Aubrey Beardsley – hyllad och hatad dekadent dandy i svartvitt  

Den brittiske illustratören Aubrey Beardsleys (1872-1898) sätt att betrakta och beskriva omvärlden gjorde honom både hyllad och hatad – men framför allt omskriven. Han blev en av det förra sekelskiftets största kändisar, med en stil och ett rykte inte helt olikt en självförbrännande rockstjärnas. Han blev bara tjugofem år. Aubrey Beardsley festade förvisso och beskrevs som ”spöklikt mager”, men anledning till hans död hette tuberkulos, en då obotlig sjukdom. Men under sitt korta liv och karriär gjorde han intryck, som gett avtryck ända in i vår tid. Han förekommer på affischer, skivomslag och i modevärlden – där hans ande svävar bland samtida illustratörer, på olika vis. Snyggt klädd var han också. I veckans STIL berättar vi mer om denne märklige man.

Aubrey Beardsleys stilrena garderob var influerad av den franske poeten Charles Baudelaires tankar och texter om "dandyism". Genom att klä sig medvetet nedtonat, men mycket omsorgsfullt, kunde man genom sin stil markera att man tillhörde, eller ville tillhöra, en ny typ av intellektuell elit, menade Baudelaire (som själv alltid bar helsvart). Och intellektuell var Aubrey Beardsley, utan tvekan. Han slukade böcker och sög i sig kunskap som en svamp. Även böcker om medicin där han studerade illustrationerna på aborterade foster och exempel på hur olika sjukdomar kunde vanställa kroppar. Det fick han nytta av som illustratör. Men han hade även koll på modetidningar och visste vad han tyckte om dåtidens överlastade dammode - löjligt. Kvinnorna i hans illustrationer bär ofta långt mer bekväma känningar. Under andra halvan av 1960-talet ställde Victoria & Albert Museum i London ut hans bilder - som passade tidens trender. Hans bilder med erotiska och "dekadenta" inslag snappades snabbt upp olika rockband. Beatles omslag till Revolver är inspirerad av hans stil, och han är en av personerna på omslaget av skivan Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, från 1967. De är långt ifrån ensamma om att ha inspirerats. I veckans program har vi tittat närmare på psykedeliska konsertaffischer från 1960-talets San Francisco. Under den här tiden jobbade radioveteranen Lennart Wretlind i en liten skivbutik strax söder om San Francisco. Han sparade affischerna som han nu - 47 år senare - ställer ut på Rönnells antikvariat i Stockholm. Vi har också pratat med illustratören Liselott Watkins som ofta fått höra att hennes illustrationer påminner om just Aubrey Beardsleys. Om henne talar vi om vikten av pennor med. Och så har vi mött Sven Bertil Bärnarp som varje vecka tecknar serien "Medelålders plus" i Dagens Nyheter. Veckans gäst är Björn Atldax, konstnär och illustratör och en av männen bakom Cheap Mondays döskallelogga.

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Aubrey Beardsley  

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on the Victorian artist Aubrey Beardsley, whose shocking originality he compares to that of Alexander McQueen. Laurence's first foray into art was copying Beardsley drawings to sell at his school - with the more erotic ones fetching a premium price... Biographer Matthew Sturgis fills in the detail of Beardsley's short but extraordinary life, and Matthew Parris presents. Producer Beth O'Dea.

#878 - Aubrey Marcus  

Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He also hosts his own podcast available for download via iTunes called The Aubrey Marcus Podcast. Check out his new documentary called "AYAHUASCA" available at

Accidental Hero  

“It was a relief to see the team sheet and to find out that Beardsley was not there,” said Lenny Lawrence, the Charlton manager, “Instead they started with somebody we didn’t know. The relief turned very quickly into sheer horror. They set Ronnie on us and he tormented us that day.” In Episode Fifty Eight of the Blizzard Podcast we revisit 'Accidental Hero' by Shaul Adar from Issue Eighteen, first published back in September 2015. In it, he looks at one of the unsung heroes from Liverpool's last title winning side of 1989-90: supersub Ronnie Rosenthal. Signed on loan until the end of the season to provide a spark to a Liverpool side who were flagging under the weight of the number of games they were playing, as well as the psychological trauma of dealing with the Hillsborough tragedy, the Israeli provided a much needed injection of pace and aggression up front, and contributed with some key goals and assists to help Liverpool lift their 18th and most recent league title. If you have any feedback comments or suggestions email or find us on Twitter @blzzrd. Issue Eighteen, like all issues of The Blizzard, is available on a pay-what-you-like basis from Digital downloads cost as little as 1p each (RRP £3), while a print versions are available from £6 + postage. You can also find us on the Kindle and Google Play stores.

Episode 70: Aubrey Plaza  

In this episode Ru and Michelle are joined by Aubrey Plaza. They talk about addiction, beating addiction, cigarettes, Michael Cera, Delaware, Parks & Recreation and farting.   This episode is sponsored by Squarespace and Blue Apron.

TMHS 184: Go For Your Win - With Aubrey Marcus  

Billie Jean King said, “A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.”

