EP 030: Kevin Hart and Bill Burr  

Jim Norton and Sam Roberts talk to Kevin Hart about his book, his success, and early career at the Comedy Cellar. Next, Jim and Sam are joined by Bill Burr to discuss the new season of F is for Family, and being a new dad.

Best Of Week 24 Featuring Bill Burr & Ron Funches  

Week 24 of Barstool Radio has come and gone and it was jam packed with great radio. The week starts off with Coley getting ripped into by Dave for not showing up to work after an NBA Finals game. Julian Edelman Pizza-Cucks Dave and Frankie and they find out live on radio. The Foreplay boys go to war with Howard Stern after Riggs and Trent disgrace the name of Baba Boey. The JHammy nightmare continues after Dave finds some suspicious activity on his bank statements live during the show, Frankie sends a text to find out what's going on. The hilarious Comedian Ron Funches comes in studio and joins the guys to shoot the shit. Ron gives Dave advice for becoming a weed guy, he talks about getting manicures and pedicures and he breaks news about Lebron James being a dick and not showing up for show. The Legendary Bill Burr sits down with KFC and Caleb for an incredible interview. Bill talks about his new season of his show 'F Is For Family', why he hates social media, the horrible process of buying a refrigerator online, his take on Barstool Sports and much, much more. Rico Bosco calls in and gives himself the "Call Of The Day".

ORP - Marc Broussard | Chappelle Show  

Musician Marc Broussard stops by and apparently is a big fan Opie/O&A. He performs a couple songs, included one about Patrice O'Neal [2017]

'The Chappelle Show' cast joins the show. Charlie Murphy, Donnell Rawlings, and the first appearance of Bill Burr [2005]

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E109: Tom Segura (round 3) – Living in Comedy  

Comedian Tom Segura comes on for a third chat. We talk Bert Kreischer, Bill Burr, his life as a comedian, and the Kramer (Michael Richards) comedy set debacle where Tom offers some insight. Watch Tom and Bert “Who is Fatter”...

KFCRadio: Bill Burr  

Bill Burr calls in (14:15) to discuss season 2 of F Is For Family and dumb sports fans of the world. Also, we discuss Rex & Rob Ryan, Pope or President, 10 year reunions, questions from the Mailbox, and Super Producer BC's adopted child from Indian

KFC Radio 0

#967 - Bill Burr  

Bill Burr is a standup comedian and also hosts his own podcast called "The Monday Morning Podcast". Season 2 of his show "F Is For Family" is available now on Netflix.

Bill Burr #3  

Bill Burr returns to the Nerdist for a third time! He and Chris talk about how his baby daughter is super chill, the stresses of going out in public and encountering trolls on the internet. They also talk about people’s obsession with Scarface, their favorite stand up comedians right now and the new season of F is for Family!

Bill Burr on the NHL Playoffs, Kelly Olynyk's Magic, Chris Farley, and R-Rated Sports (Ep. 217)  

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by comedian Bill Burr to discuss his love for hockey (10:00), the great food in Winnipeg (15:00), the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry (23:00), the major changes at Fenway (34:00), the weirdness of hockey (41:00), Kelly Olynyk's Game 7 (53:00), Chris Farley's comedic intensity (1:02:00), the potential for R-rated sports channels (1:17:00), Paul Pierce's farewell (1:21:00), and Trump's international tour (1:25:00).

REShow: Bill Burr. Hour 3 (05-24-17)  

Joining Rich for the last hour, Comedian Bill Burr talks about his role in Netflix show: F is for Family.

Episode 813 - Griffin Dunne / Bill Burr  

Griffin Dunne caught the acting bug at a young age and had early success with movies like American Werewolf in London and After Hours. But tragedy struck when his career was ascendant and his whole family channeled grief into activism. Griffin tells Marc about that journey, as well as the moment he finally felt comfortable in show business. Plus, Bill Burr stops by because the new season of 'F is for Family' is coming out, but actually he's all worked up about drums. This episode is sponsored by and the Hanes FreshIQ ComfortBlend Modal Undershirt.

Episode 2 - Bill Burr  

Wheeler Walker Jr. interviews Bill Burr and discusses the corporate conspiracy of Nashville attempting to take Wheeler out.

