El Vuelo del Fénix - Previa Resu 1 - 13/06/17  

Hoy escuchamos: Rammstein- Links, Airbourne- Runnin´wild, Suicidal Tendencies- The new degeneration, Rancid- Telegraph avenue, Eluveitie- Epona, Lords of Black- Merciless, Bury Tomorrow- Last light, The Devil wears Prada- To the key of Evergreen, Comeback Kid- Absolute, Warbringer- Silhouettes, Killus- Ultrazombies, Vita Imana- Vacío, Alcest- Shelter.

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11.06.2017 - Personlighetstest med Nils Brenna  

Nils Brenna fra podkasten "Sånn er du" analyserer Else og Ramonas Big5-test. Annet digg: Store bukser og store briller, Else og Prada-mann i NYC, rosa hår og bowling.

Movies That Made Me: Emily Blunt  

Emily dishes the dirt on Meryl Streep in the The Devil Wears Prada, plus tells stories from the set of Edge of Tomorrow, Into The Woods and The Girl On The Train.

577 - Dave Shapiro of United Talent Agency  

Dave Shapiro comes to us from the world of representation at United Talent Agency. From his early days behind the kit and as a tour manager to where he sits now in Beverly Hills, Dave's grasp of each component for his clients success is what sets him apart from other agents. By understanding the role of a mentor and creating his own lane wherever he worked allowed him to rise quickly through the ranks. In a world without seniority or privilege, it is Dave's strategic manipulation of human psychology that keeps him at the top of his game and continually confirming more deals for his diverse roster of talent. Learn to negotiate and find your creative value as we hear from a real life Ari Gold about fighting for the best deal on today's adventure. 

Talking Points

Is UTA the biggest talent agency in the world? Finding representation with some leverage and what that means for your career.  It all starts with someone in a band.  Taking your hands on experience to the other side so you can completely relate to your clients.  From tour manager to drum tech to promoting to booking bands and getting them on the road.  Taking the talent on Equal Vision Records to the next level and get them an agent.  Going from short term goals to long term deals with a future.  Riding your boss and gaining respect both ways to create your own lane.  Three years, three job offers, and breaking out of your comfort zone to learn more.  From Devil Wears Prada to Nickelback in their "prime" years.  Mentorship instead of paid for degrees that mean nothing.  Getting bought into UTA and becoming a real dude with a real title at a real agency.  You are as good as you are today. Period.  Finding your Ari Gold.  Living in a high stress world while staying three steps ahead with or without personal outlets.  Delivering news the right way to change the conversation.  Greatest misses.  Good Cop and Bad Cop get paid... by working together. Mastering the art of flight.  Loop di loops, barrel rolls, and ghost riding the whip fifteen hundred feet above the ground.  Great rates at the airline pump, commuter planes, and bypassing airport security.  Going solo.  The first real flight by yourself and the soundtrack to flying high.  What do most people get wrong about owning a plane? The pains of flying commercial. Looking deeper at negotiations and the different approaches people take.  Using the phone to push people as far as you can based off their tone.  Psychology over dollars.  Know your audience and know your negotiation points.  Balance where you want to be and where you need to be.  Can you get over taking it personally? Managing expectations case by case to humanize the process.  Don't forget that you need an escape.  Percentages, discretionary bonuses, and hitting the not so straightforward factors.  What's next on Dave Shapiro's horizon?
Discópolis 9716 - Amancio Prada - 12/04/17  

