Mass Deportations From Soviet Estonia  

In 1949, Soviet authorities deported tens of thousands of Estonians to Siberia. They included rich peasants and "nationalists" and their families, as well as other social groups who were viewed as a threat to communist rule. Rita Metsis was one of the child deportees. She shares her story with Dina Newman. Photo: Rita (r) and her twin sister Tiia (l) with their parents in 1940. Courtesy of the family.

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Music That Matters, Vol, 554 - Musical WonderMENT  

DJ Kevin Cole shares some of his musical discoveries from the MENT Ljubljana  Festival including bands from Slovenia, Estonia, Macedonia, Slovakia, and Russia!  Time to get MENTal! 1. Oligarkh – “Maria Devo”(Saint Petersburg, Russia)2. The Ills – “Waltz On Mars” (Bratislava, Slovakia)3. Persons From Porlock – “Bad Fanfiction”(Ljubljana, Slovenia)4. Haiku Garden – “Rosetta” (Ljubljana, Slovenia)5. The Jack Wood – “Devilishly” (Tomsk, Russia)6. Erki Pärnoja – “Doors Dance” (Estonia)7. The Ills – “4:17” (Bratislava, Slovakia)8. Bernays Propaganda – “Armija”(Macedonia)9. Oligarkh – “Tri Devi” (Saint Petersburg, Russia)10. Širom – “Trilogija” (Slovenia)

259 - Stuck on You  

00:00:00 - Kelly has a new paper out! It's about wasps being parasites within other parasites right on campus where she works, so that's about as nifty as it gets. You can watch a video about the study here, and read the open access paper here.

00:20:15 - Nothing like thinking about having your brain infected by parasites to make you want a drink, right? Joe thinks he's being original but doesn't realize he's just Jacob because they both thought it would be cool to drink Soylent on the show. Joe's is chocolate flavored instead of coffee, so there's that. Ryan feels cheated with his supposedly 'Scandanavian' Cider that's actually made in Estonia. Not cool!

00:29:16 - Frog tongues, how do they work? Part of the answer is in their selectively stick spit. Also, they swallow with their eyes somehow? That's weird. Frogs are weird. But that doesn't mean you should steal them. Listen to Chunk and don't take amphibians that aren't yours. Joe also reminds us of dirty misspellings and makes puns, feel free voice your disapproval directly to him.

00:50:12 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like frog's swallowing; they both involve more moving parts than you'd expect. Kelly begins with a donation from Eric W. who wanted to thank us for getting him through some tough times. You're welcome and thank you for supporting the show! Joe has more to say about frogs thanks to an e-mail about American Bullfrogs invading Canada as researched by Hans C. And Ryan wraps up with a new 5-star iTunes review (our favorite kind!). 

Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!

Music for this week's show:
Smile Like You Mean It - The Killers
The Sporting Life - The Decemberists
Speaking In Tongues - The Eagles of Death Metal

541: American Freedom and Healthcare on Life Support  

We've fallen again. The Heritage Foundation now ranks America 17th on its list of 180 freest countries on earth. America is now less free than countries like Estonia and the UAE. Canada ranks 7th, a full ten countries above us. I'm disheartened every time I see these rankings come out. How can we still call ourselves the land of the free and home of the brave? We're not even brave enough to stand up to our own elected representatives. *** Tax season is here, and once again I'm questioning what exactly I'm paying for. Every other bill for service I get has an itemized list of things I've paid for. The one exception is my tax bill. All proponents of big government claim all this tax money goes to pay for services and products we all need. I want a list. I want the government to explain where my money goes. The problem is they can't. They can't because even they don't know where all the money goes. But if you're wondering if this is the year you should protest the fed by not paying your overlords might I suggest you think twice. It is a terrible injustice we are subject to each year, but it's far worse to end up doing 10-20 for tax evasion.

