WOF 028: Bob Dylan, Poet and Prophet  

Bob Dylan is one of the most spiritually interesting songwriters of our generation. In today's episode, Bishop Barron reflects on some of Dylan's best-known hits to show how they subtlety put Biblical themes on display. A listener wonders if Bishop Barron has any tips on how to evangelize in a secular workspace.

Topics Discussed 0:17  - Bishop Barron at the Bob Dylan concert last weekend 2:40 - Can Bob Dylan serve as a gateway to God? 4:45 - Who is Bob Dylan? 8:32 - Why Bob Dylan is best read as a spiritual poet 10:11 - Bob Dylan's religious views 12:17 - Biblical elements of Blowin' in the Wind 15:39 - Bishop Barron on Like a Rolling Stone 21:41 - Bob Dylan and the Resurrection 22:10 - All Along the Watchtower and the Book of Isaiah 26:41 - Finding Jesus in Dylan's Make You Feel My Love 28:43 - Question from listener: How can we evangelize in a secular workspace? Bonus Resources Videos Reflections on Bob Dylan (Bishop Barron) Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" (Bishop Barron) Reflections on Bob Dylan in China (Bishop Barron) Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, and the New Evangelization (Bishop Barron) Articles
"Bob Dylan in China" (Bishop Barron) Bob Dylan Songs
Blowin' in the Wind (read lyrics) Like a Rolling Stone (read lyrics) All Along the Watchtower (read lyrics) Make You Feel My Love (read lyrics)


Find bonus links and resources for this episode at and be sure to submit your questions at http://AskBishopBarron.

JASS: Exile Island Preview Show  

Welcome Back Survivor Fans,

We're really glad you could join us for our Exile Island preview show!

Can you believe this is our 50th podcast?

And what better way to hit a milestone show, than to get together and speculate on the contestants for a fresh, new season.

We had some great participation for this show too. Many thanks to Bob, Fancy, Hanna, Christiana, Drew, Brad, and Sandi. They all fearlessly dove in and put their picks out to share with all of us.

It's not too late if you want to take a stab at predicting how they'll all do this season. We'd love to hear from you, and we've got several ways you can join in and participate. You can call and leave a voicemail at 206-350-JASS(5277). You can record an audio comment and send it to us via email at With either of those options, we can include your audio directly into the special Listener Feedback shows.

You can also send us your input in an email, and we'll read it into the show when we record. Lastly, there's a link for comments on the web page here. You can click that link and post your thoughts out there for everyone to see.

If you haven't had a chance to catch the teaser commercials or the cast introduction on the CBS early show, you can check out both of them by downloading this video clip we put together for you:Exile Island Promo Combo Video
Hint: Save it to your computer so you can watch it as many times as you want.

The music this week entitled "On the Grill" is intended to get you mentally ready for the preview show. Here's a link to the artist in case you want to learn more about him.
On the Grill by madsumo

Show Notes
00:00 Date for iPod Shuffle Users
00:05 Intro Music: On the Grill by madsumo
00:41 Introductions
02:25 Aras
05:45 Bob analyzes Aras
06:16 Austin
09:09 Bob analyzes Austin
09:35 Bobby
12:01 Bob analyzes Bobby
12:28 Bruce
14:50 Bob analyzes Bruce
15:20 Cirie
17:16 Bob analyzes Cirie
17:44 Courtney
20:40 Bob analyzes Courtney
21:41 Dan
26:33 Bob analyzes Dan
27:22 Danielle
29:20 Bob analyzes Danielle
30:07 Melinda
32:31 Bob analyzes Melinda
32:56 Misty
36:48 Bob analyzes Misty
37:28 Nick
40:05 Bob analyzes Nick
40:50 Ruth Marie
44:16 Bob analyzes Ruth Marie
44:39 Sally
47:00 Bob analyzes Sally
47:38 Shane
49:50 Bob analyzes Shane
50:14 Terry
52:39 Bob analyzes Terry
53:22 Tina
56:42 Bob analyzes Tina
57:47 Fancy's Summary
62:07 Hanna's Summary
66:14 Christiana's Comment
67:09 Drew's Summary
74:58 Brad's Summary
78:21 Sandi's Summary
81:45 Stacy picks a final four
83:10 Jo Ann picks a final four
84:01 Requesting Listener Feedback
86:20 Outro Music: On the Grill by madsumo

