Emotional Eating Triggers, Motivational Tricks & Tips, and more Live Questions  with Dr. Amen and The Daniel Plan FB Live Part 2  


If you love the first part of this FB Live on Daniel's Plan Q&A session, you'll sure love this part two where we answered some great questions on motication, emotional eating and more. 


Daniel Amen: This next question is really good. What do you recommend to help me maintain my motivation? I'm good for a week, and then motivation goes out the window. What do you think?

Tana Amen: I would say that this is where knowing your why and having it firmly planted in your head, and not making it about something temporary ...

Daniel Amen: Put it up where you can see it every day.

Tana Amen: Absolutely.

Daniel Amen: The Daniel Plan book actually have an exercise we call the one page miracle. On one piece of paper, write down what you want, and then ask yourself every day, "Does my behavior get me what I want?"

Tana Amen: That's what I was going to say, and it's really what you need to do. When I was training for my black belt test ...

Daniel Amen: Did you say that I was brilliant?

Tana Amen: Brilliant. You're brilliant. I love you.

Daniel Amen: Could we say it one more time?

Tana Amen: You are brilliant, my love.

Daniel Amen: Thank you.

Tana Amen: When I was training for my black belt test, you know that was six years of hard work, and there were times where I'm like, "Okay. I'm just done. I'm tired. It's hard. This is hard. I'm tired of getting bruises and whatever," but what I did was keep ... Stop looking at me like that. He thinks I'm crazy. I kept these signs, and motivational quotes, and things like that around the room where I trained, and that really helped me. I kept pictures of amazing people that inspire me, and the end result, and I kept what my goal was at the end firmly planted, so that I didn't lose sight of it just because I was tired.

Daniel Amen: Motivation and why go hand in hand. You have to know your why, and it has to be so important you just stick with it. I wanted to go to medical school. It was a big endeavor, but I wanted to do that, so everything else became around that goal. You just want to know why you want to be healthy.

I find I'm my own worst enemy. How can I change this about myself? It's true for everybody who is not healthy that you're your own worst enemy, because you're not focused on being well. That's why Tana and I wrote a book called The Brain Warriors Way, because it's a war. If you're not armed, prepared and aware, then our society is not set up for your health. Our society is set up for your illness.

Tana Amen: One thing I would probably say about that, because I think we all have, at some time in our lives, done this sabotage thing. Most of us have done a self-sabotage thing at some point in our lives, and if you look at why you do that and you really figure it out ... What I like to do is have people think about the times, because probably most likely, at some point in your lives, you've, also, really succeeded. You've done something really well. Even if it was when you were in seventh grade and you made the cheerleading team, or the basketball team, or whatever it was, think about that time, what you did, what went into that, and really break it down step by step. Did you go to sleep earlier? Did you practice? Were you just really focused on it and really serious about it?

Break it down step by step. Chances are, there's a formula there, and if you apply that same formula and you look at what you're doing now that is sabotaging you, I bet you you can see that there's a big gap in what you're doing now and what you did then to be very successful.

Daniel Amen: I'm going to bunch these two questions. How do I overcome emotional eating? I find that food is the first place to go when I'm sad, stressed, or bored. I'm going to combine that with what do you recommend to help with cravings and sugar? I want sugar all day long.

Ultimately, sugar and foods that quickly turn to sugar, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, sugar, cause an insulin response in your body. What that means, your body sees sugar. Your pancreas produces a lot of insulin in that way to drive the sugar into your cells. One of the other things it, also, does is it works on an amino acid called tryptophan and drives tryptophan into your brain.

Why do you care about that? Tryptophan is the amino acid building block for serotonin. It makes you happy, so, yes, brownies, cupcakes, rocky road ice cream, they all make you happy short term. They give you inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression and Alzheimer's Disease long term. You want to go short term benefit, long term problem. There are other ways to increase serotonin. Exercise is one. I think you actually use exercise as an anti-depressant.

Tana Amen: Yes.

Daniel Amen: When you're having a craving, go for a walk, and then there's supplements like 5HTP and saffron that can help naturally boost serotonin in the brain.

Tana Amen: I want to touch on something, too. That's absolutely true, and here's the really, really simple thing you can do, stop eating sugar. When you eat sugar and simple carbs, you crave sugar and simple carbs. When you stop, it's hard for a couple days, and then if you eat some fat and healthy protein, like we talked about in the beginning, those cravings will start to go away within a few days. They'll start to subside.

I'm getting dozens of messages now that the holidays are over about people who were warriors, and then got off track because of the holidays, and now they're really struggling to get back on. That's exactly what happens, because as soon as you start eating those foods, they're addictive, and the more you eat sugar and simple carbs, the more you crave them. The only way to get off of them is to get off of them, so use the same solution ...

Daniel Amen: And to see them as a weapon of mass destruction.

Tana Amen: Go back to step one, the thing you did in the beginning and start over.

Daniel Amen: Eating well and buying all these organic foods you recommend is expensive. I go to grocery stores and compare the price of organic fruit and vegetables to the regular ones, and I just can't do it. Is there a way to make eating well more affordable?

Again,, it will tell you which foods ...

Tana Amen: Dot org.

