Leave a review on iTunes for a chance to win our weekly giveaway!Richard Colón, better known by his stage name Crazy Legs, is an American b-boy from the Bronx New York City, USA. He featured in the earliest stories on hip hop dancing to appear in mainstream press, and as president of the Rock Steady Crew brought the form to London and Paris in 1983.WATCH THIS EPISODE FOR FREE: Trailer.01:55 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.04:23 Brian’s introduction.05:16 First European Hip hop tour in 1982.08:26 Youthful misappreciation of the opportunity fame offered.12:35 An emerging talent from his tough, but fun life, growing up in The Bronx.16:47 Why he went out bombing and writing.18:19 How the windmill came about.24:04 Seeking out more people to battle in early 1980s Upper West Side.26:36 What led to the explosion of hip hop downtown.32:07 How did the different backgrounds and cultures intermingle?35:17 Be yourself and respond to the music soulfully.38:17 Practising hard to be the best and gaining respect by proving it in a battle.42:28 Frustration at failing to benefit from their talent which was used by others to benefit themselves.49:59 That’s not B-boying it’s Break Dancing with no funk to it: we’re going to reclaim it.56:56 Too many hip hop movies are corny.58:06 Appraisal of Netflix TV film ‘The Get Down’.1:01:12 The essence of being a Bboy.  Founding Puerto Rock Steady to benefit others.1:06:20 Lack of UK Government support for a sport now going into Youth Olympics.1:11:51 Why he battled Bboy Storm and the battle with Ken Swift didn’t take place.1:20:59 Bboy Crazy Legs views on the Bboys who came out of Germany, France and Japan.1:22:26 What he looks for when he judges Bboy battles.1:24:36 A visiting scholar at Cornell University.1:30:59 His hopes for the benefits to the worldwide community in future development of Bboying.1:35:39 Success secrets.1:36:35 What Crazy Legs changed his mind about in the last few months.1:38:20 What we would be surprised to learn about Crazy Legs.1:38:41 What keeps Crazy Legs awake at night.1:40:23 What will Crazy Legs’ obituary say?1:41:02 Phone call to the 20 year old Crazy Legs.1:42:25 Best advice ever received.1:43:50 Advice to the young person listening who wants to succeed in hip hop.1:45:28 Brian’s summing up.FULL SHOW NOTES:

Episode #186 – I Almost Got Shot Outside The Bellagio…  

Let me tell you a story about what happened last night.

In this special episode from Las Vegas, Russell tells a crazy story about how he almost got shot. He also talks about why Sushi with Pop Rocks is amazing.

Here are some fun things to listen for in today’s episode:

How Russell discovered Pop rock Sushi. Why Russell thought he stumbled upon a movie set with Matt Damon. And How Russell almost got shot outside of the Bellagio.

So listen below to hear Russell tell this crazy story about an officer involved shooting.


Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and this is Marketing In Your Car. Alright that’s a lie, I’m not in my car.  I’m in Las Vegas.  My wife and I are here for a couple of days. The Pruvit event is happening, so we’re here to support that. And to be speaking a little bit, sharing one of the funnels we’re building for the Pruvit guys, which will be cool. Other than that we’re hanging out in Vegas. Brian, who is the owner of Pruvit, we didn’t know this until we got here, they booked us a room, and he booked us a huge suite. I feel like a rock star right now, this suite is bigger than my house.  Well, not quite but it’s pretty awesome.

I wanted to tell you guys a crazy story.   Last night we decided to go to a show so we jumped in Uber. We’re headed out to the Bellagio, because the show is in the Bellagio. So we’re getting there, we had to be at the box office by 7:30 to get our tickets.  Being the great planner my wife is, we got there at 7:15.  We pull into the Bellagio front entranceway, past the fountains.  We get out of the car, we get our tickets and then we decided to go to Yellowtail. If you’ve never been to Yellowtail, it’s a sushi place inside of the Bellagio. It’s famous because they have a sushi roll that is rolled in pop rocks.

Now the way I found out, a couple of years ago I was in this club called EO, you may of heard of it, it used to be called YEO, Young Entrepreneurs Organization , then all those young entrepreneurs got old and they changed the name to EO.  There’s still a YEO and then there’s EO, there’s two of them, right.  So I was in this group, I was only in it for a few months and got kicked out because their rules are if you miss a meeting you can’t keep coming. I got kicked out cause I missed a meeting.  Anyway, I’m in my EO Forum, we all went to Vegas together, when we were here, I don’t drink and all of them did.  We did indoor skydiving, and they all wanted sushi and they were all real drunk.  They were like, “You’re the only one sober here, Russell, you can order something for us.” So I’m like alright and I’m ordering sushi like crazy, I have no idea what I’m even ordering. I’m just ordering a bunch for a table, like ten guys.  Then they’re bringing out sushi and we’re eating tons of it. These guys are getting drunker and drunker, and I’m just eating sushi having a great time.  All the sudden I grab one of these rolls they brought out, pop one into my mouth and it starts popping. I’m like, “What the heck is this,” I grab the waiter and I’m like, “Dude, my mouth is popping. What’s happening?” and he’s like, “Oh yeah, that’s our,” whatever roll”, we roll it in pop rocks.” That is the coolest thing ever. So next time you’re in Vegas go to the Bellagio and eat at yellowtail and eat pop rock sushi, cause it’s amazing.

So we’re in the Bellagio, of course we’re going to go to yellowtail and get pop rock sushi, because what else are you going to do in Vegas.  There’s nothing else better. So, we’re in Yellowtail, eating pop rock sushi having a great time. We have an hour before our show and we decide to walk around outside to the fountains. We go outside the Bellagio, there’s a bridge.  So we walk onto the bridge and all the sudden we look over to the side and on both sides there’s thousands of cop cars, everywhere. We notice we’re on the bridge, we’re looking over, and all the sudden there’s cops on both sides of the bridge yelling, “Get off the bridge, get off the bridge!” So we run over the bridge to get to the other side. There’s cops blocking the escalators and all these things.  So we get over there and we’re like, “Crap, we need to get back to the Bellagio. But the whole street on both sides of the Bellagio is completely blocked by cop cars. There’s no way to get back. We walked over to this cop, “How are we supposed to get back?” and he’s like, “You have to walk clear around this other way and then jay walk if you are ever going to get back to the Bellagio tonight.” And we’re like, “What is happening?” and he’s like, “I don’t know, I think they’re filming a Bourne movie or something.” So we’re like, “Dude, are you serious? We’re going to see the Bourne movie. We’re going to see Matt Damon.”  We’re going crazy, excited. How cool would that be to see the Bourne movie?  So we walk around the whole thing, jay walk to get back to the Bellagio.  We’re out front where the car pick up.  We’re looking out and we see cop cars wrapping the whole thing all around.  We see cop cars, we see new cars.  Maybe that’s like the film crew and all these things.  We’re just watching like, “This is so cool.  We’re going to see this big celebrity come out. We’re just waiting for something awesome to happen.  Then nothing awesome happened. We had to go back to our show.

