El sótano - Terry Lee Hale, Felix Holt o Los Deltonos vs. Las Grecas... - 16/01/17  

Vuelve con nuevo disco el trovador tejano Terry Lee Hale. “Bound, Chained, Fettered” es una emotiva colección de canciones con la impronta vital de este músico de la carretera. Te contamos el robo de reverb perpetrado por Felix Holt junto a su productor Jorge Explosión. Y mención especial a la “versión y original” de hoy, por cortesía de Los Deltonos.

Playlist; Terry Lee Hale (Jawbone, Can’t get back (just like that), Bound chained fettered), The Cactus Blossoms (You’re dreaming), The Sadies (It’s easy (like walking)), Hendrik Rover and los Míticos GT’s (Las muchachas), Los Deltonos (Orgullo, versión de Las Grecas), Sweethearts From America (Don’t break my heart) y The Fleshtones (Sinner).

Sección Producto Perrotti; Felix Holt (Right on by).

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Mike Harding Folk Show 212  

PODCAST: 08 Jan 2017

01 Goodbye Fare You Well - Waterson:Carthy - Fishes And Fine Yellow Sand

02 Three Drunken Maidens - Dave Swarbrick and Simon Nicol - In The Club

03 Shackleton - Maurice McGrath - Winsome Ways

04 The Cheviot Rant/Nancy Taylor's Reel - Windy Gyle Band - Purple Hills To Coast

05 When First I Came To Caledonia - Martin Simpson - Kind Letters

06 Jam On Gerry's Rock / Willie's - Lissa Schneckenburger - Song

07 Judgement Day - Joe Solo - The Future Needs Us Now

08 Tamara - Daria Kulesh - Long Lost Home

09 The Gold Ring - Willie Clancy - The Pipering Of Willie Clancy Vol 2

10 Willy Clancy and The Pipes -  Maurice McGrath - Winsome Ways

11 Leadbelly's Grave - The Last Pedestrians - Battle Of A Simple Man

12 The Old Jawbone - Molsky's Mountain Drifters - Molsky's Mountain Drifters

13 Welcome To The End Of The World (One More Time) - Keith Christmas - Crazy Dancing Days

14 Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos - Chaim Tannenbaum - Chaim Tannenbaum

15 Westlin' Winds - Robyn Stapleton - Songs Of Robert Burns

16 Kilmartin Set - Pippa Reid-Foster - Driftwood Harp

17 Don’t Put Your Life On The Stage - Lizzie Nunnery - Back Hound Howling

18 Journey’s End - The Teacups - Of Labour and Love


In a year where phantom clowns have our attention, we fail to report that there have been other monsters that have been sighted and have been ignored by the mainstream media – as they say, people know what they see and with the discovery of the jawbone of a beardog, you have to wonder if any of those so-called extinct creatures somehow find their way into our world, terrorizing us with their cunning prowess and predatory nature. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks with author and investigator of strange creatures, Linda Godfrey about FAMOUS MONSTERS OF THE HOMELAND.

Carol Roth, Television Personality, Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur  

Carol Roth is a great example of someone who has bet on herself -- and won big. Once a rising star at Montgomery Securities in San Francisco, Roth got off the traditional Wall Street track and started using what she learned in investment banking to help small businesses get off the ground, and become big ones. In addition to being an early investor in startups like Jawbone, Roth is now an on-air contributor at CNBC, a judge on Mark Burnett's America’s Greatest Makers and author of the New York Times bestselling book The Entrepreneur Equation, which lays out the strategies that led her to be named one of America's Top 100 small business strategists every year since 2011. Despite all that (and more) Roth says one of her "proudest accomplishments" is being one of the mere 2094 people who the NFL is following on Twitter. Check out this week's episode of Fortune Unfiltered as Roth discusses her early investment banking career, her small business consulting work, her hatred of the term "woman entrepreneur," and that whole NFL Twitter thing.

