Show 1281 Firewall with Bill Whittle 3 of 3  

Show 1281 Firewall with Bill Whittle 3 of 3


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This ACU Show is a collection of many 4-5 minute youTube videos from Bill Whittle.


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Published on Jul 30, 2014

In this searing and personal Firewall, Bill Whittle talks about his Brief History of Mental Illness, how he managed to avoid going Full Progressive, the famous author who helped bring him back to sanity, and asks the fundamental question: "What if I'm wrong?"  



Published on Jul 23, 2014

As Israel is under attack from Hamas in the Gaza strip and BDS -- Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions -- right here in America, Bill Whittle makes the historical and moral case for Israel, and shows just who, indeed, are the tyrants and aggressors in the Middle East



Published on Jul 16, 2014

The Progressives say "It Takes a Village," and when confronted with the wealth that comes from people VOLUNTARILY paying for the large and small increases in quality of life, reply, "You Didn't Build That!" YES YOU DID. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle tells us why the village is failure and why It Takes a Superhero.



Published on Jul 9, 2014

The crisis on the Mexican border is worsening by the hour. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle hammers home three devastating points regarding the dangerous legal precedents, the morally gray areas, and the hypocritical pose of unearned moral superiority on the part of those proposing amnesty and open borders.



Published on Jun 25, 2014

Everywhere we look today we see SCANDAL FATIGUE gripping the nation. It's bad enough that Leftist policy has crippled the national economy; in his latest FIREWALL he explains why you shouldn't let the Clown Car Cavalcade of Incompetence cripple YOUR economy as well. Watch and discover why America is bigger than these weenies at their worst.



Published on Jun 18, 2014

A Nation is a family. And those that swear an oath to defend that nation form a tighter family -- one that depends on the loyalty of each member to protect their very lives. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle discusses the cultural disconnect not only of Bowe Bergdahl, but of the people who traded five deadly terrorists for his return.



Published on Jun 11, 2014

In his latest, hard-hitting FIREWALL, Bill Whittle provides a moment-by-moment breakdown of the events leading up to the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi, a detailed analysis of who was doing and saying what as the attack was underway, and chronicles the following ten days of deceptions and lies on the part of the White House and the State Department, throwing a clear, cold and unflattering light on the competence and character of the President and Secretary of State.



Published on Jun 4, 2014

In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle talks about fathers and sons, heroes and cowards, as seen from the viewing port of the Jupiter 2.


Bill Whittle: The Wolf, the Bear and the Lambs

Published on May 28, 2014

In the latest FIREWALL, Bill shows why you don't have to look very far very back at all to see ugly echoes of an ugly time.


Bill Whittle: My Friend Failure

Published on May 20, 2014

Bill Whittle talks about our inalienable right to fail our way to happiness.


Bill Whittle: Gaslighting

Published on May 14, 2014

You're not crazy. The Obama Administration will just keep GASLIGHTING you until you think you are.



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Seincast 054 - The Visa  

"Happy Birthday? No such thing."

We're disturbed! We're depressed! We're inadequate! We got it all this week in our discussion of the fourteenth episode from season four, "The Visa"! Apologies for Matt's mic quality. Should be back to normal next week.

Links from our discussion:

"Fish in the Dark" gets two-week extension Bill Maher on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" Kyle Dunnigan's impersonation of Bill Maher Jim Carrey on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" Seinfeld Night II with the Brooklyn Cyclones Seinfeld on Hulu Seinfeld Apartment Exhibit in NYC Season 4 bloopers

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The Seven Levels of Communication by Michael Maher | Episode 038  

In this episode Michael J Maher takes a deep dive into his book, The Seven Levels of Communication, which is the perfect guide for entrepreneurs who need help becoming an effective communicator and building strong relationships. The purpose of this sales book is to help you quit marketing to strangers and start communicating with friends. As a best-seller for over 4 years, 7L teaches you that giving generously and allowing time to build relationships is the key to establishing a successful business.

About Michael Maher:

“For many years I made the American dream come true for buyers of homes and helped them create the ultimate client experience. I have a real estate company in Kansas City and coach, train and oversee over 1,500 real estate personalities. In 2004 I was introduced to the world as North Americas most preferred real estate professional and once that happened I started speaking about how to generate referrals. Ten years later and my last audience had over 50 different professions, entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Seven Levels of Communication has been #1 on Amazon for almost four years. And we are re-launching the second edition on September 2nd.

