The Party  

It’s our 10th episode!

So blow out the candles, cut the cake and make a wish!

You are cordially invited to join the Cultivator of Chronicles, Dr Sam Willis, and the Tim Peake of Time, Professor James Daybell as these history DJs get the unexpected history of the party started.

From garden parties to peripatetic English monarchs, from the vomiting ladies of the court of James I to the myth of the Roman Vomitorium, there’s much to celebrate as Sam and James make the links between Edvard Munch and wallflowers and bacchanalian excess and yelling at cider trees in an English orchard. And, of course, no real party could be complete without the furniture being trashed, or in the case of John Evelyn a much-prized 400ft long, 9ft high and 5ft wide, now no longer impenetrable hedge. Wow did those Russians know how to party! Keith Richards had his T.V. set, Keith Moon his exploding toilet, Aerosmith their chainsaw, and Peter the Great … a wheelbarrow.

“Here’s to thee, old apple tree,
Whence thou mayst bud,
And whence thou mayst blow!
And whence thou mayst bear apples enow!
Hats full! Caps full!
Bushel – Bushel – sacks full,
And my pockets full too! Huzza!”

(South Hams, Devon, 1871 Wassailing song – in case you wanted to sing to the cider trees).

Dr Sam Willis - @DrSamWillis Professor James Daybell - @JamesDaybell Follow the show's new Twitter: @UnexpectedPdcst HistoryHit Network - Twitter Facebook Producer - Dan Morelle

Cake-O Bake-O 25th Nov 16  

Can you believe that Danny Dyer is related to Royalty? No – nor can Scott & Chris as they recap last night’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and it is AMAZING! The fired Apprentice candidate gets one last chance to pitch to Scott & Chris in the infamous elevator pitch, will they make it to the studio for their final interview, or will they be sent back down in the lift to be forgotten about forever? It’s the final Bangers! of the week… Can Scott make it a score draw, or will Chris win the week? Plus, pop star Calum Scott drops in to the studio to play his brand new single and play Real or No Real.

Abe Meets Trump  

The Japanese leader Shinzo Abe has travelled to New York to meet Donald Trump aiming to build a relationship of trust, saying the alliance between both countries is at the core of Tokyo's diplomacy and security. During the campaign Donald Trump stoked up controversy with demands that allies pay more for having U.S. forces based on their soil and a pledge to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Malaysia is seen as a model of tolerance in Asia with an economy that shows good prospects, but the country faces several challenges to court favour with foreign investors. The BBC's Rob Young has been visiting the nation. We hear how the diverse culture of the country may be an economic asset and Katie Hile reports from the Cameron Highlands region where tea plantations are struggling to cope with soil erosion from forests being cut down and the impact of climate change. The makers of a sweet confectionary made in France for 600 years are upset about the authorities in China allowing a company in Shanghai to use the name of their product. We find out more about how the oval shaped French Calisson cake is the subject of an international trademark dispute, from Renée Maucourt, at Confiserie Leonard Parli, in Aix en Provence. (Picture: Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Copyright: Getty Images.)

MBMBaM 329: The Laser Tag Embassy  

During these frightening times, most of us are probably looking for a place where we can be free from opression and worry altogether. In today's episode, we believe we've discovered that very place: The Honorable Laser Tag Arena.

Suggested talking points: Music Review Season, Kama Sutra Gift, Laser Tag Cheating, Healing Samantha, Penis Cake Strategies, Homemade Trampoline, Tinder Detective, Dramatic Sandler

Episode 57 - Dom's Mobility Birthday and Green Day Onesies.  