Discopolis 9653 - Iñaki Sandoval - 15/02/17  

Iñaki Sandoval es pianista, navarro (Pamplona 1974). Se formó en Barcelona y continuó estudios en Estados Unidos. Desde hace un par de años reside en Estonia, en la ciudad de Viljandi donde dirige la Academia de Cultura Tradicional. Nos visita como jazzman para presentarnos, entre otras cosas, su disco grabado en directo junto a Carles Benavent y Roger Blávia, Electric Trio Live. Tiene además su propio sello discográfico be bi ne, abreviatura de Beauty By Necessity. Esta tarde estará en Madrid (ayer estuvo en Barcelona) junto a la escritora Merce Brey haciendo una presentación de voz y piano. No solo hablamos de música ya que comentamos temas cotidianos de Estonia, el amor por la cultura de esta nación, la importancia del canto fomentando su Revolución pacífica, el concepto de puntualidad, su versatilidad en los idiomas y el sonido del silencio estonio, algo difícilmente imaginable para un latino. Escuchamos piezas como Gracia (introducción), Sausolito, Keep it Fresh y la Copla para Alberto. Os detallo sus colaboraciones con Horacio Fumero o Peer Wyboris, Billy Hart, Eddie Gómez...Y también mencionamos al ex-embajador de España en Estonia Fernando García Casas, ahora secretario de estado para Iberoamérica que hará de presentador en el acto de esta tarde.

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Ep. 209 - Bobby Casey: Never Feel Broke Again and Travel the World (Forever)  

  I heard an eight-year-old kid tell another eight-year-old that he's not welcome in his home. He said "Trump or Clinton?"   "Clinton."   And that was that. They kept walking. Kept debating and I bet nothing happened. I bet they're still friends.   Some people are either all talk or afraid.   Or both.   I try not to be either. I try to listen, come up with ideas, and be grateful. Because if I listen, I learn. And then I can say two sweet words, “thank you.”   How many people said, "If Trump becomes president, I'm leaving the country." Or the other way around?   There's only one reason why I’d ever even consider packing. And Bobby Casey spelled it out for me.   "Americans don't understand how insanely expensive it is to live in the U.S.," Bobby said on my podcast.  He sold everything he owned and left the country in 2009. Right after the market crashed. Now he works all over the world. And helps people get off the grid.   I wanted to know how he did it.   And why...   "I hated my customers," he said. "I hated my employees, I hated my job, I hated my business."   "But what made you think you could sell all your belonging and travel the world forever?"   "Weren't you scared you would run out of money?"   "I just knew I'd work it out," he said. "I'd make some money."   I couldn’t do it. It’s easy to be uncertain when you’re level of unknown isn’t going to erupt your central nervous system.   But Bobby had motivation.   “My happiness and my quality of life is much more important than cashing out on a business,” he said. “I didn’t care. I wanted to be happy again.”   So he got rid of everything. He gave away motorcycles. (He had 27). Then he bought two one-way tickets to Prague. One for him. And one for his 9 year old son.   “We’d never been there.”   The rest of his family moved a few weeks later. He has three kids.   "What about friends? And school?" I asked.   "My daughter, she's 20, she's a rapper in London. She did two years of virtual school. And she can make friends anywhere. It’s her personality type.” His other two kids enrolled with locals.   I had 100 questions. "How'd you get the confidence? What type of freelance work did you do?" “How did you make ends meet?”   He broke it down for me. And told me all the ways he saves money living abroad.   “I did the math on this,” he said. "You won't believe this, but I pay $42 a year for a 10,000 euro deductible health insurance plan."   Anything after 10,000 euros, he's covered. "I could get airlifted to John Hopkins if I wanted and that would be covered."   "You can make about $150,000, tax-free, as an American living abroad." Here’s how Bobby explains it on the podcast...   If you make $100K (gross) in the U.S, then you’re probably netting less than $60K. Abroad, you can make the same $60K (net), live tax-free (if you qualify for the “foreign earned income exclusion”), get a housing allowance, pay $42 a year for health insurance, and basically never feel broke again.   I was getting depressed. Because I know I’m not going to move. It’s part of being human. Everyone I look up to, Scott Adams, Dan Ariely, Nassim Taleb, they all say the same thing: people are irrational creatures. Even the idea that we’re being rational, is irrational.   Every time Bobby spoke, I had 10 new questions.   I thought I'd never understand. But then he gave me his secret. And it answered all my questions.   It was so simple. I couldn't believe it.   Bobby and his son were walking around Estonia. They left Prague, bought a house and had no plans.   Someone overheard them speaking English.   “You’re American?”   They started talking. “What are you planning to do for your kids for school?”   Bobby had no idea.   “I have a son who’s your son’s age. We found a really good school up the hill. There’s a meeting tonight for foreigners who want to enroll their kids.”   That was it. Then Bobby told me his secret…“I figure it out as I go.”

