166. The 5th Beatle Sir George Martin - A tribute with Davey Lane and Brett Wolfie  

What made Sir George Martin the Fifth Beatle? As a tribute to the late, legendary record producer, I sit down with Davey Lane (You Am I) and drummer Brett Wolfie to talk about Martin's contributions to the greatest pop records ever made. We delve into:

- The tough decision he forced them to make that changed the band forever
- How Martin's arranging skills made Can't Buy Me Love a hit
- Sir George's contribution as a musician on tracks like A Hard Day's Night, Long Tall Sally and In My Life
- How his background in making comedy records with Peter Sellers helped him make 'Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite'
- Why he walked out during the White Album sessions
- The production advice George Martin once gave me
- The George Martin tribue show Davey and Brett played together earlier this year
- The unusual covers of Beatles songs Martin produced later on in his career
- The time that John Lennon asked George to do the impossible, and how he did it
and more...

My Favorite Album is a podcast unpacking the great works of pop music. Each episode features a different songwriter or musician discussing their favorite album of all time - their history with it, the making of the album, individual songs and the album’s influence on their own music.

Jeremy Dylan is a filmmaker, journalist and photographer from Sydney, Australia who has worked in the music industry since 2007. He directed the the feature music documentary Jim Lauderdale: The King of Broken Hearts (out now!) and the feature film Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins, in addition to many commercials and music videos.

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Sklar Brothers  

Jonah Keri sees double as Randy and Jason Sklar talk about getting fans to consume content; maintaining the integrity of your art; challenging yourself; the key to acting; blending sports and comedy; Richard Simmons; St. Louis Cardinals and pouring your whole heart into sports fandom; the Sklars' upcoming documentary about poop; seeking success in an industry full of uncertainty and failure; and Jason and Randy's Life Tips.

FDR3464 MAGA Mindset: Making You and America Great Again by Mike Cernovich  

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MAGA MINDSET: How to Make YOU and America Great Again is not a traditional political analysis of Donald Trump or the success of his political campaign, which would be boring and useless to you. MAGA Mindset is an overview of the cultural forces that have propelled Trump forward while using the example of his candidacy as a case study for your own life.

MAGA MINDSET will give you a deeper understanding of America, the challenges it is facing, and how those challenges created the conditions for Donald Trump’s inevitable rise. You will understand how Mike Cernovich was able to successfully predict Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee at a time when all the professional political pundits considered his campaign to be a joke, and why, win or lose, the Trump revolution will continue beyond the 2016 election.

Mike Cernovich is the bestselling author of GORILLA MINDSET. He is a lawyer, a journalist who has broken several news stories of international interest, and the producer of the film documentary SILENCED.

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The Elites Assault on the Population On The Hagmann Report - 10/21/2016  

We will be covering important news of the day in the first hour followed by Trey Smth in the second hour to talk about important news through the lens of bible prophecy. The God in a Nutshell project, founded by Trey Smith, is a documentary-style news and information source. New documentary videos come regularly. These documentaries take time, months sometimes. That's why they're good & solid. The God in a Nutshell project (news website) covers a constant stream of topics from world news, Israel, the ancient past & discoveries, science, prophecy, "Evolution is Dead", the highly unusual and strange..... and even the occult, aliens & demons, as well as events right from the pages of Revelation itself. Cick HERE for show website Click HERE for show Prep: ( us on Facebook HERE: ( us on Twitter HERE ( Doug on Facebook HERE: (

Leonard Cohen  

At the age of 82 Leonard Cohen has a new album entitled 'You Want It Darker.' He spoke to Terry Gross in 2006. John Powers reviews the new Netflix documentary 'The 13th.'

Fresh Air 0

Surviving capture in Syria  

Among the casualties of the Syrian civil war are several journalists who were captured by militants. Theo Padnos was captured in 2012 in Syria. After nearly two years of imprisonment and torture, Padnos was freed. A new documentary, Theo Who Lived, tells his story.

