#021 - Überwinde die Angst dich zu zeigen - Interview mit Mira Giesen  

Hallo Leute, herzlich Willkommen zu einer weiteren Folge, hier bei meinem Podcast „Du bist der wichtigste Mensch“.

Mein Name ist Sascha Hütte und ich freue mich riesig dass du wieder dabei bist.

Heute spreche ich mit Mira Giesen die sich selbst die „Webverbesserin“ nennt.

Mira hilft Menschen dabei sichtbar zu werden und gerade in dem Bereich Webinare ist sie eine absolute Expertin. Ich möchte mit Mira darüber sprechen wie auch du anfangen kannst sichtbar zu werden.

Begrüße mit mir gemeinsam die bezaubernde Mira Giesen :-) 

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Mira´s Website

Mira´s Podcast


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Mantis Radio 192 + Matt TdK  

Mantis Radio 192 + Matt TdK

Replicant - Ultraviolent
Senking - Grolar [Raster Noton]
Ipman - Regicide [Tectonic]
Robert Logan - Phrack [Slowfoot Records]
Vainio & Vigroux - Le crâne tambour [Cosmo Rhythmatic]
Povab - sum30 [Offshoot]
Prequel Tapes - My Side [R'COUP'D]
Killawatt - Excessive Hyperbole (Mønic Version) [Osiris Music]
Ancient Methods - Protection Had to Be Given [Hands]
Prodigy - Roadblox (Paula Temple remix) [R&S Records]
Kata Mercado - Paradise (Nikolai Bezdolya remix) [Club Poison]
Ansome - Garrison [Perc Trax]
David Meiser - Principia Mathematica [unreleased]
CHVRN - control [CHVRN]

Matt TdK - Space 2
Matt TdK - 4.7.14
Matt TdK - Electro #7
Matt TdK - Warped and Weird
Matt TdK - Broken Noise
Matt TdK - Collection of Sounds
Matt TdK - 10.6.14
Matt TdK - Dark Tribal
Matt TdK - Halfstep
Matt TdK - Untitled #6
Matt TdK - Broken Loop
Matt TdK - Industry [Darkfloor Sound]
Matt TdK - 11.7.14
Matt TdK - Another Untitled
Matt TdK - Hard as Nails
Matt TdK - Get On With It
Matt TdK - 4 Track
Matt TdK - 5 Track Shakedown [Green Fetish Records]
Matt TdK - Tunnel Vision [Green Fetish Records]
Matt TdK - What Do You Mean, Take The Roof Off

The Best of Matt Pop - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

Matt Pop is a producer and remixer from The Netherlands. Since sharing his un-official remixes with the world through YouTube, more and more official remixes have been commissioned. I was asked to make a Matt Pop megamix as part of a competition on the Matt Pop Facebook group. You can listen to the other mixes and then tell everyone that mines the best ;) Matt Pop has been working with Almighty Records, in particular, and continues to produce his poppy-upbeats for them. Featuring a medley of classic remixed tracks to modern floor fillers, this megamix is one of my personal favourites. Update (14th March 2013) - Watch out for part 2 coming soon! In May 2012 this mix won an international Matt Pop mix competition organised by the 'Official Matt Pop Facebook group.' According to the organisers, it won by a "country mile." Track listing: The Night (Matt Mix) - Valerie Dore Paparazzi (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Gaga Girls That's What Love Can Do (Matt Pop Club Mix - Almighty Showgirls Alone (Matt Pop Remastered Mix) - Heart Tragedy (Matt Pop Unofficial Club Mix) - Bee Gees Borderline (Matt Mix) - Madonna I Want To Break Free (Matt Mix) - Queen Wicked Game (Matt Mix) - Chris Isaac In The Name Of Love (Matt Pop 12 inch Mix) - Hazell Dean Tell It to My Heart (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Raquela My Heart Will Go On (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Deja Vu Feat. Tasmin Theme from Black Beauty (Galloping Home Mix) - Matt Mix Be Free (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Kaatchi Why (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Sammy Paul So Happy Together (Matt Mix) - The Turtles

