The CONAN Podcast: Van Jones, Ted Danson, & Andrew Dice Clay  

This week, Van Jones weighs in on the 2016 Election, Andrew Dice Clay accuses Trump of stealing his act, and Ted Danson expresses his love for pissing off Larry David. PLUS: Kathy Griffin’s Miley Cyrus impression, Obama and Trump’s pre-inauguration phone calls, and more!

Drew Magary  

Jonah Keri takes a hike with Drew Magary of Deadspin and GQ about Drew's unique voice as a writer; Andrew Dice Clay; parental hypocrisy; getting married young; becoming an amateur chef; self-disclosure on social media; tweet storms; Drew's novels The Postmortal and The Hike; writing for different media; putting your own entertainment above athletes' well-being; #sticktosports; and Drew's Life Tip.

Jim Norton & Sam Roberts on Steve Austin Unleashed - EP376  

Comedian Jim Norton and Sam Roberts are avid MMA and pro-wrestling fans. They also happen to co-host the "Sam Roberts and Jim Norton Show" every weekday morning on SiriusXM Channel 206. They stopped by 316 Gimmick Street with some great stories about Sam's 2-minute interview with Brock Lesnar, Jesse Ventura's beef with Jim Norton, why Nancy Grace walked out of their live radio show mid-interview, and what happened when Jim Norton and Lewis Black got arrested & spent the night in jail. Jim also talks comedy - from creation to heckling, his relationship with Andrew Dice Clay, and why he never tries out new material in front of his comic friends. Plus, Jim's got some thoughts on the UFC 205 card, and Sam has a few comments about heels and heat in the squared circle.

(THE SLY SHOW (1PM) 09/20/16) Fuck The Dodgers and Yasiel Puig, Philipino Goons, Pablo Escobar was the illest, Police Brutality is lame, Having Bad Genes, Mixing Lots of Musics, 3 Hours!

Tuesday at 1pm Earth Wind and Fire - Boogie Wonderland Sly announces a Sam Cooke Mix is coming Sam Cooke - Chain Gang Sam Cooke - Cupid (live) Tuesday Afternoon Sly talks about Giants Woes Philipinos Warriors Travis Porter: Bochy Bumgarner vs Yasiel Puig Stupid fucks on the freeway Thats some LA shit Philipinos fighting Sly use to go bowling Philpino Bloods and Crips Warriors fans Philipino Bitches are crazy Sly sorta degrades Bitches right here White chicks bring the least drama Sly questions bruce bochy Sly talking about the Giants E-40 - Slappin Tuesday rocking with my Uzi - Thot Contained Sly wired off coffee using the word Cannibis Sly being stoned off Pot Edibles Sly tells everyone how cool Pablo Escobar is Pablo's Clothing Attire Building your own Prison Sly calls up Angel Smith and doesn't pick up Warren G - My House A Tribe Called Quest - Can I kick it Public Enemy - He got Game 2 Pac - pacs life IAMSU - T.W.D.Y Mac Dre - Grown Shit E-40 - Chitty Bang Mac Dre - Feeling Myself Ice Cube - We be Clubbin 2 Pac - Still Ballin Da Brat - what you like MC Breed - Aint no future in your frontin Drake - One Dance Bee Gees - How Deep is your love Usher - You Don't Have to Call LL Cool J - Loungin Zhane - Hey DJ MIA the rapper Sly talks about Fetty Wap A Tribe Called Quest Sly talks about eating Fried Chicken Rotissrie Chickens are nasty Having Bad Genes Selena had good genes Genetics Biff Tannen Narcos is the shit The Sex Scene from Jerry Maguire Sly about to get a Milf Sly plays a Porn It's not a Blu Ray Rip Sex is the shit- Sly Sweating up all in-studio Actors on tv Listening to The Sly Show at work Sly getting social activist mode Police Brutality Problems MIA - Paper Planes People who look like other people DJ Motives dad looks like Phil Dawson Phillin Silky backstory Public Figure Colin Kaepernick Jackson 5 - Got to be there Sly gonna go jump in a pool Indian Summer Andrew Dice Clay on CNN Gym Politically Correct People asking Sly to tone it down Black Rob - Like Whoa Sam Cooke Death is myterious 2 Pac - Changes Sly starts freestyling Too Short - Im a player Calling females Hoes Hate Fags the Answers yes Horace and Pete Sly could die anyday Sly jumps back in the mix Talib Kweli - Get by IAMSU - Gametime Paperbpoy - Ditty Warren G ft B-Real - Get you down Uncle Kracker - Follow Me Roger and Zapp - Do Wah Ditty Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Stevie Wonder - Isn't she lovely Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman Guns N Roses - Sweet Child of Mine Eminem - Superman ( Sly Show Mashup) ENur - Calabria Sam Cooke - Wonderful World Elvis - It's now or never Out of Body Experience Long form Content Microwave Dinners Evelyn Champagne King Rappers dying of Natural causes DJ Screw -- Lean More SFGiants Bullpen situation World Series? Lynard Skynard Sweet Home Alabama Closing Words No Doubt - Don't Speak The End

