Episode #285 – The Secret Of Contrast  

A powerful tool to use in your storytelling.

On today’s special Christmas, hot tub edition of Marketing In Your Car, Russell and his son Dallin talk about contrast and why it makes life and business better.

Here are some fun things you will hear in this episode:

Why the contrast of being in 102 degree hot tub makes the freezing cold temperature outside more fun. Why we should look for contrast in all areas of life including food, relationships, and business. And what Russell’s Christmas tradition involving Marshmallow Matey’s is.

So listen below to hear Russell and Dallin’s thoughts on why contrast in your life makes it more interesting.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson, welcome to Marketing In Your Hot Tub. It is actually Christmas night and I’m in the hot tub right now. We just had all the kids in here, but all of them have left except for Dallin is the last remaining hot tuber, how you doing bud?

Dallin: Good.

Russell: So Dallin, if you guys saw Funnel Friday’s this week, was on Funnel Fridays and he actually built a funnel. What was the funnel about that you built?

Dallin: Snow balls. Rocks snow balls.

Russell: Yeah, Jim Edwards built a script to throw snowballs with putting rocks in the snowballs, evil snowballs huh?

Dallin: Yeah, evil. You don’t want to mess with it.

Russell: But it was pretty good right? You built the funnel in about 15 minutes.

Dallin: Yeah, it was supposed to be 30 but I got under pressure.

Russell: Normally people get 30 minutes but I gave Dallin 15 because I knew he could do it.  And he did, the funnel was amazing. It was pretty good.

Dallin: I’m really good at it.

Russell: So if any of you guys are wondering or want to see that, go to and look at the Christmas special and you’ll meet most of my kids, were on that episodes except I don’t think Norah came in.

Dallin: Yeah, but Bowen didn’t come in.

Russell: Oh yeah, Bowen didn’t come but most of my kids are on there, so if you want to meet them go to But tonight I have a really special message. So that’s what I wanted to talk to you guys about today. The topic I’m talking about is a thing called contrast. So I’m telling you this while we are sitting in the hot tub, it’s 7:54 pm Christmas night. We had a great Christmas day today and now we’re outside and it’s dark and cold, there’s snow, there’s about ten inches of snow. In fact, yesterday we were out in….we bought this four wheeler rhino thing.

Dallin: That’s awesome. It’s like a snow thing that picks up snow.

Russell: Yeah, it has a snow plow on the front of it, and we hook tubes to the back and pulled the kids around the yard for….it was really fun.

Dallin: Now I know how to drive a car.

Russell: What? Don’t talk about that. So it’s really, really cold and then we jumped in the hot tub and it’s like 102 degrees and it’s really hot. So the kids, would be getting in the hot tub and then they’d jump out into the snow and do snow angels and they’re screaming because it’s so cold and they dive back in and they’re screaming because it’s so hot. And back and forth and back and forth. And what’s cool if you think about that, what’s making this experience really fun is the contrast.

And I started thinking about other things where contrast is the key. And I really think that happiness in life is tied to contrast. We had a church Christmas party and they decided to have Collette and I be in charge of it. So we had the chance to throw a party for 500 people and one of the ideas that came out of it, one of the guys on our committee, he had an idea. He’s like, “We should do a hot chocolate bar.” And I was like, “Oh that would be awesome.” So we had this huge hot chocolate bar, we boiled I don’t know, thirty gallons of hot chocolate.

Dallin: With a lot of good candy.

Russell: We had tons of toppings like York Peppermint patties, cinnamon bears, marshmallows…

Dallin: And then my favorite flavor ran out right when they came in.

Russell: So we had a whole bunch of stuff, and the point of this story, we had a huge hot chocolate bar, which was good, but what made it great was the contrast. We had an ice cream scooper scooping a bunch of ice cream into the hot chocolate. So we have this hot, hot chocolate with cold ice cream and the contrast is what made it magic.

You go like that with most foods. If you go to a restaurant and you get sweet and sour sauce, you get sweet and sour is the contrast, that’s why it’s interesting. A lot of foods are that way. They have two…..for Christmas somebody may have sent me a bag of this and may have eaten the whole thing by myself. It was a bag of chocolate covered pretzels. The chocolate is sweet and the pretzels are salty. So it’s salty, sweet and the contrast is what made it interesting.

Dallin: Dad, not cool to tell that in front of your kid.

Russell: You want to eat it now? But you think about most parts of life, the relationships I have with people that are the most fun are not where they’re like me. I do have a lot of fun with a lot of entrepreneurs that are just like me, but even within that there’s a lot of contrast.

There’s contrast within my family, contrast within my beliefs, contrast within ideas. And that’s what makes things interesting. Is the contrast. From food, from relationships, from all these kind of things. What I want to talk about today, a lot of people probably don’t know this, but it’s also the key to good story telling.

Dallin: And cars, and hot tubs.

Russell: To hot tubs and cars? It’s the key to good story telling, it’s the key to good selling.

Dallin: That’s compare and contrast. Boom.

Russell: Okay, boom. Dallin’s comparing contrasted. He compared a car and a hot tub. Did you contrast them?

Dallin: No, not really.

Russell: Okay, so let me explain this. So when telling a story it’s the contrast that makes the story interesting. So from a higher level view it’s like, you tell a story, “first I was broke, then I was rich.” That was the contrast. “first I was fat, then I got skinny. First I was sad, then I became happy.” That contrast is what makes the story interesting. That’s from an overarching story level. That’s kind of the arch that people normally go on.

Dallin: It’s like with the cereal I had this morning too.

Russell: Dallin wants to throw things completely off topic. Okay Dallin, let me finish this story and then you can tell about cereal okay?

So then it’s also from a macro level, the micro level is the same thing when you’re telling stories. You get down to the actual pieces of the story, it’s also the contrast. You dig down and as you’re telling the details, the contrast in the details is what’s interesting as well. So it’s like, right now if I were telling the story, we’re sitting in the hot tub and part of our body was so hot because it’s 102, 103 degrees. It’s really warm, but my head and neck is above water and when the wind hits you it’s bitter cold. And it cuts you, it cuts you down even into the water because it’s so cold, but then the water is so warm that it pushes that heat back up. So I’m telling the contrast of the cold and the hot, which makes it intriguing, makes it interesting.

So when you’re describing each of the individual pieces of the story there’s contrast in all of them. You’re writing emails, there should be contrast in your emails. As you’re talking about things, “I was this and I became this. I felt this, but then this happened.” There’s a scripture that all my Mormon friends would now about where Lehi in the beginning of the Book of Mormon, he talks about how there’s got to be opposite in all things. If it wasn’t for the dark you wouldn’t know ….if it wasn’t for evil you wouldn’t know good. There’s a reason why there’s contrast. Without sadness you can’t have happiness. Without that contrast you can’t know happiness until you’ve had sadness. You can’t know joy until you’ve had pain. You can’t do what’s right unless you know what’s wrong.

Dallin: Wrong.

Russsell: Yeah, Dallin’s getting it. Hopefully everyone’s catching on at the same time. But it’s that contrast in all things in life. That’s what makes life interesting, is that contrast.

Dallin: Sad, happy. Bad, good. Loving it, hating it.

Russell: What other contrasts you got?

Dallin:  Ellie and school.

Russell: Ellie and school? Ellie’s is his sister, and school? Okay.

Dallin: They’re really far contrasts.

Russell: Ellie and school are contrasts. But you think about it you guys. It’s interesting because that’s the key. Depends on how you look at it. If you look at it like, I’m going to eat something, let me make some contrasts. I’m going to tell a story, I’m going to sell something. I’m going to write an email to…

Dallin: Billy Bob Joe.

Russell: What?

Dallin: Billy Bob Joe.

Russell: Who’s Billy Bob Joe?

Dallin: You’re sending an email to Billy Bob Joe.

Russell: Okay…..Alright, that makes no sense, but whatever. So I hope that, amongst the random thoughts, I hope you guys got some value from tonight. From the contrast of sitting in the hot tub while the cold is on my, blowing against my skin and kind of freezing up top.

Dallin: That’s why it’s cold, hot tub. Car, contrast.

Russell: Yes, alright Dal, you want to tell the story from breakfast this morning?

Dallin: Yeah, sure.

Russell: Alright, tell it loud so you can all hear.

Dallin: So our dad took a huge bowl, one that we use to make cookies and stuff.

Russell: A big salad bowl.

Dallin: Yeah. For Christmas he got a big Lucky Charm thing…

Russell: it was Marshmallow Matey’s. It’s the generic Malt-O-Meal knock off

Secret #15: A Marketing Secret We Learned At Krispy Kreme Doughnuts  

Who know doughnuts could be so helpful…

On today’s episode Russell and his kids talk about why they like to go to Krispie Kreme doughnuts instead of some of the other doughnut shops. He also shares a story to relate why its good to show your customers behind the scenes of what you do. Here are some of the fun things you will hear in this episode:

What it is about Krispie Kreme Doughnuts that stands out from their competitors. Why seeing how beer is made inspired a marketing guy to put it in their commercials. And what Russell does to give his customers a similar experience.

So listen to Russell and his kids talk about this cool way to market your business.


What’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast.

Alright everybody, today we got a special episode. We just got done cleaning the church and then we went and got a prize for the kids. What was the prize we got guys?

Kids: Krispie Kreme Donuts and the hats.

Russell: Krispie Kreme Donuts, and the hats. We’re driving the new Funnel Hacker Jeep, which we have a camera mount in here. So now I can do Marketing In Your Car and Marketing Secrets while we’re driving and not have to worry about getting hit and dying.

Kids: Marketing in Your Jeep.

Russell: Marketing In the Jeep. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet, if you haven’t go look on Snapchat or Facebook or whatever. It says Funnel Hacker on the side of it, it’s kind of fun. And we had Norah in here yesterday so that’s why Bowen’s sitting in Norah’s baby seat, because that’s the last seatbelt we had. So what should we tell those guys about today? We gotta tell them a marketing principle.

So let’s do this, I want to talk to you about why you like going to Krispie Kreme versus the other place?

Kids: Because they got good donuts.

Russell: Because they got good donuts. Why else?

Kids: It’s not very far away.

Russell: Okay, it’s close proximity. Why else?

Kids: We haven’t had breakfast.

Russell: You haven’t had breakfast yet. Are they healthy?

Kids: They have a good price. No, they’re not healthy. They have a good price, they’re not far away, and when you go in you see them make the donuts.

Russell: Oh, this is the key. This is the key, Ellie, that I want to talk about. So when you go into Krispie Kreme they let you, say it loud so they can hear you. Aiden said it too. So there’s a glass window and you can actually watch them make the donuts. The donuts come through on a conveyer belt, you see the frosting put on them, you see them dunk under the thing. First the dough right, drops them into the cooker thing that cooks them, then the frosting comes on top and they put the sprinkles. You get to watch the process.

Kids: They sometimes, rarely, give you free samples.

Russell: And sometimes they give you free samples for hanging out.

Alright so here’s the marketing lesson for all of you who are listening today. So Krispie Kreme does a really cool thing to make kids want to go to Krispie Kreme versus DK Donuts, Dunkin Donuts, all the donut places.

Kids: Dunkin Donuts is DK Donuts.

Russell: No DK is a small brand, Dunkin is a huge chain. Anyway, what Krispie Kreme does is allow you to watch the process, which is really interesting. Because my guess is most donut shops have the same process, yet……..You guys we gotta stay on point for the show. They’re right, DK has bunch of other options, sizes and varieties and Krispie Kremes are all the same thing. But the moral of this is that they let you watch the process of how it works.

I know I’m going to forget the story because I’m in the car with four kids going crazy. I’m going to forget it right now, but the message I know all my old school marketing buddies are making fun of me because I can’t remember the name and people or which book it was from. But there was a guy, who was actually a beer company and they were selling beer and this marketing guy came in to, I can’t remember now, this is blasphemy. I can’t remember the name of it.

I just hit a squirrel. I missed it. A squirrel went underneath the car. That was close.

Anyway, there was a marketing dude, he comes into the beer company and he’s trying to figure out the hook and angle and big idea of why everyone should give them money versus the other beer companies. And the marketing guy comes in and wants to see the process and how it all works and he goes in and watches these guys. He sees how they make the beer, I don’t know, I’m not a beer drinker. I’ve never drank so I have no idea how it actually works. But they showed how they made it. And the marketing guy was so fascinated. They’re like, “That’s how everybody makes beer.” And he’s like, “Yeah, but nobody else has seen this. Nobody else even knows this is how it all works. So I want to show that process.”

So he made a commercial and he actually showed the process of them making the beer and that became this huge campaign that blew up the company. So Krispie Kreme is the same way, they show the process. There’s a reason I do Funnel Friday every Friday, because I’m showing the process.

Kids:  You didn’t do it this Friday.

Russell: I didn’t do it this Friday. Good point. And Funnel Hacker TV and all these things, why am I doing that? Because I’m showing the process, I’m letting people see how I do it, how I consume the product. And the more they do, the more they see me drinking my own Kool Aid, the more likely they are to also drink said Kool Aid.

So the moral of the story from this Krispie Kreme episode for you guys is to let your audience see the process of how you do whatever you do. We are in the reality show era of the world and your audience wants to view what’s happening. That’s why I’m showing this right now, me and my beard in my car with my kids in their Krispie Kreme hats, and being annoyed at me. Bowen was telling me, “Your mustache is ugly dad, but your beard is cool.” He wants me to shave this.

Dallin: You have a mustache.

Russell: It’s kind of weird huh. I need to shave.

Dallin: I don’t know everything, never mind.

Aiden: I’m free ladies.

Russell: Aiden just said, “I’m free ladies.” You’re the coolest!

Dallin: What did he say?

Russell: He said, “I’m free ladies.” And jumped out of the car.

Dallin: You need to send this to me.

Russell: That was amazing. I love Aiden, that our little six year old, if you’re listening and not watching. If you’re watching on you just saw Aiden in his Krispie Kreme hat tell you….that was hilarious.

Dallin: Send this to me please.

Russell: The moral of the story, the reason why I’m doing this with my hair messed up and my beard, with my kids and our donuts….

Ellie: You have a beard?

Russell: Isn’t it sweet? You want to feel it, it’s really scruffy. It kind of hurts, I gotta shave it. The reason I’m showing you this stuff behind the scenes because I’m showing you my life. I’m showing you how we do what we do and that’s what draws people. If you read Expert Secrets, you know the goal is to draw people into you and your personality and all those kind of things. So draw them in you guys. Do it, open up your life a little. I know it’s scary sometimes. That’s what Instagram is for, your stories. Facebook Lives, podcasts, etc.

Dallin: The real moral of the story is that Aiden is a ladies’ man.

Russell: Aiden is the ladies man. Anyway, that’s the moral of today’s story. Does that sound good to you guys? With that said, thanks so much for tuning into marketing Secrets. If you have not read the Expert Secrets book go to You should go there and read it because this is just one of those secrets that’s going to help you blow up your message.

Dallin: And if you haven’t read the first book too, read it.

Russell: What’s the first book called?

Dallin: Dot, I forgot what it’s called.

Russell: You’re close, Dotcom…

Dallin: Dotcom Secrets?

Russell: Yes, Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. They should read them both right?

Dallin: Yeah.

Russell: Which one’s your favorite.

Dallin: I didn’t read it.

Russell: Anyway, appreciate you guys, thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

Secret #24: How To Grow From 10 To 100 Employees  

Behind the scenes of how we were able to profitably grow our company without taking on any capital.

On this special episode with Brent Coppieters from Russell’s team, they talk about some behind the scenes things that need to be figured out while you are growing and scaling your company. Here are some of the cool things you will hear in this episode:

How Brent has figured out how to structure teams with leads to make everything as efficient and smooth as possible. Why they hire Clickfunnels users to work on support teams in Clickfunnels. And why Russell wants everyone near him to max out their tax brackets.

So listen here to find out some important behind the scenes things you have to think about when you’re in the process of growing your business.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. I’m here today with Brent Coppieters on the Marketing Secrets podcast.

So everyone, I got a really special podcast for you today, I’m so excited for. Right now, where are we at?