#955 - Al Madrigal  

Al Madrigal is a comedian and actor. He was a regular correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and is a co-founder of the All Things Comedy podcast network, alongside Bill Burr. His new special "Shrimpin' Ain't Easy" premieres on Showtime on May 5 at 9pm.

Fora da Caixa #40: Fragmentado, A Caça, Trevor Noah e Bill Burr  

Discutimos uma possível guerra de lojistas, o provavelmente cancerígeno Yakult em pó, os stand ups do Trevor Noah e Bill Burr, os filmes A Caça e Fragmentado (com um bloco de Spoilers, avisados com antecedência). Blocos: -Futura Guerra da 25 de março e Yakult de 50 centavos: 00:00:00 -Trevor Noah e Bill Burr: 00:17:43 -A Caça (Jagten): 00:39:12 -Fragmentado (Split): 00:51:54

The Line-up - Singer's Husband Killed (07-01-52)  

Singer's Husband Killed (Aired July 1, 1952)
Bill Johnstone gives his usual solid performance as Lieutenant Ben Guthrie of the San Francisco Police Department. He's aided for the first year of the run by the equally solid Wally Maher, with his gritty, sardonic voice characterizations. The stellar list of non-recurring talent represents some of the most respected names in Radio--and Television: Raymond Burr, Jay Novello, Joe Kearns, Elliott Lewis, Virginia Gregg, Ed Begley, Bill Bouchey, Herb Butterfield, Barton Yarborough, Wilms Herbert, Jeanette Nolan, Ted de Corsia, Howard McNear and Bill Conrad. It just doesn't get better than that. The premise of each episode is prefaced with a gritty, highly realistic line-up, replete with background atomospherics and actors realistically speaking over each other, but with an underlying investigation--or two--under discussion below the background noise of the introductory line-up and exposition. Show Notes From The Digital Deli. THIS EPISODE: July 1, 1952. CBS network. "Singer's Husband Killed". Sustaining. A night club singer's husband has been robbed and killed. William Johnstone, Jack Moyles, Eddie Dunstedter (music), Jaime del Valle (producer, director), Howard McNear, E. Jack Neuman, Hy Averback, Peter Leeds, Vic Perrin, Sidney Miller, Virginia Gregg. 24:34. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

(THE SLY SHOW [6:25PM[ 03/19/17) RIP Chuck Berry, $10 Cigarettes, Boardwalk Empire, Tia Sweets, Yukmouth, WBC, Sunday Night, Cadillac Records + More

RIP Chuck Berry Sly drunk Taking Chuck Berry's style Fillmore Slim Sunday Night / Monday Morning John Lennon and Chuck Berry performing Back to the Future Chuck Berry Moment ADHD as a muthafucka Yukmouth interview Sam Cooke interview Plotting on Chuck Berry Fillmore Slim interview w/ Just Being Earnest Sly the Conspiracy fella Bill Burr a funny dude Standup Comedy Yoko Ono Beatles Dudes who are afraid of their chicks Sunday Night Heat Weekend Life People tired on Sundays Cleve Short Shows WBC update Reading Articles on Adderall Parley with Mikey Mo Gonzaga always in the March Madness Sly birtdhay is in march RIP Chuck Berry Entertainment Business is un-original Living Happily ever after Money, Good Sex, Vacations Willy Wonka Corporate America 12-year-old kid making YouTube videos Sly talks about Chemtrails Lines in the Sky Old Time Radio Sam Cooke Album Lee Harvey Oswald Khia is a fucking character $10 cigarettes next month S/O to Bay Area Compass Boardwalk Empire Nucky Thompson It's not who does it first, it's who does it best Kodak Black: Broccoli Beach Boys took Mos Def in Cadillac Records Fillmore Slim Etta James Adrien Brody Sly you don't know wtf you're talking about bro Sly talks Yukmouth interview Rappers who are submitting music The World is gonna end in year 2000 400 Bad Bitches Tia Sweets Sly follows Random Tia Sweets What a name Sunday Night Fuckery Sly just talking out his muthafuckin ass Back to the future Movie ( Chuck Berry Clip) Groupies Michael J Fox Sly end w/ Chuck Berry - You never can tell Rest In Peace, Chuck Berry

