Dan Patrick Show - Hour 3 - Reggie Miller (10-25-16)  

Dan and The Danettes welcome Turner Sports' Reggie Miller.

The Aldrich Family - Latin Exam aka: Latin Homework (03-15-53)  

Latin Exam aka: Latin Homework (Aired September 9, 1943)
The Aldrich Family, a popular radio teenage situation comedy (1939-1953), is remembered first and foremost for its unforgettable introduction: awkward teen Henry's mother calling, "Hen-reeeeeeeeeeeee! Hen-ree Al-drich!" A top-ten ratings hit within two years of its birth (in 1941, the showm carried a 33.4 Crossley rating, landing it solidly alongside Jack Benny and Bob Hope), the show is considered a prototype for teen-oriented situation comedies to follow on radio and television and is a favourite if dated find for old-time radio collectors today. The Aldrich Family as a separate radio show was born as a summer replacement for Jack Benny in NBC's Sunday night lineup, July 2, 1939, and it stayed there until October 1, 1939, when it moved to Tuesday nights at 8 p.m., sponsored by General Foods's popular gelatin dessert Jell-O---which also sponsored Jack Benny at the time. The Aldriches ran in that slot from October 10, 1939 until May 28, 1940, moving to Thursdays, from July 4, 1940 until July 20, 1944. THIS EPISODE: September 9, 1943. "Latin Exam" aka "Latin Homework. - NBC network. Sponsored by: Postum (1 commercial deleted). Henry tries to get out of a tennis date with Violet by using a make-up exam in Latin as an excuse. The ensuing confusion leads to a planned operation for tonsil removal! Dan Seymour (announcer), Clifford Goldsmith (writer), House Jameson, Katharine Raht, Norman Tokar, Jackie Kelk, Jack Miller (composer, conductor). 30:31. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

#35 - World Series  

En historisk höstklassiker börjar idag - den 112:e upplagan av World Series. I år mellan lagen som altid brukar förlora. Vi pratar om det och blickar även tillbaka på slutspelet fram till idag. Om besvikelserna och skrällarna. Och om basebollhistoriens knäppaste skada. Om Bob Dylan, Baez, Miller och Maddon. Om Rizzo, Russell och Rick Vaughn. Och mycket mer. Välkomna in i vår - ibland skruvade - värld. Den ultimata uppladdningen inför årets finalmatcher.

Ep. 136: Week 8 Lines, NBA Futures, and World Series Predictions With Cousin Sal  

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on Cousin Sal to discuss the fall of football (3:00), adding entertainers to the TV booth (8:00), Tom Brady's MVP odds (13:00), 'Sunday Night Football' vs. the World Series (17:30), Blake Bortles's road record (22:00), the lowest NFL spreads ever (25:00), the problem with the PAT (28:00), the four worst teams in the league (31:00), the out-of-sync offenses (38:00), the NFC East vs. the AFC West (45:40), Dan Quinn's questionable call (50:30), Warriors vs. the field championship odds (56:50), LeBron's MVP campaign (59:00), the Cubs' curse (1:03:30), and the Indians' best hope with Andrew Miller (1:05:00).

#15: Christy Wright—5 Ways Entrepreneurial Women Can Thrive and Win Big  

Starting a business comes with plenty of challenges. And women face a unique set of them as they become entrepreneurs.

To help, Donald Miller sat down with Christy Wright, founder of Business Boutique. And we’re kicking off the third season of the Building a Story Brand podcast by discussing 5 game-changing insights for entrepreneurial women.

Christy sees the most common struggles women face in business. And she’s helped guide the success of thousands of female entrepreneurs through her wildly popular seminars. In this podcast, she shares five powerful insights women can use to develop as entrepreneurs.

If you’re dreaming about starting a business, trying to get one off the ground, or building an empire, don’t miss this episode.

