Episode #241 – A Few Things I’m Doing Today To Help Build My Cult-ure  

Today I get to practice what I preach.

On today’s episode Russell talks about starting to use Snapchat and how you can follow him to get some behind the scenes of the behind the scenes stuff going on with Clickfunnels. He also talks about his Funnel Swag website and how you can get a new, cool, limited edition t-shirt every month.

Here are some other cool things in this episode:

How Russell is doing with Snapchat so far on his first day, and how you can be a part of it. How you can get a hold of some cool Funnel Swag like backpacks, t-shirts, and a water bottle. Find out why Russell’s wife, Collette, thought he drowned over the weekend. And hear about the sweet gifts Russell got for Father’s Day.

So listen below to hear about Snapchat, Funnel Swag and some of the fun stuff that goes on at Russell’s home.


Hey everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey guys and gals and friends and a bunch of people I care about. Today’s been fun; I started my first day of my Snapchat journey. So I don’t know if I’m doing it right or wrong, or if I’m annoying. I don’t know but it’s been fun. So for those that aren’t Snapchatters yet, time to download the Snapchat app and search my name, it’s Russell Brunson. I think you can find me that way, I believe. I don’t know, I’m still figuring that part out. I would recommend doing it, because I’m showing behind the scenes. Everyone’s asking me what I do all day long, “What’s your morning routine?” So I’m showing it in quick little 10 second chunks. I think that’s how you do it right.

Basically the concept is throughout the day I go and as I’m doing cool things, I show the cool things I’m doing. So this morning I woke up, I was in the supplement closet, it showed me taking supplements, which ones. Then I had a morning coaching session with Tara and then I was working my Trello board, so I showed that. Then I went on a run and I showed that. I was about to start this Marketing In Your Car podcast and I showed that. So I’m showing all these little pieces of it, so I think for you guys it’s like once a day, if you log in, you’ll see behind the scenes of behind the scenes.

So as you probably, I’ve been talking about lately, one of the big things, we’re trying to do and I think what you guys should all be doing, but what we should all be trying to do is try to get our community more engaged in the process. So we’re doing a lot of hangouts and live streams, showing behind the scenes of what’s happening, which has been fun, but then Snapchat for me is kind of behind the scenes of the behind the scenes in quick little ten second snips. So you can basically catch up on a full day in like 2 minutes.  Anyway, it’s going to be fun, I’m going to be posting some unique, cool, crazy, funny things and introducing you to some people that I won’t be doing anywhere else. So if you’re not on Snapchat yet, now is the time to go and to become part of that.

Today I’m excited because I’ve been in Inner Circle all last week, and it’s kind of one of those things when you have these projects and things you wanna do and everything’s bottling up and you just want to move and go and do. So finally I have a chance today to move and go and do. I’m excited. We are, this week launching Biohacking Secrets with Anthony which will be cool. But then the other thing, on our side, we have a whole bunch of new updates coming, with just our company. One of the cool things we’re going to be doing that I’m excited for is, and depending on when you hear this, it’ll be live or almost live, we’re changing the Clickfunnels Facebook Group. People don’t like really bonding with the company, it’s kind of bland, so we want to make it more of a movement. So we’re going to change the name of it to Funnel Hackers/Clickfunnels official group or something like that. So that way we can all self –identify with the group and who we are, and not just the software product, which is kind of cool.

And then what’s going to happen is when you first login, and the first time I really saw this I thought it was cool. There’s a Facebook group called the Cult of Copy, it’s a really good copywriting group with really good copywriters hanging out and talking all the time and when you go in that group, Colin, who runs the group, Colin Theriot, I think I can never say his last name right….but he’s got a sticky when you first go in there that’s like, “Hey welcome to the Cult of Copy, here’s all the rules, here’s how it works, here’s the lingo, here’s the core products you need to buy.” Just a list of all the core things when you first join the group. So that’s one of my goals this week, is to build out, maybe even today if I have time. Kind of like, “Here’s the mission statement of our group, here’s the core products and services you need to be able to run your business.” And the cool thing we set up, and it’s not live as of right now, but hopefully by the time you hear this, it’ll be live. If you go to we have an official Funnel Hackers Kit where you get a Clickfunnels backpack, you get the Funnel Graffiti, you get the I Build Funnels t-shirt, Clickfunnels water bottle. Everything you need to be an official funnel hacker. So basically, I think it’s $100, it basically covers our hard costs and shipping, we’re not making any money on this, we just want to get everyone a Biohacking, not Biohacking, a Funnel Hacking Kit.

So we’ll mail this kit to you, and then from there you get put on a $20 a month continuity program. The $20 a month goes towards a new t-shirt each month. So what’s happening, each month we’re making super cool t-shirts. In fact, if you go to you can see 5 or 6 of the shirts there. And basically, we’re going to be doing limited edition shirts. So each month, whoever’s a member of that, we will see who’s bill went through that month and we will ship you out that month’s shirt. And they’re going to be one off printing. So that means if you get it, you get it. If you don’t get it, you miss that shirt forever. So there’s some urgency and scarcity built in, because I believe the only that sells anything in this world, besides good copy, and building a good following and personality, there’s a lot of good things. But the number one thing to actually get people to pull their credit card out are urgency and scarcity, so we kind of want to do that. Again, I make zero dollars, in fact, I lose money, I think I lose money on almost all of these because we have so many international people. But I just want to do it so that you guys all have cool funnel swag from us every single month. We also might be slipping in some other cool gifts along the way with the t-shirts. I’m not going announce those, they’re unadvertised bonuses, but cool things you guys will want as a Clickfunnels member.

So that’s kind of what Funnel Swag is all about, is getting you guys all consuming our stuff, wearing our shirts, using our backpacks, water bottles, Mac stickers, oops, did I slip that? We’re working on Mac stickers and a bunch of other cool things for you guys that’ll be part of the Funnel Swag Monthly Kit. For sure, each month you’ll get a t-shirt that will be limited edition and just super cool. Anyway, these are just a few of the things we’re doing, and I hope that it serves as a model for you guys as you’re building up your community and your following and your cult…ture.

That was one of the big things through all of the Inner Circle meetings, was that, as I kind of mentioned through some of these podcasts. So I’m going to start implementing and applying these things and you guys will be able to see them and hopefully you’ll run with them as well. I think I mentioned this before, I see my mission as building cool, creative things and you guys taking them and knocking them off for your community. So feel free to R and D, rip off and deploy these concepts in your market as well, for your people because I think they’re kind of cool.

So that’s what’s happening today. I’m really, really, really excited as you can probably tell, to get to work and to do all these kinds of things. Another cool update, we got last week the float tank in my Biohacking room, so Saturday I wasn’t supposed to float for 3 or 4 days, you’re supposed to let the salt do whatever, but I got excited so the second day I jumped in and floated, is that the right word? Flooted? Floated? So I floated and it was cool, I laid there for 20 minutes and I passed out and woke up 3 hours later. It was almost 1 in the morning and I was getting out and Collette came out like, “I thought you were dead, I was afraid that you had drowned out here.” I was like, “I don’t think it’s possible to drown because there’s a thousand pounds of salt in there to make you float to the top, so I don’t think I could drown if I wanted to.” But I appreciated the thought so, that was cool. And then yesterday was Father’s Day, which was super cool. I don’t know, my kids are the coolest, just seeing them. One of my boys, he drew a big picture of a minion and said, “Dad, you’re one in a minion.” It was so awesome. And then my other son drew a big picture of Yoda and it said, “Dad, Yoda best dad ever!” It was so sweet. I thought that was the two coolest things in the world.  Anyway, it was a good day. With that said, I am almost to the office. I’m going to get to work. I’m building up our community and I hope this gives you guys a couple ideas on things you can do as well. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys again soon.

Secret #3: The What And How  

The secret from going from zero to a million dollars is all about identifying what it is you’re selling and how you’re selling it.

On this episode Russell talks about being able to have the “What” you’re selling and “How” you’re selling it, to be able to go from $0 to $1 million. Here are some of the awesome things Russell talks about in today’s episode:

Why you need to be doing a webinar weekly that you can tweak and change to be able to figure out what you should be selling and how you should be selling it. How to use your creativity as an entrepreneur to change things to what your customers want. And why once you have figured out the “what” and “how”, making a million dollars will be fast and easy.

So listen below to find out why figuring out the “what” to sell and “how” to sell it can take you from 1 to 7 figures a year.


What’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you guys to Marketing Secrets. I hope you guys are having an amazing day today. It’s beautiful out here. I came out this morning and I hear the birds chirping, I was chasing ducks around and having a good time. I think I’m getting a little bit of a cold too, so I apologize. My nose sounds a little funny.

Today’s an exciting day because we have a FHAT event, which means I think we have 40 people coming to this event. So probably 2/3rds are my Inner Circle members, which is always fun for me. And  1/3rd of them are people who are coming, who decided at the Funnel Hacking Event…..all of our events are called the same thing, Funnel Hacking Live. Anyway, so Funnel Hacking Live.

It’ s going to be a fun 3 days. The first FHAT event, I did the whole thing myself, this time we’ll be transitioning. I’ll be doing about a third of it, a little more than a third of it. Steven is going to be doing the rest, it’s going to be fun to start seeing him take over the reins on this thing and start running with it as I’m working on some other cool things. I’m excited for this week, it’s going to be a fun one.

Also we’re making, a couple of other things, Funnel Hacker TV is going live this week. We’ve been doing a behind the scenes show for 6 episodes, so today 7 will come out. Wednesday episode number 8 will come out. Thursday we’re going to do a grand big opening for the big show, which is kind of cool.

Kevin who has been doing the behind the scenes show is actually going to be in Boise today, he’s coming to the FHAT event, so I had a chance to meet him which is really cool. Then Brandon Fischer, who’s done Funnel Hacker TV, he’s finishing up a bunch of episodes, so we’re going to start to launch that this week. Which will be cool because we just got done with book launch which means the pro’s and the cons, it’s been fun because we’re selling a lot of books and doing stuff, but it’s also kind of annoying because you’re always selling stuff. So the next few months I’m just going to give back and just be giving cool content.

We also figured out last week, this really cool way to put together the Dotcom, or the Russell Brunson Blog, plus the Marketing Secrets podcast that you’re hanging out with me right now. As well as what’s the 3rd piece of this, oh Funnel Hacker TV. So probably in a day or so, if you go to any of those domains,, or, you’ll get to see all 3 blogs can hook together, all in their own different journeys. It’s going to be cool that way, it’ll be faster. After you discover me and find stuff to come back be able to start diving deep into all the different things we’re publishing, so really excited for that.

I don’t even know what the best thing to share with you guys is this morning. So many cool things that we could talk about. This last week has been so cool. We’re getting pulled into some really cool things and I’m grateful for it, and I’m sure I’ll be sharing and documenting a lot of the process with you guys here, over the next few weeks, which is pretty cool.

I think the coolest thing to talk about today is, I talked about this last week during, there’s a big product launch. We spent the first 3, or 4 weeks launching the book, sold I think we’re at 56,000 copies of the book now. 54,000, something like that, which is insanely cool. And at the end of it we did this cool 7 day launch, where I basically got up on stage and I taught for 3 hours a day for 3 days, so 9 hours and it was kind of cool. Because it was….as soon as you finish a book and send it to the publisher, it’s done and out of your hands. You can jack with it or mess with it anymore. And there’s other things I wanted to add to it, looking back now.

I’m like, “Dangit, I wish I would have done this…” You know how it is. But I wasn’t allowed or able to. So it was kind of cool because those three days I got a chance to teach stuff that I wish was….that was in the book but I wanted to go deeper on. You know, stuff like that. The master Class was cool but we kind of modeled Brendon Burchard’s 7 day launch. So basically each day we show it, it would be up for 24 hours then pull it down. Show the next one and then pull it down. Show the next one and pull it down. And in the middle we made an offer, so we launched our 2 comma club coaching, which is really cool. We sold a lot of those, and then we closed it down last night at midnight. Actually I passed out, so I woke up this morning and shut it down.

I’m kind of glad I passed out because we made an extra…a lot, from the time I passed out until, we were supposed to shut it down to the time I shut it down early this morning. It was pretty cool. I hope you guys watched that process.

One of the things I talked about in there, and I’ve shared with a lot of the Inner Circle members as well. What’s the process, what are the phases in business? It’s interesting, I read books before that talk about this, but more from a business standpoint. So how to go from 1 to a million, a million to ten, ten to fifty, and fifty to a hundred. They always talk about management teams and who do you hire and all that kind of stuff, which is all good. But I’m more interested from a marketing standpoint because it changes as well. What are those different phases, how do they go?

It was kind of cool, I taught that. So I showed to go from 1 to 7 figures a year is all about figuring out what it is you’re selling and how  you’re selling it. Which is funny because most businesses never make it past a million bucks a year. It’s because they don’t know what they’re selling or how to sell it. They know what they’re selling, but they don’t know what customers want. So I call this the what and how phase. What is it you’re selling and how are you selling it?

During this time for you, as an entrepreneur, is essentially being creative. Making different things, ideas, products, businesses, offers. You’re doing a lot of stuff until you figure it out. Until you figure it out, I’m honestly like, one the things, the products, business or offer, one of them will hit and you’ll be like, “ah, this is what people want. Sweet. I got the what now. I know exactly what they want, I know how to sell it.” And then from there, that’s what I always tell our people. Focus on, create a webinar, just sell your product and then you just keep doing it week in and week out and in that time, you’re shifting the product, shifting the services, making changes. Whatever it is.

As soon as you figure that out, then boom you can start scaling it. You transition to phase number two which is going from a million to ten million. And during this time, it’s funny because I was always, I think I always fought this phase, because my fear of, I had so much fun in the creative part, of creating businesses and offers and things like that. I was afraid I was going to lose that if I started focusing on one business. It’s funny. Which I think a lot of entrepreneurs do. They fear subconsciously or consciously.. I know I feared that, and as soon as I realized it’s a creativity switch, I’m switching my creativity from launching new businesses and offers to this is my business now. I figured out the what and how, now I’m going to be focusing on how I’m going to use my creativity to make new offers and bring people in. Or how can I sell people on the back. If you’re really focused on the 3 phases to grow a business. Acquisition funnels, ascension funnels and monetization funnels. And that’s kind of the next phase.

And the 3rd phase, after you get that figured out, is you switch your creativity from new offers to….actually switch your creativity to traffic. It’s been fun because that’s kind of where I’m at. In fact, last week we had a meeting with our traffic team and I told them all, “This is now my focus, here.” We had enough offers, all the pieces are in place now for our company and we’re racing to 7, 8, 9….9 figures a year. The sprinklers are coming on. I hope I don’t get soaked. I’m outside. For those who are listening, I’m outside in my backyard, that’s why you can hear all the birds chirping.

Anyway, so I’m transitioning my focus to the traffic side. And the coolest thing about the traffic side, it doesn’t take you the entrepreneur as much. The creativity in businesses and offers is entrepreneur driven. The creativity in front end offers and back end offers is usually entrepreneur driven. The creativity in traffic a lot of times can be driven by other people, which is kind of cool. So for me, just because I’m excited I’m transitioning this phase where hopefully I’ll be able to take the foot off the creative gas and focus on the traffic stuff.

Anyway, I guess what I really wanted to share with you guys today is because I went through this again last week. We launched the 2 comma club coaching which we shut down this morning. And we shut it down, just the coaching piece of it, did just shy of 1

Episode #240 – One Little Golden Nugget  

One cool trick I picked up from the mastermind.

On today’s episode Russell talks about a little nugget of good information he received at the Inner Circle Mastermind group. He also tells a story of something cool he did twice at the mastermind.

Here are some fun things to listen for in this episode:

What part of the mastermind group made Russell have his “ah ha” moment, and why he thinks nobody else caught it. How this simple golden nugget will change some of the ways he does things. And why he wrote one of the Inner Circle member’s webinar pitch.

So listen below to find out what simple golden nugget Russell got out of the mastermind group.


Good morning everybody, well not everybody, just the important people that actually listen to this podcast, good morning. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey, hey everybody, we survived another 4 days jam-packed Inner Circle smack down, it was amazing. It was legitimately amazing. So instead of bragging about it, so those that aren’t in feel guilty that they didn’t make it in, I just wanted to say it was awesome and I appreciated everyone who came and played full out. It was really, a great 4 days.

Now I’m at the end of that and I’m tired and I’m worn out and my body is shot. And one thing that’s funny, when I used to go to masterminds, when they’re not your own, you can kind of pay attention or dose off, or whatever. But when it’s your own, you gotta be present all the time. So unfortunately I had to use a little too much caffeine this week just to keep pure, perfect focus. So I’m going to be detoxing my body for the next few days so I can get all the caffeine out of my system. Because even, it’s weird during the middle of the night you’ll wake up and you’re like, “I should be so tired and I can’t sleep.” Anyway, it’s weird. So I am detoxing from caffeine, so if I go through withdrawals, if I start crying on one of these meetings with you guys, that’s why. Just joking.

Anyway, I’m heading in right now, about to do the second episode of Friday Funnels, which is exciting. I hope you guys come and check it out. I hope you guys come participate in it. We had a lot of fun. I talked about last week, I hope that you guys, if you haven’t done a Friday Funnel yet, or a Funnel Friday, or whatever it is for your business, something like that, it was really fun. We did 30 minutes, put a countdown clock and then tried to build a funnel as fast I could and everyone was watching and going crazy and it turned out really cool. It was a great….it was a lot of fun for the cult community and everything, so that was really, really cool.

The interesting thing I wanted to talk to you about today, and this is one of the more simple nuggets that I kind of picked up from this weekend, but it was one of those simple nuggets that I needed. Because sometimes in my head I get things over complicated, I get excited and I try to build super complex things. I think that for most people, I’m still, my funnels and my concepts and my process flows are still pretty simple. I’ve seen some of your guys stuff, you send me over my maps and things and they’re insane. I open them up and I just want to go back to bed because they’re so stressful. So mine are pretty simple, but I still have some things happening. And a couple of things, one thing I shared in the mastermind was about, in Clickfunnels now, when you join Clickfunnels, there’s a 21 day ignite your funnel process that we take people through. Basically each day you get a short 3 to 5 minute video and I give you one task to do over 21 days. There’s a whole bunch of reasons and strategy behind it, and I’m not going to go into it now, its outside the context of this podcast, but it help reduce our churn by almost double digits. It was insane. It got people consuming our software and a whole bunch of other really cool things.

So I was like, man that would be cool if someone came into Clickfunnels and go through this big indoctrination process, they start using our software, consuming, we help build a relationship with them, it’s just really powerful and a really cool strategy. So then one of the couples in the Inner Circle, Brandon and Kaylin, they’re in the weight loss space. They’ve been doing perfect webinar, they’re crushing it, they’ve been doing Periscope webinar, just like I talked about with you guys 50 episodes ago, they killed it on that twice now. They’re just, they’re doers, they’re cool, I just really enjoy them and watching them. One thing that was cool that I saw that they were doing, they have their Facebook Live’s where they’re promoting a webinar on Facebook Live, they’re promoting a product or something like that, but in between they’re doing a lot of cool training stuff. And so she talks about a cool concept, and at the end of it she’s like……oh wow, I just drove by this truck that’s jacked up on a…..that was really weird. Sorry. A.D.D….

