Scoopet Som Försvann av Christoph Andersson  

I november 1984 försvinner Cats Falck spårlöst och våren 1985 hittas hennes döda kropp i Norra Hammarbyhamnen. Tjugo år senare går journalisten Christoph Andersson igenom hennes gamla anteckningar. Det visar sig att Cats Falck hittat en tråd som ledde till topphemlig och statsunderstödd smuggling.

Cats Falck  

Producerat av Kristofer Hansson. Journalisten och Rapportmedarbetaren Cats Falck försvinner spårlöst i slutet av 1984 tillsammans med sin väninna Lena Gräns. Först ett halvår senare hittas de båda kvinnorna döda när man finner deras bil på botten i Hammarbyhamnen i Stockholm. Fallet avskrivs som en olycka men det dröjer inte lång tid innan spekulationerna drar igång. Var det verkligen en olycka? Som journalist kan Cats Falck ha kommit över så känsligt material att hon bragts om livet. P3 Dokumentär skildrar fallet Cats Falck som under åren förknippats med mordkommandon från DDR, smuggling från Sverige, och de som från början hävdat att det hela var en tragisk olycka en kall novemberkväll 1984. (mer info på

Mohr Stories 369:  Slim Jim Phantom  

Original member of the legendary band The Stray Cats and drummer Slim Jim Phantom breaks down rockabilly for us and how it changed his life. Put Your Name On It!

Pronunciation | Linking sounds in Connected Speech - AIRC132  

In this episode we're going to help you improve your pronunciation with linking sounds. How words join together in connected speech - because WE DO NOT SPEAK LIKE ROBOTS DO WE?

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Audio message from Jose from Mexico.

Audio message from Mamen: doubt and hesitate

I doubt if we can help her. Why are you hesitating?
Doubt = dudar “I doubt if we’ll be making a special Christmas podcast this year.”
“I doubt that I’ll be eating turkey on Christmas day.”
“Did you have doubts about the consistency of this podcast when we first started?”

To doubt means to lack confidence in something; to disbelieve, question, or suspect.
To hesitate means to stop or pause before making a decision or doing something.
(dudar , vacilar)

Expressions with doubt
there is some doubt about it = sobre esto existen dudas
beyond doubt = fuera de duda
beyond all reasonable doubt = más allá de toda duda
to cast doubt on = poner en duda
to clear up sb's doubts = sacar a algn de dudas
to have one's doubts about sth = tener sus dudas acerca de algo
no doubt! = ¡sin duda!
to throw doubt on = poner en duda
without (a) doubt = sin duda (alguna)

to hesitate to do sth = dudar en hacer algo
“When I did a bungy jump, I hesitated before I jumped, but I had no doubt it was safe.”
Don’t hesitate to contact us, send Reza an email.
Don't hesitate to ask us = no vaciles en pedírnoslo, no dejes de pedírnoslo
To hesitate before doing sth = dudar antes de hacer algo
What do you hesitate before doing?

Connected speech. Why do native English speakers connect their speech? We try to say the most we can in the shortest possible time.

English is a stress-timed language. Spanish is a syllable-timed language.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4
1 and 2 and 3 and 4
1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4
1 and then a 2 and then a 3 and then a 4

the cats will CHASE the MICE
the CATS will have CHASED the MICE

"here and there" Do you pronounce the 'r' at the end of 'here'
"more examples"
"A doctor or a lawyer"
"We never ever thought we'd love podcasting"
"The biscuits are in the cupboard"
“This is a better episode than last week’s.”

Does the first word have to end in an ‘r’ sound, and the second begin with a vowel sound (like better and episode)?

law and order (‘r’ sound)
Pasta and cheese (‘r’ sound)

Go away (‘w’ sound)
No, I can’t (‘w’ sound)

She isn’t there (‘y’ sound)
Tea and biscuits (‘y’ sound)

Consonant + vowel sound (link the sounds together when a consonant is followed by a vowel)
I need it = I needit
Say a word = saya word
Read a text = reada text

Consonant + consonant (if the consonant is the same sound, just pronounce it once)
Big girl = bigirl
Best teacher = besteacher
Good day = gooday (or G’day if you’re Australian!)
Take the fast train = fastrain

I needto stopeating chocolate = I need to stop eating chocolate.
Playa songon ya violin = Play a song on your violin.
Are ya gonna sitdown or standup? = Are you going to sit down or stand up?

Other examples - dictation:

Wacha gonna do? = What are you going to do?