Greatest Presidential Candidate Of All Time 10/21/16  

Today on the Glenn Beck program, Glenn talks with Libertarian Matt Kibbe about the 2016 election, the new documentary Rigged 2016 and whether it's possible for young progressives and conservatives to come together? Also, political commentator Ben Shapiro is on to discuss his new book True Allegiance and if there is any hope for the youth of the nation. Plus, why the Oval Office means nothing anymore, trigger warning alerts as Halloween approaches and the greatest Presidential candidate of all time. It's all right here on the Glenn Beck program. The Glenn Beck Program is Live Monday - Friday from 9am - 12pm ET, on TheBlaze Radio Network and TheBlaze TV: - Facebook: Glenn Beck Twitter: @glennbeck

Episode 12: Director Ron Howard on the Music in His Films  

From child star to Academy Award winning director, Ron Howard has always made it his business to entertain. And entertain us he has - from A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13 and Frost / Nixon to his most recent offerings - the Beatles documentary Eight Days A Week and Dan Brown thriller Inferno. But whereas Edith's previous guest Andrea Arnold prefers to accompany her films with source music, Ron is a particular fan of score, and has, accordingly, collaborated with some of the finest cinematic composers of recent times, including James Horner, Thomas Newman, John Williams and Hans Zimmer. We'll hear plenty more about the director's admiration for that venerable bunch during the course of our conversation, as well as excerpts from the work they produced for his movies. Ron also reflects on his time as an actor, and has a most amusing anecdote about Michael Jackson!

Barry Crimmins Again  

Comedian & Political Satirist Barry Crimmins on Trump's sexual allegations, Bill Clinton's scandals, Bernie Sanders, Obama's character, the passing of Sidney Sheinberg, and the moral dilemma of whether or not David would ever have on someone who has been accused of sexual assault. Barry is the author of "Never Shake Hands With A War Criminal" and the subject of the documentary "Call Me Lucky." Today's podcast is brought to you by - earn $25 of free driving credit at

REPOST - Rose Elinor Dougall on Broadcast 'Tender Buttons' (2005)  

Reposting this great chat with Rose Elinor Dougall on the occasion of her long-awaited (at least by us) new music, which you can find on her Facebook page.

English singer-songwriter Rose Elinor Dougall joins host Jeremy Dylan to explain her love for “Tender Buttons”, the 2005 album from indie electronica band Broadcast.

Rose reveals how she discovered the record while still part of The Pippettes, how the superficial differences and deeper similarities influenced the path she’s taken as a solo artist, the distinctive Englishness that ties her together with late Broadcast frontwoman Trish Keenan and the dynamic balance between her more organic solo work and her collaborations with Mark Ronson.

Listen in the player above or download the episode by clicking here.

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My Favorite Album is a podcast unpacking the great works of pop music. Each episode features a different songwriter or musician discussing their favorite album of all time - their history with it, the making of the album, individual songs and the album’s influence on their own music.

Jeremy Dylan is a filmmaker, journalist and photographer from Sydney, Australia who has worked in the music industry since 2007. He directed the the feature music documentary Jim Lauderdale: The King of Broken Hearts (out now!) and the feature film Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins, in addition to many commercials and music videos.

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Julie Ann Cairns: The Abundance Code - How To Bust The 7 Money Myths For A Rich Life Now - The Power And Purpose Podcast With Mastin Kipp Episode #19  

Julie Ann Cairns is the managing director of the Australian company Trading Pursuits, and author of The Abundance Code (How To Bust The 7 Money Myths For A Rich Life Now). She also directed the recent documentary of the same name. Learn about Julie Ann’s backstory of early family wealth to bankruptcy to an advanced 9-year degree in financial markets and her realization that her life was following the patterns of her past, sabotage and all.

Julie’s life mission is to empower people to live an abundant life free from false beliefs. You are going to love this episode.

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When Virtual Reality goes too far?  

Recorded live at the Antenna Documentary Festival, We bring together some of Australia's best VR filmmakers currently leading the charge in this rapidly evolving landscape. How do you tell a story in 360 degrees? What control does a filmmaker have when a viewer can step in and take charge? Get your teeth into these questions and more. Guests include Katy Morrison (Owner at VRTOV) John-Paul Marin (SBS Digital Creative Labs) Martin Brown (AFTRS Director of Specialist Programs) Martin Taylor (Head of Content at Start VR)

Project Runway S:15 | This IS Crying In Fashion E:7 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — Project Runway edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Project Runway. In this episode hosts Dan Babic and Michelle Uberreste discuss episodes 7. RSS Feed: PROJECT RUNWAY: Supermodel Heidi Klum gives us a behind-the-scene documentary series and competition set in the other most glamorous business in the world: the fashion industry. Cameras […]

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#15 Affirmations Part 1: Memory, Subconscious Mind, Imagination  

