#94: Trump gets a bounce  

Did you hear our interview with Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio & Clinton pollster Joel Benenson? You’re going to want to take a listen. It’s one of our favorite episodes so far. Poll of the Week: We’ve hit peak pollsters The Pollsters talk about the polling on polling. Huffington Post on Trump voters Ipsos poll on pollsters’ distrust Everybody (well, half of everybody) Loves A Winner Even Trump gets a post-win bounce. Huffington Post on Trump’s favorability Morning Consult on Trump’s favorability Gallup poll on president-elect’s favorability Post-Fact Universe The true polling about post-facts Pew Research on pollsters and press evaluation Buzzfeed News on fake news Morning Consult on credible media outlets Electoral College Gallup poll on the rise of support for the Electoral College Carrier and the Free Market Politico on Trump’s Carrier deal YouGov poll on Trump’s Carrier deal Donald Trump’s Businesses Conflicts are complicated. Bloomberg on Trump’s businesses Tweeter In Chief Is there a secret high-level Twitter Anonymous meeting out there that Kristen can go to? Politico on Trump’s use of Twitter We Love International Elections! International Business Times on France 2017 election International Business Times on Italy referendum Reuters on Italy referendum Quartz on Italy referendum Bloomberg on Italy referendum results Financial Times on Austria presidential election CNN on Austria election Pew Research on Europe’s future Polling on Santa Margie explains to Kristen the joys of the creepy Santa photo Ipsos polling on Santa Key findings: Here’s a real news story: With multiple polls about pollsters, we’ve hit peak pollsters. Although no one seems to be getting an A for effort. People are still working out the kinks about how to test Trump’s conflicts of interest . And if it’s hard to explain in a question, then, ah, well, i’m sure it’ll be fine. Meanwhile The pollsters transition team is in full force. We’ve put all our podcast revenue so far into a blind trust handled by my 1.5 year old. The downside is he sits in on all my meetings & is an obnoxious tweeter. Meanwhile, while people continue feel our country is off on the wrong track. AND more say belief in santa is decreasing? Correlation? Causation? You tell us! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

TICM 100 | A Message To All Changemaker  

I genuinely can’t believe I am recording episode 100. I am your host Jay Wong and It is an absolutely privilege for me that you are tuning in.


I don’t know who most of you are. Perhaps we haven’t had a chance to connect on social media or via emails.


But I know something about you.


You have a gift and you know it.


You have been tapped on your shoulder by god, by a higher being, by aliens, by your intuition, or by whatever you believe.


I know it. And you know it.


Look, this podcast was never about what you believe. What religion do you belong to or where your faith lies.


This podcast has always been about creating an impact with your gift. Creating your life’s work and having the guts, the balls, man balls and woman balls to simply GO FOR IT.


To Live the life you deserve.


To create the legacy to honour your gift and your message.


I had no idea I would be here recording this episode for you.


I spent the last two weeks, relistening to my podcast, to some of my favourite episodes.


I have heard that some podcast hosts have started to remix their podcasts so in a single episode, they would essentially rip a bit here, and rip a bit there.


And then supplement in their message.


To be honest, I wrote an episode like that. WIth four of my favourite podcasts from this year, and that was going to be my epic 100.


But as I was putting on the final touches on it, something didn’t seem right.


It just felt forced and contrived.


And if you have been following my work for any amount of time, you know I am not about that.


I am about living in the moment.


I am about tapping into your zone of genius and discovering how you can build a life around there.


So I simply put it aside, scrapped it and start anew.


Go with whatever NEW I had in mind and this started flowing out of me.


You see, sometimes in life, you follow and you do what others have done before you because you simply don’t know how to do better.


Or perhaps this was the way that you were raised or taught.


Over the last 16 months, I have learnt a great amount through this podcast and my life is completely different than where I first started.


If you wanted to see how I was feeling when I first started on my parents coach almost 2 years ago, then listen to episode 99.


It was the last one before this, and I was interviewed by the talented Chris Spurvey on the It’s Time To Sell Podcast.


I want to talk to you about the present.


About the now.


About this moment.


You see, I might not know who you are, but I already told you I know you have a gift.


You have genius trapped in you and it’s looking to get out.


You are beyond scared to let it out because it would mean change.


Whether good or bad, it would mean change no matter what.


