#8 - W. Earl Brown!  

W. Earl Brown is one of the most hard working, talented, and beloved character actors of our time. Most know him as Dan Dority on Deadwood, Teague Dixon on True Detective, or of course as Cameron Diaz's mentally handicapped brother Warren in There's Something About Mary. The three of us, however,  are lucky enough to just know him as our buddy "Big Earl"

Brown was born and raised in western Kentucky. Realizing early in life that he had aversion to manual labor, he knew that farming life was not for him. The first theater he ever attended was on his grandparents' front porch, where, in following family tradition, they would entertain themselves after a day's work with songs and stories. He was much better suited to that part of Kentucky farm life rather than the fields and barns.

In addition to his television and film work, Earl co-starred in Sony's The Last Of Us, 2013 Video Game Of The Year. He also writes music and records with Sacred Cowboys, an LA based Americana band.


As if our southern roots weren't enough to make us pals for life, Brown will also be starring in Showtime's new series 'I'm Dying Up Here', produced by Jim Carrey and based on the booming stand up comedy scene in LA during the 70's. The series premiers Sunday, June 4th. 


On this episode we discuss growing up in the south, our mutual love of comedy, the fears that come with being a professional entertainer, DEADWOOD, and what Larry David is like in real life. Not gonna give anymore away because we had too much fun and want you to hear it for yourselves!

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Ep 23: O Brother, Where Art Thou?  

We play O Brother, Where Art Thou! Andy is in a tight spot! Joz eats some blueberries! Paulo punches a dog! Andy Hoover – Ulysses Everett McGill Paulo Quiros – Pete Hogwallop Jocelyn Vammer – Delmar O’Donnell Jon Miller – DM

La cuarta parte - Guala - 29/03/17  

1/ G-EAZY and Carnage ft. Thirty Rack. Guala. 2/ Raekwon - Purple Brick Road. ft. G-Eazy. 3/ N.W.A. Boyz n the hood. 4/ KAZI AND MADLIB. Sleep if you want. 5/ ROC MARCIANO. No smoke. 6/ QUELLE CHRIS. Fascinating grass. 7/ Brother Ali. "Own Light". 8/ IAM. 1 Gun, 2 Gun, 3. 9/ ODDISEE. Like Really.10/ SA - ROC. I am her. Prod. Sol Messiah. 11/ SUBSTANTIAL. Lasting impression.12/ INTERNATIONAL MAVERICK. Sore loser.13/ ALEX ROCKS. Rise n shine.14/ MASTA ACE. High school shit.15/ MASTA KILLA. Therapy.16/ PRODIGY. Mystic.

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'Deidra & Laney Rob a Train' Review  

Deidra and Laney Rob a Train combines the fun of a high school comedy with a heist film. When her mother goes postal at her job at an electronics store, intelligent but bitter Deidra takes on the burden of taking care of her sister, Laney and their younger brother, Jet. After a conversation with her deadbeat dad who works at the trainyard, Deidra comes up with a plan to rob a train and she has to pull her, shy and sweet sister Laney into the mix in order to accomplish it. What follows is a funny and warm-hearted tribute to family.

Shanna, Phenom & the Doctor break down what makes Deidra and Laney work.


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Lies My Mother Told Me by Elizabeth Thomas | Tuesday, March 28, 2017 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor  

If you keep eating raw spaghetti          you’ll get pinworms,          then I’ll have to make          a necklace of garlic for you to wear          each night while you sleep,          until they go away. If you’re mean to your younger brother, I’ll know          because I have a special eye          that spies on you when I’m not home.          You... Read more »

Big Brother Canada 5 | Monday Episode Recap & Live Feeds Update  

Rob Cesternino recaps Monday night's Big Brother Canada 5 episode with the help of two LFC members. Then the LFC updates on the live feeds happenings!

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My Brother, My Brother and Me & Gina Prince-Bythewood  

This week, NPR's Linda Holmes sits in for Jesse Thorn. We kick things off with Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. The three brothers have a brand new TV show called My Brother, My Brother and Me based on their podcast of the same name. Then, Gina Prince-Bythewood the writer/director behind Love and Basketball and The Secret Life of Bee's talks about her newest project - Shots Fired, a fascinating, poignant TV drama on Fox she co-created with her husband. Finally, don't ever, not for one second, think you can't carry a tune. Linda tells you all you have to do is listen to the crowds at a Pete Seeger show and everyone there can sing like angels.