Daniel Amen: ... that are okay not organic, and which foods you should buy them organic or you just shouldn't eat them. For example, blueberries. I've been talking about blueberries forever. We call them brain berries around here, but they hold more pesticides than almost any other fruit, and you just want to ask yourself when it comes to expense, "Do I want to pay now or do I want to pay later," because all the pesticides in your body promote illness, and, yes, some things are more expensive, but not nearly as expensive as you could attest to as getting cancer.

Tana Amen: I want to, also, add to that when the studies were done at the Harvard Public School of Health, they actually found that eating healthy turned out to be $1.50 per day per person. Now, if you have six kids, yes, you have to learn how to budget that and be a little more thoughtful, but one of the things people weren't taking into account is that when you truly are doing it, if you're actually being honest and doing this in a really healthy way, you're cutting out things like expensive coffee drinks, and treats and snacks at the movies, which are just treating you to illness, by the way. You're cutting out a lot of the things that you were doing, so people weren't taking into account the fact that they're saving money on fast food and things like that, because they are now doing things in a more wholesome way. It's about $1.50 per day per person.

Daniel Amen: We eat out a lot and go to many social functions. What are some of the things I can do to stay on my healthy eating plan?

In your purse, put a little bottle of Sweetly.

Tana Amen: I've got Stevia and a bar always with me.

Daniel Amen: We carry food with us that's healthy, but, anyway, Sweetly makes ten different flavors. I like chocolate, and you'll always have it in your purse, because you love me. I'll get sparkling water and a lime. Nobody will harass me about that. I'll put a little bit in, because I like something a little bit sweet, and I'm perfectly happy. If it's an event where I will eat ahead of time.

Tana Amen: That's what I was going to say.

Daniel Amen: That way, I will not be tempted to make a mistake.

Tana Amen: What we will often do is eat ahead of time, and then pick at the salad and just eat a little bit of this or that. If they have chicken, order it without the sauce. They're usually willing to accommodate you a little bit.

Daniel Amen: I like this one. Which brand of permanent hair color do you recommend? Is the media right to say we should stay away from parabens and PPDs? I'm not ready to go gray yet.

Tana Amen: Me either. This is a hard one.

Daniel Amen: There is a couple of apps. My favorite one is called Think Dirty. Download it. It's free, or the Environmental Working Group as an app called Healthy Living, another one called Skin Deep, and they actually let you scan the products. When I first did this in my bathroom, I literally threw out 70% of the products in my bathroom. Parabens, phthalates and PEGs are endocrine disrupters. I'm putting all this stuff on my body to be sexy for my beautiful wife, and they're completely dropping my testosterone, so I'm not going to feel like being sexy. You don't want to do that. You don't want to put anything in your body that has pesticides in it, and you don't want to put anything on your body with poison, unless, of course, you don't like yourself. If you don't like yourself, that's a psychiatric issue

20 VC 091: Daniel Waterhouse @ Balderton Capital on Investing Styles, Venture Landscapes and The Future of AI  

Daniel Waterhouse is a General Partner @ Balderton Capital, which he joined in 2013 and he currently sits on the boards of Top10ROLILovecraftsTrademarkNowTictailAchicaThread and Workable. Prior to Balderton, Daniel spent 5 years as a partner at Wellington Partners and invested in a number of fast-growing companies including EyeEm, Hailo, YPlan, Bookatable (also a Balderton portfolio company), SumAll, Readmill (sold to Dropbox) and Qype (sold to Yelp). Before Wellington, Daniel was a sector partner at 3i where he worked on all of their venture and private equity investments in the internet sector in North America and Europe.

In Today's Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Daniel made his way into the wonderful world of VC?

2.) How has Daniel's mathematics background impacted his investing style?

3.) At Balderton 50% of the partners have very operational backgrounds and 50% are much more investment rooted. What has Daniel gained and missed as an investor from having a outside view of the startup world?

4.) How has Daniel seen the landscape change in the last 15 years? What was his first pitch meeting like? What was his last like?

5.) What are Daniel's thoughts on the enterprise SaaS space? Do Daniel think there is further to go in the consumerisation of Enterprise Software? Does the announcement of Emergence moving from the sector signal a turning tide?

6.) Daniel led the investment in Curious AI and Thread, using machine learning to augment its stylist approach, so what makes Daniel excited about the developments in AI? How is the sector going to develop over the next 20 years?

Items Mentioned In Today's Show:

Daniel's Fave Book:  The Brain That Teaches Itself

Daniel's Most Recent Investment: Curious AI

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Daniel Redgert  

Det är dags för vårens sista avsnitt av Fyllepodden. I det här avsnittet kommer PR-geniet Daniel Redgert på besök! Det blir prat om hans nya bok, en tripp till USA samt hans värsta fylleminne.

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Medieundret Daniel Redgert  

David, Hanna och Nour gästas av medieundret Daniel Redgert.

5. Daniel Redgert  

Joakim Lang träffar PR-geniet och klubbchefen Daniel Redgert och pratar karriär, osäkerhet och lite PR.