And to be honest, most of us were never taught to deal with change in a healthy way.


We were never taught to be patient with ourselves and accept the change. The good and bad.


I still go through days and nights where I am stressed beyond belief. I run multiple online courses LIVE and a mastermind of inner circle people, as well as manage the entire podcast and media channels.


I get scared too.


I have doubts too


I lay awake from time to time, wondering what if this goes wrong. What if I can’t be the better human and find a way to “make it”


But in those moments, I have trained myself to switch the lens of my situation.


Instead of looking at the alternatives, and the unknown, I look at the facts.


I acknowledge that the path of any messenger is not a straight one.


I acknowledge that it takes time to build something epic and great


I accept that I am human and I still don’t know everything.


And will likely not know much in the grand scheme of things.


I accept that I am human and that I fear change as much any other person would.


I also accept the responsibility of my gifts


I realize that if I don’t share my gifts with the world, no one will.


Because at the end of the day, they can only share theirs.


And I can only share mine.


There are no duplicates for our genius.


It is so unique and so powerful if we just let go


If we let go of our ego and fears, and thoughts and doubts, and simply let it be.


Let it blossom the way a flower needs time to bloom.


Our genius is waiting for us to let go.


It’s craving to be let out into the world and play.


It’s craving to inspire others through your grit and skills.


I don’t know who most of you are. Perhaps we haven’t had a chance to connect on social media or via emails.


But I know something about y

65: Dealing With Challenges In Relationships with Andrew  

There are many common, limiting beliefs when it comes to love and romance. One belief is the success of a relationship is based on the time it lasts. So, if there is a breakup or divorce, the relationship was considered a failure. Or, if you love someone, you must love them unconditionally and stay with them, for better or for worse, no matter what. Another limiting belief is, the purpose of a romantic relationship is to find THE one who completes you.

In today’s coaching session, we bust through the limiting beliefs to get down to love and truth. Today’s caller, Andrew, finds himself at a challenging crossroads  in his marriage. He would like to know how to be supportive to his wife after her recent cancer diagnosis without becoming a doormat.

Andrew shared he is working towards a growth mindset, and up until now his wife has had more of a victim mindset. While I only got to hear one side, I didn’t hear any blame or resentment from Andrew as he shared his story, so I sense his description of the situation is fairly accurate. That is why I coached him to love his wife, to support her and to hold space for her, as she and the entire family process this diagnosis. And in time, have a heart-to-heart with her about how they plan to journey through this Expectation Hangover together.

Diagnoses can be an opportunity for deep healing and transformation. Sometimes, what is for the highest good is not always the easiest or most obvious choice. I coached Andrew through the distinction of spiritual connection and spiritual bypass. It basically comes down to love and truth. Andrew loves his wife, but in truth, they may be growing in different directions. Does this mean the relationship should end? I don’t believe in shoulds. People in a relationship can be growing at different speeds, but still along the same path.

Remember, spirituality is not tolerating people treating us the way they want to treat us. Love and truth go together. Self-honoring choices are often for the highest good of all, and that is the ultimate high road.  We can love, encourage, support, and be an example for people, but we can not save anyone else, that is up to them.

Would you like a behind the scenes look into all of my #lifehacks and to join my Inner Circle? The Inner Circle is a membership community where you get access to coaching calls, my guided meditations and visualizations, and lifestyle tips which include beauty, health, and wellness.

And, I will be in Sydney, Australia for another amazing Mastermind, possibly a training, and half- and full-day intensives. My visit will focus on the needs of small business owners or those of you transitioning into a new career. You could benefit from a session if you are dealing with fear, are getting in your own way or are ready to take your business to the next level. Send an email to ASAP for more information.


Consider/Ask Yourself:

What soul lessons are you currently learning from your relationship or relationship status? Are you making your relationship with yourself or your higher power a priority? Are any of your relationships at a point where you are growing in a different direction from each other? Do you wonder if being there for someone else in a supportive way is putting your own needs at risk? What is the difference between having a spiritual orientation to your relationship, and doing a spiritual bypass and becoming a bit of a doormat?    

Andrew's Question:

Andrew’s relationship is experiencing trials and tribulations. He would like to know how to spiritually cope with his wife’s recent thyroid cancer diagnosis.


