Adam Carolla – Episode 121  

After Chuck Woolery and Mark Young discuss the ludicrous leftist opinions saying that global warming is the cause for the Syrian civil war, the reason for an impending disease pandemic and much more, record-holding podcaster Adam Carolla joins them for this episode of Blunt Force Truth. Down to earth and easy-going, Carolla discusses the various politicians running for President in 2016 and their policies. They consider taxes, the current government and building a business in the age of regulations. Chuck and Adam share their experiences being conservative in the entertainment industry. Adam Carolla is an outspoken comedian, radio personality, television host, actor, author, podcaster and director who holds the Guinness World Record for most downloaded podcast. With a prolific entertainment career, he has built his own digital media business, with a number of his own shows, including the Adam Carolla Show and Carcast. For more information and download his shows, go to Follow Carolla on Twitter: @adamcarolla Like him on Facebook:

#576 No Guest 12/14/1997  

CLL #576 (feat. The Love between The Two Hosts) 12/14/1997 - Sunday Night Show - Source: JBJ Tape w/ Spinfly Tape patches. (No Guest Adam Breaks Wind) Show contains: Great reenactment of Adam at the John Hiatt concert, gas Great 1997 No guest show. The Lords of Acid are in tomorrow and Buster Poindexter will be in on Tuesday. Adam accidently calls him Buster the Poindexter when he suggests he may actually be Dicky from the Bosstones in disguise. Drew and Adam are on the 7-day a week plan and are about to have enough of each other. What comes up next is one of my favorite reenactments ever done. Last night's guest was John Hiatt. Adam went to John's concert and had a great time, especially during the encore. Before telling the story, he has to explain to Drew how rock concerts do encores. Engineer Mike fires up the song Slow Turning (the song John used for his encore) to help the story telling effect. Drew calls him lame but Adam just tells him to shut up. Adam gets back into it by telling how halfway into the song, John stopped singing and all of a sudden goes: "ADAM, ADAM! DREW! DREW! HELLLLP ME!!! HELLLLP MEEE!!!" 30 seconds later he does it again going: "ADAM, ADAM! HELP MEE! DREEEEEEEEW!!!" Adam then creamed in his pants, comparing himself to one of the crazed fans of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. When Drew gets mad at Adam for not telling him the story before the show, Adam says if he knew the story, Drew would just sit there like a block of petrified wood. Now he is just sitting there like a block of regular wood. Caller Christine asks the question "Are there calories in semen?" Drew says the last time they were asked that question; they were at a balcony of a huge hall in Chicago. A person in the crowd said it was 2,000 calories. That was where Drew got the idea to tell his daughter that. Caller Keith has a creepy grandfather who tried to get him to have sex at the age of 11. Drew suggests it could be a cultural thing. The grandfather was from Poland however. Caller David is driving a semi. Adam can tell it's a truck as soon as the punch him up. Adam makes a reference to a 1970's TV show called "BJ and the Bear." Adam mentions he had a bizarre dream last night. This is the one where Adam gets stuck under a glass coffee table and Drew Carey urinates on him. A caller gets mad on Drew's behalf for him having to go on Charles Grodin's show. When Adam explains how they get stuck on TV shows where nobody knows who him and Drew are, he mocks the dumb host by saying "Hey, it's Dr. Jew and Adam A-hole-a." They also tend to end up getting stuck in between two other random guests on those shows. Adam threatens if screwed up kid's make his taxes get high enough, he is going to move to Geneva and host a show called "Cheese and Chocolate." When it comes time to gamble, Drew says he left his wallet in his Volvo even though Adam saw him leaving Starbucks earlier. Drew brings up that there is a new device available that will actually unlock and start your car for you before you are even in it. Adam recalls his traffic school teaching days when he has to yell at Drew for reading something during the show. Drew asks if he has any good stories from back then. Of course there are several: One time Adam liked one of the girls in a class and looked up her number from the papers he got. He called but got an answering machine with a guy on it and nothing ever happened. Another time he took his class outside to play Frisbee for three hours. It was supposed to be related to teaching them about aerodynamics. Another time, during the one hour lunch break, he went out for drinks with a couple of the students and didn't come back until 2 1/2 hours later. Apparently the place he used to teach at was called "Lettuce Amuse You." Drew makes a reference to Adam's PRS, or Personal Rating Scale. Adam has a batting cage-like moment predicti

