264: 'KONG: Skull Island' Starring Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John C. Reilly  

Kong is King, or so they tell us. Listen as we discuss who the real star of Skull Island is (hint: it's not the Skulking Skull King, no matter what Tom tells you). But one thing is for sure: if you like giant gorillas punching dinosaurs in the face, we have the movie for you!
Michael is back, and we simply mute him every time he talks about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (it was a four hour podcast before the edit). Tom tries to convince us that Kong is transitioning; Kevin explains why he doesn't watch trailers. Joe sets up the story for his new pitch to Marvel: 'Sassy Photographer'; and Dan has a video recovery.
It's Reel Spoilers 264. You've been warned.

with Brie Larson  

Brie Larson talks to Simon about Kong: Skull Island. Plus the UK Box Office Top 10 and Mark reviews the week's new films including Kong: Skull Island, Elle and The Time Of Their Lives. Download the Kermode and Mayo podcast at Email: Text: 85058 (charged at your standard network rate) Twitter: @wittertainment.

Moonlight, Bad Boys 3, Han Solo & ein Spezial "Kong: Skull Island" Round Table  

Oscar-Hype: Wir feiern "Moonlight“. Dazu gibt es Mittelstandsängste mit „Wilde Maus“, eine tödliche Nacht mit „Sleepless“, den Ausstieg von Joe Carnahan aus „Bad Boys 3“, die R-Rating-Pläne von DC und einen Neuzugang im „Han Solo“-Solofilm. Ein pralles Programm. Königlich: Wir nehmen "Kong: Skull Island" mit Hennes Bender, Torsten Sträter & Gerry Streberg auseinander. Außerdem haben wir den gesamten Cast von „Kong“, von Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston und Samuel L. Jackson bis hin zu John C. Reilly, Toby Kebbell und Regisseur Jordan Vogt-Roberts interviewt. Auf sie mit Gebrüll.

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Barstool Rundown March 9, 2017  

Arod and J-Lo Schizo Murder Lonzo Ball Dad Vs. Chuck Blanket Fight on Plane ACC Tourney Brie Larson Vs. Casey Affleck

La Habitación (Drama. Secuestros. Desapariciones #audesc 2015)  

País Irlanda Director Lenny Abrahamson Guión Emma Donoghue (Novela: Emma Donoghue) Música Stephen Rennicks Fotografía Danny Cohen Reparto Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Joan Allen, William H. Macy, Megan Park, Amanda Brugel, Sean Bridgers, Joe Pingue, Chantelle Chung, Randal Edwards, Jack Fulton, Kate Drummond Sinopsis Para Jack, un niño de cinco años, la habitación es el mundo entero, el lugar donde nació, donde come, juega y aprende con su madre. Por la noche, mamá lo pone a dormir en el armario, por si viene el viejo Nick. La habitación es el hogar de Jack, mientras que para su madre es el cubículo donde lleva siete años encerrada, secuestrada desde los diecinueve años. Con gran tesón e ingenio, la joven ha creado en ese reducido espacio una vida para su hijo, y su amor por él es lo único que le permite soportar lo insoportable. Sin embargo, la curiosidad de Jack va en aumento, a la par que la desesperación de su madre, que sabe que la habitación no podrá contener ambas cosas por mucho más tiempo.

Ep. 25: Children of a Lesser Squad  

Fresh off his run in with the streetcar tracks, Geoff joins Rob to talk about the extremely flawed SUICIDE SQUAD (2:00), Brie Larson's directorial debut (7:55), and the dangers that come with reinterpreting Steve McQueen (9:50). The two also discuss Robert De Niro's upcoming move to television (12:30), take a closer look at John Turturro's brilliant performance in THE NIGHT OF (13:40), and try to make sense of the puzzling SNL cast shake-up (16:40).

RapaduraCast 476 - Resumão da San Diego Comic-Con 2016  

Todo ano acontece a San Diego Comic-Con, o evento de cultura pop mais importante do mundo. Quais foram os principais anúncios? A Warner mostrou o seu arsenal para o futuro do Universo Cinematográfico DC. E a Marvel? Ficou atrás?