20 VC FF 027: Risk, Incentive and Opportunity in Starting A Company with Daniel van Binsbergen, Founder @ Lexoo  
Daniel van Binsbergen is CEO and co-founder of Lexoo, an online marketplace that connects businesses with lawyers. Founded in 2014 in London, Lexoo has raised over $1.7M from a number of investors, including Forward Partners. Before founding Lexoo, Daniel was a senior associate at an international law firm, working in London and Amsterdam. A special thank you to Mattermark for providing all the data displayed in today's show and you can find out more about Mattermark here!    In Today's Episode You Will Learn:

1.) What were the origins of Lexoo? What was the a-ha moment for Daniel?

2.) Was Daniel nervous about leaving the security of the legal profession to found a startup? What does Daniel advise people who want to make the leap but are not sure if it is worth risking everything?

3.) Why is there a divergence between the advancement of tech and the lacking progression of the legal space?

4.) Why did Daniel start Lexoo in a completely no tech, manual way? How was that? What would Daniel advise fellow founders who do not have the technical skills to build their idea?

5.) How did Daniel meet his investors? How did he find the fundraising experience? What was the challenging and surprising elements of the journey?

6.) If Daniel were to found Lexoo again, what would he do differently? Is there anything he wishes he had known before the process?

  Items Mentioned In Today's Episode: Daniel's Fave Book: The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick  Daniel's Fave Blog or Newsletter: MattermarkSeth GodinJames Altucher Daniel's Must Have Software: SunriseTrello As always you can follow The Twenty Minute VCHarry and Daniel on Twitter here! If you would like to see a more colourful side to Harry with many a mojito session, you can follow him on Instagram here!  
När David Redgert är i farten så går ingen kändis säker  

David Redgert gästade RIX MorronZoo och bjöd på de hetaste snackisarna i kändis-Sverige.

The Changelog - 153: 17 Years of curl with Daniel Stenberg  

Daniel Stenberg joined the show to talk about curl and libcurl and how he has spent at least 2 hours every day for the past 17 years working on and maintaining curl. That's over 13k hours! We covered the origins of curl, how he chooses projects to work on, why he has remained so dedicated to curl all these years, the various version control systems curl has used, licensing, and more.


Codeship –  If it works with Docker, it works with Codeship Jet. Toptal –  Join Toptal and work with awesome people from anywhere in the world. Freelance with companies like Airbnb, Artsy & IDEO.


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Notes and Links

We talk through the past 17 years of this staple tool to the community and hear what Daniel has learned on his journey.

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63 Daniel Ofman: Meer bezieling door kernkwadranten  

Daniel Ofman is expert op het raakvlak van organisatieontwikkeling en persoonlijke ontwikkeling – met name op managementniveau. Hij is bekend van "kernkwadranten". In deze Power Talk spreek ik met Daniel Ofman over zingeving, bewustzijn, bezieling, kernkwadranten en de impact van kernkwadranten op je relatie. Wie is Daniel Ofman? Daniel Ofman ontwikkelde het succesvolle en veelvuldig gebruikte kernkwadrant.  In de onderstaande animatie wordt het kernkwadrant nader toegelicht. De eerste 20 jaar van Daniel Ofman waren vrij kleurloos. Hij studeerde technische bedrijfskunde. Hij kwam er achter dat het probleem nooit in systemen zit maar dat het probleem altijd in mensen zit. Daar had hij nooit iets over geleerd. Wat bezield mensen, wat beweegt ons? Daar ging hij zich in verdiepen. Daar is nu al 45 jaar naar op zoek. Op een dinsdag in februari gaf hij een workshop. Tussen de middag maakte hij een wandeling in het speulderbos in Galderen. Daar kreeg hij het idee van de kernkwadranten. Na de pauze schreef hij het op het bord, geen benul hoe dit zijn leven zou bepalen. Het kernkwadrant nam een enorme vlucht. Nog elke dag is Daniel dankbaar voor alles wat hij krijgt. Kernkwadrant Een kernkwadrant is een prachtig hulpmiddel om je eigen kwaliteiten in kaart te brengen Kernkwaliteiten zijn eigenschappen die tot de kern van een persoon behoren. Het zijn de specifieke sterktes die iemand bij uitstek kenmerken. Het gevaar bestaat dat de kwaliteiten doorslaan en daardoor zogenoemde valkuilen kunnen worden, een dusdanige vervorming van de doorgeschoten kwaliteit dat deze daarmee zelfs een zwakte wordt. Het eerste cadeautje wat je krijgt is je valkuil. Je valkuil is je kernkwaliteit iets te veel van het goede. Je valkuil is vaak wat je als label opgeplakt krijgt. Je uitdaging is het tweede cadeau wat je krijgt. Wat bewonder je in anderen? Wat wensen mensen je toe? Het gaat om de balans. Richt je op het ontwikkelen van je uitdaging. Je uitdaging kan ook doorschieten. Het doorschieten van je uitdaging levert een heel interessant inzicht op: namelijk je allergie. Sleutelwoord bij je allergie is minachting. In de onderstaande video ligt Daniel Ofman het kernkwadrant nader toe. Wil jij deze podcast in een sketchnote ontvangen? Klik hier onder om de shownotes in sketchnotes te ontvangen. Klik hier om de shownotes te ontvangen Wat ga je tijdens deze podcast leren? Wat is de missing link die vaak wordt vergeten bij de toepassing van het kernkwadrant? Waarom er direct gestopt dient te worden met persoonlijke ontwikkelingsplannen ? Waarom is veranderen als doel geen goed idee? Wanneer veranderen mensen wel? 63 Power Talks: Daniel Ofman Meer info over Daniel Ofman>>> Wat heb je gemist? In aflevering 62 was Jef Staes te gast. In deze Power Talk sprak ik over rode apen, management, verandering, cultuurinnovatie en ondernemerschap. Wat ga je ontdekken in de volgende aflevering? In de volgende Power Talk spreek ik met Annelies Rulkens-Zielman. In deze Power Talk spreek ik over leiderschap, menselijke organisaties, levenslessen, fouten durven maken en succesvolle routines waarmee je echt een verschil maakt. Abonneer je op mijn podcast zoals je zeker bent dat je deze aflevering niet mist. Instructies voor:       Iphone     Android      Windows Abonneer je op mijn podcast Stap 1: Download op je smartphone de gratis podcast app Stap 2: Zoek naar: Power Talks podcast met Janneke Stielstra Stap 3: Klik op abonneren Deel mijn Power Talks podcast via social media Ik hoop dat je hebt genoten van de podcast. Als je dit artikel over Daniel Ofman interessant vindt deel het dan met andere ondernemers. Deel mijn Power Talks show via sociaal media. Laat een reactie achter Belangrijk: Laat jouw reactie en eventuele aanvullingen achter. In de onderstaande video zie je welke stappen je dient te z...