Are you lot ready to be shaken up for the second time this week? Well, you better be ready as the quite frankly HEROIC team are back on Breakfast! This weeks podcast executes more formidable content and is 90% Trump free. So if you are looking for some much needed entertainment, WE CAN SORT YOU LOT OUT. -We have served you up a storm of a show once again; Chris and the Team ft: some punks you may have heard of called GREEN DAY are in. The lads are launching their new onesie fashion line and of course their timely ‘Revolution Radio’ album. -Is ‘Trainspotting the Oasis of the Movie World?’ EWAN MCGREGOR chats to Dom who seems to be particularly interested in understanding which day of the week Ewan puts his bins out. -Treats are in store for everyone this week. Not only is it Dom’s big birthday, but the real COOKIE MONSTER pops in! -Amongst all the omelettes, cake and sweet and sour prawn balls, Dom earns his racing stripes onboard his Birthday present - a mobility scooter. There is quite simply, too much to miss. Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6.30 - 10am

TMS 1148: Stages  

Raid is just what the doctor ordered. German cake! Foot licker on the loose! Major Dead McMan. Drone me some sausage! Vampire assault! Therapy Thursday and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.

Episode 35: Number by Colors  

Hey there friends. Boy, it sure has been a stressful 24 hours, huh? Just to let you guys know, we recorded this episode a while ago and we did not address any current events. So, if you want a little light hearted distraction from our grim reality, feel free to listen to Caldwell and Nathan chat about mom powers, new Dan Brown novels, Sonic the Hedgehog fanart and cake pranks on this episode of What Should We Draw.

Sue's Creative Cooking.  

"I love to cook," said Sue as she passed me my plate. It was early evening, and the Scottish farmhouse kitchen was filled with delicious smells of fresh seafood with a hint(1) of spice. We were warm, tired, but content after a day spent walking on a hidden beach with the colors of Autumn looking over us from the adjacent forest. I was ready for this meal, and I knew that it would be good. What I hadn't expected was its presentation. "What?" I exclaimed as I saw the huge oyster shell stuffed with shrimp and mussels in a creamy sauce, with garden herbs and a flower on top. "Good grief, this is gormet," I commented, a little unsure of whether or not(2) I should actually eat it; it looked too pretty. Sue does love to cook, and every time I come and visit my father and step-mother, she quickly throws together flavors and textures of food that are satisfying, memorable, and as colorful as her oil paintings. "I always cook what I like," she said, emphasizing the "I". "And it's just as well(3) that your father likes what I cook," she smiled. "Dad, you're a lucky man," I said as I heaped shrimp onto a large piece of potato. Even the vegetable side dish was unusual: raw zucchini in thin curls, tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette. Well, my plate was empty in only a few minutes. I resisted the temptation to eat my dad's baked creation: an Eve's pudding which is a dish of baked apple with vanilla cake on top. I'm trying to avoid dessert for health reasons, and because I have too much of a sweet tooth. It wasn't difficult though to resist this time, as I wanted to savor the flavors Sue's seafood work of art. 1. 'A hint' is like a little clue, or a small taste. It is also a verb. a. I don't know what the answer is; give me a hint. b. He hinted that there might be a wedding in a few months. c. The dessert had a hint of sherry which gave it a small kick. 2. The position of 'whether or not' should be practiced as it is a very native-sounding expression. a. He was trying to decide whether or not he should study abroad for a few months. He was trying to decide whether he should study abroad for a few months or not. b. She couldn't remember whether or not she had paid her phone bill. She couldn't remember whether she'd paid her phone bill or not. c. They discussed whether or not to invest. They discussed whether to invest or not. 3. 'It's just as well' means 'it's a lucky thing that...' a. It's just as well that you brought your umbrella because it's started pouring with rain! b. It's just as well we caught a taxi. We would have never got to the train station on time by walking!

