Rod Gragg  

Author Rod Gragg on My Brother's Keeper: Christians Who Risked All to Protect Jewish Targets of the Nazi Holocaust.

When the party gets busted.  

Today on the Bob and Sheri show: Hour 1: Show me the money... BACK! Bob's like the weather man. World Series coverage with Sports Confuse Me. Morons in the News. Hour 2: What your Halloween costume reveals about you. Worst Halloween costumes ever. Princess was caught throwing a party. Courtney walked into her brother's party. Hour 3: Josh's aunt got the evidence of his party. The cops busted Sherry's party. Pete's band got his party busted. Sam's son threw a Project X party. Hour 4: The truth in campaign ads. Delivery in 30 minutes or less. They're out there somewhere. My turn for the comfy chair. The post When the party gets busted. appeared first on Bob & Sheri.

Big Brother OTT LIVE From NYC Recap | Oct 25  

10/25/16 - Recorded LIVE at the Broadway Comedy Club in Manhattan, New York, Rob Cesternino, Jordan Parhar and the Live Feed Correspondents are joined by countless former Big Brother houseguests to discuss CBS All Access' Big Brother Over The Top!

Loosely Exactly Nicole S:1 | Brother Visits; Quitting E:7 & E:8 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV – Loosely Exactly Nicole edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of MTV’s Loosely Exactly Nicole. In this show, hosts Abigail Fraher, Jennifer Leon, Ava Hill, Maddie Makely discuss episode 7. RSS Feed: ABOUT LOOSELY EXACTLY NICOLE: Nicole Byer is living the Hollywood dream. Well, Hollywood adjacent – the deep valley to […]

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Let George Do It - Who Is Sylvia? (11-22-48)  

Who Is Sylvia? (Aired November 22, 1948)
Let George Do It was a radio drama series produced by Owen and Pauline Vinson from 1946 to 1954. It starred Bob Bailey as detective-for-hire George Valentine (with Olan Soule stepping into the role in 1954). Clients came to Valentine's office after reading a newspaper carrying his classified ad: "Personal notice: Danger's my stock in trade. If the job's too tough for you to handle, you've got a job for me. George Valentine." Valentine's secretary was Claire Brooks, aka Brooksie (Frances Robinson, Virginia Gregg, Lillian Buyeff). As Valentine made his rounds in search of the bad guys, he usually encounted Brooksie's kid brother, Sonny (Eddie Firestone), Lieutenant Riley (Wally Maher) and elevator man Caleb (Joseph Kearns). Sponsored by Standard Oil, the program was broadcast on the West Coast Mutual Broadcasting System from October 18, 1946 to September 27, 1954, first on Friday evenings and then on Mondays. THIS EPISODE: November 22, 1948. Mutual-Don Lee network. "Who Is Sylvia?". Sponsored by: Standard Oil, Chevron. A wealthy man with a very beautiful wife commits suicide. This is very fishy as Sylvia is some lady! The middle commercial has been deleted. Bud Hiestand (announcer), Don Clark (director), Eddie Dunstedter (composer, conductor), David Victor (writer), Herbert Little Jr. (writer), Wally Maher, Frances Chaney, George Neise, Bob Bailey, Frances Robinson, Fred Howard, Luis Van Rooten, Ken Christy. 28:11. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

El sótano - Especial XI Funtastic Dracula Carnival - 24/10/16  

La A.I.F.A. (Asociación Intergaláctica de Fiestas Alucinantes) ha elegido el Funtastic Dracula Carnival como una de las tres juergas más locas del universo habitado, y las otras dos nos pillan a demasiados años luz. El próximo fin de semana se celebra en Benidorm la XI edición de esta cita con el rocknroll sin aditivos.

Playlist; The Monks (Blast off, sintonía), Aullido Atómico (Aún preguntas por qué), Scraper (Rats in the house), Shock Treatment (Warriors), The Phantom Surfers (Pygmy dance), The Sex Organs (Outer space), Nave Nodriza (Amor de mierda), Johnny Casino (Brother Grahame says), Hombre Lobo Internacional (The monster freedom), The Ar-Kays (You’ll be mine), Zelators (Rock’n’Roll), Las Munjitas del Fuzz (Pecado, en la sección Producto Perrotti), Guitar Wolf (God speed you), Young Fresh Fellows (Still there’s hope), Dead Elvis and His Gravemen (Monster mash), The Freaks of Nature (Wonder why), The Cavemen (Too high to die), The Fuzillis (Beaver shot) y The Mummies (We must fight to live on the planet of the apes).

