Was Sie schon immer über die Mannheimer Manieren wissen wollten: Mannheimer Manieren: Explosive Orchesterklänge  

Als Wiederentdecker der Mannheimer Schule prägte der Musikwissenschaftler Hugo Riemann den Begriff Mannheimer Manieren. Seine Beschreibungen der Motive und Stilmittel halten sich bis heute in der Musikwissenschaft. Elisabeth Hahn geht für SWR2 Cluster den Mannheimer Manieren auf den Grund.

20VC: How To Create FOMO For Investors, How To Manage VC Conversations & A Repeatable Process For Learning New Things with Anna Shedletsky, Founder & CEO @  

Anna Shedletsky is the Founder & CEO @ Instrumental, the startup that helps consumer electronics companies ship high-quality hardware, on time. They have funding from some of the best in the business including First Round Capital and a huge thanks to Phin Barnes @ First Round for the intro to Anna today. As for Anna, prior to Instrumental, Anna was a product design lead and manager for the Apple Watch and before that, a product design engineer for the Apple iPod.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Anna made the move from working on the Apple Watch to starting her own startup Instrumental?

2.) How does Anna approach the learning of new things? What is the methodology? What elements in particular has Anna found most challenging to grasp?

3.) Anna has experienced 2 very strange and different fundraising processes? What was strange about them? How did they differ? What did she learn from this experience?

4.) How can founders create a feeling of FOMO within their investors? What is core to this? What should founders be careful of when doing this? How should this be structured?

5.) Coming from Apple, Anna did not have a network among VCs and Founders. How did Anna build her network of VCs and founders? How can others founders do this? What is required for this to be done in a non-transactional organic way?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Anna’s Fave Book: The Lord of The Rings

Anna’s Fave Blog: First Round Review

As always you can follow Harry, The Twenty Minute VC and Anna on Twitter here!

Likewise, you can follow Harry on Snapchat here for mojito madness and all things 20VC.

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TLS #103: makeup saves + splurges, plus an inside look at full-time vlogging with Anna Gardner (Vivianna Does Makeup)  

Today’s Lively Show is a fun, lighthearted “girl chat” with the lovely and down-to-Earth beauty vlogger, Anna Gardner, of the very popular YouTube Channel and blog, Vivianna Does Makeup. Though dozens of well-known bloggers have come on TLS and discussed blogging tips, we’ve never directly spoken about the topic of video blogging and YouTube. So today, Anna is filling us in on how full-time vloggers make an income, tips and tricks for making great videos, which equipment we should invest in, and more. Plus, she also shares her favorite spend + splurge makeup items. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear a fun chat about all things beauty and vlogging.   [Tweet "“Keep practicing because it will get better.” - Anna Gardner"] [Tweet ""You cannot fake passion in a video.” - Anna Gardner"] [Tweet "“Good things come when you take the tough road.” - Anna Gardner "]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   How Anna’s make-up obsession evolved to blogging and creating content to share. Why she left a full-time job working in PR and editorial writing to pursue her deeper passion. How Anna monetizes her blog and vlogging with affiliate marketing and sponsorships with major brands. What Anna believe is important to sustain an online business. How Anna’s approach to make-up has changed. What make-up and beautify products you should invest in the most. How Anna balances sharing personal and private parts of her life. How she maintains her personal time during "off hours" when not working. Anna's biggest tips about getting started in YouTube vlogging. She shares her fears of procrastination and how she regains focus and control in her life.   SHOW NOTES   Vivianna Does Makeup Anna’s Youtube channel Kate Summerville Beauty Products Canon EOS 600D   LISTEN TO THE SHOW     PS - Michigan Meetup Update! We are going to do a casual Ann Arbor meetup on November, 11th at 7pm. The location is TBD, depending on how many people RSVP (there's no cost to come, and it will likely be at a coffee shop or restaurant for casual drinks and chatting). If you'd like to join us, send us an email with the subject "Michigan Meetup." My Right Hand Lady, Elle, will send over the location details when we have a spot lined up. : )  