I was introduced as North Americans most preferred Real Estate professional by Howard Brinton and he made me a Star Power Star which in real estate at the time was an ultimate achievement. When he did that my phone rang off the hook, e-mails blew up and everybody was asking me questions of how I got to that point. I decided I need to write a book with the answer instead of giving them a tidbit of information.”  - Michael Maher

For a detailed summary of The Seven Levels of Communication according to Michael Maher CLICK HERE

Related Books:

Charisma On Command by Charlie Houpert

Hello My Name Is Awesome by Alexandra Watkins

EDGY Conversations by Dan Waldschmidt

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Category Tags: relationship marketing, how to get referrals, new marketing tactics, real estate marketing, real estate agent, how to sell, The Greatest Salesman, build relationships

1: Bill Matassoni on Competitive and Comparative Advantage, Why Strategy is Less Analytic than it Seems and how McKinsey Really Makes Decisions  

One of the great privileges of our unique network is that we have access to some of the most eminent former partners like Kevin Coyne and Bill Matassoni. We adopt their insights when designing our case training and strategy training programs. Our goal at Firmsconsulting is to allow our members access to the partners from whom we seek advise. 

This is an exclusive interview that Bill Matassoni recently had with Firmsconsulting where he shared some counter-intuitive concepts you will not hear anywhere else.

Bill Matassoni was the partner who was involved in developing and implementing the McKinsey philosophy that helped the firm pull ahead of BCG in the 1980s and 1990s. He was thereafter the partner who led BCG's efforts to overtake McKinsey.

This insightful, inspiring and counter intuitive podcast explains the steps McKinsey took in the 1980s to reposition the firm.

Planning is meaningless unless you know what to plan. You need a point of differentiation and you need to consistently drive that difference.

Competitive advantage is wrong to pursue. You need to look for comparative advantage. 

See if you can extract those lessons from this podcast.

Bill Matassoni started his career in management consulting in 1980 when he joined McKinsey & Company. He was a partner there for almost 20 years, focusing on the branding of professional services. He was responsible for building McKinsey’s reputation and protecting its brand, which included publishing the McKinsey Quarterly. In doing so he worked closely with many of his colleagues worldwide including Tom Peters, Jon Katzenbach, Kenichi Ohmai, John Sawhill, John Stucky, and John Hagel.

He was also responsible for much of McKinsey’s internal communications. This included the creation of McKinsey’s systems to manage and disseminate its practice knowledge. These efforts are described in an HBR case study.

He left McKinsey to join Mitchell Madison Group, a strategy consulting firm he helped to take public through its sale to USWeb/CKS in 1999. He then joined The Boston Consulting Group, where he headed for over five years a group responsible for innovation, marketing and communications.

As at McKinsey, Bill Matassoni worked closely with several of BCG’s thought leaders — George Stalk, Michael Silverstein, Philip Evans, Yves Morieux, Hal Sirkin and others — to develop their ideas and turn them into consulting assignments. Bill Matassoni retired from BCG a few years ago and founded The Glass House Group, a consulting firm that helps professional service firms with branding and marketing issues. At one of his clients, Tapestry Networks, Bill has become a senior advisor. 

Bill Matassoni is a graduate of Phillips Andover (1964), Harvard College (B.A. Literature, 1968) and Harvard Business School (M.B.A., 1975).

For many years Bill Matassoni was on the board of trustees of United Way of America and United Way International. He is now on the board of trustees of First Book and a senior advisor to Ashoka, an organization that invests in social entrepreneurs. He is also on the Board of Advisors of The Demand Institute, a non-profit funded by The Conference Board and Nielsen. He remains interested in the management and marketing of professional services firms, social marketing and healthcare reform.

If you have never had the opportunity to meet Marvin Bower, and that would apply to most of McKinsey's current partners, Bill's thinking is the second best thing to have access to.

In this wide ranging interview, Bill Matassoni and I discuss the following about the strategy, culture, values, mistakes and problems of McKinsey and BCG: 

McKinsey & Co.