ORP - Dale Earnhardt JR, Opie Can't Cook, Bobo Incident  

We speak with NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr, along with Craig Gass and Rich Vos.  [2017]

Mad Cuban discusses if Opie can cook or not, with Sherrod Small, Theo Von, Chris Distefano. [2017]

Bobo has an incident at a Bob Levy show, with Bill Burr, Dave Attell, and Jay Oakerson. [2014]

Listen live, weekday afternoons, 3pm-6pm ET on Sirius 206 / XM 103. Full episodes available OnDemand, download the SiriusXM app.

K&B Podcast: Wednesday February 15th with guests: Bill Burr and Bob Odenkirk  

Open. Showbiz Beat. OJ Simpson. Cartoon Characters You Would Have Sex With. Trumpdate. Bob Odenkirk. Wrestle-Movie-A. Showbiz Beat. Bill Burr. Wheel O Bad Animal Voices. Indy-O or Indy-No. Showbiz Beat.

530 - Skinner: Part Two  

Skinner returns to take you on an emotional rollercoaster that will exercise your demons and help you make peace with the world at large. Underneath the wild facade of lizard on lizard art is a complex artist working through what makes us all human and an unending search for truth. Mark and Skinner connect through a humanizing interview that we all need to hear to start reconnecting with the people around us. By sharing the life experiences that shaped these two creative powerhouses we can further understand the artist behind the work and the motivations underneath everything. Halfway through things get flipped and Mark find himself in a Skinnerview of his own and lets us in a little deeper to his own past as well. Come bond with a straight edge adult and a wild man vaping the night away talking about everything from the Krull Experience to understanding the momentum of your own heart.

Talking Points

Noticing the world around you and your reactions to it. The mechanisms we use to acknowledge people that could seem like an overcompensation. What do you have to lose form someone else's resistance? Opening your heart and the effects of staying on defense mode. Dealing with where your mind goes and keeping your perspective while making lizard on top of lizard art. Depression, anxiety, and the momentum of your heart. Psychological breakdowns and how our idealistic nature goes up against our narcissistic nature. Attaining freedom from suffering. Survival instincts, work ethic, and the non stop cycle of making the next thing to try and bring you happiness. The search for truth and a hopeful shift in the social norm. Jazz in the creative mind. High workouts. A case for and against marijuana. Emotional interpretations, staying in the zone, and not messing with a good thing. A lot of different kinds of abandonment and the common thread that bonds us all. Going Broprah and deciding whether to leave a light on for certain people. One of my parents is dead to me (literally and figuratively) and wanting to change what you can't control. Telling a stranger the stories of your life and taking the power back. Would you trade in your pain for a cool parent? The Krull Experience at Disneyland and being the Bootleg Kid. Toilet paper mummies and the oddities of a child's memories. Watching Hulk Hogan hve sex and making a website for Jake The Snake. The greatness of Bill Burr. Hitting the "professional artists" quota. Rising above the regurgitated shit from major media outlets. Skinner's acting chops and his silver screen goals. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Money, the Gambler's lifestyle, and investing in yourself. Peaking with Willie Nelson and Wee Man. Funding long term projects that go directly to your audience to give you the ultimate bargaining chip. Finding opportunity in the chaos.


The CONAN Podcast: Bill Burr, Lea DeLaria, And Jamie Dornan  

This week, Bill Burr weighs in on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Timothy Olyphant reminisces about smoking Willie Nelson's weed, and Jamie Dornan relives his worst audition. PLUS: Lea DeLaria's weight loss secret, stand-up sets from Nathan Macintosh and Orny Adams, and more!

Daily Podcast (02.01.17)  

News (:00) Entertainment News (:10) Ripping off the Gas Pump (:40) Most Attractive Body Parts and Bill Burr Calls In (1:18) Preston and Steve Show: Risk Takers (2:07) Bizarre File (2:27) Hollywood Trash and Music News (2:38) Wrap Up (2:56) The post Daily Podcast (02.01.17) appeared first on 93.3 WMMR.

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