Making Another Country Your Home Base - Estonian E-Residency  

Are you ready for your Estonian E-Residency?

The Republic of Estonia is the first country to offer e-residency- a transnational digital identity available to anyone in the world interested in administering a location independent business online. Plus, e-residency enables secure and convenient digital services that facilitate credibility and trust online.

Today you'll hear from the managing director of e-residency for the government of Estonia, Kasper Korjus. He's going to give you the details on their E-Residency program and you'll learn how you can easily make Estonia your home base.

Tune In To Learn: What is an E-Resident (and how to become one in Estonia) One thing that will make it easier for you to apply for Visa’s and living permits How we can create nations without borders Why e-residency is perfect for freelancers and nomads Why Estonia has decided to take the start up mentality and innovate How to change the revenue models of nation states One of the most frustrating things about being based outside of the US (now) Main benefits of E-Residency How to empower global citizens Why you should visit Estonia And much more! Resources: How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World Estonian E-Residency Location Indie

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"Winepassion is growing in Estonia", Karel Veski,  Best Sommelier in Estonia, 2014 NM 2014  

Karel Veski is the Best Sommelier in Estonia 2014, on trade salesman at Liviko, Estonia and the guest candidate in the Nordic Championship hold in Stockholm 12th october. Karel Veski talk about the importance of the exchange between the Nordic and Baltic countries regarding the sommelier development. He talks abut wine-passion in Estonia, and the trend with Estonian microbreweries an old history in Estonia.

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AT#186 - Travel to Estonia  

The Amateur Traveler talks to travel writer Jeanine Barone about Estonia. Estonia is a small forested country with picturesque islands, medieval fortifications, a thriving design community, a great restaurant scene and a young and vibrant culture. Estonia only recently regained its independence from the U.S.S.R. (1991) but is thriving and filled with innovation. This interview, like all the Amateur Traveler interviews, was recorded with Skype… which is headquartered in Estonia. We talked about hotels, restaurants, guide books, wine bars and chocolate.

AT#186 - Travel to Estonia  

The Amateur Traveler talks to travel writer Jeanine Barone about Estonia. Estonia is a small forested country with picturesque islands, medieval fortifications, a thriving design community, a great restaurant scene and a young and vibrant culture. Estonia only recently regained its independence from the U.S.S.R. (1991) but is thriving and filled with innovation. This interview, like all the Amateur Traveler interviews, was recorded with Skype… which is headquartered in Estonia. We talked about hotels, restaurants, guide books, wine bars and chocolate.

Discópolis 9615 - Viljandi 05 Verska Naase, Liinatsuraq - 13/01/17  

Estonia. 37th Euroradio Folk Festival Viljandi, Estonia, 28-31 Julio 2016.
Quinto capítulo con dos formaciones tradicionales del sur de Estonia, una de hombres, Liinatśuraq y otra de mujeres Verska Naase que actuaron juntos o por separado con el siguiente programa:
1. Põllulaul 2:00 – Meel Valk, Verska Naase
2. Ülge’ ütte 2:00 – Urmas Kalla, Liinatśuraq
3. Kitsõ kirmaski laul 2:00 – Aado Lintrop, Liinatśuraq
4. Hällülaul 2:50 – Tiina Kadarbik, Verska Naase
5. Jaanilaul 3:50 – Riin Tammiste, Verska Naase
6. Vel´okõisi pikk ääl 3:00 – Paul Hagu, Liinatśuraq
7. Mi oll´ ese ilmarikas 5:00 – Kaspar Kolk, Liinatśuraq
8. Leigotamine 5:00 – Tiina Kadarbik, Verska Naase
9. Küll oll´ hallõ 3:00 – Andreas Kalkun, Liinatśuraq
10.Lätsi kõrtsi 3:00 – Peter Panov, Liinatśuraq
11.Hähkämine 2:00 – Elo Toom, Verska Naase
12.Naljalaul 2:30 – Maret Vabarna, Verska Naase
13.Härmä Ivokõnõ 4:00 – Valdo Valper, Liinatśuraq
14.Veerü päivä 2:00 – Meel Valk, Verska Naase
15.Laul läks läbi Setomaa 4:00 - Maret Vabarna, Verska Naase, Liinatśuraq
Concierto del viernes 29 de julio de 2016 a las 18 horas en el teatro del Centro musical tradicional de Estonia. 