Parley w/ Mikey Mo ( 03-25-17) Sly, Mikey Mo and Cousin Gabe Kicking it for 2 hours! Wrestling, Politics, Sports/MMA, The Green Mile, Jessie Ventura, Sheepdogs, IPA’s, Cigs, Weed + More

Nissin Noodles Techyz Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer The Wilderness Admin and Grunts Marine Corps No Such thing as a Fake Marine Bush Era, Cheney Era Dick Cheney Slim Shady -- Eminem Eminem is weird as fuck Britney Spears is controlled Mind Controlled Leah Remini -- Scientology John Travolta 13 Black Girls missing in Washington D.C. No One gives a fuck about Obamacare Islannd in New York Frank Sinatra Mike Marshall Luniz Mikey Mo's Theme Overstanding History Books Wildnerness in the building Cliffhanger Hunting Kill what you eat Cousin Gabe talks about Social Justice Warriors WWE Theme Music On Netflixery Black Lives Matter Politically Correct vs Right/Wrong Fear and Hate Stephen Curry Obama Haters The Green Mile Full Metal Jacket Steven Segal Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Ronda Rousey Andre Ward Mike Tyson stories Brooke Hogan Avatar Movie Watching Porn since you was young Marine Corps Dogs Police got K-9s All Dogs have wold on em Wolves turn to sheep Sly to gabe: You don't know how to read Animals Vanessa Hudgens Bad Santa John Ritter Bernie Mac My Brother and Me Threes Company Variety of Pussy Grunt and Admins US Marines PTSD Going to the V.A. Anxiety Getting picked on Andrennaline Rush Pencil Pushers Nation of Domination San Francisco Demons Japan Town North Carolina Michael Jordan #23 People don't know what a Millenial Ric Flair is racist Motivational Speakers WWE Superstars on Saturdays Triple H Ultimate Warrior Speech Jim Ross ALdo UFC talk Boxing Talk Ari Emmanuel Anderson Silva Amanda Nunes Stone IPA Lit as fuck Nwahaha North Korea Jessie Ventura is a Mayan Sheepdogs Bad Bitches on Instagram Porn Bitches Biggie Farmer Shit Blow Movie Chuck Berry Back to the Future Movie Closing Words American History Cigarette Haters Matt Damon D.A.R.E Program Cigarette Haters Alex Jones

Arundhati Roy  

Kirsty Young's castaway is the writer, Arundhati Roy. She won the Booker Prize for her first novel, The God Of Small Things, which has been translated into 40 languages and became the best-selling book ever by a non-expatriate Indian. After a gap of 20 years, her second novel will be published in June. Brought up in Kerala, her Syrian Christian mother left her marriage when her children were young and set up a small school where Arundhati and her brother were educated. Raised to be independent, aged 16, Arundhati left home to study architecture in Delhi before being introduced to the film world by her second husband. Since the publication of The God of Small Things in 1997, she has continued to write non-fiction, using her influence her to focus on tackling injustice. She has campaigned against India's nuclear programme, dam-building, globalisation, religious intolerance and the inequality of Indian society. Producer: Cathy Drysdale.

Big Brother Canada 5 Exit Interview | Latest Houseguest Voted Out – March 24, 2017  

Each Friday after Big Brother Canada, Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player voted out of the game on our exit interview podcast.

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Episode #325 – Inner Circle For Life  

Behind the scenes of one of the most amazing Inner Circle meetings ever…

On today’s episode Russell recaps some of the cool stuff from the last four days of Inner Circle meetings. He also shares his insights on a TV show he loves and talks about his new Batman suit.

Here are some cool things you should listen for in this episode:

The new rule that will be enforced within the Inner Circle. Why they came up with this rule in the first place and why it will help Russell to go deeper into his teachings. And hear Russell’s crossover prediction with one of his favorite TV shows.

So listen below to find out some insider stuff from Russell’s Inner Circle.


Hey everyone, this is Russell and this is a late night Marketing In Your Car, I hope you don’t mind. I’m actually just about to start watching 24, before I do I wanted to kind of reflect on the last 4 days and share some cool stuff with you guys.

We had our Inner Circle group here in Boise. We had 2 Inner Circle groups. One group on Monday and Tuesday, and a second group on Wednesday, Thursday. It’s the first Inner Circle at the new office, which was so insane. Because that was the whole reason I moved into this new office, if I’m completely honest. It’s because I wanted to have a room to do Inner Circle meetings in. A year and a half ago, almost 2 years ago, I went to Joe Polish’s Genius Network Event at his office. We were in his office and we walked up the stairs into this room, it was layed in a way where you could have a lot of people in it. As soon as I saw the room, I was like I want this.

