EU-Gipfel: Neue Harmonie - alte Konflikte - 25.06.2017  

"Mercron" - Inszenierte EU-Einheit (Kommentar) / Brexit: Briten in der Defensive gegenüber der EU / Großbritannien: Queen´s Speech im Zeichen des Brexit / Im Gespräch: Frankreich nach der Parlamentswahl / Bundestag beschließt Einführung von Staatstrojanern / Abschlussbericht des Abgas-Untersuchungsausschusses / Alleingelassen von der Bundeswehr - afghanische Ortskräfte und ihre Familien / NSU-Prozess: Opfer-Angehörige verklagen den Staat / Einschätzungen zum Fall des US-Studenten Otto Warmbier / Prozessbeginn Todeslaster in Kecskemet Autoren: Kai Küstner, Holger Romann, Jens-Peter Marquardt, Barbara Kostolnik, Jennifer Lange, Arne Meyer-Fünffinger, Lisa Weiß, Ina Krauß, Peter Kujath, Andrea Beer; Redaktion und Moderation: Jörg Paas

SPDJ Schulz feat. Die Steuer-Takes  

Martin Schulz will raus aus der Defensive - mit dem SPD-Steuerkonzept: knallhart durchgerechnet und extrem tanzbar! Autor: Peter Saurbier.

Peter King  

Congressman Peter King joins Connell McShane on the Imus in the Morning program.

Peter Kiernan  

Successful businessman, venture philanthropist and corporate and government advisor Peter Kiernan joins Connell McShane on the Imus in the Morning program.

20VC: Why Every CEO's Goal Should Be To Be The Laziest CEO, The Benefits of Being Both Founder and Investor At The Same Time & Why Every CEO Should Try A CEO Coach with Bart Lorang, Founder & CEO @ Full Contact  

Bart Lorang is the Founder & CEO @ FullContact, the leading contact platform for professionals, teams and businesses. They have raised over $45m in funding from some of the best in the business and dear friends of the show in the likes of Foundry Group with Brad Feld, David Cohen and Techstars and Howard Lindzen at Social Leverage just to name a few. As well as being the rockstar founder @ FullContact, Bart has a unique position as he is also Managing Director @, a seed stage VC fund based in Colorado and San Francisco, providing Bart unique insight into both founding and investing in companies at the same time.



In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Bart made his way into the world of early stage startups and came to found FullContact?

2.) Bart is also a VC with V1, how does being both a founder and a VC affect how Bart views startups and operates @ FullContact? What have been the key learnings for Bart with regards to capital allocation and portfolio construction?

3.) Bart has a CEO coach being the famous, Jerry Colonna, so what was the catalyst for Bart's desire to have a CEO coach? What have been the inflection points in Bart's journey with Jerry? Should every CEO have a CEO coach?

4.) What does Bart believe are the core tenets to successful negotiation? What can be done to ensure a win-win situation for both parties? From what mindset should this be approached? Does Bart agree that you should only monetise to 30% of your value?

5.) Why does Bart pay every employee $7,500 per year to go on holiday on top of their standard salary? Whare the the key rules to ensure this is successful? What are the key benefits that can be derived from this essential vacation?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Bart’s Fave Book: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Bart’s Fave Blog: Abundance Insider by Peter Diamandis

As always you can follow HarryThe Twenty Minute VC and Bart on Twitter here!

Likewise, you can follow Harry on Snapchat here for mojito madness and all things 20VC.

eShares is the No 1 Cap Table Management platform, allowing for equity management, 409A valuations, and liquidity, all in one place. eShares is made for companies of all sizes with over 5,000 trusted customers including the likes of Squarespace, Kickstarter, and DoorDash just to name a few. To try out the must have service of the industry, simply head over to it is a must.

Fond is the employee engagement suite with 3 core products, rewards: a recognition platform for rewarding achievements and milestones, perks: a premium corporate discounts program to show employees you care about them and then finally engagement IQ, a free employee engagement survey that allows you to measure the health of your organization. To check it out head over to

Symposium zu Ehren von Peter Sloterdijk: Die Sprache der Philosophie  

Kulturgespräch mit dem Mannheimer Literaturwissenschaftler Jochen Hörisch

P1 Debat: Lyver Støjberg? 2017-06-23  

Taler integrationsminister Inger Støjberg usandt? Har ministeren løjet overfor Folketinget? Skal ministeren gå af? Har embedsmændene svigtet demokratiet? Hvorfor holder Venstre hånden over Støjberg i sagen om barnebrude på danske asylcentre? P1Debattører: Jarl Cordua, politisk kommentator, Amalie Kestler, lederkollegiet Politiken, Amalie Lyhne, blogger Berlingske og Peter Loft, tidl departementschef. Vært: Gitte Hansen. Lytterne er velkomne til at komme med indspark til debatten på telefon 7021 1919.

Ep. 528, Peter Pan, part3of9, by J.M. Barrie  

Lions, tigers, and pirates abound on the Neverland. It’s almost impossible NOT to have an adventure! J. M. Barrie, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

Welcome to The Classic Tales Podcast. Thank you for listening.