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170: Milt Larsen  


MILT LARSEN is best known as the legendary creator and owner of historic The Magic Castle, a private club for magicians and enthusiasts in Los Angeles. Larsen (who is also a writer, actor, performer, lyricist, magician, and entrepreneur ) and his brother, the late Bill Larsen Jr., were both in television and grew up in a family of magicians. In 1936 Larsen's parents published Genii, the Conjurors Magazine, which is still in publication. In 1999, Magic magazine selected the Larsen Family as one of the 100 most influential magicians in the 20th century. Milt also created the Mayfair Music Hall in Santa Monica, California (a Victorian British music hall featuring live stage shows), The Variety Arts Theatre - Los Angeles, and Caesars Magical Empire at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Over 50 years ago, Larsen was a writer for the classic Ralph Edwards audience participation TV show "Truth or Consequences" starring Bob Barker and wrote the "Malibu U" television series (an audience participation shows starring Vin Scully and Jim Nabors). In 1956 Larsen produced his first all-star magic revue "It's Magic!", with a new edition playing West Coast performing arts centers annually. He appeared as the back and hands of actor Raul Julia as Gomez Addams, performing his tablecloth yank at the end of Gomez and Morticia's Tango dance in "Addams Family Values" (Paramount Pictures ). Larsen hosts a weekend radio show on CRN Digital Talk Radio called "Hear Them Again for the First Time," featuring rare antique personality recordings from his vast collection of 78 rpm recordings. He is a member with gold star MIMC of London's Magic Circle; Lifetime Achievement Award Academy of Magical Arts; President's Citation Society of American Magicians; Member International Brotherhood of Magicians; Blackstone Award, World Magic Awards; Lifetime Achievement Award Los Angeles High School; Entertainment Arts Award, Hollywood Arts Council; Drama Logue Publishers/Critics Award, Lifetime Achievement Award by Los Angeles High School; In 2013 he was honored as one of the "Heroes of Hollywood" by the Hollywood Chamber Foundation and the Pacific Pioneers Broadcasters "Diamond Circle Award." In one of his proudest moments, Milt and his brother Bill were honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. 


Episode #157: ‘Neoliberal Hunger Games’ with guests Dady Chery, Tom Duggan  

THE SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE from the Valley of the Sun. This week host Patrick Henningsen covers this week’s top stories in the US and internationally. In the first hour we’re joined by Haitian born educator, writer, and activist, Dady Chery, editor of News Junkie Post and author of ‘We Have Dared to Be Free‘, for an in-depth look at the Clinton Family Foundation’s dark role in the economic and social breakdown in Haiti, as well as how US, UK media lied about the recent Hurricane Matthew. In the second hour we’ll connect with independent journalist Tom Duggan to hear an emotional report from the front lines in Syria and the battle to retake East Aleppo. In the final segment of overdrive, we’ll hear the unlikely story of Malik Obama, the brother of President Obama to learn why he says he’s voting for Donald Trump in November.

Read Dady Chery’s stunning report on the fall-out from Hurricane Matthew here

SHOUT POLL: Which of these two US oligarch families is more corrupt (and why)?

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Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield - this is your brave new world...


The Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen broadcasts LIVE on Alternate Current Radio SUNDAY 5pm-8pm GMT, 12pm-3pm EST, 9am-12pm PST at and

The Bickersons - The Gooseby Vacation (06-22-51)  

The Gooseby Vacation (Aired June 22, 1951)
This was a variety show starring Don Ameche and singer-actress Frances Langford as co-hosts, airing on NBC and sponsored by Drene Shampoo. Announcing the show—and later familiar to television viewers as The Millionaire's presenter and executive secretary, Michael Anthony—was Marvin Miller. Drene Time typically opened with Langford singing a big band-style arrangement before Ameche and Langford would slip into routine comedy, often aided by co-star Danny Thomas, in routines that often expressed Ameche's frustration that Thomas was more interested in modern technology and discoveries than in women. THIS EPISODE: June 22, 1951. "The Gooseby Vacation" - CBS network. Sponsored by: Philip Morris. Unedited tape. Frances starts the program by singing, "Exactly Like You." After a driving lesson, the Bickersons rent the Gooseby's house while Brother Barney uses the Bickerson's home for a poker game. Tony Romano and His Orchestra, Phil Rapp (creator), Frances Langford, Lew Parker, Bob Pfoeffer (commercial spokesman), John Holbrook (announcer). 31:03. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

Ep 64: Kirk's daughter gets married and Comedian Jake Baker.  