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Discópolis 9435 - Estonia Rock años 60 - 05/08/16  

¿Hubo Rock en Estonia en los años sesenta?. Sí y bueno. A partir de 1966 surge el grupo Kristallid y el año siguiente, Omega, (no confundir con el grupo homónimo húngaro) versionean al italiano Little Tony. Los estonios prefieren las baladas y los medios tempos al ritmo frenético, por eso se fijan en versiones de temas de The Herman Hermits, The Tremeloes The Bee Gees o The Beatles aunque otro conjunto pionero, Optimistid prefirieron a The Who. Vamos oyendo canciones de todos ellos pero incluyendo también composiciones propias, originales. Es lo que se llama Eesti Rocki Lapsepölv, rock estonio juvenil. Recordad que estaban bajo dominación de la URSS. Algún músico de estos grupos alcanzó gran renombre como solista, caso de Tönis Mägi de Rütmikud que triunfó en Moscú con el tema Olimpiada y luego compuso lo que se puede considerar el himno por la libertad de Estonia: Koit, Amanecer, un tema épico que sirve para terminar el programa de hoy.

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Foreign Minister, Estonia - Urmas Paet  

The crisis in Ukraine has put the spotlight on the relationship between Russia and the EU. How much carrot and how much stick should the EU wield when it comes to dealing with Moscow? The Baltic States, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were once part of the Soviet Union and all share a border with the Russian Federation. Hardtalk speaks to Urmas Paet, Foreign Minister of Estonia. Why does Estonia think that getting tough with President Putin is the most effective way to contain Russia? Picture: Urmas Paet, Credit: Ilmars Znotins/AFP/Getty Images

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Friends From Estonia.  

This past weekend was very special. We had friends to stay. What made the weekend special was that, at the beginning of their stay, we actually didn't even know them. This unusual situation started back in June. There was a knock at the door, and when I opened it I found a blonde, young man, with a shy smile, and an armful* of books. "Hello," he said in an accent that I couldn't exactly place. "My name is Mikhail. I wonder if you have five minutes for me to show you these books that I'm selling." I didn't want to buy any books, but neither was I in a hurry to do anything else, so I asked him to come in. It turns out that he is from Estonia, and has spent the Summer going from door to door, selling educational books made by a company called South Western. Mikhail was charming and friendly, and immediately attracted the attention of my children, who proceeded* to crowd around him and ask all kinds of questions. Well, he showed me the benefits of using these books during my children's school years, and how they help to prepare them for exams, including college entrance exams. I decided to take the plunge* and buy them. He told me that they couldn't be delivered until the beginning of September, and that he would personally bring them to us. Fine. Well, Summer came and went, and the last thing on my mind at the beginning of term were books. I received a reminder card from him about his return, but because baseball season is here, and we are up to our eyeballs* in practices and games, I forgot all about Mikhail and the books. Then, a few days ago, he turns up as he had promised, with our set of books and DVDs. He looked tired. He still had a car load of books to deliver, and time was running out. It was 100 degrees that day, some of his customers hadn't paid yet, and he didn't even have a place to spend the night. My husband and I agreed that they could stay with us. We have a roomy, spare lounge which the kids use as a playroom. It would be cool, comfortable, and if they got bored at night, they could always play with the kids action figures.... They quickly became part of the family, infact, we were all disappointed to see them go. We talked about our countries and cultures, about work and families. In a week, they will go to New York, as a reward for their hard work. They also have the chance to win a trip to another country; those who sell the most books get to go. Mikhail's friend, Olev, who stayed an extra day with us, told us that this kind of Summer work is very hard. It forces you to grow up, become industrious, to persist even when you get a lot of negative responses from people, and to learn self control. These are qualities that he hopes to use in his career back in Estonia. They told us that their Summer experiences were completely varied. "I have been bitten by dogs, and had a gun pointed at me," said Mikhail. I laughed in shock when he told me that. "But in contrast to that," he continued, "we've stayed with some really kind host families." I hope they experience kindness for the rest of their trip, and perhaps, one day, they can show us around their home towns in Estonia. Related expressions:  an armful of, to proceed to, to take the plunge, up to your eyeballs. 1. He walked through the door with an armful of potatoes; the harvest has been good this year. 2. The birds flew into the orchard, and proceded to peck at the cherries. 3. We took the plunge and bought the house. It wasn't cheap, but we can imagine staying here for a long time. 4. I'm up to my eyeballs with bills; it's really too much.   Tweet // //

