Northern Bounty #8 What are you Doing Here?  

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RD 083 - Tijuana Took A Quaalude  

Adam and Mark open this week's episode of Reasonable Doubt reviewing a newly released cell phone video of an off duty LAPD officer tussling with a young boy and eventually firing his gun into the ground. This leads Mark to talk about other cases that circle around who is at fault when major fights break out. Then the guys discuss appropriate punishment for a variety of different crimes. Before they wrap, Adam and Mark return to talking about the off duty LAPD officer firing his gun during a scuffle.

Breakfast With Blasi 02/22/2017 (  

Running Time: 1 Hour 46 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

Special thanks to the subscribers of TV Trax' You Tube channel that submitted questions for BwB. This bonus episode gets into the second batch of questions from Trax' Channel. The third and final batch (yes that many were submitted) will be covered during next week's regular episode of Breakfast With Blasi. Enjoy!


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WrestleCulture 37  

Kenny and Adam Blampied are joined by Jack The Jobber this week on WrestleCulture while Adam Pacitti continues to mourn the loss of his favourite wrestler, Ivan Koloff. The lads talk Best and Worst February PPVs and much more! Follow us on Twitter: @AdamTheBlampied @JackTheJobber @KennyMc1985

TRC #438: Fossil Fuel Vs Dinosaurs + How Animals Survive Winter + Dry Cleaning Dry?  

This week Pat kicks off the show with a look into the idea that fossil fuels are the remains of dead dinosaurs. Next, Darren checks into many of the ways that animals stay warm during cold winter months. Lastly Adam wonders: how dry is dry cleaning? Enjoy!

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NHL, NBA, and MLB Sports Betting Talk February 24  

On the Friday February 24 edition of BangTheBook Radio, host Adam Burke took some time to talk about NBA and NHL situational handicapping and also about MLB and Spring Training betting. There was a lot crammed into this segment, as Adam gave out some picks for tonight and this weekend and also talked about ways to get an edge over the sportsbooks during Spring Training baseball. Our Friday shows encompass a lot of different sports markets and that was the case today.

NHL Futures and MLB Betting with Rob Pizzola February 24  

On the Friday February 24 edition of BangTheBook Radio, host Adam Burke was joined by Rob Pizzola of Prediction Machine for a talk about Major League Baseball betting and some NHL futures betting. There was a lot in this segment, including a philosophical discussion of futures betting. That included a look at the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA and the edge involved in a play like that. The guys talked about some picks to win the Stanley Cup, Spring Training betting, and stats used in MLB handicapping. This was a topic full of stuff in rapid fire fashion, so strap in for the ride.

BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio Podcast February 24  

We've got one more show to go on BangTheBook Radio for this week. It's been an exciting week so far and we're certainly looking to wrap it up in style. Host Adam Burke will start things off with a recap of what we saw during the NBA Trade Deadline and talk about some of the different wagering angles and adjustments in play as we head into the weekend. He'll also give some MLB updates and some thoughts on what's going on in the Major League Baseball world and also some tips for Spring Training betting. In the second half of today's show, Rob Pizzola will join us from Prediction Machine to discuss a variety of different topics. The guys will discuss the futures price for the Golden State Warriors and if it makes sense from a mathematical standpoint. They'll also talk about the NHL futures market to follow up with yesterday's listener question and discuss the thought process behind betting futures. Finally, with baseball right around the corner, Rob will discuss some of the stats that he's using to put together his models and his thoughts for the upcoming season.

8: Cholesterol, Keto vs. Fasting For Fat-Burning, Autophagy Causing Pain, Gastritis, Adrenal Issues, Fasting With A Gastric Sleeve  

Veteran health podcaster, blogger, international speaker, and bestselling author Jimmy Moore from “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” teams up with Toronto, Ontario Canada-based nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung from and Dr. Fung’s Clinical Director at his Intensive Dietary Management Program clinic Megan Ramos on this podcast dedicated to answering YOUR questions about intermittent, alternate day, and extended fasting. Jimmy and Dr. Fung are the coauthors of the 2016 international bestseller The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting and, along with Megan, are happy to provide this podcast as an additional resource for anyone curious about going on a fast to improve their health. We love hearing from our listeners with new questions–send an email to Jimmy at And if you’re not already subscribed to the podcast on iTunes, then you can do that and leave a review HERE. Listen in today as Jimmy and Megan bring you the latest information about fasting and answer your questions in Episode 8.