We went to the show, saw the circus. I can’t remember what it’s called. Circus thing where they do flips into water.  It’s pretty cool.  Then we leave and the whole thing is still blocked off, “Man, this must be a huge movie shoot.  It’s been like 3 or 4 hours since we were there.”  We call the Uber , and the Uber guy’s like, “ the strip is all blocked off, he can’t’ get here to pick you up.  So we had to walk for like a mile to find the Uber dude. So then we did that, and Ubered back.  So then we get home and then today, we get the news paper in our huge suite. The front page says, “Shooting closes part of the strip. Part of the strip was closed Friday night as police investigate an officer involved shooting that occurred on the sidewalk in front of the Bellagio fountains after man was reportedly waving a gun and pointing it at people.  Metropolitan police dept. officer, Harry Ladful confirmed the incident was an officer involved shooting and that the male suspect, whose name was not released, is in police custody.  Later police briefings on the scene, metro captain, Matt McCarthey said that at least two people were grazed by bullets during the shooting. The suspect was being booked in the Clark County Detention Center on numerous charges.”  This is the best part.  “The shooting occurred in front of the hotel casino fountains, 3600 Las Vegas BLVD south, just after 7:15 pm. 7:15!  Do you remember what I told you a few seconds ago?  We pulled up in the Uber in front of the fountains at 7:15! I could have been one of those dudes that was grazed by a bullet, which is crazy.  Later in the article it says that a lot of people thought that it was the filming for the Bourne movies, but it was not.  The Bourne movie was filmed last week.  That 3 or 4 times parts of Vegas had been shut down this week for filming for the Bourne movie, but it wasn’t this.

So isn’t that crazy? Yeah, it was pretty crazy.  That was our night.  We survived luckily, but it was close. We could have been grazed, as multiple people were.  I just wanted to share that with you guys.  That was kind of cool. It has nothing to do with marketing or business, but I thought it was interesting and kind of fun and kind of crazy.

That’s it you guys, I’m going to go down right now to the Pruvit event. I’m going to see some real marketing happening. It’s fun watching this with Pruvit, they’re a network marketing company.  It’s fun seeing how network marketers run their events, and how they do all their stuff. The one really interesting thing to me is that the majority of their time is on building belief and building relationships.  You go to any of our events it’s focused on giving cool ideas and tips, things to increase what you’re doing. It’s all content.  This is not. It’s like recognition, team building, belief.  It’s interesting. It’s backwards in my mind. There’s obviously value.  You go to MLM events, sometimes there are 2 or 3 thousand or 5 thousand people or more, where you don’t normally see that at the training events. We’re going to try to do more and more the blend of those two things at our events. We’ve got, personal development, team building stuff along with all the content.  Hopefully get the best of both worlds.  I thought that kind of was interesting.

I’m going to go hang out.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing with you guys messages from inside. Whatever happens. Appreciate you all. Have an amazing day. We’ll talk soon.

Ep. 19 - The S-Town Breakdown  

David and Joanna discuss the new hit podcast "S-Town," and the phenomenon of true crime podcasts in general. Download every episode of stown here: Read about how S-Town fails black listeners: Read why S-Town maybe shouldn't have been made: w Shownotes: (0:20) Announcements and S-Town review (13:45) S-Town SPOILER discussion (54:00) Pop culture recommendations Subscribe to this show via iTunes: Subscribe to this show via RSS: Support this podcast at Email us at All music is used under Creative Commons from Intro music - "RSPN" by Blank Kytt from the album "Heavy, Crazy, Serious" Interval music - "I'm Going for a Coffee" by Lee Rosevere from the album "Music for Podcasts 3" Ending music - "Enthusiast" by Tours from the album "Enthusiast"

A trip to Leavenworth.  

Beginners. About half an hour away from where we live is the town of Leavenworth. It is a fairly small place, near very tall mountains and lots of forests. Nearby is a river called 'The Icicle' which is popular with tourists, kayakers, and campers. It is the perfect spot for a day trip. We chatted on the way, so the journey seemed short. When we got there, it was cold and dull, but the color of the shops and people walking about gave a cheerful appearance. We went into a restaurant that had exposed brick walls, large mirrors, and greenery everywhere. It was cozy and busy. Just right. We had a delicious meal of crepes filled with vegetables and a creamy sauce. The food disappeared quickly. And then it was time for dessert. My mother had creme brulee, and I had yet another crepe, but this time stuffed with banana, chocolate, and cream. I haven't eaten like that for a long time! What a treat, and what a lovely time I had with my mother. After lunch, we spent about an hour wandering around this touristic town. One of our favorite shops was a high quality gift shop that sold, amongst other things, German Cukoo clocks. They were very expensive, intricate, and they made a lovely, soft tick-tick noise. We didn't buy anything, but we had fun just window shopping. Grammar notes. Verbs: to chat (reg.), to wander (reg.), to browse (reg.). Useful expressions: the perfect spot, just right, what a treat, amongst other things, a cheerful appearance. Advanced. If you have ever been to Leavenworth, you would say that it is a fascinating creation. Let me explain what I mean when I say 'creation'. It was first established as a town around 1892. The Great Northern Railway had its headquarters there, and there was a large sawmill which was used for the logging industry. However, when the headquarters were moved to Wenatchee, the town suffered economically. People lost their jobs and left. The big turn around came in the 1960's when an initiative to reinvent the town was agreed upon. It was to be transformed into a mock Bavarian town. The experiment worked; the buildings had facades put on them, and the tourists started to visit. It was a success. Now it receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. There are seasonal celebrations, like October-fest and the Christmas lighting ceremony, which bring in floods of tourists. There is even a Nutcracker museum which houses five thousand nutcrackers. What an amazing adventure it must have been to turn a run down town into a tourist attraction. The surrounding countryside gives it an authentic Bavarian feel, and even though the buildings are obviously not original, the town has the pull of a center of entertainment. Grammar notes.  Related vocabulary: established, headquarters, economically, industry, initiative, to reinvent, tourists, seasonal, countryside. * It was to be transformed into a mock Bavarian town. Exs: Nobody knew it yet, but she was to be/ going to be crowned Queen in two years.  Before he reached adolescence, he was to have all of his teeth extracted.

