Vamp - A Podcast Preview  

In a time where vampire films were plentiful, including The Lost Boys, Fright Night, and many more, Vamp stood alone. With its striking visual style, a focus on humor over horror, and ads heavily promoting star Grace Jones, this sexy, violent gory comedy was unique. Now Stuart, Arnie, and Jakob bite into VampDonate to Now Playing and you can join them [...]

Colleen Interviews David  

Guest host Colleen Werthmann, prepared with questions, asks David about his favorite words, surprise favorite novel, favorite visual artist, instrument he wishes he could play, biggest regret from childhood, biggest regret from adulthood, what his profession would be in an alternative reality, OCD habits, what makes him fear the future, if comedy yields any progress, conspiracy theories, most interesting political year, the worst politician, and the worst person who is a politician.  Today's podcast is brought to you by fresh - get a 30-Day Free Trial at Subscribe to our show on iTunes. More at

Don't bring a gun to a comedy night  

Legendary comedians in their own right Bev Killick and Alex Sayle rejoice in their failings at comedy clubs. "But the lesson I learned from that night (at the Comedy Store) is that if you point a gun at an audience it makes them nervous" - Alexei Sayle Email us anytime -


On this week's episode of #GuysWeFucked, co-hosts Corinne & Krystyna learn from their guest -- lawyer and domestic abuse survivor, ASHLEY -- that sometimes you don't choose your career, your career chooses you. Ashley's story is so thrilling and hard to believe that it feels like a movie -- the only trouble is she actually had to live through these events. Denial, restraining orders, strangling, screaming, rape, roofies...Halloween won't seem scary at all when once you hear what Ashley has survived. BUT FIRST, we pay our respects to the legendary comic and former GWF guest...the incomparable KEVIN MEANEY. Want more episodes of #GuysWeFucked in you life? Subscribe to Howl using this link ---> Email us: Tweet the ladies: Tweet Corinne: Tweet Krystyna: Follow us on Instagram: SorryAboutLastNight YouTube: Facebook: LINK TO OUR TEDx Talk "How Much?": COME SEE US LIVE (NYC & NATIONWIDE TOUR DATES!!): FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28TH @ 11:15pm NACHO BITCHES **HALLOWEEN EDITION!** Hosted by Corinne Fisher & MTV's Blair Socci New York Comedy Club 241 E. 24th Street - NYC Tix are $10 (with code 'NACHO') and can be purchased here: 16+, 2 drink min (sodas count) TICKET LINK:…=22287740 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29TH @ 7:30pm A Very Special HaLLoWeen Edition of *GLAMOURPUSS* hosted by Krystyna Hutchinson & Wendi Starling Zinc Bar 82 West 3rd Street New York, NY For tickets, visit: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH @ 7PM **NACHO BITCHES** (yes, two weeks in a row!!) Hosted by Corinne Fisher & MTV's Blair Socci New York Comedy Club 241 E. 24th Street - NYC Tix are $10 (with code 'NACHO') and can be purchased here: 16+, 2 drink min (sodas count) TICKET LINK: Coming Soon! ALL SORRY ABOUT LAST NIGHT TOUR DATES CAN BE FOUND HERE: MUSIC FEATURED THIS WEEK: 1. Bad Cop/ Bad Cop - "Sugarcane" 2. Miranda Di Perno - "Constant" Do you think your music should be featured on an episode of GWF? E-mail Stephen a streaming link to:

PWTorch Livecast - Wade Keller's Interview Thursday w/Colt Cabana  

SHOW SUMMARY: PWTorch editor Wade Keller talks live with Colt Cabana. They talk about his new documentary, "The Wrestling Road Diaries 3: Comedy Equals Money," the making of it and the previous two including the filming process and editing progress, the rise of wrestler-hosted podcasts and his influence as a pioneer in that category, his finding of a balance between comedy and serious wrestling when he works indy shows, looking back at ROH and why his return to ROH has brought back something he missed about pro wrestling, what secrets wrestlers still like to keep, a funny WWE story regarding social media, the end of Vine, and more.

The Milton Berle Show - A Salute To Brooklyn (09-30-47)  

Salute To Brooklyn (Aired September 30, 1947)
In 1934-36, Berle was heard regularly on The Rudy Vallee Hour, and he got much publicity as a regular on The Gillette Original Community Sing, a Sunday night comedy-variety program broadcast on CBS from September 6, 1936 to August 29, 1937. In 1939, he was the host of Stop Me If You've Heard This One with panelists spontaneously finishing jokes sent in by listeners. Three Ring Time, a comedy-variety show sponsored by Ballantine Ale was followed by a 1943 program sponsored by Campbell's Soups. The audience participation show Let Yourself Go (1944-45) could best be described as slapstick radio with studio audience members acting out long suppressed urges (often directed at host Berle). Kiss and Make Up, on CBS in 1946, featured the problems of contestants decided by a jury from the studio audience with Berle as the Judge. He also made guest appearances on many comedy-variety radio programs during the 1930s and 1940s THIS EPISODE: September 30, 1947. NBC network. Sponsored by: Philip Morris, Revelation Tobacco. "A Salute To Brooklyn". Miltie takes Junior to Ebbets Field. Billy Sands, Dick Farney, Frank Gallop (announcer), Jack Albertson, Jack Grimes, Milton Berle, Pert Kelton, Ray Bloch and His Orchestra, Roger De Koven. 30:27. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