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KEY QUOTE: “Once my weight loss began to stabilize and my body adapted, my triglyceride levels were perfect for the first time in my life.” – Megan Ramos

Here’s what Jimmy and Megan talked about in Episode 8:

Feedback from a listener:

Hi Jimmy and Megan!

You recently answered a question of mine about whether I could fast for three days on and three days off to get the autophagic results of an extended fast. I was concerned because I didn't think I could do an extended fast because of my very physical job. Well, long story short, I completed a 26-day fast running solely on water, green tea, and KetoAide (which is a blend of water, light salt for sodium and potassium, and magnesium citrate). I felt fine, had plenty of energy, needed very little sleep, watched some scary stuff come out of my body, dropped 30 pounds, and kept off 18 of it since ending the fast. I could have physically continued to fast, but it was somewhat mentally taxing more than physically—and I just lost the will to continue it. So I broke the fast with a handful of black olives and almonds and then had a nice three egg veggie omelet an hour later. Pure bliss!

Thanks again for all you guys do! Happy Fasting!


HOT TOPIC: Does fasting raise or lower your cholesterol numbers?

Hey Jimmy and Megan,

Here’s a hot topic idea for your Fasting Talk podcast. How exactly does fasting impacts your cholesterol? I’ve heard you say how it lowered your cholesterol, but my doctor said fasting would raise mine. And he was right. I had my blood lipids drawn after a 5-day water-only fast as prescribed in The Complete Guide To Fasting and my numbers were wrecked as you’ll see in my results below. I was ketogenic in the before starting fasting, so this is a shock. I would love to hearing a discussion about this on your podcast. Maybe it only works for people with already high cholesterol levels?

Here are my numbers after fasting compared with keto:

Total cholesterol 255 -- previously 197
Triglycerides 169 -- previously 84
HDL 41 -- previously 69
LDL 180 -- previously 121

Any thoughts?



1. Is the fat-burning from a water fast equivalent to the fat-burning from being in a state of ketosis?

Hey Jimmy and Megan,

I have water fasted for 21 days and many shorter ones for spiritual reasons. I know what it's like to have zero hunger after 3 days of no food. I have plenty of energy to walk and lift light things, but I’m not ready for eight hours of hard labor during a water fast. When I’m in nutritional ketosis, I also have no hunger but I’m able to do heavy lifting and do a full eight hours of hard labor work without trouble. I'm guessing the body fat burns better when we eat fat and protein on eating days than when we water fast. But we have plenty of stored body fat to fuel us when we fast. So my question is this: why can't I do my normal routine that includes a very physically demanding job on just a water fast and have the same amount of energy as I experience in nutritional ketosis? It seems they are accomplishing the same thing an

#524: There is an Evil Story That's Not Being Told  

Adam and Drew open the show discussing the opiate problem in America today and how Drew believes that although there were drug companies and states acting irresponsibly, the real story is that of Suboxone and the company behind the so-called treatment drug. They then turn to the phones and speak with a caller who happens to have a question about opiate addiction leading to an expanded version of the conversation already in progress.

ACS: Live from Levity Live in Oxnard  

Adam, Gina, and Bald Bryan are live from Levity Live in Oxnard. Adam opens the show remembering when he use to party in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara on Halloween. Then the gang plays a round of "What Can't Adam Complain About". After that, a spirited Academy Awards edition of "The Rotten Tomatoes Game". Before they wrap, Adam and Bryan react to Gina's daily news stories.