Andrew's Key Insights and Ahas:

His wife’s hormones have been elevated due to a thyroid problem. He feels spirituality calling him. It’s not his responsibility to save his wife. He has recently started a spiritual practice. He doesn’t believe his wife is a willing participant in the relationship. His current lesson may not yet be resolved. It is now up to him to re-parent himself.  

How to Get Over It and On With It:

He should write his wife a letter to share what feels about her and how the diagnosis may be a wake up call to stay committed to working on their relationship. Also, let her know he can not do it alone. He should hug his wife every day. He needs to take 100% responsibility for his 50%.  

Assignments and Takeaways:

Look back at your romantic relationships to s
155: Lesley Hazleton  


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This week we talk to Lesley Hazleton

Lesley Hazleton  is a British-American author whose work focuses on "the vast and volatile arena in which politics and religion intersect." Her latest book, Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto, a Publishers Weekly most-anticipated book of spring 2016, was praised by The New York Times as "vital and mischievous" and as "wide-ranging... yet intimately grounded in our human, day-to-day life."

Hazleton previously reported from Jerusalem for Time, and has written on the Middle East for numerous publications including The New York Times, The New York Review of Books, Harper's, The Nation, and The New Republic.

Born in England, she was based in Jerusalem from 1966 to 1979 and in New York City from 1979 to 1992, when she moved to a floating home in Seattle, originally to get her pilot's license, and became a U.S. citizen. She has two degrees in psychology (B.A. Manchester University, M.A. Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

Hazleton has described herself as "a Jew who once seriously considered becoming a rabbi, a former convent schoolgirl who daydreamed about being a nun, an agnostic with a deep sense of religious mystery though no affinity for organized religion"."Everything is paradox," she has said. "The danger is one-dimensional thinking".

In April 2010, she launched The Accidental Theologist, a blog casting "an agnostic eye on religion, politics, and existence." In September 2011, she received The Stranger's Genius Award in Literature and in fall 2012, she was the Inaugural Scholar-in-Residence at Town Hall Seattle.

In This Interview, Lesley Hazleton and I Discuss... The One You Feed parable Her new book, Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto Why she is a curious agnostic That belief is an emotional attachment That belief is an attempt to establish fact when there is no fact To be a "believer" means you've made up your mind The double meaning of the word "conviction" Why she loves doubt Why binaries concern her That agnostics are often mislabeled as wishy-washy or indecisive How to take joy in our own absurdity That you don't have to believe in a fact because a fact just exists The human tendency to find pattern in anything That perfection is boring     Please Support The Show with a Donation  


043 - Miki Agrawal - Author, CEO & Co-Founder of THINX & Icon Undies  

If you have ever worn a pair of Thinx — a lined-underwear that eliminates the need for a pad or a tampon, the brand with the beautifully-shot ads that aim to destigmatize periods and run on the subway like What up?, then you may have said out loud to yourself, “I need to meet the woman who made this product. Because A) obviously it was a woman and B) you can’t believe you’ve been spending all of this time playing Russian Roulette with your favorite thongs. Well here is your opportunity! In this episode of Oh Boy, host Jay Buim sits down with Miki Agrawal, the founder of Thinx, to talk about everything from D1 soccer to her family to her belief in kismet. Headphones in — enjoy! In partnership with TNT. Want more Miki? @mikiagrawal Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

#55 — Islamism vs Secularism  

In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Shadi Hamid about the power of religious belief, the failure of the Left, Islamist democracy, free speech, profiling, white nationalism, Obama’s foreign policy and other topics.

What Is A Mastermind?  

A mastermind is a group of people who are committed to holding each other accountable to achieve their goals, whether it be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of a Mastermind. Support. We all need support in one form or another. A mastermind offers that support in any area you may be having trouble with, keeping you on track to achieving your goals. It’s more than just one-sided support, it’s about attacking the problem or creating the solution from all sides and getting all possible answers. Belief. Sometimes when you don’t believe in yourself, you can borrow someone else’s belief in you to give you the push that you need. Borrow that confidence and use it to strengthen your belief in yourself.        “I wanna be fat with knowledge.” - Frank Sagasta Knowledge. Input from different people, with different views and different ways of attacking a situation, can give you the upper hand that you need to tackle any goal that stands in your way. Knowledge creates confidence and eliminates fear. Do you know someone who has a fear of public speaking? Frank suggests putting yourself in front of a mirror and film yourself speaking. Watch the video back and critique yourself. It can give you some insight on what you don’t want or what you don’t like and what you need to work on. Does that make you nervous? When you’re nervous, go into service!          “The biggest ego in the room needs to be the message.” - Bren Dubé Wisdom can be found in everything, in experiences and opinions from people of different ages, countries, continents, cultures or belief systems. We all have something to contribute, so surround yourself with people who will encourage you to be the best version of you and help you on your journey to get there.