Amancio Prada regresa a Discópolis con tres novedades: una revisión de los Sonetos del amor oscuro de Federico García Lorca, otra revisión de Canciones de San Juan de la Cruz incluyendo su Cantico espiritual y un tercer disco original sobre textos de su paisano Antonio Pereira titulado, Yo, con vosotros. Previamente anunciamos la gira del timplista canario Germán López, que va a tocar la semana próximas en Madrid (lunes 18, Galileo), Santiago de Compostela (martes 19, Casa das crechas), Valladolid (Jueves 20, Broadway) y León (viernes 21, Teatro Albeitar). Oímos un tema avance de su nuevo disco.- Amancio Prada nos va contando quien es Antonio Pereira y qué relación tuvieron. Nos recuerda que la primera canción que compuso fue Guitarra, poema de García Lorca, habla de cómo descubrió el Cántico espiritual de San Juan de la Cruz en aquella buhardilla parisina. Oímos dos canciones de cada proyecto incluyendo una musicalización inédita de García Lorca, la Gacela del recuerdo del amor. Nos declama parte de sus canciones; anunciamos unas cuantas actuaciones incluyendo la próxima que hará el seis de mayo en Molina de Segura en Murcia sobre 3 Libertarios: Ferre, García Calvo y Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio y una sonrisa cómplice aparece en su cara.

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S2E6: Michael Rock  

Michael Rock is founding partner and creative director of 2x4, a global design consultancy. He has worked with brands including Nike, Prada, Target, and Kanye West.

#12 Kirstie Clements  

Kirstie Clements has a Prada bag full of stories about the mad and bad people she encountered as the long-time editor of Australian Vogue.

540: Emelyn Northway & Dorie Smith, Of Mercer Co-Founders  

As the saying goes: "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.”

But, ok. What if you can’t exactly wear Prada to work each day? And the affordable options just don’t fit right or are made of lousy materials?

That’s where today's guests enter. Dorie Smith and Emelyn Northway are the co-founders of Of Mercer, career wear for the modern professional woman.

They met one fateful day while both attending business school at the University of Pennsylvania. They spotted each other across a crowded room because – guess what? They were wearing identical outfits.

They initially launched the brand back in 2013 as an ecommerce site. The company has received praise from top media outlets including The New York Times, Forbes and Inc. Magazine. Last year they finally opened their first brick and mortar store in New York City.

So how do two business students – with no experience in fashion – get the know-how and raise enough money to start a successful fashion line? And how to know when pairing up with a business partner makes sense?

For more information visit

Así fue la tercera hora de Fin de Semana el 26 de febrero de 2017  

Repunte de la presión migratoria sobre Ceuta y Melilla, hablamos con el Cabo 1º, Guillermo Prada. Ojo con sonreir demasiado a la hora de buscar trabajo. Entrevista con Mario Jiménez, portavoz de la Gestora del PSOE. El Pino Aprisquillo de La Adrada (Ávila), candidato al Árbol Europeo del Año. 

Así fue la tercera hora de Fin de Semana el 26 de febrero de 2017  

Repunte de la presión migratoria sobre Ceuta y Melilla, hablamos con el Cabo 1º, Guillermo Prada. Ojo con sonreir demasiado a la hora de buscar trabajo. Entrevista con Mario Jiménez, portavoz de la Gestora del PSOE. El Pino Aprisquillo de La Adrada (Ávila), candidato al Árbol Europeo del Año. 

Le Journal Du Rock - D6bels Music Awards, Elton John, George Michael  

Les grands gagnants des D6bels Music Awards sont connus ! Elton John va participer à l’écriture de la comédie musicale adaptée du film The Devil Wears Prada (Le diable s’habille en Prada). L’enterrement de George Michael a été postposé, le coroner en charge de l’affaire étant toujours en attente des résultats toxicologiques. Classic 21 vous informe des dernières actualités du rock, de Belgique et de partout ailleurs. Le Journal du Rock, chaque jour à 17h et le lendemain à 7h30.

Meryl Streep for President  

It's Hollywood awards season and Meryl Streep has played the Trump card in her acceptance speech. Can she be our President instead? Because the Devil doesn't wear Prada, he wears a fake tan. Planning on quitting your job in January? Join the queue of everyone else with a holiday hangover. We've got the straight HR advice no one is nice enough to tell you. And can you treat dating like a KPI? Plus, your words, pledged for 2017. 

Recommendations will drop this FRIDAY. 

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