John Cleese, A first for Jay Z, Electricity: The spark of life  

Monty Python legend John Cleese has adapted George Feydeau's 1892 French comedy BANG BANG for a brand-new staging at Colchester's Mercury Theatre. He talks about his enthusiasm for farce. Jay Z is to become the first rapper inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Jacqueline Springer discusses the significance and why it's taken four decades for rap to be recognised in this way. Authors Hannah Kent and Kate Summerscale discuss the process of using real court cases as inspiration for their books. Hannah's novel, The Good People, is based on a mysterious case of a 'fairy doctress' in 1820s Ireland and Kate tells us about The Wicked Boy which she based on a grisly murder in Victorian England. From Galvani and twitching frogs' legs to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein; from Sci-fi to Bovril; electricity has inspired inventors, scientists and artists alike. As a new exhibition Electricity: The spark of life opens at the Wellcome Collection in London, curator Ruth Garde and Irish artist John Gerrard show us round. Presenter: Kirsty Lang Producer: Angie Nehring.

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471 Jason Mantzoukas, Kate Berlant, John Early  

Jason “Heynong Man” Mantzoukas is back to co-host along Scott on this week’s Comedy Bang! Bang! They’ll chat about why Jason missed out the latest John Wick chapter, who should win that Oscar gold, and their dream team SNL cast made of previous Oscar winners. Then, community activists Tricia R. and Tricia L. stop by to talk about their children leaving the nest to go off to college and to make a desperate plea to their mayor to move the new playground in the center of their cul-de-sac.This episode is brought to you by Squarespace ( code: BANGBANG), Crashing on HBO, and Blue Apron (

470 Electric Guest, Mary Holland, Erin Whitehead  

Los Angeles based band Electric Guest joins Scott to play songs off their new album “Plural” on this week’s musical episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! Singer-songwriter Brandon Potter (no relation to Harry Potter) also arrives to perform some of his personal flute songs. Plus, internet personality Janelle Jinx stops by to promote her popular YouTube channel.This episode is brought to you by Last Week Tonight on HBO, ZipRecruiter (, Legal Zoom ( code: BANG BANG), and ( code: BANGBANG).

292 "Weird Al" Yankovic  

Join Kevin as he sits down with singer, songwriter, and actor “Weird Al” Yankovic (UHF, Comedy Bang! Bang!).  Al chats about occasionally stalking artists he can’t reach, constantly evolving with the times, and rarely second guessing the encore.

155 Airborne: LIVE! (w/ Scott Aukerman, Kumail Nanjiani, Danielle Schneider)  

Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang! Bang!), Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley, Fist Fight), and Danielle Schneider (Bitch Sesh) join Paul for a HDTGM All-Stars episode to discuss the 1993 rollerblading movie Airborne. Recorded live from Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles, they cover everything from Seth Green’s clothing montage to impressing bullies by showing them a butt. Plus, we get into Mitchell Goosen’s shark fever dream during Audience Q&A!This episode is brought to you by Squarespace ( code: BONKERS), Jeff & Some Aliens on Comedy Central, SKYN condoms ( code: BONKERS), The History of Comedy on CNN, and Blue Apron ( to Find Jason, June & Paul:Paul’s new comedy Drive Share is available on Go90. You can see June and Paul on NTSF:SD:SUV:: on HULU. June stars in Grace and Frankie on Netflix, as well as Lady Dynamite alongside with Jason.Jason can be seen in How to Be Single, Sleeping with Other People, and is still indeed in The Dictator.

Ep 45. Salt Bae parodies, Chonny's birthday and parents on social media  

- Chonny's birthday today. Turning 26 and feels old

- Recording from  parents because having a partyyyy

- Salt Bae is the hottest thing from 2017 so far so Chonny did a parody video.

- La La Land movie not that great

- Playing Volley Ball twice a week and waiting on uniforms

- MyChonny's diet going well

- Filming sketch comedy show in Perth called 'China Boy'

- Winner of Big Bang competition announced

- Best and worst birthday stories

- How to deal with parents on social media. Chonny refuses to add parents on Facebook

Rhea Butcher  

Rhea Butcher (Take My Wife, Put Your Hands Together) stops by the show to talk about Akron, her relationship with her parents, realizing she was gay at age 4, guilt, skateboarding, boyfriends, coming out, improv versus standup, graphic design, Jo from Facts of Life, being a vegetarian, Comedy Bang Bang, gender and so much more. We also took your questions over Twitter and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.

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89 - Tender Greens with Ryan Stanger  

The Doughboys go green for the first episode of 2017, as Ryan Stanger (Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Dumbbells podcast) joins for a visit to California farm to table eatery Tender Greens. The crew samples an array of Irish tweets courtesy of friend of the show Erin McGathy.

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Comedy Bang Bang's Scott Aukerman on why comedians should podcast and writing jokes for Obama  

The 'Comedy Bang Bang' star, creator of Funny or Die's hit series 'Between Two Ferns' and co-founder of the Earwolf Podcast Network opens up about the power of podcasting for comedians and where internet comedy is going. He also talks about writing jokes for Obama and Justin Bieber. Spoiler alert: both really strange experiences.

Best of 2016 Pt. 4  

Finally, the conclusion of the Best of Comedy Bang! Bang! 2016 countdown with special co-host Paul F. Tompkins is here with your Top 3 episodes of the entire year and your number 1 on the Best of CBB Live 2016. Thanks for listening and Happy New Year!This episode is brought to you by Thursday Boots ( ).