#16 Pedro Piñera: un desarrollador world-class con mucha marcheta  

Pedro es un conocido desarrollador de iOS. Comenzó a programar en la universidad y en sólo unos pocos años ha conseguido establecerse como uno de los desarrolladores de referencia de la industria en Europa, después de trabajar en varias empresas de producto y startups. Ahora mismo trabaja para Soundcloud, una de las empresas más conocidas de Internet, y en esta entrevista nos cuenta los pasos que ha seguido para llegar hasta allí.

Pedro y yo charlamos sobre las claves para darte a conocer y convertirte en un desarrollador experto, cómo lanzar tu primer proyecto de código abierto y cómo elegir una buena empresa en la que trabajar.

Pero por supuesto no todo va a ser tecnología. También hablamos de una cosa que a Pedro le ha cambiado la vida: correr. Indagaremos en qué le llevó a un día empezar en esto del running y a haber acabado corriendo varios maratones, y por supuesto hablaremos de cómo se los prepara.

Este chico de Murcia ha sido uno de mis grandes descubrimientos de este año, su energía y su positivismo me resultan muy inspiradores y contagiosos, y por supuesto en esta entrevista no os van a dejar indiferentes.

Enlaces del episodio Blog de Pedro Medium Twitter Fernando Cejas Soundcloud iOS Android Xcode Git Dropbox Código Abierto u Open Source Artsy Swift Jawbone 8fit Maratón de Berlín The Minimalists Furgonetas Demetrio Valentí Sanjuan How to Win Friends and Influence People (Cómo ganar amigos e influir sobre las personas) Dale Carnegie Evento Apple WWDC

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RT 177 | Josh Trent – A Driving Force For Wellness  

Josh Trent joins the podcast this week. This is a unique interview, packed with value and useful information. Josh is a wellness consultant, corrective exercise specialist, digital health coach, podcast host and founder of Wellness Force. His motivation to create Wellness Force and coach over 10,000 training sessions is rooted deep in the fabric of where he came from; an early childhood and adolescent life plagued with weight and health struggles. In his podcast – Wellness Force Radio – Josh interviews some of the most inspiring and passionate experts in the areas of behavior change, health, wellness technology and fitness. In this session, Josh takes us through his fitness journey and shares how he was able to break his unhealthy habits and is now on a mission to empower greater wellness in over one million lives through technology. During our talk, we also chat about about a number of topics including the emotional side of training, fitness tracking apps, improving sleep, the link between stress and food, habits, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and the list goes on. This is a very unique interview and I can promise that you’re going to get a lot of value from this one. Here’s what you’ll hear about in this week’s amazing episode: Josh shares his fitness journey and how he broke free from an unhealthy lifestyle Why emotional work is a MUST if you want to change the way you look and feel What is digital health and how can it help you show up more powerfully in your own life? The BEST apps and tools that you can use to track your wellness journey Discover the 4 most important pillars to better health How to quantify your sleep so you can optimize your life How a lack of sleep can have a major impact on your hormones Top tips and strategies to improving your sleep Find out why strength is fundamentally irreplaceable The simplified approach to eating better The psychology behind good eating and understanding the link between stress and food The low and slow approach to training & nutrition Using movement breaks to ramp up your energy levels The 3 most powerful habits you can implement today Learning the art of emotional intelligence Josh explains what wellness means to him Why mindfulness is the most important piece to optimizing health What is Wellness Force Radio all about? The importance of being fully self-aware If you enjoyed this week’s episode, please drop in a quick review in iTunes or Stitcher. It’s easy to review the show and it’s greatly appreciated to help the show grow. To see how to post a review in iTunes, go to SUBSCRIBE AND REVIEW THE SHOW IN ITUNES SUBSCRIBE AND REVIEW THE SHOW IN STITCHER The Rdella Training® Podcast is released each week with valuable training information and amazing interviews with “world class” coaches, experts, and authors in the fitness industry. The Rdella Training Podcast is committed to become the Premier Strength and Performance Podcast online interviewing the industry leaders to help people of all levels live their strength and discover their greatness. SHOW NOTES: Wellness Force Nudge Coach Garmin Jawbone Beddit Muse Motivation Manifesto The Way of the Superior Man I've got a great coffee recommendation - and my preferred blend. Check out Renegade Roast for a clean, premium coffee bean. I guarantee, you'll love it! Spread the word! Please share this on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere you’d like.

