The Green Book  

In the Jim Crow era of racial segregation, travelling in the United States was fraught with difficulties if you were black. At best it was inconvenient, as white-owned businesses refused to serve African American motorists, repair their cars or offer them hotel accommodation. At worst, travel could be life-threatening if you walked into the wrong bar in the wrong town. That's why in 1936 Victor H Green, a Harlem postal worker, published the first edition of The Green Book. The guide listed hotels, restaurants, bars and service stations which would serve African Americans and was an attempt, in Victor Green's words, "to give the Negro traveller information that will keep from him running into difficulties and embarrassments". 'Embarrassments' seems rather a tame word for the outright hostility and physical danger which many black travellers experienced in segregation-era America. The Green Book became a catalogue of refuge and tolerance in a hostile and intolerant world. Alvin Hall hits the highway, Green Book in hand, to document a little-known aspect of racial segregation: the challenges - for mid-20th century America's new black middle class - of travelling in their own country. Alvin's journey starts in Tallahassee, Florida, where he was born and raised, takes him through Alabama and Tennessee and concludes in Ferguson, Missouri. The guide ceased publication soon after the passing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964. But, as Alvin discovers in Ferguson, many African Americans still feel far from safe as they drive. Alvin asks whether the Green Book ceased publication too soon. Interviewees: Carolyn Bailey-Champion, Dr. Charles Champion, Leah Dickerman, Jerome Gray, Prof. Allyson Hobbs, Ryan Jones, Maira Liriano, Ron McCoy, Robert Moman, Dr. Gwen Patton, Calvin Ramsey, Tiffany Shawn, Rev. Henry Steele, Bryan Stevenson and Rev. Starsky Wilson Producer: Jeremy Grange Archive audio courtesy of PBS, CBS and CNN Photos: Jonathan Calm.

One Nation: Divisible  

The original U.S. Pledge of Allegiance calls the USA, "one nation...indivisible."  Yet it remains a nation splintered and divided, with many of those divisions fueled by religious ideas.  This broadcast welcomes several special guests to talk about America, the rise of secularism, the influence of the Religious Right, and the future of a country that seems unable to agree about anything. Our guests appearing throughout the broadcast: Amanda Knief: National Legal and Public Policy Director for American Atheists, and author of "The Citizen Lobbyist: A How-to Manual for Making Your Voice Heard in Government." Matthew De Dora: Director of Office of Public Policy for the Center For Inquiry Matther Bulger: American Humanist Association Justin Scott: Director of Eastern Iowa Atheists Rebecca Markert: Managing Staff Attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation Larry Decker: Executive Director for the Secular Coalition for America Herb Silverman: President of the Secular Coalition for America Sarah Levin:  Senior Legislative Representative for the Secular Coalition for America SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: The Great Courses Plus: (promo code sethandrews)  

Entering into the Era of the Unknown  

What we know: Trump loves Putin, China is moving to take advantage of America’s non-strategy in Asia, and the rest? We’re still not sure.

Ep225 - Mixed Mental Arts: Bryan Uses a Roundhouse Kick to Shatter The Echo Chambers. Aw yeah!  

America's two political parties can't seem to solve their problems or figure out how to talk to each other and that's going to make for a lot of awfully awkward Thanksgivings. Fortunately, there's a group of people who know how to understand both sides and understand what each culture gets right and what each culture gets wrong. You are part of that group of people. You are Mixed Mental Artists. You are mankind's last, best hope. Can you handle the pressure? Can you? Well, you're going to have to because humanity needs you. So, let's get into the dojo so we can train and shatter the echo chambers that have built up around each culture. In the red corner, we have the conservatives weighing at 300 pounds. On their side, they have a willingness to talk about culture mattering and helping determine success and they have a love and respect for the Founding Fathers. In the blue corner, we have the liberals weighing in at 150 pounds soaking wet. On their side, they have a dominance of the media and academia but a lack of familiarity with what the science actually says. They also are so focused on where the Founding Fathers didn't fully live their principles that they have a hard time seeing all the things they got right like the profound benefits of a culture founded on the idea that you could learn anything from books. Who will win in a fight? We don't know. Who cares? Because it's much more interesting to watch them fuck. Not with their genitals although at this point there's so much tension in the air the sex would be amazing. No, we want them to fuck with their minds. It's time to get it on. Aw yeah! Let's have some blue-red idea sex and make beautiful purple babies. You're welcome, America. And the world. While you're over there fighting, we're over her fucking…with ideas. Yeah, baby. Idea sex. The kind of sex where you don't catch STDs. The only thing you catch is wisdom. Let's make that shit contagious!

