Peer Raben, Filmkomponist (Todestag 21.01.2007)  

Er galt als "Fassbinder-Komponist" und hatte mit dem Etikett auch kein Problem: Für 26 Filme von Rainer Werner Fassbinder komponierte Peer Raben die Filmmusik, darunter "Die Ehe der Maria Braun", "Lili Marleen" und "Berlin Alexanderplatz". Zusammen mit dem Enfant Terrible des Neuen Deutschen Films stieg der Autodidakt aus Niederbayern in den 1970er und 80er Jahren zum wohl bekanntesten deutschen Filmkomponisten auf. Autor: Martin Herzog

Peer Raben, Filmkomponist (Todestag 21.01.2007)  

Peer Raben war der Haus-Komponist von Rainer Werner Fassbinder: Berlin Alexanderplatz, Die Ehe der Maria Braun, Lola, Lili Marleen - fast alle seine Filme hat Peer Raben vertont. In Deutschland ist er heute fast vergessen. Im Ausland aber wird der sperrige Filmkomponist auch zehn Jahre nach seinem Tod verehrt. Autor: Martin Herzog.

#79 Herzog, skihopp og årets ord  

** Da dokumentarist Werner Herzog fulgte skiflyver Water Steiner, gikk det ikke etter planen. 40 år senere fant MARIUS LIEN skihopperen dypt inne i de svenske skoger. ** Årets ord, ifølge språkrådet, er «hverdagsintegrering». Det er er dørgende kjedelig. PAAL UVAAG og ESPEN HAUGLID prøver å finne en mer verdig vinner. ** Og en sørgesang for FM fra en mann med 21 snart ubrukelige radioapparater.

Ep. 44: 2016 Year in Review  

This week, Rob and Geoff look back on the themes and trends that shaped film and television in 2016, and revisit some of their favourite interviews from WNP's inaugural season. - Jay Baruchel on the challenges/advantages of making films in Canada (2:12). - Matt Johnson on his approach to funding new Canadian filmmakers (10:55). - Magali Simard on why "Golden Age TV" is too easy (15:29). - Werner Herzog on the pros and cons of working with Netflix (18:15). - Jordan Sowunmi on the importance of ATLANTA and INSECURE (22:05) - Bonnie Arnold on building animated worlds (28:25). - Mike Mitchell and Walt Dorn on how ADVENTURE TIME and Hayao Miyazaki influenced TROLLS (32:56). - Shane Smith on the emergence of VR in documentary filmmaking (37:55). -Charlie Brooker on accidentally predicting the future (43:50).

TDF 386 Bucky Sinister  

Lotta Werner Herzog. Buckowski. ART. Poems. Bucky Sinister (@bucky_sinister on twitter @buckysinister on Instagram). He’s dipped in the works and I learn a LOT. We go deep, psychologically. It’s a great ep. Enjoy. NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER PLEASE do NOT donate to TDF. DONATE to your LOCAL foodbank. is good if you’re in the US. OR… google the name of your town and the words “food bank.” You got this. WELCOME to year ELEVEN of TDF. Premium eps are taped live and available here: You can order tshirts or CD/DVD from and you can USE THE AMAZON link on the main page or on the SUPPORT THE SHOW page. No additional charge to you and Amazon kicks back to TDF. Thank you! I have an hour comedy special out called “This Will Make An Excellent Horcrux” because my soul is in it. You can download it here: or get the DVD on my site. Audio leveling by Patrick Brady  Music is by Mike Ruekberg  Website design by Vilmos:

Veronica Ferres, Schauspielerin [Audio] - 11.12.2016  

Veronica Ferres zählt zu den wenigen deutschen Schauspielerinnen, die es bis nach Hollywood geschafft haben. Ab Donnerstag ist sie als Wissenschaftlerin im Thriller "Salt and Fire" im Kino zu sehen, bei dem Werner Herzog sowohl Regie führte als auch das Drehbuch schrieb. Geboren und aufgewachsen ist sie in Solingen, sie studierte zunächst Germanistik, Psychologie und Theaterwissenschaft in München. Ihr Debüt gab sie am Bayerischen Staatstheater in "Die Kassette" von Carl Sternheim. Ihren Durchbruch als Schauspielerin hatte sie mit "Schtonk!" (1992) und später mit der Hauptrolle in "Das Superweib" (1996). Sie spielte schon neben John Malkovich, Nicolas Cage und kürzlich neben Robert de Niro. Veronica Ferres ist fit wie nie, für die Dreharbeiten von „Salt and Fire“ machte sie extra ein Höhentraining, sie liebt Boxen und Tauchen.