Brent: Kauai

Russell: Kauai, Hawaii. This has been our backyard for the last week, and we’re heading home tomorrow, which is kind of sad. But I wanted to get Brent in here to help you guys out. Because obviously in the Marketing Secrets podcast I talk a lot about the marketing stuff, and Brent has been with me now for over a decade. How long is it actually?

Brent: Eleven years at the end of July.

Russell: Eleven years, dang that’s crazy. So that’s when you started? Was anyone else here when you first got started officially?

Brent: Anyone who’s here now?

Russell: Brittany? Was she here?

Brent: Brittany came in after. I don’t think anybody else who was here before I started is still here.

Russell: So Brent’s been the longest, long term person, except Doral maybe. Doral in Romania. We got a Romanian. Our backlight is kind of lit, it’s hard to see us. Brent’s been around for forever and done tons of different roles. Right now he runs the entire operations of Clickfunnels so I wanted to have him kind of talk about the stuff because it’s a big part of growing and scaling a company that we don’t talk about a lot.

But first do you want to talk about your back story, as far as getting into this whole thing. It’s kind of a funny story.

Brent: How much back story do you want?

Russell: We should move over here to the couch so you can see a little better. So I met Brent at church initially. Do you want a pillow?

Brent: Yeah.

Russell: That’s how planned these things are. What was one of the first impressions, about this whole business, when you got introduced to it? Because I know a lot of people got through that, especially spouses or friends or potential employees or partners that don’t know this world at all, it’s kind of weird at first.

Brent: Yeah, I had no idea. I was at, met Russell through a church function and didn’t really know what he did. When I kind of thought he made money on the internet, I initially thought eBay, he sold stuff on eBay or you know, I had no idea.  I really couldn’t understand. So he had some of the business partners and friends that he kind of worked with at the time and I kind of pulled those guys apart and was kind of asking those guys, “What does he really do?” and one of our mutual friends, he knew that I didn’t understand so I talked to my wife who said, “I don’t know what this Russell Brunson guy’s doing, but it is freaking crazy.” Our friend was sharing the numbers that Russell was doing.

He was going to University, I was going to school as well. He was making more money than my parents combined income was, more money than they had ever made. So I was like, I gotta find out what this guy’s doing. So, like any friend, we invited him and wife over for dinner on a Sunday afternoon. So I just started asking him really carefully, “What are you doing? What exactly is this?” And he just kind of started sharing what he was up to, what he was doing. Obviously he doesn’t brag about what he’s doing, the success he was having and he was having tremendous success.

After they left, we had a good dinner and visited and then they left. I couldn’t sleep for three days. My head was spinning.

Russell: I ruined him.

Brent: You did, I was screwed at that point. After that happened I couldn’t fathom the success. But what was more important there was the value he was providing the world.

Russell: Was that before or after all our kids, we had twins and they had their first son the week before. I can’t remember if it was before or after.

Brent: We had met you before, we’d been friends for a little while. I think that we had our kids and you guys moved right after that.

Russell: All I remember is we had our twins we were in the NSU for two weeks basically. So we rented a hotel room in the hospital and just hung out there and goofed off, and I remember he was coming. “Don’t you have to go to work, or what are you doing?” He thought I was going to go…

Brent: Yeah, I told my wife, “We gotta take dinners over there or something, we gotta help them because they’re in the hospital with these twins because they can’t leave and he can’t work because he’s in the hospital.”

Russell: Little did they know the internet was working.

Brent: I had no clue.

Russell: So that was fun, so then a little while later, Brent started working for us. Initially it was affiliate management for how many years? You did that for a long time.

Brent: Yeah, like 8,9 years, roughly. The hats were always being moved but…

Russell: It’s a small company, you do a lot of everything.

Brent: Yeah, so probably 8 years to really focus on business development, affiliate management and partners and stuff like that.

Russell: And, just so everyone knows, I recently on the podcast had the presentation I gave from Funnel Hacking Live, the One Funnel Away, about the stories, and I talked about Brent in that and it made me cry in the middle of my presentation, it was kind of embarrassing. But you were here for the good and bad. When we went from 5 employees up to 100 and back down to 5 and all the stress up and down. I’m curious, honestly why you didn’t leave when everything collapsed and crashed.

Brent: That’s a good question.

Russell: I don’t know the answer either.

Brent: You’re going to get me vulnerable. Working with an entrepreneur, especially Russell, you know where their heart is and there came a point where he was trying to help too many people. He was employing a lot of friends and family and people that he wanted to provide opportunities for and that was great to a certain point. But there was a point there where the business changed a little bit, evolved and we were needing to make some changes with it. And those changes wouldn’t allow him to support everyone he was supporting.

That was very difficult for him. My wife and I, we cared and loved Russell and Collette and their family. We came to a point where I didn’t want to be a burden, I knew he was stressed and worried about taking care of people. I had a conversation with my wife, where I said I would rather keep our friendship, than have him feel stressed about supporting, having an opportunity for me to keep working there.

So one day I kind of came into your office, and had a real chat. I probably said some things that, I wanted him to understand how important what he was doing was, and also I wanted him to understand that I was okay to leave. I didn’t want him to feel like he needed to provide for me. I would be fine to figure things out. I just wanted to make sure he was okay. Because it was at the point where you were helping so many people, really one hiccup you could have lost everything. All your savings was going back into the company and at some point you just can’t keep doing that.

Russell: Yeah, I got really scared, but somehow we pulled it around.

Brent: Pulled it around and obviously you had to make some tough phone calls and decisions that changed the company at that point.

Russell: Basically we had to, we had 100 and some odd employees, we had all these wrestlers working for me, we had let go the whole wrestling team. We had to downsize. We shrunk from a 20,000 square foot building to 2000. It was rocky and scary but it gave us the ability to refocus and figure things out. Remember we went on a couple trips where we were trying to figure out who were the people still having success in our market. We jumped in a plane traveling to different people’s offices. We spent time with Ryan Dyson and Perry Belcher, trying to figure out what they were doing. With Alex Chafren, what they were doing. People who were our friends, just kind of used this time to figure out what’s actually working today and how do we shift our business model and change everything.

It’s funny how much pain there was during that time. We flew to London. How important it was for the transition for what became Clickfunnels and everything else.

Anyway, so many fun stories we could talk about forever. But we don’t have time for all those things. What I want to talk about a little today is, probably a year into the business when we first started growing, it’s funny I got a message today from Alex Chafren, he’s like, “You sound so calm.” Probably because we’re here in Hawaii but he was like, “I don’t know any other person running a hundred million dollar company that’s as relaxed and able to respond to people.”

Anyway, when we first started, we didn’t know what we were doing. It was just kind of like, we know how to sell stuff. Started selling Clickfunnels, it started growing and all the sudden all sorts of new headaches came up with that. From a software standpoint with Todd and we brought in Ryan and they had to deal with infrastruct

Episode #292 – YOLO: You Only Live Once  

A trick that my kids use to dominate the world.

On this episode Russell talks about his kids using “Yolo” to do things they otherwise wouldn’t do and how we can use that same mantra in our businesses to get rid of self doubt.

Here are some fun things in this episode:

Russell talks about his kids’ motivation to get out of the hot tub and run through feet of snow being just one word, “Yolo.” Why Russell thinks that when you have inspiration you should use the phrase mantra to motivate you before the self doubt sets in. And you’ll get to hear in their own words, what Russell’s kids’ think Yolo means to them.

So listen below to hear how Russell’s kids taught him about not letting self doubt ruin inspiration.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson, welcome back to Marketing In Your Car. Today I am actually sitting in my kitchen. The kitchen that all the wood is completely warped from our flood. All my wife and kids are out in the hot tub except for Norah who decided she didn’t want to hot tub. So we are standing here and I’m supposed to be feeding her dinner because she’s hungry, but instead she’s eating a popsicle. That is called good parenting, because it’s the only way to get her to stop crying. So yes, I should teach a parenting course someday. If your kids are crying, just give them a popsicle. Oh man, some days it’s really hard to be a parent. But those days you just give them a popsicle and it becomes easy again. Just kidding.

Parenting advice aside, because nobody wants that right now. But I do want to talk about something really super cool. Because we’re in the hot tub, it’s been snowing, Boise has been Boise Snowpocolypse, or whatever you want to call it. The last week we’ve had 3 or 4 feet of snow and then it rained another foot and everything was soaked, and my house was flooding. Oh and today we were filming a testimonial video in my front room and I walked on the carpet and the carpet is soaking wet and I looked at the wall and there’s water seeping behind the paint of our wall. Anyway, it’s a total disaster nightmare. Not gonna lie.

But the one nice thing is that the Hot tub is good no matter what. So we’re out in the hot tub in the snow, and we’ve pretty much hot tubbed everyday. Man, we had 5 snow days in a row, almost 10 days in a row between Christmas break and this and everything, we’ve been hot tubbing a lot. And it’s fun because the hot tub is surrounded by tons and tons and tons of snow. So the first day you hot tub everyone’s like, “Oooh it’s so cold.” And they’ll touch the snow a little bit and try little things. Take little snow balls and throw them at each other and then dive back into the water. Now it’s insane because they do these things, and this is kind of the point of today’s message.

So I was there yesterday with the kids and they’re jumping up and screaming and running around our house, which is a pretty long distance in the snow. First they were doing one lap, then two, then three. Now they’re doing four laps around the house and then they dive back into the water. And then they’re doing snow angels, front and back and then back in the water. And they’re running across the yard, onto the trampoline, doing snow angels on the trampoline and jumping and run back and dive in.

All these crazy things. Stuff that’s super painful and super crazy, and they keep doing them over and over again. And what’s interesting and this is the point, before they go, every single time, they’re like, “Hey, let’s do it.“ and they’re all like, “But it’s so cold.” And then Dallin, I think Dallin who started this, he’s the one, he always says, “Yolo.” And he jumps up and takes off.

So it’s like everyone’s freezing. No one wants to get in the cold snow, but then Dallin goes “Yolo.” jumps up, steps in the snow and sprints probably I don’t know 500 yards in the snow in around our house a bunch of times and then dives back in. I was like, “What are you, when you’re yelling, what are you yelling out?” he said, “Yolo.” I was like, “What does yolo mean?” “You only live once.” And then he goes, “Yolo.” And jumps up and takes off and runs out in the snow again.

I was kind of laughing, actually he said, “You only live once so spend it or live it stupidly.” I don’t know what it was, and then he takes off. So all the kids, every time they’re about to do something crazy that they normally wouldn’t do, they look at that challenge, run across the snow, do a snow angel, a front snow angel and back, three somersaults in the snow and run back and dive in. They sit there and you know when you want to do something cool, there’s that moment of like, “Huh, I can’t do that.” And the second that moment comes to them, they yell out “Yolo” and boom, they just go.

And I was like, how cool is that? This is way harder, what they’re doing, than what we’re trying to do in business every day. Yet, we come up with plan and this idea and this obstacle and we’re like, “Okay, here’s what we’re going to do.” And all the sudden your brain starts talking to you and your brains like, “You can’t do that. You’re Russell Brunson, you barely graduated high school. You’re super awkward, when you talk people won’t know why you came to talk to people.” All these things start flooding into your mind.

What happens to most of us is we sit there like, “Man, you’re right. I am just Russell Brunson. I’m really not that good. I barely graduated from school. Yeah when I get in a group and I talk one on one with people I have no idea. I feel awkward, I don’t know what to say most of the time.” And all these thoughts keep flooding your head and if you listen to them long enough, you start believing them and you have so much fear and anxiety when there are things there, you just don’t take that action.

And I think what’s interesting, is that they’re flooding their mind with, as soon as those things start coming up, “Yolo.” Boom, they just take off and they go. I think for all of us, if we start doing that think how powerful that would be. If just every time something comes to us, like an idea, when we have that idea, that inspiration, and I think those inspirations aren’t just from our brain. I wish that I was that smart, but I don’t think it is. I think it’s coming from on high. I think that you can call it whatever you want, for me it’s my Heavenly Father. I think we are inspirations we get from him. “Hey you should try this thing. Hey you should take this leap of faith. Hey you should go talk to this person. Hey you should create this. Hey you should test…..” Whatever those things are.

Those are gifts that we’re getting and it’s like, okay go do it and all the fear and self doubt comes in and stops it most of the time. If we start becoming like my insane kids are, and the second you have the idea and you know it’s right, because you know it pretty quick. Should I do this, yes I should. Oh but… soon as that, right before that but comes off, yell out at the top of your lungs, if you’re in a spot where you can, if not say it in your head as loud as you can, “Yolo.” Y O L O, you only live once. “Yolo.” And just go, just run, just sprint, don’t even think because once that inspirations coming to you, it’s there and if you believe like I do, it was given to you from a higher power, whatever that might be for you, then you’re hesitation to that is, and I believe in an adversary. There’s God and there’s the opposite side of that, there’s Satan or whatever you want to call it, that tries to take things from us.

So as soon as you have this inspiration, “This is what I need to do.” The adversary is going to come and start self doubt and try to keep you from doing that thing that could change your life and change other people’s lives. So I think one of the most powerful things we can do is yell out, “Yolo.” The second we get inspiration and start running, just sprint.

Ellie just walked in, I’m going to ask her. Hey Ellie, what does Yolo mean to you guys when you say “Yolo” and start running in the snow?

Ellie: I don’t know.

Russell: You don’t know? What does it stand for?

Ellie: I can’t remember.

Russell: You don’t….

Ellie: Wait….you only live once or something like that.

Russell: You only live once. Then tell us some of the crazy stuff you guys are doing after you yell Yolo.

Ellie:  we were walking in the snow.

Russell: She’s being all shy now. Let me ask Bowen. Bowen just came in. Hey Bowen, what does Yolo mean to you?

Bowen: You only live once.

Russell:  So what are the things you do when you yell Yolo, what do you do?

Bowen: Dallin says spend it, you only have one life so spend it stupidly. He actually told me what it says and I’m like, oh that makes sense. (kind of inaudible, this is a guess.)

Russell: Then what do you do, you say Yolo, then what kind of crazy things do you do?

Bowen: Jump in the snow, ankles hurt to death.

Ellie: It’s fun.

Russell: It’s fun? How many times did you run around the house?

Bowen: 5 times.

Russell: 5 times.

Ellie: When our cousins were here I went two times around the house.

Russell: Does Yolo help you to not freak out when it gets cold? What does it help you do?

Bowen: It kills you.

Russell: Oh it kills you. So Yolo is the challenge. There it is from the mouths of kids. So that’s what I want to recommend, start thinking about that, think Yolo. When you get that inspiration that you know what’s right, before the self doubt, the adversary, whatever it is that you think, whatever it is, I don’t care. But things start popping into your head about why you can’t or shouldn’t or you’re probably not worthy to do it. Whatever those things pop up, just shout Yolo at the top of your lungs and start running. That’s the key.

And it hurts right? Did you hear

Episode #139 – What The Hack-A-Thon Means To You  

All the cool stuff you’re going to get inside of Clickfunnels because of this month’s hack-a-thon.

On today’s episode Russell talks with a special guest, Steven Asketsos, who is here all the way from Australia for the hack-a-thon.

Here are a few fun things you’ll here in this episode:

What kinds of things are happening with the hack-a-thon. And some cool things that have changed with Clickfunnels.

So listen below to find out how Steven feels about the hack-a-thon and the Clickfunnels changes.


Russell Brunson: Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson.

Steven Asketsos: And this is Steven Asketsos.

Russell: And we are here in an exciting Marketing in Your Car.

Russell: Hey everyone, so we have been in the middle of a hack-a-thon as you guys know. I’ve done some podcasts on the way home. I’m here today because one of our newest additions to Click Funnels, we flew him here from Australia and he’s been hanging out for his first hack-a-thon.

I want to get in his own words what it’s been like to be on the inside. Do you want to tell everyone what it’s been like?

Steven: Yes, it’s been pretty crazy. I flew up 32 hours to meet these guys and I don’t know what I was getting myself into but I got here in the end I think with four different airplane flights, went through five airports but I got here at midnight.