TLS #116: The Power Of Being “Enough” & Life With Intention with Anna Maria Locke  

Today on The Lively Show, we are speaking with Chicago-based health and fitness coach, Anna Maria Locke. We’re discussing her mission to help women access their “enoughness” and her experience growing up trying to be traditionally “successful.” As an alumni of Life With Intention Online, Anna is also sharing what her experience was like and who she recommends it for. This show is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about how to develop a mission-minded career, or for anyone looking to learn about LWIO from a member’s perspective. [Tweet "“It is OK to invest in yourself.” - Anna Maria Locke"] [Tweet "“Success is based on actions that we can take and can control.” - Anna Maria Locke"] [Tweet "“There's no such thing as failure.” - Anna Maria Locke"] [Tweet "“You already have everything you need inside of you to take the next step.” - Anna Maria Locke"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Anna tells us how she grew up as a creative, imaginative and smart kid who was led to a career path that she really didn't want to pursue. She tells us how her fascination with geography changed her career direction from being a medical doctor to something more enjoyable. Anna talks about how becoming a fitness coach did not really fulfill her life mission enough. She describes to us how she watched her own life's journey and development grow and evolve through the years. Anna tells us how she’s now into learning more about our energies: both our masculine energies vs feminine energies. Anna tells us her experience using the Life with Intention course and how it helped redefine success for her. She tells us how Life with Intention allowed her to gain more confidence in herself and her current career path. Anna speaks of how success is not derived from chasing external goals and validation, but from within her own values, truths and her heart. She feels empowered because she knows what she needs to do to overcome resistance to regain her peace, joy and fulfillment in that moment. She tells us how the Life with Intention course has changed her life for so many positive reasons and that she has peace in her life.   SHOW NOTES   Amy Pohler's book, Yes Please The Slight Edge The Power of Now A New Earth The Lively Show with Elizabeth Piper   LISTEN TO THE SHOW       PS - Life With Intention Online registration is now open! Register + learn more here. PPS - Join me in next week's live, free + online Fireside Chat talking about the 5 Joyful + Fulfilling Pleasure Practices that can help you enjoy your life in a greater way. : )  

Humorhimlen i P3 2010-05-05 med Anna Mannheimer  

Humorhimlen gästas av Anna Mannheimer som spelar sina favoriter från Rally. Bland annat Benny och Betty Boo, Vårstädningslotto med Leif Lotus och Dr Tobias Sadness. Sen luskar vi i mysteriet med Patrik Larsson som ringer in till vår telefonsvarare. Medverkande: Matilda Kihlberg, Erika Strand-Berglund, Anna Mannheimer.