Ep. 25 - Adam Carolla: The Next President of the USA  

This week, Adam Carolla, American comedian and host of The Adam Carolla Show, joins The James Altucher Show.You probably know Adam best from his show on Comedy Central, The Man Show. But what you might not know is how the show actually originated.Today, Adam reveals the secret to the show that may shock many listeners.Like James, Adam chose a more unconventional path in life.He was a college dropout who tried every job in the book. But with perseverance, he was able to go around the gatekeepers of the industry that he wanted to pursue. You'll hear all the struggles and hurdles that got Adam to where he is today.A humbling side of Adam is revealed as he shares the story of his first consistent paying job where the little things meant so much to him. Things as simple as sitting in air conditioning and getting paid to interview people... He says he just could not fathom the idea of it.Even when his ideas were shut down, he found incentive to move forward and continue building his idea muscle... Here, you'll learn that you have to break out of your comfort zone to really succeed.Plus, you won't want to miss this, Adam discusses his newest book President Me: The America That's in My Head. It's your chance to sit down and have a one-on-one with the author himself.James and Adam discuss the general entitlement that people seem to have across America, as mentioned in his book.And for anyone seeking advice or wisdom on starting a podcasting career... listen up, because Adam has several priceless suggestions.You'll also hear all about what Adam calls his "patent troll," opening up about a recent lawsuit his podcast is facing...

ep 9: Adam Carolla  

Adam Carolla brings his signature style (and signature cocktail!) to "Unqualified" this week. Blunt, unapologetic, and always entertaining, Adam proves why he's been captivating audiences for fifteen years. Listen in as Adam and Anna spar over men's dating preferences, and discuss secrets for self-confidence. Adam also shares a hilarious story about the funniest prank ever pulled on him.  Later, he brings his Love Line skills to bear when he, Anna, and Sim talk to Unqualified listeners, including a woman whose husband has an unconventional sexual request, and a girl who wonders how to tell a former fling that she is moving to his city. You won't want to miss a moment of this feisty, fast-paced episode. So pour yourself a glass of Adam's "Mangria" and join in the fun!    And be sure to catch Adam Carolla on his own legendary podcast, THE ADAM CAROLLA SHOW    Please rate us on iTunes and leave us a review! We'd love to hear from you. Thanks, and don't forget - new episodes release every Tuesday!   Credits:   Co-host and Produced by: Sim Sarna @simsarna Technical Producer: Mike Flinn @realmikeflinn Social Media and Co-producer: Alycia Lancey @alycialancey Theme song by: Mondo Cozmo @mondocozmo Website by: Will Plyer Twitter: @unqualified IG: @unqualified  Follow Anna at @annakfaris   Submit your questions:

309: Adam Gilbert | Psychology of Change  

"Unless you're actually on Jeopardy, knowledge without action is useless!"  - Adam Gilbert

The Cheat Sheet: What's the top reason people fear losing weight? (7:15) Why awareness is the key to making lasting changes. (16:50) The broccoli test: what it is and how to use it. (21:50) The most common roadblocks Adam sees. (27:30) How to use discomfort as your compass. (34:10) Why you need a coach and it's amateur to think you don't. (40:10) And so much more...

Have you ever tried to lose weight, stop drinking, start a business and a new exercise program at the same time? Did you fail and wonder why? Health and fitness psychology expert, Adam Gilbert, would say you took on too much at one time.

There's a psychology to making changes that last and Adam is here to give us the golden nuggets on that very topic. Join us for episode 309 as we talk about the psychology of weight loss, why you sabotage yourself and others do too, why discomfort is the perfect compass and the most common roadblocks he sees with his clients.

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More About This Show:

Adam Gilbert has always been fascinated by the topics of health, fitness, nutrition and psychology. And since 2007 he has made those areas his life's work. He helps people make changes in their health and fitness by understanding what's holding them back psychologically. Inherently, most of us know there is no magic pill or quick-fix to getting healthy and we know we have to eat right, exercise and take care of ourselves to be as healthy as we can be. Adam helps us understand what's in the way, psychologically, to doing so.

On the topic of weight loss, Adam believes there are a lot of psychological factors at work. Is someone afraid of losing weight because they won't fit in with their friends any more? Or perhaps their spouse or significant other doesn't support them in getting fit - their partner sabotages their weight loss efforts by making meals that don't fit their diet plan.

