Extremist violence claims more than 55 lives in Quetta  

Nearly 60 people are dead after an attack in Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan, after several militants allegedly belonging to the militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi stormed a police training barracks.

Belgians Block Key EU Pact With Canada  

Belgium's Wallonia region has blocked the CETA Canada-EU trade deal. Professor Pierre D'Argent from the University of Louvain explains why the people of Wallonia are so opposed to the deal. Also in the programme, both US presidential candidates have expressed concern about a proposed merger between telecoms giant AT&T and the media company Time Warner. Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research in Utah tells us why the deal is proving to be so controversial. A new venture capital fund is starting in London for businesses that are started by women. We hear more from Debbie Wosskow of the AllBright fund. The biggest companies in the world have helped carbon emissions rise to a new record, according to the UN. Dr Deon Terblanche of the UN's World Meteorological Organisation explains his research, plus we have analysis from Tom Burke, who is a former environmental policy advisor to the mining giant Rio Tinto. And Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times tells us why she thinks the concept of creativity at work is massively overrated.

Laura Tingle in Canberra; the Australian protestors who defied LBJ. Democracy's new challenge  

Laura Tingle on al that's happening in the capital. In 1966, most of Australia prepared to welcome LBJ with pomp and ceremony - and a small group prepared to stage vocal protests against America's awful war. US Amabassador Jeffrey Bleich on the new challenges to democracy.

Anthony Scaramucci, Founder of SkyBridge Capital  

Anthony Scaramucci is a very busy man. He’s the founder of SkyBridge Capital, an investment firm with $12.1 billion in assets, host of the SALT hedge fund conference in Las Vegas, co-host of Wall Street Week on Fox Business, an active philanthropist and the author of Hopping Over the Rabbit Hole: How Entrepreneurs Turn Failure into Success. And if that weren’t enough, he's also on Donald Trump's economic policy council and finance committee. In this episode of Fortune Unfiltered, Scaramucci explains how he overcame his initial skepticism about Trump's campaign—like many Republicans he initially didn't take Trump's candidacy seriously—and why he believes the GOP candidate's economic policies are best for America. Scaramucci embodies the American dream - he grew up in a traditional Italian working-class family and recalls watching his father, a construction worker, got to work every day at 4:30 a.m. "Let me ask people who are saying I'm a relentless self-promoter: How was I going to get here folks?"

Minisode Monday #24 | How Do You Make a Perfect Day?  

Welcome to Minisode Monday, where we kick off the week with something quick and actionable -- to make you more magnetic and effective -- that you can implement right away.

In this Minisode Monday, Clay Hebert joins us to talk about what makes a perfect day, month, or year and working backwards to make this happen. Let's get to it!

The Cheat Sheet: Whatever motivates you toward action -- no matter how lame someone else might think your methods -- is fair game. Think of what a perfect day looks like to you. For Seth Godin, it's being home by a certain time every night to cook dinner for his family -- and he builds the rest of his day toward that goal. Design a day with structures that support what makes it perfect for you. Eliminate, automate, and outsource the hitches that disrupt perfection wherever possible. To learn more about social dynamics and productivity hacks, take the Art of Charm Challenge by clicking here, or text CHARMED to 33444. Also be sure to check out our Social Capital Intensive here! Let us know about how you put today's Minisode Monday into practice! Leave a comment below, tweet with @TheArtofCharm in your response, or write to Jordan directly: (he reads everything)!

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RMC : 24/10 - Perri & Neumann : Un patron de presse a-t-il tous les droits ?  

Mécontents de l'arrivée de l'animateur Jean-Marc Morandini sur l'antenne, les journalistes d'iTélé sont en grève depuis lundi. Vincent Bolloré, le patron de la chaîne, a-t-il le droit de faire tout ce qu'il veut ? Pour Pascal Perri, un patron n'est pas le propriétaire de l'entreprise, mais du capital de celle-ci. Vincent Bolloré a le droit de défendre son point de vue, mais il ne peut pas payer et se taire. Laurent Neumann, lui, pense qu'un actionnaire ne peut pas diriger une chaîne de télévision comme l'on dirige une simple entreprise. Les décisions de Vincent Bolloré ne sont pas justifiées car l'émission de Jean-Marc Morandini, qui compte 50 000 téléspectateurs, est un échec total. - Avec : Edwy Plenel, patron de Mediapart. - Tous les jours à 7h50, le duo Pascal Perri et Laurent Neumann commente un sujet fort de l'actualité, dans Bourdin Direct, sur RMC.