Ep. 212 - Anna Koppelman: How to Find Your World... Where You Belong  

Anna Koppelman is an angel. She’s the angel I wish I had looking over me  back when I was being bullied. When I was a kid, it was “Lord of The Flies” on the playground. Nobody cared at all. Kids would kill each other at recess and whoever survived went back to class. But it’s different now. Bullying is a thing. It has a voice. And there’s a way out of the world of “you’re not good enough” and into the world where you belong… I read an article on Facebook that was going viral:"What I know Now As a Teen With Dsylexia." Anna Koppelman wrote it. Then she kept writing. When I read the article, I thought Anna was one of those alien millennials taking over the world. But even worse, she’s not a millenial. Ever since birth she’s been on the Internet. She’s an eleventh grader. Which makes her 17 or so. Generation Z… it’s a totally different animal. Anna started a charity when she was 12 years old. At 14, she asked the Huffington Post to publish her work. They said yes. Then she wrote about dyslexia, bullying, intelligence, her crushes, her rejections, and each article felt like it was going a level deeper. Her writings were read everywhere by teens who had been through similar experiences. I wish I had this as a kid. A world where I could talk to people going through what I was going through. A way to connect to my “tribe”. Or a way to reach out to people and we could all figure out we weren’t alone. “I couldn’t not say it,” she said. “I had this feeling at school and in my life of just not being able to connect with people… I had a feeling of isolation since first grade, like there was Saran wrap between me and the rest of the world.” Here’s what I learned from Anna Koppelman about finding out where you belong… 1. Figure out another way When Anna’s “friends” discovered she couldn’t read, they laughed. “You’re not smart enough to be our friend,” they said. She was pushed out of the tribe. But then she learned from a moose. “I was watching the children’s show, ‘Arthur.’ And there was this kid on there. He was a moose. He had dyslexia. So I turned to my parents and said, ‘I have dyslexia.’” “How did this moose exhibit the dyslexia?” “It was all just about the same feelings that I was feeling… where he was behind in his class, but he had all these great ideas he wanted to get out but couldn’t. And the feeling of being trapped because there’s something in your brain that’s processing differently.” But she found another way. And learned how to read. But kids kept making fun of her. For the next 10 years. “I just wanted to connect with people,” she said. “When I would write, I would be able to connect with people. When I would perform poetry, I would be able to connect with people.” “What do you mean perform poetry?” I was confused. Because it sounded like her life was miserable at school. And instead of going to school with the eye patch and going straight home, she’d head back out to go read slam poetry in front of a dozen+ strangers. “What made you do that?” “I knew that no matter how awful school was there was a world outside of school and I just needed to find that world.” 2. Use your skills Anna started out writing about her interests. People spend years writing about things outside themselves. I did too. But for years I was afraid to write about the things that really scared me, or drove me, or kept me up at night. I was afraid to write about the things that shamed me. Or I was afraid because I wondered what people would think. So I wanted to learn, what did Anna, at age 14, do differently? Start with craft. Write everyday. Use your brain. Develop your analytical muscle. Build your skills. Talent is the ignition in the car. Many people have talent. Many people never turn on the car. Many people never drive the car to get to their destination. Skills are just talent in its infancy. 3. Create from one layer deeper I asked Anna about courage. A lot of people want to change their lives. But few take next steps .And I feel that even fewer young kids, dying to fit into their close-knit world of school and popularity, take those next steps. I wanted to know what triggered that point. “How did you hit publish? Weren’t you afraid?” “I didn’t have any friends,” she said. “I was eating lunch alone pretty much everyday. I was just in a really sad place. And the kids in my grade were really mean to me. I just felt that there was no real happiness. But when I would sit down and eat lunch alone, I would start to write in my notebook or I would write on my computer.” She didn’t know the risk. And in a strange way, these horrible experiences helped her become the writer she is today. “The things that have happened in my life,” she said, “got me to a place where I have more of an ability and belief in myself…” The transition came when she revealed her scars. She showed the deepest sides of her struggle. And bled on paper. Only by taking risks can a person unleash the hidden talents inside. Vulnerability bleeds. And connects you to the world… your world. It connects you to where you belong. 4. Always be kind A boy at school tricked her. He was always mean. But she thought things could change. “I was throwing parties for children in need,” she said. “I had been doing it since middle school.” He said he wanted to throw a bake sale for Birthday Fairies. “And I believed him.” He got all the popular kids to “help.” “Then the day of the bake sale came. None of them baked anything and they all just kind of laughed.” “This is like Steven King’s ‘Carrie. Did you psychically spill blood all over them?” She didn’t… I guess angels don’t spill blood on people. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be a kid now. For my entire life since birth to be connected up to a much bigger world. I’m jealous of the kids born now. How they can turn to this global tribe to develop their talents. But it’s not connectivity that makes you a better person. Or connects you to better relationships. Or builds up your latent skills. Or helps you find your passions. No matter who you are, it’s taking those next positive steps, those first risks that turn talent into skill, those first vulnerabilities that connect you to others – this is the key to unleashing that bigger world, that brings you to a tribe bigger than who you are. This is what I learned today from Anna.  