The First Nighter Program - The Chinese Gong (03-29-44)  

The Chinese Gong (Aired March 29, 1944)
The First Nighter Program was a long-running radio anthology comedy-drama series broadcast from 1930 to 1953. The host was Mr. First Nighter (Charles P. Hughes, Macdonald Carey, Bret Morrison, Marvin Miller, Don Briggs and Rye Billsbury [later known as Michael Rye). The show's opening recreated the aural atmosphere of a Broadway opening. Before each week's drama began, Mr. First Nighter was first heard walking on Broadway, emerging from the noise of people and street traffic into the crowded lobby of "the Little Theater Off Times Square" and then taking his seat in the third row center, where he gave the whispered introduction. THIS EPISODE: March 29, 1944. Mutual network. "The Chinese Gong". Sponsored by: Campana's cosmetics. Barbara Luddy, Olan Soule, Arch Oboler (author). 29:14. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

Supergirl S:2 | Welcome To Earth E:3 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Supergirl edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Supergirl. In this episode hosts Stephanie Wenger, Lex Michael, and Tauri Miller discuss episode 3! ABOUT SUPERGIRL: Supergirl is an upcoming American television series developed by writer/producers Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler, Sarah Shechter, and Andrew Kreisberg, set to air on CBS. It […]

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158 Logan Trailer For The Logan Movie  

What a week for the third Wolverine movie Logan getting a trailer! We get right into that as well as the passing of a comic book legend, Captain Planet the movie, Deadpool 2 losing it’s director, Lando cast for the Han Solo movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 trailer plus a Transformers: The Last Knight Exclusive.

Check out the bonus episode in this series of Caravan Of Garbage here:

0:00 Visit & use promo code weeklyplanet for a ridiculous deal
1:54 RIP Steve Dillion
4:31 Captain Planet is getting a dumb movie
7:11 Tim Miller leaves Deadpool 2
9:39 Spider-man Homecoming sequel villains
13:41 Transformers: The Last Knight SCOOP
19:26 Donald Glover is Lando
24:44 Joss Whedon Star Wars movie?
29:09 GOTG Vol 2 Sneak Peak
37:00 Logan trailer

1:08:20 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
1:17:29 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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The Bickersons - The Gooseby Vacation (06-22-51)  

The Gooseby Vacation (Aired June 22, 1951)
This was a variety show starring Don Ameche and singer-actress Frances Langford as co-hosts, airing on NBC and sponsored by Drene Shampoo. Announcing the show—and later familiar to television viewers as The Millionaire's presenter and executive secretary, Michael Anthony—was Marvin Miller. Drene Time typically opened with Langford singing a big band-style arrangement before Ameche and Langford would slip into routine comedy, often aided by co-star Danny Thomas, in routines that often expressed Ameche's frustration that Thomas was more interested in modern technology and discoveries than in women. THIS EPISODE: June 22, 1951. "The Gooseby Vacation" - CBS network. Sponsored by: Philip Morris. Unedited tape. Frances starts the program by singing, "Exactly Like You." After a driving lesson, the Bickersons rent the Gooseby's house while Brother Barney uses the Bickerson's home for a poker game. Tony Romano and His Orchestra, Phil Rapp (creator), Frances Langford, Lew Parker, Bob Pfoeffer (commercial spokesman), John Holbrook (announcer). 31:03. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

Best Of PFT Live: Week 17 - Hour 2  

Super Bowl MVP Von Miller and Jaguars star receiver Allen Robinson join this week's show! Mike and Stats call their shots for Week 7, and with the developing story of Giants Kicker Josh Brown, Florio and Stats explore the idea of a Zero-Tolerance Policy. #NFL

STORM OF SPOILERS TOUR: American Horror Story  

Welcome to another off season tour episode of A STORM OF SPOILERS! This week a slightly sleep-deprived Da7e and a very brave Joanna introduce unsuspecting victim Neil Miller to the oddity that is American Horror Story: Roanoke. With two of the hosts having been deep in this world for awhile (with differing levels of appreciation), it's Neil's turn to navigate just what the hell is going on with this "anothology" horror seires...that has a mythology.....? PIG MAN! ALSO - YUGE Game of Thrones spoiler news! So YUGE we almost didn't share it, but we did. SKIP if you fear the SPOILAGE. MAKE SURE TO TAKE OUR SURVEY at THIS WEEK'S TIMECODES: 0:00:00 - Intro, Game of Thrones News!!!!! 0:15:56 - American Horror Story 01:02:51 - Preview: A Storm of Spoilers Halloween. Follow Neil (@rejects), Joanna (@jowrotethis), Da7e (@da7e) and the show (@StormofSpoilers) on Twitter! 