I’ve gotta geta lotavit = I’ve got to get a lot of it

She can’tavarrivedearly = She can’t have arrived early

Sendusanemail = send us an email

I’ve never bininafrica = I’ve never been in Africa ('Nicola's been in Benin, Africa')

Wadaya do? = What do you do? (for a living)

Pickitupoff the floor = pick it up off the floor

He mustav eatenitall = He must have eaten it all

A similar thing happens in Spanish also - cortado, cuñado, pringado

...and now it's your turn to practise your English. Do you have a question for us or an idea for a future episode?
Send us a voice message and tell us what you think. 

Send us an email with a comment or question to or

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On next week's episode: Adverbial clauses, linkers and conjunctions

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Friday fruitcake fun! Plus… cats and dogs, security trouble… the worst show on TV… and Tom Hank’s butt.

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Gray Graham: Epigenetics, Sexual Dysfunction, & Why Cats Don’t Eat Margarine  

Gray Graham has been an international consultant and teacher in the field of clinical nutrition for twenty years and Gray is also the lead author of the book Pottenger’s Prophecy, and an expert in epigenetics.

Barnaby Joyce, Fremantle's Australia Day celebrations and Titanic  

Barnaby Joyce on the political year that was. Federal Government intervenes in council plans to move Australia Day celebrations. Construction begins on full-size replica of the Titanic. The Wrap: backpacker tax, Trump and feral cats. My Feed: @kamnamm. Eilen Jewell on living in a ghost town.

No Litterbox Required | Ghosts, Paranormal, Supernatural  

A set of three ghost cats inhabit a home and haunt the owners, no litterbox required. If you have a real ghost story or supernatural event to report, please write into our show or call 1-855-853-4802! If you like the show, please help keep us on the air and support the show by becoming an EPP (Extra Podcast Person). We'll give you a BONUS episode every week as a "Thank You" for your support. Become an EPP here: #ghosts #ghoststories #halloween #horror #paranormal #supernatural #haunting #haunted #demonic #hauntedhouse #cemetery #evp #ghoststory #ghostbusters #unexplained #shadowpeople #investigation #truestory

The KSR Football Podcast Celebrates a Governor’s Cup Victory  

Kentucky 41, Louisville 38. Some are still shocked, but the Cats did it.  They beat No. 11 Louisville with a Heisman frontrunner on their home field. In this special edition of the KSR Football Podcast, we walk you through the emotions of UK's upset victory in the Governor's Cup, with the help of the UK Sports Network.  Highlights include: --  What Freddie and Jared saw from Stephen Johnson on the first play. --  Drew asks two questions. --  The Ten Best Things I saw at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium --  Jared goes in on James Quick. --  A celebration that included, "I want to test your tears." --  That time Keith Bogans crossed over Jared. To listen, just subscribe to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes, stream on Podbay, or listen on the Podcast Addict app for Android.

Tuesday's business with Dominic O'Connell  

Are big bosses paid too much? Theresa May seems to think so, and her government will have another crack at the fat cats today (Image : Five pound note Credit:Press Association)

Liverpool Mackem Pay  

‘The Anfield Wrap this week sees Neil Atkinson host John Gibbons, Craig Hannan and Paul Cope as they discuss Liverpool's 2-0 victory over Sunderland. Divock Origi's goal, Jurgen Klopp getting at the fans and Roberto Firmino's brilliance all get discussed at length. Should Liverpool add a player in January? And how did their patience manifest itself against the Black Cats? There is also a chat about the Rainbow Laces campaign. The Reds are bang in the hunt for the title. There are twenty five games to go and everything matters, even at this stage. Let's enjoy it!’

Ben Fordham – Councillor Calls For Cat Curfew  

A Wollondilly Councillor wants cats kept inside. 

StarShipSofa No 461 Lauren Beukes  

Main Fiction: "The Green" by Lauren Beukes Originally published in Armored, edited by John Joseph Adams. The story will also appear in Lauren's upcoming short fiction and essay collection, Slipping, published in late November. Lauren Beukes is an award-winning, internationally best-selling novelist who also writes comics, screenplays, TV shows and journalism. Her novels, including The Shining Girls, Broken Monsters and Zoo City have been translated into 23 languages and are being developed for film and TV. She’s won the Arthur C Clarke Award, the University of Johannesburg prize, the August Derleth Award for Best Horror, the Strand Critics Choice Award for Best Mystery Novel, the RT Thriller of the Year and the Mbokodo Award. Her work has been praised by Stephen King, George RR Martin, James Ellroy and Gillian Flynn as well as The New York Times, The Guardian and NPR. She’s also written comics, including Survivor’s Club, an original horror series with Dale Halvorsen and Ryan Kelly, the NYT-best-selling Fables spin-off, Fairest: The Hidden Kingdom with Inaki Miranda, and a Wonder Woman-in-Soweto one-shot for kids, The Trouble With Cats with art by Mike Maihack. When she’s not on tour, or travelling for research, from Detroit to Zagreb, Muskat to Port-au-Prince, she lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her eight year old daughter. Narrated by: Heather Simmons Heather Simmons grew up in South Africa and has made her home in the United States. She earned her Ph.D. in biology at Penn State and her research focused on the evolution of plant pathogens. Heather is an active participant in community theatre with radio experience and can be reached for narration requests at