CHP-159-Chinese American Stars and Entertainers of Old Hollywood  

In this episode Laszlo focuses on the history of Chinese Americans in the early years of Hollywood.  The period will focus on the 1920's to the 1950's.  During those years Asian Americans had a rough time in Hollywood trying to break away from stereotypical roles. American laws and attitudes stacked the deck against them but through their sacrifices and perseverance they blazed the trail for today's generation of Chinese-American movie, theater and TV artists.  CHP-159 looks at the lives of Anna May Wong and Jadin Wong as a window into these times. Below are the terms from this episode as well as some resources about Chinese Hollywood and Chinatowns.

Terms from this Episode

Marion Wong  黄女娣  Young film pioneer, established Mandarin Film Co. in 1916

Esther Eng    Producer, Director of Chinese language films in the US

James B. Leong  Chinese American actor between 1923-1960, directed Lotus Blossom in 1921.

Joseph Sunn Jue  The Darryl Zanuck of Chinatown, director and producer

Wong Chin Foo  王清福   Subject of Scott Seligman's book "The First Chinese American."

Anna May Wong   黄柳霜  1905-1961 American actress of the early days of Hollywood

Wong Sam Sing  黄善兴  Anna May Wong's father

Lee Gon Toy    Anna May Wong's mother

Taishan  台山  Historic town in the Pearl River delta region

Chang On  长安  Anna May Wong's father's ancestral village

Jadin Wong   黄玉美  Chinese American entertainer and later agent

Bok Kai Temple 北溪庙  Temple in Marysville, CA

Charlie Low  He built the Forbidden City nightclub in San Francisco

Arthur Dong 曾奕田 Documentary film maker, founder of Deep Focus Productions

Noel Toy  The Chinese Sally Rand, early Forbidden City club performer of risque dances

Coby Yee Entertainer and later owner of the Forbidden City

Haing S. Ngor吴汉润 Winner of the 1985 Oscar for Best Supporting actor for his unforgettable performance in the Killing Fields, gunned down in Chinatown in 1996.

Bessie Loo  Early Hollywood agent who specialized in roles for Asian American artists

John Lone  尊龙  Actor who played Pu Yi in Bertolucci's The Last Emperor

Joan Chen  陈冲  Actress who played in many roles in the 80's and 90's

Lucy Liu   刘玉玲  Reigning queen of Hollywood martial arts action films

Bai Ling  白灵 Actress who was also a client of Jadin Wong

David Henry Hwang  黄哲伦  Multi-talented artist best known for his play and film M. Butterfly

Larry Ching  The Chinese Sinatra, and a future CHP topic one day.

The Kim Loo Sisters  known as The Chinese Andrews Sisters

Dorothy Fong Toy  known as The Chinese Ginger Rogers

You Yat Mar  The Chinese Sophie Tucker

Chai Hong   The Chinese Chaplin

Barbara Jean Wong  The Chinese Shirley Temple

Nancy Kwan   关家蒨  Famous for her roles in The World of Suzie Wong and The Flower Drum Song

Keye Luke   陆锡麟  Best known for his role as Charlie Chan's Number One Son, Keye Luke had a very prolific and successful career in Hollywood.

Victor Sen Yung   杨森  Best known for his role as Hop Sing on Bonanza

Benson Fong   邝炳雄  Famous for many roles and for his Ah Fong's restaurants

Sammee Tong  Played John Forsyth's houseboy Peter Tong in The Bachelor Father TV series

Kam Fong  Most famous for his role as Chin Ho Kelly in the old Hawaii Five-0 series.

Tsai Chin   周采芹  Had a rich career on stage and on screen. Unforgettable in You Only Live Twice and The Joy Luck Club

Lisa Lu  卢燕  Three time Golden Horse Award winner. Still active in the movies and on TV since 1958.  Played the dying Empress Dowager Cixi in The Last Emperor.

James Wong Howe   黄宗霑  The immortal Hollywood cinematographer. Did over 130 films. Famous for Deep Focus cinematography. Nominated for ten Oscars, won two.  His own life was like a movie.