Episode #245 – Funnel Friday Update -The $117K Secret  

How showing us consume our own products is driving revenue.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how doing Funnel Fridays has helped show people how to consume Funnel Scripts and has ended up helping tremendously with sales. He also tells a funny story about a product launch with an unexpected problem.

Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:

How Funnel Fridays have helped sell Funnel Scripts. Why it’s important for your customers to become engaged with your company. And find out the details of a funny story involving Anik Singal and a product launch.

So listen below to find out why you should be watching Funnel Fridays and why you should be doing something similar with your own business.


Hey everyone, this is Russell. I hope you guys are doing amazing. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright my friends, I’m on the way to the office for a quick one hour session. It was 4th of July yesterday, we had an amazing time blowing up more fireworks than most people should probably ever buy. Someone told me that that’s the closest thing to lighting money on fire, but I tell you what, it was worth it. We had a great time, we survived. All of my 50+ family members, almost all of them left now. There’s a moment when things just slowed down, so I’m heading to the office to bust out a quick few projects real quick. Then I’m back to playing with the fam.

But as I was heading out I wanted to share with you guys something that’s really, really cool. Amazingly cool. Something that I think all of you guys should, really should be doing in your business. It was something we kind of stumbled upon. Let me tell you the back story. So here’s the epiphany bridge for those that pay attention. I always talk about my webinar model, where it’s like, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday promote the webinar. Thursday do the webinar. Friday, Saturday, Sunday follow up and keep that process, right? What about all the unconverted leads, people that don’t buy, what should you do with them? So that’s kind of what this concept stems from. People didn’t buy the webinar for whatever reason. Sometimes they come around and buy later and things like that. But how do we get them so that they’re buying all the time?

So that was kind of the initial question and I heard John Lee Dumas talk about how he does these webinars on Friday, he just talks all day Friday. Talks for 2 or 3 hours and just pitches all those unconverted leads on this thing and makes a hundred grand every single time. And I was like, or you know, I don’t know. Maybe it was 50 grand or 10 grand. I don’t know, but that’s what he was doing every Friday for a while and I was like, that’s kind of cool. So we bought the domain and got a sweet logo made and I was like, “Every Friday I’m going to do some Funnel Friday thing.” And that was kind of the idea and then it sat there for like 8 months. Logo design and everything, it just didn’t do anything.

And then one day Jim Edwards called me on the phone and was like, “Hey we sold a lot of Funnel Scripts, we should keep selling Funnel Scripts, because right now nobody’s buying it. What’s the best way to sell more?” and I was like, I don’t know and we were kind of trying to think through things. And then I was like, “We’re thinking about doing this thing Funnel Friday where I was just going to build funnels and let people watch me. Do you want to be on that show and then you can do the script part of it and just I don’t know? It’d be kind of fun.” And he’s like, “Yes, let’s do this. Let’s set a date.” Which was a good thing we did, because the day was like 6 weeks later, but we put it on a Friday. We were like, “We’re going to do this Friday Funnels.” Yeah Friday Funnels. I get the domain messed up. Anyway, 6 weeks later, finally I show up that day and it’s like the day before and it’s like, “Oh crap, we’re doing this tomorrow.” “What should we do.” I’m like, “Let’s build a funnel. I’m going to build it in Clickfunnels, you’ll write the script in Funnel Scripts, you’ll give it to me and we’ll plug it all in, and we’ll show people us building a funnel.” And he’s like, “How long is it going to be?” And I was like, “I don’t know. It’d probably be cool if we made it like we had some kind of limits on it. So it wasn’t just Russell building a funnel for 3 hours, because as cool as that would be for me and the two people that would like to watch me build funnels for 3 hours a day.

Oh man, I think I just got walkie-talkie’d by the construction lady with the sign. Hope there’s not a cop on the back end of that. Anyway, sorry. There’s construction, I’m just driving too fast through it.

So anyway, I was like, “I think it’d be better if we had constraints, because constraints make things interesting.” When there’s no constraints on it and you’re just doing something, it’s not as interesting. So I was like, “Let’s do a 30 minute timer and let’s try to build a funnel. So that was kind of the concept. So we went the first time and we started building a funnel and I did it in 30 minutes. Anyway, I got one of the 6 pages in the funnel done and it was really, really hard. The next week we did another one and I got a little bit closer. And the third week, I think we’ve done…….I can’t remember if it’s 3 or 4 weeks now. I think we’re on 4, I think this is our 4th week. We’ve had people send packages of what they want us to build. And we’ve done Facebook Live ahead of time and opening up packages and letting people vote on which product they wanted to see on Funnel Fridays. Just a whole bunch of fun things around that concept and every Friday we’re like, “Hey we’re building a funnel, come hang out with us live.” And people would show up, and it’s pretty cool.

Now a couple of little tweaks. W’re doing ours on Google Hangouts. If you go to the page you’ll see it there and all the back shows are there as well. So it’s happening on Google Hangout, and we drive our email list to promote to that. So there’s traffic coming from that. And now that we’re kind of building our YouTube subscribers, there’s a little traffic coming from that. And the other things is Facebook Live and Periscope. For some reason, I don’t know why, but I’m grateful for it. Facebook Live is amazing right now. I did a Facebook Live yesterday and within 24 hours we had over a million people reached, it’s crazy. I think that they’re really rewarding people right now, because they want people on Facebook Live because they are trying to beat out Periscope and the other ones.

Anyway, there’s a little hint. Strike while the iron’s hot, because that window won’t be there forever. I remember with Google Hangouts for a while it was the same thing. You do a Google Hangout on any topic and you’d be ranked on page one of Google the next day. So that window, that ship kind of sailed and disappeared, but that’s how they were trying to get people to do hangouts back then. Same thing, they’re trying to do with Facebook Live. So they promote things. So what we do is, I’m doing it live on Google Hangouts, then Steven on my team, he’s got Periscope and Facebook Live recording on my phone, so he’s recording behind the scenes of us doing it. So we’re recording that, a piece of it.

What’s crazy is that Facebook Live version goes crazy viral. Part of it’s because we’re on for about an hour. 30 minutes of me building, but there’s build up time and post time and talking and having fun and banter. So it’s about an hour. So because of that there’s so much interaction that happens during that hour that Facebook boosts it high. Anyway, it’s crazy. So we do it, basically, Google Hangouts is showing us using the product, Facebook Live and Periscope show behind the scenes of us doing it. And we kind of promote all those things like crazy. And when all is said and done, after Friday’s show is done, we’re getting half a million + people to see it on Friday, between the reach and emails and everything like that. It’s just crazy.