Jurandir Filho, Raphael SantosThiago Siqueira e Wilker Medeiros conversaram sobre os principais acontecimentos do evento este ano. Mulher-Maravilha foi a grande surpresa? O trailer da Liga da Justiça impressionou? A Marvel mandou bem com o anúncio do elenco de Pantera Negra. Valeu a pena esperar pela confirmação da Capitã Marvel? Afinal, quem venceu esta edição?

[LINK] Kong: A Ilha da Caveira | Assista ao primeiro trailer oficial do filme direto da #SDCC
[LINK] Rei Arthur: A Lenda da Espada | Primeiro trailer oficial é liberado. Assista agora!
[LINK] Terror The Woods troca de nome e vira A Bruxa de Blair! Veja o trailer e o pôster!
[LINK] Animais Fantásticos e Onde Habitam | Novo trailer e Lumos Maxima na #SDCC
[VÍDEO] Painel com os diretores do Universo Cinematográfico DC
[LINK] Mulher-Maravilha | Veja o primeiro trailer, pôster, entrevistas e painel da #SDCC
[LINK] Esquadrão Suicida | Novo trailer, entrevistas e painel completo da #SDCC
[VÍDEO] Henry Cavill (Superman) passeando pela Comic-Con disfarçado
[VÍDEO] Liga da Justiça | Veja o primeiro teaser trailer, imagem oficial e painel da #SDCC
[LINK] Capitã Marvel | Brie Larson vai interpretar a personagem. Veja o anuncio na #SDCC
[LINK] Veja os novos logos da Marvel Studios e de Thor: Ragnarok #SDCC
[LINK] Pantera Negra | Elenco confirmado, entrevistas e painel na #SDCC
[LINK] Doutor Estranho | Segundo trailer, pôster, entrevistas e painel na #SDCC
[LINK] Homem-Aranha: De Volta ao Lar | Arte divulgada na #SDCC revela o visual do Abutre
[LINK] Guardiões da Galáxia 2 | Atração na Disney, Kurt Russell e clipe não divulgado


The John Campea Podcast: Episode 35 - Sausage Party, Female Directors  

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Saturday July 30th 2016) John is joined by Collider Video's own Wendy Lee and together they talk about the following: 1) Sausage Party thoughts 2) Spoiler news about Suicide Squad 3) The following questions from the listeners: Patrick Sowemimo writes: I am a big fan of your reviews and always value your opinion before seeing a movie. My question for you is the concern I have for the Flash and Arrow tv series. Both shows are great but a major concern I have is that the heroes always question every decision they make and it really gets on my nerves. when it was introduced I liked it because it kind of made them relatable but as I kept watching it showed a lack of character development because if a hero questions every decision why did they become heroes in the first place. Brian Knight writes: After all the great trailers and teasers from Comic Con, both DC and Marvel, and the poor showing at Star War's Celebration does Disney and Lucas Films need to put out a trailer for Rogue One soon? I think Rogue One anticipation got buried after all the news from Comic Con this year. josh tedeschi writes: After Brie Larson was announced/confirmed as Captain Marvel at Comic Con, almost immediately I was seeing people offering up suggestions for who is going to direct and write this movie. The majority of the suggestions I saw were for female writers and directors. I guess my question is, does the director of Captain Marvel(And other big blockbuster female lead movies) need to be helmed by a female director? Personally I don't think it HAS to be, it just needs to go to whoever at the time is the right director for this sort of project. Justin Fawcett writes: Just wondering if you've noticed the lack of Mel Gibson in the poster and trailer for Hacksaw Ridge. On one hand I can understand it, maybe even Mel agreed to keep his name off of the marketing...keep the initial focus being on the film itself. On the other hand, I'm very angry about this...I think this is BS and they should've put his name front and center. Curious on what your thoughts are, you do work for Lionsgate so I understand if you'd rather not get into specifics. But I believe you're rooting for Mel as I am, we love our comeback stories! Braveheart was a coming of age movie for always will be, nothing can replace it.