Late Night Live - 2016-12-06  

Shapiro reflects on a wild year in US politics. The National Museum of African American History and Culture faced a mountain of obstacles to get off the ground - it had no funding, no government support, no site and not a single artefact in its collection. But an unlikely coalition of supporters which include civil rights veterans, private funders like Oprah Winfrey and even George W. Bush, managed to vault every hurdle and open what is America's first and only museum dedicated to black life.

Bruce Shapiro's America  

Bruce Shapiro reflects on a momentous year in US politics.

Why America Won’t Abandon the Electoral College – Episode 232  

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck Woolery and Mark Young address some recent topics in the news, including Castro’s death and the media’s interpretation, Jill Stein’s ploy to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and the Hamilton cast lecturing elected leaders. Mark and Chuck then clear up what liberals really mean when they’re calling for an... Read more »

The Amy Episode: Seoul Searching  

Maeve speaks with Amy Mihyang Ginther, an assistant professor, a Korean adoptee and performer, who shares her story of moving to America as a tiny baby and her journey back to Korea two decades later to meet her birth mother. Plus: Mona and Maeve share their collective guilt about not speaking Arabic and Irish, we hear about the sad and strange tale of Adam Crapser and an adoption gone awry; and the hilarious comedian Joel Kim Booster processes his story through jokes. Oh! Spoiler alert. Maeve’s double life as a giant Irish doll is revealed. 

ACS: Jimmy Kimmel, Connor Toole, and Alec MacDonald  

Jimmy Kimmel chats with Adam about hosting the upcoming Oscars. Plus, Adam talks to 'Millennials of NY' authors Connor Toole and Alec MacDonald about their hilarious new book, pretending to be in the NBA draft, and Mall of America's Black Santa.

Adani, flies and 'sanctuary cities' in Trump's America  

Does Adani's Carmichael Coal project stack up financially? Labor reserves position on the Adler shotgun. Are there more flies and mosquitos this summer? Concerns for homelessness funding as Christmas approaches. One in five Australians say torture is sometimes OK. Tech Head: Checkout-free stores and search engine problems. 'Sanctuary cities' across the US are preparing to resist Trump's immigration policies. The white arts.

E24 Lizzie Borden Pt. 2  

Lizzie Borden is arrested and tried for the murder of her father and stepmother. In one of America’s most infamous murder trials, we are left with more questions than answers. Over 100 years later, speculation of what really occurred in Fall River Massachusetts continues. Join Carter and Wenndy as they try to end the speculation for good. Sponsors: and use code UNSOLVED to get $30 off your first month and enter UNSOLVED for $5 off and enter UNSOLVED for 20% off Go to and click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and enter UNSOLVED

12/5/16-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

There is nothing irresponsible with President elect Donald Trump’s phone call with the President of Taiwan, it was outstanding. China is flexing its muscle, stealing mineral rights, claiming international waters and airspace and Trump can’t take a phone call from Taiwan’s president? China is not going to war over this, but now they understand that Trump is not President Obama when it comes to foreign policy. After that, there are some people who have revealed themselves as dishonest when it comes to capitalism. They are playing the populist game by pandering and promoting Trump’s trillion dollar infrastructure plan. Infrastructure stimulus is based on the Broken Windows Fallacy. When you take a trillion dollars out of the economy you have destroyed a trillion dollars in the private sector. This money could have created far more jobs than the state could. After that, Vice President elect Mike Pence has given up on capitalism and is now choosing authoritarianism when it comes to the economy. Protectionism is not capitalism but it is cronyism and authoritarianism. Finally, John Bolton is the absolute best candidate for the position of Secretary of State. Jon Huntsman, Bob Corker, Mitt Romney and other candidates would get eaten up by America’s enemies, such as China.