(THE SLY SHOW (9PM) 08/10/16) Summertime and Your Bitch is on my mind, Goons in Brazil, Idea of Olympics is Hilarious, Degrassi w/ Drake, Doyer Fan, Little Giants Movie, Drake Back 2 Back is a classic, Prank Call, Sly hittin Reno

Adina Howard - Freak Like Me 9:10 PM on The Sly Show Multple Show Day Kreayshawn ft V-Nasty - Summetime Summertime and your bitch is on my mind Mr. Robot, Ray Donovan Sly needs to go to Asian Masooos Night time on The Sly Show People watching sitcoms and shit Big Bang Theory Network TV Shows Watching Team USA vs Australia Usa Almost lost Sly says the Olympics is hilarious USA Basketball The Whole idea of Olympics Other Countries Hate USA Brazil is a muthafucka Sly watching the Olympics? Real Goon shit happens in Brazil at the beaches Pitbull knocking Fools out Akon knocking Fools out MCKayla isn't even in the Olympics The Idea of the Olympics is funny as fuck Michael Phelps People talking bad about the americans Jaytee - Just a Game Sean T - Here 2 There TI - Bring em out En Vogue - Never gonna get it Sly plays a prank call from earlier in the day DJ Audio 1 Promo Best En Vogue Song Wheelchair Jimmy Degrassi: next generation Drake in Degrassi Rewind to that prank call En Vogue - Giving him something he can feel Doyer Fan checks in Drake Back 2 Back Football pre-game song War Music Little Giants CTE - Football is bad Grammy's is a big deal Andrew Dice Clay Sly plays some old Andrew Dice Clay stuff Sly going to reno Gonna be shitfaced Tony Soprano in Las Vegas Closing Words Yarborough and Peoples - Don't Stop the music The End

#270:Don Jamieson/Comedian/That Metal Show  

On todays Episode of LET THERE BE TALK my good friend Comedian Don Jamieson stops by and talks Comedy and Metal.

You may know Don from the VH1 show THAT METAL SHOW 

Don talks about his early days working at MTV and we also talk about his days opening up for Andrew Dice Clay.

Don is a very funny Comedian so make sure you catch him out on the road this summer opening for Faster Pussycat.

rock n roll.

follow Don on twitter @realdonjamieson

This episode brought to you by

UF6: Stipe Miocic/UFC 200 Preview  

Jim and Matt react to Jon Jones being pulled from his UFC 200 fight against Daniel Cormier after a potential USADA violation. UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic calls in to preview the weekend of fights. And, Jim talks about watching Andrew Dice Clay lose a ton of money once upon a time. Check it out, and enjoy.

Carne de Videoclub - Episodio 63.5 - Especial Soundtracks & Scores Vol.9  

De nuevo nos juntamos para hablar y escuchar buena música de cine, y para esta ocasión incorporamos a Champi para que se marque un versus con David Webb a base de temazos. Yo el aquí escribiente, Domingo Dark Vinyl, intentare moderar a ambos púgiles para que no se den golpes bajos a base de musicón. Dos horas de buen rollo, recuerdos y ambiente distendido... Lo que suele ser Carne de Videoclub. Que lo disfruten. VOLUMEN 9 (80s Vs. 90s): 1. John Fiore – Out on the Edge (Chico Celestial) 2. White Zombie – The One (2013 Rescate en L.A.) 3. Oingo Boingo – Who do You Want to Be? (Teen Wolf 2) 4. The Cure – Burn (El Cuervo) 5. Sylvester – Do Ya Wanna Funk (Entre Pillos Anda el Juego) 6. Andrew Dice Clay – I Ain’t Got You (Las Aventuras de Ford Fairlane) 7. Bill Wray – No Mercy (Lionheart) 8. Cannibal Corpse – Hammer Smashed Face (Ace Ventura) 9. Ray Charles – Mess Around (Mejor Solo que Mal Acompañado) 10. Jimmy Cliff – John Crow (Señalado por la Muerte) 11. John Farnham – Break the Ice (Rad) 12. Juliette Lewis – Hardly Wait (Días Extraños) 13. Hardline – I’ll Be There (Rapid Fire) 14. Peter Dasent feat. Kate Swadling – The Stars and the Moon (Braindead) 15. Mickey Thomas – Stand in the Fire (Forja de Campeón) 16. Honeymoon Suite – Lethal Weapon (Arma Letal) 17. Mike Thomas – Dream a Little Dream of Me (Una Chica de Ensueño) 18. Pantera – Cemetery Gates (Historias de la Cripta: Caballero del Diablo) 19. Michael Sembello – Rock Until You Drop (Una Pandilla Alucinante) 20. Vanilla Ice – Ninja Rap (Las Tortugas Ninja 2: El Secreto de los Mocos Verdes)

Comic Book Wedding Ring   

This week on YKWD: We have Mike Lawrence, Mark Normand, and Jaye McBride! Scopo and Deepu switch posts! We talk about the comedy festivals, the DC comic universe, and why chat room started ragging on Rogan. Plus, we break down Larry Wilmore's monologue at the White House Correspondents Dinner as well as a recent set by Andrew Dice Clay on The Tonight Show. Watch / Listen and enjoy!

