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I fem episoder fortæller frontfiguren for et af danmarkshistoriens populæreste orkestre for første gang sin version af bandets historie - krydret med de store og særlige sange. Medvirkende: Michael Bundesen og Michael Hardinger. Tilrettelæggelse: Dan Rachlin. Fotograf: Eddie Michel Azoulay.

Официальная станица Биография

A Tribute to the legends of Bollywood, free podcasts, non commercial purpose only, not for sale

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Standard er et destillat af de fedeste tracks, vigtigste tendenser og mest diskuterede episoder fra hiphoppens verden. Værterne Kristian Karl og Mads Viktor gæstes af rappere, producere og eksperter for at diskutere hiphoppens fremtrædende rolle inden for mode, tv, film og alt hvad der sker på internettet.

Hey y’all, this is Huey, you know me, I’m that Fun Lovin’ Criminal rockin' your radio waves every weekend, The People’s Champ making sure you stay classy. Or maybe you don’t, but that’s cool ‘cos thanks to the miracle of modern media we can get better acquainted … Join me every week for my brand new podcast Huey: Off The Record where I’ll be talking to some of the most interesting people I know - some you mighta heard of - the likes of Ricky Gervais, Iggy Pop, Scroobius Pip - and some you might not, but I think you should have, like my buddies Grammy award winning producer Tim Latham and legendary rock 'n' roll photographer Danny Clinch.

Huey: Off The Record’s all about keepin’ it real with some of the illest muthafuckas around. We’ll be jammin’ on music, fame, politics, religion, the crazy shit we got up to on tour bus, that we don’t know more cos we’re too old…

So hit that subscribe button, be sure to get Huey: Off The Record direct to your device every week, and tell your friends, spread the word – we be on the pod and off the record… Peace! 

Insomnia, el nuevo espacio de radio dedicado a la música electrónica, presentado por Wally Lopez.

Een hoorspel naar het boek van Peter Buwalda over noodlot en verval, idylle en schoonheid.

Begin je werk- of schooldag met heel veel goede muziek! Michiel Veenstra draait de mooiste classics naast de allerlekkerste muziek van nu en zoekt naar mooie en opmerkelijke verhalen achter de liedjes. Met elke week een artiest of band vol in de spotlights...

Duendeando es descrito por su creador como "un programa de flamencos y pelícanos", y la expresión hace honor a lo que hace sonar cada fin de semana en las ondas de Radio 3. Conducido por Teo Sánchez, Duendeando repasa todas las corrientes musicales enmarcadas dentro del flamenco.

Welcome to Artic Expressions! I really want to tell my 20 years of music history by playing some tracks from back in the days and some new stuff. It's a real musical journey. Enjoy and don't forget to share with your friends!

Félix Boudreau is a 17 year old, DJ/producer from Montréal, Canada. A year ago, his love for music turned all over. He discovered a new passion, wich is producing and creating his own music. Félix's biggest dream is to actually make it in the music industry (Releasing worldwide hits and headlining some of the best festivals around the world). He knows that it's going to be pretty difficult to make all of this happens, but Félix is motivated to make his dreams come true. Official Felix Boudreau's radio show (Day Dreams Radio): @user-949400438 Supports from : -Borgeous -Matoma -Lione -Tyron Hapi -JellyFish -Timmo Hendriks -Sophie Francis -Riggi&Piros -Breathe Carolina -Bombs Away -Nicolas Fasano -SNBRN and many others! Bookings, contact, Info, demo :

King of Country Music, Wheeler Walker Jr., talks music and life with some of the biggest stars in Country music, comedy and society. No rules, just real talk.

De Deense Detective is een live uitgevoerd muzikaal hoorspel in zeven delen van het Rosa Ensemble. Een 'whodunnit' waarin een Zweedse zangeres vermoord wordt in Amsterdam. Een Deense agent van Europol komt de Amsterdamse politiegelederen versterken.

Podcast de entrevistas com episódio novo toda terça-feira, às 15h33. André Aloi e Victor Albuquerque recebem convidados para falar de entretenimento. O foco é música, mas sempre saem besteiras e boas risadas. Luis Coutinho empresta a viola caipira de seu Falso Coral para uns jams inusitados. Play!

DIFFERENT KIND OF BEAST!!! Born in Brooklyn N.Y. raised in Miami, Dj Touch Tone (Ludwick Renoit) has always been into music. While in elementary he would be forced to be a latch key kid and would have to come home to an empty house, he would take this time alone to listen to all the records and play the radio, dancing and singing an rapping for hours before his other siblings would get home. 1992 Dj Touch Tone is born, after Hurricane Andrew which destroyed everything, he took his FEMA money and brought 2 turntables and a mixer. With in two weeks he taught himself how to dj. Djing only as a hobby , he never sought to make any money at all. Until, the day he got a call to dj a Method Man concert. From that day forth he entered a rocket ship and took off. Since then, Dj Touch Tone has held down many residencies in majors clubs & parties such as LEVEL , BED, PEARL, NIKKI BEACH, CHINA WHITE, PASSIONS (HARD ROCK), EMPIRE, NIKKI MARINA, MANGOS TROPICAL CAFE, FAT BLACK PUSSY CAT, ROCKERS ISLAND,FREAKY FRIDAYS, CAFE IGUANAS . He also has done private parties for: Janet Reno, Nas, Missy elliot, Erykah badu, MIA, METHOD MAN, DWANYE STARKS, CHRISTINA MILLIAN. Known as the "party rocker" his style of djing is classified as unique, mixing every thing under the sun, Music is truly his life

Mantra-Chanting to open the heart, to elevate the spirit, to feel new joy and expansion of mind. To come to the source of your being. Live recordings from Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany. Mantra-Singen, um das Herz zu öffnen, das Bewusstsein zu erweitern, um zur Quelle von Freude und Liebe zu kommen. Aufnahmen aus den Satsangs nach der Meditation in den Yoga Vidya Ashrams.

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