The Best of Matt Pop 2 - Jamie Atreyu Podcast  

About a year overdue, the second installment of Matt Pop's greatest productions is finally here. Often proving the most popular of all my mix-sets, volume 1 even won an award! Matt, from The Netherlands, became popular among dance-pop fans by sharing his work through YouTube. Following commissions from various small labels, including Almighty Records, Matt's popularity and exposure has grown. Here is another selection of his uplifting, pop infused productions with a very more-ish 80's twist. This DJ mix set notably including are a couple of graduates of the 'Dance Anthems' series; Hazel Dean's 'Shattered Glass' pretty much sums Matt's style up to a T. Anyone familiar with this track will know its a huge 80's dance floor track, and this incarnation keeps true to the original, whilst showcasing a modern bassline and energising vocals. 'For Your Love' by Charade is in fact one of my favourite tracks. It's incredibly professional sounding and the vocals match perfectly on-key. Stevie Nicks 'Rooms On Fire' also gives a similar feel, I love it. Track listing Arrival (Matt Mix) - ABBA Push To The Limit (Matt Pop Extended Mix) - DJ Stonedog Ft Baby M Best Day Of My Life (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Eva Leone When I Call Your Name (feat. Mary Kiani) (Matt Mix) - Northernbeat Intoxicated (Matts Hell For Leather Mix) - Peter Wilson vs Matt Pop Hung Up (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Who's That Girl! Its My Life (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Allan Jay Shattered Glass (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Hazell Dean For Your Love (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Charade This Is My Life (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Hazell Dean Somebody To Love (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Paul Parker Rooms On Fire (Matt Mix) - Stevie Nicks Save Your Love For Me (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Dee Dee Martin Hair (Matt Pop Club Mix) - Gaga Girls

TDF EP 207 – Matt Mira enjoys James Bond  

Matt Mira (@MattMira) loves James Bond. I learn a lot. Like what he likes to do in hotel rooms after kicking some ass. Matt is on the Nerdist and another pod called James Bonding. Cuz he's a bit of a James Bond dork. Enjoy. I did. There's also another "find Jackie a thing and win something" contest. Good luck. December's sponsor is last episode's guest -  - She has a world of geekery that includes t-shirts, Doctor Who hoodies, scarves and sweatshirts. She also has a podcast! LISTEN UP! ORDER UP! Get 20% off with checkout code, "Ranger." Yeah... a deal. This month I do not ask you to donate to TDF... INSTEAD, find your LOCAL Food Bank and donate to THEM. In the US? Go here: and search by your zip. Out of the US? I believe in your school systems... you can find them! You can probably still order this week and get stuff by Christmas if you're in the US. Tshirts, Zip Hoodies, CDs at Also, PLEASE use the AMAZON banner on my website to order from them. Costs you nothing, I get a kickback. Right after Christmas I'm recording my NEW Hour Special in Minneapolis at ACME. Come to the taping! Dec 26, 27, 28th... NOTES: Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira Podcast - www.nerdist.comBaltimore, VOL 1 - - Richard KielNever Say Never Again - Kevin McCloryJames Bonding - Matt Gourley and Matt Mira's other podcast - Conant - www.scottconant.comTyler's Ultimate - Old Food Network showFlipper 1963 - TRAILER so you KNOW WHAT I WANT! Mike Ruekberg composed and sings (with Sarah Cohen) the theme song. Patrick Brady fixes the audio and compiles the teaser clips on fixes my website and has his own podcasts... including THE GREEN ROOM. is the podcast network that TDF is a proud part of. Bonus track on the iPhone/Android apps and, free, just there, for some reason, at Andy Goes off on Baccarat. heh.

Housing for Women special - Mira - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #86  

Welcome, welcome, welcome to episode 86 of the Distraction Pieces Podcast, a special with Housing For Women and guest Mira! Pip breaks down the full process of what it took to get to the interview/chat stage with guest Mira in the intro (including the discussions with Comic Relief/Sport Relief and Housing For Women), which will prime you perfectly for what follows. And indeed, what follows from guest Mira is awfully hard to take in but a truly valuable, and an ultimately inspiring tale of what can happen after being swept up in a wave of unfairness, abuse, incredible mistreatment and a web of terrible people. Heavy, unflinchingly honest and very upfront, but a story that might have otherwise gone unheard - and Mira is a wonderful, positive person to share a Distraction Pieces Podcast with. A truly encouraging story which shows how much projects like Housing For Women's 'Re-Place' initiative can help lives be rebuilt and restructured. Thank you to Comic Relief and Sport Relief, Housing For Women and the Re-Place project, and of course, Mira and careworker Alice for everything involved in this.

20VC: Lowercase's Matt Mazzeo on Being Chris Sacca's Partner and The 3 KPIs to Successful Investing  

Matt Mazzeo is Managing Director at Lowercase Capital, alongside legendary angel investor, Chris Sacca. At Lowercase Matt leads a seed and series A investment strategy managing a portfolio of over forty investments including Uber, TwitterStripe and Optimizely just to name a few. Prior to joining Lowercase Capital, Matt spearheaded many of the digital and venture efforts at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Matt helped shape the agency’s seed stage investment strategy and played an integral role in the founding of CAA’s incubated start-up companies, including Funny or Die, WhoSay, and Moonshark. Matt has been recognized as an innovative force across technology, entertainment, and advertising for which Fast Company named Matt one of the Most Creative People in Business. In addition to making Forbes Midas Brink List in 2014, Matt has been recognized on both Ad Age’s 40 Under 40 List in 2013, and The Wrap’s Inaugural Innovators List. 