Best of 2016 Pt. 3  

Scott and Paul F. Tompkins continue counting down The Best of Comedy Bang! Bang! 2016 episodes as they go through numbers seven through four on the count down as well as number two on the Best CBB Live episode of 2016 as voted by YOU. You’re welcome!This episode is brought to you by Squarespace ( code: BANGBANG), Blue Apron ( ), and ( ).

Best of 2016 Pt. 2  

The Best of Comedy Bang! Bang! 2016 count down continues as Scott and Paul F. Tompkins go through numbers eleven through eight on the count down as well as number three on the Best CBB Live episodes of 2016 as voted by YOU. Plus, a special Christmas surprise for all you precious listeners!This episode is brought to you by HUAWEI ( and (

Best of 2016 Pt. 1  

Another year, another special Comedy Bang! Bang! Best of Countdown with Scott and Paul F. Tompkins. Scott and PFT countdown numbers fifteen through twelve of the Best CBB episodes of 2016 and number four of the Best CBB Live episodes of 2016 as voted by YOU listeners. Stay tuned for Pt. 2!This episode is brought to you by Huawei ( ) and ( ).

463 Xmas: Jason Mantzoukas, Jon Gabrus, Mike Hanford, Paul F. Tompkins, Tawny Newsome, Tim Baltz, Neil Campbell, Rhea Butcher, Will Hines, Ryan Gaul, Jeremy Rowley, Drew Tarver, James Adomian, Zeke Nicholson, Brendon Small  

Scott is having the holiday blues and has some old friends and new friends join him to cheer him up on this year’s Holiday episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! Expect appearances by future CBB host Jason Mantzoukas, intern Gino Lambardo, John Lennon of The Beatles, The Smooth Criminal, The Time Keeper, Gary Urbansky and his brother Ron, Frosty the Snowman and many more. Eggnog Man.This episode is brought to you by Foot Cardigan ( code: COMEDY), Dollar Shave Club ( ), ( ), Soothe ( code: CBB), and Omaha Steaks ( code: BANG).

460 Weird Al Yankovic, Ryan Gaul, Jeremy Rowley, Drew Tarver  

Feliz Novi-Doggie! Musical legend and CBB TV band leader “Weird Al” Yankovic joins Scott to share his thoughts on the series finale of Comedy Bang! Bang!, the possibility of retiring from public life, and a potential all accordion album. Then, Detective James P. Garetty of the Boston homicide department stops by to ask Scott a couple of questions as part of his investigation. Later, local celebrity Kole Kringle arrives to tell us about the different ways he is the opposite of his brother Kris. Finally, we get some much needed fashion tips from fashion designer David!This episode is brought to you by Squarespace,, and Omaha Steaks.Vote for the Best of CBB Live 2016 here: Vote for the Best of CBB 2016 here:

Scott Aukerman - Episode 602  

Scott Aukerman created "Comedy Bang! Bang!" and "Between Two Ferns," but now in his biggest career move yet he takes on the Fitzdog.

450 Kyle Kinane, Horatio Sanz  

Comedian extraordinaire and voice of Comedy Central, Kyle Kinane is back on the show to settle the debate with Scott on how long it’s been since he’s been on Comedy Bang! Bang! They’ll chat about his previous attempts at naming his new special “Loose in Chicago,” getting on some wheels in the desert, and an unusual popcorn situation at the movies. Plus, relationship specialist Dr. Julius Jackson arrives to offer help to Scott and Kyle on their relationships with a little humor sprinkled in.This episode is brought to you by Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, Seeso, Black Tux, and

449 Paul F. Tompkins, Drew Tarver, Ryan Gaul, Mandell Maughan, Dan Ahdoot  

Paul F. Tompkins of Spontaneanation and star of Seeso’s Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ joins Scott on this week’s Comedy Bang! Bang! As Paul and Scott sing the National Anthem, they wonder what cavemen invented singing and we hear deets on the second season of Bajillion Dollar Propertie$. Then, parental activists Trish Trash and Beverly Gunt arrive to inform listeners of the nasty lyrics on the radio. Plus, political activists Janice Bullhorn and Juan stop by to educate us on the Donald Trump campaign.This episode is brought to you by Squarespace and SKYN Condoms.

448 Robert Kirkman, Ryan Gaul, John Gemberling  

Master of Modern Horror, Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead makes his first appearance on this week’s Comedy Bang! Bang! Robert and Scott chat about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, how young is too young to watch scary TV and movies, and what else doesn’t exist in The Walking Dead universe. Then, financial planner Doug Gropes returns to help Scott and Robert change their life for the positive by sharing each other’s bank accounts. Plus, we celebrate the birthday of 110-year-old Jean Clattern thanks to her great grandson Mart.This episode is brought to you by Squarespace,, and SeatGeek.Come see us at the Now Hear This podcast festival:

Big Grande's The Teacher's Lounge  

Welcome to the Teacher’s Lounge, the only podcast that gives an uncensored, behind the scenes look at the goings on at Hamilton High School. To hear more episodes from this 6-part mini-series go to and use the promo code TEACHER at check out to get 1-month for free.  Big Grande (Comedy Bang! Bang!, improv4humans, With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus) take you inside the minds of Hamilton’s honor’s department teachers and welcome guests from the greater Hamilton High Community (Paul F. Tompkins, Mary Holland, D’Arcy Carden and more!) to discuss the hard hitting issues facing today's high schoolers.

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