Okay, so they do these things and they just push to the end, and I can’t remember the….dangit, they’re going to kill me for not knowing this, but they have a domain name, it’s something like, or faststartweightloss or something like that. And they’re like, “Hey go get your free fast start guide. Go right now.” And they always push people to this free thing, which is an opt-in. People opt-in and they go through their on-boarding indoctrination process through email. I think last month they got 50 thousand opt-in’s through that little channel, which is crazy. I was like, right now I have all these other squeeze pages, I’m driving people to all these places and all sorts of stuff, which is good, but what if I had just one squeeze page that I focused on instead of 20 and that was the goal to get people into that.  So I think I bought or something like that. I probably should check out the domain names before I promote them live. It’s something like that; it’s not live yet anyway, so it doesn’t matter. So that’s kind of the thing and I’m going to use that as a call to action in everything that’s not selling an actual product. So it’ll always be pushing everyone into that.

And then my thought is treating that kind of like, doing an indoctrination process when someone joins Clickfunnels that I’m doing to my list. I need to take them through an indoctrination process, which is similar to what we talked about with soap opera sequence, those type of things. But I was like, we’ve got a big product range and in my mine, there’s an order that people should consume our products, so I’m going to use that and make this really fun, exciting. I don’t know how many days it’ll be, 20, 40, 50 days, but walking them through this concept. Some will be teaching, some will be referencing, “Hey go get the book.” “Hey get on this webinar.” Or something, and push them through our product line and product offerings, while teaching, educating along the way and using it like a funnel fast start. Here’s the fast start. Come through this process. Now everyone who enters my world goes through this process, they get indoctrinated, they go through my soap opera sequence, they build the relationship with me as the attractive character, but the time they end the process, then they can come in our normal, Seinfeld sequences. They’ve been indoctrinated; they’ve kind of gone through this really cool process.

Anyway, it’s not something new. We talked about it in the Dotcom Secrets book, taking you through a soap opera sequence, but I think that after doing it as a consumption sequence, after somebody joins Clickfunnels and they see the power of the 21 day, daily chunked out videos, I think I’m going to use that in our actual email sequence and then make that become the core focus of where we try to drive all the traffic. So, I don’t know, I’m excited. I’ll be testing it out and I’m sure I’ll be bragging about it as we go through. But that’s kind of the one little nugget, again it’s one of those little tiny things they just mentioned in passing and I bet most people didn’t even catch it in the group, but I was like, “Whoa.” You know that feeling when someone says something and it wasn’t the big aha, but you have the big aha and everyone else is just quiet and you’re seeing this thing, everything starts, all these connections start being made instantly. That’s kind of what happened in my head. So I’m trying to explain the connections here, I have no idea if I explained it right or if the connections will make your connections. But it was super cool.

Anyway, there’s just one little nugget, I hope that was useful for you guys. Alright now, last thing because I’m about one minute away from the office. I was really nervous about this last Inner Circle group, because we had less people just because of circumstance, but a bunch of overseas people in that group that couldn’t make it, things like that. But what was cool, because of that we had a little less time, or a little more time. So we gotta do some extra sessions, which was cool. So I did some training sessions and then twice we had people who were kind of working on webinars, they just weren’t quite hitting it yet, so instead of just trying to coach them through and then move on to the next person, I was like, “Alright.” And I jumped out of my seat and walked up to the front. I sketched out their whole webinar and then I pitched the webinar for them live. I did it twice and it was cool. I think it was cool, I thought it was cool. But we basically just built the entire webinar for them and they gotta watch me pitch it and they recorded it and then had this tool that they could go pitch. So it was pretty cool.

I’m curious how many of you guys would pay me a crap-ton of money to just write your webinar pitch and then pitch it for you real quick and then you guys can just copy my pitch. That’d be pretty cool actually. Alright I’m at the office

Episode #128 – Recap Of Funnel Hacking Live  

See behind the scenes of what happened at our first annual Funnel Hacking Live event.

On this episode Russell recaps, step by step, the stuff that went down at the Funnel Hacking Live event.

Here are some exciting things to listen for during this episode:

What happened each day during the live event, such as car racing. How the event raised $25k for World Teacher Aide. And all the other cool stuff that you missed out on if you didn’t go to Funnel Hacking Live.

Listen below to hear some of the cool highlights from the Funnel Hacking Live event.


Hey, everyone. This is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to Marketing In Your Car.

All right, everyone. I keep getting questions and Facebook messages and boxes and everything. For those of you guys who were not at the Funnel Hacking live event, if you weren't there, honestly I think you missed out. We had an amazing time.

So I just want to give you guys a recap, for all those who have been asking and wondering. It was fun. For those of you who are Marketing In Your Car members who were actually at the event, I allowed you to pull me aside and say, "You know, Russell, I heard your podcast about how nervous you were before the event, but this has been amazing."

I appreciate you guys who were there and supported us. We had a good time. So I'll kind of walk you guys through what happened. I'm going to share everything because that's kind of how I am.

If you haven't learned that now, I'm very transparent and I always want to know. I don't want to share numbers to brag, because that's annoying. I hate people who do that. But I want to share them just so you can kind of know what happened so that if you're trying to do an event, you can look at what we did as a gauge of what might be good or bad or whatever.

I hope that helps. I remember when I first started going to Bill Glazier's mastermind groups and he would share his numbers. Then it was like, "Oh, so that's how much money people make."

When he shares with me how much money per head they were making on people in the room at the events, I was like, "Oh, now I have something tangible I can assign things to, to see if I was doing it right or wrong or somewhere in the middle."

That's why I'm going to share and that's the only reason why. It doesn't really matter how much money I made. All that matters is that you guys are getting some cool, actionable info.

Let me break it down.

First thing we did is the day before the event we flew in and we actually had our top JV partners, some of our Inner Circle members and some other friends and stuff come and we went to this exotic racing place. We went and raced cars, like Ferraris and Lamborghinis and it was super cool.

And we got some amazing footage of everyone having fun, having a good time. And then Jeff Walker, who won the Ferrari, he was there too so we filmed an amazing, I mean crazy amazing promo video, with him there, that we ended up showing on day two of the event, which I'll talk about in a minute.

I'm sure we'll post that video online so you guys have a chance to see it. But it was amazing.

That was the first day. It was really cool just to get to know everybody at a more intimate level and build a relationship and give everybody a really cool experience.

Even people that make crazy amounts of money, I thought they would be like, "I'm racing cars, blah blah blah."

But they all loved it and were so excited and blown away and grateful for the experience. So step one, if you've got affiliates to do cool stuff like that, do cool experiential type things where you bring them all together.

The reason why we did the Ferrari stuff is I knew when we were giving away the Ferrari for the book launch, I knew only one person could win. I know that a lot of times if you can't win a contest, if you know you're not going to win, you won't even try.

And we need a lot of people to try. So we said, "Hey, let's do a top 10." And we eventually opened it to the top 15 partners, who get to come to this Ferrari racing.

So now it's like you either win the Ferrari or you get to come and race Ferrari's with the top 15 people. And that's what got a lot more people to promote than typically would, I think. I think that was a big part of it.

That was really, really cool. Next day, we didn't start in the morning, which turned out to be really nice. I think I'm going to keep doing events that way. In fact, I had Stu McLaren and a couple other people message me, "This is so nice to be able to wake up the day of the event, come in, register, go out to lunch, hang out and then you don't start till 1:00."

That's what we did and it was awesome. We didn't start till 1:00. We started at 1:00 and kind of did a recap of Funnel Hacking. Then we did a session on list hacking. Then we did Richard Cousins, who is one of our Inner Circle members, come and share his list hacking funnels, which are pretty intense.

He showed those off. Then we took a break. When we came back from the break, then we did a session on your dream 100. I've talked about that with you guys before in the past. We talked about your dream 100.

And then we opened up a new feature in Click Funnels, which is called Backpack, which is our internal affiliate system. And we initially were going to charge a lot for that feature, but we decided to give it away to all funnel hackers who were there for free and add it to their account, and people were going crazy.

I had Todd, Dylan and me, my two Click Funnel partners, up on stage, and we kind of shared that all. It was really cool because I felt like we were like Steve Jobs at Apple announcing a new feature, which was cool.

We released the feature, people went nuts. They had a break. When we came back from the break we brought Stu McLaren, who is one of the coolest, just one of my favorite people on earth.

And he and his wife started a charity called World Teacher Aid. So we just made a video. It was really cool.

I had a chance a couple years ago to go to Kenya with him and see this feeding program and school building program they were doing. So I made a video.

And we launched a new thing inside of Click Funnels where basically every time you create a Funnel, $1 goes toward World Teacher Aid. And I showed the video and it was cool.

I was crying and my wife was crying. Everybody was crying. Stu was crying. It was just really powerful and emotional. It was neat.

Then what we did is for everyone who was at the event, if they wanted the recordings of the event, all they do is donate some amount of money to World Teacher Aid charity.

And from that we raised I think about $25,000 from the audience, which is actually going to build two classrooms. Then us as Click Funnels team did another classroom.

So we paid for three classrooms in Kenya, which was kind of cool. And it just really got everyone engaged in the community there. Everyone felt like we were moving towards a common cause, which was just really neat.

If you're doing any kind of events or community building or things like that, I highly recommend finding a really good cause like that to get everyone moving towards and believing in it and donating towards. It was really cool.

That was day number one. Then that night we did roundtables with 10 people each. Pick a roundtable. We catered these hors d'ouervres and food and snacks and everyone came in.

And you could sit around roundtables and network and ask questions to a bunch of speakers. That was a really cool experience too. Really good networking last night and people had a great time and it was awesome.

That was day one. Day number two now, we started early in the morning. I'm going to forget everything, but first was I got up and shared our book funnel and my thoughts on free-plus-shipping and trip wire offers.

Then Perry Belcher, one of my favorite people on earth to learn from, he got up and showed his trip wire funnels, how they built Survival Life into a $25 million a year company using nothing but free-plus-shipping trip wire offers.

And after he got done, then Trey Lewellen and one of our Inner Circle members, got up and showed their free-plus-shipping funnel they're doing with gun targets and they're just crushing it right now. So he shared his little funnel which was awesome.

After Trey was done, then we brought up Todd Brown, who was our number two affiliate. And we all thought he was going to win the Ferrari and at the last minute he didn't. But just one of my favorite people on earth, and brilliant marketer.

We wanted to do something cool for him, so we brought him up on stage and we launched our dream car contest where basically any Click Funnel affiliate who gets 100 people into Click Funnels, we will cover the lease payment on their dream car.

And so we brought him on stage, talked about what he did, gave him a check for the first year of his dream car and then announced the dream car contest.

And then he gave a presentation showing basically what he would do if he was going to try to win the car, and walked through the step-by-step process in about 30 minutes about what he did to promote the book and what he would do to promote this.

That was awesome. Such actual, "This is exactly what you need to do to be an affiliate and win Russell's car." It was perfect. He talked about that, which was cool.

Let's see, what happened after that? Then we went to lunch and then after lunch, then we showed the video that we made of Jeff Walker at the Ferrari racing.

We showed that video and then brought him on stage and awarded him the Ferrari, which was really cool. And then after that, then he got up and spoke and showed his funnels, his lau

Episode #336 – My New Journey Blog  

The method behind my new blog, podcast, and YouTube channel.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how many book sales he has so far. He also talks about the new blog he is doing and how he plans to have time to do it, and how he’ll keep it consistent.

Here are some of the coolest things you will hear in this episode.

Find out if Russell was able to reach his first week goal in book sales within the first 24 hours. Hear what Russell’s new blog will be about and find out the cool way he has come up with to get it done consistently despite his hatred for Word Press. And finally find out how to get a hint about a top secret item Russell recently purchased that he thinks is super awesome.

So listen below to find out if Russell will beat or match his goal number of books sold in the first week.


Good morning everybody. Guess what? Guess what? First off, it’s raining outside, which is cool. Second off, I’m heading to the office which is cool. And third off, it’s been a little over 24hours since we launched the book and guess what? We sold over 10 thousand copies! What?

Honestly, my goal when we first got started was 10 thousand copies the first week. Because last time it took us almost a month to sell 10 thousand copies, like, “If we did it in a week that would be amazing.” We did it yesterday. It wasn’t quite 24 hours, it was 27, technically it was a little longer than a day, but I’m counting it. I’m calling it 10 thousand in a day, because that’s what we did.

Anyway, so insane. Everyone who first off, bought, thank you everyone who promoted, thank you to everyone who’s continuing to promote, that’s awesome. This morning I woke up, we were at 12,500 books and it just keeps on rolling. So I’m just going to keep on rolling and see what with the Dotcom Secrets book either we’re almost or we just hit 100,000 copies or somewhere in there, total for the last 2 ½ years. So I think with this momentum we’re going to hit 100,000 copies this month. That was our initial goal, which I thought was kind of farfetched but now I’m like, “Dang, I wonder if we actually could.” Which is crazy and exciting all wrapped up into one amazing thing. Anyway, that’s kind of what’s happening over here on this side of the world. It’s just insanely cool.

Alright, so today I want to talk about, I think I’ve talked about this before, mentioned it, but I’m trying to get it live today. It’s technically it’s kind of live, I didn’t mean to get it live, but I forgot I made a new footer graphic, and everyone in the footer started clicking in, so now technically it’s live because there’s comments and things happening.

First off, the nice thing with Clickfunnels now is you can save sections. So I created a cool footers section, that I’m putting on all of my pages. Actually there’s two footers. There’s a footer for my main pages, and then there’s a mini footer for sales and upsell pages. So anyway, there’s two footers, but I designed them perfectly and now I just, every page I make, I just go to add it, boom, boom, boom and then they’re on all the pages.

So the one above it, it links to my new blog, which is a journey of how I went from zero to a million copies of the book, which is kind of cool. I’m calling this a journey blog, which someone may have already called that, but I’m copying it. I initially saw Groove HQ do it with their software. They told this journey of how they went from zero to 100,000 MRR. And then I saw Neil Patel do it. Zero to 100,000 visitors a month on his blog. So I’m doing it, going from zero to a million copies of the book sold.

So I think I got the first 8 posts up there. For the last two months I’ve been doing these posts, one a week, kind of going through all the prelaunch stuff with the book. So it’s kind of cool, it’s this journey blog that takes you through this journey because I figure, I think blogging is boring because it’s just these random blog posts about whatever. But with a journey blog, it’s kind of like these podcasts. People tell me they listen to two or three episodes of the podcast, they get hooked and they go back to the very beginning and binge listen to every episode, which is kind of cool and hard to do when you have a two hour long show. That’s why I like doing these short ones.

You can go and you can binge listen and it’s the same with this blog. I want people coming in on week 22, reading something cool we did and be like, wait, there are 80 thousand books sold, how did they start this journey? They can start on page one and going through and boom, going through this whole timeline journey of zero to a million and binge read up the entire blog. So that’s kind of the goal with the blog, which I think is kind of cool. So you guys can see it, it’s at I haven’t really started promoted it yet. So if you want to see it, I’m trying to get it all done today. Because I’m also adding links to all of our courses, our products, everything else I do on that blog. Just because right now, I don’t really have anywhere that has that.

People always ask me, “Where can I buy your stuff Russell?” I’m like, you have to randomly find a place. Soon it’ll be like, go to, my blog is there and you can find links to all of our products, events, training programs, software. So that’s kind of what’s happening over there. But it’s kind of fun.

So the journey blog is happening. We have a YouTube show that’s going to be happening. And obviously we have this podcast, and it’s kind of cool. I’m starting to get a way to publish in all these different platforms.

I’ve struggled for the last 14 years figuring that out. How do you blog? How do you video? How do you do all these different things? And it’s really figuring out for you if it’s something you can be consistent at. When I launched this podcast it was like something that, I call it Marketing In Your Car because, as you know, it’s the drive from my house to my office and I do that every day. And usually I don’t have time to do anything else. I’m driving. So it’s the perfect time for me to do. I know I consistently can do it. Which is why it’s been 350 or 400 episodes or whatever. Because it’s an easy thing for me to do.

The blog was hard for a long time, because I didn’t know how to blog or why to blog, and now I have a thing. It’s like, once a week I document what we did this week to sell a million copies of the book. It’s just like, “Oh I can do that.” I don’t actually write the blog. I hate Word Press. In fact, every time I log into Word Press, I don’t swear but if I were a swearing person I would be cursing. I hate it. So I figured it out. I got two guys on my team, Levi, who’s a really good writer. So I vox him my blog post. He logs in and writes the whole thing. And then Jake is a great designer comes in and designs it all up. Now I got a blog post. I’m a blogger.

All I do is I do one vox a week on Friday before I leave. Recapping what we did in the last week to sell a million copies of the book, which is super cool. Something I can actually consistently do. YouTube thing is the same thing. We’ve been trying to figure out a nice YouTube strategy and we’re about to launch a TV show called Funnel Hacker TV, which is insane. The only problem with it, it’s an hour long episode, and we’ve recorded 10 episodes the last year and then all this effort to get them all done and live. So they’re going to be going live in a little bit.

But I was like, my YouTube strategy can’t just be big hits, I need something in between so what I did is I bought this little Sony camera, this little handi-cam thing. And we’re calling Funnel Hacker TV behind the scenes show. So as I do everything throughout the day, I’m just carrying this little thing around recording and telling the story. “Okay, this is what’s happening. This is where we’re going.” Telling the story. Then there’s a dude I met, named Kevin who’s awesome. I just drop all the videos from the camera each night into drop box and he’s turns them into these cool shows. It’s like, I just gotta carry this camera with me and record stuff, and if I don’t feel like recording in the day, then I don’t. But if I try to 3 or 4 days a week to have actually cool stuff happening, drop it in the dropbox for him, he makes a video and now we’re….anyway, that’s going to be the YouTube channel that we’re launching soon.

So it’s kinda cool. I’ve got a couple different channels happening. I always tell people that you shouldn’t try to publish at 12 places right at the get go, but eventually you should be moving towards that. But mastering one channel first and then slowly adding things in as you can. But now that I’m getting into my daily routine, into my routine, it’s not super difficult or super hard. It’s just taking a little bit of time. It takes 6 minutes a day to do my podcast, it takes 10 minutes a week to do my blog and it takes an extra minute throughout the day each time I’m doing something, just kind of explain what I’m doing, instead of just doing it.

Anyway, it’s kind of cool. That’s what’s happening here. So there’s the timeline blogs, because that’s the next thing. YouTube channel will be next after that. Oh and then there’s other cool stuff. But I don’t want to get you guys overwhelmed. People are like, “You do too much stuff Russell.” I’m like, “No, I spend a year or 5 or 10 years figuring out how to plug it into my daily routine and then it’s not doing a lot of extra work. It’s just like oh.” “Russell, you’re a blogger now.” No, it literally takes me 10 minutes a week, so it’s not that hard.