RVTV Encore: Kyle Bass  

An interview which was originally published on July 1, 2016 between Grant Williams of Real Vision and Kyle Bass, Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager, and Founder of Hayman Capital Management.

Nómadas - El archipiélago de Lamu - 23/10/16  

Es un conjunto de pequeñas islas casi pegadas a la costa oriental africana; las tres principales son Lamu, Pate y Manda. La capital, que comparte nombre con el archipiélago, es una de las poblaciones más antiguas de Kenia. Conserva una arquitectura suajili basada en materiales autóctonos como la piedra coral y la madera de manglar. Allí no existen los coches, el ritmo de la vida lo marca el paso de los hombres... y el de los burros, que abundan y son muy queridos. En ese entorno idílico conoceremos la imprescindible labor de apoyo a la infancia que lleva a cabo la ONG española Anidan.

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Memento Mori  

In a week of remembrance and recollection, Jannat Jalil explains how the French authorities - who are preparing to remember those killed in last November’s Paris attacks - find other deaths on the capital’s streets more than fifty years ago far more difficult to commemorate. Adam Easton in Warsaw reflects on how Poles saw their country’s recent history in the life and work of one of their leading film directors, Andrzej Wajda, who died this week. Carrie Gracie in Beijing joins one of the Chinese Communist Party’s new pilgrimage tours to revolutionary martyr sites from the civil war era of the twentieth century which President Xi Jinping wants party members to attend in order to rekindle ideological fervour. Robin Denselow reports on how Turkey’s volatile political situation is having an effect on Islamic cooperation even at Sufi festivals, like the famous one he visited at Konya. And we remember Chris Simpson, a long-standing and distinguished contributor to "From Our Own Correspondent", who died suddenly this week. We hear again a characteristically witty and perceptive dispatch he recorded in the Central African Republic in 2010.

Matchmaking: Wie finden Investoren und Startups zueinander? | Road to IPO #2  

Wie finden Investoren Startups zum Finanzieren? Worauf kommt es dabei an und ist "Matchmaking" eine sinnvolle Dienstleistung für beide Seiten? In seiner Mini-Serie "Road to IPO" diskutiert Joel Kaczmarek mit Vertretern der Deutschen Börse und Akteuren aus dem Finanz- und Investorenumfeld. In dieser Ausgabe sprechen Pawel Chudzinski von Point Nine Capital und Eric Leupold aus dem Pre-IPO-Bereich der Deutschen Börse darüber, wie Investoren und Startups eigentlich zueinander finden und worauf es dabei ankommt. ///Fan werden:

Turbo 3 - Viernes eléctrico (187): Justice lanzan 'Alakazam!' - 21/10/16  

Llega el viernes y... 'Alakazam !', aparece un nuevo adelanto del próximo disco de Justice, 'Woman', con el que abrimos esta session electrizante. Además, te haremos sudar moviéndote al ritmo de Disclosure, Dombresky, Synapson, Empire of The Sun, Phoenix, Flume (remezclado por Clean Bandit)... y hasta un espectacular remix del 'Hung up' de Madonna a cargo de Stuart Price. Playlist: JUSTICE - Alakazam !, SYNPASON - Blade down (feat. Tessa B), CAPITAL CITIES - Vowels, EMPIRE OF THE SUN - Walking on a dream, PHOENIX - 1901, CRYSTAL FIGHTERS - Ways I can't tell, PAROV STELAR - The Sun (Klingande remix), FLUME - Say it (feat. Tove Lo) (Clean Bandit remix), CLEAN BANDIT - Mozart's house (feat. Love Ssega), LOVE SSEGA - Pray for love (Formation remix), DISCLOSURE - White noise (feat. AlunaGeorge), DOMBRESKY - Utopia, MADONNA - Hung up (Stuart Price remix), AMATRIA - El golpe, JUSTICE - We are your friends (Reprise. Live version 'A cross the universe').

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A Sense of Place  

Recollections of working in Warsaw thirty years ago prompt Kevin Connolly to consider how life there then informs Poles’ support now for freedom of movement within the European Union. Bethany Bell visits the birthplace of Adolf Hitler, the town of Braunau, and discovers Austrians are divided over whether or not his childhood home should be torn down. James Longman finds that Lebanon’s capital exerts a special attraction for him as Beirut Correspondent – even though he already knows it well. Adam Shaw visits one of the world's wealthiest men, Carlos Slim, in Mexico City and finds migration very much on the telecoms mogul’s mind. And Jane Labous gets parenting advice from her Senegalese mother-in-law. The programme is introduced by Kate Adie.