Jonathan Vaughters on Cannondale-Drapac, 2017, Taylor Phinney and Tom Danielson  

In the latest edition of the Cyclingnews Podcast, editor Daniel Benson talks to Cannondale-Drapac team manager Jonathan Vaughters. The American relives his team’s 2016 season, which he admits was ‘quiet’ despite finishing higher in the WorldTour rankings than they ever have before. He tells us how Pierre Rolland earned his respect and the impact Andrew Talansky’s decision to miss the Tour de France had on their ambitions. Next year will see a few changes in the team’s line-up with Taylor Phinney, Sep Vanmarcke, Hugh Carthy and Brendan Canty, among others, signing for 2017. Vaughters explains that his aim had been to bolster his Classics line-up, where he sees opportunities for success next season, and expresses his regret at losing riders such as Ramunas Navardauskas and Jack Bobridge. He also talks about his hopes for Phinney, and his belief that the 26-year-old can return to top form after his crash in 2014. Finally, Vaughters discusses his team’s ambition to race clean, how close he came to leaving it all behind after Tom Danielson tested positive for testosterone and why he decided to stay.

Dr. Christiane Northrup: Sex, Drugs and Divine Love - The Power And Purpose Podcast With Mastin Kipp Episode #31  

A chat with Dr. Christine Northrup about the range of concepts covered in her new book. Topics covered include parents, belief and identity, forces fed by anger and fear, holding on to personal pain, why your body isn’t a mistake, confirmation bias, and, … DMT.

We have a lot more great content to help you learn to live your power and purpose here on the Podcast. Subscribe to the show to make sure you get every episode as soon as it is released.

Visit for more.

030 | Michael Wickett: “People are Like Teabags. They Don’t Get to Know Their Own Strength Until They Get into Hot Water.”  

It all comes down to what you believe. 

If you believe life is struggle, then life will prove you right. But if you believe in its abundance, it will shower you with its gifts … often hidden in what might resemble struggles upon first glance.

It’s the way we look at our lives that gives rise to our circumstances. At the foundation of our perceptions are the belief systems on which they are built. Life is a mirror. What you see is what you are.

On today’s episode of The Quote of The Day Show, guest speaker Michael Wickett reveals where your beliefs came from and how you can expand who you are and what you have in your life.

Today’s clip is from Michael’s audio program The Power of Perseverance available on the Nightingale Conant website.

Hosted by Sean Croxton.

64: Rebel or Control Freak? Why We Bounce from Being Overly Strict with Ourselves to Giving Up with Amanda  

Today’s caller, Amanda, wants to know how to stop obsessing about calorie counting, her physical appearance, and working out. Like many of the sessions, you hear on this podcast, the focus of our conversation takes a different direction.

Amanda acknowledges she felt controlled by her parents growing up. And, the biggest thing I taught Amanda is how we often pair certain behaviors with love. For example, we know our parents are supposed to love us, so the way they parent us is what we think is love.

In Amanda’s case, it was being strict because she knew her parents loved her. So, she formed a correlation between being strict and controlling, with love. Her attempts to parent herself, care for herself, and love herself the way her parents did, are a big part of her food and calorie counting obsession. She believes that is how she keeps herself safe, much like her parents thought their strict parenting would keep her safe. It ends up as a fear-based version of safety, and it’s exhausting.

Another thing at play was Amanda’s history of rebelling. When we have one extreme that feels limiting, we go to the opposite extreme in an attempt to free ourselves. Amanda felt controlled, so to move away from it, she was rebellious and acted out to get free of the feeling of being controlled.

Coaches and Health Professionals — are you practicing what you preach?  Are you attempting to save yourself through serving others? You can share your story and help others, but make yourself your own best client. We can’t shift ourselves by saving other people. Remember, it’s important for you to show people they do have a wisdom voice inside, and a part of them that is connected to a pure, untainted heart.