Alright, with that said, hopefully you guys are thinking about your content plan and schedule and things. And figuring out a way to do it that you can be consistent with. I got one last hint for you guys, I’m not going to tell you the answer, but I’m going

Episode #315 – Behind The Scenes Of Funnel Hacking Live 2017 (Part 2)  

The rest of the story…

On this special 2 part episode Russell recaps and summarizes what happened at Funnel Hacking Live. He also reflects on how he felt about different aspects and speakers at the event.

Here are some of the cool things you will hear in this 2 part episode:

An overview of the schedule during the 3 day event, who spoke, and what they spoke about. How Russell felt about certain speakers and what he thinks went right with his own presentations, and what mistakes he feels he made. What the best part of the event was for Russell (hint – It involves his lovely wife). And what Russell plans on doing differently at next year’s Funnel Hacking Live.

So listen below for the conclusion of Russell’s thoughts and feelings about Funnel Hacking Live 2017.


Day number two now, Devon got on stage he intro to government estate. Then we came up and did a section on follow-up funnels. Which was Todd and Dylan and Ryan and me and we talked about how email funnels are from 1998 and the future is follow up funnels. And we did a presentation and during the presentation we ripped our shirts off and we had these shirts. I’m actually wearing the shirt today. It says, “We are not confusion soft, we’re Clickfunnels” and then we challenged everybody to go all in and be all in, in Clickfunnels. And we gave them these t-shirts and temporary tattoos and a whole bunch of stuff for anyone who went all in.

Basically they had to open up their phone and go to and if you’re not all in it had Macauley Culkin slapping his face saying, “ahh, you’re not in.” and there was a big button where you could upgrade. And if you were all in, it showed you were all in and basically you’d run to the back of the room, show them the funnel and then we’d give you a huge packet of swag, which was cool.

So if any of you guys are listening to this. Don’t do that right now. We’re updating it to make it work online, I think by next week. Actually my birthday, March 8th. So on my birthday we’re going to be doing that presentation live to Facebook Live and it’ll be live so you can all go all in and get the same swag shipped out to you, which will be fun. But it was cool to show people what’s possible in Actionetics. Most people don’t know, they assume it’s an email auto-responder, and that’s like saying that Clickfunnels builds websites. Come on now, that’s 1998.

I had a slide, I wanted to use Urkel, Steve urkel in my slides, and I was able to use him twice. I was like, “You know what else was cool in 1998, Steve Urkel. Actually no, Steve Urkel’s show was cancelled in 1998. So even in 98 Urkel wasn’t cool anymore. But that’s what you’re using if you’re doing email funnels. We’re talking about follow-up funnels and all the stuff that’s possible.” So we showed people what’s possible in Actionetics, and most people didn’t even know. And everyone is shifting everything over to Clickfunnels, which is the goal. We want everybody all in, I want you all in.

So that was what Follow-up Funnels is about. It was probably the coolest presentation. So much energy, it was awesome. Then we had a break after that. And then Justin and Tara Williams came on and did a whole section on podcast funnels, which was awesome. They told their story, which was cool. And basically showed how these three podcasts they had done, how these three podcasts had each launched three entire businesses for them and it was just cool to see.

Anyway, that part was awesome. So podcast funnels, Justin and Tara were amazing. They killed it. After that we had Emily Shay come up and she is 11 years old and she stood up there on a huge stage where most people would be so scared and so intimidated and she crushed it. She was so awesome. She had about 15 or 20 minutes up there and she told her story and did it in a really fun way that tied it to the audience. She’s just a superstar. Some people would say the youth speakers were the best one’s of the whole thing, and I was like, “Yes.”

So Emily crushed it. Caleb Maddix came on, I talked about him yesterday on the podcast. He came on and just did an amazing job as well. And it was just so cool to see Emily and Caleb, two young entrepreneurs who were able to stand in front of a room and control the audience like that. For me, it took me honestly, it took me ten plus years to get a spot that they were in already and it was just so cool to see them. They’re the future.

So exciting, so they both crushed it and did such an amazing job. Then we had a lunch break. Again, the annoying thing where our stomachs were hungry and we had to go eat. So everyone went to lunch. We came back and Trey Lewellen stood up on stage and Trey is really, Trey spoke at the very first Funnel Hacking Event and he did a great job then. But it’s fun seeing him transition, him owning the stage now, he just, he did awesome. He went into deep funnelytics, like here’s the metrics you’ve got to figure out to make your funnels works. And he showed this stuff where it’s just like, well I didn’t understand that. Most people who set up a funnel that doesn’t make a million bucks day one they’re like, “This didn’t work.” No, you gotta understand the math behind it. And Trey showed how he’s built these huge companies. 20-30 million dollar companies off of a funnel that was not profitable upfront.

But when you understand the funnelytics, the math behind the funnels, how it worked. It was so cool for him to document and show it all off, it was just amazing.

Then from there, we’re only halfway through, it just keeps getting, the whole thing was amazing. Then Jason Fladlien, who is someone I’ve learned, in fact in the Expert Secrets book, I dedicated a lot to him as well. Because there’s so much I learned from him about breaking belief patterns and rebuilding and reframing and he’s just brilliant. He got on stage and talked about Amazon Funnels. And even though a lot of people know him as the guy who’s the best in the world at selling from webinars, he happens to also be good at Amazon as well.

So he showed 7 different Amazon funnels that he uses in his company and then he gave everybody at the event. “Here’s the Amazon funnels, there’s 7 of them. You guys can knock them off and use them in your business.” Which was so cool. So if you’re using any Amazon or ecommerce stuff, Jason’s stuff was amazing.

From there Darrin Stevens got on stage. A lot of you guys probably don’t know Darrin Stevens but he is a legend. He was one of the, he did the marketing behind Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus. Brilliant book launch and stuff like that. But he also runs events. He does these events that have 80 people in the room who make 2-3million dollars in a weekend, for a room of less than 100 people. And it’s all about how he structures his events and event funnels. So he walked us through the whole process and he had 18 or 19 things that he does at events to build rapport and get people buying. If I was able to close what Darrin does, again he did what did I say, 2.5 million dollars from 80 people. I would have done like 60 million dollars from this event, but I didn’t so Darrin is still the king. He’s amazing.

So he shared event funnel stuff, which was awesome. Then we had another break, then Setema got on stage, and Setema is the Super Bowl winner who had to sell his ring because after he won the Super Bowl his life kind of fell apart and talks about how you win again. How do you get that stuff back? How do you implement all the stuff you’ve learned? It was amazing. He’s nicknamed himself the reverend of the revolution. I feel like he was the reverend preaching to us about how to take this stuff and have success with imperfect action and just going through and doing it. It was so cool, Setema is the man. That was awesome.

After that we came onstage and we awarded the Two Comma Club awards, which was amazing. We had, I think right now, we have over 100 people who have qualified for the Two Comma Club. Which means they have a funnel that made at least a million dollars. 100 people! So we gave away I think 80 something Two Comma Club trophy’s. These huge trophy’s with a gold record on it with two commas etched into it. It was cool for everyone else to see that and be like, “Wow, these are my peers. And they’re all making a million dollars in a funnel.”

I was trying to make it so real. If they can do it, you can do it. So we did that, and afterwards I did a presentation called “You’re one Funnel Away.” Which basically I had no power point slides, I just told the story of all the ups and downs in my business and the funnels that have saved me. I talked about the two or three times I’ve almost gone bankrupt. I talked about the fears, the pain, all that kind of stuff. What were the funnels we created that saved us from that.

It was emotional, I started crying, which is really embarrassing, especially on stage. Other people were crying and it was cool. I hope people enjoyed that. It was a scary thing for me to get vulnerable like that, but I think it was important so that everyone understands, whatever you’re struggling at, it happens to all of us. It happens to me, it happens to everyone. So understanding that and being okay with it and giving yourself permission through that to be able to succeed.

That was really cool. After that we had a hack-a-thon at night. I was super tired. I went to the hack-a-thon, talked for a few minutes, then I went back up, ate some dinner and then passed out because I was so tired. But then I hadn’t finished my next presentation for the next night. So I set my alarm for 4:30 in the morning, the next morning to get started.

Hack-a-thon was awesome, people were up til midnight building funnels. We had a whole bunch of people who built, launched and made money on funnels that night, which was cool. We ca

Episode #242 – Behind The Scenes Of My Three Hour Funnel  

What really happened to get launched.

On this episode Russell talks about how he went from one Snapchat follower to over a thousand in under 24 hours. He also shares how you can make Snapchat work for your business.

Here are some fun things to listen for in today’s episode:

How Russell was able to substantially increase his Snapchat following in a very short period of time, and how it continues to grow. How Russell used skills he already had in marketing to market his Snapchat account. And How you can use Snapchat to help your own business grow.

So listen below for the Snapchat gold Russell is handing out on this episode!


Hey everyone, good morning, good morning, good morning. I’m excited to be with you here for longer than 10 seconds on a special edition of Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone, so yes, yes. I’ve been going a little Snapchat crazy for the last little bit, and I’m excited to be on a platform where I can talk to you for a little longer than 10 seconds. Anyway, as you guys know, I got intro’d to Snapchat a little while ago, a couple of days ago, and wanted to try it out. Did the first day and thought it was really fun. I thought it was actually a really good platform for me. Especially with next week we got some crazy stuff.

Next week we’re flying out Ty Lopez is doing a webinar for us, I’m flying out and hanging out at the mansion for a day. Dude, just kind of get some people excited about that webinar, which will be cool. After that, we’re going and Marcus Lemonis is having us on The Profit, crazy, crazy, crazy. So we are going to be filming a part, I’m going to be in the episode building funnels for people. So we are going mainstream, funnels are becoming mainstream, which is cool. And a bunch of other cool things and I’m like, “How do I show that to people? I can talk about it post-production in here, Marketing In Your Car, which is fun, I can go into more details and share the cool stuff, but how do I take you behind the scenes, snap by snap. So we’re going to be snapchatting the crap out of that trip along with everything else we’re doing.

Anyway, it’s worth trying to figure out Snapchat, if nothing else, to see behind the scenes of next week, which is going to be amazing. So I think I found out if you go to, I think it adds you directly, or faster or something. Alright so, this is kind of the behind the scenes. I thought Snapchat was cool, did the first snap, had one person watch it, and I was like this sucks, how do you get people? So I got to figure out a way to get people. I was like, what if I just create a page that educates them on why they should be following me and snapping and all that kind of stuff? So I create this page and it kind of goes through what to do and how to do it and all that kind of stuff, which is kind of cool. So then I started promoting that a little bit and we got a little bit of traction by people who already knew what Snapchat was and they jumped on and that was kind of cool. But then it just kind of died real fast. I was like, that was a lot of work, the juice was not worth the squeeze. Now I got 12 people watching my snaps, so that’s not any cooler.

And I was like, how do we grow this? As I’m asking myself this question, I want you guys thinking about this for your business as well, so from a podcasting standpoint, from an affiliate program, from a blog, from a Facebook, whatever it is. For me, the question in my head was how do I grow Snapchat faster? And again, I think the process I’m going to walk you guys through is the same process I would be going through if I was asking any of the other questions. How do I grow my affiliate program? How do I grow my podcast? How do I blah, blah, blah? So that’s kind of the thought right? So what I did is I started going back, and this is, and we’re jumping all over the place for the faithful followers of Marketing In Your Car, so if you jump back to the episode where I talked about an epiphany bridge. So I started thinking about what gave me my epiphany to want to actually care about Snapchat? And I was like, for me, it’s cool. A couple of days ago I met Brandon and Kaylin, they showed Snapchat, I was like this is cool and they showed me how they get 20,000 people per snap to watch this thing. I’m like, dang. They put in a year’s worth of effort, but now they get 20,000 views every time they push a button, which is nuts. I don’t know any other platform you can do that on. You can be on informercials and you can’t get 20,000 people to watch at the click of a button. They get 30 a day that 20,000 people watch, it’s pretty cool.

So that was kind of my big epiphany. Like wow, if I could build it up that’d be awesome. Then I was like, the only reason I’m getting on Snapchat, is because now I understand the benefit, I’m going to try Snapchat. So I want to see what other people are doing so I can understand how they’re doing it, how they’re engaging. I’m going to follow cool people, so I started following people. Now, it’s funny, I’ll log into Snapchat 50 times a day, refreshing to see if people I’m following posted anything. I’m annoyed when they haven’t. I’m like, crap this is a cool platform because I want to be annoyed. When I’m, this is probably more than you wanted to know, when I’m going to the bathroom I want to see a bunch of snaps from the few people I’m following. If they haven’t posted something I’m annoyed. Dude, wake up you guys. Do something funny. You need to entertain me now.

So I was like, crap, this is kind of cool. I can just keep doing stuff and people during their bathroom breaks or whenever, I don’t know when people Snapchat, they can catch up on all the weirdness that we’re doing. I was like this is a cool platform. I need to take people through the same epiphany I had. So we set up, that’s what my page was initially telling them how to follow me, but I was like, let’s step back. What if I can get Brandon and Kaylin to give everyone the same epiphany they gave me? So that was my first thought, I was like, cool. This is literally yesterday morning. So then I Vox those guys. I’m like, “Hey can I interview you for like 30 minutes talking about Snapchat?” and they’re like, “We’re about to jump on a plane, we can’t really do it, unless we do it at this time.” I’m like, “Sweet, let’s do it. We’ll do Google Hangout, We’ll jump on and talk to guys for 30 minutes about Snapchat to give everybody the same epiphany I had. So that’s step number one.

Step number two is I’m about to leave my house to come to the office and I’m like, well how am I going to get people to actually want to register to watch this training? I gotta do something different, unique and fun. So what if I Snapchat me selling Snapchat and telling about the epiphany I had with snapchat and then introducing the people that gave me that epiphany. So I’m weaving 20 different marketing things into one, I hope you guys are seeing this. So then I’m  like, what am I going to Snapchat? And I was like, with video’s, what does really well is if you’re taking someone on a journey. If you are just you in your office like, “Hi, my name is Russell, I’m in my office. Let’s talk about something.” It’s not nearly as powerful as you starting somewhere and taking somebody on a journey and a process with you. It’s kind of like you are taking them on this whole epiphany with you. So I was like, I’m about to go to the office, what if I take them on this journey? “I’m leaving my house, going to the office, talking to Brandon and Kaylin, you guys are kind of going on this journey with me, opt in and you’re going to see the same conversation I’m about to have.” So that’s what I did.

I got out Snapchat and I started Snapchatting my whole journey. Me putting my backpack on, walking out the of my house. Getting in the garage deciding do I take the Corvette or do I take the bike? The bike’s way funnier so I took the bike. Me, driving my bike while I’m Snapchatting this message.  And then I’m out of wind and it keeps cutting me off because I only get 10 seconds. So instead of trying to be all polished I played off of that, let me complain like 5 times about how short these things are. So I’m taking them on this journey to the office and then I go into the office, go to my desk, and I share what they are going to learn, and I show pictures of Kaylin with her ripped 6 pack abs to make people want to hear what she’s gotta say. So I create this whole video of like 20 or 30 ten second Snapchats, and I’m trying to make it fun and entertaining. I had my brother edit one upside down because I wanted a pattern interrupt because it was like 5 shots in a row of me riding my bike and it just got kind of boring, even though it’s ten seconds at a time. I’m like flip it upside down that way it’s a pattern interrupt so they don’t get bored during the 4 or 5 sessions of me riding on my bike.

Anyway, we made this video, honestly on my ride to the office, had my brother edit it, flip that thing around, then we posted it on Youtube. Then I made and posted that Snapchat video of me Snapchatting talking about Snapchat with an opt-in box. Next page then, I had just a really simple process, 1, 2, 3. Number one watch the training from Brandon and Kaylin, so as soon as we did the Googe Hangout, then I put the embed code on that page. Even though Google Hangout dropped 2 or 3 times, we didn’t edit anything. Because I was like, I don’t want to; I just want to go fast and hopefully show people you don’t have to be so polished to make things cool. So we did that. Step two is like, “Hey go to this page now to follow me.” So then it takes them to a page I created the day earlier that walks them through how to find me, how to follow me, how to watch my snaps or my story or whatever. I should learn the terminology. Th

Episode #106 – You’re Not Cooler Than You Think You Are  

Until you’ve cycled at least once, I can’t be your business partner.

On today’s episode Russell talks about why successful people aren’t as cool as they think they are. He admits to falling into this same pattern and how he has been able to be a lot more humble.

Here are some fun things you’ll hear on this episode:

Why Russell thought he was cool when he had some success and how he was humbled. Why Russell’s failed ventures have made him realize he isn’t as cool as he thought. And why a fellow marketer got angry with Russell on a marketing cruise and ended up blowing a big opportunity.

Listen below to hear why you aren’t as cool as you might think you are.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you to another exciting, emotional, awesome Marketing in Your Car.

Hey everyone, I just got out of the gym today. I was thinking a lot. I actually did a podcast last night but we're going to do another one because I just want to talk about something that I think is very important for everyone to hear, especially me, especially pretty much everyone.

The moral of this podcast, I’ll tell you the moral first and then we'll dig into the actual nuts and bolts behind it. The moral of the story is you are not as cool as you think. It's funny, in the world that we live in, the world that I'm in, it's amazing to me how impressed people are with themselves. It drives me insane.

I don't know what it is but when people have a little bit of success, they just become super impressed with themselves, and rightfully so but there comes a time I think in most entrepreneurs' lives where you realize that you're not as cool as you think you are. The sooner that happens for you, the better.

If it hasn't happened for you yet, I want to give you the blessing of letting you know that you're not as cool as you think. I remember when I first got started in this business, and things started happening and started making money, man, I thought I was the coolest thing in the world. I was unstoppable. I started making stupid decisions because I thought I was invincible, and grew my company really, really quick, and then lost it all because of stupid decisions.

You think after almost losing it all once, I would have been a little bit smarter, but no, instead, I got a little more success again, things came back, and the second time I built it twice as big. We had 100 employees and I was so impressed with myself. I was so awesome. I loved telling people how many employees I had.

Then guess what happened? I made some more stupid decisions, and I lost it all again. I remember for a long time being really depressed about that. Then one time, I was in Mexico hanging out with some really cool marketers. There was this guy named Robert Hirsch. We were talking about our businesses, our careers, and our paths.

I was telling him about my two ups and downs in my business so far. He goes, “Oh good, you've cycled twice.” I go, “What do you mean?” He's like, “Yeah, you've cycled twice. I refuse to work with entrepreneurs who haven't cycled at least once.” I'm like, “What do you mean?”

He's like, “Every business has these ups and downs. When you have your first up, you think you're invincible and you drink your own Kool-Aid and you believe it.” He said, “I refuse to work with entrepreneurs that way because they still believe they're cooler than they are. They don't understand that there are so many things external from them that make them successful, and it's not themselves. They're not as cool as they think they are.”

He said, “The fact that you've cycled twice means that you hopefully have learned from the second time and the first time, and hopefully you don't think you're as cool as you think you are.” I remember when he said that, I was like, “You know what? That's pretty powerful.”