Patrick J Reilly "Saving The President" Episode 32  

Welcome to Tinder Tales! This is my podcast about the best and worst of Online Dating. I am joined by  Comedian/Comic book Artist Patrick J Reilly! We talk about four previous attempts at recording this podcast, a dating site exclusively for people who love Disney World, and we get real sad about dating and relationships(it's ok! we're fine!).

HOLY SHIT! We are now on iTunes! Please Rate and Subscribe!

Follow Patrick on Twitter at @NotPatReilly, Patrick wrote a musical! It's about Louis and Clark! It's better than it sounds! Great Frontier: A Live Musical Reading! This Saturday Night! Also Patrick owns a comic book shop called Carmine Street Comics.

Follow me at @Piccolomeany and I also run a show called Ambush Comedy every Tuesday at Two Boots Williamsburg 8-8:30 Everyone gets a free beer 8:30 pm we start an awesome comedy show. Recently featured in Time Out NYC

Dating Sites used by Patrick

Mouse Mingle



9. Pete's Meteor w/ Laura Hughes  

In 1998, Mike Myers removed his comedy mask and placed on the mask of tragedy one more time for the Irish Drama "PETE'S METEOR" also starring Brenda Fricker, Alfred Molina and a trio of insufferable child actors. This is the only example of a Mike Myers film that we know absolutely nothing about. There is no information about this film at all. Is it because it is bad? Yes. 

We're joined by comedian, actor and confirmed Wayniac LAURA HUGHES to get us through this truly upsetting journey. 

Laura Hughes stars in Australian Action/Comedy "THE TAIL JOB". It is a seriously funny and compelling film directed by Bryan Moses & Daniel Millar also starring our very own Craig Anderson + some of the funniest Aussie Comedy people. FanForce Screenings around Australia NOW

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Helen Czerski  

Physicist, writer and broadcaster Dr Helen Czerski joins Josie and Robin this week to talk about the science of every day things, which just happens to be what her new book, ’Storm in a Teacup’ is all about. There’s also love for the work of Richard Fortey, Grayson Perry, Bruce Chatwin and more. And there’s also a special announcement this week. Robin and Josie are off on tour with Cosmic Shambles LIVE, a science, comedy, literary, musical variety night. There’ll be plenty of guests along for the ride, including Helen, and the show is going around Australia and New Zealand in early 2017. Tickets and details at

Hollywood Improv Artistic Director Jamie Flam gives Rachael the inside scoop  

Rachael has the unique opportunity to sit down and pick the brain of one of the main gatekeepers in the LA comedy scene. In this episode of Be Here For A While, she's uncovering all the advice any up-and-coming artist is dying to know. Hollywood Improv Artistic Director Jamie Flam is here to share his intimate insight into the world of comedy -- sharing what he looks for when booking new talent, a day in the life of a booker at one of the biggest clubs in LA, and what characteristics Jamie believes make comics successful.

Younger S:3 | P Is For Pancake E:5 | AfterBuzzTV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Younger edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of TVLand’s Younger; this week the hosts Rhelin Taylor and Renee Ariel discuss episode 5. RSS Feed: Younger is an American television comedy-drama series based on the Pamela Redmond Satran novel of the same name. The series stars Sutton Foster as the lead character, […]

The post Younger S:3 | P Is For Pancake E:5 | AfterBuzzTV AfterShow appeared first on AfterBuzz TV Network.