So we’ve done it for 4 weeks now. Is that what I said? 4 weeks, 1,2,3,4. And I have no idea if it’s sales were good or bad. We’re doing it because it’s fun and hopefully people will like it. Luckily every single week it’s been more people showing up. So there’s some cool stuff there. But after Friday’s last show, Jim was like, because Jim and I are partners on Funnel Scripts, so he gets half the money on everything it makes. And he was just, he said something like, “Man, I’m glad I hitched myself to you and to the Clickfunnels bandwagon.” Or whatever. And I was like, “Oh yeah. How are sales doing? I haven’t even looked yet.” And he said something like, “Mama’s really happy.” And I was like, “Really? How are we doing? I have no idea. We haven’t promoted it, been in a webinar. There’s an auto webinar page there and we talk about it during these shows.” So I went back to look at the stats, and that product alone had sold over $117,000 worth in the last 30 days. Primarily, I mean we drive a little bit of Facebook ads and stuff, but primarily from this live show. And it’s crazy. I don’t even know how much Clickfunnels sells, or Funnel University or the things we talk about, but that one specific, $117,000 came from us not selling, just consuming the product and showing people how we consume the product. Is that crazy?

So my big moral, I hope you guys are seeing this trend in the back side of my marketing, because we’re doing it a lot. We’re trying to show behind the scenes of everything. As you know we’re doing a reality show, filming behind the scenes of behind the scenes. The more I’m trying to get people engaged in the process of what we do and not just the end product of what we do, but engaging people in the process, the better it’s been. How do we let them experience us consuming our products? Because we’re the hyper users so far. I’m consuming this pr

Episode #222 – 5 AM Is Funnel Time  

How I shifted my morning based on the book “The Perfect Day”.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how to get 2 hours more of work in everyday and his schedule that will make it happen. He also shares a cool story about Marcus Lemonis.

Here are 3 cool things you’ll hear in this episode:

Why Marcus Lemonis called Russell 3 times in a row in less than a minute. What book convinced Russell to change his schedule and devote two hours a day to funnel building. How Russell’s new funnel building schedule is working for him since he started it two days ago.

So listen below to hear how Russell gets 8 hours of work done in just two hours every morning.


Good morning everybody and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright, so it’s a beautiful day, things are amazing. I’m in a great mood and I want to talk to you guys about something that I’m doing that’s a little bit crazy, not gonna lie. Little borderline, well you guys have been with me for a lot crazier things, but this one is really cool. I’m going to be trying to convince everybody that I’m friends with that this is a new way to live. I’m going to begin with you guys, because if I can convince you, then I can convince anybody. So this is where we’re at right now.

I have always been trying to figure out how to get more done each day. That’s the hardest thing. How do you get more crap done every single day and be able to spend more…….? For me it’s like, I got a lot of crap I gotta get done for work, family, church, there’s so many things. So it’s like, if I get an extra 3 or 4 hours a day or 4 or 5 days a week or whatever, that’s amazing, but how do you do that? So I’ve tried all sorts of stuff. It’s been interesting, in the past I always try to wake up at 6 to go lift weights, with that, it’s interesting, it works sometimes, but it’s easy for my brain to say no. I usually do probably 2 or 3 days a week, when I get up early and actually lift at 6. It’s not consistent and kind of hard, and I lift and hang out with my kids, then go to the office, the office day happens and there’s people and stuff. Then I come home and play with my kids again. It’s always good and I get a lot of stuff done, but how do I get more?

Last week I was in Joe Polishes 25K group, and oh man I’m going to tell you guys a story. I wonder if I should tell you another story. I was going to do a podcast since then, I totally forgot. This is called an ADD moment, then we’ll head back. So remind me when I get stuck, where to head back.

We’re heading back to the book, but before then…this is amazing. So the last day at the 25K group we were stting in the meetings and all the sudden my phone rang 3 times from Marcus Lemonis The Profit, and I was like, “Oh man, I’m stuck in this meeting, I can’t answer right now.” And then he texts me, “Call me right now.” And I text him like, “I’m stuck in a meeting, I really can’t. I’ll call you as soon as I can.” So at the break I called him, no one answered. I called again, no one answered. I’m like, “Dangit. I missed the little window.” And part of me is kind of freaking out, what in the world is happening where he would call me three times in a minute, there’s got to be something happening. So then that night, he texts me and he’s like, “Can you talk now?” And I was about to jump in an Uber, but I was like, I just dialed right back immediately. So I called him and first thing he says is “Hello.” And I’m like, “Hey Marcus, this is Russell.” He goes. “You’re being….I’m” What did he say? “I’m on location and we’re recording right now, you’re on camera is that okay?” Isn’t that crazy?

So I’m like, ”Yes, that’s totally cool.” He’s like, “Okay Russell, this is the deal. I’m at a meeting with these guys, they own a watch company and I’m thinking about doing a deal with them. But I was talking to them about the business model and they mentioned funnels and I asked them what they knew about funnels and they were like, ‘There’s this guy named Russell Brunson.’” And he was like, “Wait, you know Russell?” and  they’re like, “Yeah, we’ve been to his events, we use Clickfunnels.” And Marcus is like, “Hold on.” And right then he called me 3 times in a row trying to get hold of me and obviously I didn’t answer the phone, I blew it. He’s like, “I’m sitting with them right now and I’m trying to make a deal, but I’m curious if I do make a deal with them, would you be willing to come on the show and actually build their sales funnel for them?” And I’m just like, I wish you could see me. I’m trying to be all super cool guy on the phone, so my voice is trying, I’m trying not to start squealing like a little girl, have my voice crack or something, but I’m jumping up and down on the spot and going nuts. All the people about to jump in the Uber with me are probably wondering. Did Russell win the lottery or something? What’s happening? I’m jumping up and down and going crazy.

So I’m like, “I would be honored. I would love to come help you guys build your funnels.” And he’s like, “Okay cool. That’s what I needed to know. Thanks man.” And I’m like, “Alright, thanks.” And that was it. Isn’t that crazy. Oh so crazy. So I’m going crazy and then I text Marcus later, and I’m like, “What’s the company, give me more info about it.” He texts me back and tells me what the company name was and he’s like, “I’m going to cut you in on equity on this deal.” And that was it. I haven’t heard from his since, it’s been like 3 days. I’ m going crazy. But is that insane? Crazy. Anyway, I just wanted to share with you guys. I was going to that night, but I must have forgot. So there you guys go. There’s my ADD tangent. Now I need to come back to the story at hand.

