85: Take Steps to Pursue Your Dreams with Daniel  

This episode is about taking steps towards your dream. Today’s caller, Daniel, is passionate, and his enthusiasm is contagious when he talks about his music. When he deviates from his dream to take jobs just to pay the bills, he gets depressed.

[For show notes go here:]

I like to say, dreams are actually our inner psychic knowing what is to come to us. Things we feel called to, from our heart. How do we know what is coming from our hearts and what is coming from our ego? Get clear about it by reading my What’s the Difference Between Sacrifice and Compromise? Vlog post. Our head has wants; our heart has desires.

When we are not listening to our heart or we are not pursuing the things we love, a part of us may start engaging in self-sabotaging behavior. It's important to not have the soul sucked out of us. Feed your soul and do things to fulfill your creativity and your passion. Don't let anything suck the soul out of you!

Aubrey Marcus and I are facilitating a 3-day retreat in Austin, Texas over Memorial Day weekend for men and women. If you don’t know Aubrey, go back and listen to the Coaches Corner, Go For Your Win. He is a seeker who appreciates consciousness above all else. The focus of the retreat is Love: Practice Makes the Master.


Consider/Ask Yourself:

What are your dreams? Are you giving yourself permission to pursue them?

Have other people’s doubts or comments about your dreams prevented you from listening to your own inner guidance?

Do you have a limiting belief that you are too old, too unqualified, or too poor to go after what you want?

If you are in pursuit of a dream, are you actively and consistently taking steps toward it?


Daniel's Question:

Daniel wants to know which action steps he should take to pursue his dreams.


Daniel's Key Insights and Ahas:

● He feels pressure to get a regular job.

● He is a perfectionist.

● He doesn’t know if he is practical or irrational.


How to Get Over It and On With It:

He should go for it 100%; get his work out there, and identify people to emulate.

He should put together a demo reel.

He should hustle for a year before making a decision about additional schooling.

He should compose his personal mantra.


Action Steps:

What is your dream?

Are you going after your dream? If not, why not? What is your excuse?

What is one action step you can take to move toward it?

Post your action step as a comment to the show notes so that I may root you on!



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theScore esports Podcast ep. 11: CLG CEO Devin Nash  

Counter Logic Gaming CEO Devin Nash joins theScore esports Podcast to talk about everything from Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch League to his belief that talent, be it in esports or elsewhere, doesn’t actually exist. While Nash could not confirm or deny a franchise model coming to the NA LCS, he did share his thoughts on what impact it could have on the League of Legends scene, and esports as a whole.

Unanimous Decision #42: Playoff Check-In  

The Kriss and Dpalm MTR Network weekend takeover continues as they break down the week that was in sports. While that mostly means the NBA Playoffs, Carmelo and the Knicks find a way to be in the news. Kirby Smart continues to test my loyalty as a Georgia fan, and they are going to put Jameis Winston on Hard Knocks. Plus, we reaffirm our belief that Serena Williams is the greatest athlete of our lifetime.


Bjorn Nittmo's story. North Carolina's HB2 'repeal' didn't trick everyone. Stadium scamming comes to college. Kirby Smart isn't really all that smart. Richard Spencer didn't go over well at Auburn. Dan Wetzel's excellent Aaron Hernandez piece. Wait, Jameis is going to be on Hard Knocks? Carmelo who? Playoff talk. MVPs: Serena Williams is the greatest athlete ever. Go see the Decepticomics.

Kriss – @InsanityReport – You Already Know!

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14: Journey From a Broke Mindset to a MultiMillionaire's Mindset with My WIFE! Lori Harder  

Lori Harder, also my beautiful wife, is a leading expert in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. As a self-made millionaire, successful entrepreneur, network marketing professional, author, cover model, and three-time fitness world champion, she offers a carefully curated set of practical tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual well-being, and financial freedom.

Through her books, unique coaching methods and programs, she has helped countless people connect with their soul, transform their bodies, empower their minds, gain financial independence, and fall in love with themselves and their lives. Throughout her career, Lori has regularly appeared on the covers of and published articles for Oxygen Magazine, STRONG Fitness Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine and Prosper Magazine. She has also been featured on NBC, Fox, and TLC networks.