First day was awesome. We’re just smashing our work. Russell introduced me to the team. I met Dillon, Winter, Todd, Ryan - absolutely awesome team, finally get to see how Click Funnels has been so successful.

It’s been awesome to work with everyone, and we’ve been smashing it. We’ve been hustling it out till four AM every night and really putting the hard hours in. I think you guys are going to be really pumped to see what’s going to come out in the next few weeks. We got some really cool things planned.

Russell: Awesome. Talk about day two, what happened because we had a special guest come hang out with us.

Steven: Yes, that’s right. On day two, we had Mr. Neil Patell join us. I’m sure you guys are familiar with Neil with KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, and Hello Bar, and I think there are a few other companies he’s founded with Quick Sprout and whatnot but oh gosh, I don’t know where we’re going.

Russell: We’re off-roading it.

Steven: Off-roading in a new car - only Russell would do this. Anyway, Neil came down and he shared some epic, epic takeaways with us from what he’s doing in his own companies, how we can grow our company. Yes, he’s been killing it on the content marketing side.

He just dropped absolutely golden nuggets. Hopefully you guys are going to see the awesome blog posts come and see some of the value that’s going to come onto the blog side of things as well.

Russell: Yes, it’s going to be awesome. Steven joined the team to help us with all the content stuff so we thought we should hire the man Neil Patel to come in and coach us on that so that we could do it right. It was good.

I think we were going in a good direction but he helped steer us, “This is the perfect way to do it.” It’s been fun to see what you’re able to do with this as your baby in the company now, some exciting stuff. The last five minutes before we just jumped in the car, basically Dillon got excited and wanted to launch everything he’s been working on for the last year, all in one month.

We filmed a video. You guys will probably see it on Facebook or through email or somewhere. We are basically launching pretty much everything, all the rest of the stuff in August. That means first off, there’s a brand new UI that’s amazing.

It looks like a whole new company. It’s simpler. It’s stripped out, all this kind of stuff. It’s awesome, a new homepage, the new site which I spent the whole week building which I think I’m proud of it.

Steven:  Yes, it’s pretty good.

Russell: I’m not going to lie. That’s kind of cool. Then we’ve got Backpack is going live so everyone will have the affiliate program inside their accounts here in August. The dream car contest is going live so you can win the Corvette I’m driving in or whatever car you want.

Actionetics which I thought was going to be another two months before it’s coming out is now happening this month, and we got accounts yesterday. It’s nuts.

Steven: It’s crazy. People are going to be blown away.

Russell: Yes, I feel bad for every other auto responder company on planet earth literally. Yes, it’s amazing. Imagine editing emails in the Click Funnels email editor.

Steven: Oh, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s actually like - I don’t want to swear but it is absolutely amazing. To do something so easily, I personally was telling Russell this earlier, about half an hour ago. I hate emails.

I hate making them, I hate sending them but as soon as I logged into this, it was pretty amazing. It felt like I was at home. It felt like I was finally able to just dive deep in and everything was just done for me the way I like it.

I think you can’t get much better than that. I think you guys are going to have a lot of fun creating emails, the same way that when you first jumped into Click Funnels and you started playing around with funnels, and you were just locked in there for three hours and you didn’t come out of your bedroom or you didn’t see your kids, or you didn’t see your wife and you got yelled at, you would be the same with your email editor.

It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride. I can’t wait to see it come out.

Russell: Anyway, you guys are going to love it. We just wanted to give you a quick update because the end of the hack-a-thon is here. It’s like two or three or four in the morning, dropping Steven off at the hotel and just wanted to say hey to everybody.

He has been listening to Marketing in Your Car since day one, and now he’s on officially Marketing in Your Car which is exciting. So I appreciate you guys, thanks for listening. Thank you for being here.

Steven: Thank you for listening guys and it’s been awesome, thanks Russell.

Russell: All right, we’ll talk to you guys soon.


Episode #226 – How To Confuse The VC’s  

Why it’s hard to be a Mom (as a Dad), and my interesting call with the VC’s today.

On this episode Russell talks about a meeting he had with some VC’s during which he confused them by already being profitable. He also picks up his son Aiden who tells an interesting and confusing story of his own.

Here are 4 fun things you’ll hear in today’s episode:

Why Clickfunnels doesn’t need money from VC’s and why the VC’s were confused about it. Find out how you can confuse VC’s too. Hear Aiden tell a story about Norah. And find out why he wears Harry Potter glasses.

So listen below to find out how to confuse VC’s, and to hear a cute 5 year old tell a story.


Hey everyone this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in the Mommy Mobile. Hey everyone, yes I’m taking mom duty on today. I’ve got Norah in the back seat, we’re going to pick up Aiden from school. I happen to be one minute late already. It’s hard to be a mom, no one ever told me this, but it’s hard.

Anyway, so that’s what’s happening today. The reason why I’m a little bit late, is we just got off a call with some VC people, which is kind of cool. First off, they’re super cool people, I really enjoy them and everything. But it was interesting conversation. You guys want to hear behind the scenes of some of the funny stuff? In fact, I’m going to title this podcast, how to confuse the VC’s. Because it’s interesting, they have been trying to talk to us for a while and we basically said, “We’re not looking for money, sorry.” And they’re like, “We know you’re not, but we still wanna talk.” And we’re like, “No, we’re not interested.” And they’re like, “Please? We’ll fly out to Boise.” And we’re like, “No.” Anyway, so finally got the call set up. But it’s just funny. I feel like we’re in a good position….Can you guys hear Norah back there, guys?

Anyway, I feel like we’re in a good position. I told my team, “I feel like we’re the hot girl that doesn’t really want it, so everybody wants her so much more.” Anyway, we’re not interested in taking it, but we thought it might be fun to talk to them. Maybe, who knows? Whatever. But we had a conversation, and it was cool. Like I said, super cool guys, enjoyed that whole thing. But it was interesting, if you look at what they’re looking for, there’s 3 core metrics that the VC’s want. They want what’s the cost to acquire a customer? What’s the lifetime value of that customer? And what’s your churn? Those are the 3 core metrics that they asked about that we kind of knew going into it.  And what’s cool is that because of all the funnel stuff that we do, and hopefully you guys are doing, it totally confuses the VC’s.

They have one way of doing things. What’s your cost to acquire a customer? And we’re like, “All of our customer’s are free.” And they’re like, “No, that doesn’t make sense. How much does it cost?” And I’m like, “Well, if we buy ads from Facebook straight leads to a trial, it’s like $150 a member.” And they’re like, “Wow, that’s really good.” And I’m like, “Yeah, it’s really good but we don’t do it.” And they’re like, “Why don’t you do it? You should be spending that money all day long.” “Because we’re a start up boot strap. The money we’re spending is out of my own pocket, and we’re good enough at funnels, that if I’m not profitable at breakeven point of sale, I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to go in the whole too much. If I had a hundred million dollars in VC’s, sure we’ll go waste money on dumb marketing, but we are smart enough to be profitable up front. This is how it works, we’ve got front-end offers, or my free book offers, or The Perfect Webinar script or things like that. What happens, is we buy ads on Facebook, cost us $10-$15 to acquire a customer there, but we make $30-$45 in the funnel, therefore we make $25-$30 from every single customer that comes into our world. And we have a huge follow-up sequence in place that we promote that then gives us all of customers for free. In fact, we make money ahead of time, before they ever become a customer, and then our email sequence gets them into our program for free.”

They’re like, “That doesn’t make sense.” I don’t think they believed us. I was like, “No, this is how it works. We do have a customer acquisition cost on different channels, like affiliates we pay out 40% up to 45%, we give away cars and stuff.” And they’re like, “What? You give away cars? Why would you do that?” I’m like, “Because that’s awesome. That’s how it works. It’s all about recruiting sales teams. Then people come in now we’re selling on-board, we’re selling certifications, things like that. So we’re crazy profitable.” They don’t understand it because they come from worlds that aren’t profitable typically. So we’re showing them our numbers and then we show them the numbers and he’s like, “Wow. I don’t think you guys understand what you guys have right here.” I was like, “Yes, we do. This is why we’re not looking to take money. Everything’s fine. We’re really good at funnels.” Then the next question was, lifetime value of a customer, right. That one was an easier metric, but we’ve only been in business for a year and a half so it’s hard because our customers have to start using us, if they don’t leave us very high. So we showed what the lifetime value of a customer was, but it’s not accurate because the numbers are growing so fast. Alright I’m at the school, I gotta pick up Aiden, I’ll finish up this podcast when I get back.

Alright, I got Aiden and he’s talking about some movie called

Aiden: No it was called

Russell: Anyway, to finish off my thought….oh wait, what?

Aiden: Also, do you want me to tell you a story?

Russell: Yes, tell us a story.

Aiden: Okay, so at first starts with and its….wait, I actually kind of forgot it Dad.

Russell: Alright, so that’s Alright, let me talk…

Aiden: That’s only half of it.

Russell: I’m going to talk for a minute and if you wanna tell them the rest of the story tell me okay.

Alright so the last have of the story is Churn. They’re like, “What’s your churn?” we’re like, “If you look at the last 3 or 4 months, it’s decreased dramatically.” And they’re like, “how much?” and we’re like, “well I think it before it was at 16% and we added in this one step in the funnel and it dropped it to 12% and then we added in this 21 day ignite your funnel, communication funnel, our on-boarding funnel after they come on, and we dropped down to 9%.” And they’re like, “You dropped it that much in a short period of time?” and we’re like, “Yeah, that’s what we do. We test things, we test all the steps and process and try to decrease churn and we’re always looking to get it better and better and better.”

Anyway, it was just so funny because I don’t think they’re used to these kinds of things. They’re used to having a bunch of money and spending tons to acquire a customer. I was listening to a thing the other day and it talked about Hubspot. They said that Hubspot cost them $10,000 to acquire a customer. Excuse me, maybe it was $1,000 to acquire a customer. Something crazy like that. I’m like, “Are you serious?” It’s so much easier when you understand what you guys understand, what we understand with all these front end funnels. That’s the magic. And then the webinar funnels are profitable, dramatically profitable up front. It doesn’t make sense to them.

Aiden: Dad?

Russell: What bud?

Aiden: I remember it.

Russell: Alright Aiden remembers it, hold on, he’s back.

Aiden: Okay, then the person says, That’s Norah. That’s Zap.  So that’s Norah, and that’s Zap? No! That’s Norah, and that’s Zap. So that’s the rooms zap. And then the baby’s Norah? No! This is Norah, this is Zap.

Russell: You guys all getting that? So, this is Norah and this is Zap.

Aiden: This is Norah, and this is Zap? Yes!

Russell: Nice. So there….I don’t know what he’s talking about, it’s something……Is it a movie you saw?

Aiden: The end. Yeah.

Russell: Oh the end. So that’s a movie…Did you watch that today or is that something you made up?

Aiden: …..but I still like make it .I didn’t watch it today, but I just have to do it on the movie. Like on a camera, then everybody will watch it and they’ll like it.

Russell: That makes more sense. So Aiden right now is wearing some cool Harry Potter glasses.

Aiden: Because I’m a big fan and my eyes are really hurty.

Russell: Because he’s a big fan and his eyes are really hurty. So we went and took him to an eye appointment and his eyes were amazing. So we ordered some…but he wanted Harry Potter glasses really, really bad, huh bud? So we went on Amazon and ordered some, but the wrong ones came. What were they? Did you like the first one’s that came?

Aiden: No.

Russell: No, he did not like the first ones. So we ordered some new ones, and they came and looked awesome. They are about half the size of his head, but he wears them everywhere. Wore them to school today huh?

Aiden: They also like them. They’re really ……..

Russell: And his friend said, “You look weird with them.” But he still loves them.

Anyway, so that’s what I got for you today. I gotta bounce and play with my kids. Just wanted to share that, I thought it was interesting. So that’s how you confuse a VC, have really profitable up front funnels, lower your churn through on-boarding funnels. Increase your lifetime value by having an amazing product and they’re going to be like, “What>? That doesn’t make sense. Why is it so good?” And hopefully you’ll get people coming to you as well. Anyway, I hope that helps you guys. That’s all I got. I’m out of here. Appreciate you all. Talk to you guys again soon. Oh what? One more thing. Say it again.

Aiden: Bye.

Episode #219 – Our Backwards, Sneak Attack Product Launch Idea  

“I think this might actually work…”

On this special episode Russell and Dave Woodward brainstorm their ideas of how to launch Funnel University. They also explain the concept of sticky cookies and why they are better than first cookie wins.

Here are 3 fun things you’ll hear on today’s episode:

The interesting, and kind of backwards way they are thinking of launching Funnel University. Why affiliates will benefit from the use of sticky cookies rather than first cookie wins when it comes to promoting Funnel University. Why Russell is currently selling toilet paper with Clickfunnels.

So listen below to find out how this new launch idea would work and decide if you think it will sell really well or completely flop.


Russell: Hey everyone, this is Russell, welcome to a really strange, different version of Marketing In Your Car. Alright, so I’m in the car right now with Dave.

Dave: Hey guys!

Russell: We are heading into the office today is Funnel University Launch Day, no matter what. You guys have heard me complain, this has been….I’m a big believer in the whole lead or gold thing, this time we killed 3 people, there’s lead in some people because we missed the deadlines. But today it’s happening no matter what.

So we’re driving and had an idea and we’re brainstorming about it and we just wanted to share with you guys, because who knows, something good might come. So typically in a product launch, we promote the product to everyone. So we’re thinking, what if we do a complete sneak attack and instead of promoting the product, we promote the opportunity to sell the product to our entire lists. So we email all the Clickfunnels members and basically just say, “Hey step number one we’re rolling out, this new product is coming out, first step you need to go get it because you gotta become an ambassador of this so go get it because it’s amazing. Then the second step is, you need to be an affiliate, so click here to get your affiliate account and lets go spam Facebook, or let’s go market efficiently to Facebook and other places.”

It’s the complete backwards sneak attack that will either work or it will completely bomb. I don’t know.

Dave: It also ties into to what you were talking about yesterday in Marketing In Your Car, as far as the importance of having affiliates. So now everyone who’s a Clickfunnels user you’re automatically an affiliate, so now you can basically show every single person real quick how to make your very first few bucks online, if you’re not already doing it. If you’ve already got a list or if you don’t have a list, I can now go out and promote something for Clickfunnels… the way we also have sticky cookies, but that’s for a different topic. So you have the opportunity of making money right away by giving away a gift.

Russell: Here’s a gift worth $700 or $800, we’re giving away for free, anyone you give it away to, you get commission. So let’s talk about the sticky cookie thing. This is a cool thing we just built. We’re the first one to test it, but I think it’s Clickfunnels wide.

Dave: It is.

Russell: So the way sticky cookies work, if you’re using backpack, let’s say you promote Funnel University and somebody signs up but then 6 months later I convince them to get a Clickfunnels account, you get commissions on that. Or 6 months later you convince them to get my book, you get commissions on that. It’s sticky to the person. There’s a fine line between sticky cookies, and first cookie wins, because I’m not a big believer in first cookie wins. So here’s the lifelong affiliate debate. One is like….first cookie wins means, if you click on my link first that cookie lasts forever, so if that person ever buys, you get the commission, which is good for fast movers. But people come in later it sucks because then someone comes in 6 months later and convinces somebody to buy and gives them a big bonus and then they don’t get commissions because the first dude 6 months ago got the first cookie.

So sticky cookies is not that because we don’t want to make it so people don’t want to promote.

Dave: As a product owner it really messes things up because then the only people who ever promote are your very first affiliates.

Russell: Yeah, there’s no incentive for people to come in later. So sticky cookies works, where it’s sticky so  let’s say you get somebody to opt-in for the Clickfunnels trial and they don’t buy, or they opt-in at their house and then they go to work the next day and that’s when they decided to buy. Or let’s say they opt-in for Funnel University they don’t buy it, but then they buy Clickfunnels 3 weeks later because the follow-up sequence sold them and they buy that from a different computer. Sticky cookies will follow that person around, so if they buy 3 months later, it will still give you the commission for that person, even if they’re on a different browser, or computer, different product. Any product in our product line, if they buy you get commissions. The only way you would lose that person is if a new affiliate re-cookied them, it would override the sticky cookie. But the sticky cookie’s there for as long as it follows them.