The Daniel Plan: The 5 Pillars of Weight Loss Success  

The Daniel Plan is a groundbreaking program that will equip you with practical tools and resources to help you get into the best shape of your health. 

In this episode, we've answered some questions from our audience which we hope can also help you understand better what is in store for you if you get yourself into this program. 

If you haven't seen this, check out the Daniel Plan website.


Tana: Hi everyone. We are so excited to be here today answering questions about the detox, the talk we did last weekend, right?

Dr. Amen: For the Daniel Plan.

Tana: Right.

Dr. Amen: Which is a book, program that Mark Hyman, Rick Warren, and I wrote. Tanner was one of the coaches on that. It goes perfectly with the philosophy of what we have been teaching for a long time.

Tana: We're not schitzophrenic, we're looking at three different cameras. Just so you know, okay? We are trying to include.

Dr. Amen: Is that definition of not being schitzophrenic?

Tana: Right. We are trying include all of you. We're being inclusive.

Dr. Amen: So, we're gonna answer questions. We got a lot of 'em and actually one of my favorite ones is "I hate cooking, any tips for the non-cooker?"

Tana: You're gonna give me away aren't you? He's gonna throw me under bus right now.

Dr. Amen: When I met her, she couldn't cook if fact I prayed.

Tana: Yes.

Dr. Amen: Fervently, that she wouldn't cook.

Tana: It's true.

Dr. Amen: Because it was like a bomb would go off in the kitchen.

Tana: I did not learn how to cook until actually, probably when we got together, and Daniel says I went from disaster to master. There's a reason for that. It was because I actually, here's the secret even though I've written eight cook books, I don't love to cook, okay? I love to serve my family so I think part of the secret is that you focus on what's important to you. If it's, cooking, you know some people love to cook but if you don't love cooking, focus on the reason you're doing it. I did it because I wanted to be healthy and I couldn't go out at the time, to just all these great, healthy restaurants. There are still not that many of them but also because I wanted to serve my family. I didn't want my daughter growing up in the same sort of food chaos that I grew up in and so I learned how to do it. One of my biggest tips, the thing I would give to you is find ten things that you love that are super easy. Like the chicken wings that I make for my family, super easy recipe, I know I can do it in fifteen minutes and the preparation's just incredibly simple. I have 10 or 15 recipes that my family loves that I know are easy and from there, you'll start to branch out.

Dr. Amen: "I am new to the Daniel Plan. I read the book and watched the videos. Where is the best place to start?" What would you say?

Tana: I think that this might be different for everybody because I think that, like you talk about a lot, is tiny habits. I think that probably the thing that's easiest for you to master might be the thing to do. If drinking water sounds easy to you, start with drinking water. If cleaning out your pantry, we'd probably recommend that for all of you but master one thing. Clean out your pantry. Fill your pantry with good things. Drink water. Take small habits though and start to them expand them and whatever one feels the easiest to master, that's where I would start. What would you say?

Dr. Amen: The Daniel Plan is based on five pillars, faith, why do you care? Ask yourself and answer that question. Now, I never want to be a burden to my family. I want to live with great energy. I'm completely vain and I want to be in the same size pants I was in when I was 18. What's your motivation? Why do you care? Food, is this good for me or bad for me? It's really about a relationship with food but just start asking yourself this question. Will this serve my health or with this hurt my health? Fitness, brand new study I told you about this, if you're 80 years old and you walk at a three mile an hour pace, you have a 90% chance to live until you're ninety. If you can only walk at a one mile an hour pace, you have a 90% chance you will not live until you're 90 so start walking faster. I always tell everybody walk like you're late. Faith, food, fitness, focus, stop believing every stupid thought you have. Whenever you're sad, mad, nervous or out of control. Start journaling just start writing down what you're thinking and friends. People get better together or they get sick together. The thing I say over and over again that I just believe, the fastest way to get healthy is to find the healthiest people you can stand and then spend as much time around him or her as possible. Get the Daniel Plan. Do it with a friend.