Discópolis 9615 - Viljandi 05 Verska Naase, Liinatsuraq - 13/01/17  

Estonia. 37th Euroradio Folk Festival Viljandi, Estonia, 28-31 Julio 2016.
Quinto capítulo con dos formaciones tradicionales del sur de Estonia, una de hombres, Liinatśuraq y otra de mujeres Verska Naase que actuaron juntos o por separado con el siguiente programa:
1. Põllulaul 2:00 – Meel Valk, Verska Naase
2. Ülge’ ütte 2:00 – Urmas Kalla, Liinatśuraq
3. Kitsõ kirmaski laul 2:00 – Aado Lintrop, Liinatśuraq
4. Hällülaul 2:50 – Tiina Kadarbik, Verska Naase
5. Jaanilaul 3:50 – Riin Tammiste, Verska Naase
6. Vel´okõisi pikk ääl 3:00 – Paul Hagu, Liinatśuraq
7. Mi oll´ ese ilmarikas 5:00 – Kaspar Kolk, Liinatśuraq
8. Leigotamine 5:00 – Tiina Kadarbik, Verska Naase
9. Küll oll´ hallõ 3:00 – Andreas Kalkun, Liinatśuraq
10.Lätsi kõrtsi 3:00 – Peter Panov, Liinatśuraq
11.Hähkämine 2:00 – Elo Toom, Verska Naase
12.Naljalaul 2:30 – Maret Vabarna, Verska Naase
13.Härmä Ivokõnõ 4:00 – Valdo Valper, Liinatśuraq
14.Veerü päivä 2:00 – Meel Valk, Verska Naase
15.Laul läks läbi Setomaa 4:00 - Maret Vabarna, Verska Naase, Liinatśuraq
Concierto del viernes 29 de julio de 2016 a las 18 horas en el teatro del Centro musical tradicional de Estonia. 


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Discópolis 9614 - Viljandi 04 Trio Maar - 12/01/17  

Noruega. 37th Euroradio Folk Festival Viljandi, Estonia, 28-31 Julio 2016.
Cuarto capítulo con el trío Maar formado por Britt Pernille Frøholm – violín de hardanger y violín, Irene Tillung - acordeon y Ellen Brekken – contrabajo. Concierto del viernes 29 de julio de 2016 a las 17 horas en el recinto de la Escuela al aire libre con el siguiente programa:
1. Epleslang, Comp.: Irene Tillung
2. Bruremarsj, Comp.: Ellen Brekken
3. Hei, so dansa jenta mi, Comp.: Trad
4. The Edinburgh Waltzer, Comp.: Britt Pernille Frøholm
5. Fannemelsvevet, Comp.: Britt Pernille Frøholm
6. Daggry, Comp.: Britt Pernille Frøholm
7. Ghosttown Blues/Resentments Pleasure, Comp.: Britt Pernille Frøholm
8.Håssåmesen, Comp.: Ellen Brekken
9.Vintersøvn, Comp.: Irene Tillung
10.Hardråde, Comp.: Britt Pernille Frøholm
11.Kolagutane, Comp.: Trad

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Discópolis 9613 - Viljandi 03 Cardo-Roxo - 11/01/17  

Portugal. 37th Euroradio Folk Festival Viljandi, Estonia, 28-31 Julio 2016.
Tercer capítulo con el dúo portugués formado por Carmina Repas Gonçalves - voz, viola da gamba y Antony Fernandes - voz, gaita gallega y flauta. Hicieron temas tradicionales arreglados por Antony según este listado
1- Alvorada (5:26) de Miranda do Douro
2- Chacotas (4:11) de Mértola
3- Oficios (4:36) de Miranda do Douro
4- Meu bem (3:30) de Azores
5- Eito fora (3:53) de Vouzela and Miranda do Douro
6- Levar o gado (1:33) de Vouzela
7- Fandango (3:21) de Caldas da Rainha and Mafra
8- Vai-te cuca (2:48) de Madeira and Penha Garcia
9- Camponesas (2:20) de Campo Maior
10- Fado Azarado
Concierto del viernes 29 de julio de 2016 a las 16 horas en el teatro.