All of those examples have an underlying psychology to them that applies not just to weight loss, but to any area of our lives we're improving. And that psychology is fear of rejection, and fear of success. We may sabotage our efforts in an area because we don't want to lose the friendships and the partner we're comfortable with; we don't want them to reject our new "selves" so we make changes, but don't stick with them.

Adam and I discuss the specific ways to navigate these situations so we can actually be okay with making changes, being uncomfortable and helping others while we're in the process of growing and shifting. One of the most pivotal keys to doing so that Adam and I talk about is awareness. When you're aware of what's happening, you can better navigate any change.

We also dive into the related area of discomfort and how to use it as our compass. Adam believes if we truly want to become the person of our dreams, whether it's a healthy awesome body or the ideal relationship or our perfect job or business, we have to use discomfort to guide us to get there. If we continue to do what's comfortable, we'll continue to stay where we are. So in order to steer us into that new body, relationship, job or business, we have to do what's uncomfortable.

There's so much more Adam and I discuss but one of the biggest takeaways we both want you to get is this: you must take action on this knowledge. All the tricks, tips and tools we give you are pointless until you implement them. So listen to this show, get yourself a coach or accountability partner to help you and then take action!

Adam was a terrific guest and I enjoyed having him on the show, I hope you enjoy this episode as well. Be sure to check out the gift he's giving all of you, you'll find it in the Resources section below. Thanks for listening and we'll see you next time.


If you enjoyed this session of the Art of Charm Podcast, let Adam know by clicking on the link below and sending him a quick shout out on Twitter:

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Resources from this episode:

Adam's web site
Adam's gift to all of you
Adam on Twitter
Paradox of Choice, hard copy
Paradox of Choice, audio version

60: Chasing the PGA Tour (and what it’s going to take to get there) with Adam Long  

What does it take to make it to the PGA Tour? Join us as Adam Long shares his ongoing journey over the last 5 years to present day as a professional golfer striving to reach the ultimate goal of playing (and winning) on the PGA Tour!

Adam narrowly missed being in the top 25 money earners on the Tour, which would have secured his card to play in the PGA Tour for the 2015-2016 season.  He has very high hopes for this upcoming season.  In this interview, Adam shares some of his highest and lowest moments on the course, as well as some of the key lessons that have gotten him this far on his journey.

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Adam Long's Background

Born in Louisiana
Grew up playing golf in St. Louis, MO
He had a highly decorated amateur career, ranked as high as 8th in the Golfweek Junior Golf Rankings
He played four years at Duke University, compiling quite a resume for both his golf game and academics.
After graduating, he wasted no time, deciding to turn pro in June of 2010, and had relatively quick success with solid finishes on the eGolf and Hooters tour, including a win in 2011.
Adam played his way onto the tour this past year, with highlights including T2, 4th place, T13, and T18 finish.
Adam finished #41 on the money list at the end of the regular season, just 16 spots away from earning his PGA card.

Highlights from this Episode

He also walks us through 2 of the most gratifying moments in his golf career:
Adam walks us through his LOWEST MOMENT on the golf course which was several missed cuts right before US Open Qualifying, and the lessons he learned from this experience
Adam walks us through some of the most important moments that he feels have shifted his career:

When his college coach told him he had a chance to go pro and needed to shift his focus
When he started working with mental game coach Bob Rotella and started working on his philosophy of "who Adam Long is as a golfer" as opposed to focusing simply on each round of golf.

He has full status on the, which means for the 1st time, he DOES NOT have to go through Tour Qualifying School ("Q-School").
Adam explains what his upcoming year looks like as far as the tour and his status are concerned.
Adam Explains to us in plain english how the end of the season of the Tour works, including the top 25 $ earners, the Tour Championship Events, and what each guy is playing for at the end of the year. (Finally someone that can relay this in layman's terms!)

A tournament that he was called up to play in his Freshman year at Duke
This past year when he placed T2 at the United Leasing Championship (Here's a video of Adam from this event courtesy of

We discuss what Adam feels are the strongest parts of his game and what he's looking forward to improving on this upcoming year.
Adam has a unique perspective on working with his swing coach.  Unlike most golfers that are always searching for what needs to be fixed, Adam and his coach, Brian Fogt, prefer to "check up" on his swing to make sure nothing crazy us going on, but they don't try to "fix" something everytime they are working together.

CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore?
Happy Gilmore
Who would you like to spend a day on the course with?
Tiger Woods.  He's always been a fan and would love to pick the brain of the most dominant golfer ever.
Recommended Resource:
Any Bob Rotella Book
What are you excited about in your near future?
The fact that he has a legitimate opportunity to reach his ultimate goal of winning on the PGA Tour.
Where to Find Adam:
Twitter: @aLongShot Adam Long
Other Links Mentioned:
Bob Rotella books on Amazon  

TRUE Linkswear Shoes

An Interview with Adam Carolla – A Bonus Throwback Episode  

On this throwback episode, we revisit a conversation with record-holding podcaster Adam Carolla on Blunt Force Truth. First, Chuck Woolery and Mark Young discuss the ludicrous leftist opinions saying that global warming is the cause for the Syrian civil war, the reason for an impending disease pandemic and much more. Then Carolla offers his down-to-earth... Read more »

Adam Carolla – Episode 121  

After Chuck Woolery and Mark Young discuss the ludicrous leftist opinions saying that global warming is the cause for the Syrian civil war, the reason for an impending disease pandemic and much more, record-holding podcaster Adam Carolla joins them for this episode of Blunt Force Truth. Down to earth and easy-going, Carolla discusses the various... Read more »

Industry Standard 60: Adam Carolla  

ADAM CAROLLA is an extraordinary radio and television host, comedian, actor, 3 time New York Times bestselling author, and the host of "the Adam Carolla Podcast," that holds the title as the Guinness Book of World Record’s “Most Downloaded Podcast.” Carolla was the well known co-host of the hit radio and MTV show “Loveline," the co-creator and co-host of the groundbreaking series “The Man Show," as a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars” as well as "Celebrity Apprentice," and presently you can see him on his hit TV show "Catch a Contractor."

311: Adam Grant | Give and Take  

"Whatever kind of giving you're focused on, it starts with asking the question: What do other people need?" - Adam Grant

The Cheat Sheet: The different categories of giving value. (8:40) How to give to someone you don't know - the RIGHT way. (11:20) What are stage gates and how should you use them? (15:30) How to avoid social capital suicide. (23:50) The power of powerless communication: Abe Lincoln showed us how. (31:50) Chunker vs Sprinkler (42:00) And so much more...

The latest buzz in the online marketing and entrepreneurial world is to give value and the profits will come back to you. Is this really true and does it work when it comes to networking and expanding our social circles? Adam Grant has the answer to that question and he's our guest for episode 311.

Adam is the author of "Give and Take" and an organization psychologist professor at Wharton School of Business. He was also named by Malcolm Gladwell as one of his favorite social science writers. In this show, Adam and I talk about how to spot takers and protect yourself against them, how to use the 5 minute favor to expand your social circle in a favorable way and give yourself greater happiness in the process, and lots more!

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More About This Show:

Most of us probably believe we're givers, or at the very least we want to be giving to our social circles. But chances are some of us simply aren't giving. Adam Grant helps us rectify that in this episode. One of the best ways to be a giver or an even better giver than you are now is to simply ask what others need. If you know what they need, you can find a way to give it to them.

Or you can approach the person you want to give to by sharing what you're good at and how you could contribute to them. For example, if you are an encyclopedia of research studies let them know that and tell them they can contact you if they are looking for a particular study or you can help them find a study that supports a concept they're exploring.

If you're looking for a way to connect with that person before approaching them, there's an app called Refresh which will gather all their social media information and collect it in one place for you. You can look for things or people or connections you have in common and use that as a talking point to establish common ground. Once you've connected and have bonded, you can go deeper into the relationship to find out what their greatest needs are and how you can fulfill those needs.

And if one of those needs you fulfill involves introducing another person, Adam and I discuss the proper steps to doing so with a double opt-in introduction. The double opt-in helps you avoid the embarrassment of introducing two people who already know each other or two people who actually can't help each other for reasons you aren't aware of.

Though we discuss many more powerful topics, one of the last I want to highlight here is powerless communication. This is the art and craft of giving some of the power in a connection to the other person, thereby showing you are willing to give for the greater good and you aren't there simply to take advantage of the situation. Adam shares how Abraham Lincoln used this technique so effectively.