How a partner's background shapes his or her viewpoint The old influence of HBR on a consulting brand's position Bill's unconventional path into McKinsey and BCG Managing versus inspiring other senior partners Working with senior partners from McKinsey like Ron Daniels, Fred Gluck, Herb Ensinger, Kenichi Ohmae, Tom Peters, Bob Waterman, Lowell Bryan, Tom Steiner and Marvin Bower Insightful new anecdotes and stories not published before How to get partners to build a firm's position and knowledge Competitive advantage in management consulting The problem with trying to position a firm as a consulting firm McKinsey problems in recent times and lack of differentiation Why strategy is less analytic than it seems WSJ vs. The Economist vs. HBR for eminence The Fortune Magazine story that changed McKinsey's profile What is McKinsey's point of differentiation - it is not analytics or strategy How to build a leadership factory Why all the books about McKinsey, like "The Firm", completely miss the mark Anecdotes about Marvin Bower Using actions to build principles versus using principles to build actions The problem with marketing in consulting How McKinsey really makes decisions and tests them aka how to know when you are junior How to bring about change in traditional businesses with deep histories


The difference between BCG and McKinsey BCG's strengths and weaknesses What is BCG's culture How positioning drives operational decisions Managing practice meetings

And much, much more.

If you found this piece interesting, please post comments and questions. We will be interviewing other very senior ex-partners of McKinsey and BCG, and will use these comments as an input for future interviews.

We also use comments and social shares to determine if a series should be pursued. If you would like us to interview another BCG or McKinsey ex-partner, corporate executive or renowned athlete please let us know.

Hope you enjoyed it. 


Show 1279 Firewall with Bill Whittle part 1 of 3  

Show 1279 Firewall with Bill Whittle

Watch the entire play list at-


This ACU Show is a collection of many 4-5 minute youTube videos from Bill Whittle.


Visit The American Conservative University Podcast for over 1200 free audio shows from the best Conservative Talent in the world!



"SIR, I WILL NOT OBEY THAT ORDER." Published on Apr 2, 2015 If you were raised to despise the US military as a source or repression and injustice, and then, say, happened to get elected as its Commander-in-Chief -- what would you do? As Bill Whittle shows in his latest FIREWALL, you don't need to destroy the weapons and you don't even need to fire the warriors. There's another way...



Published on Mar 18, 2015

30,000 deleted emails... Bill Whittle looks at the lawlessness, the arrogance, and the unmasked contempt that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have for the American people.



Published on Mar 5, 2015

Scott Ott first described him thus... a brave, thoughtful, serious man doing a brave, thoughtful serious job. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle provides the amazing and disturbing contrast between The President of the United States and The Leader of the Free World.

BRASS TACKS ON IMMIGRATION Published on Feb 20, 2015 From a guaranteed right to hormone therapy for transgendered illegal aliens, to a prospective Attorney General saying that illegals have the same right to a job as US citizens or legal immigrants, the ongoing sham of the Obama administration's under-the-radar policies get seen in the light of day in Bill Whittle's latest FIREWALL




Published on Jan 30, 2015

Al Sharpton has declared an emergency meeting of his Diversity Panel since all of this year's Best Actor / Actress and Best Supporting Actor / Actress nominees are white. In his latest Firewall, Bill Whittle shows the history of this Racial Racket Ball, leading back to its inventor, Jesse Jackson. It's a long, long way from these racial grievance hustlers to the subject of SELMA.



Published on Jan 23, 2015

The USA has, by far, the highest per capita gun ownership in the world. Progressives will tell you that this is what makes America the Murder Capitol of Planet Earth. But we're not, and in this devastatingly effective Firewall, Bill Whittle shows why the center of Gun Nut Nation is in fact one of the safest places in the world.



Published on Jan 15, 2015 paved with good intentions. But those good intentions do not cause the harm; they prevent us from seeing it. In his latest Firewall, Bill Whittle shows how little things -- student loans; the Path to Heck -- can go as dreadfully wrong from good intentions as the genuine horrors on the real Road to Hell.



Published on Jan 9, 2015

From the murder of the Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics in 1972, through the murder of 5 rabbis at prayer in 2014, the Palestinian cause has been driven by TERROR. In his latest Firewall Bill Whittle discusses their domestic front -- Students for Justice in Palestine.