#114: Så sover du bättre - Produktivitetsbloggens podcast  

Skönhetssömnen behövs, men hur får du den perfekta natten? Andreas, Kajsa, Daniel och Johannes funderar på hur du både somnar och sover bättre. Längd: 12:51 Läs mer: Nomie f.lux Valkee (ljus i öronen) och att det är svindleri Polyfasisk sömn Jawbone om korrelation mellan sömn och glädje Lyssna här:   Ladda hem: Så sover du […]

46: Bonkey Kong  

DN granskar IT-sverige och synar webbkameror i sömmarna, i Frankrike har man klubbat igenom lagen "Rätten att koppla ner" och vi pratar Inbox Zero. Magnus har dessutom en ny pryl på armen och Jezper försöker förklara webrooming för gänget. Det och mycket mer i veckans avsnitt!

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Jawbone Up 3 Speedrun Mario 64 Pavlovs hundar Schrödingers katt Five monkeys and a ladder DN granskar IT-sverige: webbkameror
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Niptech 305 – Archilochus  

Un Niptech sur l’industrie 4.0 et son influence sur les produits du futur, et pas mal de Google, ça faisait longtemps! La dernière avant que la famille de Mike s’agrandisse :) Podcast: Téléchargement Liens Hardware / Industrie 4.0 Jawbone is reportedly stopping production on all of its fitness trackers  (and Jawbone Is Trying to Sell [&hellip

Bits und so #472 (Der Dulleninspektor)  

MacBook OLED Softkeys / macOS / Siri 2.0 / iPod Hifi / Alexa/Echo Simulator / Siri API / DriveNow-Glumpcomputer / Jawbone Wearables / Pebble 2 + Core / Smart Signage / Synergy / Fritz LTE + C5 / Alfred App / Fritch DECT-Remote / Mac ID / Squarespace

10,000 Steps: 022  

10,000 steps is a real buzzword at the moment, popularised by gadgets such as the Jawbone and Fitbit. But where did that number even come from? And what benefits are even derived from walking 10,000 steps a day?    That's what Carly and Kelly discuss in this episode while also offering some practical tips for getting your steps up to that magical 10,000 mark and beyond.   For more info on Kelly and Carly, and to see any links or resources mentioned in today’s episode, head over to

Geek Fit 10: Not So Terrible Wearables  

This week on Geek Fit, Justin and Ally follow take your questions from the new Geek Fit Facebook group and discuss things like procrastination, their favorite podcasts, and how they’re both ready to try a new sleep tracking system. In addition to that, Ally shares her hands-on experience with several different fitness wearables, and she and Justin discuss several habits that can help you break up with dieting.

Wearable Recommendations:

Jawbone for in-depth app, workout options, all-in-one solution, better sleep data (Can read and write steps and sleep data to HealthKit)


Fitbit for wider support, price point for every budget, sure-fire integration with other apps and services – available pretty much EVERYWHERE (No HealthKit integration still? [...]

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Q&A Special: Sleephacking (wie lange ich schlafe und wann ich aufstehe)  

Q&A Special: Sleephacking (wie lange ich schlafe und wann ich aufstehe) 

Show Notes: 

Meine "Morning Routine" Blogpost

Meine "Morning Routine" Podcast Folge

f.lux Bildschirm Licht Optimierung

Schlafmaske für unterwegs

Schlafmaske für zuhause

Jawbone UP3 Sleeptracker Armband

Kava Tee

Mein Blogpost zu Modafinil

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JAWBONE OF AN ASP (MYSTERY) The unpredictable life of a private detective is a fine thing. But like all good things, it is at least partly an illusion. There are only so many reasons that a person knocks on the grey-green door that reads “Justice and Dixon, Private Investigations”, and they usually fall within a fairly limited range. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Decoder Ring Theatre






Smithsonian Institution involved in hiding giant human bones?  Is it possible that giant bones were discovered in many burial sites, and the Smithsonian Institution has been hiding these bones from the general public?