There's plenty more content Adam and I discuss in this show. He was a great guest with loads of concrete giving tips for better networking and a better life.  I enjoyed having him with us, I hope you dig this episode too.  Thanks for listening and we'll see you next time.


If you enjoyed this session of the Art of Charm Podcast, let Adam know by clicking on the link below and sending him a quick shout out on Twitter:

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Resources from this episode:

Adam's web site
6 Ways To Get Me To Email You Back, Adam's blog post
If You Do This, Your Emails Might Be Rude, Adam's blog post
Adam on Twitter
Refresh app

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6: Adam Carolla - The Fin Don't Lie  

Adam Carolla (The Adam Carolla Show) joins The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk on a journey down to Dumb People Town! Adam tells the guys about honing his ability to read people. The group then discusses Story #1, which involves a toilet snake (the venomous kind). After deliberating upon Joe Rogan's theory about killer whales and the merits of human dorsal fins, Story #2 emerges -- spoiler alert: it concerns an illicit cartwheel in choir class. Next, Adam regales a tale about stolen eclairs. For Story #3: a scientific study about work efficiency and..."releasing tension." Mark Wahlberg makes an appearance to clear the air about missing Super Bowl memorabilia.

Dave on The Adam Carolla Show  

On this special episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave is the one being interviewed. A little while back, Dave made an appearance on perhaps the most popular podcast out there, The Adam Carolla Show. Listen to Adam and his team hilariously pick Dave's brain on topics like his Bulletproof Diet, daily eating, politics within the food industry, unlearning dietary habits, steakhouses, halva and more. Enjoy the show! Head on over to The Adam Carolla Show on PodcastOne to check out this episode in full and all of their episodes, and catch Adam and his team in a city near you for one of their live podcast recordings.

Adam Carolla  

Greg rides shotgun in Adam Carolla's car as they head out to do a live podcast of the Adam Carolla show. Greg beats Adam to the punch by whipping out his recorder and sticking it in Adam's frightened face. It's like podcast rape.

#475 - No Guest  07/24/1997  

CLL - 475 - 07-24-1997 - Thursday Night Show - No Guest, Adam opens the show with a tease of the next week of guests, Adam says it's a very sad day in the Carolla family and tells the audience about the death of his step grandfather Lotzi at around 230am. Drew and Adam bond over the way deaths and earthquakes occur during the same hours in the middle of the night/early morning. Adam brings up his answering machine message from his angry neighbor demanding a working phone number, unaware Adam simply turns off his ringer, even in 97. This is a newly recovered Kevin Tape, it's been lost to the archive for over 17 years, Adam also tells the story of his grandfather's death from his dad's side of the family something not shared again until Adam's KLSX Morning Radio Show for Thanksgiving in 2007. Adam shares a different anecdote about his grandma lamenting the loss of her husband, this is not the infamous "KY" comments that have yet to take place. Drew's reaction is priceless and very 1997 and he reminds Adam that Lotzi was the one to cure him of his bedwetting which was recently covered on The Adam and Dr. Drew Show #208 released Jan 2015. Adam gets emotional and Drew talks him through it, Adam would cry on air at least two more times between now and 2005.

Ep.35 How Adam Franklin Built a Product Ecosystem and Leveraged the Success to Follow His Passion  

If you’re interested in learning how to get more leads and sales on the web by maximising your mailing list, content and product ecosystem, then you’ll definitely want to check out this conversation with Adam Franklin. Adam is an author, keynote speaker and co-founder of Bluewire Media - a web marketing business that is now consulting with nine-figure businesses. They’ve also created 33 free marketing templates that are used by over 20,000 business marketers and consultants worldwide, and have received press coverage in a number of publications including Forbes, The Australian and The Financial Review.

Adam himself has used his business success to free up his time and dedicate himself to his passion of travelling. He now spends one month every year in Bali, and has spoken in front of more than 130 audiences globally. We get into all of that plus loads more. This is a must-listen for anyone looking for new methods and inspirations around their online marketing strategy, and tips on building a flexible business model.


