Honey G Innuendo Bingo 25 Oct 16  

The only rapper to sleep in a bunk bed, it's X Factor sensation Honey G getting wet on Innuendo Bingo! Will she like Chris' attempts to dress just like her? Gemma Chan and Emily Berrington from Channel 4's hit drama Humans talk going to Synth School and get Scott and Chris excited about the new series. Chris is 1-0 up in Bangers, but can Scott mount a comeback with a choice that lost out last time (this week's theme is 'you were robbed' after all)? Listener and opera singer Esme is on the phone to play Real Or No Real - are any bakes on the Great British Bake Off made by Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood?

12 Year-Old Listener Toby Reviews The Show 20 Oct 16  

Twelve year-old Scott & Chris superfan Toby is back – he’s played Real Or No Real, he’s picked Bangers, but now he wants to review the show. Will he go easy on the guys after their big night out at the Audio and Radio Industry Awards? Geordie Shore star Scotty T goes topless in a very wet Innuendo Bingo. Scott is playing for pride in Bangers as he’s already 3-0 down to Chris, can he score a consolation point? Greg James joins Chris to work out if escaped gorillas are drinking undiluted blackcurrant squash in plays Real Or No Real.

The Thing About Bangers Is… 19 Oct 16  

Remember the Rachel Riley of Bangers? Cian… Well, he’s back on and he has a number of issues to raise with Chris… Has he been… CHEATING?! Scott and Chris reveal a MASSIVE guest for Innuendo Bingo next week; everyone may as well just throw the towel in… This is big! Bangers is back, and it’s 2-0 to Chris (see earlier). Scott’s got a brilliant new TV Programme to tell you about; issuing a cringe warning now BTW. Plus! Find out if a Golden Eagle is on the loose in Watford in Real or No Real with Ali Plumb… Oh his debut!

When you finally got to say 'BINGO!'  

South Australian Poet Manal Younus / Ian Dyson reviews Julia Jacklin / BINGO!

Innuendo Bingo with Joe Sugg & Caspar Lee 18 Oct 16  

Fresh from America, Internet sensations Joe Sugg & Caspar Lee jump in to the wet seat today for a really, really silly round of Innuendo Bingo. Bangers! Is back and the competition is already heating up! Chris is STILL concerned that we’re running out of music, surely there’s only so many combinations of notes in the world, right? Plus! Find out if for £65,000 you can be the proud owner of Justin Bieber’s empty milk glass in Real or No Real with Charlie Sloth.

Episode 10: Daft Pen - Get (Un)lucky.  

After another ‘riveting’ international break, the Premier League returns and with it; Fantasy Premier League. Sadly, the celebrations are rather one-sided this week, as your hosts; Matt & Dan report back with widely differing game week point scores. It's time for tips and tactics, songs and laughter, plus of course that other fantasy football podcast essential…ferrets and bingo. On the iTunes New & Noteworthy Podcast; Gameweek. (Yes that’s actually happened!) #fantasyfootball #football #soccer #fantasysoccer #EPL #dreamteam #premierleague #ferret #fantasypremierleague #radio #norway #MattOnlyScored30Points #goal #thefootballramble #ramble #petedonaldon #inserthashtaghere #newandnoteworthy

When we kicked off triple j Bingo!  

triple j Bingo / Surf champ Tyler Wright / Music News with Al Newstead

Avsnitt 24: Namaste och gluten-shaming  

Magnus har varit på bikramyoga. Ina har gått på Friskisyoga. Har någon av dem hittat sitt inre zen? Lyssna så får du svar! I avsnitt 24 får du även veta allt om Magnus bastumöte med Bingo Rimér och Inas kärlek till den holländska skogen. Namaste!

Innuendo Bingo with Oliver Proudlock & Francis Boulle 13 Oct 16  

Innuendo Bingo get REALLY posh today with Oliver Proudlock and Francis Boulle from Made in Chelsea getting extra, extra wet today. Bangers! is on, can Chris bring it back to 2-2? Scott gives you the chance to hear Justin Bieber like you’ve NEVER heard him before, PLUS find out if Radio 1Xtra have become obsessed with rapping over power tools in Real or No Real with Greg James.

Avsnitt 2 - Katrins hemlighet  

Katrins avslöjar sin lilla hemlighet hon går och bär på, och Bingo talar ut om varför han bara försvann från hela tjocka släkten på juldagen.

Innuendo Bingo with Romesh Ranganathan 11 Oct 16  

See the driest man in comedy get wet! Star of ‘Asian Provocateur’, Romesh Ranganathan jumps in to the wet seat today for a game of Innuendo Bingo, and he leaves a broken man! Scott’s taken the lead in Bangers! Can he hold on to it? Joanna wants to know if she’s got a hot job, plus find out if you can hire out the WHOLE of Lichtenstein for £40,000 in Real or No Real with Charlie Sloth.