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Contact Info:
Voicemail: 206-350-JASS(5277)

Jo Ann and Stacy

20 VC 074: The Future of Healthcare with Bob Kocher, Partner @ Venrock  

Bob Kocher is a Partner at Venrock and focuses on healthcare IT and services investments. He currently serves on the Boards of Aledade and Jiff, and is a Board Observer at Grand Rounds and Doctor on Demand. Prior to Venrock, Bob served in the Obama Administration as Special Assistant to the President for Healthcare and Economic Policy on the National Economic Council. In the Obama Administration, Bob was one of the shapers of the Affordable Care Act. Before the White House, Bob was a Partner at McKinsey & Company where he led McKinsey Global Institute’s healthcare economics work and Center for United States Health System Reform.

In Today's Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Bob made his way from The White House to Venrock as a VC?

2.) How did working at The White House prepare Bob for his career as a VC, where does Bob have the biggest opportunity to change the healthcare system?

3.) What are the barriers to entry that a preventing full scale innovation and business growth in the healthcare IT space?

4.) Why have we seen a large increase in healthcare startups? What more would you Bob like to see in the healthcare space, either from the side of the startups or VC’s?

5.) How does Bob perceive the integration of software and healthcare in the future?

6.) As a healthcare professional, what would Bob recommend an individual with a high powered, demanding job in order to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Items Mentioned In Todays Episode:

Bob's Fave Book: The System

Bob's Most Recent Investment: Lyra Health

As always you can follow HarryThe Twenty Minute VC and Bob on Twitter here!

If you would like to see a more colourful side to Harry with many a mojito night, you can follow him on Instagram here!

Lawrence Golub Sees Mixed Picture in Middle Market Earnings  

Lawrence Golub, president of Golub Capital, discusses the highlights and trends from its middle market report. John Whelen, CFO of Enbridge, talks about Enbridge's acquisition of Spectra Energy, building energy infrastructure and renewable business in wind farms. Eli Casdin, a managing partner at Casdin Capital, discusses biotechnology, drug pricing and the impact policy will have on the FDA approval process. Finally, Bloomberg's Brian Chappatta talks about his article, "A Foreign Threat to U.S. Treasuries That Dwarfs Fed's Debt Hoard."

Bob Baker: Music Marketing, Creativity & The Empowered Artist  

This week, we’re welcoming Bob Baker to the show, all the way from St Louis. Bob is an author, speaker, musician, and former music magazine editor dedicated to showing musicians of all kinds how to get exposure, connect with fans, sell more music, and increase their incomes through their artistic passions. Bob is the author of numerous books on the subject of music marketing and making a living from your art, including The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook (featured in the movie School of Rock), The DIY Career Manifesto and his latest book, The Empowered Artist. Highlights: - As well as being an author and marketing expert, Bob is also a musician, artist and improv. comedy teacher! - We all agree that different types of creatives can learn from each other - Bob is celebrating 20 years of being on the Internet - happy anniversary! - Bob still thinks of himself as a curious musician who is exploring what is working for successful musicians and artists - The things that hold most artists back are fear, uncertainty and the worry about how people see us - There’s nothing better as an artist if your personal interests can serve others - Bob tells us about his latest book, The Empowered Artist - We feel empowered just listening to Bob talk! - We talk about how the Internet has changed things for artists, and how the focus should still be on fans - GOOD NEWS: everyone has the tools to self expression & creation. BAD NEWS: everyone has the tools to self expression & creation. - Bob talks about how consumers decide what is worthy now vs other gatekeepers - Bob comes up with a Bob Dylan and Bob Marley hybrid impersonation Advice: - Everyone has the fear, but the successful people have learned to live with it - Give yourself permission to succeed and follow your path - The world doesn’t owe you a living - just because you do what you love, it doesn’t mean the money will necessarily follow - To get started, all you need is the desire to start - If you’re not in the mood for something, if you force yourself to do it, you can find yourself in a state of flow and inspired - Find your voice and be willing to fail - Focus on fans - everything should be by your appreciation for, and the impact you have on, your fans Recommendations: - Talking Funny (TV) - Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert (Podcast) - The Curator (Podcast) - TED Radio Hour (Podcast) - Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income (Podcast) Guest Links: - Website: - Twitter: @MrBuzzFactor - Instagram: @MrBuzzFactor - Facebook: /bobbakerfanpage Sponsors: - Chris Keaton @ Chris Keaton Presents ( - Christine Infanger @ Thirty Roses ( --- For more episodes, visit Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe on iTunes: Support us on Patreon:

Is He The Most Self-Quantified Man On The Planet? Tracking Telomeres, Heart Rate, Electrostimulation & More With Quantified Bob.  