The Chi Omega Killings ////// 65  

The Chi Omega Killings ////// 65

After months and months of young women disappearing in Washington, Utah and then Colorado a man is finally apprehended. Police charge Ted Bundy with the kidnapping and assault of Carol DaRonch. Carol fled from Ted Bundy’s VW bug after he brutally attacked her. Little did the authorities know this man could in fact be the Ted from Washington they have been looking for. The one that killed two young ladies at Lake Sammamish. Ted is extradited to Colorado and he is facing murder charges when he escapes. Join the manhunt for one of America’s worst serial killers as we track Ted Bundy.

Beer of the week - Vanilla Porter by Breckenridge Brewery
Garage Grade - 3 & 3/4 bottle caps out of 5

Owen Strachan  

Writer and theology professor Owen Strachan joins the show to discuss his recent satirical column on 'How Chip & Joanna Gaines are What's Wrong With America!'

FDR3522 Why Capitalism Works | Vox Day and Stefan Molyneux  

In a world of propagandized education which leaves many unprepared to provide value in the job market - how can young adults break through and achieve success in their lives? Vox Day joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the entrepreneurial mindset, how to accumulate human capital, the basics of providing value in the free market, business pitfalls to avoid and much much more!

Vox Day is a multiple-time Hugo Award nominee who writes epic fantasy as well as non-fiction including “SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police” and “Cuckservative: How "Conservatives" Betrayed America.”

Vox is also a professional game designer and maintains a pair of popular blogs, Vox Popoli and Alpha Game, which averages 3 million pageviews per month.

He is the lead designer of next-generation Wikipedia replacement Infogalactic and also runs Castalia House publishing - which just released Mike Cernovich’s new book “MAGA Mindset.”

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SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

Cuckservative: How "Conservatives" Betrayed America

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Beck Blitz: Glenn on  

Glenn and the guys weigh in on the controversy surrounding Kellogg's and Brietbart News. Glenn explains why he stands with Breitbart and what all the recent division in America will lead to if we don't change course. "We are more in line than we are separate. With all the said, and how much I disagree with Breitbart, the answer is always more voices, not fewer voices ... I stand with Brietbart on this ... Kellogg's, you are dividing the country over freaking Froot Loops." - Glenn The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio. Twitter: @glennbeck Facebook: Glenn Beck

Diario de As Ameríca #302: Tom Brady es el mejor de la historia  

Tom Brady consiguió, con la victoria de los New England Patriots de ayer, ser el quarterback que más victorias ha conseguido en la historia, si es que sois de los que creéis que los Qbs consiguen victorias. Por eso, que mejor que Mariano Tovar y servidor enzarzados en el debate más viejo de la humanidad: ¿Es Tom Brady el mejor de la historia? Eso, y todo lo demás de la actualidad de la NFL y la NCAA del fin de semana en el programa de hoy.

Lessons From History: The Tale of Two Men, Part 1  

Have you ever stopped to look at how the different leadership styles have impacted America? The same is true for the leaders in the Old Testament. Is there anything we can learn from their lives and choices? Listen as Ravi Zacharias takes a deeper look at this issue on today’s Just Thinking.

35 - Peter Conti-Brown on *The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve*  

Peter Conti-Brown is an Assistant Professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He joins the show to discuss his new book, *The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve,* which exams the evolution of the Federal Reserve and what central bank independence really means. Peter also shares his thoughts on what a Trump presidency might mean for monetary policy. David’s bio: Peter’s UPenn bio: David’s Twitter: @davidbeckworth Peter’s Twitter: @PeterContiBrown Related links: *The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve* by Peter Conti-Brown *America’s Bank: The Epic Struggle to Create the Federal Reserve* by Roger Lowenstein

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