I took a bunch of pictures of it and then went home and messaged our realtor and said we wanted a place and we started looking around and all the sudden I remembered this place we looked at before. I didn’t like the office before because it was layed out really weird, but I was like if we gutted the whole thing and rebuilt it, we could do this. So we put the offer in and now a year and a half later we’re in and we just did our first Inner Circle meeting, which is so cool.

So there’s lesson number one. When you see it, then you gotta go and get it. Which actually reminds me of one of my favorite stories, it was a story I’ll probably mess up the details. I think it was at the grand opening of Disney World, and they were there opening day and the news and the reporters and everyone’s there. And they’re opening up Disney World and at the time, Walt Disney had passed away and one of the reporters standing next to Roy Disney, who was Walt’s brother. He looked at Roy and said, “Hey, it’s a shame that Walt didn’t live to see this.” And Roy looked back at the reporter, he said, “No, you don’t understand. Because Walt saw this, that’s why we’re here today.”

It’s such a cool thing, so many of us have a vision of what we want and we don’t get it. Anyway, I hope that’s inspiring. I saw it, and I didn’t think about it. We had got it, and now it’s here and it’s insane.  I think it was cool and it was fun having our own room because we can control the energy and the music and the motion.

Thanks to Garret White, he came to one of our last Inner Circle meetings at our hotel room. They used to be in hotel rooms and he kind of shifted how we do the format of stuff, which has added a whole other level of energy to it.

It’s crazy, in Inner Circle, there’s a hundred people in it. But we broke it down into four groups, 25 in each group. So we had 25 that came Monday, Tuesday. 25 came Wednesday, Thursday. And then in April we’ve got two more groups that come through.  It’s funny because April groups are packed. We had to shut those groups down because we had so many people. These groups are smaller and I get super nervous during smaller ones. Because I’m like, “They’re not going to meet as many cool people.” And all these things, but it seems like the smaller groups almost are better sometimes. Because the smaller the more intimate, we get a lot more done.

The two groups, I wish ….first off, I can’t even believe that I get paid to be in that room with these entrepreneurs and people that legitimately are changing the world in so many different areas and have so many unique ideas and things that I would never think of or fathom. To be able to sit there, honestly for four days just have a chance to absorb their ideas and mindset. Watching these people and we have companies from smaller companies doing whatever, up to, one of the guys in our group is the main marketing guy for the Truth About Cancer, they did a launch, did 20 million dollars. They’re about to do a launch, and my guess, this new launch they’re putting out called the Truth About Vaccines, and they’ll probably do 50-60 million dollars.

Then there’s people in the software space and people in the….it’s so unique. I’ve been to other mastermind groups but it’s like everyone’s in the same industry so it’s hard to glean much because everyone’s trying to do the same thing. It’s so diverse. It’s almost like there’s not two people in the same genre of business so it’s just insane.

And so this is kind of a cool thing and this is what I wanted to share with you guys because……I might be ruining the surprise for Inner Circle members, but the first few groups at the end of it, I basically got up and thanked everyone and we gave everyone these shirts that say Inner Circle For Life on it. And I told them, “Look, this is the deal. The Inner Circle for me was never about making much money. I make good money on it, but you know Clickfunnels is what makes my real money. This is kind of a thing, in fact, there’s been multiple times where I almost shut it down because I don’t know if it’s worth doing and pursuing because it’s pulling me away from Clickfunnels, which is my focus. I finish I four day event like this, I can’t even fathom not having this in my life, how much I get from it. From the group and the people.

My goal with this was never a big coaching program where I could just keep running people through it, bring people in and let them back out the other side, which is how most other mastermind groups that are out there happen.” So because of that we set a cap, about a year ago…..and I think at the time we had 37 people in it. I was like, “If I was to know how I could facilitate this, I can’t facilitate more than 100 people the way I do it. So I’m going to cap it at 100 and when we get to 100 we’re going to stop selling it and close it out.”

And at first it was kind of a dream. I didn’t think that was actually possible. Then after we kind of put that limit on it, it grew almost instantly. It was crazy, bloomed and filled all the way up to 100 so we shut it down. What’s interesting is after we shut it down, then there’s always some kind of float where one or two people go out and then people come in and it goes back and forth.  It just kind of…applications come in and if we have spots we call them, if not we don’t. That’s kind of how it works. We have people fight and beg to get in sometimes.

So that’s kind of what happens, but recently, over the last few months, there’s been probably 5 or 6 people that have been in Inner Circle and then they’re like, “I love it, I don’t want to lose it, but I’ll put it on pause for 3 or 4 months and come back later. Hold my spot, though.” I was like, a couple of these first off, it’s not really fair to me or my team. I was like, it’s not really fair to them. It’s really not fair to the rest of the group. I said, “My goal is not to keep bringing new people into this group, my goal is I want to take this group and go deeper and deeper and deeper.”