In this episode we really get into:

How Adam and his partner created value out of a consulting and strategic planning service that was, at the time, being given away for free by other similar businesses
Moving from a website-building ‘agency model’ towards creating a product ecosystem based on the knowledge they’d gained of the industry from their first eight years in business
How Adam created a mailing of over 20,000 people from distributing free content online
Adam’s ‘Email Autoresponder Sequence’ and how he uses it to introduce his mailing list to his product ecosystem
The reverse engineering and steps that Adam took to be able to incorporate his love of travel into his working life
Adam’s process of stepping away from certain tasks within his business and delegating to allow him more time to focus elsewhere
Using contra deals to create opportunities that might not otherwise be available
Adam’s greatest victories, failures and lessons learned as an entrepreneur
The top mistakes that businesses make when they start their online sales campaigns and how to avoid them
Teaching your clients for free as a device for drastically increasing your sales
The books and podcasts that have had the biggest impact on Adam’s entrepreneurial journey


Bluewire Media

Adam’s Website

Adam’s Book, Web Marketing That Works








Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber

Good to Great by Jim Collins  

Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

The New Rule of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott

Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah

Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

The Three Month Vacation Podcast by Sean D’Souza

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Ep. 154 - Adam Grant: What’s Next - How to Turn Your Idea into a (Successful) Business  

I don’t want to be afraid. But I am. I’ll explain why. But first, I want to introduce you to Adam Grant. He has the solution to my problem… And maybe your problem, too. Adam is the youngest tenured and highest-ranking professor at the famed business university The Wharton School, a writer for The New York Times, and the New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success. In researching his new book, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, Adam met with today's most successful and innovative entrepreneurs.  Why? To get answers. “We have a ton of guidance on how to generate ideas,” he says. But what about after? What do you do? Originals teaches you how to bring new ideas into the world. And really, there’s no grand theory on how to be "original." But there are tricks… And Adam discovered some patterns among today’s most successful entrepreneurs. He spoke to Google’s co-founder, Larry Page, Warby Parker’s founders and CEOs, and thought leaders like the renowned writer, Malcolm Gladwell. From Gladwell, Adam learned the most powerful technique to induce creativity. From Larry Page and the Warby Parker guys, he found a common thread. Hint: don’t quit your day job. But, more on that later. I’m going to tell you the top three things to be “an original.” They might surprise you. But first, I want you to know what else you’ll get from today’s podcast: How to get into a flow state (even during tasks you don’t like) [51:32] Should you plan your procrastination? [25:20] The most powerful techniques to immerse yourself and bring creativity into your life(including Malcolm Gladwell’s library trick) [20:06] Why the hell Adam Grant didn’t invest seed money in Warby Parker and become a billionaire [8:38] An ode to the idea muscle: why it’s more important to have quantity over quality ideas [28:19]  Ok so here they are. The top three things to become "an original:" 1) Induce creativity First unlearn. Then learn... We’ve all internalized things we need to question. That’s what adults do. We make up rules and reasons. We draw lines instead of pictures… tell “facts,” not stories. But why can’t we play with our food? Or stand on the counter? Kids think. Kids create. And we can get back to that too. We just have to unlearn. And then re-learn. “This comes back to our idea of broadening your experience and your knowledge,” Adam says. “You need to step outside of your field in order to see what you should be challenging.” Immerse yourself in new domains. Go beyond work… beyond your office… beyond the usual. Personally, I dabble in a lot of things. I play games. I write. I read. I'm involved in lots of businesses. And I recently tried stand-up comedy. “I've just pursued things I'm curious about,” Adam says, “and then unexpectedly, they turn out to have bridges between them.” That’s the key to learning. Do something new. Do a dare of the day. It’s good for your creative health.  2) Don’t quit your day job (yet). Give yourself time to build your business. It worked for me. I tell why in this episode. Listen at [21:31]. And be conservative. It’s one of the best ways to be original. “I was stunned actually,” Adam says. He read this a “nationally represented study of American entrepreneurs.” “People who did what you did, James, and kept their day job are 33% less likely to fail.” 3) Propel your ideas forward Doubting your ideas can be paralyzing, so eliminate self-doubt. According to Adam, a lot of originals said, “Look, you could fail by starting a business that flops or you could fail by not starting a business at all, and I don't want to be in that second category."  Listen at [22:09] to get actionable steps to fight self-doubt.   Listen now. And let’s stop being afraid... Together. Resources and Links: Read Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant Listen to my last interview with Adam Grant here Read Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success by Adam Grant Follow Adam on Facebook, Twitter, & visit his website to read his articles.