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Discópolis 9612 - Viljandi 02 Trad Attack! - 10/01/17  

37th Euroradio Folk Festival Viljandi, Estonia, 28-31 Julio 2016.
Segundo capítulo del concierto inaugural el jueves 28; tras Mari Kalkun, Tuulikki Bartosik, Ramo Teder y Marjaa Nuut, salió a escena la gran banda estonia de los últimos años, Trad Attack! un trío que ha roto fronteras y que son una verdadera institución en el pais. En España pudimos verles en Santiago el último Womex de octubre 2016. Mezclan tradición con elementos electrónicos contemporáneos e incitan constantemente al baile. Son: Sandra Sillamaa - bagpipe, whistles, jew’s harp, saxophone, vocals. Jalmar Vabarna - guitar, vocals. Tõnu Tubli- drums, vocals. 
Interpretaron seis piezas: 1. Toru-uss / Pipe-snake, 2. Oleks minu olemine / If I were, 3. Kuukene / Moon, 4. Reied / Thighs, 5. Kooreke / Precious Cream y 6. Jaan’kene / Jaan’kene.
El resto del programa lo dedicamos a una seleccion de temas tradicionales que se presentaron fuera del festival bajo el título Esthonian Ethno con el siguiente orden
1. Noruega "Guten i vang" (trad.) 5 min
2. Belgica "Lente polska" (Jeronen Laureys) 3 min
3. India "Ghumer" (trad.) 5 min
4. Finlandia "Haaviston 2. polska" (trad.) 5 min
5. Estonia "Puude laul" (sõnad trad., viis: Sänni Noormets) 4 min
6. Afganistan " Gul-e-Sela" (trad.) 5 min


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Discópolis 9611 - Viljandi 01 Marja Nuut - 09/01/17  

37th Euroradio Folk Festival Viljandi, Estonia, 28-31 Julio 2016.

Primer capítulo con dos conciertos inaugurales el jueves 28; el primero a cargo de Mari Kalkun, Tuulikki Bartosik, Ramo Teder tres mujeres sensacionales, y el segundo con Marjaa Nuut, ella solita en el escenario. Media hora cada uno. Ese concierto fue televisado y presentado por el presidente del estado estonio Toomas Hendrik, lo que demuestra la importancia del folk y la música popular en ese país

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Estonia offers virtual residency to people outside its borders  

Britain's vote to leave the European Union and Donald Trump's victory in the United States may provide an unexpected boost to Estonia.

Discópolis 9597 - EBU Folk Music Christmas Project y3 - 28/12/16  

Un año más aquí están los villancicos europeos, el proyecto con más éxito del grupo de trabajo de Folk de la Unión Europea de Radiodifusión. (EBU Folk Music Christmas Project 2016) Tercer programa de una serie de tres Cada emisora aporta uno o dos villancicos y opcionalmente manda saludos en su idioma. Este año 2016 se ha decidido colocar los villancicos por orden inverso del nombre en inglés de los países. Se indica el nombre de la emisora, sus siglas, y el nombre de los intérpretes. De esta forma:

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, MKRTV
Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra

Finland, Yle
Juuri & Juuri (Emilia Lajunen & Eero Grundström)

Estonia, ERR
Ensemble Triskele

Czech Republic, CR
1. Cimbálová muzika Soláň, zpívá Ludmila Vašková
(Cimbalom Music Soláň, Ludmila Vašková, vocals)

2. Horňácká cimbálová muzika Petra Galečky, zpívá Sboreček žen z Lipova
(Horňácko´s dulcimer band of Petr Galečka from Lipov, voice Little choir of woman from Lipov)

Cyprus, CyBC
1. Leandros Sitaros Choir, director: Maro Skordi
2. Leandros Sitaros Choir, Organ: Pitsa Spiridaki
Director: Maro Skordi

Croatia, HRTR
National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia

Bulgaria, BNR
Petio Kostadinov – bagpipe,
BNR Folk Music Orchestra

Belarus, BTRC
1. Chabathuki Ensemble from Stoshany, Pinsk district, Brest region
2. Natallia Matylitsckaya

Austria, ORF
Florian Bramböck, Klaus Dickbauer, Christian Maurer, Wolfgang Puschnig – reeds

Armenia, AMPR
Nubar Folk Ensemble and Tonantcuyc Ensemble

Esto es todo por 2016. Feliz Navidad, Feliz Nochevieja. Próspero Año Nuevo 2017.

