Hus Firma Pride #12 One Eyed Daniel  

In which our heroes discuss war and who they've killed. We interrogate the Paladin, find some anti-toxin and Adam gets revenge for Dustin. Cassius isn't sure they can offer safe passage, Zillie isn't looting but is distracting and Edrik thinks they should trust justice to the locals. So join us as we learn about magic bags. Want to lose an eye? Head to and for as little as $1 a month, you can have another one. Everything is 20% off at including all 25 episodes of Hus Firma Pride! If you’re after a USB tape head to or it’s a tee-shirt you’re after check out our store at In Sydney in Feb? Why not come see us live! Book your tickets here; And if you find yourself with a spare 10 mins, help us out by filling in this survey;

RD 073 - Blowin Particulate  

Adam and Mark open this week's episode of Reasonable Doubt questioning media commentators sticking to talking points vs giving their true and honest opinions. Then Adam brings up the question of why leaf blowers aren't regulated the same way as other gas emission tools. Before they wrap, Adam talks about how his 10 year old daughter Natalia has proclaimed she will be working as an attorney for Mark in the future.

12/09/16 – So Feminine  

A new way to help support Tim / Distorted View – Check out our Patreon page The DV Store has re-launched! Go forth and spend! The many sounds of the trans Nintendo triggered parents in the 90’s Adam & Eve! Get 50% off just about any item, plus 3 free full length adult movies, and […]

MED GÄST - Ett samtal om Revolutionära Fronten - del 2  

Det andra avsnittet av 2 med vår första gäst Adam. Vi diskuterar den nu nedlagda organisationen Revolutionära Fronten i hopp om att hålla ett samtal bortom avståndstaganden, hyckleri eller hyllningar.

MED GÄST -  Ett samtal om Revolutionära Fronten - del 1  

Det första avsnittet av 2 med vår första gäst Adam. Vi diskuterar den nu nedlagda organisationen Revolutionära Fronten i hopp om att hålla ett samtal bortom avståndstaganden, hyckleri eller hyllningar.

TRC #427: Possession Is 9-10ths Of The Law? + Genes Predict Athletic Performance? + What Is Organic?  

Adam kicks things off by decoding the common phrase ‘possession is 9/10ths of the law’. Next Cristina looks into whether direct-to-consumer genetic tests can really help predict a child’s athletic predisposition. Lastly, Darren checks into what the organic label really means.

This week’s show is brought to you by hellofresh. You can use the promo code ‘REALITY50’ to get 50% off your first order.

232: Homebrew and Swift with Max Howell  

Max Howell, famous for creating Homebrew, joined the show to talk about his start in software and open source, the tweet that was heard around the world when he interviewed with Google and didn't get accepted, the creation of Homebrew, the naming process, as well as the difficulty letting go. We also talked about his passion for the Swift programming language, and his work on Swift Package Manager while at Apple.


Code School –  Give the gift of code! You can gift someone Code School for 1 month for $29, 6 months for $99, or a full year for $189 (46% off). Offer starts December 12, 2016 and ends January 6, 2017. Toptal –  Scale your team and hire the top 3% of developers and designers at Toptal. Email Adam at for a personal introduction to Toptal. GoCD –  GoCD is an on-premise open source continuous delivery server created by ThoughtWorks that lets you automate and streamline your build-test-release cycle for reliable, continuous delivery of your product.


Max Howell – Twitter, GitHub

Notes and Links

Max was on The Changelog #35 way back in September, 2010 Max's latest open source project PromiseKit The BBC Micro was the first computer Max used Amarok - a powerful music player for Linux, Unix and Windows qt - cross-platform development - bring together your favourite music services Scrobble “The foundation of the modern world is developer tools." The Changelog #223: Homebrew and Package Management with Mike McQuaid The tweet heard aroud the world with 6,825+ retweets — "Google: 90% of our engineers use the software you wrote (Homebrew), but you can’t invert a binary tree on a whiteboard so f**k off." Swift Package Manager BBC BASIC programming language QBasic (Quick Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is an IDE and interpreter for a variety of the BASIC programming language Max's new thing — mixmsg lets you make mixtapes with friends directly in iMessage. Max's new project — Growler is planned for Homebrew, but he was hush hush about what it will do
LIST! CAST! - "The Best Movie Soundtracks of All-Time"  

Hey look! It's time for another episode of LIST! CAST! This week, Adam welcomes comics Andy Sell and John Fahy to debate the best movie soundtracks of all-time. An audience of interneters helped us decide the outcome. If you want to be part of that audience in the future, sign up for our subscription service at

NFL Week 14 SuperContest Picks  

On the Friday December 9 edition of BangTheBook Radio, host Adam Burke was joined by his BangTheBook Podcast entry partner Cole Ryan for the Week 14 Westgate SuperContest Selections segment. On this week’s segment, the guys had four of their five picks ready to go for this weekend in the SuperContest, including a couple of short home favorites and a couple of teams playing in premier matchups. The Rapid Fire Rundown finished the show on a high note with picks and predictions for every other game on the NFL betting card this weekend.

NFL & College Football Odds Report - December 9  

On the Friday December 9 edition of BangTheBook Radio, host Adam Burke was joined by Brent, an oddsmaker from DSI Sportsbook, for this week’s version of The Odds Report. The longest list of games this season led to a little bit longer of a segment than usual, but sharp players on “The List” have spoken on several college football bowl games so far and also had a lot to say about Week 14 of the NFL season. You can choose to make these games into your own college football picks or NFL picks or you can simply consider the information. Whatever you decide, we’re happy to bring you this perspective from beyond the counter that people rarely get to hear.