18SP 019: Adam Stevenson |Offseason Practice for the Game and the Body  

Adam Stevenson is a golf pro with a vision.  "Save your golf game and save your life!"  This is the subtitle of his book, and basically the backbone of his teaching.

Adam is not just working on his golfer's swing, he has begun a quest of learning as much about the body and it's function in order to not only make his clients play better, but to live better.

Adam realizes that if the body is not in tune and working at it's best, then the golf game has a lot of potential for improvement.  By working on both, the client wins in more ways than one.

Adam Stevenson's Background

Originally from Canada, but has been living in Denmark for 18years
Has been teaching golf for 10 years
Recently has been focusing a lot on learning more about the body and how it's movements and abilities relate to the golfer and their swing
The off season over in Denmark is a 6 month long "season"
Golf instructor with PGA of Denmark
Plane Truth certified instructor
Background in Stack and Tilt
K-Vest #D certified instructor
TPI Level 3 certified Fitness and Medical

Highlights from this Episode

 "Golfers are athletes"
Making the golfer aware that there is more to their golfswing than ball position and club technology can be a difficult task
Adam makes a point to educate the golfer not just on the swing, but what their body is capable of and not capable of regarding the motion of the swing
By doing this he is able to help the golfer with the root of their issues rather than just provide band aid fixes
The biggest issues Adam finds regarding the body:

Poor Posture
Limited upper spine mobility
Limited front hip internal rotation

Some limitations require physical correction with exercise, but there are ways to adjust their posture/swing to adjust them while they work on the limitation
Biggest limitations that ARE NOT physical limitations:Poor grip

improper ball position

Adam's Book: "The Golfer's Handbook: Save Your Golf Game and Your Life"
Adam's mission is to give awareness to the golfers in Denmark about the importance of working on not only the swing but their health and fitness

What can you do in the off season?

Play other sports as a way to cross train
Hit balls into the net so you can work on the technique, but not be so concerned with the ball flight
Mirror drills
K-Vest drills
Slow motion Swing

Highlight from the World Golf Fitness Summit

Dr. Michael Gervais

Favorite Book/Author for the Golfer:

Bob Rotella Books for the mental side of the game

How to find Adam:
Facebook: Adam Stevenson

Facebook Page: Sindal Proshop and Golf Academy

Facebook Page: Golf Fitness and Sundhed Denmark

Youtube: Adam Stevenson

TPI "Find an Expert" page: Adam Stevenson





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The Moment - Adam Carolla: 1/10/17  

In this previously unaired episode, Brian joins Adam Carolla in his Carolla Digital studios for a chat about what he thinks people get wrong about him (5:00), why he always answers the question that's asked of him and the problems associated with that (16:00), and the two ponder the question of a "level-playing field" (22:00). Plus, the two discuss racial representation in careers and institutions (32:00), how Adam thought about himself when he was young (43:00), and to wrap things up, Adam gives us an example of a time he admits he was wrong (54:00).

This conversation was taped in April 2016 and is being aired for the first time today.

Adam Carolla: 1/10/17  

In this previously unaired episode, Brian joins Adam Carolla in his Carolla Digital studios for a chat about what he thinks people get wrong about him (5:00), why he always answers the question that's asked of him and the problems associated with that (16:00), and the two ponder the question of a "level-playing field" (22:00). Plus, the two discuss racial representation in careers and institutions (32:00), how Adam thought about himself when he was young (43:00), and to wrap things up, Adam gives us an example of a time he admits he was wrong (54:00).

This conversation was taped in April 2016 and is being aired for the first time today.

Show 1562 Adam Carolla talks to Dinesh DSouza  

Show 1562 Adam Carolla talks to Dinesh DSouza

From The Adam Carrola Show.

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Dinesh D’Souza is in studio next, and the guys talk about the perception of Democrats, and how Dinesh’s political views were formed. They also talk about his dealings with campaign finance laws, his documentary about Barack Obama, and his latest film, ‘Hillary’s America’. The guys then play a clip about Bill and Hillary’s strained relationship, and Dinesh talks further about Democratic policies. Later, Dinesh talks about his roots, and the guys discuss the poverty issues in India and how it’s moving into a better place. In the last part of the show, the guys discuss Bernie Sander’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, and the aftermath of the Dallas shooting.

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