The way it works is it’s not just cookie based. Let’s say you get somebody to opt-in, it adds your affiliate ID in the database, it knows if they buy anything from us in the future, even if there’s no cookie present, when they fill in the order form it’ll look to see who was the last affiliate who referred them to anything and give that person the commission. So that’s the concept of sticky cookies, which is a cool thing, as far as backpack, it’s this really cool advanced thing that nobody else is doing. So you should be using backpack for your affiliate platforms.

The cool thing is you promote Funnel University, all of the other crap we sell in the future….I mean all the amazing products we sell in the future. Sorry I don’t know why……we should probably edit that out. No.

Dave: No it’s actually the reason crap is coming up so much is because we’re thinking about selling toilet paper through a funnel. That’s why crap keeps coming up.

Russell: Oh man, there’s so many back stories to this week. Well two things of crap, one is Marcus Lemonis’ funnel, we’re selling toilet paper. It’s a crap funnel. All the products in the funnel are related to crap. And then Dave and I are also on a juice fast this week, which has added to the amount of crap we’ve been experiencing.

Dave:  TMI

Russell: So back to the strategy. So now that you guys got the backstory, we’ve got another 5 minutes before we’re at the office, Dave and I are kind of brainstorming this. So if we do it, the big thing with we mail the affiliates in, we’ve gotta basically tell them that, you give away this gift and you can get paid 40% commission.

Dave: And it’s recurring.

Russell: And it’s recurring, yeah. And the product’s amazing. They get a print newsletter, they get software, which is super sticky. I showed you the software this week, it’s amazing. So what’s the downside? Because this is either going to work really good or it’s a gonna completely bomb. The downside is people buying through their own affiliate link probably. They’ll be like, “Oh I’m going to buy it through my own affiliate link.” which is annoying. Do we care or do we not worry about it?

Dave: Today we don’t care. The other thing is there’s going to be a lot of urgency and scarcity to it, which helps everyone understand the importance of getting out and doing it right away. Because otherwise, there’s no reason for them to promote it. This is a product that’s not going to be available to be promoted long term.

Russell: It’d be basically two weeks and then we’re shutting down the cart. So you’ve got two weeks to buy this thing or else you lost your opportunity, and two weeks to promote it.

Dave: Which is again, a topic for another Marketing In Your Car as far as membership sites and scarcity. But right now, the whole idea is to send out to the affiliates and basically to do a Blab or Periscope or something where people get excited about it and they can go ahead and have the opportunity of offering a free product to everybody and if they buy that product, they then will also be cookied with our sticky cookies long term so if they then upgrade to Clickfunnels, which is the whole reason we’ve got Funnel University, then they’ll have the opportunity of getting commission on that as well.

Russell: It’s amazing. So what we’re inventing here is the backwards product launch, where we’re launching the affiliate program and we’re hoping it incentivizes them to buy the product and promote the product. So each sale doesn’t turn into one sale, it turns into 5 or 10 or 20 sales, depending. That’s be interesting stats to check afterwards. How many sales per average user. Because if you buy and post on Facebook, “Hey Russell Brunson is giving away this $1000 marketing gift, I just bought it. Here’s my receipt, you should buy it too.” Everyone should be able to get 5 or 6 people from it. What if that’s the way the email reads like, Everyone go buy the product, that way you can show, “Hey I just bought this product, this is how cool it is. It’s going to be coming this week.” And then post that on Facebook or you email it, and tell everyone they need to get it two. So that’s step two, and then step…..yeah.

Dave:  And It will go to the….You can link that directly on Facebook to the landing page, which would have a video.

Russell: This is so cool. I think we need to make a landing page that’s just a fast sale landing page too. Because the sales page we have there’s an hour long really cool, amazing video we made teaching some cool stuff using the Perfect Webinar Script. And then we pitch it really hard. It’s a free plus shipping offer so I do

Episode #229 – Marketing In Your Tesla!  

Come hang out with me while I’m driving with my hands off the wheel.

On this special episode Russell drives a Tesla while talking to Michael Rutherford about how he became the top earner at Prove It! And how he earned his Tesla. Also find out how you could also earn two free cars!

Here are a few cool things to listen for in today’s episode:

Why Russell is sitting in the drivers seat of a Tesla, but not really driving it. How Michael Rutherford became the top earner at Prove It! And how you can earn not one, but two cars by following Russell’s and Michael’s advice.

So listen below to find out how a car that costs 6 figures could end up in your driveway for free.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to the Tesla sponsored addition of Marketing In Your Car. Alright everyone, I’m in San Diego right now. I’m driving by Sea World. I’m in a Tesla driving, I’m going 70 miles an hour and my hands are not on the wheel, my feet are not on the ground. I’m floating, it’s the craziest thing in the world. So I thought what better time to do Marketing In Your Car than right now. Because I don’t even need to be looking….I’m going 72 right now, I’m looking backwards, no hands on the wheel, I’m looking at the camera’s around me. This is freaking nuts; I don’t know how this is legal. You’d think that when Elon Musk was like, “We’re going to build a car that you don’t have to look at the road..” Oh it’s slowing me down.

Speaker 2: The car in front of you is slowing down, so it slows down automatically.

Russell: Oh weird. So the car in front of me slowed down so it automatically slowed me down. You think that the government would be like, “Elon no, people are going to get in wrecks.” And instead he was like, “We’er going to do it anyway.” And now I’m driving it. I’m not even driving the car, I’m sitting in the passenger seat and this is insane. So that’s what’s happening right now as we speak. We’re actually filming an episode of the reality TV show. We’re at the Prove It event right now. I spoke at it earlier today, we’ve been documenting this whole journey which has been really fun. So when Funnel Hacker TV comes out make sure you watch the episode on Prove It funnels. Do I need to grab the wheel?

Speaker 2: Just touch it so it knows you’re alive. Alright you’re good.

Russell: Cool. Anyway, so today we went and talked to the leadership team and got them all fired up about the new Ketone funnels coming out. We got 2 funnels coming out for them. And then right now we’re driving the Tesla to the Tesla dealership, because I’m getting a Tesla through Prove It, which is  kind of cool. So if you guys haven’t won a Clickfunnels car yet, you can come to Prove It and get a Tesla car. You can get 2 cars, one for every other day of the week, that way you’d never have to drive the same car twice in a row.

Anyway, it’s pretty insane. If you guys haven’t driven in a Tesla yet, this is really weird. I seriously feel like I’m about to die, I’m on the edge of my seat. So I’m sitting here with Michael Rutherford, who is the….are you the number one money earner? I know you don’t want to brag about it, but are you?

Michael: Yeah.

Russell: Number one money earner at Prove It right now and tell them something cool.

Michael: Okay so the….about Prove It or just in general? Or about the car?

Russell: This is marketing guys, they want to know about marketing. How did you become the number one money earner in Prove It, I’m curious?

Michael: Lit myself on fire, utilized the product to its highest capability and I told every living being that would listen to me for even the smallest amount of time, and I did it with a high level of passion, belief and expectation and I didn’t care what they thought and I just kept going. And the really cool thing is results follow passion. If you have passion take action and results will come and it’s like a pinwheel. When you get a little result, you’ll take more action which creates more belief, which you’ll take more action, give you more belief, get more results and it just keeps going and going. And then the next thing you know, a car that costs 6 figures that drives itself shows up in your driveway and you get to drive it for free because you gave people the option to buy a product that would change their life. It doesn’t matter what you do, doesn’t matter what you sell, what you share, or what you teach, what you coach. Doesn’t matter what you do, do it with a high level of passion and don’t stop. Just do it more than anybody else and you’ll be number one, if that’s your goal. Maybe your goal is just to find passion, so take action and passion will find you. That’s one of the things that’s really been fun. So it’s crazy cool to hold the camera with Russell while he’s driving, or while the Tesla’s driving us.

Russell: He’s filming me, I’m recording him.

Michael: We got another camera in the back seat and the car’s driving us.

Russell: I wonder if Brandon’s getting nervous back there. He’s holding the camera watching us not watching the road. It’s just crazy.

Michael: Hey guys, life is crazy if you dare to take big action. And it’ll reward you every time.

Russell: How long you had your Tesla for?

Michael: I’ve had my Tesla for 3 weeks and it’s currently being completely Prove It customized at a place here in San Diego called SD Wraps.

Russell: Is that where we’re going right now?

Michael: We’re going to the Tesla dealership and depending on time, there’s a place called SD Wraps that’s got Lamborghini’s, Bentley’s, Tesla’s. The coolest cars all being wrapped and customized by them. So yeah, it’s pretty wild.

Russell: That’s awesome. So that’s what’s happening today. So there you go you guys. There’s some words of wisdom. Now you can say you guys have all been in a Tesla with me. Because you’ve been sitting in a Tesla with me for the last 4 minutes 29 seconds in Marketing In Your Car time. That’s what I got for you guys today. Tonight I’m speaking at the No Excuses event. We’re going to be presenting the MLM version of the Funnel Hacks presentation that I spent the last week building out. Oh, it’s telling me to hold the steering wheel again. Are we going to the right spot or do I need to ... We’re going the right way.

Anyway, I’m going to be testing out that presentation and the offer tonight. To the network marketing industry and we’re going to be sharing how funnels work in the offline world. I don’t know if you know that, I’m showing them tonight the Home Party Funnel, the Hotel Meeting Funnel, and the…I haven’t thought of a cool name for the third one, but I’m showing this is how hotel meetings happen, this is the online equivalent. This is how home parties happen, this is the equivalent. So it’s going to be awesome. I’m excited. There you go guys. I’m going to check out and make sure I don’t die. But I want you guys winning a car, either through Clickfunnels, Dream Car Contest. You can go to, or come join me in Prove It and win a Tesla through here. Or join both and get two cars. Because 2 is always better than one. Alright that’s what I got for you today, talk to you soon. Bye everybody and see you on the next episode.

Jan Peters: Meine kleinen Korrekturen - 10.12.2017  

Mit Jan Peters u.a. / Komposition: Pit Przygodda / Realisation: Jan Peters/Pit Przygodda / BR 2006 / Länge: 54'42 // Filmemacher Jan Peters macht eine Reise zurück in die Vergangenheit, in der Hoffnung, nachträglich die eigene Geschichte korrigieren zu können: Ein autobiographischer Ansatz ist typisch für die Filme von Jan Peters, in seinem neuen Hörspiel überträgt Peters seine filmische Erzählmethode ins Radio. Die Ausgangsfrage des Hörspiels: Wäre man vielleicht ein anderer, hätte man sich an bestimmter Stelle nur getraut, eine Entscheidung anders zu treffen? Die Situation: London 1992, Flughafen Heathrow, ungeplante Wartezeit im Selbstbedienungsrestaurant, Kaffee, Fensterplatz. Plötzlich sieht Protagonist Peters einen Briefumschlag auf dem Heizkörper unter der Fensterscheibe, ein Bündel grüner Scheine darin. Das müssen eindeutig Petrodollar sein, die ein Ölscheich hat liegen lassen. Noch nicht zu Ende gedacht dieser Gedanke, schon steckt der Umschlag in der Innentasche des Filmemachers. Kurz darauf auf der Herrentoilette, verwandeln sich die ersehnten Petrodollar in handfeste irische Pfund. Auch grün, aber sicher weniger wert. Außerdem befindet sich im Umschlag ein Flugticket, welches bewusst auf dem Spülkasten liegen bleibt. Zurück im Selbstbedienungsrestaurant eine weitere Verwandlung: aus dem Ölscheich wird eine ältere, vermutlich irische Dame. Ein Polizist neben ihr, an dem Tisch am Fenster, wo der Umschlag auf der Heizung lag. 14 Jahre später versucht Jan Peters kleine Korrekturen, sucht auf dem Flughafen London-Heathrow nach Spuren einer älteren, vermutlich irischen Dame und unternimmt eine Zeitreise, die mit Zeitempfinden, Wahrnehmung und Erinnerung spielt.

Episode #269 – Look What Happens When I Start Coaching Myself  

Intimate, behind-the-scenes, message from Russell to Russell.

On this episode Russell talks about being under a lot of pressure and tries to coach himself through it before turning off “Business Russell mode” and turning on “Dad mode” for his kids’ Halloween activities.

Here are some interesting things you’ll hear in today’s episode:

What are some of the things Russell has committed to that are making him feel the pressure. How Russell coaches himself through the pressure and what some of things he can do that will relieve it. And why it’s important to remember that no matter how busy he is, that he should always make time for family.

So listen below to hear how Russell plans to relieve some of the pressure he’s currently under.


Hey everyone this is Russell Brunson and I’m excited to have you here for Marketing In Your Car. It is Halloween, which is my favorite holiday and it’s one day that I look forward to most in the year. It’s funny because so far today has been a tough one. It’s 2:17 and I’m heading to the kids school for the Halloween parade that I’m really looking forward to, and then the Halloween stuff tonight.

I’m just curious, people always ask me all the time, “Russell, how do you get so much stuff done.” And I usually pride myself, I can usually handle a lot of weight on my shoulders, but today collapsed a little bit underneath that weight. I know we don’t normally talk about those kind of things, but I just want to kind of talk through it because it’ll make me feel better probably.

But on the other side, hopefully it helps you guys somehow. Who knows? It’s funny, Dan Gable, he’s the Michael Jordan of wrestling. I was watching a thing one time when he was coaching, you know he was one of the best wrestlers of all time, but also one of the best coaches of all time, of any sport. He won like 20 or 30 NCA championships in a row. Someone asked him I f he believes in pressure. He said, “Well I believe that pressure is there, I just don’t believe in putting myself underneath it.” I think for the most part, I try to take that approach. I’m not putting myself under pressure. Its there, but I’m dodging it. I’m getting around and we just keep moving forward. But today was one of those days where I thought I could get all just hit on my shoulders, and I just couldn’t handle it all. It’s actually good that I’m leaving.

It’s kind of crazy. We had the Inner Circle last week for 4 days, which is so much fun and I love it. It’s hard though at the same time, because it’s four day, pretty much 5, pretty much a whole week that you’re not in the office moving things forward, so there’s stuff happening, especially when you’re running a big company there’s a lot of stuff. And usually we have a couple of weeks between each mastermind, but this time, because the timing sucked, they had to be back to back. In fact, mastermind starts tomorrow. So basically I had one day today, well part of a day, til 2 to get it done, all of last week and all next week.

So basically after that I’m kind of out of commission again. I had a whole bunch of stuff I’m trying to get done. Today was like, “Hey Russell, you’re here.” And the brunt of everything is all falling and its tough because…..oh and then this weekend, we’re trying to get the Expert Secrets book done in time for the live event. And they told me to do that we’d have to have it all done in the next two weeks. Which means I have to have it all done this weeks, which means, we don’t have this week to do it. So I spent all day this weekend editing the book. I spent all day yesterday, and I spent half of today and so far I got the introduction and part of chapter one done. So I’m totally stressing about that because if I don’t have the book for the event, it throws off this huge timeline sequence of events around that, so that’s kind of crazy.

And then for my church, I’ve got two callings. I am the eleven year old scout master, and I’m also the secretary for a group called the Elders Quorum, so that’s two assignments. And then we called yesterday, they called us and asked if my wife and I would take on the ward Christmas party, which means basically you’re in charge of throwing a party for 500 people. Plus my wife also has the company Christmas party a week after that. So it’s like, there’s new pressure there.

If I told you all the things I’m doing, most people wouldn’t believe me. There’s a whole bunch of stuff on the Clickfunnels side. There’s a whole bunch of stuff on the sales side. I’ve got tons of Inner Circle members messaging me questions. It’s fun, I love going back and forth but sometimes it adds up. Right now I’ve got probably 30 messages from Inner circle members on Voxer that I’m behind. Half of them will be here tomorrow so I’m stressing, trying to catch up on those.