Plate of the Union  

Can you tell a Democrat by their salad? A Republican by their hamburger? An Independent by their coffee? With the outcome of the US presidential election just days away, The Food Chain looks at the surprising role food has played in a campaign like no other. We visit Arizona, a swing state in this year’s election, to see whether Americans think your food preference can be determined by your political preference. Regina Ragone of Family Circle magazine tells the BBC’s Kent DePinto how a comment by Hilary Clinton started a nation-wide baking contest that has been running since 1992. Plus, Lizzie O’Leary from Marketplace follows the money to understand how the political wishes of big food companies is expressed in political donations. We look at how taco trucks have become one the 2016 election's most polarizing issues. And we hear about the forgotten tradition of the American election cake. Photo: A blueberry pie in the design of an American flag. Photo Credit: Thinkstock

My Open Kitchen episode 7  

Cake maker Gillian Bell takes us on an Enid Blyton style food adventure when she shares her incredible story on episode 7 of My Open Kitchen. 

FOF #2413 – Trans American Horror Story – 10.31.16  

As entertainers, we’ve had some odd jobs over the years to pay the bills but our friend Jeffrey Jay takes the cake as a gymnastics instructor to celebrity babies. Hollywood A listers send their kids to gymnastics to learn how to walk the red carpet in style. Today, the he-larious Jeffrey Jay joins us to talk about which celebrity babies are awesome and which are spoiled brats. Also, Jeffrey is in the new British documentary “My Trans American Road Trip” which takes on the anti-trans bathroom bills.

The Very Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: AID 322 - Tough Love with Mark Brickey and Friends  

Ryan Besch & Allan Lorde share their career obstacles while Mark Brickey, Derrick Castle and Connie Collingsworth of Print Mafia offer the Tough Love.

Part 01: Ryan Besch from

Ryan Besch is a very talented illustrator designer who once worked alongside Mark Brickey at Hero Design Studio. Ryan took a break from full-time design to focus on the birth of his second and third kids. He’s now out from under the full-time parenting role and ready to get back into the design community. He’s got a tremendous amount of talent and keeps busy with client work but suffers from one major character flaw… SELF DOUBT. Ryan is stuck in his head overthinking, over analyzing all of his next career moves to the point where sometimes he can’t seem to set himself free to make a decision. 

Part 02: Allan Lorde of

Allan finds himself working a day job that doesn’t challenge him or leave him creatively satisfied. He feels like he has been on the sidelines of design for so long that it seems like he’s having a hard time putting himself back into the game. After long hours, being a dad and husband Alan is finding it hard to find both the time and inspiration to get his illustration game strong.

Part 03: Derrick Castle of

Derrick Castle lives in the outskirts of Nashville and is a father of two. He knows about putting the career on pause to raise the family and he knows what it’s like to lack a active design community. However, through his found love of hand tile printing he discovered a Instagram following and learned how to became one of Nashville’s shining design stars. He shares his experiences relatable to Ryan Besch. 

Part 04: Connie Collingsworth of

Connie too, just like Allan, has a job, a son and a wife. She has built one of the most respected names in the history of Gig Posters, all while holding down various part time to full time jobs and raising her son to be a full grown man, all while keeping the life balance to spend with the love of her life, her partner Stacey. She has overcome all of the obstacles that Allan has, but never once saw them as obstacles, because nothing could ever stand in the way of her passion for Print Mafia. She didn’t raise a business around a family, the family raised the business. She offers her story to show Allan that you can have your creative cake and eat it too!

Daniel McGowan & Sara Falconer  

Episode 208: We talk with Sara Falconer & Daniel McGowan.

We discuss the Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar, Supporting Prisoners, Old Times, Kinko Runs, Rush, Cake & much more. #fsd

What's up with this goon? Listen to find out!

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#22: Project Paralysis Is A Real Thing, And We’ve Got It Bad  

You know when you just can’t seem to find your momentum on a certain home task? Well, today we fess up to one that’s had us stuck for months. We also get to talk to HGTV’s Nicole Curtis about rehabbing old houses, working in a “man’s world,” and why she thinks it’s hard (but important) to be an open book with her fans. John also spooks up a Halloween-inspired game, Sherry gleefully removes something from our new kitchen, and we drool over cake stands. Well, and cake. Mostly cake.

Be sure to check out for notes, links, and photos from this episode.