I’m On A BOAT, Meridth’s New Cabinet Position and Apple Makes A $300 BOOK: FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 205  

Why was I on a BOAT you may ask? I went on what was called “Summit At Sea” which was a chartered cruise for entrepreneurs. I knew going into it that my focus was to meet people and strike up meaningful conversations. I did attempt Yoga but that didn’t end too well. Check out the entire discussion to lead off this weeks show.

This weeks show is brought to you by YOU!!!!

Photo NEWS is packed with a ton of stories this week since we filmed last weeks show early. We have everything from DRONE Stories to camera guns and much much more. Photo news starts at 17:51

Thank you all for you

00:00:16 Another Hair Cut Stephen?
00:02:06 I Was On A Boat
00:04:40 Who Was On The Boat?
00:08:05 I Took A Yoga Class
00:10:25 Healing Rooms and 7th Place Trophies
00:13:07 Who I Saw Speak...Gary and Perry
00:17:51 Photo News
00:18:30 Meredith and the DTF
00:20:23 GoPro Karma Failing
00:23:41 DGI Phantom 4 Pro
00:29:36 DGI Inspire 2...for Filmakers in Berets
00:32:34 D5600...Not in the US?
00:33:38 Shooting Photos Literally With A Gun
00:34:37 Magic Lantern and the 5D Mark 4
00:35:31 Split a Camera in Half with Water?
00:36:30 Creepy Instagram Copy Cats
00:39:00 Instagram "Buy" Option
00:41:59 Google "Photo Scan" App
00:43:36 An Apple Book made of Actual Paper
00:45:53 CMOSIS 48 MegaPixel Full Frame Sensor
00:46:33 Todd Reenacts the Locals at the Fro Factory
00:52:57 Gear of the Week
00:54:34 When There IS and ISN'T a "Sponsor" RANT
01:01:23 Flying Solo
01:31:32 Wheel of Fro
01:35:27 Memes of the Week
01:42:43 Hashtags of the Week
01:44:17 Jared's Not Sleepy...Highlight Reel

MacVoices #16197: Shelly Brisbin On iOS 10, Siri, and The Fourth Edition of iOS Access For All  

Shelly Brisbin has updated iOS Access For All to the fourth edition to cover the changes in accessibility in iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad. She gives us her reaction to accessibility having a prime spot in the most recent Apple event and why iOS 10 represents an incremental but welcome upgrade to accessibility features. How the camera and Siri figure in to those features, some interesting accessibility apps that aren’t what you might expect, and how iOS compares and contrasts to the Mac, Windows and Android are all part of the discussion.

This edition of MacVoices is sponsored by Smile, the makers of PDFpen 7 and PDFpenPro 7PDFpen for iPadPDFpen for iPhonePDFpen Scan+, as well as TextExpander for Mac and TextExpander for iPhone and iPad. Great software to help you get more done.

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Shelly Brisbin is a writer, editor, podcaster, and cocktail enthusiast. Her current project is iOS Access for All, a comprehensive guide to accessibility for Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The ebook will be published in the spring of 2014. Shelly’s career in tech journalism spans 25 years, 13 books,hundreds of articles and blog posts for leading tech publications, and several stints on the editorial staffs of leading trade publications and Web sites. She served as editor-in-chief of Blogger & Podcaster Magazine, networking editor for MacUser Magazine, and an editor for online learning company, Powered, Inc. and two Hoover’s Web sites. Her podcasts include the award-winning Shelly’s Podcast, and App Store Pundit, an iOS app review show. Her cocktail writing appears on this blog, and at the sadly departed The Spirit World. When she’s not working, Shelly spends time with her husband and cats in Austin, Texas, watches ancient movies, and reads books, many of which are made

Episode 712 - November 17, 2016  

Studying yawning cats could tell us about their brains.