Tana: Couldn't agree more.

Dr. Amen: If you could buy a copy for yourself and buy one for someone else and you do it as a group, you just get better faster. Just pick something really simple from each of those five pillars and go I'm doing that today.

Tana: Yeah, so I like the idea of picking something really simple you know you can do, master it and then move on. I like that. Let's see "I see the Daniel Plan talks a lot about detox. Can you please share some tips? Refer to watching" ... Okay, let's see, the first thing I want to do with the detox is explain what detox means cause a lot of people think we're going to drink some solution. Detox means this magical thing that happens and we're going to eliminate all of the bad things out of your body and by some you know, some magical thing we do. Really, what detox means at least for us, is you're going to get rid of the things that have been hurting you and start adding the things that have been helping you. We do not want you on a starvation program. We don't want you doing an all juice fast. We don't want you feeling miserable or deprived so you can all breathe a sigh of relief now. Really, what it means is that we just want you eating super clean and getting rid of the things that have been hurting you. That's really what we want you to focus on. An example would be sugar. We want you start with getting and we want you to start with two weeks of, because anyone can do that, or ten days. Ten days, anyone can do ten days, get rid of sugar, caffeine, anything that contains gluten, so especially wheat, dairy and what am I missing? Processed foods.

Dr. Amen: Corn. Soy.

Tana: And processed foods.

Dr. Amen: People are going but there's nothing left to eat.

Tana: Oh, there's so much.

Dr. Amen: We promise you, thousands of things and you want to think about food, you know what's your relationship? Are you going to eat something that serves you or something that hurts you?

Tana: Be thinking about adding lots of fat and healthy protein so not trans-fats or processed fats but nuts, avocado, seeds. A little healthy protein throughout the day will keep you very satisfied. Go to the Daniel Plan's website, the Daniel Plan cookbook, it's loaded with recipes. Their chefs are amazing. They're really going to help you get this down and not feel deprived. It's about abundance. It's not about deprivation.

Dr. Amen: The next question is "Life is so busy with my family, I really struggle prepping meals for the week and because of this, we typically go to fast food restaurants or I whip up something quick that probably isn't the healthiest. What do you suggest?" I suggest making this a priority and if you're gonna go pick up stuff, cause we pick up stuff.

Tana: Yeah.

Dr. Amen: It's find the restaurants that you like that like you back. Focus on organic vegetables and fruit, meats and you go oh, but that's expensive. No being sick is expensive. You really want to get your mindset right. A great website to go to is the environmental working group because they'll tell you which are the vegetables you really need organic and which are the ones that are okay to do non-organic.

Tana: I really like that and one thing I tell myself in order to reframe this cause it really is all about mindset. If you really want to do something, you will find a way and if you don't, you will find an excuse. That's just been our experience. What I really want you to focus on here is when I, cause we are really busy and I know how hard it can be when you're that busy. We traveled all the month of December, part of January and it was exhausting. When I am that tired, that's especially when I tell myself I am too busy not to make good decisions about my heath. I am too busy not to eat healthy, not to exercise, not to get my sleep. I have to be especially protective of myself and my family. I'm even more vigilant during those times and so come up with some simple solutions. I pay my daughter. Yes, bribery is a good thing, at times, so it becomes part of her chores to help chop up veggies or have an assistant, my assistant who normally helps at work, guess what, I have to have a cross over and she'll help me with things around the house and chopping up veggies and going to the grocery store and making sure I have healthy snacks. If you want to find a way.

Dr. Amen: Now people are saying I don't have an assistant.

Tana: Right.

Dr. Amen: I'm not like Tana Amen. I can't do that so before you were Tana Amen, what would you do?

Tana: That's a great question because now, my life is different now so that's my challenge is time now. There's been a time, believe me, lot's of times when it was financial and so one thing you can do that I have actually know of people doing very successfully, share the chores with another mom or another wife or someone, another person in your neighborhood. One person goes to the grocery store. One person is prepping. It is not harder to make a double batch of say, turkey chili or soup

62. Daniel Redgert  

Specialavsnitt! Varför då? Jo! Daniel släpper äntligen sin rykande färska bok ”Vem fan är han??”. Vanligtvis är det Daniel som ställer riviga frågor, men i veckans avsnitt är det omvända roller och Alex Schulman står för frågorna och ställer Daniel mot väggen.
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" Ombres portées " pour contrebasse de Daniel D'Adamo (Rediffusion intégrale de l'oeuvre et portrait)  