For those of you who may not know Lori’s past or how it all began for her, I have the honor of sharing my wife’s story with you today. Having a “money mindset” may not come naturally to everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever create it.

“My success hasn't always been like this and I know it’s something I will continue to work on for the rest of my life because I know that once you hit one level, there is a whole other level out there that you need to strive for.” -Lori Harder

Growing up, Lori was raised in a very conservative household. At a young age she was told, “Money is the root of all evil and you only need to make enough to survive. Anything more than that is evil and greedy.” With the constant battle in her head between money isn’t good vs. how does the world go ‘round without it, can you see how that would create a whirlwind for a young child just trying to “make it?”

Having two very different views on the subject when we first met, Lori’s money mindset began to shift after we started to spend more time with each other.

“It was refreshing to see that you and your family thought of money as just a thing that created awesome experiences. It was something you looked forward to and were proud of yourself for earning.”

Even though Lori still had the belief that money equaled greed, she still wanted to create a better life for herself – so she made it her mission to incorporate both beliefs. Why not make money, sufficient enough to live well and financially stress free, while still giving back and be of great service to others? DING DING (light bulb goes off)!

“Money doesn’t make you greedy, I believe that it just highlights more of who you already are. It will just amplify how you were already showing up in the world.”

Moving out to the West Coast, for us, put success and wealth in a whole other category. The entrepreneur mindset and the “shameless” money personalities out here, makes the opportunities endless. There is no cap or ceiling. If you have the passion and the heart to create something and make money off it then the world is your stage! (WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD!)

I know from experience that Lori is NOT the only person to come from a family who has fearful thoughts around money. Whether you think you don’t deserve to have a lot of it, or that it’s evil, or you end up spending it faster than you truly earn it, whatever it may be, my wife and I are here today to break through some of those tough beliefs and to “give you permission” if you will, to take control of your own life and finances. Hard work should always be recognized and rewarded. You will forever be blessed if you think big and share your gifts.

In This Episode You Will Hear About:

Finances Business Wealth Success Abundance Gratitude Giving Money Mindset Entrepreneurship Worth Survival

Resources Mentioned:

Earn Your Happy Podcast Instagram @Loriharder

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Joel Selwood on SEN Breakfast  

Hear from Joel Selwood after his standout performance against the Saints yesterday, and that the belief the 5-0 start has instilled into his Geelong team

An American in Wales  

Human beings have been telling one another stories since they first learned to speak. They amuse, warn, educate, and lull small children to sleep; and our guest today is an American spiritual teacher who believes that a particular kind of storytelling can change communities, deepen relationships and cultivate compassion. He spent six months in Wales last year sharing his enthusiasm, at the invitation of the Anglican diocese of St. Asaph. Mark Yaconelli is a writer and retreat leader, a community activist and youth worker, with a wide following across the United States. Like his celebrated father Mike Yaconelli, who trod a similar path before his death after a road accident 13 years ago, he makes regular appearances at Christian festivals in the UK. During his time based in Llangollen, he helped to establish community storytelling programmes, and developing training for youth leaders and clergy. Mark talks to Roy Jenkins about his belief in the transformational potential of the spiritual tradition of sharing the stories of our lives; why he is not afraid of disappointment and doubt; and how imagination is a vital key to the life of the church. First broadcast 10 July 2016.

Jeanie Buss, Owner & President of the Lakers  

Los Angeles Lakers owner and president, Jeanie Buss, joins Jesse and Stefan to talk about the shuffle within the Lakers' braintrust, her belief in current head coach Luke Walton and the future of the Purple and Gold.

Open Run 0

Episode 092: Listener Case Study - From Breakdown to Breakthrough  

Today I’m joined by a listener of the podcast, and student of Business by Design, Kelli Wise. Kelli discusses her journey of how she got to where she is today in her business, and opens up about the tough times she’s had and how she was able to turn things around. She is a great example of how you don’t necessarily need to have a huge email list to have a successful launch, if you have the right mindset and take the right action steps.