Now showing - NB Symfunny Orchestra  

Marshall Button explains what happens when classical music meets comedy

#16 Affirmations Part 2: Emotions, Reason, and Conscience  

This week we continue our discussion of Bruce Lee’s Affirmations with three more concepts: Emotions, Reason, and Conscience. Even though we are discussing each affirmation individually, Bruce Lee used all 7 together to help achieve wellbeing. 4th Affirmation: Emotions “Realizing that my emotions are both positive and negative, I will form daily habits which will encourage the development of the positive emotions and aid me in converting the negative emotions into some form of useful action.” 5th Affirmation: Reason “Recognizing that my positive and negative emotions may be dangerous if they are not guided to desirable ends, I will submit all my desires, aims, and purposes to my faculty of reason, and I will be guided by it in giving expression to these.” 6th Affirmation: Conscience “Recognizing that my emotions often err in their over-enthusiasm, and my faculty of reason often is without the warmth of feeling that is necessary to enable me to combine justice with mercy in my judgments, I will encourage my conscience to guide me as to what is right and wrong, but I will never set aside the verdict it renders, no matter what may be the cost of carrying them out.” Take Action: Continue to develop your own affirmations, or you can use Bruce Lee’s, and write them down and carry them around for you toe reference daily. We’d love to hear about your affirmations, please reach out via or via social media @BruceLee. #AAHA (Awesome Asians and Hapas) Our #AAHA shout-out goes out to Ali Wong, badass actress, comedian, and writer. She graduated from UCLA in Asian American studies, but then decided at 23 to try stand-up for the first time. Since then she’s acted on several TV shows including "Inside Amy Schumer," "Black Box," and "Are you there, Chelsea?" and became a TV comedy writer best known for the series "Fresh Off the Boat." Ali Wong has continued with stand-up comedy and she’s incredible in her most recent comedy special on Netflix called “Baby Cobra.” If you haven’t seen it already, check it out! We couldn’t stop laughing. You keep being you Ali, and stay awesome! #BruceLeeMoment This week we have a lovely email from Robyn R. in Connecticut about how Bruce Lee's "Artist of Life" has helped her deal with her relationship with her estranged son. Read the full version in our show notes at Share your #AAHA and #BruceLeeMoment recommendations with us via social media @BruceLee or email us at

Sexual Bruisin' w/ Liza Treyger  

Kurt & Sherrod are back this week as comedian Liza Treyger joins the guys in studio along with Erin Gloria Ryan & White Keren as they get into their mindless love of crime shows, why Liza isn't voting, and minor sex injuries. Check it out! Become a patron and get access to our bonus episode with the hilarious Bert Kreischer & Kyle Grooms when it's released this Monday, October 31st! See Kurt at the American Comedy Co. in San Diego October 27-29 Kurt & Barry Crimmins are doing another show at The Village Underground in NYC on October 15th!

Race Wars 0

53 Travon Free  

Comedy writer and fellow Earwolf podcaster Travon Free (The Room Where It’s Happening, Any Given Wednesday) joins Sarah and Susan to talk about coming up on the 10th anniversary of the last time he cried real hard, Doctor Who, School of Rock the Musical, Air Bud, and Denzel Washington’s speech at the end of The Great Debaters.

This episode is brought to you by Third Love and MVMT Watches.

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#205 Pukeazzisi 3  

Steve Rannazzisi joins the gang and pukes for the 3rd time in 3 studios. Cubs, Dodgers, Falcons, Raiders, and Phillip Rivers and his 20 kids. Punch Drunk is, for the most part, a sports podcast. With 3 headlining stand-up comics and sometimes friends. Ari Shaffir, Sam Tripoli, and Jayson Thibault all met at the Comedy Store and have been friends for over 11 years. All 3 are stand-up comics and big sports fans. This podcast is their sports thoughts, arguments, stories, fights, and bets! The Podcast Tribune called Punch Drunk "an asian massage for the real sports fans”. Support the show by heading over use the code 'punchdrunk' and save 10%. Along with get $10 free betting cash with the code ‘punchdrunk' Click on our Amazon link at to show your support! Listen to past shows on iTunes and and Soundcloud and Stitcher Tweet them @punchdrunk Subscribe on iTunes and YouTube Rate and Review!!! Like, Comment and SHARE!!! @arishaffir @theteeb @samtripoli @punchdrunk #punchdrunk

#299:Dean Delray & Christian Spicer "B*tchin" #51  

This special Bonus Episode of B*tchin with Dean Delray & Christian Spicer comes 2 you live from the ALL THINGS COMEDY STUDIOS. The guys take phone calls from around world.

Today the guys talk about the 2016 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees 

Also the a little inside on the brand new Testament record Brotherhood of the Snake.

This is the 51st edition of "B*TCHIN" On LET THERE BE TALK

Recorded live Oct 25th 2016 

Brought to you by 

A Conversation With “Broad City” Co-Star Abbi Jacobson  

What do Michelle Obama, Anna Wintour and Michael Jordan carry in their bags? Abbi Jacobson imagines the things you might find in her new illustrated book, "Carry This Book." We talk to the "Broad City" co-star about what you can learn from the contents of bags—and her success creating and starring in the hit Comedy Central show.

Respect and Disagreeing  

Friends talk with Rosalyn McClore about Jazz and the Republican Party.

Featured: Rosalyn McClore -Talented Jazz Pianist, recording of Nina Simmone Tribute here :; Keisha Zollar- HBO's "Divorce", UCBTheatreNY ,The Soul Glo Podcast,, Agunda Okeyo- writer, filmmaker and activist driven, Producer of "Sisters of Comedy"; Pat Brown- BET, The Movie "White Water", Winner of the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, New Album on sale: "SexTape" at;
Always Hosted by Marina Franklin: "Trainwreck", "Louie Season V","The Jim Gaffigan Show", "Conan O'Brien", and Louie's "Horace and Pete"

Avsnitt 16 - Capitol Comedy & Elias Bjärgvide  

Ett mixat avsnitt där vi dels pratar om Capitol Comedy och dels improviserar med en av våra elever från vårt houseteam Elias Bjärgvide! Vi lyssnar även på två klipp från Capitol och pratar åter igen om improsång.

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