K&B Podcast: Wednesday November 16th with guests: Michael Chiklis and David Alan Grier  

Open. Showbiz Beat. Listeneroke. David Alan Grier. Wheel Of Bad Animal Voices. Friends and Helpers. Alex Jones. Would You Like To Take That Back?. Showbiz Beat. NFL's Social Media Spokesperson. Michael Chiklis. Showbiz Beat.

Daily Podcast (08.13.16)  

Today's podcast includes: (:00) News... (:12) Entertainment News... (:42) High School Reunions... (:1:14) Bizarre Files/Cari Feiler Bender and Robb Reichard - AIDS Walk Philly... (1:28) David Alan Grier... (1:58) Mayor Jim Kenney/Junk Drawer/Announcement... (2:25) Ephraim Sykes... (2:44) Bizarre Files/Hollywood Trash/Music News (Corey Feldman)... (3:07) Wrap Up The post Daily Podcast (08.13.16) appeared first on 93.3 WMMR.

Black History Month  

Hound Tall is releasing a bit early this month to ensure that our Black History Month episode comes out during...Black History Month! This is a great, at time challenging conversation but they make just enough stupid jokes to diffuse all racial tension that has ever existed in america and to solve racism altogether! Seriously, it's over! Give to the United Negro College fund! This conversation on blackness is led by Professor Marne Campbell from Layola Marymount Unuversity and comics: David Alan Grier, Ian Edward and Naomi Ekperigen. Listen and learn. All power to the people.

58 The Wiz Live! (w/ David Alan Grier)  

It's the return of the mack! OG Denzealot David Alan Grier joins Kamau & Kevin once again to talk about his surprise over the overwhelming positive response to The Wiz Live!, how he emotionally prepared himself to play the Cowardly Lion, and secrets from behind the scenes of the production. Plus, David takes us through his Crimson Tide audition, which he explains might be the worst audition he has ever done as he shares his Top 5 Denzel Movies!

K&B Podcast: Thursday December 3rd with guests: Jonah Ray, David Alan Grier, Jim Rome and Dr. Drew  

Open. Showbiz Beat. San Bernadino Shootings. Garlic Makes Men Sexy. David Alan Grier. Miss Double December Finalist Alyssa. Yasiel Puig. Peeking the Hits. Jim Rome. Jonah Ray. Dr. Drew. Showbiz Beat.

Classic Loveline - September 25, 2002 - David Alan Grier  

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show presents a classic episode of Loveline which originally aired on September 25, 2002. It features guest David Alan Grier lamenting a breakup with his girlfriend of four years. He also mentions that she had been cheating on him with multiple famous actors. For more Loveline with Adam and Dr. Drew, check out the podcast Classic Loveline:

Jumanji (Aventuras. Fantástico 1995)  

Título original Jumanji Año 1995 Duración 104 min. País Estados Unidos Estados Unidos Director Joe Johnston Guión Jonathan Hensleigh, Greg Taylor, Jim Strain (Novela: Chris Van Allsburg) Música James Horner Fotografía Thomas Ackerman Reparto Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst, David Alan Grier, Bonnie Hunt, Jonathan Hyde, Bradley Pierce, Bebe Neuwirth, Adam Hann-Byrd, Patricia Clarkson Productora TriStar Pictures Género Aventuras. Fantástico | Cine familiar. Juego Sinopsis Alan Parris queda atrapado durante 25 años en un juego de mesa mágico y muy antiguo llamado Jumanji. Cuando, por fin, es liberado por dos niños, una manada de animales exóticos queda también en libertad.

#505 - Tom Arnold and David Alan Grier  09/04/1997  

CLL - 505 - 09-04-1997 - Thursday Night Show - Guest Tom Arnold and David Alan Grier - Best Of. This episode contains a portion of CLL #450 with Tom Arnold, some new interstitial content and the only known clips of the first appearance of David Alan Grier (DAG) on Loveline the radio show after promoting 'McHale's Navy' on the MTV show and hitting it off with the boys. DAG's episode is still yet to be dated/numbered but seems to be from April - July 1997.

ACS: David Alan Grier  

David Alan Grier joins Adam, Gina, and Bryan for a podcast recapping Adam's weekend and answering listener questions. They also go over this week's Baldywood review of Furious 7.