And then the Funnel Hacker TV episodes we’ve been filming, it feels like a lot of the entrepreneurs we’re doing stuff for coming back needing help and getting stuck and can’t move through the process and need me to rewrite webinars or review things or check things. And then I got, I feel bad, one of the guys on my team, he wrote a book and wanted me to write the forward for, and I’ve been telling him for two or three months I was going to, but I haven’t had time. So today he was asking me about that, and to meet about something else. All these things and it was just like, all these things just came to a point today where I was like, “I don’t know what to do.”

So yes, I feel pressure. Yes, some day’s it’s tough. Some day’s it’s really, today was really tough. Not gonna lie. It’s funny because I’m so excited to go see my kids in the parade, but I’m feeling guilty because of that. I have so much to do, but what’s the point of doing any of it if I can’t go to my kids Halloween play? That’s kind of where I’m at right now. But I don’t want anyone to be concerned about me.

It’s funny, any time I do a podcast where I kind of rant a little bit, seems like I always get people messaging me trying to help. It’s not that I need that; I just need a place to vent. And hopefully it gives you guys whatever it is you need. Because I know all you guys go through that as well. We all do it, where there’s so many things happening. I’m the king of over committing. I get so excited by things so I say, “Yes, I’ll do this.” And it gets to a point where I can’t handle it all.

Anyway, so before I left the office, there’s a couple of things. I tried to buy myself an extra two weeks on the book, which is relieving pressure. I haven’t heard back, but I just kind of trying to go back to all these commitments that I have and place more realistic timelines, and cutting some things out and do things like that. And it’ll be good. By the time we’ve got mastermind this week, which again, I’m so excited. Two groups are coming, it’s going to be nice. For me to just unplug and stop stressing about everything and just hang out with some amazing entrepreneurs.

It’s funny, I don’t normally care about politics too much, even the stress of this election. Because I’m stressed out if either side wins. I don’t want either of those, the election’s coming. I’m really excited to hang out with entrepreneurs who are trying to change the world, for the next four days. I’m looking forward to that, and it’s going to be good.

I’m just going to kind of…..I think one of the problems that I have, one of the things that make me good at what I do, it also becomes one of the constraints, is I’m really good at placing…I’ve talked about this a lot in different trainings. Lead or Gold. I set deadlines for myself of when things have to happen. Sometimes I forget in my mind that I set those deadlines, and they’re not actual deadlines. So I think it’s me coming back to a lot of my lead or gold deadlines for things I have and re-shifting them, which is against what I tell you guys to do. It’s like, set a lead or gold deadline and don’t deviate from it unless you’re going to kill yourself. I tell you guys that because it’s true for me. When I set a deadline, this has to happen this day. It HAS to happen that day.

It becomes so real for me, that I put myself in insane amounts of pressure because of that. For me, things come back and I just got to tonight, hopefully get some extensions like on the book and a couple of things like that. And then kind of reset some timelines. I gotta get better at telling people no. I get so excited about opportunities and everything that I just say yes to things way too easy. So I gotta get better at the magic word no.

I feel like I’m coaching myself. If one of my Inner Circle members voxed me the last 7 minutes, I know exactly how I’d coach them. So I’m kind of coaching myself as if I’m me. “So Russell, the first thing I would do is, you gotta set realistic expectations. I know you think you’re the man, but you’re not. You can’t survive everything. The second thing I would do is, you gotta go back to the people you made commitments to and you gotta tell some people no, and it’s going to be hard, and it’s going to hurt their feelings sometimes. But it’s not personal, and you know it’s not. You just have to tell them it’s not and you love them. It’s just not possible. You’re going to crack and everything will fall apart for you and for everybody if you don’t. So that’s the second thing I would do.

The third thing, Russell, that you should do is, you need to get your book extension. If you’ve got to pay more money, whatever it takes to just tell them that you gotta make the extension and that you will pay whatever it takes to make that work. And that money will hopefully help solve that problem, get that out of the way. With these other people, you’re working with in Funnel Hacker TV. Remember these are businesses you’re helping with; you’re not doing those businesses, so you need to pu

Jan Peters: Wie ich mich dem Ereignishorizont annäherte - 25.06.2017  

Mit Jan Peters, Pit Przygodda, Cecile Lapoire, Michael Layton, Neal Hartman / Komposition: Pit Przygodda / Realisation: Jan Peters / BR in Zusammenarbeit mit arts@CERN 2014 / Länge: 53'46 // Immer noch ist der Filmemacher und Hörspielautor Jan Peters auf der Suche nach Antworten auf die wirklich großen Fragen: nach dem Leben, dem Universum und dem ganzen Rest. Mit dem Eindruck, es schon an vielen Stellen versucht und dabei wenig Neues entdeckt zu haben, hat er sich als "artist in residence" an einem Ort beworben, der für die Entwicklung neuer Ideen bekannt ist: am CERN, der europäischen Organisation für Kernforschung in Genf, wo Wissenschaftler aus aller Welt auch auf der Suche nach Antworten auf wirklich große Fragen sind. Sie suchen die Weltformel, die alle bekannten physikalischen Phänomene erklären und verknüpfen soll. Dazu haben sie einen gigantischen Teilchenbeschleuniger gebaut, den Large Hadron Collider, ein 100 Meter unter der Erde liegender, 27 km langer Ring, in dem auf Lichtgeschwindigkeit beschleunigte Protonen zur Kollision gebracht werden, um die Situation im Universum wenige Nanosekunden nach dem Urknall zu simulieren. Im Rahmen eines Stipendiums ab September 2013 konnte Jan Peters an dieser Grundlagenforschung teilnehmen und ist mit dem CERN-Ingenieur und nebenberuflichen Filmemacher Neal Hartman zum Forschungsteam um den Pixel- Detektor am ATLAS-Experiment im CERN gestoßen. Der Pixel-Detektor ist nur wenige Zentimeter von dem Ort entfernt, an dem die auf Lichtgeschwindigkeit beschleunigten Protonen kollidieren, er hält die Spuren der Teilchen fest, die in den Kollisionen entstehen. Zum Zeitpunkt des Stipendiums ist am ATLAS- Experiment gerade eine mehrmonatige Betriebspause, die dazu genutzt wird, den Pixel-Detektor aus- und umzubauen. Jan Peters hat während seines Stipendiums das Team um den Pixel-Detektor beim Wiedereinbau begleitet und zugesehen (und manchmal sogar mit angefasst), wie mehr als 24.000 Datenkabel erneut verbunden, durchgemessen und getestet wurden, wie Stickstoff in unzählige Rohre gepumpt wurde, um diese auf Lecks zu testen, wie das Strahlenschutzteam mit Staubsaugern auf dem Rücken zum Anschleifen von Klebestellen hinzugeholt wurde und vieles, vieles mehr. Im Hörspiel Wie ich mich dem Ereignishorizont annäherte erzählt Jan Peters aus der Zeit seines Aufenthalts am CERN, wobei er sich tief in das Forschungsprojekt hineinbegibt, dabei aber eine kritische Distanz nicht verliert, den Zuhörer mit Selbstironie zum Lachen bringt und immer wieder eine Verbindung zwischen Physik und Kunst, zwischen Philosophie und Politik herstellt.

APL 085: Lösen Frauen Probleme anders als Männer? Im Gespräch mit Tanja Peters  

Bereits vor einiger Zeit hat mich eine spannende Hörerfrage erreicht, genauer eine Hörerinnenfrage. Die Elke war’s, und sie hat gefragt: Lösen Frauen Probleme anders als Männer? Das ist eine sehr gute Frage, liebe Elke. Und es ist eine Frage, die ich definitv nur mit weiblicher Unterstützung beantworten kann. Ich habe lange überlegt, welche Frau mir bei dieser Frage weiterhelfen kann. Dann ist mir Tanja Peters begegnet – nicht verwandt und nicht verschwägert mit Frank Peters, mit dem ich die lustige Improvisationsepisode gemacht habe – und mir war gleich klar, dieses Frage sollte ich mit ihr klären. Tanja macht als Trainerin, Beraterin und Speakerin Menschen mutiger, und vor allem macht sie selbständige Frauen mutiger. Vor dem Gespräch mit Tanja Peters aber noch drei kurze Punkte. Erstens. Bei Anmeldung für meinen Newsletter unter gibt es mein kostenloses Ebook „10 Mythen zum Lösen von Problemen“. Aber nur noch eine gute Woche lang, also bis zum 5. Mai 2017. Wenn Sie das Ebook haben möchtest / wenn Du das Ebook haben möchtest, bitte bis dahin für meinen Newsletter anmelden. Zweitens. Bewertungen auf iTunes sind die unausgesprochene Währung unter uns Podcastern, und ich stehe kurze vor einem Meilenstein. In Deutschland und Österreich zusammen hat dieser Podcast bereits 198 Bewertungen erhalten. Vielen Dank dafür. Natürlich würde ich gerne die 200er Marke knacken, und dafür bitte ich um Unterstützung. Wenn Ihnen / wenn Dir dieser Podcast gefällt, bitte eine Bewertung bei iTunes hinterlassen, je mehr Sterne desto besser und gerne auch mit Text. Vielen Dank! :) Drittens. Ich werde immer wieder gefragt, warum ich für diesen Podcast ausgerechnet Trainer, Speaker und Berater zum Interview einlade. Das hat einen guten Grund. Es geht hier im Podcast ja darum, wie man Probleme löst. Und genau das lernen wir in unseren Schulen und unseren Universitäten nicht, oder wenigstens nicht besonders gut. Vieles von dem, was man für’s Leben braucht – und damit meine ich ausdrücklich NICHT nur das Berufsleben – lernen wir an Schulen und Universitäten nicht. Hier eine kurze Aufzählung von Fertigkeiten, die mir spontan einfallen, und die man nicht in der Schule lernt, wenigstens nicht in mir bekannten Schulen: Lernen, d.h. wie lernt man, und wie lerne ich im speziellen besonders gut. Also bin ich eher der visuelle, eher der auditive, eher der motorische oder eher der kommunikative Lerntyp, und: wie finde ich heraus, was ich bin, und was mache ich damit? Lehren, d.h. wie vermittle ich das, was ich kann, an andere. Menschenkenntnis: wie verstehe ich mich selber und andere Menschen besser, und was kann ich damit tun. Verstanden werden, d.h. wie formuliere und artikuliere ich so, dass meine Botschaften ankommen. Ich meine, im Ernst, ich war ein guter Schüler, ich hatte aber so viele Mitschüler, denen die Schule durch permanente Bewertung und Abwertung ihr Selbstvertrauen auf Jahre genommen hat. Erfolg, also Ziele setzen und erreichen Selbständigkeit Wirtschaftliches Denken Wie man mit Geld umgeht Verkaufen Verhandeln Ich glaube, wenn ich mir die Zeit dazu nehme, dann wird die Liste richtig lang… Das alles bringen uns unsere Bildungseinrichtungen also nicht bei. Viele Trainer aber schon. Warum? Weil es offenbar einen Bedarf gibt, von Firmen und auch von Privatpersonen. Trainer lehren genau das, was wir brauchen. Und sie machen das aus dem einfachen Grund, weil sie das tun müssen, wenn sie wirtschaftlich überleben wollen. Da gibt es keine höhere Instanz, die sagt, ja, ist gut, ist wertvoll, kannst du machen, kriegst du Geld dafür. Nein. Ein Trainer, wenigstens ein selbständiger Trainer, muss etwas vermitteln, dass seinen Kunden, sei es privat oder beruflich, etwas bringt. Und damit ist ein Trainer automatisch näher am Leben dran als eine Schule oder eine Universität. Das kann man mögen oder nicht, es ist halt so. Wenn Sie / wenn Du mit dem Gedanken etwas anfangen kannst, dann habe ich noch eine Buchempfehlung. Das Buch heißt… „Die Bildungslücke: Der komprimierte Survival-Guide für Berufseinsteiger“ Herausgegeben von Thilo Baum und Martin Laschkolnig, beides Trainer und Speaker. In dem Buch kommen viele bekannte Trainer und Speaker zu Wort, unter anderem Rene Borbonus, Stefan Frädrich, den ich hier im Podcast schon interviewt habe, Lothar Seiwert, Boris Grundl, Michael Rossie und natürlich die Herausgeber selber. Thilo Baum etwa beschäftigt sich damit, wie man schreibt und dabei auf dem Punkt kommt, also mit möglichst wenig Worten gut lesbare Texte schreibt. Dass er damit Erfolg hat, spricht aus meiner Sicht Bände. Schreiben sollten wir eigentlich in der Schule lernen – wenigstens möchte man das meinen. Das Buch „Die Bildungslücke“ kann ich also sehr empfehlen! Jetzt aber zu meinem Gespräch mit Tanja Peters zur Frage, ob Frauen Probleme anders lösen als Männer. Viel Spaß damit! Website von Tanja Peters: 5. Kölner Rednernacht von GEDANKENtanken, bei der Tanja Peters auftritt: 1. Niedersächsische Rednernacht von GEDANKENtanken, bei der ich auftrete:

Jan Peters: Wie ich mich dem Ereignishorizont annäherte - 21.12.2014  

Mit Jan Peters, Pit Przygodda, Cecile Lapoire, Michael Layton, Neal Hartman / Komposition: Pit Przygodda / Realisation: Jan Peters / BR in Zusammenarbeit mit arts@CERN 2014 / Länge: 53'46 // Immer noch ist der Filmemacher und Hörspielautor Jan Peters auf der Suche nach Antworten auf die wirklich großen Fragen: nach dem Leben, dem Universum und dem ganzen Rest. Mit dem Eindruck, es schon an vielen Stellen versucht und dabei wenig Neues entdeckt zu haben, hat er sich als "artist in residence" an einem Ort beworben, der für die Entwicklung neuer Ideen bekannt ist: am CERN, der europäischen Organisation für Kernforschung in Genf, wo Wissenschaftler aus aller Welt auch auf der Suche nach Antworten auf wirklich große Fragen sind. Sie suchen die Weltformel, die alle bekannten physikalischen Phänomene erklären und verknüpfen soll. Dazu haben sie einen gigantischen Teilchenbeschleuniger gebaut, den Large Hadron Collider, ein 100 Meter unter der Erde liegender, 27 km langer Ring, in dem auf Lichtgeschwindigkeit beschleunigte Protonen zur Kollision gebracht werden, um die Situation im Universum wenige Nanosekunden nach dem Urknall zu simulieren. Im Rahmen eines Stipendiums ab September 2013 konnte Jan Peters an dieser Grundlagenforschung teilnehmen und ist mit dem CERN-Ingenieur und nebenberuflichen Filmemacher Neal Hartman zum Forschungsteam um den Pixel- Detektor am ATLAS-Experiment im CERN gestoßen. Der Pixel-Detektor ist nur wenige Zentimeter von dem Ort entfernt, an dem die auf Lichtgeschwindigkeit beschleunigten Protonen kollidieren, er hält die Spuren der Teilchen fest, die in den Kollisionen entstehen. Zum Zeitpunkt des Stipendiums ist am ATLAS- Experiment gerade eine mehrmonatige Betriebspause, die dazu genutzt wird, den Pixel-Detektor aus- und umzubauen. Jan Peters hat während seines Stipendiums das Team um den Pixel-Detektor beim Wiedereinbau begleitet und zugesehen (und manchmal sogar mit angefasst), wie mehr als 24.000 Datenkabel erneut verbunden, durchgemessen und getestet wurden, wie Stickstoff in unzählige Rohre gepumpt wurde, um diese auf Lecks zu testen, wie das Strahlenschutzteam mit Staubsaugern auf dem Rücken zum Anschleifen von Klebestellen hinzugeholt wurde und vieles, vieles mehr. Im Hörspiel Wie ich mich dem Ereignishorizont annäherte erzählt Jan Peters aus der Zeit seines Aufenthalts am CERN, wobei er sich tief in das Forschungsprojekt hineinbegibt, dabei aber eine kritische Distanz nicht verliert, den Zuhörer mit Selbstironie zum Lachen bringt und immer wieder eine Verbindung zwischen Physik und Kunst, zwischen Philosophie und Politik herstellt.

Secret #19: Your Own Personal Coaching Session With Russell  

Pretend this message was for you and take it to heart.