Latvia, Estonia and Skype  

The software behind Skype was developed in Estonia and has transformed the Baltic state's tech startup scene. Now its neighbours are trying to emulate that success. Marie Keyworth visits Lativa, where the government is trying to cultivate a startup culture in the capital Rega, as well as Estonia's capital Tallinn to see how they are trying to build on Skype's success. (Photo: Rega, Credit: Getty Images)

Discopolis 9653 - Iñaki Sandoval - 15/02/17  

Iñaki Sandoval es pianista, navarro (Pamplona 1974). Se formó en Barcelona y continuó estudios en Estados Unidos. Desde hace un par de años reside en Estonia, en la ciudad de Viljandi donde dirige la Academia de Cultura Tradicional. Nos visita como jazzman para presentarnos, entre otras cosas, su disco grabado en directo junto a Carles Benavent y Roger Blávia, Electric Trio Live. Tiene además su propio sello discográfico be bi ne, abreviatura de Beauty By Necessity. Esta tarde estará en Madrid (ayer estuvo en Barcelona) junto a la escritora Merce Brey haciendo una presentación de voz y piano. No solo hablamos de música ya que comentamos temas cotidianos de Estonia, el amor por la cultura de esta nación, la importancia del canto fomentando su Revolución pacífica, el concepto de puntualidad, su versatilidad en los idiomas y el sonido del silencio estonio, algo difícilmente imaginable para un latino. Escuchamos piezas como Gracia (introducción), Sausolito, Keep it Fresh y la Copla para Alberto. Os detallo sus colaboraciones con Horacio Fumero o Peer Wyboris, Billy Hart, Eddie Gómez...Y también mencionamos al ex-embajador de España en Estonia Fernando García Casas, ahora secretario de estado para Iberoamérica que hará de presentador en el acto de esta tarde.

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Discópolis 9612 - Viljandi 02 Trad Attack! - 10/01/17  

37th Euroradio Folk Festival Viljandi, Estonia, 28-31 Julio 2016.
Segundo capítulo del concierto inaugural el jueves 28; tras Mari Kalkun, Tuulikki Bartosik, Ramo Teder y Marjaa Nuut, salió a escena la gran banda estonia de los últimos años, Trad Attack! un trío que ha roto fronteras y que son una verdadera institución en el pais. En España pudimos verles en Santiago el último Womex de octubre 2016. Mezclan tradición con elementos electrónicos contemporáneos e incitan constantemente al baile. Son: Sandra Sillamaa - bagpipe, whistles, jew’s harp, saxophone, vocals. Jalmar Vabarna - guitar, vocals. Tõnu Tubli- drums, vocals. 
Interpretaron seis piezas: 1. Toru-uss / Pipe-snake, 2. Oleks minu olemine / If I were, 3. Kuukene / Moon, 4. Reied / Thighs, 5. Kooreke / Precious Cream y 6. Jaan’kene / Jaan’kene.
El resto del programa lo dedicamos a una seleccion de temas tradicionales que se presentaron fuera del festival bajo el título Esthonian Ethno con el siguiente orden
1. Noruega "Guten i vang" (trad.) 5 min
2. Belgica "Lente polska" (Jeronen Laureys) 3 min
3. India "Ghumer" (trad.) 5 min
4. Finlandia "Haaviston 2. polska" (trad.) 5 min
5. Estonia "Puude laul" (sõnad trad., viis: Sänni Noormets) 4 min
6. Afganistan " Gul-e-Sela" (trad.) 5 min


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Discópolis 9434 - Viljandi Folk Estonia - 04/08/16  

Crónica calentita del Viljandi Folk Festival de Estonia. Ejemplos musicales de Trad Attack!, Zetod, Maarja Nuut, Tuulikki Bartosik, a dúo o en trío junto a Mari Kalkuun y Ramon Teder, Estonian Voices y paradita para saber algo de Kustas Kikerpuu (alguien parecido a nuestro Augusto Algueró). Seguimos con Lepaseree y luego hacemos caso a tres grupos europeos de los que han participado en el Euroradio Folk festival integrado dentro del de Viljandi: Folk Beat de Rusia, Irmelin de Suecia y Enkel de Finlandia.