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar - The Peerless Fire Matter (05-05-57)  

The Peerless Fire Matter (Aired May 5, 1957)
The guest stars and supporting casts were always first rate, attracting the best radio actors in both Los Angeles and New York. Pat McCracken was played by several actors – most frequently, by Larry Dobkin. Particularly noteworthy was the work of Virginia Gregg, who played many roles, including Johnny's girlfriend Betty Lewis. Harry Bartell was also a frequent guest, who did many of the Spanish dialect roles when Johnny went to a Latin American country. Other frequent guest performers were Parley Baer, Tony Barrett, John Dehner, Don Diamond, Sam Edwards, Herb Ellis, Frank Gerstle, Stacy Harris, Jack Kruschen, Forrest Lewis, Howard McNear, Marvin Miller, Jeanette Nolan, Vic Perrin, Barney Phillips, Jean Tatum, Russell Thomson, Ben Wright, and Will Wright. Vincent Price co-starred as himself in "The Price of Fame Matter" and went to Europe with Johnny on the case. In December 1960, the show moved to New York. Robert Readick started the New York run as Dollar, but only lasted a short while. Jack Johnstone continued to write for the show and submitted scripts from California. THIS EPISODE: May 5, 1957. CBS network origination, AFRTS rebroadcast. "The Peerless Fire Matter". A junkyard has burnt down in a residential area...and the neighbors are overjoyed! Bob Bailey, Forrest Lewis, Hans Conried, Herb Vigran, Parley Baer, Virginia Gregg. 32:17. Show Notes From The Old Time Radio Researcher's Group and The Digital Deli.

REShow: Andrew Miller. Hour 1 (10-21-16)  

Calling into the show, Cleveland Indians pitcher Andrew Miller talks about Game 6 of the NLCS.

The Presidential Debates Are Over, Now The Voters Have To Decide  

This week, the season of debates has finally ended, with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her Republican counterpart Donald Trump doing battle in Las Vegas, Nevada. And the emerging headline from the final head-to-head tilt is that Donald Trump doesn't seem to be planning for a peaceful transition of power, refusing to promise to accept the result of the election. That shouldn't pose a threat to our democracy at all, right? Well, for all the attention that Trump gets whenever he goes out of his way to deform our democratic norms, it's worth asking ourselves how our civic foundation has come to be so rickety that a glorified reality-teevee huckster can so readily endanger it. Joining us to discuss whether or not there was some notable rot in our foundations that we should have noted much sooner is Rolling Stone columnist and author Matt Taibbi. Finally, for all you history dorks out there, we have a special treat for you today, author and historian John Cooper Miller, Jr. is on the show today. Miller is best known for his 2009 biography of President Woodrow Wilson, he joins us today to examine some of the historical roots of the Democratic Party and how it may inform its future.

Dan Patrick Show - Hour 2 - Andrew Miller (10-21-16)  

Dan and The Danettes welcome Cleveland Indians pitcher Andrew Miller.

Effectively Wild Episode 966: Ask, and Ye Shall Receive  

Ben and Sam banter about Ben's engagement, then answer listener emails about Andrew Miller, playoff tactics during the regular season, renaming the playoff rounds, and more.

Hispanic in Texas  

San Antonio is now a majority Hispanic city, and home to many entrepreneurial success stories. Joe Miller asks why Hispanic representation in big business has lagged.

Cleveland Rocks: 10/20/16  

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic are joined by Indians P Andrew Miller, ESPN's Rick Sutcliffe & SEC Network's Booger McFarland. Plus, Josh Brown's admission.

Hour 4: 10/20/16  

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic discuss the NFL's choice to not suspend Vontaze Burfict and talk to ESPN MLB analyst Jessica Mendoza, Indians P Andrew Miller and more.

Denver Broncos LB Von Miller | 10/20 #3  

Von tells us the outrageous ways teams try and block him, and if he still gets fined for farting in team meetings.

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