Veronika Ferres - 07.12.2016  

Für seinen neuen Film "Salt and Fire" hat Regisseur Werner Herzog Veronica Ferres in die Wüste geschickt, in eine Salzwüste. Dort soll sie auf eine Katastrophe aufmerksam machen. Klingt spannend? Mehr von der Schauspielerin bei uns im Studio.

Like someone took a rat and they drowned it.  

On this episode of Travis Bickle, your hosts Tucker Stone and Sean Witzke discuss: 0:00:00 - 0:07:17 - Wings of Hope (2000), directed by Werner Herzog, starring Juliane Koepcke. 0:07:18 - 0:33:12 - Hacksaw Ridge (2016), directed by Mel Gibson, starring Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaughn, Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey, Hugo Weaving, and Teresa Palmer.  0:33:13 - 0:43:06 - Blood Father (2016), directed by Jean-Francois Richet, starring Mel Gibson, Diego Luna, William H Macy, Michael Parks, and Erin Moriarty.  0:43:07 - 0:51:09 - Killzone 2 (2016), directed by Soi Cheang, starring Tony Jaa, Wu Jing, and Simon Yam.  0:51:10 - 1:31:04 - Black Mirror season 3, written by Charlie Brooker, starring many people.  1:31:05 - 1:41:35 - Minority Report (2002), directed by Stephen Spielberg, starring Tom Cruise, Max Von Sydow, Samantha Morton, Colin Farrell, Neal McDonagh, Jessica Harper, Peter Stormare, and Tim Blake Nelson.  Next Week: Arrival. Our outro music this week: is "Save Me" by Aimee Mann from Magnolia. And our intro, as always, is from Escape From New York.  You can download episodes directly from itunes and rss. For a quick look at who has been on the show before and what movies have been discussed in each episode, look at our one-page episode guide. This is a Patreon-supported podcast, subscribing to the show can give you access to monthly criticism from the hosts. You can follow the show on twittertumblrletterboxd and facebook. The hosts are on twitter too - TuckerMorgan, and Sean.  Carpenters Gotta Carpent

Salt and Fire - 06.12.2016  

Statt am Aralsee inszeniert Werner Herzog seinen Ökothriller in der Salzwüste von Bolivien. Ihm gelingen zwar wunderbare Landschaftsbilder - Spiegel existenzieller Befindlichkeiten. Sonst überzeugt der angestrengte Film nicht.

26.11.16 Dette tar jeg vare på  

Vi har hatt vår første opptreden på en scene! Dvs. S/W foran publikum. Grøss & gøy! Takk til alle som kom! Dette snakket vi om: Skatten på harddisken. Gretes etter hvert så berømte SMS-arkiv. Du har 100 ereksjoner igjen i løpet av livet - hva gjør du da? En kjæreste kaster alt, mens den neste tar vare på alt. Werner Herzog, Tassen, en landeveissykkel og et ekstremt ryddig kontor. To gjenstander vi ikke greier å kaste. Samt et gjenhør med telefonsvareren til Kari Slaatsveen, og beskjedene derfra som hun vil ta vare på for alltid: Nemlig dem som ligger igjen etter pappaen hennes.

Ep. 40. Werner Herzog on Kinski, North Korea, and Netflix  

With Geoff back from California, he and Rob dive right into the big news of the week including the resurrection of Stanley Kubrick's unrealized film NAPOLEON (0:50), and a somewhat lacklustre opening weekend for the new Harry Potter spin-off, FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM (5:30). Then, Rob fulfills a lifelong dream as he sits down for a conversation with the legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog (GRIZZLY MAN, RESCUE DAWN, AGUIRRE: THE WRATH OF GOD). Werner breaks down why the distinction of "best working actor" is a two horse race between Michael Shannon and Joaquin Phoenix (12:00), talks about the experience of filming in North Korea (16:40), and weighs the pros and cons of releasing a film on Netflix (23:45).

Hr1: News Roundup, Political Hangovers, Werner Herzog  

Filmmaker Werner Herzog talks about his new documentary "Into the Inferno," about the devastating power of volcanoes. Plus, how believing in the possibility of change can help you come to terms with this long and polarizing election season.

Nature Podcast: 3 November 2016  

This week, the earliest humans to roam Australia, Werner Herzog’s new film about volcanoes, and are astronomers turning a blind eye to competing theories?