I think it's important to understand that. I've tried. Again, I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I've tried since my last cycle to be a lot more humble and to realize that it's not me. It's people around me. It's our customers. It's all these amazing things. I take it way more, I don't take it for granted. I'm a lot more appreciative.

I try to be careful when I make decisions now, and things like that. That concept has reared its head this week on the whole marketer's cruise. Before we went on the cruise, supposedly, I didn't even know this, but some guy messaged Brent on my team and said, “Hey, I'm going to be on the marketer's cruise. I’d love to meet you.”

Brent is like, “Cool, yeah, come find us, we'd love to meet you too.” That's where it left off. We're on this cruise, 700 other marketers mind you, plus 1300 guests, so 2000 people here. I first off didn't know who the guy was, didn't know he was supposed to meet us. Brent has messaged him on Facebook for 30 seconds maybe, didn't know his name or picture, just some guy.

I probably got at least 15 to 20 people before the cruise who said, “Hey, I want to meet you.” I'm like, “Alright, I'm there, come find me.” Supposedly, this guy was pissed off and upset because I didn't come and find him. Again, I have no idea who he is from Adam yet he obviously knows who I am.

Anyway, the last night I guess, he bumps into Todd, one of my partners in Click Funnels and was all yelling at him and pissed about the fact that we've been ignoring him. Todd is like, “I don't even know who you are. Who in the world are you?” so Todd tries to calm him down and everything.

I guess when all was said and done, all he really wanted was an affiliate link. Todd was like, “Okay, we'll get you an affiliate link.” Yesterday, this guy Facebooks Brent, yelling at him about how we all ignored him, how rude we were, and all this stuff. We're like, “We don't even know who you are. We were there every night talking. You know who we are. We had no idea who you are. Why wouldn't you come up and talk to us?”

He comes back and he's like, “No, it was not that you guys didn't know who I was. You were purposely ignoring me. I'm so big, I got this and this. I'm so famous, blah, blah,” all this stuff. It was so weird. I remember thinking back and saying, “Wow, this guy, because his ego is so big, because he thinks he's cooler than he is and because he believes that, he just missed out on some amazing opportunities.

Had he come up to me and said, “Hey Russell, I'm so-and-so. I messaged Brent. I’d love to meet you,” I probably would have hit it off and become good friends. I remember in the guy's Facebook message, he's also pissed because I did meet a really cool guy. There was this guy who runs a karate thing back east. His name is Jeff.

We hit it off. He's a jiu jitsu guy. I'm a wrestler. We actually wrestled twice. We went to the yoga room on a hardwood floor, laid out some yoga mats, and wrestled twice. I still have bruises on my knees and bruises on my neck from choking me out because we had so much fun, and hit it off with this guy.

Man, I love this guy, I love his family, I love everything about him. We're trying to help him and serve him, and how we can take his business and him to the next level. We're doing everything we can now to serve him because he didn't think he was cooler than he is. He's just a cool guy who got to know us at a personal level, and we got to know him, and had a great time with him.

Because of that, the relationship he's built, I would be shocked if the relationship we have with him now, if he doesn't make millions of dollars in the next couple of years from that. It wasn't because again, he was saying, “Oh, do you know who I am? I'm the biggest karate guy in the east.” He didn't do any of that. It was just because he was a cool guy.

It was just a reminder to me. I think about the people I deal with in business and I think about myself. I think about other people, and I just want to make sure everyone knows that you're not as cool as you think you are. This stuff is happening, these are blessings that have been given to us. Don't take those things for granted. Be grateful for them.

Never think that you're too big to talk to someone. Never think that people should acknowledge you and know who you are. It was funny, on the cruise, every person I met, I tried to introduce myself and say who I was because some people, it was funny, you see some people who are just like, “Oh, you don't know who I am?” and they walk away.

For me, I don't assume that people know who I am. I assume that they don't and I try to get to know them. It's just a better way to live. My encouragement for today, you guys, is understand first off that you're not cooler than you are. You probably are pretty cool but just remember that all entrepreneurs cycle.

If you haven't cycled yet, you're going to. If you're dumb like me, you'll cycle twice, and hopefully it doesn't happen to me a third time but I'm sure it might. I just want to be humble enough to accept it when it comes, and to dust myself off, get back up, and make sure I take care of other people around me so that when we go for the next round, the next cycle, the people that I love and care about are still there.

I hope that helps you guys. I hope you have an awesome day today. Go inspire people. Go change the world in your way, and see how you can serve people. If you do that, everything you want and need in life will come back to you. Thanks again, you guys. We'll talk to you on the next Marketing in Your Car.

Episode #225 – Should I Start My Own Reality Show?  

Step one in our planning for the new

On today’s episode Russell talks about an idea he has for a new show about Russell and his team doing funnels for businesses. He explains what kinds of things you’d see on the show.

Here are 3 cool things on this episode:

What the name of this new TV show would be. What companies Russell already has in mind to be on the show. And what kind of behind the scenes stuff you would be able to see on the show.

So listen below to hear all about Funnel Hacker TV.


Hey, hey, hey, I hope you guys are doing amazing, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright, so I did one this morning, a podcast, which was 3 minutes long because I was preparing for our meeting, and I was talking really fast, but hopefully some of you guys got some cool value out of that. But I have something I wanna talk to you guys about, but I’ve been all bottled up because I’ve had 9o’clock meetings, when usually I’m in the car right before 9. Anyway, I’ve just had less time to talk and hang out. So I’m going right now to the store to grab some stuff for my wife, so this gives me a cool opportunity to share some cool stuff for you guys. Hope you don’t mind.

So I am crazy excited right now about something that we’re doing that I think is going to be amazing. I don’t know. I’m kind of nervous to tell you guys, not even everyone on my team, not even my partners know this yet. Todd will probably find out about this from this podcast. And maybe Dylan, I don’t know if he listens or not. Kind of what we’re thinking. How has marketing been done up to this point? It’s all about creating cool funnels, driving traffic and that conceptual thing. Or doing Periscopes or hang outs, or cool things. All I’m trying to figure out….I’m trying to be the next level, the bleeding edge, the next cool thing. I was trying to really figure out how do we….I feel like we built a really cool brand and a community and all this kind of stuff. How do we expand that? How do we take that to the next level and make it bigger and better?

So that was the question. Last week my wife and I were out visiting our nanny, who just had a baby so we went and saw her and saw the baby and everything. So we were driving around and talking before we went to Jack in the Box. Was it Jack in the Box? Anyway, some horrible fast food restaurant, that tastes way too good, and definitely not on any of the diets on earth, but nevertheless we went there with the kids. And as we’re driving we’re talking about HGTV’s Flip That House, and we’re talking about just some things like that and as we’re driving all the sudden this inspiration I feel it just hit me from above thinking…saying, the cool thing about those shows is that they pick a house, rehab a house, you watch the whole process and in that process they’re telling the back story and all these things. They have this sub-story of things happening. Each week there’s a house that they’re finding, they’re rehabbing it, flipping it or whatever and making it awesome. That was our favorite one, with Chip and Joanne Gains, but all the house shows are similar.

I was thinking about it, we’re working on a lot of side projects. Things I’m kind of doing on the side. Funnels I’m building for companies that we’ve traded equity for, stuff like that. And I was like, wouldn’t it be cool if we made our own reality tv show and showed behind the scenes, so people could actually see  what happens? And I started thinking of different funnels I’m working on and one of them is Bio-hacking Secrets with my friend Anthony Diclementi. We’ve already recorded so much cool footage of him with his Cryosauna with laser lights, and all these crazy….the visuals are already amazing, because we’ve been filming the whole process and we’re about to launch it. I’m like, you’re building all this stuff behind the scenes and no one gets to see it and it doesn’t really help the Clickfunnels community other than some of them hear about it later. But I’m like, what if that became a thing and each week we pick a funnel that we’re building anyway and we build it out live and everyone gets to see the story? And it’s not just like a boring thing us in the office like, “Blah blah blah.” Make it fun and exciting and have story lines and a whole bunch of things like that. So that’s kind of the idea.

So we’ve mapped out the first 12 episodes, 12 funnels and some of them are projects like Bio-hacking secrets, the prove it funnels we’re working on, a couple things like that and some of them….For example, tomorrow I’m actually being interviewed, or he’s interviewing me or something I guess, I don’t even know. Robert Kiyosaki are getting on meeting and we’re recording it, gonna pre-record this intro for the webinar. Because me and him are doing a big webinar next month. And he can’t show up on them live because he’s going to be out of the country, so we’re filming the intro together and then we’ll show the intro and I’ll do the webinar live to his whole list. And his list is crazy huge, so we could in theory, I don’t know do half a million or million dollar webinar, and wouldn’t that be a cool episode to film that whole thing? Film me tomorrow as I’m driving to the office, freaking out excited and there film behind the scenes of me interviewing Kiyosaki and us being on this thing together. And film the webinar actually happening and showing all the nervousness before and showing people registering and showing up and stats and numbers, and doing the webinar and showing the pitch, the close, the percentages. Just showing the whole thing. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Or with Bio-hacking Secrets, we’re about to launch. It’s a free book funnel, plus a tele-seminar funnel, plus a webinar high ticket funnel. All of that Is 90% done. So we’re going to fly Anthony out and film the story of us launching this thing, and how we buy the ads and how we get the right things and testing the campaign and seeing what’s converting and what’s not converting. Doing all the stuff we do anyway, but showing you guys behind the scenes of it, in a really cool, fun exciting thing. Wouldn’t that be fun? So that’s kind of the first half. Again, I’m trying to think, how do we make this fun and engaging and exciting. Recently one of our fellow funnel hackers started working for me, and he’s in the office, sits right behind my desk. His name is Steven Larsen, some of you guys may know him, so he’s been actually…I’ve been focusing a little more on strategy since he’s been here and he’s been focusing on building out and we’ve been kind of going back and forth until something looks really good. So I thought on the show, instead of me talking about it and building it and being really annoying person who thinks he’s really important, instead wouldn’t it be cool if its like, I’m coaching, which I’m doing anyway, but I’m coaching Steven through building these funnels and doing the whole process. And he gets to ask questions and be in on the strategy meetings and all these kinds of things. And that way you guys get a unique view where it’s not just what in my head what’s happening, it’s me explaining it to him what’s happening. So he’s kind of in proxy for the rest of the audience, learning along as this thing is happening, as we’re building it out and seeing behind the scenes as we do the pages and the funnels.

Anyway, I’m so exciting. So we started filming some of them today. We’ve been working on the Prove It funnels. We filmed behind the scenes of us doing the whole strategy session, pre-launch stuff. Next week I’m flying out to actually speak at a network marketing event and a Prove It event. So we’re going to film me in the air flying there, telling the story and those kind of things. And then my next book’s coming out, so we’re going to film that story. And we’re going to show behind the scenes of that book funnel. I’ll show you behind the scenes of the Tony Robbins book funnel. Dave Ashworth book funnel and all the other ones we’ve done and just kind of episode by episode build out different things and show you behind the scenes of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, and why we’re doing it. And the actual numbers, and the actual stats and having complete transparency.

And the other cool thing we thought, if we have an episode that goes live, on the site we’ll have the episode there, you could see each month by month, we could do income reports similar to what John Lee Dumas on Entrepreneur on Fire. Show each month, Bio-hacking Secrets launch. Month one we did this, month two, month three. Show the running stats of what each of these little business, each of these funnels is actually generating for us. And just try to be complete transparency. You guys can look at what we’re doing and then funnel hack it for your own businesses.

So that’s the idea. I’m excited, I hope you’re excited. We’ve been so crazy. We have some crazy ones. One of them we’re flying down to Columbia to go drop ship roses. One of them…..anyway, we’ve got some crazy, crazy stuff that you guys are going to love, and you’re going to have the chance to see behind the scenes of everything. So that’s the first part. The second part, I’m not sure if I should even talk about this yet, but we’re trying to figure out how to make, and this idea came to me, I actually did a Periscope tonight, asking our Periscope followers, “What do you guys think about this?” Trying to get them engaged with the idea and get some other feedback, what they’d want to hear and see in the episodes.

One thing I kind of talked about was, I don’t know if you guys watch the show the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. You shouldn’t, but if you do you know what I’m talking about where they every night that it’s on, people all around America have these big bachelor parties where they get their friends and family, everyone gets together and

Episode #161 – Marketing Highlights From My Trip To Australia, New Zealand And Phoenix  

All the cool stuff I learned on my journey.

In this episode Russell talks about some of the highlights of his trip to New Zealand and Australia, including meeting Liz Benney and her family and being able to sell a huge percentage of a room where everyone already has Clickfunnels.

Here are some fun highlights to look for in this episode:

How Liz Benney found success with the help of Russell and Clickfunnels. How Russell was able to sell to a room full of people who already had Clickfunnels. And how Russell got Sean Stephenson to come speak at the upcoming event.

So listen below to hear those and some other cool things that happened to Russell on his trip.


Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone. I hope you guys have been doing well. It's been a little while since you've heard from me. Actually you did hear from me once in Australia. I was ranting about that sushi place, so you have heard a little bit from me, but anyway it's like 6:00 in the morning, we are driving to go get passports done for the kids before school, and I just wanted to jump on and say hey. It's been a little bit.

Last week has been a crazy whirlwind. We flew last Monday, we flew from Boise and we flew over to New Zealand to go see Liz Benny and her family, and we had a super, just an awesome time. A chance to go see her. Liz joined our coaching program about a year ago and we had a chance to work with her for the last year and she's gone from being a successful social media manager for people and helping a ton of businesses, to taking her skills and expertise and teaching it to other people. She's helped thousands of people now become social media managers. She's put them in business and she's got success stories from people making 40 to 50 grand contracts and just so cool. So cool to see how her and her personality have been able to go out there and literally change the world in her way, and she's just getting started. You guys will hear more from her. It just keeps growing.

It was really cool. Actually the last part of the trip I had a dinner with some people, and they're all people that make tens of millions of dollars, and we were talking about just the impact we've had over the last year, and I just kind of shared the story. I said, "You know, I went to New Zealand and I was sitting in the house that Liz was in, and she was in the process of packing up this house because she's moving to their beautiful new home they just purchased."

She showed me, she was like, "This is the chair I was sitting in, this is the computer I was looking at when I saw the ad with your face on it, and I clicked on it and then this is where I filled out the application." She's like, "I spent hours going over the application because I was so nervous and all these different things." She was like, "I put my heart and my soul into it. This is where I applied and then this is where you guys asked me for $25,000", and she's like, "We were driving around here and I was saying, "No, we can't do it. It's too much money and we had saved that money for our future home and all these things."

Finally she was like, "We were in this room when we decided to do it, and then we had our first call, and this is where I was sitting, and this is where Kristy and I were sitting when we had our first Skype call, and she's now a year later and done almost a million dollars in sales. We just purchased our dream house and all this good that's come from it", and it was just I don't know. We get in this business and we think about the dollars, the numbers, and the conversion, and all those kind of things. That trip just gave me a chance to make it more real and to see the end result of what we're doing, why we're really doing it. It was emotional for me, and it was exciting, and it was awesome to see her, and see them, and meet her little kids. They're super cute. Anyway, it was just great.

We were only there for like 24 hours and we went and cruised around, made some videos, we went to the place where the filmed Chronicles of Narnia, and we had a quad copter and filmed Liz out in the middle of this huge field where the war was at and the quad copter flying over the top of her. There's going to be some cool videos that come from that I'm sure. Anyway, that was pretty awesome. Yeah, it was just overall it was just a great little trip.

From there we flew to Australia. In Australia, we met with a guy named Ian Marsh. He was business partners with a guy named Mal Emory and then he actually bought Mal's business from him. Mal is always called the Dan Kennedy of Australia which is kind of cool. I've known Mal for probably six or seven years now. He interviewed me back in the day for his CD of the month club, and that's how I got to know him. I went and spoke four or five years ago for them. Flew out to the Gold Coast and spoke for him and then this time, so we went out there to that event. They had a smaller group. It was just a really neat group, and I had the chance to share Funnel Hacks and Click Funnels with everybody.

It's kind of funny. It's awkward when you're in a room and you're about to sell Click Funnels and you ask, "Who in here has click funnels?" Everybody's hand goes up, and then you're like, "Who in here's ever seen this presentation?" Half the hands go up. You're like, "Man, how am I going to convert this audience?" How am I going to make some money selling? But I ended up selling over 25% of the room. Yeah, over 25% of the room. Which, when you consider who already had click funnels, it was like 150% of the room that I closed, so that's pretty cool.

Then later on they wanted me to sell our higher end coaching program, but I felt bad the audience had been sold a lot over the week and I was like, "You know what? I'm just going to serve and give and just help", so I did a really cool session. It's the very first session we do inside of our ignite program, and I did that with everybody. I think it turned out really cool. It was awesome.

We did that, and then hung out there, jumped in the water, it was freezing cold, and went and saw Sydney, the big, huge bridge, and the opera house, and did that. I got to hang out with one of the coolest people I know. His name's Darren Stevens. He joined our mastermind group this last year, and so he's come to Boise three or four times and had a chance to hang out with him there, which was awesome. If you read the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, he's the dude that did all the marketing behind that. It sold like 40 million copies of the book. One of the smartest people I've ever met, so I had an awesome time hanging out with him and getting to know him better, and just really cool, just a great experience.

One of the things in my mind I kept thinking about while I was there, I was thinking about a book. I'm like, "I want to write a book that I can use to target small business owners to get them into click funnels", right? That was kind of my thought process. The whole time I'm in Australia, I'm trying to think through that and I couldn't get the right angle, the right hook, so I kind of just that uneasy feeling when you're trying to create something, but you're not sure what it is and you're not sure of the right angle or direction, things like that.

Anyway, that was kind of happening. Then the next day after we finished hanging out with Ian and Darren and all those guys, then ... Oh and it was funny. We were out filming on the back patio in Australia, the hotel, filming some testimonials and all of a sudden this guy comes out and he's like, "Are you Russell Brunson?" I'm like, "Yeah, who are you?" He's like, "Dude, I'm a Click Funnels member. We have a dog training business", and he's like, "I love Click Funnels." He's like, "This is so random. I was here at my buddy's wedding. I look out on the back porch and Russell freaking Brunson's sitting there." Which was pretty cool. Anyway that was cool.

Then we flew to Phoenix for Joe Polish's 25K group, which was really cool. It's interesting, I almost joined his group four years ago and I went to the initial meeting, and I'm like, I'm not super good at networking. I always kind of struggle with that. I usually go to events more for the content. Honestly, and if Joe hears this, I'll feel bad, but the content wasn't ground, earth-shattering. That's what I remember four years ago, and so I didn't join back then.

This is now four years later, I decided let's join again. I went to the event. It was kind of similar. The content was good. There was nothing amazing, but the network of people he put in the room was amazing. Again, I'm not a very good networker, so I don't think I really benefited from it last time, but this time I brought one of my friends, Dave Woodward. He's on our team. He's a really good networker, so he came with me and we kind of used that together to tag team and to network. That turned out awesome.