So I basically told them that today.  So because of that, we decided to set this new rule. We gave everyone a shirt that says, Inner Circle For Life on it. The rule is if you need to leave the Inner Circle, for whatever reason, it’s totally cool and we’ll always remain friends but if you leave, you can’t get back in.  That’s the new rule, that’s it. So if you leave, your spot’s gone.  And what’s interesting is for the most part, everyone is laughing and cheering and excited for that.  And I didn’t tell everybody this but while I was sitting in the meeting, just today, not like the last four days, just today, we got 17 applications for Inner Circle during today’s session.

I almost wish I told them that. If you decide to leave, there’s a line up. 17 people today applied for your spot. And that’s coming in all the time. Some days are less, some days there’s 10, some days there’s 5. Whatever, but today alone, 17 applications came in for Inner Circle, and there’s not any…I actually have no idea. But I mean, it’s pretty dang close. If it’s not full there’s one or two spots. But then when those are in, it’s done.

Like I said, what I kind of told them is that if you cancel, we still love you, but you can’t get back in. And I want people there, in the Inner Circle for life. Because I want to be able to go, because even we have a new batch of probably 8 or 10 people that came in new since the Funnel Hacking Live event, it kind of got it back up to being at capacity. And today at, or the first day I spent the first 3 hours sharing the insanely cool stuff that we’re doing that I don’t have a chance to share anywhere else. So I’m showing all this stuff and I’m like, ahh….New people don’t have a foundation to build on this next level stuff. I’m trying to show what we’re doing to get from 8 figures to 9 figures, which is insanely ……it’s kind of crazy.

We went from 7 figures to 8 figures in a year and then I think in two to two and a half years we’ll pass 9 in a year. Which is crazy but how do you do that? It’s really shifting from…the traffic source isn’t how you do it, how you scale. I remember showing these guys all this stuff, but it sucks because some people, the newer people aren’t ready for that yet, because they don’t

Episode #866: The New Phil Hendrie Show  

Frazier Foods CEO Bob Green debuts his new podcast "Bob Green Today." With his cohost, General Gaylen Shaw, Bob talks about his new promotion; he swears by a three piece suit and doing exotic dancing at women's card games. Bob humps chairs and equipment as he demonstrates and gives a 'words-eye view.' The BSP Classic Show from September 2004 has Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police saying sex offenders are not such bad people once you get to know them. His brother Carl, for example, is a past offender but is a great guy and has a huge train collection. Sign up for a Backstage Pass and enjoy a 20,000 plus hour archive, Phil's new podcast, Classic podcasts, Bobbie Dooley's podcasts, special live streaming events and shows, Saturday Cinema, Friday night chat, and oh so very much more... Sign up now at!

Jordan Palmer Talks About Working With This Year's QB Class, Leading Up to the NFL Draft  

On today's show... Albert spoke with quarterback consultant, and Carson Palmer's brother, Jordan Palmer, about the guidance he's provided for some of the quarterbacks in this year's draft class. Specifically, he talked about why he believes all NFL quarterbacks should watch from the sidelines during their first year in the league, what sets Deshaun Watson apart from other college quarterbacks, and which NFL team could be a good fit for DeShone Kizer. All that, plus Albert gives his opinion on why Kaepernick hasn't been signed yet, Emily joins for some segments, and we finish off with a six pack of your Twitter questions. Let's go.

Music That Matters, Vol. 557 - Freak Reaction  

From hard hitting hip-hop to hard hitting punk rock, with a little psychedelic drone rock thrown in for good measure, DJ Kevin Cole brings you a mind bending mix on Freak Reaction.   1. All Them Witches - Bruce Lee 2. Tim Darcy - Tall Glass of Water 3. The Afghan Whigs - Demon In Profile 4. Brother Ali - Pen to Paper  5. Andrew Joslyn - Coal Miners 6. Louise Burns - Storms 7. Rose Elinor Dougall - Colour Of Water 8. Lydia Ramsey - Show Me The Stars 9. Molly Burch - Wrong For You 10. Posse - Kismet 11. Julie Byrne - Sleepwalker 12. Jens Lekman - To Know Your Mission 13. Jacques Greene - To Say 14. Downtown Boys - Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas) 15. B Boys - Energy 16. 75 Dollar Bill - Earth Saw 

RHAPpy Hour | Big Brother Canada 5 Eviction Recap  

Brent Wolgamott and Melissa Deni are joined by Pooya and Liana to breakdown this Thursday's Big Brother Canada eviction episode and update all the live feed happenings!