Meet Bob. "Quantified Bob". Quantified Bob has tracks his life tirelessly, and has reams of data and insight on how the human body responds to everything from varying amounts of starch intake, to electrostimulation, to artificial light to different diets to cognitive performance training and beyond. Bob Troia is a serial entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of digital innovation and emerging technologies for nearly two decades. A left- and right-brain thinker who is equal parts technical, creative, and analytical, Bob is as comfortable talking about business strategy, marketing, and product development as he is discussing programming, design, AI, hardware, and human physiology. He is actively involved in the quantified self and biohacking movements, focusing his passion on the intersection of self-tracking and personal analytics, health and wellness, behavior design, technology, and life optimization, documenting his personal efforts under the moniker “Quantified Bob”. During our discussion, you'll discover: -How Quantified Bob got his name...[11:35] -How you can account for all the different potentially confounding variables when you're testing and tracking data...[13:00] -Why Bob hacked and tracked his glucose, and what he found...[17:10]  -How you can self-test your water quality, and what Bob found by comparing tap water to filtered water...[31:10] -The best way to monitor air quality in your home or office...[45:15] -The most surprising thing you can change in your bedroom that may give you a better night's sleep...[50:00] -How to track your "rate of aging"...[54:10] -The unique form of neuromuscular electrostimulation that Bob uses...[62:30] -The craziest or most intriguing self-quantification experiment Bob has planned...[67:50] -And much more... Resources from this episode: -23andme genetic testing -Oxaloacetate -MyBasis watch -The Dexcom G5 continuous glucose monitor -PrecisionXtra -Ketonix Breath Ketone monitor -Zerowater -Home water testing kit -Trace liquid minerals -Foobot indoor air quality monitor -Allerair central air filter -The new Molekule air purification system -Titanovo telomere testing kits -D-minder Vitamin D testing -My podcast with Jay Schroeder on ARPWave -ARPWave practitioners -Periodic fasting diet study Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Bob or me? Leave your thoughts at and one of us will reply!

Ep53 - Bob Golub  

Kira sits down with good friend, comedian and dad, Bob Golub. Bob is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and filmmaker of Polish descent, whose work is largely inspired from his true-life childhood experiences of growing up in a dysfunctional home located in the steel-mill town of Farrell, Pennsylvania. Be sure to rate and comment on iTunes.