I probably will from this point forward be a genius network member. Just the people in the room were amazing. So many cool people. People that in different markets, I would have only have dreams about getting to know that I became friends with and it was awesome. He's done a good job there. I did hear a couple presentations that were inspiring, and got one and maybe two speakers from there that are going to come speak at funnel hacking live, which is exciting.

Some of you guys may know Shawn Stevenson, he's this little short guy. If you search Shawn Stevenson in Google, it's someone who I've looked up to for a long time, and I had a chance to hear him speak. Then afterwards his wife came up to me. She's like, "Russell", she's like, "We love click funnels." I'm like, "You do?" I'm like, "I love you guys", and I was so excited, and so I'm like, "What would it take to get S

Episode #138 – Hanging Out With Neil Patel – Part 2  

My afterthoughts from our “consult day” with the LEGENDARY Neil Patel…

On this second part episode Russell talks about working with Neil Patel and what some of the cool things he got from him are.

Here are some interesting you’ll hear in this episode:

What the biggest internal benefit of working with Neil is. What the biggest external benefit of working with Neil is. And find out what the differences are between how Russell does things, and how Neil does things and why both ways are awesome.

So listen below to hear some of the cool things Russell got from Neil Patel to help him see his business through a new and different lens.


Hey everyone! This is Russell, and welcome to Neil Patel Part Two of Marketing In Your Car.

Hey everyone! So I just finished our one-day consult with Neil, and it was pretty awesome. So we had a good time, and it’s kind of reconfirmed to me the power in what we kind of talked about in yesterday’s podcast. So if you haven’t listened to that one, yeah, pause this one, go back to that one, and then come back.

So I was talking about, you know, how to compress like a decade worth of experience into a day, and hiring people who are amazing, and paying them to have them come and do that with you in your company and get a new set of eyes on what you’re doing. So we had Neil come out today, and I suppose you don’t know Neil Patel.

You can go see Google and he’s all over the place, but it’s been interesting because one of the big jokes was like everything that we do to grow a company, everything he does is completely opposite. And they’re both really, really good, but both of us focus on one and not the other.

So I had a chance today just to pick his brain on what he’s doing and how he’s doing it, and really figuring out how we could take those concepts and build them into a system of what we’re doing, and hopefully use that to dramatically grow and increase all of our revenues and everything.

And so it was exciting, and it was fun to see. Not that it’s simple, because it’s not, but just to see simplicity of like, “This is what I actually do day by day, like, this is the process, this is how I do it, this is why I do it, this is…” and showing us that and like, “Wow, that’s doable!”

Like I can actually do that. It’s not that difficult, and so anyway, it was exciting and it was cool from that standpoint. So that’s kind of like the core benefit, right? That’s like the main reason why I wanted to do it, but there’s a lot of like really cool external benefits that come from experiencing this as well.

And it’s funny, I look at some of the companies that hired us and me to come out and do more one-on-one consulting stuff, and I haven’t done a ton of them, but the ones I’ve done, I have noticed similar things.

Like one of them is, is you build a really solid relationship with that person, it’s like I feel like Neil and I and our team are like, we’re close friends now, which is kind of cool. Where there are things that we’ve kind of figured out from being here that I’m going to help him with in his company.

He’s going to be helping us with ours, and now it’s kind of like this really cool mutual ability to work together, which wouldn’t have been there. Or at least, it wasn’t there before. I mean, not that we couldn’t have done it through other methods or other means, but it’s kind of like what I mentioned.

You know the whole concept of either working your way in or buying your way in, and it really speeds up the process if you go and buy your way in a lot of times, right? So that was like one thing that was really cool, we got from everything.

It is that, another cool thing is, everyone’s got different connections. There are all sorts of connections and he asked the people that we don’t, and so he was making introductions and connecting us to all these different people and resources we need to get where we needed to go, which was really cool.

He also like he took it like, my goals and my focus for our company, versus like what Neil’s -- they’re very different, like paths where we’re trying to go, and there’s definitely pros and cons of each of them, but he was able to kind of help me and us see why he’s doing what he’s doing, and the value that we can get from looking at that and modeling it.

You know, we may not have the same end goal, but looking at what he looks like, for example, what’s interesting with ourselves, our company, what we’re focusing on is revenue, right? Like how much money can we pull out and put in the bank? But that’s what we look at, but his goal is the opposite.

He’s trying to get mass user base and then sell for a huge multiple down the road, like that’s kind of his angle, what he’s trying to do on his, and so his goal is less, like “I don’t really want or need profit, I just need more customers and more customers and more customers.”

And that’s the side that he’s really focusing on hard, and so it’s kind of interesting because you see, you know, you see those two different variations and it’s like, well, how can we do what we’re doing to stay profitable and then but also add what he’s doing just to amass the user, you know, increase the user?

Like how can we do it profitably? And anyway, it just gives you a whole different perspective on how to look at your business and what you’re doing, and all those kinds of things, which is fun. So I really enjoyed that.

What else was cool? A lot of cool things… Oh, the other cool thing, which was kind of interesting, like seeing how he and the really successful software companies are…

You know, like their actual funnel, how do they generate traffic virtually, upsell the lead, like the whole process and path, and looking at different steps, I think, in that funnel that I haven’t really -- or we in our team haven’t really focused that closely on.

One of the big things he said is like, “You guys have more traffic than you need. You just need to fill a couple of these holes.” Which is funny because like that’s almost word for word what I would have told someone. I was consulting, but because it’s my own business like I didn’t see that.

Like we’re trying to focus on jamming more people in, as opposed to filling holes at the same time, and it’s just fun having a new set of eyes and looking at conversion points and what we’re doing, what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong.

And in fact, we set up a bunch of split tests while we were there, and it’s going to be fun to see kind of what the winners end up being, next day or so.

Anyway, it was really, really cool to get a new perspective, meet a cool person and look at our company, our business, our future through a different set of eyes, through different lenses. I think it’s something that was really valuable for me and for our team, which should be valuable for you guys as well.

So not saying you need hire Neil or me or anyone, but I would say look at your company, look at your business, look at your life. It might be a relationship, it might be weight loss, it might be whatever it is, but you can go and spend the next 10 years trying to get to where you’re trying to get to, or you can find someone who’s gone that path.

Find out what it costs for a day of their time, hire them, fly them out, and just get them to look at what you’re doing, and I promise you will shave off years and years of time by kind of making those little tweaks.

That’s kind of, I guess on my side, just some of my advice and some of my thoughts after going through that process today, and it was really, really cool.

So I’m heading home now to go play with the kids, going to go jump in the pool and have a good time, and then I’m probably going to head back in a little later tonight.

We’ve got, I think I told you guys yesterday, our whole team is here for a Hack-A-Thon, and so we are working our butts off, and it’s been really, really fun, and so they’re there at the office. They’re working right now, and I’m going to go play with the kids for a bit, and then head back in and…

Man, I totally almost got in a wreck right there. If you wondered why I was like speaking slow for a second, it’s because this new car, the Corvette that I’m driving -- which is the car given away for our Dream Car Contest -- it’s a stick shift and I’m getting used to driving a stick again, and so I’ve got my phone.

When I’m recording this on my left hand, I’m trying to shift and steer with my right hand, and I totally just almost… Anyway, it would have been awesome, but we survived it. You and I, we’re all here together.

All right, guys. Anyway, I don’t know where I’m at, but I will leave you with that for today. I hope you guys are having an amazing time, learning a lot of stuff and growing your companies, and with that, I will say goodbye.

We’ll talk to you guys soon. Thanks, everyone!

Episode #117 – Marketing In Your Car Two Year Birthday  

A quick update from the book launch, and our two year celebration.

On this episode Russell talks about losing power at his house and in his whole neighborhood. He also talks about how his product launch has been going and what the next steps will be.

Here are some other super cool things you’ll hear in this episode:

It’s Marketing In Your Car podcast’s birthday and to celebrate Russell announces the launch of a new podcast called Funnel Hacker TV. Find out some of the cool stuff that you would see on Funnel Hacker TV. And hear Russell’s goal of copies sold of his new book.

So listen below to hear about all the cool stuff that Russell has going on.


Hey everyone! This is Russell, and welcome to Marketing In Your Car.

All right, so today we were getting ready, and I was actually juicing with Aiden, and we started juicing and all of a sudden VROOM! The whole power in the whole house goes out, and I was like, “Oh, crap! Did we hit a fuse?”

Turns out, the power went out all around my whole neighborhood. Everyone’s power’s out, the school’s power is out, and anyway the kids are having so much fun and going crazy because of the huge power outage.

And it’s funny, like, you know, obviously we know we use power for a lot of things. But it’s funny how much stuff you use power for when you have no power. Like, literally it was just so funny, like trying to do everything, like every little thing you do, like:

“Oh, I can’t do that. Oh, I can’t do that. Oh, I can do that.” Internet doesn’t work, security alarm doesn’t work, the garage door opener doesn’t work, like every single thing.

But luckily I was able to get out the door. Oh man, and I am just hitting the main street, and there are cars lined up all the way out, which means that I’m guessing the power lines… Oh, yep, power [laughter].

The power lines are out, too. This is great. I love this kind of thing. Anyway, so that’s what’s happening in my morning so far, which is kind of cool. Hope you guys are having an awesome day.

I wanted to talk about the product launch. People keep asking me and, “What’s happened? Last I heard, Russell, in the podcast, this was what was going to be happening, and then we haven’t heard back from you.”

So yeah, sorry I haven’t messaged you back. It’s been kind of a crazy life, but things are going awesome. We launched the book last Tuesday, so we can go today, at the time I’m recording this, and in that time we’ve given over -- we’ve sold 8,000 books.

A little more than that, but a little over 8,000 books now, which is awesome, and our upsell-downsell sequence is working magically. We’re averaging… I think we’re averaging collectively about $32 for every book we give away, which is great from the upsell-downsell sequence.

We’re really happy with that, and now we’re starting into phase number two. Which is where we’re getting people from the book sequence into the invisible funnel sequence, which is the second step in our funnel stacking process.

The third step then will be the webinar, the Funnel Hacks webinar, and the fourth step will then be the coaching. So it’s kind of cool to see how the numbers all shake out after all four steps of the sequence, but so far, so good.

Okay, so I’m at the intersection now. There are cops everywhere. [Laughter] There are cops -- oh, that guy, some dude got in a huge wreck. So there’s a guy in a huge wreck, then you got cops out in the middle, like flag people letting one car go at a time type thing.

So anyway, this is exciting! This is like what the end of the world’s going to be like, I bet. The power will be out. It’ll be chaos, cars slamming into each other. It’s going to be awesome.

Makes me wish I was in the prepper market right now. If I was in the prepper market, I’d have my… I’d be going crazy with my free offers. [Laughter] Anyway, it’s kind of fun.

So today, what should we talk about today? There are so many fun things happening right now that I could share with you guys. One cool thing that I think would be kind of fun to let you guys in on is, I’m going to be launching a new podcast, which is cool.

This has been my staple podcast. In fact, my brother told me last week or earlier this week that we just passed the two-year episode from the first Marketing In Your Car upload -- the first download, first person downloaded it.

So it’s been two years that Marketing In Your Car has been live, so it’s technically our birthday today.

So for our Marketing In Your Car birthday, if you want to give us a present, go post on Facebook if you think Marketing In Your Car is cool. That’ll be a great Facebook present, but I’m about to launch a new podcast, and I’m really excited for it.

It’s been called the Funnel Hacker. It’ll be at It’s not live yet, but it will be, hopefully, within a week from now. And what we’re going to do in this podcast is, each week we’re going to go and funnel hack somebody’s funnel.

It’s going to be cool, and so I’m going to bring a guest on, and I’m going to show them the, you know, show the four or five, however many different pages in their funnel, and we’ll show each of those pages.

And the person, the guest will talk about each page, what they did, why they did it, the psychology behind it, all that kind of stuff, which will be cool, and then it’ll be kind of awesome. So that’s going to be kind of the process.

Oh, I’m also going to talk about the email sequencing, and also where they’re generating their traffic and their leads from. So it’ll be fun, every single time absolutely going to be a new funnel.

So one week will be a high ticket funnel, one time it’ll be a tripwire funnel, one time it’ll be a membership continuity funnel, and just different things all the time, and I think it’ll be fun for everyone to kind of see behind the scenes.

And then I had this really cool idea, where when after somebody watches a funnel… so you go and you watch, let’s say, someone’s cool high ticket funnel, and after it’s done I always think, like, how do you monetize these podcasts, right?

I have a friend, John Lee Dumas, who… he is Entrepreneur On Fire and he tells me he charges like, it’s crazy, like $3500 an episode for earned advertising fees.

[Coughs] Excuse me. Sorry that my cough’s coming in. So what was cool about it is that, with that is he does a podcast every day of the week.

It’s probably something like three or four a day if I was making that much off each one. So that’s how easy it is with advertisers, but, you know, I’m not big on like going out and getting advertisers and all that jazz.

I would be if I had his following. I definitely would be, actually, but since I don’t, I just do kind of my own thing, and so what I’m looking to do is like, how do you monetize this?

And so I thought, how cool would it be if we show -- we funnel hack someone’s funnel, we show off the whole thing, and then at the end of it I say, “Hey, who here would love this funnel?

“You know, I just rebuilt it in ClickFunnels, and there I have a ‘Share Funnel’ link. You click on that and it’ll pull this, his entire funnel inside your account, and then you can go edit it, and mock it up, and make it look wicked awesome.

“But all you got to do is you got to be a member of our membership site, the Funnel Hacker Pro community,” or whatever it is, and then so get people to upgrade to our continuity membership site, where each time I show off a funnel, they get the Share Funnel link.

And that way, they can go and take the funnel they just learned about, and clone it and do it in their business, so kind of fun. I’m excited for it. It’s going to be super-awesome. So that is the game plan with, which should be coming out here in the next week. It’s going to be awesome.

So anyway, that’s kind of the main stuff I want to talk to you guys about is give you an update on the book launch. We’re selling books like crazy. Phase one is almost complete. We’re, again, a week in, 8,000 copies.

The goal: I’ve got to hit 11,000 copies. That’s where we’re -- that’s kind of our big number that we’re shooting for. So I think we should be able to get that pretty easily, since it’s a four-week launch, and we’re in week one, and we’re almost already there so it’s exciting.

My overall goal, I think, is sell 20,000 books. I’d be really excited with 20,000 books, so that’s kind of -- that’s the magic number that I’m shooting for, and we’re going to be pushing hard.

We’ve got a whole bunch of people competing for the Ferrari to try to win it, and it’s been really cool, so anyway that’s kind of our game plan.

But anyway, I’ll keep you guys in the loop as things keep progressing. I’ll talk to you guys about phase two in the funnel stacking process, phase three and phase four as they are implemented, but it’s all good.

It’s really fun and I’m excited for today to go and get some of this stuff implemented, and see what’s going to happen when we unlock phase number two of the product launch!

So I appreciate you guys listening. Hope you enjoy this, and again, for the Marketing In Your Car birthday party, if you want, please go share us on Facebook. That would mean the world to me, and we’ll talk to you guys soon.

Episode #105 – #FunnelHacker  

Three awesome lessons from a hardcore funnel hacker!

On today’s episode Russell talks about an upcoming event called the Funnel Hacking Event and what kinds of things will happen at the event. He also talks about the power of identifying your dream client.

Here are some cool things you’ll hear in this episode:

Find out why funnel hacking is turning into a verb and how you can be a funnel hacker. What kinds of things will happen at the upcoming Funnel Hacking Event and why you will want to be there. And why you should be spending more time identifying a dream client in order to make more money.

So listen below to find out why you should be busy identifying your dream client in order to make more money.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you to our 105th episode of Marketing in Your Car.

We've had the new theme song for five episodes now, and I hope you guys like it. I got some feedback from my man Stu McLaren. He said that he misses the old theme song as an outro, so I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if we took the old theme song and made it more retro and cool, and did a cover version of it, and had that as an exit, just for nostalgia for those who remember the old show, who remember the old thing.

I want to say hey to everyone. It's been a little while since I've done a podcast. I had a chance to go on the Marketer's Cruise last week which was amazing, got to meet a bunch of people. We had a chance to go and feature Click Funnels there and get a lot of people involved. It was just really cool.

For those of you guys who were there, I had a great time meeting you guys. I'm not really sure. There are a couple of cool things we had talked about today. I'm actually driving to my haircut so I have a little extra time today than I typically do. I was trying to think what would be the coolest way that I could serve you guys today.

Just thinking about a lot of different things, I think, let me walk you through some cool stuff that's happening. That might help open up some cool direction. We've got a couple of cool things coming up. One thing is I just finished my new book. We got it printed. I got first pre-release copies here in my office.

I ordered 250 of them so I have 250 of them sitting in my office. It's like the coolest thing in the world to have that and to be able to have a chance to start sharing it with everyone. I want to encourage you guys to watch as we do the roll-out strategy. There's going to be about 10 years worth of ninja hacking skills all going into this roll-out.

The entire sales funnel will be built inside of Click Funnel. It's going to be worth buying, first off, because the book is going to be amazing, but second off, just to see the process. I've told you guys this before and I’ll tell you over and over again. You'll learn as much by watching the process as you will from purchasing the product.

Make sure you do that. In fact, when you're buying any product, you guys, make sure you're not missing that lesson from me or from any marketer in any market. Watch the process you're going through. I tell you, that's the most valuable piece of what we're going to be doing. That's one thing that's super exciting.

We also are going to be doing our first big live event in the last few years. It's been probably five or six years. We're going to be doing it in Vegas. We're going to have about 500 people there, and the event is going to be called Funnel Hacking. I'm excited because hopefully you guys have a chance to have seen the Funnel Hacks webinar.

If not, go find one when I'm doing the next one and register for it, and be on it because it's kind of cool. Our last event here in Boise, we had our workshop here. It's cool because funnel hacking is becoming a verb in people's vocabulary, “Oh, I'm going to go funnel hack him,” or, “Oh, you should funnel hack him.”

That's good. I want people thinking that way. Instead of, “Oh, what should I create? What kind of funnel should I do?” thinking like that, I want people thinking more like the funnel hacking method where it's like, “Let me find someone that's successful, see what they're doing, and let's model the look, the feel, the layout, and the price points of their funnel.”

That's kind of what funnel hacking is. We talk about it a ton in the webinar. That's been fun. We decided to do the entire event called Funnel Hacking. This event is really cool because I wanted to show the core different types of funnels inside of Click Funnels.

For example, Perry Belcher who is one of the coolest guys is going to be coming and speaking on how to do a tripwire funnel. He's the one who invented that term and that concept. He's going to show and talk about what he's doing and show a bunch of examples.

After that, we're going to have a bunch of different people inside of Click Funnel who have tripwire funnels get up and show their funnels and be like, “This is mine, this is what I did, this is how I modeled. This is what I did different, this is what I did the same,” and then go through and show five or six, or ten people who do tripwire funnels.