On today’s episode Russell and Steven talk about how they and others have been able to find their voice, figure out what they’re good at and be successful. Here are some of the cool things you will hear in this episode:

Why no one is really successful overnight, you just don’t see the previous work put into their craft. Why you need to figure out what part of the game you are good at and focus on that, then find others who are good at the other pieces. And also hear about some of Russell’s inner circle members who have found success and why.

So listen hear to find out what you need to do to make your business successful.


Hey everyone, this is Russell. Welcome to the camping edition of Marketing Secrets Podcast. Hey you guys, I wanted to do a really special podcast today because I think for some reason that a lot of people thought this whole entrepreneurship business was going to be easy and they’re going to get rich quick and all these types of things and the reality is, it’s hard. It’s really hard, especially the first two or three years.

You’ve got to find your voice, create your brand, build a movement, create products people actually want, figure out what you’re selling and how you’re selling it. There’s a lot that goes into it initially and I think that sometimes we get seduced by how quick and easy it is. Because overnight success stories of people making a million dollars in five months, come on the back of three or four years of work and effort and time.

Recently one of our coaching clients, they’d been struggling, and I saw they were doing the motions and weren’t having success and I realized that the reason was they hadn’t put the time in ahead of time. I sent them a voxer, about a 15 minute vox message that went over this. I edited out from that message all the stuff that related to them, because it doesn’t matter who they are, but it was a message that I think everybody needs to hear and should hear. Because you have to realize there’s a lot that goes into it. Maybe there’s another business you can start, maybe you can go start an Amazon business or things like that where you just need to buy a product and post it and that’s how it is, but if you want to be a leader, expert, change the world, it takes time.

People go to school for 12 years to try to get a job that pays them 50-100 grand a year. If you’re trying to become a multi-millionaire, you think that’s going to happen overnight. It takes energy. So I want you guys to listen to this voxer, hopefully it’s a coaching call for you. Think about the effort you’ve got to put into it, the team you need to build, who you need to become to have those huge successes. Another thing I talk about, a couple of people I mention. Anthony, I’m talking about Anthony DiClementi from Biohacking Secrets. I talk about Kaelin, if you look up lady boss weight loss, you’ll see Kaelin. I mention a couple of other inner circle members by name, I may not have said their full name, but that’s who they are, so you have some context. But listen to this voxer, use it as a personal coaching call for yourself and I hope that it gets you excited and fired up to put in the effort you need to take over the world and change people’s lives, so there you go, talk to you soon.

Steve Larsen:  Hey what’s going on everyone, this is Steve Larsen and I work for Russell, I am his assistant and he’s asked me to go and clean up a lot of this podcast. So as you listen to this episode, just know that Russell is answering the question, “Really, if I’m just one funnel away, then how much farther away is that funnel?”

Russell:  Yeah, I don’t know all the answers ever, but from my experience, I think you’re seeing people’s highlight reels and you’re not seeing the rest of it. Things can be short-cutted, they can speed up, but Anthony for example, if you knew Anthony’s whole story, it wasn’t like he became this Biohacking kid. Anthony was my coaching partner for three years and he was barely scraping by for three years in the weight loss market going hard and heavy targeting weight loss and women.

Weight loss is by far the most competitive market on planet earth. So it’s like to be successful there you have to be super, a very unique angle, or have an amazing story, or deal with the best sales people, or best copywriters, or whatever to dominate. Anthony tried weight loss for the 3 ½ , 4 years that I knew him and struggled, struggled and for him to have success we had to shift from weight loss into a completely different angle, blue ocean, biohacking thing, and that’s where he’s finding success.

But in that time, if you look at his story, he came down with Lyme disease. He spent two years biohacking himself on his deathbed trying to figure out how to survive. After he figured it out he went on this mission where he literally, I love Anthony because his heart is so big, I would say conservatively he probably coached a thousand people in three years, most of them for free because he couldn’t afford it because he just loved people so much and cared so much about them. And that’s how he found his voice, how he has so much certainty. When you talk to Anthony, it’s just absolute certainty. So people plug into that. Abosolute certainty.

When people follow me, with this thing that I’m good at, I have absolute certainty. I have no wavering doubt. They plug in because Russell is certain, so I need to follow that. But that certainty doesn’t come by positioning or posturing it, it’s by putting in that work ahead of time and just mastering it to the point where you just know. That’s Anthony’s journey.

Kaelin’s is different. Kaelin has such an amazing story, how much weight she gained, lost, and she happened to become one of the best sales people ever. I don’t think there’s any, there’s very few humans on earth that have become a better sales person than Kaelin, which is why they’re dominating that market. She’s so good, clear on her messaging. She’s one of the best I’ve ever seen, she’s dominating there.

Caleb’s got, he’s not an overnight success story either, he’s young but that dude grinds more than anyone I’ve ever met. Insane amounts of hours and time and effort and by the time he was 13 years old he’d read more books than I had. He had done hundreds and hundreds of Facebook Lives before anything started hitting. That kid’s put in 10,000 hours plus before he’s 15 years old. That’s not what you’re seeing. You’re seeing, he’s a 13 year old kid, he’s successful. He didn’t just step into that. Some people do, some people are insanely talented, it doesn’t make any sense. It does happen, but for most of us, it’s not that way.

I didn’t make a penny online for 2 plus years, and the next 5 years were hardly anything, it took 7 or 8 years before I found my voice to be able to be in this market and have certainty where I felt that. So how do you get that absolute certainty? It’s by putting in the time, by doing that.

Steven: I actually am the coach for the Two Comma Club Coaching program, and I love it, it’s so much fun. It’s fun to see because I’ve been doing this game now for about 4 years now, and for the first several years, I actually made no money with it at all. I was with anything about funnels, business entrepreneurship in general, and all I knew was I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I started putting my head down and working and did everything from stalks and options, real estate, commercial and residential, I went and did ebooks, door to door sales, I did telemarketing. I did everything and it was all with the back drop of wanting to be an entrepreneur and provide value in the marketplace and go do this stuff.

And I failed my face off. It was one of the most humiliating things in my entire life. My wife and I were living on loans and college. And because my wife was basically the spouse of the suffering entrepreneur, and I didn’t want to be that story and it turned into this really painful experience. But I literally was listening to Russell’s podcast, I was listening to these other entrepreneurs and their podcast. It was honestly them and YouTube motivation videos and all this stuff that just kept me going with it. And just the sheer belief that it would work and mad obsession over the topic.

If I could turn around and tell myself some things now, it would certainly be that I really wish I would have spent more time crafting my voice early on. I like what Russell’s mentioning inside of this podcast right here, telling that you’ve got to figure out the voice. And the way I did early on was by regularly publishing. I would get out there and I would just speak. There was a time, after I read Dotcom Secrets, I went and I was like, “Hey I know enough to at least teach someone else.” And I literally held a 3 hour, free class inside of a stranger’s home. They had all these people there, friends and family, and I recorded the whole thing and that became my first info product.

I didn’t know that’s what it would become. It was just pure obsession over the task, over the topic that kept me going with it. So number one, one of the biggest things everyone struggles with when they start doing this thing is they have to find their voice and if they can’t find the voice, where do they draw the line in the sand? Where does the polarity come from? Where’s the passion? Where’s the stories and the background? And if you’ve never spoken before or put yourself out there before, you’re never going to know how those things actually fit together. It’s awkward for a lot of people who are just starting out inside Two Comma Club Coaching because they have never figured those things out, they don’t know what that’s like.

So not only are they trying to create a brand new product, number one. Not only are they trying to c

Episode #308 – My Epiphany Bridge Origin Story  

A glimpse behind the scenes at what happened at this week’s FHAT event.

On this episode Russell tells his epiphany bridge story during a Facebook Live video at the FHAT (Funnel Hack-A-Thon) event.

During his epiphany bridge story you will hear:

What inspired Russell to try to make money online in the first place. How Russell and his partners first came up with an idea for Clickfunnels and it was really a way to get Russell to be able to design his own sites. And how Clickfunnels had made it possible for Russell to support his family, while also being able to spend more time with them.

So listen below to hear Russell’s epiphany bridge story and let it inspire you.


Hey Everyone, this is Russell Brunson, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I’m at the office right now and it’s been a crazy week. We had our first ever FHAT event here in our office the last 3 days. We were here all night every night and it was amazing. But I also haven’t talked to you guys in a while, and I want to do something really quick because one of the big things we talked about at the FHAT event, well it was kind of 3 things.

Day number one was cult building, I mean culture building. Day number two was story. And then Day three was webinars and webinar hacks and product launch sequences and Actionetics sequences and a whole bunch of other ninja, amazing stuff.

But day two was story day, so we did this cool thing where we talked about the hero’s two journeys and a bunch of other things. And I can’t give you everything right now, but I want to give you one cool. So it’s in the book that’s coming out soon, to a funnel near you. After I talked about the Hero’s two journeys, I showed them how we transition that script into the epiphany bridge script, and if you look at it, I wish I could show you, I wish the podcast could show pictures. Looking at it right now, the way this script works is basically, there’s 8 sections.

There’s the back story, your desires, the wall, the epiphany, the plan, the conflict, achievement and transformation. So the back story, what is your back story that give us a vested interest in your journey? Number two is your desires, what is it that you want to accomplish? And inside of that, what are the external struggles you are dealing with and what are the internal struggles you are dealing with.

From there you hit a wall. The wall is the problem or the…what is the wall or problem that you hit within your current opportunity that started you on this new journey. Then you have the epiphany. So what was the epiphany experience and the new opportunity you discovered. Then the plan, what was the plan you created to achieve your desire? Then there’s conflict. What was the conflict you experienced along the way? Then there’s achievement, what was the end result you achieved. Then there’s transformation. What was the transformation you experienced?

So those are the process of telling a good epiphany bridge story. So anyway, I know it’s hard to visualize that, but when you get the Expert Secrets book you’ll see the graphs and images and it’ll be all explained and you’ll love it, I promise.

But when we were here yesterday, or two days ago, whenever it was, the event. I did an epiphany bridge story on Facebook Live, telling my Clickfunnels story. So I wanted you guys to hear that story because it’ll…..going through all these aspects, you’ll see them all weaved in. Everything from the back story, the desire, the wall, the epiphany, the plan, the conflict, the achievement and the transformation.

So I’m going to get the audio and I’ll plug it in here so you can listen to the audio of my epiphany bridge story, which is my Clickfunnels story, the origin story. The origin story of how I got excited about funnels and how Clickfunnels came to be. So I’m going to play that audio for you right now, and you guys will hear my epiphany bridge story. So let me connect to that right now.

Hey everyone, this is Russell, I hope you guys are all doing awesome. So I’m here right now in the room of 48 or 49 amazing entrepreneurs, and we’ve been talking about storytelling and how to tell your story, the origin story of wehre you got started and what got you into what you’re doing. So I’ve been challenging all of them to go and do that, and I thought it would be kind of cool if I just told you guys my story. Some of you guys have heard pieces or parts of this, but probably not the whole thing.

So what I wanted to do is share with you guys the story about Clickfunnels and why this, for me, became my new opportunity, the thing that I’m so excited about and why I have so much passion. Some of you will say, “Russell you’ve been talking about Clickfunnels everyday for the last two years.” And I’m like, “I know, because I’m so excited every day.”

So some of the back story, if you don’t know, I got started in this business, I guess it’s almost 13 or 14 years ago now, and when I did, I was a college kid, I was going to Boise State University, which is just down the road from where I’m at right now. I was a wrestler which means I wrestled and I had to go to school. So I barely graduated. It was barely. I think my accumulative was a 2.1, which means I got a whole bunch of C’s and one B over 5 years, so it’s kind of painful. But I graduated which made my mom happy, which is pretty cool.

But during school, while I was wrestling I started learning about that internet marketing stuff. And you guys remember this is 12 years ago, before Facebook, before Instagram and all these kind of things. We had Google, kind of. In fact, I don’t even remember how we were driving traffic. We didn’t have a website, or anything. I was using Front Page, some of the old timers remember Front Page. I would create these things in Front Page and it was pretty bad. So I was doing that, but I believed that it was possible. I saw people, some of my mentors, like Arman Morin, Alex Mandossian and some of these guys who were making money online.

I was like, if these guys can do it, I’m pretty sure I could do it. So that was my goal that I wanted to accomplish. The other side of that that I don’t share a lot of times, it wasn’t just that I wanted to make money, that was just a desire I had. The bigger desire, I had just gotten married to my beautiful wife, we’re still married today. It’s been almost 15 years this year, which is amazing. I married here, she was working full time to support me, her jobless wrestling husband and I don’t know about you, but I always envisioned that when I got married, I would be the man, the supporter, but it was honestly pretty tough for me. That she was supporting me and I didn’t have anything to contribute other than going to school and wrestling, and it was hard for me.

I remember I was like I got to figure out a way to contribute. I don’t want her doing everything. So that was the real driving factor. In fact, my goal was, if I can make $1000 a month, that would match what she was making, we weren’t making very much money at the time. Then I’ll feel like I’m contributing as well. So that was my goal, to figure out a way to do this. I tried all sorts of stuff.

I was trying Ebay, I was trying Craigslist, I was doing this stuff. I had a $20 a month, which was a big deal for me, I was excited, but none of the things really hit big. About that time I started learning about information marketing. In fact, I was at a post office mailing something I had bought from Ebay in this huge awkward box, I thought it was going to sell huge, and it ended up selling for $1.50 and I lost a ton of money. Then postage, it was a nightmare. I’m sitting in the line at the post office next to this dude, who had a big box full of CD’s, thousands of them. I was like, “Dude, what are you selling?” and he was like, “I have one CD that I sell and I burn it.” And I’m like, “These are your orders for the month.” And he’s like, “These are my orders for this week.” I was doing the math, “how much do you sell them for?” He’s like, “$67” I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” And I had this…..I need to sell information, that is the future.

So I started to try to figure out information. I started doing stuff and my very first product I ever created was a DVD on how to create potato guns, I’m sure some of you guys have heard this story before. So I started making potato guns and it was working really good, but then what I was doing was going to Google and buying ads on Google and making some money back and forth, but eventually I probably had 4 or 5 months of success and then Google changed their algorithm and it got really hard.

And the hardest thing for me during this time, it was me building things in Front Page, and I had to figure out how to FTP pages and images and how to go to Paypal to get the order, it was super techy and I’m not a techy person at all. But after Google changed their algorithm we tried some stuff. I remember one of my friends called me, it was Mike Filsaime, some of you may know Mike, he said, “Russell, I figured out how to make this whole internet marketing game work again.” I’m like “What do you mean?” he’s like, “Is your potato gun thing still making money?” I’m like, “No, I can’t break even, I can’t make a profit.”

And he’s like, “well I went back to all my sites and added these things.” He called them OTO’s and I’m like, “What’s an OTO” and he’s like, “It’s an upsell, a onetime offer.” I’m like, “Oh.” And he’s like, “I added these upsells and people started buying the upsells and suddenly I’m making two or three times as much money from everything I sold. And I was like, “I could actually do that.”

So I remember jumping online I was Googling potato guns, trying to figure out what my upsell would be, I don’t know. All I had was a potato gun DVD, and I met this dude up in northern Idaho who actually made potato

Episode #244 – One Visualization Trick That Almost Got Me To Spend $33,000 On An Old Book  

If you can use this one secret, you can sell anything.

On today’s special LA version of Marketing In Your Car, Russell and Dave Woodward talk about how Russell nearly spent $33,000 on a rare copy of The Book of Mormon and why he felt like he had to have it.

Here are some fun things to listen for in this episode:

Find out what kind of items Russell searches for on Ebay. Find out why he was willing to spend such a large amount of money on a book. And see what this experience taught him about marketing and how he’s going to use it in his business.

So listen below to find out what kind of stuff Russell buys on Ebay and why he’s willing to spend some serious cash on a book.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to a special California, LA edition of Marketing in Your Car. Alright guys, I’m here with Dave Woodward tonight. How you doing?

Dave: Hello.