 In this episode you’ll learn:

The confirmation Kelli received that she was indeed impacting the lives of her students
The critical step she took after creating her offer and testing it in the marketplace
How her program is helping creative entrepreneurs brand and market themselves to stand out
How Kelli took a breakdown from her first webinar and used the experience to pivot internally and propel herself forward
Why confidence and belief in yourself plays such a key role in how others will see you
Why Kelli refers to herself as the “Chief Executive Cheerleader” for her audience and what plans she has going forward in her business
Ep 93: Relationship Fight Loops and Distance: Why We Lose Access to Intimacy  

Contrary to popular belief, fights are not better talked out to the bitter end and happiness and intimacy are not the result of more loving couples. It really comes down to how you manage these perpetual fights. I want to give you the main reasons people end separating or remain happy and together - based a couple different disciplines of research. Because a lot of what is the most damaging, isn’t obvious or calculated by a person. It’s totally accidental. When we have the same arguments and we start to get distant, it’s often because we don’t want to fight and we have a sense of dread around a repeated loop, so the distance is like a no-war zone between two foreign cultures. And the SHITTY news is when you get distant, your relationship is actually in the most trouble – because both parties are no longer demonstrating an investment in the bond. This is when you stop identifying as a couple and you start thinking in terms of me, the individual. And with that solo identity you start to focus on goals as an individual and not as a couple. Your focus redefines your past together as crappy – you see things from a personal interest standpoint. So if you guys are feeling distant and resentful, this is an episode for you! Caveat: I want to stress that this is NOT for people with abusive partners. Domestic violence is not something that I recommend using these tools for – if you’re in an abusive relationship, my heart goes out to you. If you like this episode, check the Gottman Institute for more! A lot of this is from his work. For more of my writing and the blog version of this post, check out (the blogs will be posted a bit later than the podcasts). Book references: Couples counselor questionnaire: How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It John Gottman’s most popular book: The Gottman Institute – all their good, short articles. A book by the creator of Imago: What to look for in a couples counselor:

84: Finally Feeling ‘Good Enough’ No Matter What with Jen  

This episode is about not feeling good enough. Today’s caller, Jen, knows it is not good to believe she is not good enough, but she feels her problem is insurmountable. The essence of who Jen is isn’t broken, it’s just a pattern she’s comfortable in.

[For show notes go here:]

Jen is experiencing a limiting belief. It shows up in a variety of ways, like her feeling not deserving, feeling broken, or not being lovable. It can lead to insecurity, people pleasing, body image issues, eating disorders, and accepting dysfunctional relationships. During the call, I allow Jen to go on for a while because I am waiting for her to ask for help.

For those of you who are being coached or in therapy — If you are more committed to keeping your story than to truly letting go of it, you are uncoachable.

We all get attached to our limiting beliefs, because they are familiar, comfortable, and often get us the attention we are seeking and the validation or sympathy for how hard life is.

There is merit to discussing our past, and healing memories. But, we must do it with vulnerability, compassion, and forgiveness so we can let it go, to get over it and on with what we want to create.

Awareness without action is merely psychological entertainment.

Aubrey Marcus and I are facilitating a 3-day retreat in Austin, Texas over Memorial Day weekend. If you don’t know Aubrey go back and listen to the Coaches Corner, Go For Your Win. He is a seeker who appreciates consciousness above all else. The focus of the retreat is becoming masterful at love. Sign up for this incredible retreat.

Email about joining my Inner Circle membership community.


Consider/Ask Yourself:

Do you struggle with not feeling good enough? Do you doubt you are worthy or capable of having the things you truly want?

When you get close to the things you want, do you often sabotage it or doubt you can keep it?

Do you make your ‘enoughness’ conditional?


Jen's Question:

Jen wants to know how to move past her past traumas, and change her narrative.


Jen's Key Insights and Ahas:

● She is holding on to an old pattern because it’s comfortable.

● She believes her failed relationships and loss of friends is her fault.

● She withdraws and isolates herself.