Scot Armstrong on theChive Podcast - Ep64  

Writer/director Scot Armstrong is the screenwriter behind "Old School," and shares set stories about Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell. He's also the man behind Showtime's new "Dice" series, and speaks candidly about working with comedian Andrew Dice Clay. And if you think Hollywood's in your future, Scot's got insightful tips about breaking into the screenwriting biz and the traps to avoid.

#377 - Andrew Dice Clay and Eleanor Kerrigan  

Andrew Dice Clay, legendary comedian and actor and Eleanor Kerrigan, amazing Comedian seen on "Andrew Dice Clay Presents: The Blue Show" joins Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt live in studio. 

This podcast is brought to you by:

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  Recorded live on 05/04/2016.


Michael Riedel, Tony Powell, Deirdre Imus and Andrew Dice Clay are Psychos!

ACS: Natasha Leggero, Dr. Drew, and Dr. Bruce  

Natasha Leggero joins for a podcast about acting opposite Andrew Dice Clay and her Honeymoon tour. Plus, Dr. Drew swings by to talk about the last Loveline ever, and Dr. Bruce is also in studio for a Healthwatch update.

2373: Politics as Usual  

with Murf Meyer and Diana Kolsky – Murf tries out for a legit baseball team; being addicted to heroin; the problems with the Liberty Bell; KATG polls; Andrew Dice Clay’s new show ‘Dice’; sperm bank misrepresents a donor who is a schizophrenic felon; Tom Brady’s 4-game suspension; Johnny Manziel dropped by his team, his agent, and charged with assault; Curt Schilling fired by ESPN for his anti-trans views; Cruz and Kasich work together against Trump; Michael Khalili likes Clinton over Trump while Keith disagrees; Clinton spends $1 million on Internet trolls to attack Bernie Sanders’ supporters

O&J - Andrew Dice Clay Anderson Cooper  

Comedian and long time friend Andrew 'Dice' Clay returns to the show, to talk about his new Showtime.  

Then CNN reporter Anderson Cooper crosses over with Dice, then discusses his new documentary about his mom and the Vanderbuilt family. 

A discussion about a man with a bionic penis, and a look at genital warts.

Jim Norton:

Listen live, weekday mornings, 7am-10:30am ET on Sirius 206 / XM 103. To hear full episodes of the Opie & Jim Norton Show, and for a free trial, go to or download the SiriusXM app

Scot Armstrong  

The creator of Dice and the writer of Old School, School for Scoundrels, Semi-Pro, The Hangover II, and more, discusses working with Andrew “Dice” Clay on the new Showtime series, his “cutting away” process, gathering ideas and when it's time to write, and more.

ACS: Andrew Dice Clay  

Andrew Dice Clay sits down 1-on-1 with Adam to talk about his new Showtime show, how he developed his comedy act and acting skills, and why he has a policy of never hitting another comic.

Breakfast With Blasi 04/06/2016 (  

Running Time: 72 Minutes

Hosted by Don Tony

Synopsis: Don Tony defends Donald Trump's controversial comments about Women and Abortion.. Confronting Matarraz' accusing The Gap of 'Passive Racism' over Kids Ad.. More on DT comparing Apollo Crews to Bobby Lashley.. Reason Republican Establishment's Balls were much smaller in 2008 when they went after Barrack Obama then how they do Donald Trump.. Praise for now Andrew Dice Clay series on Showtime.. Don Tony predicts lots of dislike and hatred coming John Kasich's way real soon.. Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch checks back into rehab.. Advice for Brie Bella and WWE on the handling of her 'retirement'.. Cooking With Don Tony: Italian Limoncello.. Growing Up Don Tony: Screwdrivers + Baked Ziti.. Junior Mints Hot Chocolate K-Cups and so much more!

NEXT EPISODE: Your next episode of 'Breakfast w/ 'Blasi' will be available for download Wednesday April 13, 2016 at 6PM EST.


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#779 - Andrew Dice Clay & Joey Diaz  

Andrew Dice Clay is a comedian and actor. His new show "Dice" premieres on Showtime on Sunday, April 10. Joey Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor. Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now”

ALN - Eleanor Kerrigan  

Eleanor Kerrigan makes her ALN debut to discuss coming up in the boys club of the Comedy Store, touring with Andrew Dice Clay, her tag-team wrestling days, dealing with an unsupportive father her whole life, and some really great behind the scenes stories while waitressing at The Comedy Store under the great Mitzi Shore. Eleanor is one of the best in the game, and if you have a chance to see her live, you must do it! Enjoy this episode as much as we did, and follow her on TWITTER @ejkerrigan.

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