Russell: We just got done at Tai Lopez’s house, filming a bunch of video promotions for the big promotion I’m going to do for Clickfunnels next week. Last webinar promotion they did, they did 1.8 million dollars. So it was worth flying to LA to contact some of your dream 100 to get them to hopefully make you at least that, if not more. Actually our goal is more, we’re going to try to do 2 million bucks, which would be amazing. Then tomorrow at 9:15 in the morning, we are going to go film with Marcus Lemonis, an episode of the Profit. How insane is that? People always ask me if we’re on the show as a business. No, we’re not on the show as a business. There’s another business, we’re coming in as the internet dudes, funnel dudes. It’s going to be so crazy.

Anyway, we wanted to do a late night impromptu Marketing In Your Car because I just had this crazy powerful marketing experience. I was telling Dave what happened and then we both at the same time we were like, “This needs to be a podcast.” So on Ebay today…..Most of you all should know at this point in life, or in the podcast, that I am a Mormon, if you’re not, I drop it all the time. I’m not shy, but proud as can be. So you should know that at this point. So in the Mormon faith there’s a book called the Book of Mormon. Oh, that’s kind of, pretty complex, right? So there’s this book that is amazing and in 1830 was the first printing of it, and there were 5,000 copies printed. It was cool because it was printed, instead of like, if you look at it today, it looks like scripture, chapter and verse. But this was like a novel, like a book. There was no chapter or verse back then when it was first printed in the 5,000 copies. And probably today there’s only, they speculate there’s only 500 of them still in circulation, the rest have been destroyed or whatever. They’re gone.

A couple of years ago I saw one on Ebay that sold for $120,000 and I was like, “AHHH! How cool is that?” Anyway, I only go to Ebay once every 4 or 5 months, and when I do I go and search for every term on Earth that I’m interested in and I end up spending way too much money. So I search for, should I tell you the terms that I search for? Is that interesting?

Dave: Yes, it definitely is.

Russell: Matt Furey, Farmer Burns, rare LDS, rare Mormon, rare marketing, Dan Kennedy rare, Tony Robbins rare….Anyway, these all….

(crossover talk)

Russell: Now you know what I’m looking for. But I always, those things I always search for, Jay Abraham rare, Chet Holmes, looking for things I don’t own. So I always look for things rare or unique. Anyway, so that’s the stuff I’m searching for, and then I always search for 1st edition Book of Mormon, because who knows? Last time I checked, earlier this week there were two. One of them was listed for $70,000 and one was listed for $33,000. I’m like, “$33,000, that’s 90 grand discount from the other dude who bought one a couple of years ago when I saw it.” So I’m like “How cool would that be?” Then I’m like, “I’m not going to pay $33,000 for a book. That’s completely ridiculous.” But of course there’s a little watch button, so I watch it. I’m like, I’m just going to watch and see how much some dude ends up paying for this book. So I’m watching it, and I’m looking at it and every day I go back and then Ebay texts you on your phone. Like, “Hey somebody else looked at it, you should go look again.” So I’m like, okay. And I go look again and all these things to get me engaged in the process. Finally one day a couple of days ago. I looked down and there was this spot to buy it now for $33,000 and I was like, “Oh my gosh! Someone’s going to get this for $33 grand.” And they had a button next to it that was like, you can make an offer. So I was like, I’m going to make an offer. So I made an offer that is ridiculous when you think about, it’s a book, right?

Anyway, I was like, I could realistically justify this, so I put in an offer for a price, and then an hour later, he rejected it. I’m like, “Dangit, how did he reject my price.” That was a lot of money for an old book that’s falling apart. I’m like, dangit, so I’ll just wait. Then I’m about to come here to LA, so I look down and there’s 4 hours before the auction ends and I’m like, “Ahh. I don’t really need it.” And I’m sitting there talking to Brent and Steve and a couple other guys in the office. I can’t remember who it was, but we were talking like, “Can you imagine how cool it would be to have that book and read it to your kids. Let them hold it and then actually read the entire thing to them through one of the original books. One that Joseph Smith probably handled.” Whatever it was. And I was thinking about it, how cool it’d be just for yourself to read that and be able to read one from back in the day. I put myself.. I was thinking how cool that’d be.

I was like, “I have to have it now.” I told Dave, “I’ve now experienced that moment and it was amazing. And my kids haven’t had a chance to experience it yet and I want them to experience it so bad, because I experienced it and It was amazing even though it was in my head. But I imagined it and I want to have that experience with them now.” Anyway, long story short, I didn’t win the auction. No one did. It ended. Oh, I made a new offer. I made another offer that I was like, “There’s no way he’s going to say no this time.” Put that offer in and then he just ignored it. He didn’t reject it, just ignored it. I was like, he’s got to be playing a game. I’m sure he’s going to wait til….it’s like a game of chicken. Two guys are driving cars at each other and one steers off at the last second. I’m like, I have my bid in there, I guarantee he’s going to wait til there’s a minute left and then be like, accept.  Because he wants my money, right?

So I’m waiting and waiting and then he doesn’t accept. And it ends. The auction ends and I don’t get the book. So now I’m like, he’s going to email me and be like, “okay man, I’ll take your offer.” And he didn’t for like 3 or 4 hours and I’m like, dangit. So finally I caved and wrote him, “hey man, what’s the lowest possible amount you’d take for that book?” So he may or may not write back. I don’t know. But the lesson, the moral of the story is if you can create a selling thing, where your customer actually visualizes themselves consuming the thing that you have. That happened to me when Brent or Steve, I can’t remember who it was, maybe it was a blend of this conversation. Talking, “Can you imagine reading that book to your kids and holding an original copy and letting them touch it and turning the pages.” And I did and when I had that vision in my head, I couldn’t get it out, because I wanted that experience. Because I experienced it already and I wanted to share that experience with other people but I couldn’t unless I consumed, unless I bought.

So think about that. How can you create in all that you’re selling, your webinars, your sales videos, your letters, your videos, everything you’re doing. How do you create an experience where they visualize it so strong that they can’t live without it? When you do that, that’s how you close book sales for $33,000 a book, which is insane.

Right now we’re driving up to the Bulletproof Coffee shop, I’m so excited. As you know now, I’m a Mormon, I mentioned earlier. I don’t drink coffee, but I’m a huge fan of Bulletproof stuff and last time we filmed Dave asked for his book funnel here, we ate at this coffee shop. They have food to die for. So we’re in LA, we just drove here and I’m about to eat everything on the menu, except for the coffee.

Dave: This actually goes back to having a cult following, because we drove half hour out of our way, just because it is that good, because we had one experience. Goes back to having an experience. We had the experience and we’re like, I don’t care where it’s at, we’re close enough we’ll find a way to go re-experience what we’d already experienced once before, because we craved it that much.

(crossover talk)

Russell: The crazy thing too is the first time we were here, we ordered one thing off the menu that was so good, that we ordered 3 more things for lunch, then we left and came back for dinner. We weren’t even hungry, but we did it again. I ordered 3 or 4 things because I wanted to try everything because it was such a good experience. So many good marketing lessons in this whole 7 minutes and 43 seconds you’ve been here with me so far.

Dave: Create the experience.

Russell: Create it, have them envision it. Have them experience it in their minds and then they will desire it in their lives. Alright guys, we’re out of here. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and if anyone wants to send me some rare stuff from Ebay, now you know my keywords. Thanks guys. We’ll talk to you guys all again soon.

Episode #222 – 5 AM Is Funnel Time  

How I shifted my morning based on the book “The Perfect Day”.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how to get 2 hours more of work in everyday and his schedule that will make it happen. He also shares a cool story about Marcus Lemonis.

Here are 3 cool things you’ll hear in this episode:

Why Marcus Lemonis called Russell 3 times in a row in less than a minute. What book convinced Russell to change his schedule and devote two hours a day to funnel building. How Russell’s new funnel building schedule is working for him since he started it two days ago.

So listen below to hear how Russell gets 8 hours of work done in just two hours every morning.


Good morning everybody and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright, so it’s a beautiful day, things are amazing. I’m in a great mood and I want to talk to you guys about something that I’m doing that’s a little bit crazy, not gonna lie. Little borderline, well you guys have been with me for a lot crazier things, but this one is really cool. I’m going to be trying to convince everybody that I’m friends with that this is a new way to live. I’m going to begin with you guys, because if I can convince you, then I can convince anybody. So this is where we’re at right now.

I have always been trying to figure out how to get more done each day. That’s the hardest thing. How do you get more crap done every single day and be able to spend more…….? For me it’s like, I got a lot of crap I gotta get done for work, family, church, there’s so many things. So it’s like, if I get an extra 3 or 4 hours a day or 4 or 5 days a week or whatever, that’s amazing, but how do you do that? So I’ve tried all sorts of stuff. It’s been interesting, in the past I always try to wake up at 6 to go lift weights, with that, it’s interesting, it works sometimes, but it’s easy for my brain to say no. I usually do probably 2 or 3 days a week, when I get up early and actually lift at 6. It’s not consistent and kind of hard, and I lift and hang out with my kids, then go to the office, the office day happens and there’s people and stuff. Then I come home and play with my kids again. It’s always good and I get a lot of stuff done, but how do I get more?

Last week I was in Joe Polishes 25K group, and oh man I’m going to tell you guys a story. I wonder if I should tell you another story. I was going to do a podcast since then, I totally forgot. This is called an ADD moment, then we’ll head back. So remind me when I get stuck, where to head back.

We’re heading back to the book, but before then…this is amazing. So the last day at the 25K group we were stting in the meetings and all the sudden my phone rang 3 times from Marcus Lemonis The Profit, and I was like, “Oh man, I’m stuck in this meeting, I can’t answer right now.” And then he texts me, “Call me right now.” And I text him like, “I’m stuck in a meeting, I really can’t. I’ll call you as soon as I can.” So at the break I called him, no one answered. I called again, no one answered. I’m like, “Dangit. I missed the little window.” And part of me is kind of freaking out, what in the world is happening where he would call me three times in a minute, there’s got to be something happening. So then that night, he texts me and he’s like, “Can you talk now?” And I was about to jump in an Uber, but I was like, I just dialed right back immediately. So I called him and first thing he says is “Hello.” And I’m like, “Hey Marcus, this is Russell.” He goes. “You’re being….I’m” What did he say? “I’m on location and we’re recording right now, you’re on camera is that okay?” Isn’t that crazy?

So I’m like, ”Yes, that’s totally cool.” He’s like, “Okay Russell, this is the deal. I’m at a meeting with these guys, they own a watch company and I’m thinking about doing a deal with them. But I was talking to them about the business model and they mentioned funnels and I asked them what they knew about funnels and they were like, ‘There’s this guy named Russell Brunson.’” And he was like, “Wait, you know Russell?” and  they’re like, “Yeah, we’ve been to his events, we use Clickfunnels.” And Marcus is like, “Hold on.” And right then he called me 3 times in a row trying to get hold of me and obviously I didn’t answer the phone, I blew it. He’s like, “I’m sitting with them right now and I’m trying to make a deal, but I’m curious if I do make a deal with them, would you be willing to come on the show and actually build their sales funnel for them?” And I’m just like, I wish you could see me. I’m trying to be all super cool guy on the phone, so my voice is trying, I’m trying not to start squealing like a little girl, have my voice crack or something, but I’m jumping up and down on the spot and going nuts. All the people about to jump in the Uber with me are probably wondering. Did Russell win the lottery or something? What’s happening? I’m jumping up and down and going crazy.

So I’m like, “I would be honored. I would love to come help you guys build your funnels.” And he’s like, “Okay cool. That’s what I needed to know. Thanks man.” And I’m like, “Alright, thanks.” And that was it. Isn’t that crazy. Oh so crazy. So I’m going crazy and then I text Marcus later, and I’m like, “What’s the company, give me more info about it.” He texts me back and tells me what the company name was and he’s like, “I’m going to cut you in on equity on this deal.” And that was it. I haven’t heard from his since, it’s been like 3 days. I’ m going crazy. But is that insane? Crazy. Anyway, I just wanted to share with you guys. I was going to that night, but I must have forgot. So there you guys go. There’s my ADD tangent. Now I need to come back to the story at hand.

Okay, so back to where we’re at. So at the event they gave me, Joe Polish handed out these boxes. These big orange boxes. I’d gotten one before, I had one in the mail. I didn’t know what it was. The outside says The Perfect Day. You open it up and there’s a book and a journal and a bunch of stuff. And it’s this product created by Craig Valentine. I’d gotten it before, but I never read it. I’m like, “Oh cool.” Anyway, I took the box and when I was heading home that night, I pulled the book out and I’m like, “I’ll read this on the plane, so I jump on the plane, start reading the book. And in this book, he’s talking about how to create the perfect day and he’s showing a bunch of things, and the book was awesome. But the thing that was the most powerful for me, was he showed what his schedule was. Craig’s schedule is, he gets up at 4 o’clock every morning. From 4 to 6:30 he writes. At 6:30 he has breakfast, he does meditation or something and then I don’t know, at whatever the next time is, an hour later, he gets back and writes for another 2 ½ hours. Then he has his stand up meeting with his company at 10:30. So by 10:30 in the morning, he has had 5 hours of focused energy time writing and doing what he needs to get done. And then the rest of his day is answering emails, meeting with people, all the crap that normally we do in an office. He goes to bed at 8 every single night.

At first I’m like, “Dude, he is insane. 4 in the morning, I will never in a billion, infinity, million years do that ever. It’s just not going to happen.” And I was like, because I don’t go to bed until 2 in the morning, so if I got up at 4  that’s  2 hours of sleep and I would die. But if I went to bed at midnight, how would it work? Midnight to 4, 4 hours is not enough. So I’m like what if I went to bed at 10, 10 to 4 that’s only 6 hours, that’s about how much sleep I get now. But what if I extended that. What if I woke up at 5 and go to bed at 10 o’clock and wake up at 5. I try to do his process. And my day is different. I’ve got a million kids. I don’t have the luxury of breakfast and meditation before I start writing again. I’ve got breakfast and diapers and screaming, you know getting kids ready and it’s insane. But I was like, what if I woke up at 5 and from 5 til 7, 2 hours every morning, I got up and that’s my funnel time. I always tell people that if I could do anything in the business all day, all I’d do is sit there and build funnels. But I rarely have that time, just to sit there and build funnels. So I’m like, what if I made it so the 5am to 7am every morning is my funnel time. I don’t check emails, I don’t check Facebook or anything. All I’m allowed to do is open up Clickfunnels build funnels and write copy and all the pieces I need to do to push funnels forward.

So I was kind of excited so Sunday night I got all ready and my goal was to get to bed by 9, but I forgot that my kids go to bed at 9, which usually bleeds into 9:30 or 9:45. So that didn’t work, so it was like 9:45b finally the kids are in bed and I told my wife, “I’m going to bed, my goal is to go to sleep at 10” You know she’s been married to me for a long time and knows I typically don’t go to bed until 1 or 2. I was like, I’m going to try this. So I went to bed at 10 and it took me a little while to go to sleep because I wasn’t used to that. But luckily I was tired, it’d been a long day. So I fell asleep at 10, woke up at 5, got up and went in there and I started working building funnels for 2 hours. It was amazing. It wasn’t like when I wake up to go work out, there’s a lot of resistance. I have to get up, get clothes on, go out. There’s a lot of things that have to happen. Whereas for me to get up and go sit on the computer and build funnels, there’s zero resistance and it was really easy and I did it. And then I ate really healthy throughout the day and did supplementation stuff to keep my energy levels high throughout the whoile day, but I felt amazing. Then last night I went to be at about 10:30, I was trying to get to bed by 10, but I just had things that came up. So about 10:30 I went to bed, set an alarm for 4:45 basically, that way I can snooze it once. 4:45 my alarm’s going off, I to

Episode #180 – Return And Report  

A bunch of cool things we implemented this week that you may be interested in…

On today’s episode Russell talks about how he organizes and gets his team to get things done in a timely manner by having Monday meetings with the team. He also mentions a new free plus shipping offer that you should look out for soon.

Here are 3 fun things in this episode:

Why Monday meetings will help Russell’s team get organized and get things done. A new fun free plus shipping offer idea Russell had. And why Russell no longer looks for what’s next and instead puts all his creative energy into Clickfunnels.