In Today's Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Matt made the transition from the world of celebrity management to the world of venture capital?

2.) How have we seen the personalisation of VCs in the emerging eco-system? Are VCs themselves brands now? How does Matt look to establish his brand?

3.) What are the required KPI's to make a successful investor? What is Matt pleased with in himself and what would he like to improve?

4.) Why will we see the decentralisation of VC away from the traditional Sand Hill Road? How does being in LA affect the operations and deal flow of Lowercase?

5.) What are Matt's biggest learnings from being partner with Chris? What has Matt founded the most challenging in making the transition from CAA to VC?


Items Mentioned In Today's Episode:

Matt's Fave Book:

Fooled By Randomness Matt's Fave Blog or Newsletter: Jessica Lessin: The Information

Matt's Most Recent Investment:

Mobcrush   As always you can follow The Twenty Minute VCHarry and Matt on Twitter here! If you would like to see a more colourful side to Harry with many a mojito session, you can follow him on Instagram here!  

This episode was supported by Wunder Capital, the leading online investment platform that allows individuals to invest in large scale solar projects across the U.S. Wunder’s solar investment funds allow you to earn up to 11% annually, while diversifying your portfolio, curbing pollution and combating global climate change. Do well by doing good and sign up for a free account here and join the thousands of people that are already achieving their investment targets.


20 VC 022: Letting go of the life we planned and the Power of the Female Narrative with Matthew McCall  

Matthew McCall is a Partner at Pritzker Group Venture Capital and was previously a Partner with DFJ Portage. He has been involved with investments with Feedburner (acquired by Google), Playdom (acquired by Disney) and EverDream (acquired by Dell), just to name a few. Matt has been named in Chicago's '40 under 40' and their Top Tech 25 list. He has been named as one of the Top 100 VCs in the US, a Media 100 and a Hollywood 100 Power Player.

Items Mentioned in Todays Show:

Matt's Blog: Beyond the Profit Line SMS Assist Bill Gurley predicts dead unicorns Steve Job's Commencement Speech Finding Joe with Joseph Campbell Hello Giggles with Zooey Deschanel Jessica Alba: The Honest Company BigFrame with Sarah Penna Eric Ries: The Lean Startup Stephen King:On Writing Robert McKee: Story, Style, Structure, Substance, and the Principles of Screenwriting  Christopher Voglar: The Writers Journey Viv: The Global Brain

In todays show, you will learn:

How Matt got into the VC world? What is Matt's normal investment size?  When investing does Matt have a mental timeline of the startup with a clear strategy of when a desired exit will take place?  Matt has been named to the AlwaysOnTop 100 VCs list, leading me to ask how has Matt's investment strategy changed over the years? What were his early deals? What did Matt learn from them? What does Matt do differently now? Matt has written about the 15 year tech cycle and has quoted Steve Juvertson ‘if you can see it, it isn’t the revolution’, leading me to ask where does Matt stand on a ‘tech bubble’. Is it occurring and why does he say that? Has Matt seen a rise in the emergence of the female entrepreneur? Matt LOVES commencement speeches. Why is that and are there any Matt would recommend in particular?

The episode will then finish with a quick fire round where we hear the resource that Matt would most recommend to an aspiring Founder and Matt's recent investment and why he said yes?

*Shortly after the interview Matt strongly recommended to me Never Eat Alone by Keith  Ferrazzi 


Matt Wade (My Silent Bravery): Overcoming Adversity & Paying it Forward  

This week we’re joined by one man band Matt Wade, aka My Silent Bravery. Following a sports injury in his youth, Matt has turned physical adversity into musical success, with numerous placements on TV, college radio play, and nationwide tours under his belt. A strong believe in “paying it forward” Matt wants to inspire others through the music of My Silent Bravery. Matt's shared the stage with artists including Daughtry, Delta Rae, Howie Day, and Tyler Ward, and has released 4 full length records independently, with his most recent - Breakthrough - due for release in fall 2016. Highlights: - We hear how Matt’s sports injury and spiritual studies led to him pursuing music - Matt says he’s not someone who was born with musicality, he had to really work at it! - We talk about the importance of “paying it forward” “I’m nothing without the fans who listen to my music” - Matt Wade, 2016 - Matt tells us how he pays it forward through charity and volunteer work - To Matt, the name My Silent Bravery means persistence and overcoming obstacles - As creatives, we all need reminders that it’s not always all about us - Three words of inspiration: “You’re gonna die” - Gary Vaynerchuk - We hear about the new single “Drunk Off The Sun” - Matt tells us about the new My Silent Bravery album “Breakthrough” - Marcio suggests Matt makes a music video combining his love of music and sports - We accidentally sabotage Matt’s 20 Questions section - he would have broken the record if it wasn’t for us! - “When I enjoy it more, it leads to others enjoying the work more” - Matt Wade, 2016 - “It can’t be anything unless it’s about other people” - Matt Wade, 2016 - We talk about the importance of patience and how so many artists quit before something big is about to happen - We talk about the importance of having friends and allies in the music business Advice: - Your career is a constant journey and process - be patient - Work with people you really enjoy working with and who bring out the best of you - Make sure you’re accomplishing things you feel good about - Enjoy the process as well as the end result Guest Links: - Website: - Twitter: @mysilentbravery - Instagram: @mysilentbravery - Facebook: /mysilentbravery Sponsors: - Chris Keaton @ Chris Keaton Presents ( - Christine Infanger @ Thirty Roses ( - The Rock/Star Advocate ( - Buck Naked Soap Company ( --- For more episodes, visit Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe on iTunes: Support us on Patreon:

Residual and Passive Income streams with Matt Miller [Podcast 108]  

The Amplified Network Marketing show is all about passive and residual income streams… not only through the vehicle of Network Marketing. The reason is simple: Network Marketers know a good residual income opportunity when they see one and are always looking for ways to diversify their income through multiple income streams. Today’s guest, Matt Miller, has created a hugely successful vending company that provides the kind of residual and passive income that hits the bullseye, and David wanted to expose you to his opportunity to see if it’s a good fit for you. [Tweet "An inspiring story of building residual income and a successful business, with Matt Miller"] An influential book and a bold step into another world. Matt was exposed to Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” years ago, and totally bought into his philosophy of building passive and residual income streams. But he’d failed to truly act on it for years. When a friend at his church approached him about a business opportunity involving vending machines, Matt’s thoughts about Robert’s book came back to him and he immediately saw the opportunity he’d been waiting for. He jumped in with both feet and has progressed way beyond simply having a few machines in businesses. He’s built his own franchise opportunity that families all over North America are using to build their own passive and residual income streams. Find out more on this episode. If you’re business is going to thrive, you’ve got to be bold enough to knock on doors. It doesn’t matter how ingenious of an opportunity you find to make passive income, if you’re unwilling to step outside your comfort zone and do what it takes to get customers, you’ll waste the opportunity. Matt Miller learned that when he got into the vending business and started knocking on the doors of decision makers at local schools to place his vending machines. Many doors were closed in his face, other administrators were kind but rejected the idea. But he kept asking, he kept knocking, and over time he found the customers that he knew would enable his business to grow and thrive. You can hear Matt’s story of perseverance and success on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing. [Tweet "Stepping into a bold new world of passive and residual income, with Matt Miller Partnering with schools for profit and charity. Matt Miller decided to work with schools because he saw an opportunity to prosper his business and benefit the schools through fundraisers at the same time. These partnerships are enabling the schools to earn money for their programs and needs, the students and opportunity to build resources for their own education, and Matt’s company the resources they need not only to make a profit, but also to build the company and help more schools. It’s a win-win situation that generates passive income and ongoing revenue for the schools. Find out the details on this episode. You can take advantage of this great opportunity too. Matt Miller’s vending business is always looking for quality people who get the vision of his company to become franchisees. The cost of owning a franchise is very small compared to typical franchise opportunities, the passive income potential is real, and the opportunity for families to do the business together is part of the philosophy the company promotes. Matt takes assessment and training very seriously and guarantees success to anyone who is willing to follow his processes and procedures. If you’d like to learn more about this great residual income opportunity, listen to this episode. [Tweet "A franchise opportunity that costs much less than a normal franchise, on this episode"] OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE [0:29] David’s introduction of the episode. [1:40] Matt’s passive income story. [8:15] The “light bulb” moment that came to Matt when a friend spoke to him. [11:47] The necessity of knocking on doors to find customers. [18:51] The size of Matt’s company now and his focus on fu...

20 VC FF 030: Gimlet Media's Matt Lieber on The Future of Podcasting and Life @ Gimlet  

Matt Lieber is cofounder and President of Gimlet Media. In a previous life, Matt produced radio shows (On Point, Fair Game) and podcasts (Slate Culture Gabfest). He also worked as a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, where he focused on media and digital business. Then he chucked it all for Gimlet. He holds an MBA from MIT Sloan. 

In Today's Show You Will Learn:

1.) Matt reveals the origins of Gimlet?

2.) What were the dilemmas for Matt in raising Gimlet's round? What determinant made Matt realize raising was right? What advice would Matt give to founders who are unsure if they should raise or not?

3.) One of the main concerns with raising suggested by Alex Blumberg was that the company would feel like a totally different company, and by different ‘I mean worse’, to quote Alex. So how can a Founder maintain company culture as they grow excessively?