Okay, so back to where we’re at. So at the event they gave me, Joe Polish handed out these boxes. These big orange boxes. I’d gotten one before, I had one in the mail. I didn’t know what it was. The outside says The Perfect Day. You open it up and there’s a book and a journal and a bunch of stuff. And it’s this product created by Craig Valentine. I’d gotten it before, but I never read it. I’m like, “Oh cool.” Anyway, I took the box and when I was heading home that night, I pulled the book out and I’m like, “I’ll read this on the plane, so I jump on the plane, start reading the book. And in this book, he’s talking about how to create the perfect day and he’s showing a bunch of things, and the book was awesome. But the thing that was the most powerful for me, was he showed what his schedule was. Craig’s schedule is, he gets up at 4 o’clock every morning. From 4 to 6:30 he writes. At 6:30 he has breakfast, he does meditation or something and then I don’t know, at whatever the next time is, an hour later, he gets back and writes for another 2 ½ hours. Then he has his stand up meeting with his company at 10:30. So by 10:30 in the morning, he has had 5 hours of focused energy time writing and doing what he needs to get done. And then the rest of his day is answering emails, meeting with people, all the crap that normally we do in an office. He goes to bed at 8 every single night.

At first I’m like, “Dude, he is insane. 4 in the morning, I will never in a billion, infinity, million years do that ever. It’s just not going to happen.” And I was like, because I don’t go to bed until 2 in the morning, so if I got up at 4  that’s  2 hours of sleep and I would die. But if I went to bed at midnight, how would it work? Midnight to 4, 4 hours is not enough. So I’m like what if I went to bed at 10, 10 to 4 that’s only 6 hours, that’s about how much sleep I get now. But what if I extended that. What if I woke up at 5 and go to bed at 10 o’clock and wake up at 5. I try to do his process. And my day is different. I’ve got a million kids. I don’t have the luxury of breakfast and meditation before I start writing again. I’ve got breakfast and diapers and screaming, you know getting kids ready and it’s insane. But I was like, what if I woke up at 5 and from 5 til 7, 2 hours every morning, I got up and that’s my funnel time. I always tell people that if I could do anything in the business all day, all I’d do is sit there and build funnels. But I rarely have that time, just to sit there and build funnels. So I’m like, what if I made it so the 5am to 7am every morning is my funnel time. I don’t check emails, I don’t check Facebook or anything. All I’m allowed to do is open up Clickfunnels build funnels and write copy and all the pieces I need to do to push funnels forward.

So I was kind of excited so Sunday night I got all ready and my goal was to get to bed by 9, but I forgot that my kids go to bed at 9, which usually bleeds into 9:30 or 9:45. So that didn’t work, so it was like 9:45b finally the kids are in bed and I told my wife, “I’m going to bed, my goal is to go to sleep at 10” You know she’s been married to me for a long time and knows I typically don’t go to bed until 1 or 2. I was like, I’m going to try this. So I went to bed at 10 and it took me a little while to go to sleep because I wasn’t used to that. But luckily I was tired, it’d been a long day. So I fell asleep at 10, woke up at 5, got up and went in there and I started working building funnels for 2 hours. It was amazing. It wasn’t like when I wake up to go work out, there’s a lot of resistance. I have to get up, get clothes on, go out. There’s a lot of things that have to happen. Whereas for me to get up and go sit on the computer and build funnels, there’s zero resistance and it was really easy and I did it. And then I ate really healthy throughout the day and did supplementation stuff to keep my energy levels high throughout the whoile day, but I felt amazing. Then last night I went to be at about 10:30, I was trying to get to bed by 10, but I just had things that came up. So about 10:30 I went to bed, set an alarm for 4:45 basically, that way I can snooze it once. 4:45 my alarm’s going off, I to

AEE 291: Crazy? Insane? How to Use English Slang but Stay Politically Correct  

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Do you use a lot of English slang in your everyday conversations with natives?

In today’s episode you’ll find out how to use the words “crazy” and “insane” as slang words in conversations.

How to use the word “crazy” in a slang form:


“I know someone who’s totally crazy because he still hitchhikes.” It was crazy for us to hitchhike. Those were my crazy days.” “Are you crazy about your boyfriend?” “What is the craziest thing you have ever done?”


The slang words “crazy” and “insane” mean wild and out of control.

They could also mean unexpected or out of control.

The words are also used a lot in song lyrics, especially love songs.

If you use these words in a literal way to describe someone who is mentally ill it is rude.

Instead you could say that they are “mentally disabled” or “mentally handicapped” or “mentally challenged.”



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Have you ever tried using these slang words in your English conversations?

Share your questions with us in the comments below.

Let’s talk!

Come back to

The Mothman of Point Pleasant with Seth Breedlove  

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off by talking about the recent death of the worlds oldest person at 146 years old. Then, an Ohio witness at Sagamore Hills Township reported driving toward an unknown light and discovered a hovering sphere just above the tree line Then, Brent Swancer over at Mysterious Universe posted an article recently describing some possible encounters with the deadly Djinn during the Iraq war. Then, a person in Illinois had a very strange episode of missing time while driving on evening. As they were driving they saw some strange lights ahead, the next thing they remembered was a loss of two hours and being 70 miles away from where they were previously. After the break Cam and Kyle talk with movie producer and head of Small Town Monsters, Seth Breedlove. He talks about his new movie "The Mothman of Point Pleasant". Small Town Monsters is an independent film series that explores lost and bizarre history around the United States. Focusing on small town folklore, our team tells stories through the words and experiences of those who were most affected by them - residents and witnesses. Released in Spring of 2015, "Minerva Monster" was the first film in the series, and explored strange occurrences in 1970's Minerva, OH. Our sophmore film, Beast of Whitehall, was released in Spring of 2016; and a third film is scheduled to begin production in late April of 2016. In addition to producing films, Small Town Monsters also attends events throughout the year to screen their movies and talk about these strange tales. DVDs, merchandise and other media related to the series is available in the online store, events, and Vimeo. Seth Breedlove is a filmmaker. He has written, edited, produced and directed shorts and features about a variety of topics but is best known for his production company and the films they've produced under the Small Town Monsters banner. Before film, Seth wrote for a number of websites, newspapers and magazines and learned some of the skills he employs as a director while working as a reporter. Seth has also appeared on numerous television and radio programs. In 2013 Seth began working on the concept for a series titled Small Town Monsters. The first chapter in this series is the film, Minerva Monster. Seth wrote and directed the film. He has since begun working on more projects which will fall under the Small Town Monsters umbrella including, Beast of Whitehall, which he also acted as cinematographer on. In 2016 Seth directed and edited his first full-length feature, Boggy Creek Monster. The film is now available on DVD and through streaming services such as Vimeo OnDemand and Amazon Video. Show Notes: 'Oldest human' dies in Indonesia 'aged 146' Ohio Witness Encounters Hovering Sphere at Tree Level Strange Military Encounters with the Djinn Recalling a Lost Time Incident Small Town Monsters The Minerva Monster The Beast of Whitehall Boggy Creek Monster The Mothman of Point Pleasant Trailer  Sponsors: GAIA BlomThat! Music: All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at Songs Used: Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin Country Road Gold Coast Hustle Understand Me Now

Show 1035 Mark Leibovich, Author   This Town  

Show 1035 Mark Leibovich, Author   This Town 

Bill Moyers talks to Author on CSPAN   

From CSPAN-  

Our guest is journalist and author Mark Leibovich. He discusses his new book "This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral -- Plus Plenty of Valet Parking! -- in America's Gilded Capital." Leibovich acknowledges the media curiosity and attention his book has received. He describes his book as an insider's commentary on the business of government, politics, and media in Washington, DC.