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18th November 2016 - No League 3 for now, Lancaster City's loss, FA Cup success for Brackley Town and Solihull Moors and England C  

The team are back in full force with Dave Watters, Dave Anderson and Caroline Barker taking their weekly look over the big issues across the non league game. Chief Executive of AFC Wimbledon returns to the parish to talk about the EFL's withdrawal of their Whole Game Solution and the team ask what next for pyramid proposals. Stuart Houghton Chairman of Lancaster City pays his respects to former Dolly Blues Captain Neil Marshall who lost his battle with cancer this week aged just 31. On the FA Cup trail two giankilling replay winners give their thoughts. First Kevin Wilkin manager of Brackley Town 4-3 winners over Gillingham, then Liam McDonald whose first game in charge at Solihull Moors saw a penalty victory over Yeovil Town to set up a Second Round tie at Luton Town. Finally, The Non League Paper's Matt Badcock tells all about his trip midweek with the England C side to Estonia where a 2-1 win set up an International Challenge Trophy Final place in Slovakia next season. Get involved in the debate @nonleagueshow on Twitter.

Show 365 "2 Hours October"  

New edition with a lot of of new records and some good promos that I got during the last time. It contains also the premiere of a track that will be on the "Various Inspirations Vol. 2". It's by Neuronphase from Estonia and I'm super happy to have him on board. What a killer. If you love some detroit deepness you fell in love with it too.

Dining with the Dead  

Food is a fundamental part of life’s biggest celebrations, from birthdays and weddings to religious feasts. It’s also a key part of death. This week, we hear how saying farewell to the departed has inspired centuries of food tradition, from corpse cakes and sin-eating in medieval Europe, to the pan de muertos and sugar skulls of Mexico's Day of the Dead. We visit a Death Cafe in London to find out how food and drink help end the taboos around discussing grief and loss, and we go graveside feasting in Estonia, where family meals include the departed. Plus, how funeral food extravagance is driving families into enormous debt in Ghana. (Picture: Chocolate skulls prepared for Mexico's Day of The Dead celebrations)

21st October 2016 - Making your mind up and don't you forget about me  

Another bumper-filled show with Caroline Barker and Dave Anderson this week discussing the move from Wrexham back to York with returning manager Gary Mills, talking travelling in Europe with Whitehawk gaffer Richard Hill and not being picked for the FA Cup telly matches with Curzon Ashton. England C goalkeeping coach Mick Payne also previews their forthcoming match in Estonia and Sam Elliott from the Non League Paper updates on some of the other big news in non league this week.

Nómadas - Helsinki, diseño y mar - 09/10/16  

La capital finlandesa se asoma a la estrecha franja de mar Báltico que separa el país de Estonia. Helsinki se ha construido sobre una costa rocosa, que se proyecta hacia el sur en decenas de islas. Su trazado en cuadrícula y las distancias reducidas hacen de esta ciudad finlandesa un destino asequible para los amantes del turismo a pie. Entre la Plaza del Mercado (Kauppatori) y el cementerio de Hietaniemi apenas median tres kilómetros, que se hacen muy llevaderos con las pertinentes paradas para saborear el café, que aquí consumen en cantidades industriales. Nuestro paseo sonoro unirá las dos catedrales (luterana y ortodoxa) y varios museos peculiares, entre ellos el Designmuseo –que presenta lo más destacado del diseño nacional– y el Seurasaaren Ulkomuseo, una isla llena de edificios tradicionales traídos desde todos los rincones del país. Guían esta ruta los finlandeses Sami Auvinen, Jukka-Paco Halonen y Nelli Kallinen.

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Global Business: Estonia’s e-Residents  

Estonia is one of the smallest countries in Europe, with only 1.3 million citizens. But it is hoping to become much bigger – by attracting what it calls e-residents. A scheme was started two years ago to give citizens of any nation the opportunity to set up Estonian bank accounts and businesses – and to develop a digital identity which can be managed from anywhere. Ruth Alexander examines how it works, and who benefits.

'Man Utd were poor and flat'  

Hear from Jose Mourinho following Manchester United's defeat to Feyenoord in the Europa League. Eleanor Oldroyd also brings you reaction to Southampton’s first victory under Claude Puel and England Women’s 5-0 victory over Estonia in their Euro 2017 qualifying campaign.

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