durée : 00:30:01 - Alla Breve, l'intégrale - par : Anne Montaron - _Ombres portées_ pour contrebasse de [**Daniel D'Adamo**]( Créé par [**Florentin Ginot**](, contrebasse. Enregistré à Radio France le 25 janvier 2017, puis créée en public le samedi 18 février à Radio France. _\*Rediffusion intégrale et portrait du compositeur : \*_ Toute cette semaine, c'est une musique pour contrebasse qui a ponctué nos programmes : une suite de miniatures au titre évocateur d'_Ombres Portées_. Ces _Ombres Portées_, créées lors d'un magnifique concert au [**festival Présences**]( le 18 février, sont le fruit d'une relation profonde, féconde, entre le jeune et passionné interprète qu'est **Florentin Ginot** et le compositeur **Daniel D'Adamo**. Si je nomme l'interprète en premier, c'est parce que c'est lui qui a eu l'idée de passer commande à **Daniel D'Adamo**. Il y a des chances par conséquent pour que notre portrait du jour se décline à deux voix ! Nous allons écouter ce soir les deux protagonistes dialoguer. **Florentin Ginot** nous dit comment il a eu l'idée de frapper à la porte de **Daniel D'Adamo** pour enrichir le répertoire de son instrument. De son côté, le compositeur évoque son lien à l'instrument, la nécessité de l'approcher physiquement en se faisant prêter une contrebasse. La contrebasse de **Florentin Ginot** s'est offerte aux oreilles et au regard de **Daniel D'Adamo**. Il l'éclaire différemment dans chaque mouvement, projette sur elle ses ombres propres... _Ombres Portées_ a connu deux naissances : la première dans notre studio pour les micros (c'est la version que nous écoutons là), la deuxième en public lors du **festival Présences** ; version d'une grande intensité qui a valu au musicien et au compositeur un succès mérité ! Lors de ce festival, une autre pièce de **Daniel D’Adamo** a été donnée : la reprise par l’**Ensemble Accroche Note** d’une composition pour voix et ensemble créée il y a quatre ans à l’opéra de Reims : _Two english Poems_ de **Borges**. 2016 a été une année féconde pour le compositeur. Le théâtre Dunois a fait découvrir le mois dernier son opéra de chambre _Kamchatka_ sur un livret de **Marcelo Figueiras** dans la version de l’ensemble **Almaviva**. Cet opéra créé en Argentine l’année passée sera repris en novembre prochain à l’opéra de Reims. En ce moment, **Daniel D’Adamo** travaille au **GRM** sur une pièce pour voix (**Isabel Soccoja**), harpe et électronique qui devrait clore son cycle _Lips, your lips_. Cette nouvelle pièce explore la correspondance amoureuse de **Virginia Woolf** et **Vita Sackeville West**. _\*Programmation additionnelle : Toutes les oeuvres sont de Daniel D'Adamo \*_ * _Coeli et terrae_ (pièce entière) pour contrebasse et saxophone base (2000) **Didier Meu** contrebasse et **Vincent David** saxophone Enregistrement discographique Radio France \-ex MFA * _Lames_ (pièce entière) pour septuor instrumental (2002) Enregistrement de concert, festival Présences, Radio France **Ensemble Court Circuit**, dir. **Pierre\-André Valade**. * _Two English Poems_ by **Borges** : _Poème I_ pour voix et ensemble de chambre (2012) Enregistrement de concert, festival Musica à Strasbourg **Ensemble Accroche Note**, **Françoise Kubler** soprano. * _Lips, your lips_ (pièce entière) pour voix de femme et électronique (2010) **Isabel Soccoja**, voix. **Daniel D'Adamo et Thierry Blondeau** Extrait du CD _"Plier\-Déplier"_ **Quatuor Béla** REF [**CUICATL**]( {% image 6a0a7254-3b21-4f61-a2b3-f0d616350198 %} - réalisé par : Françoise Cordey

Ep 2. Daniel Flynn on his $250,000 start-up pitch, building one of Australia’s fastest growing social enterprises and changing the world  

Daniel co-founded Thankyou Water in 2008 in response to the world water crisis. At the time, over 900 million people didn't have access to safe drinking water yet the Australian bottled water industry was worth an estimated $600 million a year.

In his own words, “Bottled water is a ridiculous concept in a country where we have clean fresh water straight from the tap.  I thought, if as a nation we’re going to spend more than half a Billion a year for the convenience of bottled water, what if every purchase here in Australia could help provide water for people in need around the world?"

He was 19, and it was an idea that’s time had come.

Donating in excess of $2,500,000 to charity last year, Daniel has an incredible business and social enterprise success story. But it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, when experiencing a 90 per cent supplier loss in one hit, just six months after founding his venture, Daniel struggled to see a way forward. Luckily, with an incredibly close-knit team made up of his wife and best friend to support him, Daniel learnt to become resilient to the continual setbacks and build the social enterprise that is changing lives today.

He’s also just ran what is probably the most awesome book launch I’ve ever seen - make sure you grab a copy of Chapter One.  

In the interview, we chat about the pitch that helped him overcome his $250,000 start-up obstacle, the sign that made him know he was on purpose as well as…

 The power of working with friends, family and partners and how to get it right
 The difference between an idea and an opportunity, and the power of knowing that difference
 How your pitching language can completely change your result
 Conquering the illusion of limited resources and why you don’t need money to launch
 The shift that happened in Dan’s business to overthrow the competition

Plus, we talk about the social project that flooded the internet, sparked media coverage and became a pivotal moment in the Thankyou story, the innovative strategies that took Daniel’s business to the next level, building your personal brand but not wanting to appear like a shameless self-promote and why investing in team culture and the power of people is key to continued success and spirit.