 Published on Aug 19, 2013 


To watch the video of this interview visit:


Overview of book-


The #1 New York Times and Washington Post bestseller

  Tim Russert is dead.

 But the room was alive.

 Big Ticket Washington Funerals can make such great networking opportunities. Power mourners keep stampeding down the red carpets of the Kennedy Center, handing out business cards, touching base. And there is no time to waste in a gold rush, even (or especially) at a solemn tribal event like this.

  Washington—This Town—might be loathed from every corner of the nation, yet these are fun and busy days at this nexus of big politics, big money, big media, and big vanity. There are no Democrats and Republicans anymore in the nation’s capital, just millionaires. That is the grubby secret of the place in the twenty-first century. You will always have lunch in This Town again. No matter how many elections you lose, apologies you make, or scandals you endure.

  In This Town, Mark Leibovich, chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine, presents a blistering, stunning—and often hysterically funny—examination of our ruling class’s incestuous “media industrial complex.” Through his eyes, we discover how the funeral for a beloved newsman becomes the social event of the year. How political reporters are fetishized for their ability to get their names into the predawn e-mail sent out by the city’s most powerful and puzzled-over journalist. How a disgraced Hill aide can overcome ignominy and maybe emerge with a more potent “brand” than many elected members of Congress. And how an administration bent on “changing Washington” can be sucked into the ways of This Town with the same ease with which Tea Party insurgents can, once elected, settle into it like a warm bath.

  Outrageous, fascinating, and destined to win Leibovich a whole host of, er, new friends, This Town is must reading, whether you’re inside the Beltway—or just trying to get there.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S:2 | Can Josh Take A Leap Of Faith? E:13 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend . In this episode hosts Briana Phipps, Renee Ariel, and Nino Llanera discuss episodes 13 of season 2. ABOUT CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an upcoming American musical comedy-drama television series, that is set to premiere on October 12, […]

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S:2 | Is Josh Free in Two Weeks? E:12 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend . In this episode hosts Briana Phipps, Trene Todd, Renee Ariel, and Nino Llanera discuss episodes 12 of season 2. ABOUT CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an upcoming American musical comedy-drama television series, that is set to premiere on […]

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S:2 | Steve Monroe guests on Josh Is the Man of My Dreams, Right? E:11 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend . In this episode hosts Briana Phipps, Trene Todd, Renee Ariel, and Nino Llanera discuss episodes 11 of season 2 with special guest Steve Monroe. ABOUT CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an upcoming American musical comedy-drama television series, that […]

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Episode #293 – Does Significance Drive You?  

The thing that’s probably keeping you from actually getting what you want.

On this episode Russell talks about the first time he met Tony Robins and what he learned about himself when driving in a car with him. He talks about the importance of not being driven by significance.

Here are some of the interesting things in this episode:

Find out how Russell felt meeting Tony Robins for the first time. Hear how Tony helped Russell realize what drives him, and why it needed to change. And Find out why being driven by significance will lead to a miserable life, and why you should strive to be driven by love and connection instead.

So listen below to find out how Russell has changed his perspective since meeting Tony Robins.


Good morning everybody, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. It is so cold here. Insanely cold. All of the ice, or the snow is now shards of glass and it’s crazy. That was the noise, if you’re wondering why. I was driving over the shards of glass in my car.

Alright, so today I have a very special message and this one’s important for everybody including me. Alright so I’ll tell the background of this story. A lot of you guys know I talk about Tony Robins a lot. He’s coming to Funnel Hacking Live, I’ve been a big Tony fan for forever, as long as I can remember. And the first time I met him was a really cool story.

So I went to UPW, actually let me step back. What happened is I was at my house one day working when all the sudden my phone rang, I picked it up and it was somebody on Tony’s team saying, “Hey, Tony Robins want to meet you. Can he meet you today?” and I was like, “Is he in Boise?” He’s like, “No, he’s in Salt Lake, can you come over. He wants to meet you.” I was like, “I’m in Boise.” And he’s like, “Oh, I thought you lived in Salt lake, that won’t work then. He’s going to be in Tron the next week doing UPW. Can you come and be his guest and then he’ll have a chance to meet you there.” I was like alright, how cool is that, yes.

So I booked my everything to go to UPW the next week, and I’d never been to a Tony event, I didn’t know what it was. I assumed it was like a marketing event. So I showed up with my backpack and laptop and I was going to sit in the back and take notes. And I get there and people are jumping and dancing. If you’ve ever been to a Tony event it’s closer to a rock concert than a seminar. Anyway, I was not expecting that. By the end of day one you walk on fire, day two I had shin splints, I lost my voice completely. That’s how crazy it is. So if you haven’t gone yet, you should really, really go.

At the event, first thing he teaches this really cool concept called the six human needs and I don’t have time to go through all of them right now, but I need to touch on it, because it’s important for the next part of it. So basically the six human needs, there’s four human needs of the body. There’s certainty, humans want to be certain. And then there’s variety, you want things to be crazy. Those are two needs that kind of conflict with each other, but they’re both there. And then there’s significance, we want to feel great about ourselves. And then there’s love and connection. I think I’ve done a podcast in the past about this, but I could go on for, I could teach a two day seminar just on that because it’s so cool. And then there’s the needs of the spirit, which are growth and contribution which is a whole other….anyway, we could go deep but I want you to understand that there’s those four.

So significance, love and connection, certainty and variety. Those are the four that we have to get met in our life. And there’s one for you. Just so you guys know, there’s one that’s your driving force in life. You’re either significance driven, certainty driven, variety driven, or you are love and connection driven, and it’s interesting.