James Hong   吴汉章  One of the best known faces in Hollywood in over 500 roles on TV and in the movies. Played Lo Pan in John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China and Kahn, the butler in Chinatown.


Suggested Links for Further Study: 

Arthur Dong: Deep Focus Productions

Anna May Wong's IMDb Page

The Chinese American Museum, Los Angeles

The Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

Asian American Arts Alliance - Jadin Wong Award



Forbidden City USA  - Book of the Arthur Dong documentary

"Anna May Wong: From Laundryman's Daughter to Hollywood Legend", Graham Russell Gao Hodges"

Scott Seligman amazon page

Jenny Cho amazon page 

Peter Kwong amazon page

Bonnie Tsui amazon page

Edward Said: Orientalism



Forbidden City USA DVD 

Hollywood Chinese - Arthur Dong documentary

Danwei TV Video on Anna May Wong with Sufei

Anna May Wong in The Toll of the Sea (YouTube) 

Anna May Wong in Bombs Over Burma (YouTube)

Mannheimer & Tengby 20120610  

" Mannheimer & Tengby 10 juni 2012. Anna berättar vad hon tycker om studenten. Dr Knutsson gissar sig fram till Kol. Frukostklubben berättar om sina höstplaner och Mari Forssblad ger en politikerkoll. Programledare Anna Mannheimer & Tengby.

Mannheimer & Tengby 20120527  

" Mannheimer & Tengby 27 maj 2012. Anna pratar om att sommaren suger. Mamma Carin har läst Göran Rosenbergs bok "Ett kort uppehåll på väg från Auschwits". Frukostklubben berättar bla om när de skäms för sina föräldrar. Matkollen handlar om fiskbullar och mediekollen om TV-programmet" Extra gnälligt". Programledare Anna Mannheimer och Tomas Tengby.

Mannheimer & Tengby 20120520  

" Mannheimer & Tengby 20 maj 2012 Anna pratar om programmets olika listor. DVD-Sara pratar om utskällnngar på film och Dr Knutson gissar sig fram till Bechterews sjukdom. Frukostklubben berättar om vad de trodde att de skulle bli när de blev vuxna. Programledare Anna Mannheimer och Tomas Tengby.

Mannheimer & Tengby 20120506  

" Mannheimer & Tengby 6 maj 2012 Anna pratar om att sopsortering tar allt mer av hennes tid. Kocken Rikard Waje får gissa på Janssons Frestelse och Dr Knutsson får gissa på halsböld. Ulla en trappa ner har sett Fashion och Frukostklubben berättar bla om när de skäms för sin partner. Programledare Anna Mannheimer och Tomas Tengby.

Mannheimer & Tengby 20120408  

" Mannheimer & Tengby 8 april 2012. Programledare Anna Mannheimer och Tomas Tengby. Anna undrar vem det är som bestämmer alla speciella dagar som finns. Vem införde tex fredagsmyset? Mamma Carin har läst påskekrim som varar till midsommar. Dr Knutsson gästar studion och gissar på huggormsbett. Frukostklubben berättar om sina nya syskon och hur ett bröllop skall vara.

Mannheimer & Tengby 20120401  

" Mannheimer & Tengby 1 april 2012. Programledare Anna Mannheimer och Tomas Tengby. Anna pratar om skillnaden mellan att ta ett foto förr och nu. DVD Sara pratar om filmer där "skojarbrallor" är den gemensamma nämnaren. Frukostklubben hjälper en lyssnare med att få ordning på kaotiska mornar och Marie Forssblad ger en politikerkoll.

Mannheimer & Tengby 20120311  

" Mannheimer & Tengby 11 mars 2012. Programledare Anna Mannheimer och Tomas Tengby. I dagens program lär Anna nej-sägare att tacka ja. Frukostklubben berättar om sina dagdrömmar och Niklas Andersson lär oss om Ståupp-konsten. Mediekollare Ulla har set nystarten av Babel och DVD Sara har sett filmer där det firas födelsedagar.