Foreign Affairs Dept says no request yet for troops support from Afghanistan  

The Foreign Affairs department says there has been no direct request for more troops and helicopters to be sent to Afghanistan. The Governor of Oruzgan province told PM he wants reinforcements following an attempted take-over of the provincial capital Tarin Kowt by the Taliban in September. But Foreign Affairs say the request has to be relayed through the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces chain of command.

Risky Business #432 -- We need to talk about John  

On this week's show we're taking a look at the business dealings of John McAfee. Earlier today the NYSE announced the company that arranged to hire McAfee, MGT Capital, would be de-listed from the NYSE: MKT small cap exchange. This follows a class action investor lawsuit and the unearthing of a remuneration agreement between the company and McAfee that have lead some to suggest the whole company could be a pump and dump scam.

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THE SNAK // ‘Secret Copenhagen’ Edition  

Does a well-trodden city such as Copenhagen have any secrets left?  This week, James Clasper chats to writer Austin Sailsbury about his new book “The 500 Hidden Secrets of Copenhagen”, the joys (and pains) of winter-bathing, and how the Danish capital has transformed from a beer town into cocktail-bar heaven.

THE SNAK // Secret Copenhagen  

Does a well-trodden city like Copenhagen have any secrets left? This week, James Clasper chats to writer Austin Sailsbury about his new book “The 500 Hidden Secrets of Copenhagen”, the joys (and pains) of winter-bathing, and how the Danish capital has transformed from a beer town into cocktail-bar heaven. Like us on Facebook. Get in touch at […]

La production du savoir. Carrières et compétitions dans l'enseignement et la recherche  

durée : 00:59:32 - Les cours du Collège de France - par : Merryl Moneghetti - Pourquoi le capital humain est-il devenu prépondérant ? Comment les effets d’entraînement de la connaissance sur autrui jouent ? Quelle est la valeur de l’expérience, du partage des savoirs communs ? Quelles leçons peut-on tirer des économies d’agglomération ? - réalisé par : Anne Sécheret

095: Adrian (@AdeyF69) – Why it pays to be relentlessly process driven, and when stats count  

For this episode, the trader who I had the opportunity to speak with, and who you’re about to hear from, is Adrian—or @AdeyF69 on Twitter.

Adrian was a pro sailor for almost two decades, but for the past six years, he’s been on dry land, taking an income from financial markets as an independent day trader.

Adrian primarily trades the Bund and the DAX, though he initially started out in foreign exchange. His trading strategy is influenced by support and resistance areas, volume profiling, order flow, and stats.

After talking about how Adrian’s survived storms at sea, torturous sleeping patterns, and run-ins with pirates, we spend a fair amount of time discussing; how Adrian uses stats and some things to watch out for, and why it pays to be process driven.


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Episode 216: Emily Witt  

Emily Witt is a freelance writer and the author of Future Sex.

“I think I had always thought that—maybe this is coming from a WASPy, protestant background—if I presented myself as overtly sexual in any way, it would be a huge turnoff. That they would see me as a certain type of person. They wouldn’t have respect for me. And I thought this both professionally—I thought maybe writing this book was going to be really bad for my career, that nobody would take me seriously anymore—and also that nobody would want to date me if I was too honest. In both counts the opposite happened.”

Thanks to MailChimp, Audible, and Wunder Capital for sponsoring this week's episode.

@embot Witt on Longform [02:45] Future Sex (Farrar, Straus & Giroux • 2016) [03:00] "Online Dating Diary" (London Review of Books • Oct 2012) [03:15] Witt’s Archive at The Observer [05:30] Witt’s Archive at Miami New Times [05:45] "Cinema é Luxo" (n+1 • Oct 2009) [sub req’d] [06:15] "Miami Party Boom" (n+1 • Mar 2010) [sub req’d] [06:30] Gus Garcia-Roberts on Longform [09:30] Thy Neighbor’s Wife (Gay Talese • Harper Perennial • 2009) [10:00] "An Evening in the Nude with Gay Talese" (Aaron Latham • New York • Jul 1973) [11:15] "That Room in Cambridge" (n+1 • Mar 2011) [sub req’d] [19:15] "What Do You Desire?" (n+1 • Mar 2013) [38:45] "The Trip Planners" (New Yorker • Nov 2015) [48:00] How Music Got Free: A Story of Obsession and Invention (Stephen Witt • Penguin Books • 2015) [48:15] Minnesota Monthly [50:45] "Burning Man Diary" (London Review of Books • Jul 2014)

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