Consider/Ask Yourself:

● Are you a bit of a control freak in your life? Are there areas you are obsessive or rigid?

● Do you have an inner rebel? Does part of you act out or engage in addictive behavior?

● Are you in a profession where you are not practicing what you are preaching?

● Is your self-talk negative, and you would like to shift it?


Amanda's Question:

Amanda feels mentally exhausted. She wants to know how to trust herself and change her patterns.


Amanda's Key Insights and Ahas:

● Her obsessing is her attempt to care for herself.

● She’s afraid she doesn’t deserve a good relationship.

● She believes she is broken.

● She has constructed her persona, and doesn’t know who she is.

● She doesn’t know how to talk to herself.

● She is trying to use her clients to help herself.

● She should practice what she preaches.


How to Get Over It and On With It:

● She should talk to herself every day from a place of acceptance.

● She should parent herself in a way that is full of unconditional love and support.

● Attend Christine’s Spring Retreat to help process her old belief systems.

● She needs to be able to lose control and to know she will be ok.

● She needs to read Expectation Hangover.

● She needs to treat herself like she treats her clients.


Assignments and Takeaways:

● Identify and deconstruct certain behaviors that may be cross-wired with love.

● Consider getting a pet. A pet is a way to learn about unconditional love without getting into codependency.

● If you are in the pattern of control or rebellion, start a spiritual practice.



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Christine Hassler

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The Importance of Adding Value to Your Sales With Ash Kumra  
“I used to equate things as failing and not failing, But really, everything is growing” - Ash Kumra (click to tweet)

We all know what it feels like to be hungry for success, to have a great idea or product we’re so excited to sell. It’s what keeps us entrepreneurs going, what gives us the drive to power through all the challenges.

Ash Kumra is award winning entrepreneur and has had his work twice recognized by the White House for it’s impact. He is also a public speaker, talk show host, and the author "Confessions from an Entrepreneur.”

Ash’s talking with me about how he became an entrepreneur, and his new project, Youngry, a media company focused on inspiring and elevating young & hungry minded entrepreneurs to thrive.

We’re getting into how to be transparent, the three things all sales require, and the importance of not letting your failures get into your head. Ash says all sales requires the same mentality, so no matter what you’re trying to market, this episode is a must-listen!


“Anyone who’s good in sales doesn’t differentiate what they sell.”

(click to tweet)


Bulletpoints: Crowdfunding is just like traditional sales in that you have to show people the value of your product and get them to want to be a part of what you’re doing. Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake. Think of it as a learning experience and move forward, otherwise it will become a limiting belief. Surround yourself with like-minded people who can encourage your vision and challenge you in the right ways. Focus on the project, not the product. Don’t get trapped in the minutiae of what you’re trying to do, but keep a strong hold on your vision. Work on strong communications and strong content. The best content will keep people coming back to your site and raise shares. No one is a self-made millionaire. Collaborations and meeting the right people are crucial to building your business and network. Find ways to build your brand through events, socials, media partnerships, and building connections. Give a lot of value before you sell. People need to know who you are what you do before they’re going to be willing to buy from you. 3 Things You Need to Show Your Customers to Make a Sale:   Your Company’s Vision Benefits to the Customer of Purchasing Social proof factor



Join the Youngry Launch List 

Ash’s Email:

Crowd Invest Summit, LA 

Ash Kumra's Twitter

Disco Inferno on Talk Is Jericho - EP304  

Disco Inferno FINALLY makes an appearance on TIJ, and brings all sorts of crazy WCW stories with him! You'll hear about his WCW debut (a week before Nitro), why he left, what happened when he got to WWE, and how Sting helped him get his gig back at WCW. Disco also has stories from the booking room, the origination of his own Disco Inferno gimmick, working with Chyna, details on the 6-month long alien invasion angle he wrote that was never used at WCW, and how he planned to shoot the Invisible Man character. He's also talking about Brian Pillman, and the Nasty Boys, and defending his belief that Martin Short is NOT funny.

11/29/16 - Is Aaron Rodgers back to being himself and is Ohio State a lock for College Football Playoff?  