Published on Dec 19, 2014

Recently, China overtook the United States as the largest Economy in the World -- at least when measured by the PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) metric. In Bill Whittle's latest Firewall, he shows why this is not just a crying shame -- it's a crime -- and he tells us what we can do about it.



Published on Dec 12, 2014

Rioting. Slander. The wanton personal destruction of people known by their accusers to be innocent. In his latest Firewall, Bill Whittle shows how events like the rioting in Ferguson do not occur in a vacuum, and how Progressives not only tolerate this lawlessness, this New Barbarism -- they teach it.

The New Adventures Of Michael Shayne - The Case Of The Popular Corpse (1947)  

The Case Of The Popular Corpse (1947) The Exact Date Is Unknown.
The feel of Michael Shayne over the years most noticeably evolved over Radio. Wally Maher's portrayal of Michael Shayne was not only the first over Radio, and the longest-running over Radio, but it was also the most fully developed over Radio. Aided by Cathy Lewis in her role of feisty bright Phyllis Knight, as well as by Joe Forte as Lieutenant Farraday, the family nature of the growing radio ensemble over the years put far more flesh on the bones of Brett Halliday's character than any other characterization that succeeded it. Maher's characterization of Shayne was so successful that for the remainder of Maher's career he actively kneaded Shayne's basic attributes into virtually every other detective or crime drama genre character Maher appeared in until his untimely death in 1951. Show Notes From The Digital Deli. THIS EPISODE: 1947. Program #15. Broadcaster's Guild syndication. "The Case Of The Popular Corpse". Commercials added locally. Shayne is hired to find a rich heiress. An hour later, a mysterious man hires Shayne to find the same girl. The date is approximate. Jeff Chandler, Don W. Sharp (producer), William P. Rousseau (director, host), Brett Halliday (creator), Robert Ryf (writer), John Duffy (composer, conductor). 26:19 Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

The Lineup - The Jersey Parallel (12-07-50)  

The Jersey Parallel (Aired December 7, 1950)
The premise of each episode is prefaced with a gritty, highly realistic line-up, replete with background atomospherics and actors realistically speaking over each other, but with an underlying investigation--or two--under discussion below the background noise of the introductory line-up and exposition. The subject matter of each episode was hard-hitting, often harsh, but highly realistic criminal sub-plots. The series is also remembered for the loss of one of Radio's finest and most popular voice talents. Wally Maher, still a relatively young man, had lost a lung to a protracted illness just months before the series first aired. By just over a year into The Line-Up's run, Maher was again hospitalized and passed away during that hospitalization. Raymond Burr, who'd already been introduced in a couple of semi-recurring roles, added his talent to The Line-Up for the remainder of its run in an effort to make up for the loss of Wally Maher. Show Notes From The Digital Deli. THIS EPISODE: December 7, 1950. CBS network. "The Jersey Parallel". Sustaining. William Johnstone, Wally Maher, Eddie Dunstedter (organ), Jaime del Valle (producer, director). .A mad killer has shot 7 people. A police artist is brought into the case. 29:43. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

The New Adventures Of Michael Shayne - The Case Of The Wandering Fingerprints (10-02-48)  

The Case Of The Wandering Fingerprints (Aired October 2, 1948)
The feel of Michael Shayne over the years was arguably most noticeably evolved over Radio. Wally Maher's portrayal of Michael Shayne was not only the first over Radio, the longest running over Radio, but it was also the most fully developed over Radio. Aided by Cathy Lewis in her role of feisty bright Phyllis Knight, as well as by Joe Forte as Lieutenant Farraday, the family nature of the growing radio ensemble over the years put far more flesh on the bones of Brett Halliday's character than any other characterization that succeeded it. Maher's characterization of Shayne was so successful that for the remainder of Maher's career he actively translated Shayne's basic attributes into virtually every other detective or crime drama genre Maher appeared in until his untimely death in 1951. Show Notes From The Digital Deli. THIS EPISODE: October 2, 1948. Program #11. Broadcaster's Guild syndication, AFRS/AFRTS/FEN rebroadcast. "The Case Of The Wandering Fingerprints". Mr. Zeigler can actually move fingerprints from one place to another...which gives him the idea for a clever blackmail racket. These syndicated programs were recorded 1948 to 1950. Jeff Chandler, Jack Webb, William P. Rousseau (director, host), John Duffy (composer, conductor), Brett Halliday (creator), Don W. Sharpe (producer). 26:35. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

What is going to cool down the Korea crisis, Bill Maher on the first 200 days of Trump, Big trouble for Bibi?  