So I’m going to leave that there. I wish I could go deeper, but I can’t in this podcast, because I won’t make it to the office, it’ll be a long call. So anyway, so I’m at UPW, he teaches this stuff, I’m fascinated by it and then the next day I’m supposed to meet him. So day two of the event, Tony’s not facilitating it, there’s somebody else facilitating it. So I started getting text messages from Tony’s assistant. “Hey Tony wants to meet with you in an hour.” I’m like, “Alright.” Then I get a text like 45 minutes later, “It’s going to be two hours from now.”

Anyway, throughout the whole day, I think our meeting was supposed to be at 10 in the morning, I was getting texts every 30 minutes for 10 hours. They kept pushing and pushing and pushing and finally I get a text, “Okay, Tony is ready to meet you. Here is the address.” This is pre-uber and I’m like, “Okay.” So I jump in a taxi and give them the address and they’re like, “This is like 45 minutes away.” I’m like, are you serious, is Tony not in the hotel?

So I get in the car and we’re driving and I’m hoping we’re going to the right place. This is going to be really embarrassing if I’m….So the taxi driver takes me to this hotel, drops me off, I text him, “Okay, I’m here.” And then this guy texts back, his name is Jay Garrity, and Jay would, just to kind of put it in perspective, so you feel my nervousness of this situation, Jay used to be the right hand man for I’m blanking on his name right now, for Mitt Romney when he was doing the first political campaign, the first time he ran for president. He was Romney’s right hand man, and then Tony hired him after that. In fact, most of Tony’s team at the time were old Romney advisors, which is kind of interesting.

So we get to the hotel, Jay Garrity comes down from the elevator, very professional, the opposite of me. He’s like “Mr. Robins is not ready to meet you yet, so sit in the lobby and wait.” So I’m like okay. So we’re sitting in the lobby waiting and it’s almost like secret service, that’s what it felt like. Jay kept looking at his phone, looking at his phone. Not ready, not ready. Probably sat there for another 45 minutes. Then all the sudden he’s like, ‘Okay, Mr. Robins is ready to meet you.”

We stand up and I was like, “Ahh.” Super intense and crazy. We jump in the elevator, go up to the floor, start walking down this hall really fast. We get to this room, the door’s open, there’s two security guards on both sides inside the room. I’m like, what in the world. We walk through the security guards and all the sudden Tony, this giant of a man, walks in and says, “Russell, welcome!” and gives me a huge hug. I’m like, “What.” Super crazy.

Then he has me come sit down and he’s made me dinner, you know someone made me dinner. And at the time he was pure vegetarian, so its like this dinner that was the most amazing thing in the world and it was pure vegetarian. I was like, “I could be a vegetarian if I had someone to cook this way.” It was amazing. Then he took out his recorder, clicked record on it, set it on the table, opened up a journal and started drilling me for an hour, asked me question after question after question. It was insane, I’ve never been more nervous in my whole life.

Drills me for an hour, we’re done. We finish eating, we talk for a little bit and then he’s like, “I gotta go back to the event.” So we go down and jump in this big suburban. Someone’s driving. Tony and I sit in the back and talk and it was interesting while we were talking, he was talking about a deal he was thinking about doing with someone in our market. I won’t say his name because most of you guys would know who this person is. He was like, “I don’t think I’m going to do the deal because he’s very significance driven.” I was like, “Huh, interesting.”

And then after he said that, I started thinking, at first I’m like, oh man that sucks for that guy. And then I’m like, wait, what drives me? Am I significance driven? Tony can see into my soul. I’m freaking out, what does he see about me? What’s driving me? I was so paranoid and panicky, it was crazy.

Then we got to the event. Tony’s like, ‘I gotta go, call ya later.” Jumps out of the car, goes into the hotel, and I’m standing in the front lobby like, “Huh.” That was the most intense three hours of my life. It was just crazy. But that thing he said, “Very significance driven.” So I started thinking, what does that mean? Basically it comes back to the four human needs. One of those is the driver for you that drives most of the decisions in your life. But this person he said it was significance.

I was like, apparently that’s bad. If Tony didn’t want to work with this guy because he’s significance driven. I was kind of confused at first. Then a couple months later I went to Date with Destiny. If you go to Date with Destiny, it’s a six day event that Tony has, it’s amazing. It’s like UPW times ten. In fact, I feel bad for people who go to UPW and only get to walk on water because you’re missing the depth of what Tony actually has to offer.

So I go to this next event, and the events there’s so much stuff he covers. But if you look at the one, the biggest things you work with at the event. He helps you identify the six human needs, which one is currently the driving force. And for most people it’s either significance, or certainty. I wish we could get into a couple hour talk on this, because it would make more sense, but he also said, the quality of your life is 100% dependent on your ability to, how do I say it right? It’s 100% tied to the need, your driving need.

So if your driving need is significance, that’s going to make you miserable. Whereas your driving need is love and connection, the opposite, then you’re going to have a great life. Same thing with the opposite, if your driving need is certainty, while it’s important, it’s a need we have, if that’s the driving force in your life, you always have to be certain about everything, you’re going to be misera

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S:2 | Will Scarsdale Like Josh’s Shayna Punim? E:10 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend . In this episode hosts Briana Phipps, Trene Todd, and Renee Ariel discuss episodes 10 of season 2. ABOUT CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an upcoming American musical comedy-drama television series, that is set to premiere on October 12, 2015, […]

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AFTERBUZZ TV — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend . In this episode hosts Briana Phipps, Trene Todd, Renee Ariel, and Nino Llanera discuss episodes 8 & 9 of season 2. ABOUT CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an upcoming American musical comedy-drama television series, that is set to […]

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Episode #288 – My Ninja Hack To "RFM"  

Something I'm testing to stimulate and increase the quality of our customers.

*****SPOILER ALERT****** In this episode of Marketing In Your Car, Russell spills the beans on the ending of Star Wars: Rogue One, so if you haven't seen it, skip ahead to 1:20. After that, he also talks about learning all about RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value) from some old school guys and why he will be spending 2017 focusing on the frequency that his customers buy.

Here are some other cool things in this episode:

What Russell plans to do to increase the frequency at which his customers are purchasing. Why it's important to keep your customers "Warm". And find out what some of the cool things are that will be happening this year.

So listen below to learn what RFM is and why it's important for your business.


Good morning everybody! I hope you guys are doing awesome, it is New Year’s Eve morning. It’s the morning of the eve. I don’t know if that makes any sense. But I’m heading to the grocery store real quick to get some stuff for the party tonight. I’m really, really excited for it. Some cool things happening, just real quick.

For those of you guys who want a timeline for when, if you’re listening to this in the future, last night Rhonda Rousey fought what’s her name Nunez. The fight lasted less than 48 seconds, it was insane. I got home last night and seriously tried to find a pirated copy online because I had a hot date with my beautiful wife last night. It was crazy. I can’t even…I felt so bad for her. So that happened last night.