4.) Why did Matt decide to play it cool and not announce to VCs Gimlet were raising? Did Matt expect to get a term sheet as quickly and easily as he did? Were there any hiccups to the funding process? Were Gimlet tempted by any other offers? What value add about Tim O'Reilly made Gimlet most attracted to him?

5.) Question from Matt Hartman at Betaworks: How does Gimlet decide which new shows to create? Is it about creating new shows for an overlapping audience or to expanding audience demographics??

6.) Where does Matt see the future of podcasting going? Many do not believe in it’s potential to be a big business, what does Matt say? What are the challenges, what needs to happen to combat them?

Items Mentioned In Today's Episode:

Matt's Fave Book: Great Plains by Ian Frazier

Matt's Fave Blog: Stratechery by Ben Thompson

As always you can follow The Twenty Minute VCHarry and Matt on Twitter here!

Likewise, if you would like to see a more colourful side to Harry with many a mojito session, follow him on Instagram here!

20 VC 082: 500 Startups Week: Growth Hacking 101: How To 10x Your Conversion with Matt Lerner, Head of Distro Dojo London  

Matt Lerner is a Distro Partner with 500 Startups, and runs their London office. He specializes in conversion optimization, analytics, engagement and retention. As a member of the in-house growth (AKA “Distro”) team, he partners with 500 portfolio companies to help them build growth engines and scale. Previously, as a 500 Startups Mentor, Matt helped over 40 companies develop and execute growth strategies. Prior to joining 500 Startups, he worked as a Marketing Director at PayPal, where he built and managed three growth teams that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue across the funnel. Here are some of Matt's amazing growth hacking slide decks:

10 Growth Hacking Tools To Disrupt Your Competitors

Growth Hacking 101

For your chance to win a signed copy of Brad Feld's amazing Venture Deals, all you have to do is click the click to tweet link here: and you will be entered into the competition.

In Today's Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Matt made his move from Paypal to VC with 500Startups?

2.) What is the mission at 500 in London with the Distro? What is the investment thesis? Preferred round? Sector? What process do you take the companies through when they are with you in the Dojo?

3.) What does growth hacking really mean? Is it not another BS new techie term?

4.) What has Matt found to be some of the most effective growth hacks and why? What are the biggest mistakes companies make with regards to growth? How can they avoid them?

5.) When does Matt think a company should start to focus on growth?

6.) Who does Matt personally admire and think has been extremely effective and why? What campaigns or pieces of work have led him to this conclusion?

Items Mentioned In Today's Episode:

Matt's Recent Investments: Tom Beverly: FyTamatem

Matt's Fave Book: Do You Talk Funny: The Guide To Public SpeakingThe One Thing You Need To Know

Matt's Fave Newsletter: Doug ScottSusan Su: Distro SnackTim Ferriss Podcast

Matt's Growth Hacking Idols: Dave McClure: Pirate Metrics TalkSean Ellis: Inventor of Growth Hacking TermAndy Johns @ WealthFront,

As always you can follow HarryThe Twenty Minute VCMatt and 500 Startups on Twitter here!

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We would like to say a special thank you to our partner for this very special 500 Startups Feature Week, LawTrades, the go to place for startups and VCs to get their legal work done. For all 20VC listeners LawTrades are offering a special $150 off your first piece of legal work when you mention 'The Twenty Minute VC'. You can follow them on Twitter here!

18SP 037: Matt Ginella | Golf, Travel, Fitness and the Job Every Golfer Wants  

What does it take to make your workouts and golf game 18STRONG? Join us as Matt Ginella shares his expertise in the world of Golf, Fitness, and Travel. Matt gives us an in inside look at his duties on the Golf Channel and what its like trying to stay fit for golf on the road.

Matt seemingly has the Greatest Job on Earth from a golfers perspective.  He gets to travel the world, playing the best courses and going to the local hangouts and restaurants, then reports back to the Golf Channel with his notes.  Matt gives us a behind the scenes look at what his job is REALLY like and how he is able to stay in great golf shape despite the crazy travel and work schedule.
You Can Subscribe to the 18STRONG Podcast on iTunes by clicking the button below:

Matt Ginella's Background

His uncle got him a job at his local golf club when he was a kid
Ended up working on the superintendent crew at the course
Played golf in college
Worked at Sports Illustrated on an internship and eventually became the golf photo editor
Went ot Columbia's Journalism School
Went from SI to Golf Digest as the photo editor
Became the golf travel writer for Golf Digest
Was then invited down to talk with the Golf Channel to talk more about the lifestyle portion of the game

Highlights from this Episode

Matt details his schedule when he travels and when he is in studio
Usually filming from sunrise to sunset when on location
Usually on the road for 3 days interviewing, playing, filming, etc
When in town, Matt has a pretty standard routine which plays a bit part in his physical and mental health
Very little if any down time on the road to get in the gym
When on the road, he cuts down on his eating and eats a lot cleaner (more fish, more water, more veggies, etc)
Matt discusses how important the accountability of his personal trainer is in keeping him on track
Matt gives his top 3 destinations and reasons why:

Bandon Dunes
The 3rd is a toss up (Sea Island, The Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach, Northern Michigan)

Matt's worst airline story
Matt defines "18STRONG"

What has you excited for 2015?