Episode 272 - Ghosts Can't Do It  
On this week's episode, the gang finds themselves stuck in a strange realm somewhere between the Halloween Spooktacular, A Side Order of Sleaze, and the closest they'll come to an election special, with the totally disgusting and ridiculous, Ghosts Can't Do It! What is with the way they're filming Anthony Quinn as a ghost? Is Bo Derek's character a Stockholm Syndrome-suffering hostage? And is that really Donald Trump? PLUS: In an alternate timeline, Donald Trump loses the election to the dancing chicken from Werner Herzog's Stroszek, who also happens to be a member of the Communist party.

Ghosts Can't Do It stars Bo Derek, Anthony Quinn, Don Murray, Julie Newmar, and Donald Trump; allegedly directed by John Derek.

Karl Hyde, Clive Oppenheimer and James Mullinger  

Underworld’s Karl Hyde talks us through 30 years of groundbreaking dance music, as detailed in his new book ‘I Am Dogboy’. Meanwhile, comedian James Mullinger outlines his life as the basis of new film ‘The Comedian’s Guide to Survival’ and we meet Clive Oppenheimer, the volcanologist whose research saw him collaborate with film-maker Werner Herzog on documentary ‘Into the Inferno’.

Amadeus, Lo and Behold, A Horse Walks Into A Bar, Paul Nash, The Moonstone  

There's a revival of Peter Shaffer's play Amadeus at London's National Theatre. It's the story of Mozart's supposed rivalry with fellow composer Salieri and it has a live orchestra on stage accompanying and acting in the play Werner Herzog's latest film Lo and Behold considers the history and future, the successes and failures of the world wide web Israeli author David Grossman's novel A Horse Walks Into A Bar is a story about an edgy stand-up comedian who's playing strange confessional games with his audience Tate Britain has an exhibition of the work of Paul Nash, from his times as a war artist in both world wars and his surrealist paintings to his less well known assemblages The BBC's new period drama has been in the planning stages for a long time; The Moonstone is based on Wilkie Collins' novel, acknowledged as the first and greatest of English Detective novels. Tom Sutcliffe's guests are Abigail Morris, Rajan Datar and Maev Kennedy. The producer is Oliver Jones.

P1 Kultur fredag 28 oktober  

I dag blir det Werner Herzog i helformat! Den produktiva tyska regissören är återigen aktuell med en ny dokumentär - Into the Inferno - och P1 Kultur diskuterar Herzogs klassiker och katastrofer! Vi besöker också Kinnekulle i Västergötland, där Nina Asarnoj träffat regissören John Tornblad som gjort filmen Tjuvjägaren. Den bygger på en verklig historia och handlar om ett par - Inga och Lasse Eriksson som i trettio år bodde i ett slags kombination av grotta och stenhydda i skogen, ungefär från 1880 och framåt. När de var i femtioårsåldern blev de hemlösa, en släkting ville ha tillbaka huset där de bott, och ingen i byn ville hyra ut något åt den hotfulle och ganska asociale vildmannen Lasse. Så de hade att välja på att emigrera till Amerika, fattighuset eller att hitta en annan lösning. En annan lösning blev Grottan... Hör reportaget om grottan, Inga och Lasse Eriksson och filmen Tjuvjägaren i P1 Kultur, som också träffar artisten och regissören Charlotte Engelkes, som idag har premiär på föreställningen Min Mamma, en dokumentärmusikal om allas våra mammor. I OBS utreds korgkritikens idéhistoriska rötter av kulturredaktionens Karsten Thurfjell, som fått tag på en nyutgåva med alla åtta årgångar av pionjärverket "Almanach des gourmands" från 1800-talets början, utgiven av franska förlaget Menu Fretin.

Ep. 30: A Conversation with James Gunn and Greg McLean  

Rob and Geoff meet up mid-festival to dicuss some of their favourite films thus far including: Denis Villeneuve's ARRIVAL(1:50), Barry Jenkin's MOONLIGHT (3:10), and Werner Herzog's INTO THE INFERNO (6:40). Then Geoff welcomes filmmakers James Gunn (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) and Greg McLean (WOLF CREEK) into the studio (17:05) to talk about their outrageously enjoyable new film THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, the pros and cons of working with your friends, and the things they'd rather be doing than writing scripts.

Werner Herzog on Death, Executioners, and Advice for Filmmakers  

This week, we celebrate legendary film director Werner Herzog’s birthday with a thrilling conversation from the archives. In 2012, Herzog came to the Library to discuss his most recent film, “Into the Abyss,” as well as his four-part television series, “Death Row.” In this conversation with NYPL’s Paul Holdengraber, Herzog talks about crime, human nature, and why he stands so firmly against capital punishment.

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