A Priest Of Terror  

This week we're talking about our new Patreon page, Lando has his first book on Amazon. In Comic-Con news, we chat about The Killing Joke fiasco, and we review the trailers for Justice League and Wonder Woman. We move into Marvel for the Captain Marvel casting, we gawk at the Hulk gladiator armor, and we discuss the new Doctor Strange trailer. Finally, we go over the new Star Trek TV series trailer. Music for the show provided by Reed Love.

Who's There: Whitney Port & Jeffree Star?  

That godawful acapella DNC video? Don't worry, we're going there. Also: Jeffree Star vs Kat Von D, Brie Larson becomes Captain Marvel, What is a Whitney Port and...the world of baby Whos and Thems.

Major Spoilers Podcast #687: #SDCC Wrap-Up 2016  

This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast we look back at some of our favorite stories from Comic-Con 2016, and rank your favorite stories as well.

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The Lego Batman Movie is the Batman Movie we deserve.

World of Wakanda

Justice League Action

Brie Larson is Captain Marvel


Legion of Doom comes to Flash

That Wonder Woman Trailer

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145 Comic Con 2016 - Justice League! Wonder Woman! Marvel Stuff!  

Visit and use the promo code PLANET for 20% off. Quality stuff all round. Plus if you don’t like it you keep it and get a refund. What a bloody great deal mate!

Huge week for the things this show is about, Comic Con 2016 is here! WOOOOOOO. We’re talking all the new trailers for Wonder Woman, Justice League, Doctor Strange, Kong Skull Island, Luke Cage, The Defenders as well as Captain Marvel casting and news of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-man Homecoming, Black Panther and a whole bunch of TV stuff we barely touch.

We also get right into Star Trek Beyond and spoiler alert, it’s a pretty good one. Thanks for listening!

0.00 Visit and use the promo code PLANET for 20% off
3.36 Star Trek Beyond Spoiler Free
20:42 The Weekly Planet YouTube:
Star Trek Beyond Spoilers

Comic Con
35.24 TV News Star Trek, American Gods, Legion, Arrow, all that whatever

45.20 Guy Richie’s King Arthur
48.25 That Non Harry Potter Movie
51:21 Kong Skull Island

54.58 Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Defenders
1.01.30 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
1.05.39 Spider-man Homecoming
1.11.00 Thor Ragnarok
1:13:34 Black Panther cast
1.14.41 Doctor Strange
1:20:21 Brie Larson is Ms Marvel

1:21:13 Suicide Squad
1.23.55 Lego Batman
1.25.11 Wonder Woman
1.33.54 Justice League

1.50.44 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read
Bojack Horsemen
Batman: The Killing Joke Review