Mannheimer & Tengby 20120226  

" Mannheimer & Tengby 26 februari 2012. Programledare Anna Mannheimer och Tomas Tengby. I dagens program pratar Anna om hur musiken har slutat att utvecklas. Mamma Carin tipsar om PC Jersilds bok " Babels hus" från 1978. Matkollen handlar om pannkakor och dr Knutsson gissar på virus på balansnerven. Frukostklubben ger de kungliga föräldrarna råd om spädbarnstiden.

Anna Chlumsky Catches the Worm  

At 10 years old, Anna Chlumsky delivered an iconic performance alongside Macaulay Culkin in the classic '90s movie My Girl. She became a child star, but the attention and job offers were fleeting. By the time she was a teenager, she'd stopped getting acting roles. "It just makes you feel like shit as an adolescent," she says. "Most rejections as an adolescent for anybody in any walk of life...make you feel like shit over and over."

Even so, Anna couldn’t escape the public memory of her famous role—even in college. At least, until she met Shaun So. "He didn’t care," she says. "By then I could tell who cared and who didn’t. You kind of feel safe with the people who don’t care." The two started dating and stayed together even after Anna graduated and moved to New York City. Then, Shaun told her that he was enlisting in the Army Reserve.

As Shaun began training for a deployment to Afghanistan, Anna started a career in publishing. But deep down, she knew that acting still appealed to her. During one particularly rough day at work, a fortune teller stationed in front of her office recognized her on her lunch break. "She says, 'You’re not still want to do this,'" Anna recalled. "So that touched a nerve." She quit her job later that week.

Anna and Shaun got married in 2008, and Anna landed her role on Veep in 2012. She gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Penelope, in 2013. For awhile, her job required her to commute back and forth between California and New York, where she and her family live. "I kept calling it 'The Momma Bird Commute' because I was like, 'Alright, I gotta go catch the worm, and then I will come back,'" she told me. "But I gotta catch the worm." She'll soon be juggling her work with two kids—when we talked, Anna was pregnant with her second child, after having a miscarriage. "People don’t talk about that enough," she told me. "It’s not even that we’re hiding it. It’s just that it’s so f-ing uncomfortable to talk about, 'cause you just aren't happy about it. But you do learn that this is kind of not up to you....There’s other stuff at work."

Read Anna’s ode to Ovaltine for Gourmet Fare magazine from 2003

"Mannheimer & Tengby är på banan igen"  

"Mannheimer & Tengby är tillbaks efter sommaren. programledare Anna Mannheimer och Tomas Tengby.

Mannheimer & Tengby 20120318  

" Mannheimer & Tengby 18 mars 2012. Programledare Anna Mannheimer och Tomas Tengby. I dagens program; Mamma Carin har läst Doris Lessings "Sommaren före mörkret", Frukostklubben tipsar om lämpliga doppresenter till prinsessan Estelle, Dr Knutsson gissar sig fram till lågt blodtryck och i djuraffären uppmärksammas kanariefågeln Bellman.

Mannheimer & Tengby 20120212  

" Mannheimer & Tengby 20120212. Programledare Anna Mannheimer och Tomas Tengby. I Frukostklubben denna söndag finns Neta Norrmo och Niklas Andersson som bla reder ut frågan hur man skaffar sig nya vänner som vuxen. Mamma Carin tipsar om Joan Didion senaste bok " Blå skymning" som handlar om sorgen efter hennes dotters död. Gunnar Bohlin ger en kulturkoll som idag handlar om filmfestivaler.

Mannheimer & Tengby 20120205  

" Mannheimer & Tengby 20120205. Programledare Anna Mannheimer och Tomas Tengby. DVD-Sara har tittat på filmer med äldre damer i huvudrollen. Ulla har tittat på TV-programmet " Mot alla odds". Frukostklubbarna Inger Heyman och Ulf Benkel reder ut frågan om hur man kommer tillrätta med disken på jobbet och hur de gör när de myser med sig själva.

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