It’s not that we are incapable of winning. It’s not that the life of our dreams is out of our reach. It’s the fact that many of us forfeit our shot to go for our win because of unwarranted fear and a few other nasty ingredients.

Well, what if you got your hands on the ingredients for a much tastier recipe where YOU get to live the life that you were destined to? That’s exactly what you’re going to get access to today. On this episode we have the founder and CEO of the mega-successful human optimization company Onnit, the great Aubrey Marcus.

Aubrey is the walking, talking example of what living a great looks like. He’ll definitely argue that it wasn’t always like that. At one point he was down to his last dollar working to make his dream come true. Now he runs a multi-million dollar company that’s ushered in a new wave of integrity and care into the supplement and sports performance industry. He went for his win and there was no looking back. Many years and life lessons later, Aubrey is on a mission to share what he’s learned along the way. I’m excited to share this with you and I hope this is a catalyst for you to go for your win too!

In this episode you'll discover: Why the nucleus is not really the “brain” of your cells. What it means to Go For Your Win. What it means to have a purpose deficiency. What the two parts of your mission are (this is important!). How to uncover what your passion is. How to create connections with others that can help you to live a rich life. Why your beliefs are a strong indicator of whether you’ll be successful or not. Why choice is really a superpower. What it means to practice toughness. What the primary force of resistance is in your life. How to gracefully deal with attachment. How to handle and traverse through apathy to be your best self. Items mentioned in this episode include: 
CC: Go for your win with Aubrey Marcus  

This is a MUST LISTEN. One of my favorite people in the world and someone who is truly a soul brother to me, Aubrey Marcus, and I talk about purpose, relationship, having a tribe and going through the FIRE of life (aka the personal growth path).


A little about Aubrey….


He is committed to empowering people to achieve their fullest human potential. He is the founder of Onnit, known for nutritional supplements based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. Aubrey Marcus has since grown Onnit into an industry leader, providing innovative peak performance supplements, foods, fitness equipment, and apparel.


Aubrey has a degree in philosophy, a multi-sport athlete (check out his instagram page @aubreymarcus and see some of the crazy physical stuff) and lives life with intense focus and willingness to seek the Truth.


He is about to start a new course which you can join in on “Go for your win” which you can learn more about at


And get a discount on any Onnit product at

Aubrey Marcus  

If it wasn't for Aubrey Marcus, the Ellistronics podcast might never have existed. In this insightful hour, the Onnit founder shares practical everyday dietary fixes to start you on the road to Total Human Optimization.

Actor John Challis on Del Boy, Touring and more  

The actor John Challis is probably most famous for his time as Aubrey Boyce, or "Boycie" in Only Fools and Horses. But as we discovered he's been in a lot more than that, and he's touring the country with his latest project. Our TV comedy fan Andy Lawson spoke with him live on the Afternoons show...

Major Spoilers Podcast #962: The Tick!  

This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: THE TICK! Plus, Afterlife with Archie #10, Clean Room #11, Hell or High Water, and Croak #1. We also talk about the end of an era as Kirkman announces the end of Invincible.

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Robert Kirkman is ending Invincible

Writer: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Artist: Francesco Francavilla
BETTY: RIP Pt. 5, “Interlude with the Pussycats” Before the end of the world began, a female pop trio was setting charts on fire. But in a world of TMZ and paparazzi-driven media, somehow these women kept their private lives a secret from everyone—until now. A full-access interview promises to show the tragic and terrifying origin story of Josie and the Pussycats. For TEEN+ Readers.

Clean Room #11
Writer: Gail Simone
Art: Jon Davis-Hunt
The Entities threaten their final revenge on our world and it’s vastly more horrible than even Astrid thought, while Evangelical forces stake a claim on Astrid’s organization, and only Chloe has the knowledge to stop them. Our second mind-bending arc rockets to a grisly conclusion for all mankind, including you and everyone you know!
[rating: 3.5/5]

(W) Cody Andrew Sousa
(A) Francesco Iaquinta, Chris O'Halloran
Aubrey, Nick, and Tim are three friends on a casual camping trip. Their fun weekend turns awry after being forced to set up camp deep in the woods. Lost, afraid, and alone, their worst nightmares come to life.

starring: Chris Pine and Ben Foster
directed by: David Mackenzie
Toby is a divorced father who's trying to make a better life for his son. His brother Tanner is an ex-convict with a short temper and a loose trigger finger. Together, they plan a series of heists against the bank that's about to foreclose on their family ranch. Standing in their way is Marcus, a Texas Ranger who's only weeks away from retirement. As the siblings plot their final robbery, they must also prepare for a showdown with a crafty lawman who's not ready to ride off into the sunset.
[rating: 3/5]


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THE TICK: The Complete Edlund Edition
This tracks The Tick from his start to his journey to The Big Apple with Arthur. It includes the first appearance of Arthur, Oedipus, Barry Hubris (Brown Tick), and Paul the Samaurai. The first few issues involve Tick's battling of Ninjas!