Colin turns to politics to make his case in the Dak vs Wentz debate. Jason doubles down on his firm belief that the College Football Playoff has done more harm than good for the sport. The guys are joined by Super Bowl champion John Lynch to discuss the issues with the Arizona Cardinals and the Tony Romo to Denver rumors. Also, Whitlock goes one-on-one with former Buckeye and College Footall Hall of Famer Chris Spielman to discuss the officiating in the Ohio State - Michigan game.

E23 | Dancing With The Devil | Simon Baron-Cohen, Rebecca Roache, Peter Dews  

We think we've grown out of the belief in evil. It's not in our genes and people don't get possessed. But across media and culture, from Star Wars to Isis, evil still holds us strangely captive. Why does the devil seem to have the best tunes? Is the battle between good and evil an essential part of being human after all? The Panel Cambridge Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen joins philosopher Rebecca Roache and The Idea of Evil author Peter Dews to investigate the strangeness of evil. In association with the British Humanist Association

Reincarnation; Where Ya Been?  Where Ya Goin?  

This week here on The Spiral Dance, the topic is Reincarnation. Some believe, some don't. Some say that know if for a fact, that they've experienced their past lives. I don't make such claims myself, although I've experienced things that have given me pause for thought. So I've got a poem on Reincarnation from the pen of Aleister Crowley. And I've got some info on how why and where the concept of Reincarnation developed. We think of Reincarnation as an Eastern philosophy. But it can be found here in the West before the followers of the Abrahamic god decided to dictate reality to us. Nonetheless, I want to pay homage to some Eastern belief systems which have worked th concept out rather well. Then we'll come back to the West, in the 19th and 20th centuries when Reincarnation started to retake it's hold in this part of the world. And finally, some quotes from famous folk about Reincarnation. Be well! Do good! Enjoy the show!

Ghosts and the Supernatural - AIRC131  

In this episode we're going to talk about ghosts and the supernatural an idea from Liliana from Colombia who sent us this voice message

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Feedback: Bruno Schvidah from Brazil
My name is Bruno and I am from Brazil but recently living in Copenhagen!
My weak side has been "adverbial clauses and linkers" I would really like to go through that!
For now, I wish you all a great Friday!
All the best, Bruno

Episode 32
Although / even though / despite / in spite of - 

Episode 55
but, even though/although, however, in spite of/despite - 

Go and listen to those two episodes, Bruno and if there are linking words, conjunctions that we did not mention, please tell us and we will talk about them in a future episode of Aprender Inglés con Reza y Craig.

Audio Feedback from Roberto from Mexico.
How do you believe that the place where you learn a language affects the way you speak?
A student from Argentina who learned from a teacher from the US and then came to Spain speaks with an American accent.
Friends from the UK who have learned Spanish in Argentina, Mexico and Peru speak very differently to the way I do.

Liliana also sent us an email. Comment by Lili Corne from Colombia, Cali
Hello , the podcast was fantastic today, I would like to talk some day about ghosts, for example, Do you believe in ghosts? I have an experience about that!


Ghost, ghastly, phantom - fantasma
To haunt - encantar - a haunted house
Spooky - espeluznante
Words for the devil - el diablo: lucifer, the beast, Satan, 666, beelzebub, The Prince of Darkness
Evil - mal, vil
Curse - una maldición
Demons and angels
To terrify - aterrorizar a , terrifying - espantoso/a “I was terrified” / “It was a terrifying experience”
To scare - asustar, aterrorizar, scary
Fear (noun) - niedo, to fear - temer
To be afraid(adj.) - tener miedo
Fright (noun) - susto - I caught/had a fright
Frighten (verb) - asustar a
Frightening (adj.)
Frightful (adj.) a frightful shock
To scream - gritar (a blood curdling/spine chilling scream)
To howl (like a werewolf) gritar, aullar
The afterlife, life after death - el más allá, ultratumba
Coffin - ataúd
To bury - enterrar
Cemetery - cementerio
Grave - tumba, gravestone - lápida mortuoria
Gruesome - repelente - “a gruesome killing”
Eerie - inquietante, escalofriante - an eerie silence
Witch - bruja - broomstick - palo de escoba , to cackle - reírse a carcajadas, to cast a spell - embrujar , witchcraft/sorcery - brujería, wand - varita
fairies - las hadas
wizard - mago, hechicero


Afterlife - What happens to a person’s soul or spirit after they die (to die, death, he died or passed away)

Astral projection - the process whereby our etheric body, spirit or mind separates from the physical body, while maintaining a level of consciousnes (out of body experiences).