1.57.50 Letters It’s Time For Letters

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Zinematk003. Pixar Redux  

Bienvenidos al tercer programa completo de Zinematk, el programa sobre Cine de H2OPodcast, para todos los que amamos las películas. En este tercer programa, superamos por primera vez en la cadena las tres horas de programa, y es por ello, que pedimos vuestra opinión, sobre si los episodios os gustan así, larguitos, más cortos, o con leche. El programa tiene dos extensos temas de análisis: Los 20 años que llevamos ya viendo pelis de Píxar, lo cual aprovechamos para hacer un viaje emocional personal de nuestras vidas, a través de todas ellas, y la obra maestra de Coppola: "Apocalipsis Now". De ahí que hagamos un homenaje a su versión Redux, igualando el metraje de la misma. De todas formas, recordad que tenemos marcados capítulos para navegar a través de las secciones del programa, y que podéis considerar ésto, como tres podcast de 1 hora, seguidos. 0h01m50s Presentación del Podcast 0h05m02s Las Noticias - Breve reseña del último Festival de Cannes. - "Star Wars: Rogue One" empieza a tener más revisiones que un Simca 1000. ¿Mal asunto? - Marvel ficha a Brie Larson y Michael Keaton para interpretar a la Capitana Marvel y al próximo villano de Spider-man - Scorsese por fín pone en marcha "The Irishman" con Pesci, De Niro y Pacino. Wow! - Daniel Craig se pira de la franquicia Bond, y Tom Hiddleston, tiene toda la pinta de ser el sustituto - En marcha "La Torre Oscura" con Idris Elba, y "Trainspotting 2" - Amazon hace amiguitos en Cannes, y Netflix no. 0h29m33s Cuaderno de Cine - Estrenos en Netflix: "The Fundamentals of Caring", Sinsajo I, Godzilla, Uno de los Nuestros, V de Vendetta, Diamante de Sangre, El Odio y Cabeza borradora - Estrenos en Yomvi: Straight Outta Compton, El desconocido, Entourage, Misión Imposible: Nación secreta, Operación UNCLE y Magic Mike XXL - En Blu-Ray: "Pandora y el Holandés errante", "Sucedió una noche", "Zootropolis", "Ave, Cesar", "Deadpool", "Brooklyn" y "Batman V. Superman" - Visto en el último mes: "X-men: Apocalipsis", "Política: Manual de instrucciones", "Idol", etc. 0h49m18s Nuestro Análisis: Píxar 1h52m07s La Filmoteca: Apocalipsis Now! (1979) 2h11m00s SPOILERS: Apocalipsis Now! (1979) - Documental de Eleanor Coppola: "Corazones en Tinieblas" 3h04m43s Despedida y Próximos Estrenos: "Buscando a Dory", "Independence Day: Contraataque", "Esperando al Rey", "Mi amigo el gigante" y "Money Monster" Podéis contactar con nosotros en: - Nuestro Blog, en - Nuestra cuenta de Twitter, @zinematkpodcast - Nuestra página de Facebook, - O por correo electrónico en Nuestros Twitter personales son: @jlhhurtado, @gerard_rafart y @jesuspmora

Zinematk 0

Ep. 16 - A Conversation with Filmmaker Matt Johnson  

Rob & Geoff are joined by provocative Canadian director, and recent Sundance-darling, Matt Johnson, to talk about his unique style of 'mocumentary' and his opinions on what's needed to fix the Canadian film industry. They also talk about Brie Larson's potential casting as Captain Marvel, and the possibilities of this film tying disparate Marvel universes together, from Guardians to Avengers & elsewhere in comic book news, talk about their excitement over Rick Famuyiwa helming The Flash.

Episode 220 - Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping & Popstar (2005)  

This week on See You Next Wednesday, Greg never stops never stopping when he heads out to the theaters to see Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Then, Casey weighs in on Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising before Dan asks Aaron Carter to never start starting filming of his 2005 bottom-of-the-barrel film Popstar. It's a battle of the popstars this week! All of this, plus we talk about movie news and trailers, as well as get into a new segment at the end of the show where we reveal what television show we'll be playing relay with! You don't want to miss this! Show Notes: Monster Trucks Trailer (2:00) Star Wars: Rogue One Re-Shoots & Rumors (5:4) Greg Watches The Rest of JAWS III (11:52) John Boyega In Pacific Rim II (13:44) Weirdly Enough, Casey Just Watched Transformers III: Age of Extinction Last Night (Again!) (17:48) Brie Larson In Talks To Join Captain Marvel (19:48) Dan Watched Stone Cold Starring The Bos (22:24) Casey Watched Stand Up Specials & The Berkley Marathons (31:46) Greg Rewatched SPEED (37:13) Casey Watched 1480 (42:57) Dan Watched Wall Street (45:28) Greg Discovered Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (52:00) Film Roulette Begins (57:28) Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Review (59:58) Casey Saw Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (1:07:36) Popstar (2005) Review (1:13:32) Savage Garden's Self Titled Album & Punishment Reveal (1:23:24) Film Roulette Roll: Winner's Choice vs. Warcraft (1:34:12) The O.C. Corner: Casey Watched The Pilot (1:37:21)

138 BVS Ultimate Cut & Ninja Turtles 2  

This week's episode is brought to you by Loot Crate, visit for 3 dollars off any subscription. This is a real thing.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows is out, underperforming the world over! We get into that as well as the death of a legend, Doc Savage, Star Wars Rogue One reshoots, Spider-man 4 concept art and the Batman V Superman: Ultimate Cut. Thanks for listening. You guys are alright.