Super pumped with this chat.  Let us know what you think @glencarlson @danielmflynn


Chapter One - Daniel Flynn

Team work makes the dream work - John Maxwell

Man’s search for meaning - Victor Frankl 

Seth Godin on The Network Effect 

Connect with Daniel:

Thank you Movement Website

Thank you Facebook 

Instagram: @thankyougroup / @danielmflynn

Twitter: @thankyou_group

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022 Daniel Henderson | The Deeper Life

Satisfying The 8 Vital Longings of Your Soul

 We often think of living a deeper life. In this incredible interview with Daniel Henderson, author of The Deeper Life, he shares how to truly discover the answers to life's core questions and live them out in your thoughts, words, and actions.  This is a book that needs to be on your must read list!

"So many of us base our identity on things that change.  The one thing that never changes is the rock-solid truth of who God is and what he says to be true about him." - Daniel Henderson

An acclaimed teacher on spiritual renewal, Daniel Henderson shares the principles and practices that are vital to a transformed life. He explains the longings that resonate in our souls--longings such as wanting to know God more fully, to know ourselves better, to spend our time on things that matter--and shows how to systematically apply them to daily decisions and even long-term goals. As countless believers have already discovered, this gospel-oriented, Spirit-empowered approach will touch every part of your life and change the trajectory of your journey.

Be known as a person of relevant faith . . .
Escape the fog of daily distractions . . .
Live a more intentional, integrated life!

You Will Learn

Daniel shares questions that really matter and will help satisfy the ultimate longings of the soul to know God and live an eternally significant life.

The 8 Vital Longings of Your Soul

Who is God? (Theology) Who Am I? (Identity) Why Am I Here? (Purpose) What Really Matters? (Values) What Should I Do? (Priorities) How Should I Do It? (Goals) When Should I Do It? (Time) How Will I Finish? (Legacy) Resources

Strategic Renewal

Mission - We exist to ignite the heart of the Church through personal renewal, congregational revival and leadership restoration for the glory of Jesus Christ. The Deeper Life, Satisfying the 8 Vital Longings of Your Soul The Deeper Life Group Study Daniel's E-Devotional Bio

As a Senior Pastor for over two decades, Daniel Henderson brought prayer-based revitalization to several mega-churches. Today he is dedicating his full-time efforts to help congregations across the country experience renewal and turn-around as he speaks to thousands each year at conferences and prayer events. He is President of Strategic Renewal, which exists to ignite personal renewal, congregational revival, and leadership restoration for Christ’s glory.


Daniel Henderson is a pastor, preacher, renewal catalyst, leadership coach, author, husband, father, grandfather and (most importantly) a passionate Christ-follower. He was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and received his academic degrees from Liberty University and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Virginia. He loves the Lord, his wife, his children, and the local church with a passion.

After spending 25 years in rewarding full-time pastoral ministry, Daniel is now giving more of his full-time efforts to Strategic Renewal. He also serves part-time as the Pastor of Prayer at Mission Hills Church in Littleton, CO and as an adjunct professor at Liberty University in the areas of prayer and pastoral leadership. He has most recently been Senior Pastor of Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota for three and a half years, and Senior Pastor at Arcade Church in Sacramento, California for 11 years prior to that, where a profound movement of congregational prayer was birthed. He has also served as Senior Pastor of Los Gatos Christian Church in the San Jose area for four years. His pastoral and leadership experience also includes ministry as Associate Pastor to Dr. John MacArthur at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, Ca

25. Icona Pop  

Carro och Aino från Icona Pop, en av våra coolaste popexporter, hälsar på Daniel i studion på Perfect Day och berättar om sitt första band XOXO, den mörka London-perioden och hur det var att bo ihop med Alicia Wikander. Daniel försöker reda ut varför de aldrig svarar på hans meddelanden på Facebook och varför de inte är med i ”Så mycket bättre”. I ”Tankar med” intervjuar PR-geniet Daniel Redgert soliga kändisar varje torsdag. 

18. Daniel Hallberg  

Multitalangen Daniel Hallberg berättar om sitt nyfunna kändisskap, sin relation till Alicia Vikander och om varför han så ofta är naken på Instagram. I ”Tankar med” intervjuar PR-geniet Daniel Redgert soliga kändisar varje torsdag. 