Effectively Wild Episode 987: The Stove Was So Hot  

Ben and Sam banter about Veeck As in Wreck, Willie Mays, and the term "hot stove league," then discuss some of the Winter Meetings' major moves, including big closer contracts and the Chris Sale and Adam Eaton trades.

ACS: John Hamburg  

John Hamburg talks with Adam about directing Cranston and Franco, and his work with DeNiro and Stiller as well. The guys also chat about a bizarre legal battle involving Sophia Vergara's own embryos, and Adam rants about publicists and liars.

#475: In Effigy Or Not  

Adam and Drew open the show discussing President Elect Trump's tweet about the act of burning an American flag. The guys then turn to the phone and speak to a variety of callers including one in a long term relationship looking to see if there's any reason to get married and another wondering about Drew's thoughts on the mental health of the Aurora theatre shooter.

It’s All Techno Podcast 029  

The latest techno from around the world. Follow us at

Facebook -

Instagram - @itsalltechno

It’s All Techno - 029 - 09/12/2016

01) Kelvin Lucas - Slays the Jabberwocky [Bunny Tiger Dubs]
02) Maceo Plex - Love On Time [Ellum]
03) Metodi Hristov - Kind Of Blue [Terminal M]
04) D.Mongelos - Original Synth [Unity Records]
05) Adam Beyer vs Dense & Pika - Going Down [Drumcode]
06) Remotion - Pyramid [Elevate]
07) Adam Beyer Vs Dense & Pika - Future [Drumcode]
08) Metodi Hristov - Atlas [Terminal M]
09) Fabio Neural - Inside Me [Intec]
10) DEAS - Touch & Feel [KMS Records]
11) Jason Fernandes - Riding The Storm (Dub Version) [Subfigure]
12) Hatzler - All Good [Senso Sounds]
13) Mark Fanciulli & Rob Cockerton - Voices In My Head [Suara]
14) Toni Rios & Andre Walter - Night Owl [BluFin Records]
15) Fabio Neural - Bonzai [...]

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast December 9  

On the Friday December 9 edition of BangTheBook Radio, we sent you into the weekend with a lot of information to consider, mostly focusing on the NFL, since there is only one college football game this weekend. Host Adam Burke piloted the show through its usual Friday content, as he welcomed Cole Ryan, his SuperContest entry partner, for this week's Westgate SuperContest Selections segment. The guys talked in-depth about four of the five picks that appear to be making the card this week and added additional analysis on every game during the Rapid Fire Rundown segment. Brent from DSI Sportsbook had a treasure trove of information to share with listeners this week. A ton of games, both college football bowl games and NFL Week 14 matchups, have gotten sharp action from guys on "The List". Respected money making limit bets has been moving lines around throughout the week and Brent told our lucky listeners where the sharp wagers are coming in. It was a long list of games and a fascinating way to wrap up this week on BangTheBook Radio.

The Movie Crypt: Ep 185: Lin Shaye  

Legendary actress Lin Shaye (INSIDIOUS, THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, KINGPIN) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to share her incredible career journey. Full of laughs, advice, tears, love, and inspiration… this conversation covers just about everything we could attempt to squeeze inside a 2-hour episode! Including behind the scenes tales from some of the most timeless films ever made, personal experiences with the great Jack Nicholson, the magical bond that Lin shares with the number “7”, an in-depth discussion about her latest film (Darren Lynn Bousman’s ABATTOIR – now playing in theaters and on VOD), and Lin’s personal thoughts on what “success” actually is. “What is it about good sex that makes me have to crap?” Find out the answer by following everyone on Twitter: @LinShaye, @Adam_Fn_Green, @TheJoeLynch, and @Arwen_Fn_Green. And hey! It’s Christmastime, you guys! You don’t want Arwen to wake up to an empty stocking on Christmas morning, do you? “Feed Arwen A Treat” and donate to this podcast in the “Buy Stuff” store on You’ll not only make Arwen’s Christmas bright, you’ll help keep this program going for another yuletide year. Without your support our voices will go more silent than even the most silent night.

Episode 51: FITNESS  

In preparation for Tough Mudder, Billy and Adam discuss fitness. Topics include martial arts, weight lifting, obstacle courses and more! Plus, music by Olivia Newton John!


Pip and Toby make plans, and Adam takes advice.

Holes in Clothes  

"I work hard so that my teenage daughter can have holes in all her clothes", writes Adam Gopnik. He reflects on the greater significance of designer holes in jeans...and why it's a trend to be celebrated. "I know what you are asking", Gopnik says. "How can you be rattling on about torn jeans...when our world, by your own account, may be coming to an end?" ! "Liberty large is what we fight for, but the little liberties of life - and the arbitrariness of fashion is one of life's most engaging little liberties - are part of the way we recognize that the larger liberty exists". Producer: Adele Armstrong.

Van Jones, Michael Moore and the Hypocrisy of the Left. PLUS!! My interview with Adam Carolla  

If you can believe it, CNN has given the communist Van Jones his own talk show. Let's see how long it lasts. On today's show, I'm going to cover two interviews he's done. The first is with Michael Moore and the second is with an Ohio family of live long democrats that voted Republican. You're going to see both how out of touch Democrats are and how hypocritical the progressive left can be. It's a barnburner that's sure to get your blood boiling. Finally, I've got a special treat. It was my great pleasure to interview Adam Carolla about his new film The 24 Hour War, and I thought I'd take the time to share it with you at the end of today's show. Make sure you watch the film and if you think about it, you might send them an email or tweet and let them know you heard the interview and you'd love for Adam to come back on for a full show. Have a great day!

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