He has a piece coming out soon on CHambers Bay and the story behind getting the US Open
He has been invited to play in  the Irish Pro Am
His annual guys trip to Bandon Dunes

Last Piece of Advice

Don't eat at the airport or on the airplanes

Where to Find Matt Ginella
Twitter: @MattGinellaGC
Other links mentioned
Bandon Dunes


Sea Island

The Grand Strand


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Matt Reynolds | Being STRONG & Successful Through Simplicity  

STRONG Life Episode 106 is Round 2 with my friend and Coach, Matt Reynold of Reynolds STRONG.

Matt is not only a good friend but also a mentor to me.

He guides me in business and we regularly chat on Life, Lifting and Success.

The theme we always come back to:

Keep it Simple, Trust Your Gut Instincts, Be STRONG & Train for Life.

Matt takes us through Success Principles that he has applied to all aspects of his life:

- Running a Gym with Over 1,000 Members and Creating an Amazing Experience for his Members

- How Matt grew his Gym in a "Grass Roots" Style from a small space to a BIG space in the downtown area with over 1,000 members

- How Being a Top Strongman & Powerlifting Competitor Helped Matt Understand the Importance of How Being "Generally STRONG", regardless of your age / goals / fitness levels

- Keeping Things Simple in Training, Life & Business Through Systems, Consistency + Working Harder than Everyone Else

- Being Strong as a Family Man & Why This is Crucial

- Motivation VS Discipline

- How Matt rehabbed Himself after a Recent Pec Tear

- Why Starting Strength Works so Well for both athletes & general population

- Why Matt Prefers to Train "Normal" People Nowadays Over Athletes

- What GREAT Books is Matt Currently Reading?

- How Matt trains some of his busy traveling, high profile online clients

- The Launch of The Starting Strength Online Coaching Platform

As always, it is inspiring and refreshing to talk training, life and business with Matt.

Matt's focused and simple approach to his overall life gives you powerful insight into "what it takes".

What it takes to do what? Fill in the blank! You name it.

The focus, the follow through & consistency, the dedication, the smarts and the knowledge. It ALL plays a role.

Hard Work is the foundation.

BIG thanks to for sponsoring The STRONG Life Podcast.

BIG thanks to my buddy Matt for taking the time to chat with us today.

Below are resources to connect with Matt:

Instagram Starting Strength Online

If you found value in the show, do us a favor and invite 1 person to listen!

The STRONG Life grows when more like minded people get together and spread the good word!

Get your STRONG Life Tip of the Day HERE:

STRONG Life / Underground Strength Resources:

The Underground Strength Coach Certification

The STRONG Life Online Training Team

The Underground Strength Academy


20 VC 078: BETAWORKS WEEK: Matt Hartman, Director of Seed Investments @ Betaworks  

Matt Hartman is director of seed investments at betaworks. Prior to joining betaworks, he was co-founder of ReferBoost, a profitable b2b company in the real estate and social media space, and JustBecause, a mobile app used by Uber, Birchbox, Jackthreads, and other e-commerce companies for customer acquisition. He started his career building the technology platform for Trammell Crow Company (acquired by CBRE) before joining Hot Potato (acquired by Facebook).

In this interview with Matt we talk about one of Betaworks investments in ProductHunt and I would love to direct you all to go check out ProductHunt’s new podcast section, it’s the best way to find new and amazing podcast episodes, check it out!

To win a signed copy of Venture Deals by Brad Feld? All you have to do is leave a review on iTunes and then email with the name that you left the review under!

In Today's Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How you has Matt ended up at the amazing Betaworks, what was his career pre-Betaworks?

2.) How does Matt define betaworks and his role in particular in the Betaworks organisation? What makes this model the most effective and successful in Matt's view?

3.) How does Matt believe the structure of social networks alters user behavior and therefore impacts distribution? How do social networks include habit forming behaviours to ensure user retention on their networks?

4.) What does Matt think makes a strong community? What was it about ProductHunt that signaled to you this was the beginning of a rapidly growing community?

5.) With Betaworks investment in Gimlet Media, how does Matt see the future of podcasting? Does investing in Gimlet not break the rule that it has to be a potentially $bn exit?