● She gets her value from external validation.

● She is not seeing her life accurately.


How to Get Over It and On With It:

She needs to commit to shifting and interrupting her ingrained patterns.

She can stop her thoughts of not being good enough, and create a new neural net.

She should take a lesson from the children she works with.

She should get a photo of her younger self and talk to it.

She should create of voice memo of positive sayings to herself.



How attached are you to your story? Stop telling your sob story.

Practice release writing to release emotions.

Stop your thoughts and redirect them with the help of the ‘Whoaing’ technique in Expectation Hangover.

Get a picture of your little one and use it as a way to generate love and self-acceptance.



Audible — Free audiobook download and a 30-day free trial.



Christine Hassler

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Love: Practice Makes the Master Retreat

Religious belief and practice in Australia  

More insights into the Australian population will come out next month with the release of the latest batch of findings from the 2016 Census.

The ABCs: Don't Rich People Deserve to Keep Their Money?  

The Right has long looked to lower taxes, especially for rich people, out of a belief that rich people deserve to keep their money because they earned it. In other words, taxes impinge on their freedom. Mike McCarthy argues this is the wrong way to think both about taxation and about freedom. Mike McCarthy is a sociologist at Marquette University in Milwaukee and the author of Dismantling Solidarity: Capitalist Politics and American Pensions Since the New Deal. He has a chapter in The ABCs of Socialism called “Don’t the rich deserve to keep most of their money?” The ABCS of Socialism is available for only $5 on Jacobin’s web site. You can get it at Also, be sure to listen to the other podcasts in our ABCs series, which tackle questions that include Why do socialists talk so much about workers? Doesn’t human nature make socialism impossible? Is socialism a western, Eurocentric concept? And isn’t the United States already king of socialist?

Living Hope  

Happy Easter everyone He is risen The world is in chaos including the age old battle between truth and falsehood In this week's boralogue John shows that Jesus through His death and resurrection has won that battle and is the Truth He may have died on that cross but He conquered death for all of us and is our living hope Our belief in that is crucial both now and for all eternity He is risen indeed There is a decline in Christianity within many Western European countries Will that decline spread west across the Atlantic Christian speaker and author

FDR3650 Help! I’m Dating a Social Justice Warrior! – Call In Show – April 12th, 2017  

Question 1: [1:55] – “There are three types of true things which should replace True: Events, Axioms, and Necessities. From this, I have constructed a philosophical methodology for an approach to reason and evidence. Unfortunately, it hinges on being able to establish the validity of using axioms, a point which I am sure will be assailed despite it being true of every belief system.”

“There exists a poisonous idea that only things proven can be held to be unequivocally true. It completely ignores the purpose of pursuing truth, and often ruins discussions. The power of words to influence thought is very powerful, and very dangerous. We see it constantly with the left redefining everything in a manner shockingly close to 1984’s Newspeak. I believe it began with undermining the populace’s understanding of Truth, because from there flows all further knowledge and critical thinking. Or, more terrifyingly, perhaps it was never understood by the populace at all. As such, I propose fleeing the sinking ship that is the word ‘True’; it has too much baggage, too many preconceptions, and frankly is too general a term. It has become a weapon of ignorance and that’s double-plus-ungood.”

Question 2: [33:29] – My fiancée is a leftist woman living in Vancouver currently enrolled in teaching school and I am a conservative labor working man living in Ohio. I have managed to make a small break through to her delusional liberal beliefs but can’t quite manage a major breakthrough. What advice could you give those of us who are struggling to bring our loved ones out of the cave of ignorance and into the light?”

Question 3: [1:58:06] – “In our current times, I find the misinformation and corrupted definitions to be the most destructive for every society. I currently focus on the historic methods of communications. How can we reach every layer of society with the same accurate message, without altering it's content. I find it extremely difficult today, that is why I go back in time and revisit old methods. Regarding this matter, the upcoming field of discussion is ‘Old Religions and Atheism.’”