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24th March 2017 - Stands, stadiums, stars and stepping up  

Caroline Barker, Dave Anderson and Swampy discuss some of the biggest stories in non league this week. Maidstone United co-owner Oliver Ash talks about his club's investment in safe standing and CEO at Horsham FC John Lines celebrates third time lucky as plans for their new ground was approved this week. Plus former Spurs midfielder and Celebrity Big Brother star Jamie O'Hara explains why he has chosen to pull his boots back on and join up with Billericay Town who are quickly become an all-star celebrity select. Finally, Father and son Jason and Ben Goodliffe talk about the latter's newly announced move from Boreham Wood to Wolverhampton Wanderers. For the fans, by the fans, The Pitchero Non League Football Show is the original and leading show focusing on the best of the english football pyramid every week.

7000 KM on an Electric Motorcycle | From MX Racer to Women’s Off-Road Riding Coach  

Trui Hanoulle is a motorcycle traveler, that looks for adventure out of her comfort zone, and recently that included doing a solo trip on an electric Zero motorcycle from her home in Belgium to Istanbul. And Pat Jacques, retired MX racer and founder of ADVWoman, teaches women off-road riding skills and hosts the annual ADVWoman Rally in Colorado.

Elektrogirl: Trui Hanoulle

Trui Hanoulle’s home is in Belgium, where she works as a freelance photographer and graphic designer, but she’s also a traveler and a motorcyclist. She’s ridden throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, connecting with people, exploring the backroads and off the beaten path places. She spends her time learning about the cultures and the countries she explores. She doesn’t follow the path of the mainstream tourist, she takes the time to really experience the different ways people live their lives. In a recent article in Women ADV Riders Magazine, Trui said

"And that’s where the adventure starts: when you step out of your comfort zone and find yourself in a completely new world or situation."

- Women ADV Riders Magazine

Trui’s last long distance ride was on a Zero electric motorcycle, and she’s discovered that there were great perks to riding the bike, cost of travel being ultimately low for a motorbike, and some drawbacks as well. She rode from Belgium to Istanbul and back, and the bike required a recharge about every 250 km for 12 hours. Although this meant having to make frequent stops, it also gave opportunities to meet the locals and ask for help with charging. And that, for Trui, is what travel is all about.

Elektrogirl Website:

ADVWoman: Pat Jacques

Since she was first on a minibike at the age of 8 years old, Pat has been passionate about riding. She got her first “real” motorcycle when she was 11 years old, a 1972 Honda SL100, as a reward for doing well in school. Soon she followed her brother in racing MX, first in girl’s classes, and then in boys classes. And she has since spent most of her biking career racing MX in men’s classes. Now retired from racing, her passion for riding has branched out in to empowering women riders.

In 2016, Pat Jacques hosted the first annual motorcycle adventure rally, ADV Woman Rally, run by women, all women instructors, for women and their families. Pat is also a writes a “Riding Academy” column for Women ADV Riders Magazine, answering questions and giving riding tips.


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That’s Cardiff For You!  

Scott's show takes a Welsh turn as listener Sarah has met a new man in Cardiff, but should she follow him back to Ireland for a weekend date? Meanwhile Chris has a new game - can he and Scott work out which callers are naked? It could be Tom in the Welsh capital! Dev's in for Real Or No Real to find out whether Rylan has his own diary room from Big Brother, and we finally hear the results of Chris' weekend Japan with 10,000 naked men.

La cuarta parte - I AM HER - 24/03/17  

1/ SA - ROC. I am her. Prod. Sol Messiah.2/ Brother Ali. "Own Light".3/ MASTA KILLA. Therapy.4/ AUTÉNTICOS BANGERS. Pompote pa’ una pota.5/ MS MAIKO. Estoy de vuelta.6/ IAM. Monnaie de singe.7/ CHIRIE VEGAS. Jzz. 8/ LOS SANTOS. Trappin en el vaticano.9/ KEEFNATURE. Midnight.10/DEMENCEE. El camino.11/ COSMOSOUL. Speak Now.12/ MARGA MBANDE. Jefa.13/ FAST BOO. Super soft.14/ EMILIO SINCLAIR. Volver a empezar. 15/ ALEX ROCKS. Rise n shine.

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RHAPpy Hour | Big Brother Canada 5 Wednesday Recap  

Brent Wolgamott and Melissa Deni are joined by Liana Boraas and Jon Krause to talk today's Big Brother Canada episode and update all the live feed happenings!

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