travel Every Country In The World With Global Degree

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Is This The New American Dream?  

What is the new American dream?

Is it to sell everything and hit the road for a life of full time travel?

Well tune in today to hear from Bryanna who's family has done just that! Her and her husband Craig sold their 3000sq ft house and pretty much everything in it- to travel the USA and live full time in an RV (with 4 kids and 2 dogs!).

You'll hear about the adjustments that had to be made and how they were able to create their new American dream.

Plus get a behind the curtain look at their RV life on the road at Crazy Family Adventure!

Listen Now To Learn: How to truly downsize and change your life The best way to determine if you can live in an RV full time Why going public with your dreams will help make them happen How to see that your new American dream is possible How to deepen your family bond through travel The challenges of moving from 3000sq ft to 400sq ft How to afford the full time travel RV lifestyle The benefits of radical unschooling How to make good friends while on the road How to feel like you are not totally crazy And much more! Resources: Crazy Family Adventure Radical Unschooling - Sandra Dodd Full Time Families Virtual Powerhouse

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Scandinavia On The Cheap, Nomad Life and The Power of Travel  

Have you ever thought about living a nomad life?

What makes someone live a nomad life?

Today's guest shares with you his unique perspectives around travel and living life on the road full time. He's been living the nomad life for the last five years!

Please welcome my friend Gary from NOMADS - a life of cheap/free travel.

Today he'll share the following:

How he has has spent no money while traveling through Scandinavia (notoriously one of the most expensive areas of the world) What he feels makes travel important to growth Hitchhiking stories and lessons An exciting traveler’s community and exchange platform that you may not have heard of... And loads more! Listen Now to Learn: How to get a different impression of the world and the human beings that exist in it How to challenge fears and change preconceived ideas about people The true beauty of hitchhiking How to contribute more to others and the world/community as a whole Why reality is different than what you read in newspapers or see on tv One of the greatest educations you can have Ways to find food and shelter while traveling (without money) The truth about what a nomad life is really like Resources: NOMADS - a life of cheap/free travel- Facebook Group Hitchhiking Around Scotland- Zero To Travel Podcast Trust Roots TVIND Peace Conference Help Exchange (HelpX) Hitchwiki: the Hitchhiker's guide to Hitchhiking Trashwiki: the world-wide guide to dumpster diving Nomadwiki Hitchhiking: Myths, Facts and Beyond- Zero To Travel Podcast Hitchhiking Stories From Scotland- Zero To Travel Article

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The Dirtiest Word In Travel  

Discover the dirtiest word in travel and how knowing it can help you achieve any travel dream.

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