Then we'll get up and talk about webinar funnels. We'll have five, 10, 15, 20 people, whatever, all talk about tripwire funnels. We'll go from funnel to funnel over two and a half days. It's going to be the coolest thing. I'm so excited to share this stuff with you guys.

One of my goals, I'm not sure if it's going to happen in time for the event but I'm hoping, I know a lot of you guys have seen our split testing book. If you don't have it yet, it's free. Go to You can get it for free but it has 108 proven split test winners in that book.

I think it would be cool to make a book that's like 108 funnels that you can hack. I'm trying. My goal is to get it all put together before the event, and then anyone who is at the event will get a free copy of it which would be cool. That is just another cool thing we're doing.

On top of that, obviously Click Funnels is growing super fast. It's been such a fun time in business. I hope you guys are enjoying your businesses as well with that. I think the biggest thing I want to talk about today with you guys, outside of you guys doing funnel hacking and things like that, is just the power of the right front end offer.

I've talked about this in past podcasts. I know some of you guys are just listening now for the first time. Some of you haven't listened to all 105 episodes. It's a recurring theme that keeps coming up with my coaching clients. I think it's worth repeating.

If you look at my business two years ago, it's funny, I don't like sharing numbers. I'm not doing this to brag but just to put some perspective. A year ago, last January, as a company we did about $300,000 in sales. This January, we did over a million dollars in sales, more than three times as much.

We didn't do much. I didn't launch anything in January this month. It was just from all the different things we had done. When I look back at what's the one big change we made over the last 12 months that's had the biggest profound impact on our company and on what we've been doing, it's that I really stepped back and I asked myself a couple of questions.

First off, I was looking at who we were attracting at the time, who our customers were, and for me, they were business opportunity seekers. There's nothing wrong with a business opportunity seeker. I was a business opportunity seeker. I'm guessing most of you have been as well.

The problem with the business opportunity seekers is typically, they don't have a business yet. They don't have anything so you spend so much time in the beginning phases that you don't get to get to the growth phases. I was talking to Mike Filsaime about this. He was talking about when he and Andy launched their new company.

He said they walked in the room and had a big whiteboard. They drew a line down the middle of the whiteboard. On the left-hand side, they drew a zero. On the right-hand side, they drew a one. He said, “We want to create products and services that will attract people who have made at least a dollar online.”

If they've made at least a dollar online, it means they've figured out how to set up a website, how to get traffic, how to do all these kind of things. He said, “There's people out there. There's a big market for people who are helping you make your first dollar online but we don't want to be in that market. We want to focus on the other side of the market which is you've made at least a dollar, and now how do we scale that and turn it into a big company.”

He even talked about when they launched the Webinar Jam product, initially, the messaging was all about how much money you could make with webinars. He said, “If we do that, if we try to pitch the argument for webinars, the problem is we get people who are business opportunity seekers. We're convincing them that they can make money online with webinars. That's not what we want. We want people who are already doing webinars to get them to just transition to our products.”

They changed the messaging from how to make money with webinars to, “Hey, if you're already doing webinars, this is a better way to do them.” From that, they attracted the right customers. With us, it was about a year ago we launched Dot Com Secrets Labs which was our 108 proven split test winners. What's cool if you think about it, we designed that on purpose because if you look at that, it was created in a way so it would literally repel the customers we didn't want to get.

Someone who is a business opportunity seeker, who has never had a website, who doesn't have anything, when they see that book, it doesn't make sense to them. They're not going to buy that. They don't

Episode #340 – My Interview With Tony Robbins...  

Behind the scenes of what happened over the last ten years to make that experience happen.

On this episode Russell talks about a Facebook Live interview that he did with Tony Robbins and how it was the first thing he had ever asked Tony to do in their 10 year relationship.

Here are some of the cool things you will learn in this episode:

How Russell was able to do a Facebook Live with Tony Robbins to promote his new book. Why Russell has never looked at his relationship with Tony Robbins in terms of what Tony could do for him. And why the ROI with relationships is the cultivating and building of that relationship.

So listen below to why Russell believes so strongly in building relationships without expecting something in return.


What’s up everybody, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I have good news and bad news, you guys. You want the bad news or the good news? The good news is I got some cool stuff to share with you. The bad news is, maybe this is good news, I don’t know. I think, and I’m a little nervous about this, but I think I’m ready, you guys ready for this, to rebrand the podcast. What?

It’s been called Marketing In Your Car for the last, I don’t know how long I’ve done this for, but I bought the domain and concept initially ten years ago. It’s been cool and I like it, but I’m thinking about changing. I wanted to change it, I think we’ve talked about this a couple of times. You are my therapist sometimes on these things. I was going to change the name of it a couple of times, but I haven’t, and I haven’t and I haven’t’. Then yesterday something happened. I had to find something that wasn’t just better, but a billion times better and I think I may have got it. I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, but I’m excited because it’s like a billion times better. So there may be a new rebrand coming up here soon. So if you guys like it, you’ve got to let me. I’m excited for it, so excited.

So that’s something I’m going to give you. I gotta step back. Today was a good day, yesterday was a good day, yesterday was insane. We had our certified partners in town. We had a big group of 45 people here, and some of our inner circle members were the ones that were actually some of the business owners that the certified partners had a chance to interview them, figure them out and then go out and actually build the funnels all night for them. Then they come back and present their thing. It was really fun.

It was fun, to kind of capstone at the end of the certified partner program. I have a chance to speak to them at the very beginning, and then kind of sneak in and watch what they were doing and that kind of stuff, and it was really cool. Now most of  them left today. And then, yesterday the other cool thing, as you know we’re in the book launch. We’re almost, a few books away from 30 thousand books, we’ll definitely pass it today. And not that this matters, but on the, if you look at how much money is made inside of the cart for every book. Probably tomorrow my guess is we will pass $1 million dollars collected through this funnel. Through the front end funnel, not counting the backend stuff, which is also really cool. Which means the Expert Secrets book will officially be inducted into the two comma club, and we’ll order my own big old record plaque. Yes, I’m just like you guys, I want one every single time I have a funnel that makes a million bucks. We will be ordering one of those.

Today or tomorrow we will be passing 40 thousand active Clickfunnel members as well. So many cool things happening. That is so exciting. And then to step back on another thing, as I’ve been doing this book launch, as you guys know, I’ve been doing all these Facebook Lives, these interviews and they’ve been going awesome. Kind of exhausting, not going to lie. Plus, we’re doing a juice fast this week, which is the second juice fast I’ve done this month, which basically means when I’m not juice fasting I’m overeating, because I keep having to come back to it.

What’s funny, Dave Woodward and his wife Carrie, were teasing me behind my back because I got all these guys to do the juice fast with me this time. Dave was like, “Why is this so hard? Why isn’t Russell complaining.” And they’re like, “Russell’s a professional dieter.” And we were laughing because I actually am, if you think about it. I spent 12 years of my life as a wrestler, wrestling. And what I did, every single Monday I would come in and be 30 pounds overweight and every Friday I would be 30 pounds down and I would weigh in and then start the vicious cycle over again. Over and over and over again for 12 years of my life.

I didn’t mind it in wrestling, but you don’t realize the pattern that sets. So I had this epiphany the other day when I’m hanging out with Dave and Carrie, I might have already talked about this, I don’t remember. But basically my pattern in life is that same way. Every Monday, from Monday to Friday, I’m at the office and I eat perfectly, I usually lose about 5 pounds a week.

Then Friday, Saturday, Sunday I just can’t stop myself. It’s insane. So I think it has to do with my wrestling patterns that I instilled over 12 years of dieting all week and then pigging out all weekend. That’s my pattern and why I can’t ever lose weight. Because I lose weight Monday through Friday and then the last three days, I had my weigh ins and then I can eat whatever I want, then Monday I start over again. So I’ve been professionally dieting now for 25 years, which is kind of cool, except for its lame.

Why would I tell you that story? Oh yeah, that’s why I’m on the juice fast again. Someday I’ll figure this out. It’s a psychological problem I know, I gotta fix that. I gotta fix my brain. Which I actually working on from multiple different angles, so that’s good. Now that I’m aware of it I can effect it, which is hopefully the key for some of you guys.

Alright, step back,  it was really cool. We had my interview with Tony Robbins yesterday, he was interviewing me. I’ve interviewed him before, he interviewed me on New Money Masters Series. We’ve kind of done back and forth on some of these things. And it was crazy because in true Tony fashion, he tells you, “Hey, we’re going to start at this time.” And then they shift it 10 times throughout the day. So I felt bad because we had other poddcst interviews lined up and we had to keep bumping people and shipping things around. So if I bumped you yesterday because of Tony, I’m apologizing, but come on. It’s Tony, it was so cool.

I’ve known Tony now for almost 10 years, which is crazy. It’s been a decade since I’ve known him, which is insanely cool. And in that time, I’ve never asked him to do anything, I just love him and what he does so much that I was like, how can I help him? We helped, we created a book funnel for him. I paid my own costs, paid my own flights, paid my hotel. It all came out of my own pocket, I spent probably 20 grand building a book funnel for him and just gave it to him as a gift.

I’ve coached his people and I’ve helped consult him and other people on his team. Iv’e done a lot of things like that. I’ve spoken at his events, anything I can do, I’ve tried to do and just help him, and not with an ulterior motive like, “Someday, he’s going to get me.” I have a joke with one of my buddies who always jokes, “I’m your real friend, I’m not here because you’re successful, I’m your real friend.” I’m like, “Whatever, it’s a long con. You’re waiting ten years from now to cash out.” So it’s always this joke, “How’s the long con treating you?”

So why I say that, with Tony it was never a long con. “Okay, ten years from now he’s going to maybe promote me.” It was never like that, it was like, Tony’s freaking awesome, he’s helped me so much. How can I help and serve and give back. I don’t think I could ever give back what I got from him. So anything we’re doing is just cool. But think about, I helped him from giving what I’m best at and gave that to him for free. I paid him to come to my event. I’m a customer. I’ve done all those things, and just because I’m trying to give back to him in a little way. And obviously he gives, every time I help a little bit, he gives back so much more.

He came to our event, we paid a lot of money for him to come to the event as our keynote, but then he came back and went for 5 hours and just blew everyone’s minds and it was insane. Anyway, long story short. I have never asked Tony to promote anything ever. This came around, the book came out and it was the first time I was ever like, “hey, would you be willing to do this?” And he’s like, “Yeah.” And what’s crazy about that is I think so many people go into relationships, looking at what’s ROI for me in this deal? Should I invest my time and I think that that’s the reason why most people don’t get deals to happen and they don’t have longer term things happen. You know what I mean?

If went to Tony like, “Alright what’s my angle, how am I going to get him to help me?” It never would have happened, I don’t think.  But because I was like, okay Tony’s the man, how can I help him? To now 10 years later, a long time later, but 10 years later he comes back and does this really cool and it was amazing.

So some of the results. We did the Facebook Live interview. We actually did it first on Skype because he just wanted to not have it live, live. In case, something bad  happens. So we did live and he’s like, “cool, you guys can run it.” So we took that and edited it real quick, chopped off the beginning and the end. Put it through an OBS, which is a streaming platform, and did a Facebook Live on Tony’s page. We had 1.8 to 1.9 thousand people watching it the entire time. 5 hours into it, we had 70 thousand views and 3 or 4 hundred thousand reach. This morning it was 100 thousand views and close to a million re

Episode #322 – The Gathering  

Your real mission is to gather people and serve them at your highest level.

On today’s episode Russell talks about having a gathering and how you build one. He shares the kinds of gatherings he already has, and how gathering gatherers can help build your business.

Here are some of the cool things in today’s episode:

The different examples of gatherings you and your people can be a part of. And how what you are doing has an impact on someone else’s life, which in turn has an impact on someone else’s live and you have the ability to impact many more lives than you originally could.

So listen below to find out how to gather and impact more people than you ever thought possible.


Hey everyone, good morning. This is Russell and I am heading to, not the worst place I can go in the morning. The worst place would be probably the accountants, they’re definitely the worst. Number two used to be lawyers, but my lawyer now is super awesome, so that’s cool. Number three is the dentist, so I’m heading to the dentist right now, which is not my favorite thing, but it’s that time. I got some weird thing on the left side of my mouth when I bite down. It really hurts, so hopefully they can fix that and I hope I don’t have any cavities, but I’ll let you guys know.

But this morning, I woke up and had a coaching session with one of my coaches, Tara Williams, which was really, really cool. She said something that I thought was cool and it got my mind thinking and then more and more cool stuff started happening. But we’re talking about the new book, and if I’m being completely honest there’s a lot of stress and pressure on me right now. Even though the book’s finally done, there’s…of course I can’t just sell a book you guys. I got all excited and had this idea for this Funnel Hacker Blackbox, which then meant I had a whole bunch of other stuff. And then there’s a bunch of….anyway, a lot of stuff going together to make this, I want to make this buying experience when you guys buy the book, the most fun thing ever. I want you to be like, “that was so fun we should buy it again.” That’s the goal.

So with that we’re just making a really cool funnel that would be really cool for you guys to funnel hack and then watch and learn and really hopefully model and use in your world. But we’re talking, oh I almost turned left and I’m glad I didn’t because there is insane traffic, and I’m already late for the dentist, so that was close.

But what we were talking about is gathering. What we do is we’re gathering people. So I think about each of your businesses, we talked about this from a list building standpoint, or from getting customers or things like that. Or I’d be putting products and services out there in the world. And you’re doing that to gather certain types of people to you. That’s the whole point of what we’re all doing. We create some amazing things that cause value in the world and in people’s lives. They get those things and then they gather to you.

Ten year ago those gatherings were like, “Okay, well people are on my email list.” But there was no physical gathering. Then we started doing events and there was kind of a physical gathering of people. Now, I look at facebook groups and it’s become kind of like the gathering spot. Most programs have a facebook group. We have that, we have our Funnel Hacker Group, which is all of you all. If you’re not in that by the way, you should come. We’ve got 50,000 people in that now. 50,000, if you go to it redirects you to our facebook group. Because I couldn’t remember how to get people there, so I bought

But there’s 50,000 people gathered there together talking about what we’re all talking about. And then there’s, for different products we sell, like Inner Circle’s got a different group. People are gathered together. We communicate and hang out in this group. So we’re gathering. So for each of you guys, that’s kind of big piece of this pie. How are you gathering people together so that then when they’re together and they’re congregated together, you can serve them in the highest way that you are able to. Those are your products and services and training and podcasts, and coaching and blah. Supplements, whatever it is you’re selling, that’s really the goal.

Businesses become less transactional and is now more gathering people and figuring out how to serve them. That mindset shift is pretty big. There’s these gatherings and what was kind of cool. We were talking about, with the Expert Secrets book we’re gathering. That’s, I didn’t know this was my goal, but what’s interesting, and even with the Funnel Hackers and Clickfunnels and stuff, I am gathering gatherers, which is super cool when you think about it.

My goal is to gather all these people together and get them to start mass movements. That’s the whole point of the new book. How to build your own movement of people you can change and inspire and help and serve.  So that’s my goal, is to gather all the gatherers, which is insanely cool and a huge honor. As I’m just thinking about that as a calling or a mission or whatever you want to call it. It’s a pretty cool thing. My job is to serve you guys so that you can gather more people and serve them. And hopefully during this whole process we have a little bit of impact on the world and we change people’s lives and we make things better and give people hope and faith in the future and what’s possible and make everyone’s journey’s here on the world a little bit better.

It was interesting, I heard someone talk about this before. Tony Robbins at our event was talking about why we all do what we do. He said, “When it all comes down to it. We’re doing it for feeling.” I was like, huh. How weird is that? We read books because the feeling, we watch a movie because of the feeling, we hang out with people because of the feeling we get. Feelings is what drives everything. It’s the feeling that we’re seeking, that we’re trying to get. A certain feeling we liked in the past, or that we didn’t like, we’re trying to stay away from that feeling.

And I’m not sure how this whole thing ties together, but when all is said and done, our goal is to gather people together so we can help them to feel good. I know that’s simplifying, way over simplifying the whole thing. Or is it? That’s kind of the thing. Why do I gather all of you guys together? I’ll say guys and gals. Why do I gather you guys together? Obviously there’s something I’m excited about and I’m sharing it. And it’s a tool and a theology and thought process that helps you be able to share your messages.

By me sharing it, I feel better. I feel happy. It makes me, it gets me excited, being able to share these things and seeing the light bulb go off in your heads. But then you gather people and you’re not necessarily teaching what I’m teaching. But you’re teaching your own thing. Maybe it’s weight loss or fitness, I guess weight loss and fitness are similar. But whatever it is that you do, you’re gathering people together and selling them products and services that make them feel good.  And that’s kind of it. If you really boil it down.

Anyway, I thought that was interesting. I just started thinking about that. How do we give people those good feelings? How do we make support better so that people have good feelings when they deal with it? How do make the product better so they have better feelings? It’s all about feelings, that’s what we’re all looking for. That’s why people fall in love, that’s why they do drugs, on the positive and negative side, they’re all looking to get a special feeling or to stay away from a feeling they don’t like.

Anyway, I thought that was interesting. I don’t really know the point of my ramblings today other than I thought it was really cool to kind of look at this as each of us are gatherers. You’re gathering people. You’re gathering your tribe. You’re gathering your people that resonate with you and your message and who you are. And then after you’ve gathered them, you can serve them, help them and you can try to effect their lives by making them have better feelings. Feeling better about themselves and things around them, about the future and all those things.

What’s interesting is that when people are happy they treat other people better, it’s this huge compounding thing. It’s like a ripple, I hate using that because if you guys listened to the podcast back from day one, back when we were working on the project Rippln, but it never went. That was the whole concept. Throw a rock into the middle of a pond, what happens? There’s a ripple and it keeps going all the way out to the edge of the pond. And that’s kind of what we’re doing. We’re gathering people together, give them this ripple in their lives and it goes out.

It’s kind of corny when you say, “We’re going to change the world.” But we kind of are. Isn’t that cool when you think about it that way? The thing you’re doing has an impact and it changes somebody else’s life and it changes somebody else’s and it kind of ripples out.

So anyway, with that said, I just wanted to state that everyone keep on doing what you’re doing despite some of the pressure and stress and things that go into it. The ups and downs and failures and successes. All of those things are all wrapped into it. When all is said and done, what’s the real purpose? We’re gathering our people. Gather your people, they will come to you, the right people. And not everyone’s going to come to you or me or anyone, there’s people who can’t stand me. Especially after some of my fun jokes and stuff recently. There’s a lot of people who don’t like me. That’s cool. I don’t mind. It used to bug me, but it’s okay now. Because what is important, is my people, the people I am congregating will hear my voice, come to me and

Episode #253 – Your Manifesto  

Step 2 of 3 in building your own cult-ture.

On today’s episode Russell talks about filming the second episode of Funnel Hacker TV and what it’s about. He also goes into details about the part he’s currently writing in his book Expert Secrets.

Here are some interesting things to listen for in this episode:

Find out what the next episode of Funnel Hacker TV will be about. What part of the Expert Secrets book Russell is working on and how he was able to write it. And find out why it is so important for you to have a cause in your business.