Ep55 - Bob Harris  

Imagine a bank that operates in 67 countries around the world, has one employee, has made thousands of loans with an average value of $25 a pop and is committed to never making a profit but believes it can help eradicate poverty through capitalism. You just imagined The International Bank of Bob. And Bob Harris thinks what he's done is so easy and so rewarding that it won't be long before you decide to set up The International Bank of "Your Name Here".While jet setting around the world as a writer for Forbes Traveller, Bob Harris found himself wondering when luxury moves from being fun to just being a waste of money. Is it when the hotel you're staying in offers a $7438 "cocktail" that is really just a shot of whiskey in a golden take-out cup? Or is it when you charge a small fortune for a cup of coffee because it has been pooped out of the ass of a rare Indonesian cat which you claim releases the subtle flavors of the beans? (It's called Kopi Luwak.) Or maybe it's when you spend billions of dollars building islands in the shape of a world map which then get washed away? Bob wasn't sure when luxury became stupidity but he was definitely sure there was a point where it did and so, in his own small way, he decided to find a way to take half his salary and put it towards eliminating poverty. Frequently disappointed by the results of charity, he was looking for something different. And that's how he found his way to micro finance and finance began in 1976 when Muhammad Yunus was visiting one of the poorest parts of his home country, Bangladesh. While there, Yunus was struck by the inability of the poor to get competitive loans for their entrepreneurial projects. Because banks would not lend to them, the poorest people were forced to go to loan sharks who charged back-breaking interest rates. The result was a cycle of poverty that was difficult to escape. And that's when Yunus decided that breaking the solution to poverty might not be charity; it might be banking. By giving out small loans to the country's poorest citizens, Grameen Bank, which Yunus founded, has helped drastically improve the lives of millions by empowering the poor to help themselves. With micro finance institutions in over 100 developing countries, it's no wonder that Yunus and the Grameen Bank were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.So awesome is the power of micro finance to break the cycle of poverty that in 2004, Matt Flannery and Jessica Jackley set out to find a way to make it easier for people in the developed world to participate in these programs: the result was allows you to log on and see people all over the developing world who are applying for loans and contribute to them. You can log on and see a photo of Martin who runs a convenience store and wants a loan of a few hundred dollars to buy a machine to process electronic payments or Rosalina in Honduras who wants a $1500 loan to buy fertilizer for her coffee crop. You can track the individual's loan history, their repayment rate and see how far they are to repaying their current loan. In short, Kiva is a far cry from the mega charities, we have become familiar with because it allows us to see on a personal and individual level how we are making a difference one individual at a time. Best of all, Kiva loans have a repayment rate of 99%, meaning that the same money can be reinvested again and again into helping new groups of people all over the world. As Bob made more and more loans, he developed a desire to meet the people he had sponsored and so he set out to visit bicycle repairmen in Morocco, the guy in Sarajevo who built a sports bar and a woman in Rwanda who in a year and a half used a series of micro finance loans to build a business that moved her and her children from living on a mat to having a proper house.The result is a deeply personal and very funny book that sets out to chronicle the stories of micro finance, but ends up leaving the reader with a sense of the universality of human intelligence, work ethic and a desire to provide a better life for our kids. In this episode of the show, Bob, Bryan and Hunter discuss the power of micro finance and the ability of tiny choices to radically change the lives of thousands. It's really moving and heartfelt…in a way that sometimes made us feel awkward...and that's why the conversation occasionally deviated into talking about strippers Bryan has micro financed and the fact that Bob won Jeopardy a bunch of times then wrote an awesome book about it called The Prisoner of Trebekistan. Bob Harris is the author of four books: The International Bank of Bob: Connecting our Worlds one $25 Loan at a Time, Prisoner of Trebekistan, Who Hates Whom, a pocket guide to global conflict; Beyond Caprica, a mock travel guide to the 12 colonies of the Caprica/Battlestar Galactica universe.If you'd like to try micro finance, Kiva is offering people the chance to invest $25 of a rich dude's money and see what the experience is like. If you're interested visit You can read more about Bob Harris at

Cloud Jazz Nº 662 (Especial Jeff Golub)  

El programa está dedicado al fallecido guitarrista Jeff Golub. Escuchamos sus colaboraciones junto a grandes músicos del Smooth Jazz como Rick Braun, Kirk Whalum, David Benoit, Steve Cole, Jason Miles, Bill Evans, Richard Elliot, Bob James, Michael Lington, Euge Groove y Everette Harp.

16: The Go Giver: PROFIT by GIVING with Bob Burg  

Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences sharing the platform with everyone from today’s business leaders and broadcast personalities to even a former U.S. President. 

Bob is the author of a number of books on sales, marketing and influence, with total book sales of well over a million copies. His book, The Go-Giver, coauthored with John David Mann, has sold over half a million copies and it has been translated into 21 languages. It has been released in a new, expanded edition with a foreword by Huffington Post founder and publisher, Arianna Huffington.

Bob is an advocate, supporter and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve. He is also an unapologetic animal fanatic, and serves on the Board of Trustees of Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic in his town of Jupiter, Florida. 

“Giving is one of the absolute keys to success.”

As explained by Bob himself, a “go-giver” is someone who shifts their focus from getting to giving, and by giving he means, “constantly providing value to the marketplace.”

With his own incredible success, Bob is the perfect man to get advice from. Setting yourself apart from the “others” in the business world, means that you must provide something that makes people feel as if it is more valuable for them to buy from you, than it is to NOT buy from you. You with me?

No if’s and’s or but’s, “The entrepreneur, or salesperson must make their main focus the consumer.”