Gilmore Girls, Lynne Truss, Student loans, Football  

Lynne Truss, the best-selling author of 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' and 'A Cat Out of Hell', joins Jenni to discuss her new novel 'The Lunar Cats'. It is the story of Alec Charlesworth, a retired librarian, and a group of 18th Century amateur scientists who happen to be talking cats. How many women are there at football matches? Jenni speaks to female fans and season ticket holders Kristine (Grimsby Town FC Supporter), Lydia (Everton FC Supporter) and Amy (Albion Rovers FC) about their experience of going to home and away games. Netflix is releasing four new episodes of the hit US TV series Gilmore Girls, 16 years after it was first created. The show followed single mother, Lorelai Gilmore, and her 16 year old daughter, Rory, who were more like best friends than mother and daughter. It is often described as one of the first feminist comedy series. Jenni speaks to Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai, and Alexis Bledel who plays Rory. Jenni talks to parents who are figuring out their role in providing for their children. On Saturday the NUS will hold a national Demonstration. They'll be marching in central London under the banner of United for Education and alongside them will be a newly formed group, Parents Against Student Debt. How much does the government expect parents to contribute to the costs of their student children? We hear from parents Estelle and Liz and Sean Coughlan, BBC Education correspondent. Presenter: Jenni Murray Producer: Rebecca Myatt.

The David Pakman Show - November 16, 2016  

--On the Show:

--Reed Summers, Director of the Society for the New Message from God and Son of the Self-Proclaimed Messanger of God Marshall Vian Summers, joins David to discuss the worldwide community of people involved in his organization

--President-elect Donald Trump's transition team is in disarray; Mike Pence has replaced Chris Christie as the team's leader and officials have not been in contact with many of the departments they are soon to take over

--Donald Trump promised major tax cuts on the campaign trail, but it turns out those tax cuts won't be so large as they would explode the national deficit

--Ben Carson ran for President, but now he has declined to take a role in the Trump Administration because he feels he has no government experience

--A double dose of Hatriot Mail

--ADL's Center on Extremism reports a spike in reports of racist, ant-Semitic, graffiti and vandalism since the election of Donald Trump

--Pamela Ramsey Taylor, the Director of the Clay County Development Corporation, is fired for saying "[she is] tired of seeing a Ape in heels" as First Lady

--Fox News Host Megan Kelly says in her upcoming memoir "Settle for More" that Donald Trump offered her and other journalists gifts in exchange for positive coverage during the presidential campaign

--Megan Kelly opens up about her allegations that disgraced Fox News CEO Roger Ailes sexually harassed her when she first joined the organization in 2004

--Voicemail from Louisiana Troll claiming that Democrats will never win another election because of their treatment of minority voters

--On the Bonus Show: New Jersey bans declawing cats, India leads the world in selfie-related deaths, the alt-right's twitter purge and much more...

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TGPF230 - Thomas Gold Presents Fanfare  

01. Sailor & I - Black Swan (Original Mix) [White Label]
02. Anne-Marie - Alarm (Dave Winnel Remix) [Atlantic]
03. Felix Cartal - Keep Up (Brohug Remix) [Physical Presents]
04. Peter Luts - I Will Make It (Extended Mix) [Voyager Records]
05. Mike Candys - Daylight (Original Mix) [Etna Recordings]
06. Kryder - Dogs & Cats (Rhymes Edit) [Sosumi]
07. GT & Wildfire - Not Alone (Lliam & Latroit Remix) [Be Rich Records]
08. John Legend - Love Me Know (Dave Aude Remix) [MNSTRM]
09. Marco Laschi - The Beat (Original Mix) [Startrax]
10. Gil Glaze - Can't Let You Go (Extended Mix) [Dirty Soul Music]
11. Capa - Accelerate (Original Mix) [ZeroThree]
12. Kungs Ft. Ephemerals - I Feel So Bad (Extended Mix) [3Beat]
13. Starley - Call On Me (Odd Mob Remix) [AATW]
14. Alan Walker - Sing Me To Sleep (Marshmello Remix) [MER Music]
15. Neiked - Sexual (Oliver Nelson Extended Remix) [Polydor]
16. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Vs. Diplo - Hey Baby (Extended Mix) [Smash The House]
17. Thomas Gold Ft. Gillian Edwards - Magic (Angemi Ext

Retromanía - The Cure, el triunfo de lo oscuro - 14/11/16  

Hoy vamos a hablar de The Cure. No porque haya un disco reciente, que el último elepé oficial es de hace 8 años. Pero resulta que el grupo incluye tres fechas españolas dentro de su tour europeo. Más concretamente este mismo 20 en Madrid, el 24 en Bilbao y el 26 en Barcelona. Parece el momento adecuado para repasar el trabajo y las influencias de un grupo fundamental el pasado siglo y que sigue arrastrando masas en este.

Sonarán: The Cure - Killing an arab; The Cure - A forest; The Cure - The hanging garden; Siousxie & The Banshees - Running town; Los Seres Vacíos - Los celos se apoderan de mi; The Cure - Why can't I be you?; The Cure - Lullaby; Tricky - The love cats; The Cure - Maybe someday; Crystal Castles - Not in love; The Cure - Hello goodbye

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