So listen below to hear about some of Russell’s cool new ideas.


Hey everyone this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to Marketing in Your Car. All right everybody, so my last episode of Marketing in Your Car did not make the publication route. I feel bad because it was so funny, but I figured it would probably be best for me not to do it. Sometimes you know they say, "If you have nothing ..." or, what is it? "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all." What I did, you guys know Lead Pages just came out with a new announcement for some of the new things, and I did a whole podcast as if they had hired me to be their consultant. I wanted to point out just all of the mistakes they made, and I felt so bad, I was like... I basically was a consultant and consulted to them, it was really funny, I couldn't keep it.

Before I posted I sent it to a couple people and they said, "While it was hilarious and really actually pretty good it would have actually helped Lead Pages a lot if they listened to it, we probably shouldn't do that. So I didn't, so I apologize, but just know it was really funny and you guys should try to consult for your competitor sometimes because it's really, really, really an enjoyable thing to do. Don't publish it live because somehow it's going to bite me in the butt I knew, so anyway. If any of you guys have a chance to steal my phone someday it's archived in here, I've got it. It's just not going to make it to the ... what do you call it? It's not going to make it on the ... hit the cutting room floor or whatever, so yeah.

Any who, today what I want to talk about is, remember last week or two weeks ago I was talking about compartmentalizing your days and stuff like that. I did, so yesterday was Monday and I figured I want to make sure that everybody on my team organization is running the right direction, right? The worst thing is by Wednesday people are like, "So what do you want me to do this week?" You're like, "It's Wednesday, why didn't you ask me on Monday, or even Tuesday, or even Wednesday morning? Two and a half days you've been sitting around doing stuff but not like the right stuff." So I figured Monday is my day to aim, right? I'm sure you guys have heard this story about Abraham Lincoln where ... I think it was Abraham Lincoln, or some dude, maybe someone else. Where it's like if you were going to be in an ax racing contest with somebody else what would you do? It's like, well I would spend the first six hours sharpening my saw and the last hour winning? Whatever that is. I totally screwed that story up, but you guys get the point right? You can chop with a dull saw but it's going to take way longer than if you spend time sharpening.

Monday is now my sharpening/meeting day to make sure everyone's pointed in the right direction, and trying to do a little more training consulting to people on my team. With all my core people that I work directly with I set up daily, or excuse me, weekly meetings. Not long ones, like fifteen minute meetings, and then we've got accountability throughout the day so each person at the end of the day they need to vox me with kind of what we call a return and report. They can return and report what they did throughout the day. They say, "Hey Russell, today I did this. Tomorrow I'm working on this," then they have to tell me any issues they see standing in the way of completing what they're doing tomorrow. "Hey, I really need some help from a graphic designer, Russell I need this," whatever they need from me, and boom, I can give it to them and help them keep running.

That's kind of nice, we plugged that into place and it's going well so far. Yesterday I had more meetings than I ever wanted to have in my life but I also learned more about my business than I think I ever knew. Realized some things we were doing right and some things we were doing wrong, and some things that I need to do to step up and really feel in the gaps. That was really cool, I really am glad that I did that. We also spent time, John on our team runs our ad agency, it's an internal ad agency and we're the only client. He runs that. I had an hour long meeting with him yesterday and we just had a chance to brainstorm, and talk through things, figure out what funnels I can make to help him better. What he was doing, and get ideas. It was awesome, usually I know he's amazing and he's doing stuff but it was fun for me to see it and be able to think, "On my side what I can do to help amplify this and make it better?"

Yesterday Brent was out of the office but I’m having a meeting with him today because he's back. We're building out this huge new front end call center thing based off of the book Predictable Revenue, and today we're going to meet on that and start planning ... it's just, it's cool. I really enjoyed Monday meeting day. Now today, Tuesday and Wednesday, are Russell's funnel building days. I get to build funnels all day today and tomorrow, I'm so excited. That's awesome, then Thursday is the day I get to sell, then Friday is fulfillment day. Which is fulfillment of coaching, creation of projects, et cetera, et cetera. So far one day into this and I'm really liking it, so I'll report back to you guys as we keep going forward. So far I'm really, really liking it. That's very encouraging.

Second off I had an idea this morning for a new free plus shipping offer that I am so excited for. You guys are going to hear it first before anyone else even heard of it, but we're going to have it executed here within the next two weeks or so then it will be live and you guys will see it. I was just thinking I want a cool free plus shipping offer to get people into Click Funnels, what would be a fun exciting thing. I was thinking about one of our Inner Circle members asked me about something you guys have seen when we did the big ... we blew up the Neurosales sales letter and had it huge on our office wall and they were like, "How did you do that? We want to be able to put our funnels up on the wall." I was like, "What if we made a magnet pack that had a whole bunch of refrigerator magnets in it that you could go on your refrigerator and it has ten sales page, ten upsale pages, ten webinar… all of the core funnel pages you need, right? We just have a magnetic pack then you go in your refrigerator and move things around and build your dream funnel on your refrigerator. How cool would that be?

We're making that, so that's going to be our next free plus shipping offer to get people into Click Funnels. I just thought that was one of the coolest things ever, and if you think that's cool it means you've been geeking out with me long enough that we're all on the same page. We are making that, funnel magnets is coming soon. I’ve got to go buy or something like that, but anyway, that is another fun thing that I get to work on. One thing I wanted to kind of say related to that, I had a lot of interviews during the Christmas/New Years break, a lot of podcast interviews and stuff like that, we kind of loaded them up during that time so I could ... we're working a little less and just doing more of those. One question I got consistently a couple times it's just like, "Russell, what's next?"

I kind of smile I say, "You know what? For the last ten years of me doing this business I was looking like, what's next, what's next, what's next." I realized that's what was the problem, I kept trying to figure out what's the next thing to do. We spent all this time, effort and energy building something, we roll it out, and I was looking at what's next. When we launched Click Funnels a year and a half ago, and I've talked about this with you guys before, I sat back and said, "Okay, I need to try and focus." We sold the supplement company, we shut down like ten other side projects that we were doing and we started to focus. I was really nervous, I was like, "My entrepreneurial ADD ... I'm a creator, I want to create things, I want to figure out new funnels, new offers, things like that," that gets me excited. I had a friend, I'm not going to give him credit for it. Okay, I'll give him credit for it, his name is BJ. BJ Wright, some of you guys may know him.

BJ said something like, "What if you just instead of use your creativity to create a new product, what if you use your creativity to figure out more ways to market Click Funnels?" I was like, "Huh, that's actually a really good idea." If you've noticed over the last twelve months every funnel we have put out, every offer we put out, everything, including my book, they are all bait to get people into Click Funnels. Anyways, kind of interesting, just want to throw that out in case you guys haven't noticed. You probably noticed it but if not there it is. It's like this funnel magnet, that is a cool, creative, awesome idea we can do that will get people into Click Funnels, there yeah go.

Anyway, I'm at the office, I gotta bounce. Have an amazing day today, block out your schedule you guys because so far it's been amazing and I think that we all should be doing that. Other than that I will talk to you guys again soon, bye.

Episode #171 – Was Russell Really A Spammer?  

A short lesson Russell learned from his time at spam school…

On this episode Russell explains why he dabbled in being a spammer and how it went. He also talks about why he no longer makes decisions based on SEO stuff.

Here are 3 fun things to listen for in this episode:

Why Russell used to feel like he was running away from the cops all the time, and it made it hard to sleep at night. How much money Russell paid to go to Spam School, and why it was valuable even though spamming ultimately wasn’t for him. Why Russell says instead of hiring a person over a long period of time to teach you things, you should hire the person who is best at it and suck all the information from them in a really short period of time.

So listen below to find out why Russell used to be a spammer, but why he isn’t any more.


Hey, everyone, this is Russell Brunson, and welcome to another episode of Marketing In Your Car. Hey Everyone, so today is a cold, rainy day in Boise, Idaho. It's Friday so I got a couple big things trying to get done, and then I'm going to go see ... I'm really excited for this, Rand Fishkin, the CEO and the founder of SEOMoz is actually going to be coming to Boise and speaking which will be cool for a couple reasons. First off, last ... how many years ago? Five or six years ago, maybe longer, I spoke at ClickBank Exchange and Rand was speaking as well which was cool. I felt bad because I had the big stage and then Rand had this little, tiny room. I went in there, and that dude is brilliant, so smart, it was awesome to listen to him and loved it back then. Just been a big fan of their stuff for a long time. I'm excited to go hear him speak, and I'm not sure if he's speaking about SEO stuff or other things, but regardless, it'll be fun to go and get some cool stuff from him.

It's interesting ... He has a different philosophy on business than mine. I remember a little while ago, reading this huge article he wrote about how they raised all this crazy amounts of money, and all these things, that for me seem ludicrous, some of the worst business decisions in the world yet they're having success. There's different paths and different things. It'll be fun, I'm excited to hear what he's got to say and see what's going down in the SEO world nowadays because it's been a long time since I focused on it. I used to geek-out big time. For a while we had twenty, thirty people all in Peru doing SEO stuff for us and it was awesome. We were getting ranked for all these really difficult terms and it was amazing. We were very, very aggressive and so it was awesome because you could get really cool things to happen fast ... But then the problem was when Google got smarter than us then we started losing everything.

It was this thing where I always felt like I was chasing my own tail. We would go and we would be running, it felt like we were running away from the cops all the time. It felt like, we used to call it ... I'm not going to brag about this, but a little while ago, a few years back, we dabbled a little bit in spamming and trying to learn that game. It's the same kind of thing, it was hard to sleep at night because it felt like… we used to call it the “smash and grab”, where it felt like you were walking in, smashing a window, grabbing a TV and running down the road while the cops are chasing you. That's what it always felt like with SEO and with spam. We got away with it for a little bit, but eventually they always catch you, you can't always get away with it. I hated it, a little while ago, we quit the spamming thing really, really fast.

More so, I wanted to understand the psychology of it so I hired this dude, I was like, "How much would you charge me to teach me how to spam?" He's like, "Twenty-five grand," I'm like, "Done." I recorded all the sessions, and I remember I called it 'Spam School'. It was like eight calls or something like that. I'm like, "Okay, I got Spam School today," it was awesome. We got up and running, we had to buy all these servers, and these tunneling servers, and all this intense stuff. I know the process now, and I'm sure it's evolved since we kind of played with it, but back then we were totally geeking out on it and within two weeks of starting the process, I realized I hated it and so we stopped. I'm not a spammer, I was someone who was intrigued spam and dabble, but we gave up pretty quick after those feelings. In SEO we tried a lot longer, probably two or three years. We focused, we built it up, and we'd get these rankings for amazing words and the traffic started flowing, flowing, flowing, gone.

I remember we kept making all these huge business decisions based on SEO, and I remember one day, coming to the office and being fed up, and slamming my hand down and said, "We will never, from this point forward in this company, ever make a business decision based on SEO. Anything that happens from SEO is like a nice gift, but it will not ever be our focus again." That's been my philosophy for the last three years, and so it'll be fun though to hear what's happening. I think, if you guys have been listening, we hired Neil Patel a little while ago and flew him out for a day. Paid him twenty-five grand for a day, and learning from other people and I think there's going to be a time I'll get back into more and more SEO, just because mostly I think the SEO and social. There used to be a big divide between the two business models, but now that line is blurred or maybe even gone. That's why I'm excited, I'm hoping he's going to talk about that today because that's kind of my understanding and kind of the results we're starting to see from it, is that it's a blend of social and SEO.

I think if it's not happening now, logically, the only thing that makes sense for SEO is no longer to base stuff on linking because we can spam linking. The only thing it's smart to base it off of is social interaction because that's harder to fake. Anyway, I'm excited for that. I hope you guys got something out of that, and hopefully the only thing you got out wasn't that Russell's a spammer. In fact, the lesson I hope you got out of that, and this is really, really important, is... this is key, and I hope you guys all get this, is that you can learn a lot from someone in a really short, finite period of time. I remember a couple times I hired some employees because they were amazing, on paper, and they'd done these amazing things so we hire them, pay them a ton of money and salary, and all these things. What was interesting is they come, in the first thirty to sixty days, they would have all these amazing things that would transform things, and after that they were kind of useless. They use up their bag of tricks and they were gone.

I feel like everyone's got that. I've got that. For some reason, they come in… I've got my bag of tricks and things I know how to do to grow a company really, really quickly, but then after that, I don't have as many things. I think my skill set's a little deeper than most people, but for most consultants, they've got a one-trick-pony. They got that thing, and so we learned a while ago, instead of hiring employees who are really good at something, hire the dude who's the best, but for a short period of time. Have him come and teach you because you'll get ninety percent of the value out of him immediately. That's kind of my philosophy, it's like Neil Patel or I'm like, "Hey, we're going to start blogging. Who's the best blogging dude?" Boom, Neil Patel, twenty-five K, sucked everything we need out of him, now we've got a game plan to go run with. Things like that, it's finding out who's the best and then just buying an hour or a day, or whatever the time.

Last night I was hanging out with one of my buddies, BJ Wright, and we were talking about a site called, and if you haven't ever heard that site, you should, it's awesome. It's all these dudes and ladies who are amazing, who you can buy time with them per minute. He was talking about this app he was going to build, and he was like, "Hey, this is the dude that launched," what was it? That mafia game on Facebook, and the dude's like two bucks a minute to call, and he's like, "If you invest a hundred bucks you get thirty minutes of this dude's time. You can pick his brain on whatever you want." It's just interesting. So, I think my Christmas gift to myself this year is going to be… I'm going to look at the three or four things I'm really focused on in my business.

Obviously we're a SAS company, so that's one. We're doing growth hacking and stuff like that, so three or four things that I'm focusing on and then go to and find the best one or two people in each of those categories and buy thirty minutes, an hour of their time and just get all their info. Get it all in a condensed, quick, fast period of time, and that's how you can press decades into days, days into minutes, and it's really, really cool.

That's how I learn, people always ask me, "Russell, how do you learn now?" It's honestly getting harder and harder. The more you progress in this or any business, the harder it is to get new things. It gets harder. The way that I'm progressing myself, my knowledge base, outside of funnel hacking the crap out of everyone I can because I love watching what they do, even worse than what they say, but number two is that. I hope that is a value to you guys. Give yourself a Christmas present, go to and find someone you want to learn from and buy an hour, and just suck their brain and I think you'll get addicted to it. You'll find that, again, it's way better than reading a book, just hire the author and be like, "Hey, just tell me what I should do. Based on all this stuff you got, like, what would you do in this situation?" You can get there a lot quicker.

I hope that helps, that's what I'm going to be doi

Ep 33 - One Night in Tampa w Russell, Dom and Adam  

This is two episodes in one… recorded in Tampa Florida when my friend, comedian Russell Peters invited me to fly with him and Dom Irrera on Russell's private plane. I skipped my commercial flight and took my podcast equipment with me. The interview starts off with us waiting at the private airport with a new comedian with 5 years in the game - Adam Murray from Orlando Florida. He tells us about his years doing open mics and driving a taxi cab. I stepped away for a few minutes to go to the bathroom and Rodrigo takes over. The second part of the interview is me on the plane with Russell Peters (the world's most famous comedian that not many people in the U.S. know) and Dom Irrera (hilarious comedian who's been in the game for 30+ years). Kind of all over the place but a bunch of true comedy road life stories. Hope you like it. Please rate or review the podcast and if you like it subscribe! Thanks for listening! LINKS Adam Murray: TWITTER: @AdamMurrayLive WEBSITE: Russell Peters: TWITTER: @TheRealRussellP WEBSITE: Dom Irrera: TWITTER: @DomIrrera WEBSITE: Felipe Esparza: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @FunnyFelipe INSTAGRAM: @FelipeEsparzaComedian Rodrigo Torres: TWITTER: @RodrigoTorresJr INSTAGRAM: @RodrigoTorresJr Voodoo Glowskulls (they do our theme song) Ernesto Yerena (he designed our podcast logo) INSTAGRAM: @ernestoyerena Lesa ODaniel (Producer, editor, "What's Up Fool?" podcast) TWITTER: @WhatsUpFoolPod

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