On August 10, 1891, the New York Times reported that scientists from  the Smithsonian Institution had discovered several large "pyramidal monuments" at Lake Mills, near Madison Wisconsin.  On December 20, 1897, the Times followed up with a report on three large burial mounds that had been discovered in Maple Creek, Wisconsin and here is the description given:  "In it was found the skeleton of a man of gigantic size.  The bones measured from head to foot over nine feet and were in a fair state of preservation.  The skull was as large as a half bushel measure".  Such a description certainly is intriguing, to say the least, but there is no physical evidence of these large bone findings available for all to see.   Many exhibitions of normal size bones are available for viewing, but for some reason or reasons the viewing opportunities of large bones do not exist.

The website graham presented the following:  In a report from the Syracuse Herald American in 1983, anthropologists from the Buffalo Museum of Science, 1400 artifacts were dug up from a site called Phoenix Hill.  In a county historical report called "A History of Livingston County, New York," published in 1824, reported that in 1811, an Indian Mound on Mount Morris, rude medals, pipes and articles were uncovered in association with the remains of a giant "of enormous size, the jawbone of which was so large that Adam Holslander place it, mask-like over his own chin and jaw."

Evidence from the past definitely indicates the existence of giant bones found in burial mounds, but, at this point, the proof of such bones in the form of physical evidence is not available.


The post GIANT BONES IN BURIAL SITES? appeared first on Mysterious Topics .

Tii - iTem 0341 - iOS 8.3 Beta 3  
Mac OS Ken: 03.13.2015  

- TMO: Midweek iTunes Outages May Have Cost Apple $25 Million in Sales - Business Insider: Midweek DNS Issue Knocks Apple Retail Stores in Europe - WSJ: Apple Retail a Boon to Malls of America - Apple Pulls Nike+ FuleBand and Jawbone Up from Retail Stores - Apple Opens iOS 8.3 Beta to the Public - Swatch Makes NFC Payment Deals Ahead of Apple Watch Launch - Ive and Newson to Speak at Conde Nast Luxury Conference - Cook Calls Cramer; Talks Apple Pay, ResearchKit, and Health - Becoming Steve Jobs: Revelatory Bio Due 24 March  - Get 10% Off of Your Squarespace Order with Coupon Code macosken at

Geek Inc Podcast 183 : Les nouveaux  

Des nouveaux ! Stéphanie pour le manga et Jeff pour le jeux vidéo. On les encourage car l'exercice n'est pas si facile… Sinon au programme du comics, du film qui fait peur, des evolutions un projet kickstarter et plein d'autres choses !

- Soleil annonce le Manga Zelda
- Netflix annonce une série Zelda
- Tesla va fabriquer des batteries pour maison
- Spiderman chez Marvel accord avec Sony
- Wolverine 3 avec Patrick Stewart et Ian mc Kellen
- Le swating arrive en France
- Google IO les 28 et 29 mai
- BitTorrent va produire une serie de scifi, Children of the machine
- Spot le “chien” robot
- Fight Club 2 arrive en mai (comics)
- Des news de mass effect 4

Cedric : LISTNR
Cedric : Jawbone UP MOVE





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Geek Inc Podcast 182 : Les roues octogonales  

Cette semaine on reste en forme, on voyage dans le temps et on découvre la vie des ados…

- Mac OS 10.10.3 (beta) montre l’app Photo
- Bouygues fait du 300mega en 4G
- google glass
- L’épisode 2 de Got est dispo
- Daredevil
- Raspberry pi 2 B+
- Pebble
- Nathan fillion dans big bang
- Milo Ventimiglia dans Gotham
- Microsoft achète sunrise
- Microsoft Wireless display adapter est dispo en france
- Les legos doctor who dans l’année !
- Un restaurant éphémère GOT va ouvrir ses portes à Londres 13-15 février

Cedric : Jawbone UP24

Sophie : 12 Monkeys

Audrey : Life is Strange

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