This week we discuss Bruce Lee’s affirmations. These are 7 ideas he wrote on small note cards and carried with him always: Memory, Subconscious Mind, Imagination, Reason, Emotion, Conscience and Will Power. These 7 ideas are part of a whole system of well being and self-cultivation Bruce developed. And they work together as a harmonious ecosystem. Today we discuss the first three ideas: Memory, Subconscious Mind, and Imagination. 1st Affirmation: Memory “Recognizing the value of an alert mind, and an alert memory, I will encourage mine to become alert by taking care to impress it clearly with all thoughts I wish to recall and by associating those thoughts with related subjects which I may recall to mind frequently.” Bruce Lee on memory: “Not memory for memory’s sake, not accumulation of knowledge, but synthesis and application.” 2nd Affirmation: Subconscious Mind “Reorganizing the influence of my subconscious mind over my power of will, I shall take care to submit to it a clear and definite picture of my major purpose in life and all minor purposes leading to my major purpose and I shall keep this picture constantly before my subconscious mind by repeating it daily.” 3rd Affirmation: Imagination “Recognizing the need for sound plans and ideas for the attainment of my desires. I will develop my imagination by calling upon it daily for help in the formation of my plans.” “Creative intuition opens the wellsprings within man, activates the inner light, and is free and limitless.” Take Action: Create your own affirmations and write them down on a 3x5 card. They can be your own ideas or quotes you find inspiring. Carry them around with you for a week or a month and read them out loud to yourself each day. We would love to hear about your affirmations! Email us at or share via social media @BruceLee. #AAHA (Awesome Asians and Hapas) This week we want to give a shout out to Jimmy Chin, a professional climber, mountaineer, skier, photographer, and filmmaker. For a long time he was with the Northface team, taking photos and having awe-inspiring adventures. His documentary film Meru follows the harrowing first ascent of the "Shark's Fin" route on Meru Peak in the Indian Himalayas. Jimmy follows his true heart’s mission and we think that’s awesome! #BruceLeeMoment This week our BruceLeeMoment comes from Germany, Martin Priebe: Dear Shannon, Dear team, My name is Martin and I live in Germany. I just want to share my #BruceLeeMoment with you (as you mentioned in your podcast) I´m a huge fan of bruce lee. Not only the films, I like the philosophy as well. And I´m working as a software developer and I´m doing wing chun since a while. So what happened was that I was reading "Tao of JKD" and working for my job simultaneously. Then I was stunned for a few seconds. I recognized that JKD and Bruce Lee´s philosophy matched exactly the style of agile software developing. The next days Í was thinking about it. This idea was like a hammer that was banging my head. And few weeks ago I did a presentation about "Was Bruce Lee the first agile coach? And what can we learn about it for our daily business" on a convention for software development. "Be water, my friend", "sophisticated style stripped to it´s essentials", all the wing chun principles, the way he developed his style, "individuals more important than any style." And what can I say... It was great. It was a lot of fun. And it was not easy to teach nerds :) But I had to do it. Every time I was thinking "oh, should I do that" I remembered the words "Expressing yourself honestly". I want so say thank you. Thanks for the power and energy! Thanks for your words too and keep on going. You are doing a great job! Mit freundlichen Grüßen/best regards, Martin Share your #AAHA and #BruceLeeMoment recommendations with us via social media @BruceLee or email us at

Thursday 20 October 2016  

What an actual Thursday!

Today you asked Browny his stripper name, we caught up with Helen Kapalos about her new documentary 'A Life Of Its Own', and she also took the #FinalWord challenge!

Show BFF Joel Creasey came by, and you told us your eBay horror stories!

Episode 54: 'Life, Animated' director Roger Ross Williams and The Playlist’s Jessica Kiang  

We are joined Oscar winning director Roger Ross Williams whose inspiring documentary 'Life, Animated' tells the story of Owen Suskind, an autistic boy whose family discovered he was communicating with them thru the Disney films he was watching and The Playlist's Jessica Kiang guides us through some of the biggest trends and controversies of the film season.

30 For 30 | Phi Slama Jama | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow  

AFTERBUZZ TV — 30 For 30 is a weekly “after show” for fans of ESPN’s 30 For 30. In this show, hosts Gabriel Gonzalez, and Joshua Rodriguez discuss the episode for Phi Slama Jama. ABOUT 30 FOR 30: 30 for 30 is the umbrella title for a series of documentary films airing on ESPN and its sister networks […]

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Limited Release  

Mark discusses documentary 13th, a film released in just one London cinema

Episode 40: Chasing the Kids Around  

The future of the podcast is up in the air so make sure to follow Nikki on Twitter for more information. No politician writes their own joke. Everyone talks about the new iPhone update and all the fun ways to use the confetti function. It's time for everyone's favorite game show "Judge Dan's Text!" and Dan talks about his new job. Brian went to a wedding, still didn't dance, but he did realize the terrifying truth about having children. The gang tells you how easy it is to murder a comedian. Spoiler alert, they talk about the Amanda Knox documentary. Nikki breaks up with her therapist.

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