And last night I went and saw Star Wars Rouge One. I gotta tell you what, people are like, “Star Wars sucks. The new Star Wars is lame.” All these things, right.  It was amazing. I don’t know. The fact that, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the fact that everybody dies at the end was amazing. That was actually, I mean it’s sad, but that was so cool for the story line. And then the fact that the very end that Darth Vader has his fight scene and going through thrashing everyone. How could someone not think that movie was not amazing? I don’t know, anyway, it was amazing.

It’s funny because I get done, and not that I’m easily amused, but if you listened to my podcast a while ago, I don’t know how much money they invested in that, but I paid $12 for the ticket. Insane, they entertained me for that long and it was amazing.  I loved it, it was really fun.

But I digress, because today I’ve been wanting to do a podcast because I have something that I’ve wanted to talk about for three days and I keep forgetting to talk to you guys about it. So I’m stopping everything, I almost did it last night at like two in the morning because I’m so excited but I was kind of tired. So I’m talking about it now. This is a cool thing I wanted to share with you guys because it was a big epiphany for me. In fact, let me catch up the last podcast. We told you about my goal, what we’re doing, trying to 3x the company. In one night we had three hundred thousand dollars in new money we had to make, it was insane. So we launched, some of you saw that. Plus we went and hit all of our other Hail Mary passes. Of the five Hail Mary passes we threw up, almost all of them hit.

It was crazy, within 24 hours of me doing that podcast, we made over 500 thousand dollars and smashed our goal. It’s crazy. The last two days we didn’t even need to do anything. But then the next two days, because of the momentum of that first initial push, it was insane. So we did, well we’ll see what happens today, in the last 3 days we needed an extra 300 thousand dollars in money, and we made almost a million.

In fact, it’s crazy, for us to triple the company, and I didn’t know this until after we did it. I’m glad our accountant didn’t tell me, because I would have thought it was impossible if he would have told me. I’m so glad that sometimes people don’t tell you stuff. Belief is such a funny thing. But he told me after we had smashed the record he was like, “Just to put this in perspective, for you guys to beat your record, in December, the worst month in the industry, you would have had to make 40% of the money that you had actually made all of the last year.” I was like, “What?” It’s just crazy. We ended up doing, we made, actually hit 50% of last year’s revenue in December, which is crazy because last year was an 8 figure year. So 50% of our revenue. We basically got half of our money last year, in December. And way more than 3x’d our company from the year before, which is crazy.

So I feel bad for the morons in 2017 who are running this company, because they gotta 3x that again. Oh crap, that’s me. Dangit. I was like, “The more we do now, the more we have to do next year.” So it’ll just keep raising the bar.

Alright, so I’m going to step back. There’s so many other cool things I want to share with you guys. Funnel Hacker TV episode one is finished and it’s amazing. All the other ones are in production. The two comma club video and award thing is in process and almost done. There’s so many, I can’t even tell you guys how many cool things are happening right now. The new Marketing In Your Car mp3/funnel/element in the editor are all going to be live next week, next Thursday. I’ve been going for four and a half minutes and I didn’t talk about what I’m talking about because I’m so excited. There’s so many cool things happening

you guys. It’s just blowing my mind.

With all that kind of cool stuff happening. I want to share with you guys the gold nugget that I think is huge. That I can’t even, it’s going to be exciting. So here it is. For those of you guys, I feel fortunate that I got started, learning this game, back when the internet was just kind of getting new. So the only people to learn from, Corey Riddle was there. He was the pioneer, Corey Riddle. And then outside of him there was nobody that, there wasn’t a lot of people teaching. Then Armand Morin, there was a couple guys that came out, but there wasn’t a lot of stuff.

For me to learn this whole marketing game I had to go back to the old school. There’s no school like the old school. So I was learning from Gary Halpert and Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham. So most of my foundation actually came from those guys. And then how do you actually apply it to internet marketing? And I feel bad because most of you guys who are listening now came in a day and age where there’s a million internet coaches and you miss a lot of this cool foundational stuff that I was blessed enough to get by studying these old legends.

So when I was learning from those guys, it was back, everything they were doing was direct mail. And I was always trying to figure out how to relate that back to what we’re doing. One of the big things, the way that direct mail would work is that you’d have an offer, you’d write a sales letter and you’d rent a list of people that are likely to buy your product. When you buy a list, how do you know if I’m getting a good list or a bad list. So these guys, I don’t know who it was that came up with it. But they came up a form to find out how good a list it actually is. So the formula was based on three letters. RFM. So RFM is like if you’re direct person this is second nature to you, if you’re not let me talk about what it is.

So RFM stands for Recency, Frequency, and then Monetary value. So RFM. So if I’m running a list, I want a list of people that have bought a business opportunity product. Let’s say I’m selling supplements, I want a list of people who have bought health supplements, or nerve supplements, whatever it is. So the first thing I want is Recency. Somebody who has purchased something recently. You might think that if someone bought something recently they’re not going to want my thing. No, it’s not true. One thing we know about buyers in heat, when somebody buys something, they buy a lot of things right around that period of time.

So if I’m selling a business opportunity, I want to sell somebody who’s recently bought a business opportunity. It kind of doesn’t make logical sense, but it makes perfect sense when you understand how buyers work. Think about when you first got into this business and you started learning about how to make money online, or whatever that thing was for you. You didn’t buy one thing. You were a buyer in heat and you bought a lot. So I want to sell to people who have bought things recently.

Second thing, is frequency. I want people who are buying things frequently. They didn’t just buy something once and you never hear from them again. I want someone who has bought five business opportunities in the last year. They’re frequently buying.

And the last one is M, Monetary value, people who are spending a lot of money. The more money they spend, the more they are likely to spend. People like me, I buy things recently, I buy things frequently, and I spend a lot of money. I’m like the dream buyer in the markets that I’m interested in. So RFM, that was the thing. So when I’m getting direct mail lists, the higher the RFM score is the more, the better that list is for me. What’s cool is in Clickfunnels, in Actionetics, those of you guys who’ve used the Actionetics, we haven’t started training hard core on this yet. That’ll be one of the big things for next year. But  we have an RFM score. In fact, we have an RFMS score.

So if you look at the action score in contacts. So if you’re in Actionetics, click on contact, and you’ll see a little circle in the top right hand corner, it looks really cool and it’s their RFMS score, it stands for Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value, and then the S stands for Social. Because one cool thing that the internet has brought to us is the ability to watch people socially and stuff like that. One of my buddies, Jeremy Shoemoney, he found out, he did

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