“What did we gain with Atheism and what did we lose by abandoning the Old Religions? As an Atheist, I deliver a package of statements, and I would like to get them attacked by every possible way by a very experienced rational thinking critic. I start with three ‘common places’ which are not used very often any more. These are direct translations, I really hope I did it right: 1. There is no human being without a belief. 2. Belief defines the foundations of your personality. 3. Belief drives you to go forward. Before I discard any of these statements from the table, I need them to be invalidated properly. If they cannot be invalidated, I would like to discuss them in more depth.”

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45: How to Turn the Tide in Your Life with Cardiff D. Hall  

The guest on today's show is Cardiff D. Hall, a man with a really strong zest for life. He's all fired up and ready to explode, so listen in as he talks to Jon about what he does, his passions, and why he loves Jesus as much as he does!


Cardiff has a real fervor for life and he loves to help people to transform their self-being, so that can attain and sustain achievement in their lives. He also coaches aspiring achievers through his weekly inspirations and practical advice, which he delivers in his “Tide Turners” newsletter. His inspiring book, Tide Turners- The Practical Guide to Help You Feel In Control, Experience More Joy and Sustain Achievement in Life, which took him three years to write, became a Number One New Release on Amazon in January 2017. Listen in as Cardiff, who is on a Mission from God, shares his fire, passion, and experiences on today's show.


Today, Cardiff talks to Jon about:


His incredible experience, which happened on a flight, where he heard a voice telling him to write a book. How he started writing his book in fifteen-minute increments. How, with consistency, you will achieve. The scripture, Hebrews 11:1, which was the cornerstone of his book. His personal story, which led him to the path that he is on right now. His mindset at the time that he lost his job. How he got into Personal Development, which helped him to become ready to hear the voice of God. That we can't see what we don't see, but we still have to keep moving forward. How becoming a parent allowed his love for God to become even deeper. His naturally positive outlook on life. How his belief, which is his biggest strength, opens doors for him. How you can learn to allocate your time well. How he wrote his book by really believing that he could. His hope- to bring people who don't know Christ, to open their minds. How he lives his faith on a daily basis. That you should get Cardiff's book so that you can take control. His advice to a younger version of himself.




To get Cardiff's book:  -Also available from Amazon


Cardiff's website:  -For Cardiff's guide book.







The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren


Return of the Ragpicker and The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino


Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware


Swimming with Bacteria (and Dr Matt Baker) #27  

Bacteria are more like submarines than fish. They have propellors and motors. This is one of the extraordinary discoveries that Sydney researcher Dr Matt Baker has been part of. In fact he has gone deeper and is looking inside the different motors bacteria species have. What powers these micro machines ?  How they are made ? His stories of life at a micron level are almost beyond belief.

#205 - The Angry Chicken: “Welcome to Un’Goro”  

Hold your safari hat tight and don't go near that nest of eggs, the Journey to Un'Goro has been unleashed upon Hearthstone. Contrary to popular belief Quest Rogue is not the only deck being played right now and the TAC trio break down many that they're currently enjoying. They also compare Legendary pulls from packs and talk about the duplicate card conspiracy.

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The Angry Chicken is podcast about all things Hearthstone. Garrett, Dills, and Jocelyn cover news, strategies, crazy game stories, and take your emails every week. Jobs done!


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The Demon-Haunted Mind  

Demons exist only within the human imagination, but that doesn’t make them harmless. If positive religious world views can result in a more positive state of mind, then might belief in soul-clawing, life-wrecking horned Hell fiends edge one closer to the edge of madness? Join Robert and Christian as they explore a recent study on the topic, and they might even summon a demon or two from the realms of myth.

Missing Ashley Mullis: A father’s frustration  

Ashley Morris Mullis vanished from her Muncie, Indiana, home in September 2013, leaving behind an infant daughter and two sons. Don Morris has spent every weekend since handing out flyers and asking for people to help find her. This is despite his belief that his daughter and the man he suspects killed her are both dead. The father’s refusal to give up is fueled by his love for his young granddaughter, who is now living with the widow of his daughter’s boyfriend. Nancy Grace talks to this grieving dad about this shocking and complicated case.

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