6.) Question from Ryan Hoover, Founder at ProductHunt: ‘What product or app has impressed Matt the most in the past year and what really gets Matt excited when trying new products both as an investor and as a user’?

Items Mentioned In Today's Show:

Most Read Blog or Newsletter: Founder's Notebook by David Jaxson

Matt's Favourite Book: The Psychology of Pursuasion by Robert Cialdini

Matt's Fave Productivity Apps: Drafts

Most Recent Investment: Disruptive Multimedia by Ryan Leslie

As always you can follow HarryThe Twenty Minute VC and Matt on Twitter here!

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FF 006: Acquired by Amazon, CEO @ Digg, EIR @ a16z and now Founder @ with Matt Williams  

Matt Williams is Founder and CEO of Prior to, Matt served as entrepreneur-in-residence at Andreessen Horowitz, following his time at Digg where he led the complete overhaul of Digg which he joined as CEO in 2010 to rebuild the site from the ground up and contributed to its successful acquisition by Betaworks in 2012. Before Digg, Matt spent 12 years at Amazon where he managed Amazon’s Auctions and Marketplace, Community and Cross Merchandising, Tech Alliances, Web Store, and Consumer Payments divisions. Prior to Amazon, Matt founded and was the CEO of Livebid, which was acquired by Amazon in 1999.

In Today's Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Matt made his way into entrepreneurship and then later the VC world?

2.) How did LiveBid come about when Matt was only 23 and how did he build the product and the initial user base?

3.) What was the hardest aspect of the entire LiveBid journey and how did Matt overcome it?

4.) How did Matt's life and work change moving from your own startup to working in a massive organization like amazon? What would Matt advise founders who have sold or are thinking of selling their companies to large corporations?

5.) Following a number of years at Amazon. How did you attempt to turn Digg around as CEO and was their anything you would have done differently? 

6.) As EIR at Andreessen Horowitz what was it like, for Matt, working at a16z? Was there anything that surprised Matt about the move to venture?

7.) What would Matt say was the biggest lesson from working at these tech titans was? How has that affected how Matt runs today?

Nocturnal Nouveau 624 - Boat party live set  

Nocturnal 624 - Boat party live set 1. Sasha, Poliça - Out Of Time (Original Mix) 2. Hendrik Burkhard, Noir, Olivier Giacomotto - Blackrays (Peter Pardeike Remix) 3. Jean Claude Ades - Out Of My Head (Martin Roth Remix) 4. Ame & Frank Wiedermann - Howling (Ame Remix) 5. Mason - Live On Dreams (Affkt Remix) 6. Claptone, Nathan Nicholson - In The Beginning Feat. Nathan Nicholson (Raumakustik Remix) 7. Reboot, Kolsch - Just Hang On (Kolsch Remix) 8. Klangstof - Hostage (Sasha Remix) 9. Flume, Kolsch, Little Dragon - Take a Chance (Kölsch Remix) 10. Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Jonas Rathsman Reprise) 11. Konvex & The Shadow - Eva (Original Mix) 12. Kieran Fowkes, Nandu, Just Her - Forget Our Love (Original Mix) 13. Microtrauma, Ryan Davis - Traces (Gabriel Ananda Remix) (Original Mix) 14. Forrest, Sabb, Serge Devant - Waiting feat. Forrest (Bontan Remix) 15. RUFUS - Say A Prayer For Me (MK Remix) 16. Matt Darey - One More Night In Stars (Original mix) 17. Matt Darey ft Billie Fountain - Ashamed (Original mix) 18. Matt Darey ft Billie Fountain - LFO (Original mix) 19. Matt Darey ft Bobo - New Horizon (Original mix) 20. Matt Darey, Alice Rose, Poli Hubavenska, Internal Deep - The Beast (Matt Darey mix) 21. Matt Darey ft Patchy - Promises (Original mix) 22. Matt Darey - Light Of Day (Stan Kolev & Matan Caspi Remix) 23. Matt Darey ft Natalie Mc Cool - Breathe In You (Original mix) 24. Matt Darey ft Natalie McCool - Tonight (Headbite remix) 25. Matt Darey & Stan Kolev ft Poli Hubavenska - Altitude (Original mix) 26. Matt Darey ft Kate Louise Smith - See The Sun (Aurosonic Remix) 27. Matt Darey ft The Ridgewalkers - Chasing The Sun (Ivan Spell remix)

01: The Sound of Heaven - Matt Dietz  

Matt is a singer/songwriter and worship leader from Amarillo, TX. His most recent release is Sound Of Heaven, which can be heard worldwide on iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music and Spotify. You can also catch the official lyric video on YouTube. Matt is also a father of two beautiful girls. He’s a creative at heart and it shows, not only in the music he writes, but also in the homes he builds and renovates.