What is going to cool down the Korea crisis - experts weigh in. And Bill Maher on the first 200 days of Trump. Also, big trouble for Bibi? A top Israeli investigative reporter fills in the facts of the investigation into Prime Minister Netanyahu. Guests: Bill Maher, Kevin Rudd, Victor Cha, llana Dayan

Real Science with Bill Maher (Part 2)  

They say “Science thrives on controversy.” So do Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Maher, and Dr. David Grinspoon in Part 2 of Neil’s interview with the feisty comedian and host of “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

20VC: Why We Are Still In The Very Early Days For Fintech, Why Your Company Has To Have An Opinionated Culture & Why The CEO Should Not Be The Sole Point Of Contact With The Board with Bill Clerico, Founder & CEO @ WePay  

Bill Clerico is the Co-Founder & CEO @ WePay, the most complete payments solution for platforms. To date, they have raised close to $75m in VC funding from some of the best in the business including Max Levchin, Dave McClure and August Capital just to name a few. As for Bill, alongside his role with WePay, Bill is a part-time partner @ Y Combinator and an angel investor. Prior to startups, Bill cut his teeth in the industry at Jefferies in investment banking.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Bill made his way into the world of startups from investment banking?

2.) How does Bill assess the pivot? What is required to pivot successfully? How can this be communicated to both your board and your team?

3.) How does Bill look to relationship build with investors? What are the fundamentals to a healthy and sustainable investor relationship?

4.) Why should founders ensure they are not the only company representative with the board? What are the benefits of the board having many touchpoints within the family? How can this be done effectively?

5.) What does Bill mean he says you must have an 'opinionated culture'? How can this be conveyed to the team and across the organisation?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Bill’s Fave Book: Failure Is Not An Option

Bill’s Fave Blog: The Information

As always you can follow Harry, Bill and The Twenty Minute VC on Twitter here!

Likewise, you can follow Harry on Snapchat here for mojito madness and all things 20VC.

Eight is a sleep innovation company. With their latest product, the Eight Smart Mattress, being a bed that literally tells you how well you slept last night, paired with an intelligent sensor cover that measures the quality of your sleep and delivers a daily sleep report. In order to bring you the best product, Eight used anonymized sleep data and feedback from over 10,000 people, to understand which materials and types of mattresses give customers the best sleep resulting in their unique blend of four responsive and high-density foam layers plus one layer of proprietary technology that helps people track and improve their sleep. You can check it out on – and if you use the code 20VC you will get a whopping 20% discount!

FullContact provides the ability to organize your contacts, gain rich insights into them and therefore build deep relationships. With features like automatically identifying and merging duplicate contacts to the ability to snap a photo of a business card and FullContact will transcribe them for you, so no more lost and loose business cards at events. It is with these features just being the tip of the iceberg, FullContact really is the best all in one solution for contact management and you can check them out on

Ep 40 feat. Goldberg: Goldberg's WCW Streak & WWE Return, McMahon Biopic, Mayweather v McGregor?, More  

This week's episode of Bischoff on Wrestling features an interview between Eric and former WCW/WWE World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg! During their interview some of the topics they discuss include: - Dale Earnhart's retirement from NASCAR - The experiences that Bill attributes to Eric for allowing him to have - Bill's garage filled with cars and what some of his favorites are - What the first contact between Bill and WWE was like for this past run with WWE - How 2K Games played a role in his return - What negotiations were like for his WWE return - How the opportunity to return to WWE felt to Bill after being away for 13 years - Bill's wife and son's reaction to his WWE return - Why Bill's WCW streak worked and their memories of it - How Bill got the "Goldberg" name and what he originally wanted to be called - Bill's memories of the WCW Power Plant - Who Bill thinks is the next breakout WWE Superstar - BRAUN!!! - The modern WWE crowd and the way they think - More... Before Bill's interview Eric and Nick start the show by chatting about a variety of topics from this past week's sports and entertainment headlines. Including: - Tri-Star Pictures announcing that they are producing a Vince McMahon biopic called 'Pandemonium' - Who Eric would cast to play himself if he is featured in the film - Rumors that WWE officials view Dean Ambrose as lazy and complacent - Whether Eric ever delivered a message to talent via other wrestlers cutting promos on them - Dana White's comments that he is working to make a Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor match happen - How Mayweather vs McGregor compares to CM Punk's bout against Mickey Gall - More... This episode wraps up with the latest #BischoffOnWrestling mailbag segment featuring Eric talking about: - If the IRW Network will have an apple app - Is Wargames the exception to that rule that Eric doesn't like gimmick match - Why the angle with Paul Wight being Andre's son nixed so quickly in WCW - If protecting a top guy is a lost art - Eric's thoughts on his RAW "match" with Jim Ross - Eric's thoughts about the Insane Clown Posse's time spent in WCW - Whether it was Eric's idea to bring in the Road Warriors to face Kane and RVD on the May 12, 2003 episode of RAW - How the Hulk Hogan character would be as big if he was introduced in 2017 instead of the 1980s - Which wrestler made him break character and have you start laughing during promso - Why Chris Cruise wasn't part of the Nitro Broadcast team - More...