OMR #32 Instagram-Star Daniel "Magic Fox" Fuchs  

Als "Magic Fox" ist der 28-jährige Daniel Fuchs auf Instagram eine ziemlich große Nummer – fast 900.000 Menschen folgen seinen Mode- und Fitness-Inhalten. Im Podcast erklärt er, wie er die Reichweite aufgebaut hat, wie viel er verdient und was er von Influencer-Marketing-Agenturen hält. Alle Themen vom neuesten Rockstars Podcast mit Instagram-Überflieger Daniel Fuchs alias Magic Fox im Überblick: Studierter Maschinenbauer und jetzt Instagram-Star – Wer ist Daniel Fuchs alias Magic Fox? (ab 01:30) Gibt es einen Trick für die ersten 1.000 bzw. 10.000 Follower auf Instagram? (ab 03:15) Lassen sich Erfolgsgeschichten von Influencern einfach reproduzieren oder ist es reine Glückssache? (ab 05:00) Daniel Fuchs sieht sich nicht als Snapchat-Typ – trotzdem schauen 25.000 Menschen seine Videos an (ab 07:00) Seit einem Jahr lädt Magic Fox kein Foto mehr spontan hoch (ab 07:45) Was sind die größten Fehler im Influencer Marketing? (ab 09:00) Mit welchen Methoden misst Daniel Fuchs seinen Erfolg? (ab 10:00) Wie viele der Magic Fox-Follower sind männlich, wie viele weiblich? (ab 12:00) So kommt eine Zusammenarbeit mit Daniel Fuchs zustande – und das kostet sie mindestens (ab 15:00) Wie viel verdient Magic Fox im Jahr? (ab 16:15) Kann man als „Instagram-Star“ alt werden? (ab 17:30) Wie groß ist der Zwang, nahezu permanent Bilder zu posten? (ab 19:00) Was macht Daniel Fuchs mit seinen zwei besten Freunden auf dem Blog, und wie viele User besuchen die Seite? (ab 19:40) So sieht der Alltag eines männlichen Instagram-Stars aus (ab 21:00) Wen sieht Magic Fox in Deutschland als Konkurrenten? Und wie sehen seine Einnahmen im Vergleich zu denen von weiblichen Influencern aus? (ab 22:00) Wo holt sich Daniel Fuchs seine Inspiration? (ab 23:30) Mit welchen Influencer-Marketing-Agenturen arbeitet Magic Fox zusammen? (ab 25:30)

358: Dan Munro | How to Stop People Pleasing  

It starts with taking responsibility.

"Ultimately what defines a people pleaser is that their self-worth is attached to things external them, to results and things outside of their control." -Daniel Munro

The Cheat Sheet: What is a covert contract, and do you have one? What keeps most people stuck in their behavior patterns? Why expectations cause so many problems, and what to do about it. The truth about positive affirmations, and why they don't work. What are the two types of people pleasers? And so much more...

Have you ever thought you were a people pleaser and wanted to NOT be one? Or have you simply wanted to be more "you" with other people? If you answered yes to either of those questions then this episode and our guest today is perfect for you.

Daniel Munro is the head honcho at The Inspirational Lifestyle, a company devoted to the practical application of just being you. On today's episode with Daniel we talk about how to stop people pleasing, why it's way more attractive to women when you aren't a pushover, why expectations are a setup for failure and so much more on the 358th edition of The Art of Charm.

More About This Show:

When you hear someone like Daniel talking about confidence, people pleasing and why being Mr. Nice doesn't work you might be tempted to think he's always had it all figured out. But that's nowhere near the truth, according to him. Daniel was the prototypical people pleaser and Mr. Nice Guy to women, friends, etc.

But at some point he realized it wasn't working for him, he wasn't getting the results he wanted and he had that thought in the back of his mind that something wasn't right. Instead of looking at his behaviors and his results as falling into either the right or the wrong category, he chose to see things as either helpful or not helpful. And that's when his attitudes, his behaviors and his results really shifted.

By continually asking himself if what he was doing was helping his cause he was able to have more success with women, have stronger and more connected support systems and more positive results in his business. The only reason he was able to ask himself that question was because he took responsibility for his actions, and his life.

He understood that by doing so he could then be at the source of creating what he wanted. He got clear that his feelings of frustration, anger, and disappointment were coming from expectations he was creating, it wasn't actually the experiences he was having that were upsetting him but the expectations he set for those experiences.

Daniel and I give a specific example of this that a lot of men (and women) do. A guy really likes a girl, and thinks if he's really nice to her and goes out of his way to do things for her she'll eventually see how great he is and want to be with him. So he creates an expectation attached to the effort and energy he gives his friendship with a girl, and when she doesn't respond by liking him, sleeping with him or dating him, he feels disappointed or even angry with her. It's what we at The Art of Charm call a "covert contract" and it does no one any good.

Instead of creating these unmet expectations, Daniel has learned to be himself and to be clear about his feelings and what he's looking for. With The Inspirational Lifestyle he helps others do the same. In fact, Daniel has worked with serial murderers, rapists and other violent offenders who have hurt or killed as a result of their unmet expectations. He knows firsthand the damage covert contracts can have on relationships.

If you're wanting to shift your people pleasing and stop creating expectations or covert contracts, Daniel and I have some suggestions for you in this episode. The first suggestion is to start by looking at the limiting beliefs and thoughts you have running around in your head. Everyone has them, so it's completely natural for you to think these thoughts too! It's by listening and believing these thoughts are true that we start to create people pleasing habits and the like.

So to switch that around get out of a piece of paper and choose one area of your life where you want to make changes, and examine your limiting beliefs. You're going to choose that one area (career, dating, etc) and then write down all the reasons you cannot succeed in that area. Write out every last one of them, and then simply face them. Don't try to change or justify or fix any of that, just be with all of them.

These are all your stories about why you aren't good enough, why you don't have what you want in that area. And that's all they are: stories. After you've faced your stories,  on the other side of the paper you will write a name for your story and then you'll write down one example, one event or experience you had that disproves that statement. You're simply showing your brain that these are just thoughts, and these thoughts aren't true ALL of the time.


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