So listen below to hear about Russell’s recent breakthrough with his book and to get excited for episode 2 of Funnel Hacker TV.


Good morning everybody. I hoopoe you are doing amazing. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone, I hope things are going amazing for everybody today. I am so exciting. We are coming in to start filming episode number 2 of Funnel Hacker TV. I cannot wait for you guys to see this. I cannot wait, you guys are going….I hope. I really hope actually. You may hate this show, but I think you’re going to like it, I think you’re going to love it. We’ll film episode number 2 today, which is today. So episode number one we all went into Biohacking Secrets. We built out the book funnel for that. So if you go to you can get the free book and see the funnel and blah, blah, blah. So that’s step number one.

That was the first thing that we did. That’s working awesome. So episode one is all about that and kind of telling Anthony’s story and that kind of thing, which was cool. Episode 2 now we’re doing a funnel with my Christian Ferrante (good luck spelling that), he’s awesome. Someone’s who’s been working with us for a long, long time. He’s just an awesome guy. So he’s been building a survival product forever. I wanted to be in the survival space for a long, long time. Ever since all the people I know have started crushing it in survival. And I always wanted to do a survival straw that you drink. Have you seen those little straws that are like a filter so you can drink out of a toilet if you want to? So when the world comes to an end you are still good to go. So that’s what I always wanted was a survival straw, so we’re kind of partnering on this and doing a survival straw offer and it’s going to be cool. But this episode, the first episode was very emotional. Anthony’s an emotional guy and the story’s awesome. So that was episode one, we want to lead with that.

Episode number two now we want to kind of start defining some of the core things like what funnel hacking actually is. So that’s what’s going to be kind of cool about this one. We’re actually going to go and this is going to be a funnel hack episode. We funnel hacked two survival funnels yesterday and Steven designed them on these big old poster boards so we’re going to be showing those on the video and walking through the whole thing and really mapping out exactly what we’re going build it and then we’re going to go build it. It’s going to be amazing. I already pre-bought ads that are going to be running tomorrow for this funnel we’re going to be doing today, and a bunch of other cool things.

So that’s kind of what’s going down. It’s going to be a fun day. We have today and tomorrow to shoot, but the ads go live tomorrow morning. So we pretty much have to get it all done today. So cross your fingers. And I got to get home because we got people coming over tonight. So it’s not like I can pull an all-nighter. We got to get this done during business hours today, which will be a ton of fun. So that is what we’re scrambling for.

So that’s what’s happening. So many fun things. I tell you what, I spent probably, I don’t know, 10 or 12 hours yesterday working on the new Expert Secrets book. I gotta tell you, I am so, so, so, so, so, so excited. I would say, and I don’t think I would’ve said it over myself, but after the event we had last weekend talking about Expert Secret stuff and going deep into it. I always get people like, “The event was amazing. Best thing I’ve ever been to.” Those things always come with any event you do. This was different. I had people who don’t normally give compliments to me, to try to pat me on the back, come back and pull me aside and be like, “Dude, this is the best thing you have ever done, ever.” Which is exciting. Multiple people………So I’m just dying. I want this book to be done. I’m hustling more than I ever have because you guys, I spent the last 8 months writing the first version of the book, and it was good, but it didn’t fire me up. Now all I want to do is have this book done. But it’s going to be good. It will redefine everything you believe about selling and how to sell and how to build a following. I can’t even tell you how cool it is.

One of the really cool things, one of the things we talked about at the event is that there’s two pieces. One’s you becoming an expert and two is building a following. If you don’t have a following, it’s the whole, ‘if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a noise?’ No, it doesn’t. If you’re an expert and there’s no one there that listens to you then it doesn’t really matter. You’re just some crazy person on the corner yelling. So how do we build a following and what goes into that. So we broke that down a lot. What’s cool is there’s 3 core components. You see the book, you’ll see all the hand sketches in the book and it’ll make more sense. But it’s basically a charismatic leader, a cause and a new opportunity. Those are three things that have to be present for there to be a mass movement. For there to be people to buy into your vision and things like that.

You know, a charismatic leader/attractive character, we talk a lot about that. The new opportunity is the big aha you will have when you read the book. The reason why most people, if your offer is failing, means you’re probably selling an improvement or repair offer, where you’re trying to make things better as opposed to a new opportunity. And I make a pretty dang convincing argument that you have to have a new opportunity. And we look at pretty much every offer we ever had that succeeded were all tied to a new opportunity. None of the improvement offers have ever made any money. So there’s another lesson for you, but that’s a lesson for another day because we can go deep into that.

The cool thing we figured out yesterday is the middle one is the cause. Creating a cause. When you create a cause, it’s got to be something that is all based on the vision of the future because people are afraid of what the future could hold. They don’t want to move, there’s fear around that. But when they’re faithful in the future it makes them want to move towards that compelling future, that vision that you’re kind of painting and illustrating. So that was a big part of it.

Then I was trying to explain that at the event. I was like, “How do we get everyone to get this and understand it?” and I was struggling for them to get it and all the sudden I had this thought pop in my head to show the intro video for the reality show that we’re filming episode two of today. Because in that I wrote the script and it was all about this call to action. I wanted this to be an us versus them, like we’re separating us from traditional business. We’re separating us from college. We’re separating us from VC backed companies. I wanted a very clear, defined us versus them. So when you guys see the intro the first time, first off you are going to love it because it’s pretty dang cool. Second off, you’ll see how it’s this thing that you’re drawing a line and taking sides. You’re with us or against us type of thing, it’s pretty cool.

I showed the video, and people when they saw it were like, “I understand now what you mean by starting a cause or a movement.” So yesterday I was working on the book and I was writing that section and getting stuck. I was like, how do you make this interesting? I don’t want to just have the book be very strategic. “Oh you need to start a cause, it’s got to be important.” That’s dumb. What’s the tangible, practical things afterward? So I was thinking more and more through that and all the sudden I started thinking back like in the movie, Jerry Mcguire. In the very beginning Tom Cruises character, I guess his name is Jerry Mcguire in the movie. Anyway, he sits down and he writes out that manifesto of what he thinks the issue should be and he hands it out and that’s the turning point where everyone is either with him or against him, and most people are against him, but he gets Renee Zellwegger or whatever her name is to follow him. That document is what stirred people to action and to want to move towards this cause, which is really cool.

That’s kind of the concept. So I started saying, I feel like every business, every cause needs to have that. That moment where they sit down and write out the Jerry Mcguire letter. This is their manifesto of what they believe and who they are and who they’re not. Well how to do they write that. What’s the tangibles? So then I went back to the video for Funnel Hacker TV and I listened to it 5 or 6 times and there was a very cool script that was in there and I sketched it out.  Number one you introduce the attractive character, the charismatic leader. Number two he earned his movement. From there you move over to us versus them. You talk about what you stand for, who you are, who you’re not. From there you talk about why your movement is better and then you talk about who this is not for and then you transition at the end to who you are and who are as movement.

It was so cool, so I sketched out the whole thing. I drew it on a flag, so it turned out so cool. So now we’ve got an actual script and a process for people to build out their manifesto or whatever you want to call it. The call

Episode #142 – Behind The Scenes Of My Hour With Tony Robbins  

What REALLY happened during the 60 minutes we had with Tony…

On this episode Russell tells the story of his hour with Tony Robbins and all the juicy details leading up to it.

Here are some cool things to listen for in today’s episode:

Find out how Russell was able to get an hour with Tony Robbins. Hear about all the tense moments Russell and his team experienced while waiting for Tony to arrive And find out what Tony thinks about Clickfunnels

So listen below to hear all the amazing details behind the scenes of Russell’s hour with Tony Robbins.


Good morning everyone, and welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

All right, all right, so everyone keeps asking me. I've been getting hit up all over Facebook and Voxer and everything to hear the story what happened this weekend with Tony Robbins.

And so I thought instead of me telling the same story a million times, I'd just tell it once here. So that's the game plan. So you guys have a chance to hear what really happened.

If you haven't seen the pictures yet, this weekend we had a chance to go and film Tony Robbins, which was super cool. So kind of the backstory behind it. A little while ago, you may or may not remember, he launched his new book called: Money. I'm blanking on the subtitle of course, but it's basically a wealth investing book about how to invest your money to make a whole bunch of money.

And he went through and interviewed like 50 of the world's wealthiest self-made billionaires and found out how they did it and wrote a whole book on it.

When the book launched about 10 months ago, he sent me a preview copy and told me what was going to happen. I was like, "I'm really good at this whole book funnel thing. Let me help you with it." I showed him some cool tips and tricks and things we were doing.

He got all excited. He said, "Here's my team that's doing it. Can you get with them and help them do it?" So I called his team up and his team was not like an internal team. It was a team he had hired to do this who had never actually done an info product funnel in the past.

And was very threatened by the fact that I was willing to help him for free because they were getting paid a lot of money to do it. So they fought me tooth and nail on everything. We actually built the entire funnel in Click Funnels and it was a million times better than theirs and they still wouldn't use it, it was just nuts.

And Tony was like, "I'm so busy speaking everywhere. You've got to coordinate with these guys." And they shut me down. So eventually I just gave up and quit trying.

I was like, "I tried to help, but if I can't help, then I can't help." So fast forward to like six months later, Tony gets a hold of me and calls me on the phone.

I think I might have emailed him my book results and said, "Hey, here's what we do with our book. I thought that was pretty cool. If you ever want me to help you with it again, let me know." And like a month later he called me up so we had a call and I just walked him through the things I thought they did right and the things I thought they did wrong, and some simple tweaks and changes.

And it kind of ended there. I didn't hear back from him for a little while. And then like a month or two later I guess he let go of that old team and was going to bring it all in-house.

He said, "We're bringing it all in-house. We're going to redo this thing, do it the right way, kind of the way you mentioned. Do you want to coordinate with my team and work with them? That would be awesome."

So I get on a call with their team. And this is kind of a newer marketing team that has just been assembled and they're in charge of this whole thing and none of them had ever done it before.

And so they got on a call with me and I kind of consulted them through how to do it. And then you could tell by the sound of their voices they were like, "Well, okay, good luck. We have to go figure this out now."

At the very end I was like, "If you want, I'd be willing to do it for you guys. It would be really fun for us."

They were like, "How much are you going to charge?"

"I'll do it for free."

They're like, "What?"

"Yeah, pretty much my whole goal in life is to make Tony Robbins think I'm cool, so I'm going to do it for free to make him think I'm cool."

And they were really relieved on the other end. They were like, "Are you serious? That would be amazing." They got so excited.

I said, "The only thing is if we're going to do this, we're going to have to redo the videos, because the offering is wrong and the sequencing is wrong. Almost everything is wrong in this funnel. We've got to redo it all. So you've got to coordinate time for me to go film with Tony so we can re-film the whole thing."

They were like, "Okay, we'll take care of that."

So that was about a month ago. So for the last month we've been figuring out the right offer, the right sequencing, the right upsells, downsells, the order form bumps, all kinds of things with his team. And then we had to find time to film with Tony.

So we were hoping to go out and film at his house, and that almost happened. But then Tony was doing Business Mastery in Vegas this weekend and they were like, "How about instead of coming to his house you go and film him during Business Mastery."

I was like, "Oh, crap. All right, fine." Because that would have been really cool to go to his house. But this was almost as cool. So that was kind of the backstory leading up to this.

So then that was this weekend. So this weekend we were flying out. So we woke up Saturday night. So Saturday night, they told us what hotel he was in, which was not where the event was at, by the way. I found out later.

And it was in these towers. So they were like, "If you can get a room in the towers and film there, that would be really cool."

So we called and we ordered a suite at the towers suite. This is funny, the cheapest suites are $2,500 a night. I was like, "Oh, crap." So we got one suite for one night so we could do this whole thing.

So we booked a suite. So we get there. When we got to Vegas the suite wasn't ready yet so I texted Tony's people like, "Hey, our suite's not ready yet. We're set up. Can we come to the event and see what's happening?"

That's when they told us, "Sure, it's over at the Cosmo." So we jumped in a taxi, drove over to the Cosmo and got there at the event and they gave us little name badges that said we were staff so we could come in and do whatever we wanted, which was kind of cool.

So we came in, we sat in the back. And then I just watched Tony onstage for like two hours. Which if you've never seen Tony onstage, it's like amazing. I could sit there and watch that for days and not even get bored.

So I watched Tony onstage for two hours, which was really, really cool. Then we got a call from the place saying our suite was done. So we had to jump out and leave and go back and get the suite all ready.

So we went and got the suite all ready. When we first walked in, for $2,500 I thought we were going to have this amazing suite with this huge view and everything. We walk in and it's this really gold, busy, nasty, I don't know. It was a really ugly room to be honest.

And then our view overlooked the dead part of Vegas where there was nothing there. I was like, "Are you kidding me?" So we spent an hour getting lights set up and equipment and stuff. We couldn't find a view that looked good outside. All the views did not look good.

I was like, "Aw, dang it." So finally we found this one spot from one of the bedrooms that actually looked over this kind of cool area and it looked really cool. So we set up everything in this one bedroom.

So everything was kind of going good, putting things together. Then I get a text from his assistant that says, "Hey, do you mind lowering the room temperature in the rooms to at least 63 degrees?"

I'm like, "All right." So we go and crank all the air conditioners in all the rooms down to get it down to 63. So it's like blowing freezing cold air in there, we're all getting stuff set up and ready.

And then all the sudden there's a doorbell at the suite. Ding dong! And we go and answer it and it's the head of Tony's marketing team who's been helping us with this project. So he came in and was talking with us and we were talking for like an hour and he was the one communicating with the team.

Then he gets a text, "Okay, Tony is still onstage." I think he was supposed to be there at 5:00 in our room. So we get everything ready by 5:00. We were ready for it to happen.

And at 5:00 he gets a text like, "Tony's still onstage for 10 or 15 minutes." Which in Tony time probably means another hour or two hours. And so we started talking to him and waiting and every 20 or 30 minutes he gets a text like, "Tony's still onstage."

Okay. And so this whole time you can imagine our nerves are building up and I've got this lump in my stomach and I'm sweating cold sweat because it's freezing cold in the room and I'm nervous and I'm shaking and I can't stop shaking because it's so cold and I'm so nervous.

It's just crazy. So finally we're waiting, we're waiting. And finally the text that Tony has left the hotel and is coming towards us. We're all excited, going crazy. So we're getting ready. And 15-20 minutes later all of the sudden the doorbell rings at the door.

And of course in my mind I'm like, "Tony's here!" I'm going crazy. I had some people in there and I was like, "Record this with your iPhone. I want to capture every cool thing that happens."

So they got their iPhones out to record. I go to answer the door and it's a lady and she's like, "I'm here to drop off stuff for Tony." She had li

Episode #288 – My Ninja Hack To "RFM"  

Something I'm testing to stimulate and increase the quality of our customers.

*****SPOILER ALERT****** In this episode of Marketing In Your Car, Russell spills the beans on the ending of Star Wars: Rogue One, so if you haven't seen it, skip ahead to 1:20. After that, he also talks about learning all about RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value) from some old school guys and why he will be spending 2017 focusing on the frequency that his customers buy.

Here are some other cool things in this episode:

What Russell plans to do to increase the frequency at which his customers are purchasing. Why it's important to keep your customers "Warm". And find out what some of the cool things are that will be happening this year.

So listen below to learn what RFM is and why it's important for your business.


Good morning everybody! I hope you guys are doing awesome, it is New Year’s Eve morning. It’s the morning of the eve. I don’t know if that makes any sense. But I’m heading to the grocery store real quick to get some stuff for the party tonight. I’m really, really excited for it. Some cool things happening, just real quick.

For those of you guys who want a timeline for when, if you’re listening to this in the future, last night Rhonda Rousey fought what’s her name Nunez. The fight lasted less than 48 seconds, it was insane. I got home last night and seriously tried to find a pirated copy online because I had a hot date with my beautiful wife last night. It was crazy. I can’t even…I felt so bad for her. So that happened last night.

And last night I went and saw Star Wars Rouge One. I gotta tell you what, people are like, “Star Wars sucks. The new Star Wars is lame.” All these things, right.  It was amazing. I don’t know. The fact that, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the fact that everybody dies at the end was amazing. That was actually, I mean it’s sad, but that was so cool for the story line. And then the fact that the very end that Darth Vader has his fight scene and going through thrashing everyone. How could someone not think that movie was not amazing? I don’t know, anyway, it was amazing.

It’s funny because I get done, and not that I’m easily amused, but if you listened to my podcast a while ago, I don’t know how much money they invested in that, but I paid $12 for the ticket. Insane, they entertained me for that long and it was amazing.  I loved it, it was really fun.

But I digress, because today I’ve been wanting to do a podcast because I have something that I’ve wanted to talk about for three days and I keep forgetting to talk to you guys about it. So I’m stopping everything, I almost did it last night at like two in the morning because I’m so excited but I was kind of tired. So I’m talking about it now. This is a cool thing I wanted to share with you guys because it was a big epiphany for me. In fact, let me catch up the last podcast. We told you about my goal, what we’re doing, trying to 3x the company. In one night we had three hundred thousand dollars in new money we had to make, it was insane. So we launched, some of you saw that. Plus we went and hit all of our other Hail Mary passes. Of the five Hail Mary passes we threw up, almost all of them hit.

It was crazy, within 24 hours of me doing that podcast, we made over 500 thousand dollars and smashed our goal. It’s crazy. The last two days we didn’t even need to do anything. But then the next two days, because of the momentum of that first initial push, it was insane. So we did, well we’ll see what happens today, in the last 3 days we needed an extra 300 thousand dollars in money, and we made almost a million.

In fact, it’s crazy, for us to triple the company, and I didn’t know this until after we did it. I’m glad our accountant didn’t tell me, because I would have thought it was impossible if he would have told me. I’m so glad that sometimes people don’t tell you stuff. Belief is such a funny thing. But he told me after we had smashed the record he was like, “Just to put this in perspective, for you guys to beat your record, in December, the worst month in the industry, you would have had to make 40% of the money that you had actually made all of the last year.” I was like, “What?” It’s just crazy. We ended up doing, we made, actually hit 50% of last year’s revenue in December, which is crazy because last year was an 8 figure year. So 50% of our revenue. We basically got half of our money last year, in December. And way more than 3x’d our company from the year before, which is crazy.

So I feel bad for the morons in 2017 who are running this company, because they gotta 3x that again. Oh crap, that’s me. Dangit. I was like, “The more we do now, the more we have to do next year.” So it’ll just keep raising the bar.

Alright, so I’m going to step back. There’s so many other cool things I want to share with you guys. Funnel Hacker TV episode one is finished and it’s amazing. All the other ones are in production. The two comma club video and award thing is in process and almost done. There’s so many, I can’t even tell you guys how many cool things are happening right now. The new Marketing In Your Car mp3/funnel/element in the editor are all going to be live next week, next Thursday. I’ve been going for four and a half minutes and I didn’t talk about what I’m talking about because I’m so excited. There’s so many cool things happening

you guys. It’s just blowing my mind.