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1944 (#audesc #pelicula Bélico. Drama. II Guerra Mundial 2015)  

País Estonia Director Elmo Nüganen Guion Leo Kunnas Música Jaak Jürisson Fotografía Rein Kotov, Mart Taniel Reparto Märt Pius, Mait Malmsten, Ain Mäeots, Magnús Mariuson, Kristjan Sarv, Maiken Schmidt, Rain Simmul, Ivo Uukkivi, Henrik Kalmet, Marko Leht, Kristjan Üksküla, Tõnu Oja Sinopsis Último año de la Segunda Guerra Mundial en Estonia. Los letones están luchando en la frontera entre Europa y Rusia. Algunos han sido alistados a la fuerza en el ejército rojo, otros combaten con las SS desde el bando nazi. Un país en el que ellos se sienten hermanos, obligados a enfrentarse entre sí por una causa que les resulta ajena. Sólo en circunstancia extremas podrán "luchar" por lo verdaderamente importante.

Music That Matters, Vol, 554 - Musical WonderMENT  

DJ Kevin Cole shares some of his musical discoveries from the MENT Ljubljana  Festival including bands from Slovenia, Estonia, Macedonia, Slovakia, and Russia!  Time to get MENTal! 1. Oligarkh – “Maria Devo”(Saint Petersburg, Russia)2. The Ills – “Waltz On Mars” (Bratislava, Slovakia)3. Persons From Porlock – “Bad Fanfiction”(Ljubljana, Slovenia)4. Haiku Garden – “Rosetta” (Ljubljana, Slovenia)5. The Jack Wood – “Devilishly” (Tomsk, Russia)6. Erki Pärnoja – “Doors Dance” (Estonia)7. The Ills – “4:17” (Bratislava, Slovakia)8. Bernays Propaganda – “Armija”(Macedonia)9. Oligarkh – “Tri Devi” (Saint Petersburg, Russia)10. Širom – “Trilogija” (Slovenia)

Estonia offers virtual residency to people outside its borders  

Britain's vote to leave the European Union and Donald Trump's victory in the United States may provide an unexpected boost to Estonia.

Global Business: Estonia’s e-Residents  

Estonia is one of the smallest countries in Europe, with only 1.3 million citizens. But it is hoping to become much bigger – by attracting what it calls e-residents. A scheme was started two years ago to give citizens of any nation the opportunity to set up Estonian bank accounts and businesses – and to develop a digital identity which can be managed from anywhere. Ruth Alexander examines how it works, and who benefits.

Estonia's Bootleg Vodka Poisoning  

In September 2001, 68 people died after a massive outbreak of alcohol poisoning in Parnu, Estonia. Rachael Gillman has been speaking to Dr. Raido Paasma, who was working as a doctor in the town when the first cases were discovered. Photo: Victims of the Parnu alcohol poisoning outbreak (AP Images)

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Discópolis 9439 - Ecos de Viljandi:Folkbeat - 09/08/16  

Ecos del Viljandi Folk Festival 2016 en Estonia. Como el Euroradio Folk Festival se integró en él, tuvimos ocasión de escuchar un montón de artistas europeos. Algunos de ellos son muy interesantes. Comenzamos con el cuarteto ruso FolkBeat RF que trata de mezclar electrónica y Folk. Seguimos con la islandesa Ragnheidur Gröndal, la irlandesa Laoise Kelly, el grupo búlgaro Vechernitza, el polaco Sutari, la mezcla de Estonia y Estados Unidos del dúo Eeva Talsi con Casey Driessen, las suecas de Irmelin o la también estona Tuulikki Bartosik. Os voy relatando anécdotas del festival, de los artistas, del carácter estonio y os comento por qué tanta presencia femenina. El Euroradio Folk Festival se celebrará en la Republica Checa el próximo año, en Cesky Krumlov y para daros la noticia pongo un tema magnifico de Tomas Kocko, uno de los grandes artistas checos contemporáneos. Terminamos con un tema tradicional de Moravia, bellísimo, interpretado por Magdalena Muckova.

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Discópolis 9438 - Estonia Rock 70's - 08/08/16  

Después de haber oído el rock estonio de los años sesenta, vamos a escuchar lo que se hizo en este pais en los setenta. El salto es muy importante. Los grupos de rock estonio de los setenta tienen personalidad propia, y aunque hay referencias a los grupos anglosajones del género (sobre todo a Jethro Tull), desarrollaron un lenguaje personal, debido también a la propia tradición centroeuropea del pais. Escuchamos a Ruja (tres temas), Ornament, Polyphon, Virmalised, Vantorel, Suuk, Meie y Teravik.

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Internet access is now a human right: part 2 - Chips with Everything tech podcast  

In 2001, Estonia was one of the first countries in the world to classify internet access as a human right. To learn more, we speak to the foreign minister of Estonia and Skype’s first employee

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