Bill Ryan – The 5 Cash Flows, 5 Steps of Success, and The Power of Geometric Growth [Podcast 107]  

Today’s guest, Bill Ryan, is the founder and owner of the RHL Group which comprises of 4 companies: Ryan Home Loans, RHL Financial Services, RHL Real Estate, & RHL Health & Nutrition. He’s an amazing combination of Network Marketing Experience and success, coupled with the financial and investment expertise needed to truly build wealth. Bill joined David recently to present some training in Australia and David knew immediately he had to get Bill on the show. You’ll get a ton out of this conversation, so be sure to set aside the time to listen. 5 Cash Flows that can set you up for wealth. In his experience as a real estate professional and as a financial investment consultant, Bill Ryan has seen as many schemes to get rich as there are people. In all of that time he’s only seen 5 real vehicles for building true wealth. He has compiled his observations into what he calls “The 5 Cash Flows,” 5 areas of income that he believes every person needs to understand so that they can build a diverse portfolio of wealth building skills that will truly build the financial freedom and wealth that they desire. Bill shares all 5 of these Cash Flows on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing, so make sure you listen. [Tweet "The 5 cash flows that build true wealth, on this episode of Amplified Network Marke"]ting How do you find professional help that you can trust? On this episode of Amplified Network Marketing, Bill Ryan suggests that everyone find skilled professionals who can help them with their financial goals, but to make sure that they find a person they feel alignment with and are able to trust. How do you find those people? One of the best ways is to ask other people you respect who they go to for the kind of advice you need. It’s easier to trust someone if a person you trust already trusts them. Get more tips for how to find professional help you can trust, on this episode. Relational wealth is just as important as financial wealth. Today’s guest, Bill Ryan, knows this firsthand. He’s seen so many people become successful simply because they knew how to forge and maintain healthy relationships with people who had the expertise and savvy to help them on their wealth building journey. He’s convinced that the skill of forming good relationships is one of the greatest things anyone could learn to help them move their business forward or create wealth for their family. You’ll hear his suggestions for how to go about doing that, on this episode. [Tweet "Why Building relational wealth is just as important as building financial wealth" The Power of Geometric Progression in Network Marketing. One of the main things that caused Bill Ryan to add Network Marketing to his collection of wealth building strategies is the way the business model enables the numbers of a successful business to work. He calls it geometric progression and it’s based on simple mathematics. As each person in a business simply replaces themselves with two more people just like them, the compounding effect of the income streams takes off. Discover the “magic” of network marketing math, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing. [Tweet "You don’t have to be rich to invest, but you do have to invest to be rich ~ Bill Ryan"] OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE [0:30] David’s welcome to the episode and his introduction of Bill Ryan. [3:08] A financial expert who’s working a Network Marketing business. [4:48] What is the geometric progression? [6:27] How residual income works. [9:52] The 5 cash flows [15:26] Business flipping as a cash generator. [16:10] The importance of creating wealth instead of spending what you get. [20:07] Two misconceptions about Network Marketing. [23:59] When somebody is starting out, should they find a financial planner, or master these areas themselves? [25:19] How to find the right professional people who you can trust. [26:41] The mindset behind wealth building and how it impacts the ups and downs.