Freight Train Boogie Show #359  

Show #359


Jesse Dayton - Daddy Was A Badass  (The Revealer)

Renee Wahl -  Better The Devil (Sworn Secrets)

Dave Insley - I Don't Know How This Story Ends  (Just the Way That I Am)

Tim Easton - Killing Time  (American Fork)

(mic break)

The Ormewoods - I Do (The Bedroom Sessions)

Common Jack - I Still Think Of You  (Strange New State)

T Jarrod Bonta - Mr Jukebox  (Mr Jukebox)

Jesse Dayton - Possum Ran Over My Grave  (The Revealer)

(mic break)

Dead Horses - All I Really Need To Know (Cartoon Moon)

Andrew Leahey & The Homestead - Stable Hand  (Skyline in Central Time)

Evie Ladin Band - Drinking About You  (Jump The Fire)

Dale Watson - Sit And Drink And Cry (Live at The Big T Roadhouse - Chicken S#!+ Bingo)

(mic break)

Phil Madeira - Mercy (Mercyland, Volume 2)

Adam Steffey -  Dear John (Here To Stay)

(mic break)

Jesse Dayton - Match Made In Heaven  (The Revealer)

Episode 55: A musty hive, a big nasty party and lovin your grandpa  

"55, Musty Hive", as the bingo callers say. And funny enough, we've got a musty hive that features prominently on today's show. What are the chances? After Rhiannon's SELFISH holiday, we're back to normal business, by which we mean telling you all the best, stomach-churning news of the week. Please continue to review us on iTunes by searching for IRL UK Podcast in your podcasting app, clicking 'Reviews' and choosing 'Write a Review'. It really helps spread the word and support our 'special' little podcast. Follow us on social networks to see all the nutso stuff we talk about on the show. Search for us on Facebook and find us @IRL_UK_Podcast Twitter and Instagram. LOVE YOU (in a creepy way)

Pointless Innuendo Bingo with Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman 06 Oct 16  

Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman off of Pointless jump in to the wet seat today for an EPIC round of Innuendo Bingo… There’s MAJOR controversy in Bangers! …There’s some real dirty tactics at play. Charles off of Swansea is on to ask Scott & Chris for help involving the popular game of ‘Wiz Khalifa’. PLUS! Find out if a baseball player really has been injured after giving someone else an aggressive high-five in Real or No Real with Greg James.

Avsnitt 1 - Relationspodden 2.0  

Relationspodden är tillbaka! Bingo och Katrin fortsätter prata relationer och svarar på frågor från lyssnare precis som vanligt, men mycket har hänt sen sist. Framförallt har Bingo och Katrins relation ändrats en hel del. Detta och mycket mer i Relationspodden 2.0.

Innuendo Bingo with 1Xtra’s Yasmin Evans 04 Oct 16  

It’s 1Xtra Live this weekend, and who better to tell us all about it than 1Xtra’s very own Yasmin Evans? …Yasmin then jumped in to the wet seat for a super silly round of Innuendo Bingo. Scott’s taken the lead in Bangers, can he hold on to it today – or will it be a draw? It’s that time of year again; Scott and Chris have go the exclusive first play of Loughborough Student Union’s brand new LSU song! Plus, find out if you can now buy a candle that gives off the ‘fresh laptop smell’ all year round in Real or No Real with Charlie Sloth.

MOGUAI pres. Punx Up The Volume October 2016  

01) Dayne S, Rick Gromann - Early Morning [White]
02) Chicco Secci, Cristian Marchi - Remata [White]
03) Daniel Portman - Knock On Wood [White]
04) Zonderling - Sonderling (2016 Edit Extended Mix) [White]
05) andhim - Super [White]
06) Offaiah - Trouble (APEXAPE Remix) [White]
07) SeeB Neev - Breathe (Nora En Pure Remix) [White]
08) Don Diablo - Cutting Shapes (Extended Mix) [White]
09) Bingo Players - Mode (Jay Hardway Remix) [White]
10) La Fuente - 4000 [White]
11) Robbie Rivera, David Tort - Get Together [White]
12) Dennis Cruz - Bad Behaviour [White]
13) Phantom Runners - First Time (Lindahl's Moody Remix) [White]
14) Paul Mayson - Lock it Up ft. Brave (Extended Mix) [White]

He Winked at Me, Trudeau 03 Oct 16  

We’re one step closer to booking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Innuendo Bingo… Well, that’s what Listener Alex thinks anyhow – especially as he got dramatically close to him over the weekend. It’s a brand new week for Bangers! The slate has well and truly been wiped clean. Judge Rinder joins Scott & Chris for a Strictly update, and he lets us know who’s snogging who (if anyone…) – Plus, does Kylie Jenner really climb in to her fridge to get the best light for a selfie? Find out in Real or No Real with Greg James.

Bonuspodden: Jihde intervjuar Sanna Tahvanainen  

I detta bonusavsnitt intervjuar Jihde författaren Sanna Tahvanainen som skrivit boken "Den lilla svarta" om Coco Chanels liv i Paris. Jihde introducerar Chanel-bingo. Tahvanainen luktar på Jihde och ger sin förödande dom. Vilken är den fulaste kroppsdelen och hur lång ska en kjol vara? Är pennan verkligen ett svärd, hatet mot Åland och längtan efter glamour.

Innuendo Bingo with Chris & Stephen from Gogglebox 29 Sept 16  

Brighton’s favourite former couple and stars of Gogglebox, Chris & Stephen jump in to the wet seat today for Innuendo Bingo… And it gets VERY wet! It’s 1-1 in Bangers! Who’s going to take the lead today? Scott & Chris take a call from a very famous, but also very mysterious international sports star that has a confession to make. Plus! Find out if former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson will be turning on the Christmas lights at The White House in Real or No Real with Greg James… Oh, and Niall Horan drops his brand new single too… WHAT?! Yes, actual Niall Horan.

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