What do you get with The Classic Tales Podcast? Literary drama with Pride and Prejudice, Mystery with Sherlock Holmes, Science Fiction with Herland, Adventure with Allan Quatermain, and fantasy with Peter Pan - and that’s just in the first half of the year! 

For 11 years now, The Classic Tales Podcast has delivered astoundingly high quality classic tales week after week. We have journeyed to Dracula’s Carpathian castle, and swung through the jungle with Tarzan. We’ve visited Italy with Lucy Honeychurch, and swashbuckled with Zorro. We’ve been terrified by Edgar Allan Poe, and laughed out loud with P.G. Wodehouse. And all the while, we’ve been getting smarter. From expanding our vocabulary to fending off Alzheimer’s, listening to classic audiobooks is just so, so good for you. And, it’s super fun!

Step up today and become a Supporting Member of The Classic Tales Podcast. Supporting members get a monthly coupon code worth $8 for anything in the online store, and they also get access to the premium content known as The Enchiridion – a 3-4 hour long portion of a new audiobook delivered every month.

And they also help to ensure the perpetuation of The Classic Tales Podcast, which continues to open the doors of classic literature to young and old.

It only costs $5 a month to become a supporting member, and we truly appreciate each and every one of you.

And now, Peter Pan, Part 3 of 9, by J. M. Barrie

BREXIT VOTE ONE YEAR ON: Where were you?  

Can it only be a year since Britain voted itself poorer, angrier and more irrelevant? Regulars Dorian Lynskey, Ian Dunt of and Peter Collins plus some of our special guests recall where they were and what they were doing on the magical day we took back control – and promptly lost it again. Relive that special day with guests Sindhu Vee and Naomi Smith plus friends of the show John Niven and Mark Hooper. And don’t forget to #OwnTheRemoan. Listen now or download for later at: REMAINIACS is a PodMasters production. Why not try our sister podcast BIGMOUTH (the pop culture talk show for thinking timewasters) at Theme: 'Pane In The Glass' by Lee Rosevere on Happy Puppy Records used under Creative Commons attribution license

BoN 2017/17 — Azerbaijan GP Preview  

In a week of the letter K, we wade through Monisha Kaltenborn's split with Sauber, the race in Baku and the 2018 F1 Kalendar, and Peter McGinley tells a very boring story to prepare for a probably boring Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Markets in Everything?  

Jason Brennan and Peter Jaworski think that anything you’re allowed to do for free, you should be able to do for money. That means things like buying and selling kidneys, children, sex, grades; even waiting in line. Are they right?

Verdis "Attila" in Nürnberg - Ein Vorbericht - 23.06.2017  

Am 24. Juni feiert Giuseppe Verdis Dramma lirico "Attila" am Staatstheater Nürnberg Premiere - und zwar eine echte. Denn die Oper wurde bisher noch nicht in Nürnberg aufgeführt. Zu sehen ist eine Version des Regisseurs Peter Konwitschny, die bereits vor vier Jahren am Theater an der Wien Premiere hatte und dort sogar einen kleinen Skandal entfachte. Ein Vorbericht von Eleonore Birkenstock.

E58: Stinger news, Touareg Adventure review, a 14-yr old who races his own M3 and behind-the-scenes of the hatchback megatest!  

Join Mandy Turner, Mike Costello and Trent Nikolic on location from the Hunter Valley while the hatchback megatest is underway. We talk how important the Kia Stinger is for the Korean brand in a special car news report, after it received a CarAdvice rating of 9 in our latest review. While, the Stonic has been leaked online, it looks like Australia won't be getting the compact SUV. The Honda Accord has been teased ahead of its reveal mid-July and after many concepts over the years, the Volkswagen ID Buzz, or the Electric Kombi, has finally been approved for production. Trent reviews the 2017 Volkswagen Touareg Adventure - a special edition of the large SUV. A hint is revealed for Pick the Exhaust for your chance to win a CarAdvice prize pack. Our Sydney correspondent and former podcast guest host, Peter Ronis, meets 14-year old Jack who owns and races his own M3. Yes, you read right. Lastly, go behind-the-scenes of our latest hatchback megatest where Mandy talks to every member of the team involved.

CarAdvice 0

All change at Central Bank station  

The Bank of England split highlights how central banks are preparing to end years of easing and shift to monetary tightening. But how fast will the change come and how will the pound and other currencies respond? Commerzbank's chief economist Peter Dixon discusses the moves with Roger Blitz, and looks at how the causes of inflation and the way it is measured are also under review.