Episode 016: Bill Peterson : Lean Applied to Business Processes  

Bill Peterson is a Lean best practices teacher and consultant who draws on over 30 years of hands-on experience using Lean, Six Sigma, BPR, and other continuous improvement tools to enhance process efficiency, job satisfaction and organizational performance. Combining the ideas of the great process improvement thinkers with his own experiences and insights, Bill began developing his approach to Lean methodology during a 26-year career with Delta’s Technical Operations Division. While focused primarily on operational processes, he saw firsthand that the productivity and job satisfaction of frontline workers was often constrained by the impact of processes in other areas such as, sales/marketing, strategy, purchasing, logistics, engineering, HR, management, and invoicing/accounts receivable. This awareness put him at the forefront of one of today’s most important trends: applying Lean to business processes. Since 2006, Bill has been dedicated to teaching professionals in diverse industries how to apply Lean best practices to improve business processes. He does this as a faculty member in the University of Tennessee’s Haslam College of Business and through his own business LeanBP. In addition to creating and teaching Lean Applied to Business Processes, an intensive one-week course; the Disciplines of Speed, a one-day course; and Lead Smarter, a two- day course, he is also a lecturer in UT’s Aerospace & Defense Executive MBA program. His on site consulting clients have included Asurion, Team Health, Zodiac Aerospace, ACT, and Fokker Services, and he has done extensive work over the past 4 years with Air Force Acquisition contracting processes. In the classroom or on site, Bill emphasizes practical application over academic theory, personal engagement, and the alignment of processes with the organization’s mission and the creation of customer-defined value. Bill holds an MBA in Lean Aerospace from the University of Tennessee, a BS in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle, Six Sigma Black Belt certification, and FAA Airframe and Power Plant Licenses. Favorite Lean Quote: Setback in their Lean Journey: Bill talks about early on in his consulting career in and how he learned to help customer's focus in on what success looks like. Lean “A-Ha!” Moment: Bill shares about the success of his students with Lean applied to Business Processes. Advice for the person starting out with Lean/Continuous Improvement: Work within your circle of influence and physician heal thyself... Advice for the journeyman professional in Lean/Continuous Improvement: Bill talks about reading and re-reading to become better and how he uses Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints to scope his lean efforts and become a better teacher. Book Recommendation: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell Interview Links: Course Description and Registration Lean Applied to Business Processes Course at University of Tennessee Connect with Bill on LinkedIn Get a Free Audiobook from

Show 1280 Firewall with Bill Whittle 2 of 3  

Show 1280 Firewall with Bill Whittle 2 of 3


Watch the entire play list at-


This ACU Show is a collection of many 4-5 minute youTube videos from Bill Whittle.


Visit The American Conservative University Podcast for over 1200 free audio shows from the best Conservative Talent in the world!




Published on Oct 30, 2014

If someone was trying to limit or suppress your First Amendment rights in America today, what would that Tyrant look like? A dictator in a military uniform? Or a soccer mom in a corner office?


In this weeks Firewall, meet Susan Ravel of the FEC and Lois Lerner of the IRS -- two smiling tyrants weaponizing the government against conservatives and following direct orders from the very top of the Democratic leadership.



Published on Oct 24, 2014

Tired of listening to Progressives tell you that the Second Amendment only allows people in militias to keep and bear arms? Or that the Founders would have never intended the Second Amendment to apply to modern weapons? In his latest FIREWALL Bill recounts a remarkable conversation about the precise wording of the Second Amendment, and sums up why the document says what it means and means what it says.



Published on Oct 17, 2014

A deadly epidemic is on the loose in America. It's not an Ebola epidemic. It's an epidemic of fear. In this must-see FIREWALL, Bill Whittle tells us not only that we should be optimistic, but WHY we should be optimistic, as well as what was done right, what was done wrong, and what needs to be done in the future.



Published on Oct 10, 2014

More and more these days, people who call themselves "liberals" have bumper-sticker philosophies that are liberal -- they're not even leftist. They're infantile. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle dissects one of these childish, undeservedly self-righteous positions and compares the modern "liberal" to the real deal.



Published on Oct 3, 2014

It was not just a "workplace incident." The brutal beheading of an American woman by a radicalized Muslim is just the latest in a series of un- or under-reported atrocities deemed unfit for the American people by the Mainstream Media. In this horrifying analysis, Bill Whittle describes the events in Oklahoma and discusses WHY the Leftist Media doesn't want stories like this being told.