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29 Ian Aubrey - The Millionaire Who Lost Every Penny & Built A Business From The Ground Up  

Read the full story here: Ian Aubrey Podcast


Today I am joined by a man who has one hell of a story - Ian Aubrey. Ian went from being a high flying millionaire banker, to bankrupt and homeless in the credit crunch. He was forced to be a cleaner to get himself back on his feet, and has now risen triumphant in the face of adversity to become a HIGHLY successful entrepreneur running a seriously profitable business. Very inspirational. A true sign of how failure is often a necessary part of any journey worth taking, and it's ALL about how you deal with and learn from failure, instead of giving up.

This episode reminds me of a wonderful quote: “The tallest trees are the ones who survive the strongest winds, not the ones who grow in the most perfect soil”

Ian is now founder and Managing Director of MAC Professional Solutions, a business expert and renowned advisor.

Throughout this episode we discuss:  

- Ian’s inspiring story of failure and success

- The importance of specialising

- How to write a robust business plan

- And how to get a almost guaranteed competitive advantage over your competition using one very simple tip shared by Ian.

Thank you for listening in my friends; be inspired and enjoy.



Join the tribe,

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Ep. 164: ‘The Masked Man Show’ With Aubrey Sitterson  

David Shoemaker is joined by comics writer and 'Straight Shoot' host Aubrey Sitterson to discuss what WWE can learn from PWG (4:00), wrestling's place in the Olympic ringer (38:30), and Raw’s main-eventers (43:30).

How to Age and Keep Working  

Manuela Saragosa investigates how we should age. We're all living much longer yet we live in a world that prizes youth and productivity above all. So, we're asking how to age? For many of us it will mean working beyond the usual retirement age. Manuela hears from those who argue that's something to welcome, not dread. Including 97-year-old athlete, oarsman, writer and former dentist Charles Eugster. Also in the programme: Lynda Gratton, co-author of The 100-year life and Aubrey de Grey, a British researcher on aging who claims he has drawn a roadmap to defeat biological aging and that the first human beings who will live to 1,000 years old have already been born. (Photo: Charles Eugster at the Henley Royal Regatta. Credit: Getty Images)

Vanadium, Part 2  

Janet Suzman introduces a major new dramatization of Primo Levi's short stories about life, work and matter. Starring Henry Goodman, Akbar Kurtha, Erich Redman and Juliet Aubrey. Dramatised by Graham White from the translation by Raymond Rosenthal. Vanadium Part 2: In the course of his work as a chemist in a paint factory in the 1960s, Primo Levi has received a letter from one of the factory's German clients, Doktor Muller. The same Doktor Muller who had overseen Levi's work as a prisoner in the lab at Auschwitz. And now Muller wants to meet. Produced and directed by Marc Beeby and Emma Harding.

Vanadium, Part 1  

Janet Suzman introduces a major new dramatization of Primo Levi's short stories about our human relationship with the chemical elements that make up our universe - a book the Royal Institution of Great Britain named 'the best science book ever'. Starring Henry Goodman, Akbar Kurtha, Erich Redman and Juliet Aubrey. Dramatized by Graham White from the translation by Raymond Rosenthal. Vanadium Part 1: In the course of his work as a chemist in a paint factory in the 1960s, Primo Levi receives a letter from one of the factory's German clients, signed by a Doktor Muller. Could this be the Doktor Muller who had overseen Levi's work as a prisoner in the lab at Auschwitz? Produced and directed by Marc Beeby and Emma Harding.

Episode 171  


Group 1 checks in with Clarissa in Aubrey to find out more about dragons. Later, they encounter a threat to their new mode of transportation on the way to Winterhaven.

“Malchus” - Rob Wiesehan “Teveen” -  Rachael Swertfeger “Aria” - Kelsey White
Bonus episode: Inside Unqualified  

We have a special treat in store, dear listeners! Introducing the first episode of "Inside Unqualified," an experimental bonus show that we're trying out in addition to the show you heard this week. Sim hosts a roundtable discussion with Unqualified "insiders," including his girlfriend, Amy; close friends/former musical guests Aria Pullman Ostrander and Josh Ostrander (who wrote and sang the “Unqualified" theme song); and Anna and Sim's longtime friend, actress Alexandra Holden.  The gang relives some of their favorite Unqualified moments so far and calls one of the most loyal Unqualified fans to get her take. Sim also shares some behind-the-scene stories, including the lead-up to Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt's phone call on the first Aubrey Plaza episode, and what he and Amy observed while recording the Chris Evans and Jenny Slate episode. And while Anna isn't on the inaugural episode of "Inside Unqualified," trust us, she definitely feel the love!

Diving into the Fountain of Youth with Aubrey de Grey  

Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a biomedical gerontologist based in Cambridge, UK and Mountain View, California, USA. He is the Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation, a California-based biomedical research charity that performs and funds laboratory research dedicated to combating the aging process. He is also Editor-in-Chief of Rejuvenation Research, the world's highest-impact peer-reviewed journal focused on intervention in aging. On today's episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave and Aubrey talk about the seven things that cause aging, morbidity, the ethics of immortality, fighting cancer, aging goals for the immediate future and more. Enjoy the show!

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