Channeling - Uses communication with the paranormal through a state of trance.

Dowsing - To be able to find underground water and/or underground minerals

Ley lines - hypothetical alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths.

ESP - Extrasensory perception (ESP) is the knowledge of external objects or events. A sixth sense beyond the five man already uses. Animals seem to have it.
What are the 5 senses? (hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste)

Past Life Recall - To remember or have mental flashes about living in another lifetime.

Reincarnation -The belief that a person's soul will, following bodily death, inhabit a new body in a long cycle of rebirths.

Telepathy - To know what others are thinking as if to hear thoughts in your head. Thought transference including the sending and receiving of thoughts.

...and now it's your turn to practise your English. Do you believe in life after death? Do you have any supernatural stories or experiences to share with us? Maybe you know someone who has had a supernatural experience. Send us a voice message and tell us what you think.

Send us an email with a comment or question to or

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The Paracast Nov 27, 2016  

Paul Kimball returns to The Paracast to catch up with Gene and Chris. The discussion covers a wide range of topics that include an historical perspective of UFO research and UFO belief systems, along with the differing opinions of Paul and Chris on cattle mutilations. Paul will also begin a discussion on synchronicity. Politics are discussed, but briefly. Paul Andrew Kimball is a Canadian film and television producer, writer and director who resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His projects include several documentary films about UFOs and the "Other Side of Truth" paranormal podcast. This interview continues on this week's episode of After The Paracast, an exclusive feature of The Paracast+.

63: How to Beat Fear and Self-Sabotage with Jake  

Collectively we are all going through a rebalancing of masculine and feminine energies, not only in what it means to be a man or a woman, but what it means to be human. We are just moving into rebalancing this energy so masculine and feminine energies can be in flow together. While women struggle to find their place in the masculine energy, men struggle to fit into more feminine things, such as being vulnerable or pursuing more creative endeavors that may feel less manly. This is not a time to be discouraged. We are all longing for belonging and connection. This episode is about questioning the old paradigms and rules.

Today’s caller, Jake, thinks he is stuck, but from my point of view he is at a crossroads. Will he continue to let old programming and belief systems drive him, or will he make a commitment to move past the fear of old paradigms, and step into his full potential?

During the call, I didn’t want to take Jake down the road of investigating his past, because he had already spent too much time analyzing the past and worrying about the future. Jake said he had an easy-going upbringing without a lot of drama or trauma. Often, feeling that degree of comfort as a child makes it harder to take risks as an adult, because we don’t have enough experiential evidence to recover from failure, risks, and things that scare us.

We have to stop asking ourselves why, why, why. We don’t have to self-analyze ourselves to death. We need to be aware of the patterns and self-limiting beliefs, so we can shift them. We all need to step up into our full potential, and not allow outdated paradigms hold us back.

Men, it is ok to be vulnerable, to talk about your doubts, and to admit to confusion about who you are, and how to find your purpose.


Consider/Ask Yourself:

● Are you a man, or with a man, who is questioning his career path or purpose?

● Is fear something that is stopping you?

● Do you relate to sabotaging yourself?


Jake 's Question:

Jake feels drawn toward another career change. He wants to know how to get out of his own head to move forward.


Jake 's Key Insights and Aha’s:

● He is sabotaging himself.

● He has competing intentions.

● He has a propensity to not follow through.

● He battles with fear and low self-worth.

● He has time management issues.

● He has created motion toward what he wants by putting himself out there.

● He is afraid he won’t live up to his full potential.


How to Get Over It and On With It:

● He should invest in a coach.

● He should read The Way of the Superior Man, by David Deida, and other personal development books.

● He should work on shifting his belief system and get clear about what his vision is.

● Over the next 40 days, he should do 10 things that get him out of his comfort zone.

● He should make a schedule for himself and stick to it.


Assignments and Takeaways:

● Go out and engage in behavior which pulls you out of your comfort zone, to develop trust in yourself.

● Commit to rewiring your brain. Visit NeuroGym to learn more.

● Stop obsessing about what you think is a liability.

● Show up fully for yourself, be your own word. Make commitments and don’t break them. If you do break them, re-negotiate and start again.



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