Starting out on the Late Night News, Bob shares that the field of broadcasting just wasn't his thing and continued on to sales 

“With minimal training in sales, I floundered for a bit at first.”

But due to his resourcefulness and the drive to become better, it didn't take long for him to master the business.

Where you are in life and your business now is not the end result if you do not want it to be. Figuring out what your consumer wants + needs + desires, is the equation that will take you straight to the top!

So, for all of you future entrepreneurs out there, Bob serves us today with some of the best-ever advice given…

“Don’t make your target to make money, make your target serving others. The money is the reward for hitting the target, but it is not the target itself.” 

In This Episode You Will Learn:















Endless Referrals, by Bob Burg

The Go Giver, by Bob Burg

Richest Man in Babylon, by George Clason

The One Minute Series, by Kenneth Blanchard

How to Master the Art of Selling

#27: Courageous Parenting (with guests Maria and Bob Goff)  

This week’s episode features Maria and Bob Goff (he’s the author of Love Does) talking to Dr. Meg about Maria’s new book Love Lives Here and the process that went into writing it. They talk about their strengths as parents and how to use those together to parent successfully. Along with this great conversation with Maria and Bob Goff, Dr. Meg will give you three points to ponder that you don’t want to miss and she answers a question from a dad about how kids can learn to better interact with children with special needs. Do you have a question for Dr. Meg? If so, email them to and she could answer your question in an upcoming episode!



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1:21 – WELCOME

Dr. Meg introduces the topic “Courageous Parenting”. She teases her conversation with Maria and Bob Goff about Maria’s new book Love Lives Here, her three points to ponder, and a social question from a dad about how kids can learn to better interact with children with special needs.



Many of us know that Dr. Meg has a passion about the relationship between children and their fathers. Regardless of your situation in life, whether you’re married, divorced, widowed, or a step-father, the book HERO: Becoming The Strong Father Your Children Need will show you how and why you should strive to be a hero father and the impact your presence and involvement has on your children. Go to and pre-order today and receive a bundle of digital resources created especially for you. HERO: Becoming The Strong Father Your Children Need releases May 15, 2017.


4:48 – POINTS TO PONDER (Part 1)

Dr. Meg gives you three points to ponder as you learn more about parenting courageously!



Dr. Meg welcomes Maria and Bob Goff to talk about Maria’s new book Love Lives Here and how they parented their kids courageously. Dr. Meg also talks with Maria and Bob about how the dynamics of their marriage and personalities has shaped how they parent their children and how that translates into combining each other’s strengths to parent successfully.



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Everyone has a family member who tells the best stories! Preserve those treasured narratives for future generations to enjoy! Simply purchase a subscription for a family member, and each week STORYWORTH sends them an email with a question for them to respond either via phone or email. Each year the stories are bound in a book. Go to and get $20 your subscription!



Dr. Meg welcomes Maria and Bob Goff to talk about Maria’s new book Love Lives Here and how they parented their kids courageously. Dr. Meg also talks with Maria and Bob about how the dynamics of their marriage and personalities has shaped how they parent their children and how that translates into combining each other’s strengths to parent successfully.



Email Dr. Meg at or tweet your question to her @MegMeekerMD. In this segment, Dr. Meg answers a question from Steven about how to teach his daughter to show grace to her special needs sister as she struggles to keep up with her.





Thanks for listening to Episode 27, Courageous Parenting!

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Have a parenting question? Write Dr. Meg at and your question could be featured in a future episode!


Dr. Meg’s parenting resources and tools are available at and click on “Parenting Resources”. Enjoying the Parenting Great Kids podcast? Subscribe, rate, and leave a review for us on iTunes!

111 Bob Tiede | Great Leaders Ask Questions  
Would you like to increase your leadership effectiveness x 10?

Click here to get Bob's book!  

That is exactly what my friend Bob Tiede shares on this episode.  He put together this essential free resources of 100 of his favorite “Leading With Questions” questions.

This book highlights more than 100 questions to ask yourself, your team, your boss, your friends and family to help you connect with others more deeply and profoundly.

Bob has a passion for equipping and inspiring leaders and you will find this book to accelerate your leadership journey!

“We thought we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong.”  Bono, Musician and Philanthropist 

Here is an excerpt from Bob's book which you can download HERE


Do your staff/peers/leaders ever make statements that you suspect may not actually be true? World War II General George S. Patton was known for his quip:

“How do you know that?”