With all that kind of cool stuff happening. I want to share with you guys the gold nugget that I think is huge. That I can’t even, it’s going to be exciting. So here it is. For those of you guys, I feel fortunate that I got started, learning this game, back when the internet was just kind of getting new. So the only people to learn from, Corey Riddle was there. He was the pioneer, Corey Riddle. And then outside of him there was nobody that, there wasn’t a lot of people teaching. Then Armand Morin, there was a couple guys that came out, but there wasn’t a lot of stuff.

For me to learn this whole marketing game I had to go back to the old school. There’s no school like the old school. So I was learning from Gary Halpert and Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham. So most of my foundation actually came from those guys. And then how do you actually apply it to internet marketing? And I feel bad because most of you guys who are listening now came in a day and age where there’s a million internet coaches and you miss a lot of this cool foundational stuff that I was blessed enough to get by studying these old legends.

So when I was learning from those guys, it was back, everything they were doing was direct mail. And I was always trying to figure out how to relate that back to what we’re doing. One of the big things, the way that direct mail would work is that you’d have an offer, you’d write a sales letter and you’d rent a list of people that are likely to buy your product. When you buy a list, how do you know if I’m getting a good list or a bad list. So these guys, I don’t know who it was that came up with it. But they came up a form to find out how good a list it actually is. So the formula was based on three letters. RFM. So RFM is like if you’re direct person this is second nature to you, if you’re not let me talk about what it is.

So RFM stands for Recency, Frequency, and then Monetary value. So RFM. So if I’m running a list, I want a list of people that have bought a business opportunity product. Let’s say I’m selling supplements, I want a list of people who have bought health supplements, or nerve supplements, whatever it is. So the first thing I want is Recency. Somebody who has purchased something recently. You might think that if someone bought something recently they’re not going to want my thing. No, it’s not true. One thing we know about buyers in heat, when somebody buys something, they buy a lot of things right around that period of time.

So if I’m selling a business opportunity, I want to sell somebody who’s recently bought a business opportunity. It kind of doesn’t make logical sense, but it makes perfect sense when you understand how buyers work. Think about when you first got into this business and you started learning about how to make money online, or whatever that thing was for you. You didn’t buy one thing. You were a buyer in heat and you bought a lot. So I want to sell to people who have bought things recently.

Second thing, is frequency. I want people who are buying things frequently. They didn’t just buy something once and you never hear from them again. I want someone who has bought five business opportunities in the last year. They’re frequently buying.

And the last one is M, Monetary value, people who are spending a lot of money. The more money they spend, the more they are likely to spend. People like me, I buy things recently, I buy things frequently, and I spend a lot of money. I’m like the dream buyer in the markets that I’m interested in. So RFM, that was the thing. So when I’m getting direct mail lists, the higher the RFM score is the more, the better that list is for me. What’s cool is in Clickfunnels, in Actionetics, those of you guys who’ve used the Actionetics, we haven’t started training hard core on this yet. That’ll be one of the big things for next year. But  we have an RFM score. In fact, we have an RFMS score.

So if you look at the action score in contacts. So if you’re in Actionetics, click on contact, and you’ll see a little circle in the top right hand corner, it looks really cool and it’s their RFMS score, it stands for Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value, and then the S stands for Social. Because one cool thing that the internet has brought to us is the ability to watch people socially and stuff like that. One of my buddies, Jeremy Shoemoney, he found out, he did

Episode #284 – My New Ninja Trick: How To Attach An ROI To Everything  

Cool trick to help entrepreneurs get the stuff done that they don’t like to do.

On today’s episode Russell talks about taking personality tests and finding out valuable information about himself and his wife. He goes on to share what he learned about himself and how he’s using it to keep himself motivated to complete tasks.

Here are some of the fun things you will hear in this episode:

What is one of the big differences in his and his wife’s personality, and how knowing that helped with communication between them. What he learned about his own personality and how he can use it to stay motivated. And find out how long Russell drove an unregistered car because he didn’t want to go to the DMV.

So listen below to find out what kind of personality Russell has and how knowing will help him with his business.


Hey everyone, good morning. I hope you guys are doing awesome today. I’m out driving in a winter wonderland, which is really cool except for the fact that the sun shines off the white snow and it’s totally blinding me, it’s killing me.

So I’m excited for a couple of reasons. One is we are super close to launching our Marketing In Your Car Free MP3 player. I know you’ve been hearing it on the outro for a little while. I thought it was going to be shipped here from China faster than it was, and it took forever and now we have it sitting in a warehouse and I haven’t had a chance to write the video, but soon.

In fact, I think the first week in January we’re going to launch it. So it’ll be a free mp3 player with the first 250 episodes. If we do this it’s going to bring a lot more of our friends and family into the Marketing In Your Car fold, which I’m excited for. I did a podcast a little while ago talking about the strategy behind what we’re going to do and now we’re actually doing that. So it’s going to be kind of cool to see that and hopefully grow our member base substantially and get more people listening while they’re in their car. So it’ll be cool.

Now what I want to share with you guys today, I had a really cool Voxer conversation back and forth with Dana Derricks, which is one of our inner circle members, about a concept. I thought it was super cool and I just wanted to share it with you guys, because I think it’s important. He messaged me saying, “As I’m getting more and more successful and I see you, how do you justify doing something? How do you justify going to the DMV? How do you justify going and getting a haircut? Because the opportunity cost of your time is so much higher. You go get a haircut, you’re driving there, driving back, an hour of your time. If you were to pay a client that, you would have charged them $10 grand for that hour or $5 grand, or whatever that is. Instead you’re doing this whole thing. It’s way cheaper to pay someone to come to your house and cut your hair while you’re working so you don’t have to slow down.” Or if the pool breaks down you gotta go home and sit by the pool for two hours waiting for the pool guy to come and fix it. How do you justify those kind of things?

And I was like, that’s interesting and I started thinking about that from my point of view and it’s funny, recently I’ve been doing all these cool personality tests to learn more about myself, which I recommend for everybody. I did the 16 personality for my wife and for me. We got some crazy cool insights from that. One of them, I’ll just share with you guys to hopefully give you an idea of the kind of gems and gold you can find through here.

One of my wife and I’s frustrations we have with each other is a lot of times I’ll say something like, “Hey, what do you think about this?” and she’ll be like, “I don’t know.” And she always goes straight to I don’t know, and it used to drive me crazy. You gotta think about it for a little bit. And when she did the 16 personality tests, one of her personality traits was, there’s one like how we do things based on more thinking or more feeling.

And James Friel, who was out here with us doing the Trello stuff with us the other day, he had us take this personality test. And my wife’s was very much like, she makes decisions based on feeling not on thinking. So it was 80% was feeling and he had kind of a similar situation, except he’s flipped, he’s thinking not feeling. And he said that Yada, his girlfriend, when she’d say, “What do you feel like having for dinner.” He’d be like, “I don’t know, I don’t feel anything for dinner.” And she’d be like, “What do you think you want for dinner?” he’d be like, “I want this.”

For him, if he said thinking vs feeling, it would automatically just, his brain could comprehend that. Then he could think exactly what he wanted to think. It was hard for him with “What do you feel like for dinner?” “I don’t feel anything for dinner. I don’t know.” So my wife is the opposite. So the other night I said something like, “What do you think about this?” and she’s like, “I don’t know.” And I was like wait, “What do you feel like, how does that make you feel?” and it opened up this huge conversation. This little tweak and it was huge. So there’s buried gold in these personality tests.

16 Personalities is cool. The other cool one is the Disc Profile. So Mandy on our team does a whole bunch of really cool things for the inner circle members, she’s one of the….me and her kind of coach inner circle. She does more personal development standpoint, I do the marketing standpoint. Together we’re a super cool ninja team that make people even more amazing than they already are, if that’s possible. But Mandy makes everyone take a Disk Profile. When I took mine one thing she told me that’s in there is basically I’m a big believer, or I have to have a positive ROI on things or else I don’t want to do them.

I started thinking about that and I’m like, that’s kind of true. If I don’t see an ROI on something, it drives me crazy and I can’t do it. From a religious standpoint, honestly why I struggle reading scriptures and things like that, because I’m reading it, but what’s the point of it? So for me, I’m building in these forced ROI things for me to do what I need to do. For example, and this is more the churchy side, because it illustrates it really well for me.

For example, when I speak at church, and I have to prepare that week, I’ll focus on reading, I’ll enjoy it so much, studying and get ready because I know that at the end of it I’ve got to give this presentation, so there’s this ROI. The reason I’m doing this is so I can give a really good presentation at the end. Now obviously I don’t speak every week at church, the way Mormon church works, you speak once every 5 years and everyone gets a chance. So it’s like, alright 5 years from now, I’m going to get speaking opportunities, that’s not going to work. So what I’m starting to do is I’m working on launching my own podcast where basically I will throughout the week study and learn and I’ll be creating a talk and I’ll give that on the podcast and that’ll be my ROI. That’s what I’ll be looking forward to. I’ll be working because I have to have this thing for the podcast. Now there’s an ROI, now I can justify in my brain, why you do this or that. Things like that.

Anyway, that’s just an example. But everything in my life. What’s the ROI? As Dana asked me that, I started telling him, “you know, for me, first off, it’s hard. I got a new car and I was supposed to go to the DMV. I didn’t for two years, I just drove around with plates that didn’t work. Me going to the DMV opportunity cost was so….there was no ROI, it was useless.” One of the ways it’s useful is if I get pulled over. I’m just not going to get pulled over. And I didn’t for two years. Finally someone on my team forced me to go. They took me there and forced me to sit down and I got it done. But it was two years of driving without whatever the DMV’s supposed to give you.

The pool example, I kind of told him, “Well you know if the pool, for me to go sit and wait for the pool guy for two hours, it’s going to drive me nuts. There’s no positive ROI other than the pool works. So for me it’s like, what’s the benefit for my wife and kids? What’s the ROI for them?  Oh here you go,  I have a chance to spend two hours with them. I’m going to sit there and whatever that is. But that’s an ROI, it’s not fixing the pool, it’s the time with my kids. And as soon as I can justify that and make that, then I’m like, cool I can do this because this is the ROI for me and my brain.”

And I never thought about the hair cutting thing, I’m actually getting my hair cut today, so I thought that was kind of funny. It is kind of a waste of an hour of my day. Just to go get my hair cut, I should pay my girl to come here and cut my hair while I’m working on the treadmill or something, I don’t know. It would be kind of funny.

Anyway, I just thought it was interesting. For you guys, as entrepreneurs probably a lot of your brain works similar to mine, where you need that positive ROI. So sometimes when you’re struggling to get something done, at least for me, it’s because I can’t see that. So I have to associate what is the ROI that I’ll get from this. If it’s something I’m excited by I can go do it and I can conquer it. That’s why this book that I’ve been killing myself to get it done, I know the ROI on the other side of it, is the only thing that keeps me moving. Because there is so much pain associated with writing a book for me. But I know in my mind what the ROI is. From a financial, from a transformational, all the things that I care about and why I’m doing it. I see that ROI and it’s what drives me to keep moving forward.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys today because I thought it was important and hopefully you guys can start attaching ROI’s to things that you’re struggling with. And I think if you do that it’s g

Episode #233 – My New True Believer Funnel  

How to get people to profitably join your podcast, follow you on social media, and so much more.

On today’s episode Russell talks about an idea he has for the Marketing In Your Car podcast and how to get more subscribers.

Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:

Hear about some interesting things Russell has coming up this week. Find out what awesome idea Russell had to get more subscribers to the podcast and why you should funnel hack the idea. And find out how you could possibly get a hold of the first 250 Marketing In Your Car podcasts on one device in the near future.

So listen below to hear the details of Russell’s exciting new idea.


Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright everybody, I hope that the weekend was amazing for those who are listening live. Those who….I guess it’s never really live, those who are listening in kind of real time, for those who are listening some other time, hope you had an amazing whatever today was for you. And I have got some crazy, cool things happening this week. I’m excited.

We’ve got…..we’re launching the Keto Funnels for the Pruvit company which is going to be cool. It’s not live today but it should be live by the time most of you guys hear this, within a day or two. So if you wanna see a little bit behind the scenes  of what we’re doing go to, that should be live, like I said, in a day or two. We’re going to be rolling those out, funnels for a network marketing company, so it’s kind of a big experiment. We’re going to be testing out, if it works good here, we’ll probably do it with other companies. Anyway, it’s kind of a little sample test to see if we can build out funnels for companies and make it so that a company person basically comes in, drops in their Pruvit ID and unlocks all these secret funnels, so it’ll be kind of cool to see how the first test goes. I think it’ll do well, we’ve built 2 pretty amazing funnels for that company and I think that people are going to love them and do a lot of good stuff with them. So that’s kind of plan number one that’s happening this week.

Also Bio-hacking Secrets should be going live. We would be going live this week, but we have to record one more product, so Anthony’s flying back out for that early next week. We’ve got the hack-a-thon starting. So we’ve got, this weekend basically Clickfunnels partners and co-founders are all flying in, and next we’ve got pretty much half the dev team, maybe more, maybe the whole dev team, a whole bunch of the dev team, a whole bunch of the marketing team. So for a week we’ll be doing a whole bunch of crazy, cool stuff, while we’re filming episodes for Funnel Hacker TV. There’s a lot happening, which is fun, also at times, overwhelming, not going to lie. But it’s good.

I got a couple of big projects I’m trying to get out the door and then I can start focusing on some of the fun things that are going on with Funnel Hacker TV. But today I wanted to share with you guys an idea that hopefully will be a big idea for some of you guys. Because I think I cracked the code on something. If you think about how most people grow, I’ve been thinking a lot about it, I know Snapchat is the new cool thing, and podcasts is cool, and blogs are cool and all these things are cool, right? The problem with most content things is that the way you get traction is first off, you’ve got to do it consistently for forever which kind of sucks. For most of us it takes a long time before you have success. I was doing this podcast for probably 3 years before anyone listened to it. But I didn’t care because it was fun and it was an easy format. But it was hard because, luckily I was monetizing my life in other ways, but this is your marketing strategy, it sucks. If your marketing strategy is, let’s go blog, let’s go podcast, let’s go Snapchat, things like that, it’s tough. So I’m always looking, how do we beat the system? How do we make it so that we can get customers and people to subscribe profitably? Where we make money every time somebody joins our podcast or gets on Snapchat or whatever that thing might be.

So I’ve been thinking about that. How do I do that? What’s the best way? I have an idea and I’m going to be executing on it, and I hope a couple of you guys copying me, because if you do that’d be awesome. My guess is that most of you won’t but hopefully one or two of you will because that’ll make it worth sharing the idea. What I’ve been looking out is, I’ve been doing…..We’re getting close to episode 250 in the Marketing In Your Car Podcast, which is crazy. Don’t you guys think? We’ve been hanging out 250 days, we’ve been sharing this message together. So that’s kind of cool. My problem is when we go pay, “Hey go subscribe to Russell’s podcast.” It’s expensive, and it’s hard to track, it’s less effective, it’s not the best thing in the world right? I know it was almost impossible to track as when we were trying to guess , we were spending $100 to get someone to subscribe to your podcast. it was obviously free things in your list of a bunch of other things to do, but for me to buy ads to get people to build my following, crazy expensive, not worth it, not even worth the time and energy. That’s why putting out good content is good, people share.

A lot of you guys have found out about this podcast because people shared it with you or whatever. So those are the good things having good content, but I don’t want to rely on good content to get my message out there. Because no matter how good your content is, at first it’s not spreading. So how do we do it? So I had this idea. Building a funnel specific to getting people to subscribe to my different channels and things like that. What I was thinking about doing, and a couple of ideas and tips kind of came  along with this thought process, but one of them I was looking at all the podcasts I’ve done in the past and there’s 5 or 6 that are focused on webinars that are really, really good. Things that I wish everybody could listen to. So I’m like, what if I take those 5 things and I’m like, “Hey opt-in for the 5 top webinar strategy’s” or whatever, they opt in and boom, I just give them the links to those 5 podcasts. So that’s one way I can start paying to get people to opt-in and have some kind of metric, but it still doesn’t make me really money up front. So I’m like how do we do this?

So my big thought, my big aha, I’m excited for this, is I’m going to be taking 250, well as soon as we get 250 episodes, we’re getting close. I’m going to make……I’ve been sourcing it in China. In China we’re getting these really cool pre-loaded MP3 players, and I’m going to pre-load the first 250 episodes of Marketing In Your car on that thing. So I’m going to go and actually pull out the audio intros and exits, just so you don’t have to hear the same song 250 times, for those of you guys that binge listen. But I want to encourage people to binge listen. So what better way than to do that than to give them devices with all those things pre-loaded on it. It ends up costing me $5 or $10 in China to get one of these MP3 players. It’ll be wrapped in my logos and all that kind of stuff, and I’m going to do a free plus shipping on it.  Free plus shipping you’re going to get 250 of my top podcast episodes. So that’ll be basically the offer, and we’ll have some kind of order form bump and some kind of upsell, right? Whatever that is.

So now, I can go on Facebook and get my email list and other people’s lists, and all the traditional marketing channels to give away this MP3 player, which people who download my MP3 player with 250 free episodes of my podcast, what do we know about those people? They’re probably either interested in my podcast, or they will become because now I’m giving it away to them to binge listen to them really, really easily. So they will come through that funnel and after that funnel, now this is my, in my mind it’s my funnel to connect people to all of my social outlets. So day one would be a thing like, “Hey, thanks so much for listening, the MP3 player is on its way, but I want you to subscribe right now so that you can get all future episodes. Because episode 251 and beyond are not on this MP3 player, so you have to click here to subscribe. So, boom, we’re getting people subscribed to itunes that day.

So now I’m causing consumption and then I’m getting people to subscribe. And then day number two is going to be something like, “Hey guys, this is Russell. You know what Snapchat is? Here’s 5 cool snapschats I sent out in the past, I want you guys on this list, because if you’re not getting my Snapchats you’re missing out on some cool crap that’s coming directly to you through the Snapchatty-thingy.” I actually haven’t started using Snapchat yet, in fact I don’t know how it works, but I know it’s the big next thing, so I’m like, how do you get people to subscribe? Well it’s hard, you have to train them.

So I’m going to get a freaking pay for ads until somebody to go download Snapchat, search for my name, click on my button, that’s the most inefficient way on earth to grow a following, it’s horrible. But for people who have said, “Russell I’m going to pay you for 250 of your episodes.” those people are a little more engaged and now I have a full day focused on, “Hey guys, today’s a Snapchat day. Anyone who has a Snapchat you’re going to get blah blah for free. Go and do it.” And we bribe them and motivate them to get them to subscribe to Snapchat. The next one can be like, “Hey guys, this is how”….I don’t know, LinkedIn or Pinterest, or Instagram, or whatever, I’m going to use that communication funnel after somebody gets this free plus shipping thing to connect them into all of my social channels and that’s going to be the funnel. So that way in theory if we execute it right, us

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