Recommended podcasts in Sweden

There is something about silence. There is a conversational reflex, to fill the gaps of silence with something. Usually, it's not me who does that – it's my guest. My name is Kristoffer Triumf and I am a Swedish podcast host, writer and sometimes also a comedian. In VARVET INTL, I'll take on one guest a week for the rest of 2014. There will be musicians! Comedians! Authors! Chefs! Actors! And other interesting people in, and around, the global entertainment industry. In 2012, I started interviewing Swedish people in my podcast VÄRVET. Two and a half years later, I've recorded som 140 conversations – with Sweden's Prime Minister, rock stars, artists of all kinds, and so forth. Any day, these interviews have been downloaded 20,000,000 times and it keeps growing with a million a month. I am humble and grateful about that fact. And although I'll keep doing VÄRVET, it's time to take on new challenges. That is: VARVET INTL. I hope you want to follow me on my new journey with VARVET INTL. I hope you'll like it. Best, Kristoffer Triumf Vällingby, Sweden

Meet the most innovative and inspiring people living in Sweden's global capital. Former BBC radio anchor Maddy Savage delves into the city's startup, design, food, culture and wellness scenes, to sound out who's making Stockholm special, troubleshooting its challenges and shaping its future. All episodes are in English and designed for you to hear and share in around ten minutes. Launching in summer 2016.

Two Swedish siblings talking about whatever they want, which usually involves arguing about gender standards, the news, feminism, politics, social situations that annoy you for some reason, and lots of other fun things. We used to make a podcast in Swedish which can be found here:

Let's talk about engagement with North Korea. An independent interview format made in Stockholm and Berlin.

Host Christina Jeurling Birro interviews the most innovative and influential people working in television, film, entertainment and pop culture.

An introduction to Swedish football culture for English speakers. Hosted by Peter Watson and Rickard Björken. Theme music by James Davey. Badge design by Richard Gray.

The Ledge ­- A climbing life podcast.

My name is Chris and I'm a Hyper Island student wanting to become a voice actor. This is going to be my first ever podcast and it will be an experiment on how I can use my voice in different ways. It is mostly going to be me sitting talking about whatever I find interesting, and things that pop up in my head but who knows what the devil will bring to the kitchen table. Enjoy and keep on twisting.

A podcast by Konrad Olsson and Joakim Olsson, furiously discussing the latest topics and trends within entertainment, fashion and global citylife. Konrad is a Stockholm-based editor-in-chief of global fashion magazines Plaza Magazine and Plaza Uomo. Joakim is a Los Angeles-based vice president for entertainment advertising agency Stockholm Design. They are brothers and grew up in Umeå, Sweden.

Media Mess - This Is Media Psychology, with host Mattias Hansson and guests, is a podcast that explore and explain research and findings from the exciting field of media psychology. Media Mess connect scientific psychological reality with the use of media in everyday life, both private and professional. Specialists from a variety of fields within media psychology offer their insights and professional thought on subjects ranging from social media addiction to cyber sex happiness. Media Mess focuses on the relationships between human behaviour and the media. We dig deeper. And you are invited to dig in! MEDIA MESS starts to broadcast a FULL SERIES OF SHOWS SUMMER 2016.

P3 Dokumentär är programmet som blickar bakåt, gräver i arkiven och pratar med dom som var med när det hände, där det hände.

Genomtänkt och begåvad radio som roar och berör. Intressanta människor berättar om sina upplevelser och spelar sin favoritmusik. Ansvarig utgivare: Daniel af Klintberg.

Alex Schulmans och Sigge Eklunds podcast som publiceras en gång i veckan.

Averaging an IQ of 103, comedians and best friends Filip & Fredrik take an agonizingly prejudiced glance at the wonders of our time. Every Thursday.

Lyssna igen, eller för första gången, till dokumentärer från tre decennier som kan ge perspektiv på dagens debatter och företeelser. Nya och äldre, korta och långa, lättsamma och djuplodande och med enorm variation i tilltal och ämnen.

Soffhäng med PK och Johannes. Podcasten som blandar högt med lågt, kärlek med hat och det naturliga med det övernaturliga.

Äntligen ses dom. Två kvinnor. Två mikrofoner. Nytt avsnitt varje måndag. Skäringer och Mannheimer.

Kristoffer Triumf med en intressant gäst, så enkelt är det.

Amanda Schulman och Hannah Widell bjuder in till snack om mat, skönhet, hälsa och relationer i Aftonbladets nya storsatsning. Följ dem i podcasten.

Zara Larsson och Olivia Gateau tar med oss på ett vidunderligt smörgåsbord av åsikter, idéer och kaos.

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