Listen to the show to hear Matt discuss:


How he started writing songs and playing music The experience when he found God ministering to him, through him The moment Matt picked his music back up after 8 years Matt’s 7 mountains and the calling to them Why it’s important for Matt to be both a King and a Priest How Matt’s marriage has taught him about grace Matt’s darkest days as his marriage fell apart How Matt had to learn to love himself through the trials. Who in Matt’s life has “fathered” him in a way he really needed What God reveals in the place of The Presence translates to the rest of life

Links and Resources:

Find Matt’s music on - iTunes, Google Play, Spotify

Connect with Matt on his website:

The Leftovers S:3 | It’s A Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World E:5 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — The Leftovers edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of HBO’s The Leftovers. In this show, hosts Zach Wilson, Steve Kaufmann, Roxy Striar and Kelly McInerney discuss episode 5. ABOUT THE LEFTOVERS: The Leftovers takes a look at The Rapture and is based on the Tom Perrotta novel. The Leftovers takes place […]

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Ep. 220 - Matt Mullenweg: Do You Have Your Own Internal "Code"  

I have a rule. After every podcast, I write down 10 things I learned. I don't know if anyone else does this. Do you do this? Some people make illustrations. They send me what they've learned. It's a creation of a creation of a creation. A drawing of a podcast of someone's life.   But I broke my rule. It's been over a month. And my brain is digging for the lessons from my interview with the creator of Wordpress. I think I have Alzheimer’s. Matt was 19 years old when he started Wordpress. It was 2003. Now gets more traffic than   The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times both use Wordpress. I use Wordpress.   I wanted to know if it’s still worth the time and effort to make your own site. He said it is. That’s how you break out...   "We're trying to revitalize the independent web,” Matt Mullenweg said. He’s 33 now. "It's not like these big sites are going anywhere. They're fantastic. I use all of them, but you want balance. You need your own site that belongs to you... like your own home on the Internet."   This is part of Matt’s code. Not Wordpress’s “code.” Matt’s like a robot. I mean that as a compliment. There are many signs of this: language, ability, he’s very exact.   I had to interrupt. He was talking in code. And it was my job to translate.   He said, "If I send you a unit of work...”   "I don't mean to interrupt,” I said. “I'm a little bit of an interrupter. So I apologize in advance, but you talk in a very code-like language… 'a unit of work.’ How about ‘a task?’ That works as well."   He laughed. And thanked me for translating. The podcast continued.   He told me about his personal code (again, robot).   People have values. Geniuses and other advanced forms of life  have “code.” So here’s Matt’s...  A) Measure what’s important to you.   Matt wrote a birthday blog. He does this every year to measure what’s changed. It lists how many books he’s read over the past year, countries he traveled to and so on.   He’s very specific.   It’s a measurement of his personal freedom. He can see where time went. And if he chose himself. “You cannot change what you don’t measure,” Matt said.   So this year, I wrote a birthday blog.  B) Own the work you do "Other sites provide space,” he said. “They provide distribution in exchange for owning all of your stuff. You can't leave Facebook or Twitter and take all of your followers with you."   That’s why he recommends having your own website. It’s yours. Not Facebook’s. Not Business Insider’s or Huffington Post’s. It’s yours.   When I first started, I picked a template, posted a blog, shared a link on Twitter and within 3-4 minutes I had traffic.  C) Ignore concern Matt dropped out of college and moved to San Francisco when he was 20.   “Were your parents upset?”   “They’ve always been supportive,” he said. “But they were concerned.”   That didn’t stop him. He had direction. And when you know where you’re going, you don’t ask for directions.   Sometimes I feel like I’m driving with the wrong address in my GPS. And Siri won’t stop re-routing.   So what I learned from Matt: Reroute yourself as many times as it takes. Reinvent.   Put someone else’s concern for your wellbeing on your gratitude list. But don’t let it stop you. Don’t let it get in the way of your code.  D) The myth of loyalty When Matt moved and started his first job, he made more than his dad did.   “I got an amazing salary,” he said.   I kept wondering if his parents were upset. I don’t know why.   “Were they upset?”   He said no. Again. But then he explained. “Learning spreads organically.” And when he moved, it helped spark possibility for his dad.   “He worked at the same company for 26 or 27 years. He more than doubled his salary when he left. It made me so sad. I never want anyone to be in the situation my dad was in,” he said. “He gave the loyalty of decades and they didn’t return that loyalty…”   Why? Because they were following a different code. The “employee code” is not the same as the “employer code.”   I don’t measure much. I try to let my life float by. And I hope to help people feel free enough to live by their own codes too. Like Matt and his dad.   That’s how I measure what’s important to me. Am I supportive? Of myself and of others? If yes, then I’m a mix of creation and evolution. Robot and human.   Code and DNA.

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