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Each Week, Off Guard explores one idea from the world of sports in three unconventional ways. Host Perdita Felicien eases fellow athletes into frank and funny discussion. Pete Mahovlich and Bob Cole savour Hockey Night nostalgia. Coach and Dad, Jamie Strashin packs a minivan full of stories about families at play.

This podcast is about life in the medical laboratory and discusses issues that are important to the people who work there. We also will give you tips and support for some of the unique challenges of working in the medical laboratory and in health care. Although each episode will have a laboratory slant to it, many people working in health care may find the information useful and relatable. We'll be talking to subject matter experts in their fields, such as lawyers, union representatives and physicians, using their expertise to help you. If you want to connect with us, ask questions or give suggestions for future episodes you can find us on Facebook and Twitter @csmls. The Objective Lens is the official podcast of the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS), the professional society for medical laboratory professionals in Canada.

Loin de s'en foot! avec Olivier Brett et Patrick

CNN's Poppy Harlow goes beyond the headlines, and the talking points, with the biggest names in business. In-depth conversations with the men and women leading global companies - and those committed to making a positive impact beyond the bottom line.

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The Canadian Leadership Podcast are casual interviews with leaders and mavericks of Canadian industry, community and business. The listener goes into a candid deep dive into a wide variety of current great Canadian leaders.

The Ongoing History of New Music is Canada’s longest running radio documentary. Since its debut in January 1993, hundreds and hundreds of shows have aired in Toronto, across Canada and through the US. (There’s been a lot of bootlegging which we’ll take as flattery, too.) Each week, the show looks at something from the alt-rock universe, from artist profiles to various thematic explorations. Whatever the episode, you’re definitely going to learn something that you might not find anywhere else. Trust us on this.

Information sur le monde des véhicules électriques. Produit par l'Association des Véhicules Électriques du Québec AVÉQ

Welcome to the Ongoing History of New Music Minute --- the 60 second condensed version of the hour-long Ongoing History of New Music. The Ongoing History of New Music is the longest running music documentary program in Canada. Since its inception in 1993, Alan Cross has written and produced 500 one hour episodes. This show is syndicated on rock stations across the country through C.I.I.S. including: 102.1 the Edge Toronto, 99.3 the FOX in Vancouver, Power 97 in Winnipeg, FM96 in London and Y108 in Hamilton. To hear the shows in their entirety listen to our affiliate in your town or check out for the last eight episodes.

Geeks and jocks collide on Playing with Science, the new podcast on the StarTalk podcast network. Every week, we’ll explore the science behind the most iconic moments in sports with our hosts, professional British soccer player and sports broadcaster Gary O’Reilly and fan favorite StarTalk co-host Chuck Nice. Our guests include pro athletes, coaches, sports experts, scientists, and everyone’s personal astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Remember: Playing with fire gets you burned, “Playing with Science” gets you learned. New episodes premiere Wednesday at 7 pm ET.

The Wanderlust Speakeasy podcast brings our live lecture series straight to your ears. Immerse yourself in the inspiring ideas of Wanderlust's acclaimed presenters, including prominent yoga teachers, wellness leaders, authors, musicians, and more.

Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaners is Canada's premiere decontamination company and home to "CRIME & TRAUMA REPORT".

A show where entrepreneurs pitch investors for funding. Like Shark Tank, but smarter.

Hosted by John Tesh, Gib Gerard and Connie Sellecca, 'Intelligence For Your Life' is a weekly, fast paced discussion delivering the latest cutting edge tactics, tools, and routines for health & wellness, personal development, dating and relationships, fitness, weight management and sleep. Each episode features timely, curated intelligence along with interviews with PHD’s, MD’s, authors and world-class performers. Favorite topics include brain hacks for better memory, most effective morning routines, cutting edge exercise habits, the latest research on getting a better night’s sleep, job hunting intelligence, time-management tricks, first date body language and more.

Voici une émission 100% Impact de Montréal, animée par Jeremy Filosa et Arcadio Marcuzzi. Analyses, entrevues, actualités et rumeurs sont au menu. Si vous voulez tout savoir sur le Bleu-blanc-noir, IMFC -98,5 est votre rendez-vous hebdomadaire.

"Fore Play" is a weekly podcast by common golfers, for common golfers. Trent, Riggs and their wide variety of guests talk about everything golf like normal folks sitting at a bar watching coverage, venting about the game's difficulties, and weighing in on pro gossip. Your classic golf addicts, the "Fore Play" crew brings a young, unique voice to the rapidly-evolving game, discussing freely and openly everything golf. There's nothing like it.

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"I’m Neil deGrasse Tyson, host of StarTalk Radio. I’ve recruited a crack team of scientists and science educators to help me bring the universe down to Earth. They are… The StarTalk All-Stars." Tuesday nights at 7pm ET.

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