Ep 64: Kirk's daughter gets married, is there more pressure of the first kid?  And Comedian Jake Baker who has an autistic brother and stops by and talks to us about his brother's great personality. 

The Vampire Diaries S:8 | Hello Brother E:1 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Vampire Diaries edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s Vampire Diaries. In this show, hosts Sam Davidson, Jordana Morfin and Katie Campbell discuss episode 1. ABOUT THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the popular […]

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Big Brother OTT Friday Recap | Oct 21  

Rob Cesternino and Live Feed Correspondents Taran Armstrong & Alex Kidwell take us through the cast of the CBS All Access edition of Big Brother, Over The Top!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 21 October 2016  

Dumpers remorse, Unfortunate nicknames, Glossy, Where do you shop because they're hot, When your brother told you the truth, Kate's Sunshine mayhem part 2, Things we missed, Caller of the week + Week in review!

Richard M. Sherman  

Odds are you’ve been singing and humming Richard Sherman’s songs for most of your life. He and his brother won two Academy Awards for Mary Poppins and spent ten years writing songs for a variety of Walt Disney endeavors—including “It’s a Small World.” But Richard doesn’t live in the past: he’s as busy as ever, as you’ll hear in this lively conversation with Leonard and Jessie. He also discusses his famous father and what it was like growing up in Hollywood.


Kids do Trump, genderless pronouns and moose-eating grizzlies  

Comedian Mary Walsh, Big Brother Canada's Arisa Cox and author Tom Howell take this week's news quiz.

Mid Week War 10/20/16: Impact Wrestling on PopTV  

Mad Mike is rolling solo this week to talk Impact Wrestling. We get a new number one contender, Cody Rhodes goes up against Eddie Edwards for the TNA Championship, Allie stands up for herself, three masked men debut to face down Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero, and whoever had control of the canned applause for Eli Drake is a Dummy.......yeah.

The Amos & Andy - The Secret Melody Quiz Show (10-31-48)  

The Secret Melody Quiz Show (Aired October 31, 1948)
Amos 'n' Andy began as one of the first radio comedy series, written and voiced by Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll and originating from station WMAQ in Chicago. After the program was first broadcast in 1928, it grew and became a hugely popular radio series. Early episodes were broadcast from the El Mirador Hotel in Palm Springs, California. The show ran as a nightly radio serial from 1928 until 1943, as a weekly situation comedy from 1943 until 1955, and as a nightly disc-jockey program from 1954 until 1960. A television adaptation ran on CBS-TV from 1951 until 1953, and continued in syndicated reruns from 1954 until 1966. It would not be seen to a nationwide audience again until 2012. THIS EPISODE: October 31, 1948. CBS network. "The Secret Melody Quiz Show". Sponsored by: Rinso, Lifebouy Soap. Brother-in-law Leroy sells the answer to the "Secret Melody" radio quiz show to the Kingfish. Freeman Gosden, Charles Correll, John Lake (commercial spokesman), Art Gilmore (announcer), Jeff Alexander (music). 30:14. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

EP 80: Kyambo “Hip Hop” Joshua  

Amongst rap fans, Kyambo "Hip-Hop" Joshua is known as Biggs' brother and No I.D.'s friend. But behind the scenes, Hip Hop curated the sound of Roc-A-Fella Records and was the first to sign Kanye West as a producer and an artist. These days, the Harlem native is busy executive producing Nas' highly anticipated album. On the eve of the Roc-A-Fella pop up grand opening, Hop discusses Esco's next project, Jay Z's discography, Kanye’s evolution, Lil Wayne, Gee Roberson and so much more.

895 Trump inviting Obama's Brother to the Debate to Action Bronson vs. Colleges (w/ Jack Kukoda)  

Writer Jack Kukoda (Superstore) returns to join Andrew this week to talk about Trump inviting President Obama’s brother to the Presidential debate, Action Bronson being removed from college concerts, and much more. As always, leave us a message about...

Thursday, October 20, 2016 - Donald Trump continues to claim the election is "rigged" -- by the media, by Hillary Clinton's campaign, by "Saturday Night Live" -- but the former chief counsel for the RNC says his claims are ridiculous.  

Also, it's been fifty years since Charlie Wenjack froze to death trying to get home. Tonight, his sister Pearl Wenjack tells his story, and talks about two people who've brought that story back to light: Gord Downie, and his brother Mike.

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