1:56 RIP Muhammad Ali
5:51 Brie Larson to play Captain Marvel
9:21 The Rock to play Doc Savage
14:21 Star Wars Rogue One reshoots
22:53 Spider-man 4 concept art
25:05 Justice League just called Justice League
25:46 Batman V Superman: Ultimate Cut

31:29 TMNT Out Of The Shadows Spoiler Free
48:05 TMNT Out Of The Shadows Spoilers

59:53 Letters It’s Time For Letters
1:08:17 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

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#90: Body of Work with Kevin Lilly  

This episode is all about health and wellness. I met Kevin almost 7 years ago when he worked at Crunch gym in Hollywood. Long story short, I lost 70 lbs working with him and he transformed the way I see life. He now has his own gym "Heart and Hustle" with his business partner Greg in west hollywood, and trains the biggest stars and most elite athletes in the world. Seacrest mentioned his gym during this year's Oscar commentary to point out how great their client Brie Larson looked after working with them. His insight into what motivates humans transcends social boundaries in the same way that comedy, music, and food can. Email me Email to find out more about his gym or just to get advice. He's an AWESOME dude If you enjoy the podcast please rate it, comment on it, and share it with your friends. I'm trying to build something that connects people and your help goes a long way.

SNL Recap: Brie Larson Hosts on May 7, 2016  

05/08/16 - Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg review episode 19 of the 41st season of Saturday Night Live with host Brie Larson & musical guest Alicia Keys broadcast on May 7, 2016!

Saturday Night Live | Brie Larson; Alicia Keys | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Saturday Night Live, is a weekly “after show” for fans of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. In this episode, hosts Kim Crossman, Amy Maestri, and Katie Wilbert discuss this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live. ABOUT SNL: “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” Saturday Night Live is a sketch comedy show that has […]

The post Saturday Night Live | Brie Larson; Alicia Keys | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow appeared first on AfterBuzz TV Network.

#11 Screening Room, ¿la muerte de las salas de cine?  

Sean Parker, creador de Napster y primer director de Facebook, está preparando el lanzamiento de Screening Room, un servicio que permitirá ver películas en casa al mismo tiempo que llegan a los cines. La idea está dividiendo a la industria de Hollywood y son muchos los directores, productores y exhibidores que ya se han posicionado a favor o en contra de la plataforma. Durante la primera hora del programa, Emilio Doménech y Pablo Guerrero analizan los puntos clave de Screening Room y desentrañan las carreras de sus creadores, así como los bandos enfrentados que defienden o atacan al que sin duda sería un servicio revolucionario en la industria. En la sección de noticias hacemos hueco al segundo fin de semana taquillero de Batman v Superman —que no es precisamente bueno— y a los nuevos proyectos de Brie Larson, Lenny Abrahamson, Oscar Isaac, Alex Garland o Kristen Wiig. También ponemos el foco en la industria para ver los últimos movimientos de David Ellison, el hermano de nuestra amiga Megan, y de Leonardo DiCaprio, que acaba de firmar un acuerdo con Paramount Pictures. Aparte de en SoundCloud, El juego de Harvey también se puede escuchar en iTunes, Ivoox, TuneIn y Stitcher. Podéis comentar el podcast con nosotros escribiendo con el hashtag #Jarvi11 o mencionando nuestra cuenta oficial en Twitter: @Cinefagos. Y si te gusta el podcast, no dudes en darle a like en las principales redes sociales en las que estamos o en escribir comentarios positivos en iTunes, SoundCloud o Ivoox. El juego de Harvey es un podcast semanal que repasa la actualidad de Hollywood y está presentado por los periodistas Emilio Doménech (@Nanisimo) y Pablo Guerrero (@pablomoloco).

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