This is a profoundly simple and effective method for sorting out opinion from fact.


Chariots of Fire was the winner of the 1981 Oscar for Best Picture. In the movie, Erik Liddell says, “I believe that God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast and when I run I feel his pleasure.” With this as context here is one of my most favorite questions:

“What are you doing when you feel God’s pleasure?”


What are five simple questions you can ask your staff regarding how you could become a more effective leader? Simply ask:

“What do I need to start doing?”
“What do I need to stop doing?”
“What do I need to do more of?”
“What do I need to do less of?”
“What do I need to continue to do?”


Jesus, the master communicator, went about sharing stories and asking questions. The four Gospels record 173 questions that Jesus asked. You can read all 173 questions by clicking “HERE”  

Might we do well to follow his example? Why do you suppose Jesus asked so many questions? I ask a lot of questions because I don’t know the answers, but that certainly was not true for Jesus! Might it be that he understood that asking was a much better way to engage your audience than telling?

Do you remember how the story of the Good Samaritan ends? Jesus could have said: “So therefore the Samaritan was his neighbor.” But instead he asked, “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”

Two of my favorite questions that Jesus asked are found in Mark, chapter 8.  Jesus and his disciples went on to the villages around Caesarea Philippi. On the way he asked them,

“Who do people say I am?”

They replied, “Some say John the Baptist;
others say Elijah; and still others, one of the prophets.”

“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

Peter answered, “You are the Messiah.”

I have the same two questions for you:

“Who do people today say that Jesus is?”

“But what about you? Who do you say Jesus is?”

If you are not sure or would like to know more about who Jesus is, I would be delighted to send you one of my favorite books, “More Than A Carpenter” by Josh McDowell, my former colleague of 24 years. Please email me at with your mailing address and your book will soon be on its way – with my compliments (offer available U.S. only).


In their book, “Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go,”  my friends, Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle Giulioni, suggest that closure is overrated. Don’t feel the pressure to wrap up every conversation with a bow. Try this instead:

End your next meeting or conversation with a question.

Explain that there’s no time for a discussion, but that you have one more question that you want to close with. Then, the next time you are with that person, ask if they remember the question. You’ll be surprised that they not only remember the question, but they’ll also have quite a few answers for you.


If you are in involved in fundraising, would you like meetings with potential donors to be more conversational and less presentational?
Here are six questions from my friend Kent Stroman, author of “Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising:”

“How did you learn to give?”
“What would you like your gifts to accomplish?”
“How do you decide which projects to support with your own time and money?”
“What are your top three charitable interests this year?”
“What gift did you make that has brought you the most joy?”
“Could you ever see yourself becominginvolved with our mission?”

You have just read a short excerpt from “Great Leaders Ask Questions: a Fortune 100 List”.  If you like what you just read you will want to download and read this entire FREE e-book!



Hi, I’m Bob Tiede. I am passionate about helping leaders shift their paradigm from the pressure of having to have all the right answers to simply having a few of the right questions.

In 2006, while browsing in a bookstore, I came across Leading With Questions by Michael Marquardt. I only had to peruse a few pages before declaring, “This is a keeper.”

The ideas in Leading With Questions changed forever how I looked at leadership, and provided the vision for this website.

What you can expect find on Leading With Questions:

Curated wisdom from leaders around the globe Ideas to help you multiply your effectiveness times ten Leadership book recommendations Interviews with thought-leaders, authors, and pastors

At Leading With Questions, you are invited to join the growing league of leaders who are shifting their focus from having all the answers to asking the right questions.

Bob has been on the staff of Cru for 44 years. He currently serves on the U.S. Leadership Development Team and is passionate about seeing leaders grow and multiply their effectiveness. Bob and his wife, Sherry, live in Plano, TX and are blessed with 4 incredible children and 6 remarkable grandchildren.

P&L: New Border Taxes Are Biggest Risk to Canada, Wingrove Says  

Bloomberg's Josh Wingrove discusses Canada signaling a possible U.S. trade deal that excludes Mexico. Michael Halen, a consumer analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, speaks with Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz about McDonald's earnings and seismic shifts in restaurant demographics. Lawrence Golub, CEO of Golub Capital, discusses the outlook for markets. Finally, Jennifer Jacobs, Bloomberg's senior political correspondent, discusses today's political news: President Trump's plan to end trade deals, meeting with Dow Chemical and labor leaders and Sean Spicer's statements on crowd size.