Urinens kulturhistorie, status på Brexit og en brandgod biografi om Per Kirkeby  

I denne uge skal vi snakke om… Tis. Det er nemlig Roskilde Festival-tid og hvad er derfor mere passende end et blik på urinens kulturhistorie. Derfor har vi kulturgangens anekdotekonge Rasmus Bo Sørensen i studiet. I forestiller jer ikke, hvad tis gennem tiden er blevet brugt til. I det lidt mere seriøse hjørne vil der være en linje åben til Mette Rodgers, Informations korrespondent i London, der vil give en status på de netop påbegyndte forhandlinger om Brexit. Litteraturredaktør Peter Nielsen kommer i studiet, fordi han har læst en brandgod biografi om maleren Per Kirkeby. Og så er det i denne uges podcast, at du vil finde ud af, hvilket amerikansk band – vi tillader os at kategorisere det under ’amerikansk tissemandsrock’ – der får chefredaktør Rune Lykkeberg helt op at ringe. Vi slipper heller ikke sidste uges overvågningsserie, når vi også kommer rundt om Brian Mikkelsen, der udtaler, at dansk salg af overvågningsteknologi til Saudi-Arabien, er helt efter bogen. Og så er det lige om lidt 25-året for sejren ved fodbold-EM i 1992. Journalist Mathias Menckes lillesøster blev født på dagen, hendes initialer er EM. Få links til alle de artikler, vi vender i podcasten, i din indbakke:

REShow: Peter King and Marc Spears. Hour 3 (06-22-17)  

Joining Rich for the last hour, Peter King of the MMQB and Marc Spears of ESPN.


Autor: Leusch, Peter
Sendung: Aus Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften
Hören bis: 29.12.2017 19:35

En caída libre. El Radio 1.185. 22/06/2017  

En caída libre está el periodismo deportivo de este país. En caída libre por decirlo finamente. En caso contrario, diría que va de culo, cuasta abajo y si frenos. Y eso sin exagerar... Min. 01 Seg. 44 – Introducción Min. 06 Seg. 44 – Jorge Javier Castaño y sus mariachis Min. 17 Seg. 44 – Todo está muy abierto Min. 20 Seg. 26 - Cinco nombres para un puesto Min. 25 Seg. 56 - Una cláusula muy asequible Min. 30 Seg. 08 - Ya sólo queda una opción Min. 35 Seg. 37 - Adiós, ordenamiento jurídico, adiós Min. 41 Seg. 05 - Éstas son las llegadas Meghan Trainor - Me Too (Live on The Tonight Show - Jimmy Fallon) Peter Tosh (Grenoble 26/06/1981) Legalize It Burial 400 Years I'm The Toughest Coming In Hot Rastafari Is Stepping Razor Rock With Me

Émission du jeudi 22 juin 2017  

Jeudi 22 juin 2017: Le texte de la semaine avec Noémi Mercier et Thomas Leblanc. Les petites annonces de Véronique Côté. Comment survivre aux autres quand nos amis sont loin avec Fanny Britt. Le documentaire Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media réalisé par Mark Achbar et Peter Wintonick. vu par Normand Baillargeon et Gali Bonin. Le legs d'Éva, le roman de Waubgeshig Rice lu par Maïté Labrèque-Saganash et Emmanuelle Walter. Les incontournables de la littérature canadienne avec Monique Polak; The Last Neanderthal de Claire Cameron. Retour vers le futur avec Lyne Charlebois, Tatiana Polevoy et Carlos Guerra; le vidéoclip.

#171: Preview: NHL-draften 2017!  

NHL-timmen är tillbaka med ett maratonavsnitt! Den här veckan snackar Uffe Bodin och Linus Hugosson om den stundande NHL-draften, där flera svenskar väntas gå i första rundan:
– I fjol hade vi bara en svensk i första rundan, men i år blir det fler, lovar Bodin.

Inför säsongen tippades Rögles back Timothy Liljegren gå tidigt i draften, men efter de många skador som drabbat honom, är frågan om han blir första svensk att gå i årets draft. Elias Pettersson och Lias Andersson utmanar om den äran.

– Pettersson har jämförts med Henrik Zetterberg och Andersson hade en nyckelroll i ett SM-guldvinnande lag, så det är starka draftnamn, säger Bodin.

När Bodin går igenom den svenska draftkullen hittar han många talanger som skulle kunna gå i första rundan. Hur många och vilka det är får ni höra i podden.

Som även innehåller en intervju med Detroit Red Wings svenske scout Håkan Andersson. Red Wings draftar som nionde lag i Chicago, och Andersson tycker det är ett viktigt val:

– O ja, vi hoppas kunna få en spelare som kan hjälpa oss inom ett par år, säger Andersson.



>> Peter Sibner från och Pro Hockey dyker upp och kommenterar Vegas Golden Knights val i expansionsdraften. Varför tog Vegas Oscar Lindberg från Rangers och William Karlsson från Columbus?

>> Marian Hossa slutar på grund av allergi mot hockeyskydd – tror vi verkligen på den storyn?

 >> Blev Erik Karlsson rånad på Norris Trophy?

Det och mycket, mycket mer i detta långa avsnitt av NHL-timmen.



Uffe Bodin

Linus Hugosson

Sam Cosentino

Peter Sibner

Håkan Andersson



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