Published on Sep 25, 2014

The Loch Ness Monster is a "cryptid" -- something rumored to exist but without actual proof. The Socialist Utopia of the progressives is a cryptid too. In his latest Firewall, Bill Whittle shows why Good Socialism, like the Loch Ness Monster, is a giant, air-breathing creature that (conveniently!) NEVER COMES UP FOR AIR.



Published on Sep 19, 2014

He's launched airstrikes and is threatening ground troops but IT'S NOT WAR. He took a victory lap for Osama bin Laden but opposed the means that got his location. He's broken every Progressive policy and gospel on the books, and he's doing the same things for the same reasons his predecessor did, only he's doing them late, doing them badly and blaming everyone else. In his latest Firewall Bill Whittle shows why Barack Obama is nothing more than Bush Lite.



Published on Sep 12, 2014

Back in the Bad Old Days, tyrants bent others to their will with machine guns and death camps. But what fig leaf can modern, touchy-feely, petty tyrants use to make sure other people remain "in compliance?" How about Saving the Planet?


In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle examines the Tie-Dyed Tyranny that has taken root under the guise of environmentalism in Washington State.



Published on Sep 5, 2014

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TCF Ep. 362 - Matt Maher  

James Maher runs a fine-art business, a portrait photography business works with companies and people around New York, and has a photography workshop business, helping photographers from all over the world capture the best of New York. Over the years, he has worked with the Daily News, with businesses of all sizes and types around New York and the world, and with many websites. He has written three books as well as for many magazines and websites covering photography and New York. His prints have been sold and licensed to people and companies around the world, including Tiffany & Co. and G-Star Raw. His latest book is titled Creative Freelance Marketing. He has also been working on a documentary project since 2012, which consists of nearly 150 portraits and in-depth interviews primarily with long-time residents, business owners, and employees in the East Village neighborhood of New York City. The project has become a historical account of the mid-to-late 20th Century of one of the most vibrant and lively neighborhoods in the city.   Resources: James Maher Matt Weber Creative Freelance Marketing   Download the free Candid Frame app for your favorite smart device. Click here to download for iOS. Click here to download for Android Click here to download for Windows Support the work we do at The Candid Frame with contributing to our Patreon effort.  You can do this by visiting or visiting the website and clicking on the Patreon button. You can also provide a one-time donation via PayPal.   You can follow Ibarionex on Instagram and Twitter.  

INTERLUDE - Chicago  

This week on WKRH, guest host Sarah Maher discusses her paranormal disappearance and cross stitching.

Sarah Maher: Sarah Maher Adal Rifai: Adal Rifai Into and Nerf: Marla Caceres and Eddie Piña Greg: Arnie Niekamp Barbara: Matt Young Mysterious Man: Tim Sniffen Craig: Ryan DiGiorgi

Producers: Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi Editor: Ryan DiGiorgi Theme Music: Andy Poland Magic Tavern Logo: Allard Laban Audio Assistance: Jason Knox Production Assistance: Garrett Schultz

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Lambda3 Podcast 31 – Comunicação não violenta  

No episódio de hoje conversamos sobre Comunicação não violenta, com o Maher Hassan Musleh, que é psicólogo, e profundo conhecedor do assunto. Eu (Giovanni) conheço o Maher há mais de quinze anos, e conheci a CNV através dele. O legal de ouvir o Maher falar é que ele não só explica a CNV, mas ele vive a cultura da paz, e isso fica explícito na sua voz.…

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The Dig: George Cicariello-Maher on Violence and Free Speech  

George Cicariello-Maher is professor of political science at Drexel University and author of several books, including Building the Commune: Radical Democracy in Venezuela, published by Verso as part of the Jacobin Series. He recently drew the ire of white supremacist, "alt-right" trolls after a mocking tweet about "white genocide," including death threats to his family.

Perhaps more concerning was the response from Drexel Administration, which almost immediately released a statement calling his tweets “utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing,” and stating that they “do not in any way reflect the values of the University.”

Drexel eventually backed off after a public campaign in defense of Cicariello-Maher. He discusses the incident as well as issues of violence and free speech in the United States.

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