ACS: Artie Lange and David Alan Grier, Live from Caroline's on Broadway  

Adam is joined by Artie Lange and David Alan Grier live from Caroline's on Broadway in New York City for a special 1-on-2 podcast. The show opens up with Adam telling the audience about his recent experiences with celebrities like The Rock and Ben Kingsley at the Spike TV upfronts in New York. The gang then turns to the audience for a spirited round of audience questions in 'Q & Ace.'

ACS: Road Stories  

David Alan Grier, Jay Leno, Howie Mandel, Larry Miller, Alonzo Bodden, Greg Fitzsimmons, Dana Gould, and Brad Williams all share their worst experiences from the road. Adam, Gina and Bryan also chime in with their own stories, in honor of Adam's new film ROAD HARD.

ACS: Jimmy Kimmel, Cousin Sal, Bill Simmons, David Alan Grier, and more  

Adam records live from Jimmy Kimmel's house in Hollywood with guests including David Alan Grier, Bill Simmons, Cousin Sal, Jimmy Kimmel and many more discussing the outcome of the game and the party that happened during the game.

9 A Soldier's Play (w/ David Alan Grier)  

Start the new year with W. Kamau Bell, Kevin Avery and special guest David Alan Grier as they discuss A Soldier’s Play. They’ll talk about how David joined the cast of A Soldier’s Play, Samuel L. Jackson running the dressing room, Denzel’s acting process during the filming of A Soldier’s Story, and the time Denzel came to the set of Boomerang in character as Malcolm X. Plus, everyone shares their thoughts on some Denzel news that has been leaked due to the Sony hack.

#448 - No Guest  06/17/1997  

CLL #448 - 06-17-1997 - Tuesday Night Show - No Guest. Another newly restored Kevin tape that's been missing from the archive for 17 years. No Guest just the love between the two hosts. Adam plugs the upcoming appearance of 'Toad the Wet Sprocket' tomorrow night, Adam says he's a big fan and has never met them before. Adam cites Tom Arnold's multiple phoners into the show, one was during the 1st appearance of DAG, and we still don't have that file so it will air as CLL #505 a best of mix of the upcoming Tom Arnold episode and the lost 1st appearance of David Alan Grier. Adam tells Drew about his father's day meal with his dad, his sister and brother in law were in town with the newborn baby, Drew brings up the time his triplets stripped nude when Adam visited.

ACS: David Alan Grier, Dave Attell, and Chris Kluwe  

David Alan Grier returns to make Alison Rosen's recent dream about him come true. Dave Attell is also in studio to chat about naked-themed TV shows, and former NFL punter Chris Kluwe talks with Adam about his record-breaking career.

ACS: David Alan Grier, Live from the Irvine Improv  

David Alan Grier joins Adam and the gang at the Irvine Improv for a live podcast about Jim Carrey, Cops, and Hard Knocks.

ACS: David Alan Grier  

David Alan Grier returns for a podcast about not having his lines memorized for Road Hard, the death of Maya Angelou, and Teddy Pendergrass's passion.

ACS: David Alan Grier and Dr. Marty Nemko  

David Alan Grier returns for a podcast about being friends with Madonna, seeing Siegfried and Roy, and retiring old bits like Teddy Pendergrass. Plus, Gina Grad steps in for Alison's news, and Adam talks with Dr. Marty Nemko about why college is not for everyone.

Best Of, #014: David Alan Grier  

Adam and Dr. Drew are joined by good friend David Alan Grier and they discuss the Manti T'eo story and take calls on hernia surgery, women who don't want to commit and bits from days past.

259 David Alan Grier, Lauren Lapkus, Joe Wengert  

It's a Comedy Bing! Bong! for the ages as accomplished actor, comedian, and yes and-er David Alan Grier makes his debut appearance! We also get a blast from the past as the short haired singer Regina Crimp drops by to perform some of her amazing foley art. But that's not all, frozen yogurt shop owner Mr. G arrives soon after to share some of his concerns over his shop’s new website. So tune in for an episode that is sure to bring laughs from to coast to coast! Remember to cast your votes for the Best of 2013 CBB episode over at !

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