11 O'Clock Comics Episode 461  

Skottie Young throws down with us on Adam Hughes, Daniel Warren Johnson, Mahmud Asrar, commissions, Art Adams, Jim Cheung, dust jackets, I Hate Fairyland, Image-O-Rama: God Country #2 by Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw, and Jason Wordie, Deadly Class, The Belfry one-shot by Gabriel Hardman, and The Old Guard #1 by Greg Rucka, Leandro Fernandez, and Daniela Miwa, Ryan Browne, tangents, Dark Horse-O-Rama: Jeff Lemire and Black Hammer and Heart in a Box by Kelly Thompson and Meredith McClaren, Riley Rossmo, Jerome Opena, The Kamandi Challenge #2 by Peter J. Tomasi, Neal Adams, and Hi-Fi, Jim Mahfood, Jason Latour, Chris Bachalo, Ed the Happy Clown by Chester Brown from Drawn and Quarterly, David Rubin, Stuart Immonen, Neil Gaiman, Aesop Rock, Rick Remender, Stephen King, Ryan Stegman, Rocket Raccoon, Wizard of Oz, The Creeps #9 and Jason Paulos from Warrant Publishing, Doctor Strange by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo, Spidey by Robbie Thompson and Nate Stockman, Eric Powell's Hillbilly from Albatross, and a whole mess more!

#623: 2017 Oscar Picks with Michael Phillips  

This year’s Oscar ceremony is bound to get political, but how might Oscar voters send a message with their ballots? Adam and guest host Michael Phillips try to stay above the political fray during their Oscar preview special: who will win, who should win - and who got snubbed. Plus, Massacre Theatre and Michael shares some thoughts on Jordan Peele's GET OUT.

0:00-2:08 - Billboard3:33-29:35 - Oscar PicksGlen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, "Falling Slowly"32:23-47:33 - Notes / Massacre Theatre47:33-50:33 - Michael Recommends: "Get Out"55:45-1:24:58 - Oscar Picks, cont.1:24:58-1:30:46 - Close / Outtake 

Episode 109: Fitness Props Recap  

The pod is finally back as Adam Levitan and Peter Jennings recap the All-Star break, the trade deadline and some fitness props. They also hit on interesting situations in Friday's NBA slate. 

The True Story of Adam (AS)  

Credit : Merciful Servant (YouTube) 

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2577: Spitballing  

with Adam Burke – Ireland and the Troubles; Pre-Cana Classes; George 'The Animal' Steele dies; David Cassidy claims dementia; Ben Affleck’s falling apart; Lindsay Lohan and Karen Gravano sue Grand Theft Auto V; Milo Yiannopoulos’s pro-pedophilia comments, apology, and loss of his book deal; bull runs around Queens, NY

Episode 62: LEADERSHIP (w/ Ingrid Haas & Carly Usdin)  

What makes a good leader? In this episode, Billy and Adam welcome Ingrid and Carly to discuss leadership positions they've held, their respective basketball teams and that one time Adam was covered in human feces. Plus, music by Lisa Lisa!

GEARD UP Podcast Episode 155  

Adam, Paul, Tony and David shoot the shit about: Blackstone Labs People Getting Catfished on Social Media Tony's Retirement Smith's Offseason Gains

Oscars Preview with special guest Ross Mathews | Gay Weekly Roundtable  

 It’s our Academy Awards Special with the man who will be on the Oscars red carpet for it all, Ross Mathews. Plus, we’re breaking down Lifetime’s “Britney Ever After” biopic.  And touching on all the Milo Y. drama. All this and more on Gay Weekly Roundtable with your hosts: Adam Salandra and Blake McIver. RSS Feed: Gay […]

The post Oscars Preview with special guest Ross Mathews | Gay Weekly Roundtable appeared first on AfterBuzz TV Network.

LFC Podden, Säsong 4 (Vol 38) - "Krossa dem med 8-0"  

Det är äntligen dags för Premier League igen och för Liverpools del väntar bortamatch mot de regerande mästarna, Leicester. Det är dock ett Leicester i kris och så sent som bara några minuter innan podden spelades in valde man att sparka Claudio Ranieri. Vad podden tycker om detta, och mycket mer kring matchen i sig, hör ni såklart i detta avsnitt. Vi pratar också lite rykten, Adam Lallanas nya kontrakt, flytten från Melwood till Kirkby och vad Jürgen Klopp gör med Liverpools DNA...

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