226- Should you Change Your Name? The Feminist bride  
The topic of name change after marriage is a much requested theme on the Bridechilla Podcast and I am delighted to welcome back Katrina from to talk about the choices that Bridechillas have when it comes to taking their partners name, creating a new name, hyphenating or keeping their maiden name. surveyed nearly 19,000 women who got married last year and of those women, 86 % took their husband’s name. Katrina always pushes me to think about, as a feminist…(someone who strives for equality in all aspects of my life), my choices and choices made by those around me. Her last visit to the Bridechilla Podcast really motivated a lot of Bridechillas to question the inclusion of certain traditions and in some cases removed them from their weddings all together (hymen cake!). Today we talk about the reasons women cite for taking their spouse’s surname: some like the tradition of it, and others find it romantic. In some cases, it’s more important to their husbands, and some feel it will be more convenient once they have children. Some women even argue, counterintuitively, that taking their husband’s name is a feminist choice. I share some wonderful voice messages from Bridechillas Erin, Morgaene and Darcie who have thought very laterally when it comes to their name change choices. Whatever your decision, I know that this episode will empower you to make the choice that is right for you and get you thinking about alternatives and having the discussion with your partner (which I believe to be the most important step…not just having the assume that you will be changing your name). I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this episode.

All that and a lot, lot more on the #1 wedding planning podcast, The Bridechilla Podcast!

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AA: Uber and employment rights, a Brexit Irish border, and the ‘gay cake’ ruling  

Your say on the issues discussed on Any Questions. Presented by Julian Worricker

102: The Baking Revolution  

Claire Ptak of Violet Bakery in London says under-beat, under-fold and under-bake; plus chocolate, prune and rum cake with Rayna Jhaveri, Dan Pashman of The Sporkful on the science of snacks; Adam Gopnik of The New Yorker on cultural appropriation; and the best way to beat egg whites.

Kiss Cam Ban, Tick Talks, Discrimination Baker, Haunted Zamboni  

An Ottawa mother wants to ban the ‘kiss cam’ at sporting events. We profile a 15 second lecture series. We find out why a baker wouldn’t sell a wedding cake to heterosexual couple. We try and find the Haunted Zamboni.

Rampage | Talks Remington Steel, New Cartoon Series, &  Smackdown Tour With Rah Digga!  

Rueben Wood interviews Brooklyn native, Rampage. Rampage is back with the release of his highly anticipated, Mixtape "Remington Steele, The Payback" set for release 11/05/2016 and the soundtrack to his upcoming Cartoon Series. Rampage has also launched a new station and music group titled The Heat.Earlier in the year he released the hot new club banger, "Pound Cake" with production by multi-platinum super producer, Felony Muzik.

Avsnitt 115!  

Sanna har en otroligt stark spaning om kopplingen mellan Migos och det kanske topp 10-15 finaste vi har här i Sverige: våra barn. Petter vill uppmärksamma femårsjubileet av Chief Keefs ”BANG!”. Hugo är fortfarande pappa. Dessutom: VBDFR minns Shawty Lo samt lyssnar på ny musik från Malmö, Atlanta och Uppsala.
Whatever?! xoxo
Sånger från avsnittet:
Ozzy, Guleed & Mwuana - tomma dagar
Migos - Dab (bitch dab)
DMX - who we be
Chief Keef - Bang
D4L - Laffy Taffy
Shawty Lo feat. Gucci Mane, Ludacris & The Dream - Atlanta GA
Shawty Lo - Foolish
Shawty Lo feat. Gucci Mane - Got Em Fo The Lo
Soulja Boy feat. Gucci Mane & Shawty Lo - Gucci Bandana
Shawty Lo feat. Future - Cake
Kodie Shane feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Lil Yachty - Hold Up
Dani M feat. Abidaz - Hela livet
Några av sångerna finns i spotify-spellistan med alla sånger från alla avsnitt.
S/O till vår studio

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