RBC's Golub: Fed Rate Hike Will Be Positive For Market (Audio)  

(Bloomberg) -- Taking Stock with Kathleen Hays and Pimm Fox. GUEST: Jonathan Golub, Chief US Market Strategist for RBC Capital Markets, on earnings growth and investment guidance for likely policy actions.

RBC's Golub Favors US Equities In Low Vol Environment (Audio)  

(Bloomberg) -- Taking Stock with Kathleen Hays and Pimm Fox. GUEST: Jonathan Golub, Chief US Market Strategist for RBC Capital Markets, on the markets, earnings, and why the call for lower returns on equity is too early.

RBC's Golub on Investing in a Slow Growth Environment (Audio)  

(Bloomberg) -- Taking Stock with Kathleen Hays and Pimm Fox. Guest: Jonathan Golub, Chief Equity Strategist for RBC Capital Markets, on the equity markets, the Fed, and investing in a slow growth environment.

Golub: A sloppy earnings season from a growth perspective  

RBC's Jonathan Golub sits down to discuss earnings season and companies doing better than expected on Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keene and Michael McKee.

Cloud Jazz Nº 727 (Jeff Golub)  

'The Vault' es la despedida musical del guitarrista Jeff Golub, fallecido a comienzos de 2015. Te lo presentamos en esta edición en la que también suenan los recientes lanzamientos de David Sanborn, Blake Aaron, Ole Borud, Marcus Miller y Van Morrison. En los minutos del recuerdo, música del saxofonista Jimmy Sommers y del percusionista Tony Gable.

030: Ecosystems: how do they work? Or, why vendors fear Docker  

With a new round of funding in Docker, we discuss the ecosystem around Docker and how different vendors might be thinking through their involvement. This brings up a broader discussion of the ecosystems around OpenStack and Cloud Foundry, and even the Apache Software Foundation.

With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.

SPONSOR: Come check out the Cloud Foundry Summit, May 11th and 12th. You’ll hear how companies are using Cloud Foundry to create software defined businesses and get the latest technical details on Cloud Foundry. Register with the code COTE to get 25% off!

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Show notes

If you like video, see this episodes’ video recording.

Follow-up: last week’s recording problems were due to human error. Do not doubt the power of the TP-Link AC 1900!

Matt Ray’s treadmill desk.

Docker Funding… $95M “Currently, Docker is investing heavily in its go-to-market strategy, but also in the technology stack where it plans to expand the platform’s capabilities with a focus on networking, security and storage tools around its service.” coverage, goin’ for the gold: “‘For us to become a public company — which is certainly our intention,’’ Golub told The New Stack’s Alex Williams, ‘we’ve got a long road ahead of us that includes not only continued growth in open source, and developing a healthy ecosystem around it, but also proving there’s a solid revenue model. All the signs are very, very good, all the momentum is there, and the next several years are going to be about solid execution, both on the community and on the commercial side.’” 120 employees "Last year Docker earned less than $10 million in revenue, Golub confirmed.” And as always, The Future of Everything. Coté to explain the uneasy feel everyone (read: vendors!) has about Docker: it seems like they’re winner takes all. Twitter turns off the Firehose (Matt) - Be careful building your company on someone else’s good graces Speaking of crazy-ass valuations, Ben Thompson’s 1999 - How the IPO landscape has changed, specifically related to Growth Capital. More Ecosystem Talk

HP in fact not exiting public cloud

Cloud Foundry on the CloudCast and Coté’s explanation of the Cloud Foundry Foundation and ecosystem.

BONUS: Shameless Self Promotion: Lords of Computing Interview with Alex Williams of Guest post on how
Cloud Jazz Nº 319 (Jeff Golub)  

Un gran disco protagoniza esta edición de Cloud Jazz: el nuevo trabajo del guitarrista Jeff Golub, que incluye un tema cantado por Christopher Cross. Otros álbumes de actualidad son los de Theresa Grayson, Torsten Goods, Keiko Matsui, Rob Tardik y Andrew Neu.

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